King of kings 1373-1374


“Hahaha, Shang Hong, you’re too smug, who do you think you are, who’s blowing who up, it’s not certain, you just wait and see, this isn’t over, I’ll go and talk to my grandfather.””Go on, go at speed.”

Shang stubbornly dragged his son away.

“Ugh.”Omi’s mother sighed.

“Hong’er, take a step back and broaden the sea, why fight with him, your grandfather, after all, is a brother.”

Omi said, “Mother, it’s useless to give in by considering family ties, it will only make people bully us even more.Since this Shang stubborn doesn’t even treat me as his own family, why should I bother with him.Moreover, that Shang Bu Ming is a child, but he can’t hate me for no reason, it must be something an adult said.If I’m not wrong, my return has hurt certain people.”

“What kind of conflict of interest can there be when everyone is temporarily living underground in these extraordinary times.”Just then, Omi’s mother seemed to have thought of something, and if that was the case, then it was indeed a bit of a conflict of interest.

At this moment, in a certain underground palace.

Omi’s grandfather was sitting in it practicing his skills.

“Your Highness.”A guard walked in.

“What is it.”

“Shang Hong he and Shang stubborn, just had a conflict.” Remember the website

“How?Shang Hong he just got back, not so much, because what?”

“Oh, it looks like, it’s some trivial matters of life, Shang Hong’s daughter, was beaten by Shang Stubborn’s son, Shang Hong went to Shang Stubborn’s son, then slapped Shang Stubborn’s son, then caused a conflict, of course, Shang Hong’s daughter, broke her arm by Shang Stubborn’s son.”

Omi’s grandfather Shang Jian furrowed his brow and said, “A child, breaking another child’s arm, is indeed cruel.”

“Your Highness, this is only the surface reason, the real reason may be because of that ah.”

Shang Jian sighed, “It seems that Shang Hong’s return has indeed brought a threat to Shang stubborn, but it can’t be helped, you send someone to tell Shang Hong, if you can endure it, just endure it, after all, it’s all your family ah.”

“Oh, Your Highness, when it comes to your own interests, it’s useless for your own brothers ah.”

Shang Jian no longer spoke.

At the same time, at this moment in another place, an old man also learned about this matter.

This old man, who was also an imperial prince, was Shang Mo, currently the strongest person in the Lonely Soul Organization, other than Shang Yao of the Returning Void Phase 1.

This Shang Mo sighed