King of kings 1371-1372


Omi nodded his head to those cousins and greeted them.

Those people also greeted Omi, we were all of the same generation, so there was no need to specially kneel.

Omi’s grandfather said again, “Of course, our Shang Clan, we are not the only ones, besides those who are in the main hall at this moment, there are about six or seven thousand people who are also from the Shang Clan, but they are not direct blood relatives with you, so there is no need to specially come to meet with you, just to know that there is someone like you back.”


“Alright, everyone else can retire, I’ll have a private chat with Shang Hong.”


The hundreds of people in the palace retreated, leaving only Omi and his grandfather.

“Shang Hong, come here.”

“Yes, grandfather.”

Omi walked over to his grandfather’s side.

“Please sit down.” One Second Remember to Read the Book

“Shang Hong, I heard that you’ve taken the secret of changing your face and trained it to the fourth level.”


“Hahaha, you kid, you’re really capable enough, since ancient times, I’ve hardly heard of anyone who was able to practice the secret of changing face to the fourth weight.”

“It was precisely because my grandson practiced it to the fourth level that I was able to thwart the Zoroastrians and cause them heavy losses while in the Imperial City.”

“Well, you’ve done a great service to the organization, if it wasn’t for you, I’m afraid the Zoroastrians still wouldn’t consider us as opponents.In fact, we really wanted to cooperate with Zoroastrianism and fight against Yuan together, and now, because of you, Zoroastrianism is finally interested in cooperating.”

Omi asked, “Grandfather, didn’t you say that our great grandfather, is an expert of the Returning Void Realm?Since they all possess experts of the Returning Void Realm, why would the Zoroastrians dare to look down on our organization?”

“Shang Hong, you don’t understand this, experts are experts, organizations are organizations, if your great grandfather, he doesn’t have a huge family or power below him, he’s just strong, what’s the point, once he dies, there’s nothing left.So, both the topmost people, and even more people below.Our lone soul organization, after all, is relying on some of the old clan that was once heartily devoted to the Shang clan, the power is really limited, and now our organization, the most important thing we need, is the population.So ah, I’ve set a goal for every male member of the family, everyone, to have at least thirty sons and daughters on average.”

“I’ll go.”Omi almost shouted out.

“Grandpa, isn’t that too much.”

“It can’t be helped, our Shang clan, if we want to grow, population is the most crucial, we had over a hundred thousand family members before, now we only have less than seven thousand left.Only the larger the population, the more strong people will appear in the future and the more successors will appear.Also, the more talented people are, the more they have to be born.”

“What does that mean?”

“Oh, Shang Hong, your talent is evident to everyone, so you should have at least a hundred.”

“Pfft.”Omi almost spat out blood.

“Shang Hong, don’t laugh, I’m being serious with you, because if your talent is high, the greater the chances of the children you give birth to appear strong, do you understand?If the family one itself is weak, and he gives birth to two hundred, he is probably also weak, so what’s the point of such a birth, it will only add to the burden.”

“Grandpa, what realm are you in now?”Omi asked.

Omi’s grandfather said, “I’m 150 years old, and I’ve ascended to great perfection, so far, I still have quite a bit of hope of stepping into the void.As long as

If I can step into the Return to Void within ten years, our family will be very hopeful.”

“Uh, grandpa, then how old is grandpa now?”

“Your great-grandfather, in fact, he’s about to die.”

Omi was shocked.

“Wasn’t it said before that Grandfather Great Grandfather he stepped into the Returning Void at a critical moment and preserved the family?”

“Yes, but, that was fifty years ago, and at that time, your great grandfather was 150 years old.The lifespan of a strong person who has stepped into the first stage of Return to the Void is around 200 years, so your great-grandfather, who is now 200 years old, will soon be at the end of his life, and is now just holding on very barely for a few more days.”

“Ah, what then?If grandfather Taejo dies, wouldn’t it be the end of our family without a Returned Void powerhouse.”

“Oh, don’t worry, first of all, the Yuan Clan isn’t as easy as everyone thinks, the Emperor of the Yuan Clan, although he is in the second stage of Return to Void, he is already 220 years old and his time limit is approaching, he might even die before your great grandfather.Once the emperor of the Yuan Clan dies, their Yuan Clan may not be royalty anymore, reduced to a vice-state, and the rest of the vice-states become royalty, and may not necessarily drive our Shang Clan to extinction.In addition, my big brother, also has a good chance of stepping into the Returning Void.”

“Your big brother is?”

“His name is Shang Mo, he’s 160 years old this year, if he steps into the Returning Void, then our family can last at least another forty years, and if I too step into the Returning Void, I can last another ten years.Fifty years later, several of your uncles will be almost 160 years old, and if some of them also step into the Void, our family will be able to continue for another generation, so at present, our Shang clan is still very hopeful.Finally, in another 100 years, you will also be over 160 years old, and you will also step into the Returning Void, so, isn’t there even more hope.Shang Hong, you’re only 63 now and you’ve reached the middle of your peak, we have great confidence in you.Those cousins of yours who are the same age, many of them are not yet Dengfeng, they are still in Zongshi Grand Perfection, or even Zongshi Perfection, only twenty or so of them have reached Dengfeng, five of them are the same as you, reaching the middle of Dengfeng, but four of them are eighty or ninety years old, only one Shang Cao is the most genius.”

“Grandpa don’t worry, Sun will definitely work hard.”

“Hehe, alright, go back and stay with your mother, next month, I will take you to meet with the Zoroastrians.”

“Grandpa, are you planning to make an alliance with the Zoroastrianism?”

“Yes, the Zoroastrianism is also greatly wounded, do you know, last time in the Imperial City, the helmsman of the Zoroastrianism who was captured, what kind of strength was he, he was above me ah, there would have been very good hope to step into the Return to the Void.”


“Oh, alright, go back, when you go to negotiate with Zoroastrianism, the geniuses of our Lonely Soul Organization will inevitably have to compete with the geniuses of Zoroastrianism on the same stage, you must win, let Zoroastrianism see our strength.”


Omi left the palace and prepared to go home.

As soon as Omi arrived at his door, he heard a ruckus at home and the sound of a child crying.

“What’s going on?”Omi was busy asking.

Xu Mei Qian was busy saying, “Zichen, Qin Nui was beaten.”

“What.”Omi walked into the back room to see, and sure enough, his daughter, Qin Nui, had a swollen nose and face, and a broken arm, and at the moment, her teacher’s wife was treating Qin Nui.

“What happened?”Omi asked angrily.

Qin Ren said in distress, “I just went out and played with the other kids from your Shang clan, and for some reason, those Qin girls were your daughters, so they gathered around and beat her up.”


“Why do other people’s children beat up Qin Nui for goodness sake?”Omi was really baffled, the other party was also a child, children fighting, Omi was not good enough to do anything, where are the children fighting, the adults knew, went to exterminate the other party, all of them were Shang’s children.

“Husband, what are you going to do about it?”Qin Ren said with a grumbling face.

Omi asked, “Qin Nui, do you know the names of those kids who beat you?”

“All I know is that one of them is called Shang Bu Ming.”

“Okay, I’ll go find out who Shang Bu Ming is and why he beat you, although I’m not good at doing anything, but I always have to find out why, and I’ll tell his parents, or he’ll bully Qin Nui next time.”

Omi walked out of his own home and went to the largest entertainment venue in the Shang family’s living area, every day everyone would come here to play and practice martial arts, it was very lively.

Omi asked an old woman in that underground square, “Hello, do you know of a child named Shang Bu Ming?”

“Ah Shang don’t chime, the ones in front of you playing on the swing are just that.”


Omi walked up to the seven or eight kids in front of him and asked, “Which one of you is called Shang Bu Ming?”

One of them is a big one, about nine years old: “I’m Shang Bu Ming, what are you looking for me.” First URL

Omi saw his old-fashioned look, he really wanted to slap him to death, who’s parents educated him.

Omi asked, “Shang Bu Ming, did you just hit a girl named Shang Qin?”

“Yeah, it was my fight, and the next time I see it, I’m going to beat the little bitch to death.”

“You!”Omi was in a rage, at a young age, he was so malicious.

Omi said with a frightening tone, “Shang Bu Ming, don’t bully her anymore, or else, uncle I will be rude, do you hear me.”If this Shang Bu Ming was good enough, Omi could let it go, if he was still like this, Omi would be rude, at nine years old, he should be somewhat sensible.

“Hahahaha, I’ll be no good, I’m going to kill that little bitch, don’t you dare do anything to me.”That.

A mouthful of little bitch, made Omi angry.

“Pah!”Omi slapped over.

“Shang Bu Ming, is this how your parents raised you?I’m slapping you for your parents, if you’re so uneducated, next time I won’t be slapping you.”Omi threatened that he had to be given a bit of a show before he would know fear.

However, who knew that Shang Bu Ming did not have the fear of an ordinary child, but instead drew his sword and said, “I will kill you.”Saying that, a sword came here.Don’t look at him as just a nine-year-old child, but his martial arts skills are decent, and he’s probably reached the outer gate.

Omi knocked the sword out of his hand in one fell swoop and said angrily, “Shang Bu Ming, if you continue to be so stubborn, don’t blame me for being rude.”

“Hmph, if you want me to stop bullying that little bitch, that’s fine, take your family and get out immediately.”

“You’re paralyzed.”

“Pah.”Omi was on fire, and this time he slapped him hard, slapping him away.

One side of Shang Bu Ming’s face was swollen and his eyes looked at Omi with hatred, and he didn’t cry loudly.

Omi knew that Shang Bu Ming hated him so much.

Our family, definitely Shang Bu Ming’s parents, or grandparents, had preconceived notions about Omi.

Even though everyone’s surname was Shang, it was impossible for them to be as close as brothers, and it was not uncommon for conflicts to arise in a place like this, where there were no particularly strong family rules binding them.

“Hmph, Shang Bu Ming, I don’t care if your parents or whoever has a problem with me, please tell them when you go back, and if you have any in the future, please come directly to me.And you, if you dare to bully my children again, don’t blame me for being rude.”Omi’s eyes showed killing intent, this time, Shang Bu Ming seemed to be a little scared, after all, he was a nine-year-old child.

Omi returned home.

“Alright, I’ve already swollen that Shang Bu Ming’s face.”

At that moment, Omi’s mother came.

“Hong’er, you really hit that child ah, that Shang Bu Ming is also a child after all ah, will it cause conflicts ah.”The mother said worriedly.

“Mother, you don’t understand, that Shang Bu Ming is especially uneducated, a little bitch at a mouth, if we weren’t all clan members, I would have wanted to just chop him to death.”

Just at this moment, a furious voice came from outside, “Who do you want to chop to death.”

Omi’s words had just been heard by the people rushing outside.

Needless to say, it was definitely Shang Bu Ming’s parents.

Everyone was shocked when they heard the roar at the door.

Omi looked back and saw a man who was about the same age as him and in the middle of his Dengfeng realm standing in the doorway with an angry face.

Omi said, “I’m just saying that casually, no need to take it seriously, you must be Shang Bu Ming’s father, haven’t asked for your name yet?”Omi looked at this man, he didn’t seem to be impressed, this morning at that palace, there was no such person in that crowd of cousins, which meant that this person was not a child under Omi’s grandfather’s lineage.

“You are Shang Hong?”The other party asked Omi rhetorically.

“Yes, I’m Shang Hong, what, aren’t you going to give your name?”

“Hmph, Shang Hong, listen carefully, my name is Shang Stubborn, you may not know me, but it’s okay, my grandfather is Shang Mo.”

Omi was a little shocked, in the morning at the palace, when Omi talked to his grandfather, his grandfather said that his big brother, Shang Mo, would soon be stepping into the first stage of Return to Void, and if their great grandfather died, the whole family would have to rely on that Shang Mo to support them.And the man in front of him is Shang Mo’s grandson.

Omi’s mother was busy saying, “Shang stubborn, what are you doing, let’s all dissipate the fire, your grandfather Shang Mo, and my Hong’er’s grandfather Shang Jian, are brothers ah, we are all from the same family, why do you need to be so rattled.”

That Shang stubborn roared, “Auntie, it’s not that I’m not giving you face, but your son, what exactly have you done, you as an adult, you beat my son like this, you see.”Shang stubborn pulled out that nine-year-old Shang Bu Ming, indeed his face was swollen.

Omi huffed, “Shang stubborn, then why don’t you take a look, your son has ganged up with other kids and beaten my daughter up, he even broke one of his arms, since you parents don’t educate your own children, I have no choice but to do it for you.”

“Shang Hong, it’s perfectly normal for children to fight, but you as an adult, you actually hit out at children, do you have a sense of shame, it’s worthy of being raised outside, you just lack education.”

Omi’s mother was depressed.

Omi said angrily, “Shang stubborn, I order you, get out of here right now, otherwise, don’t blame me for blowing you out.”


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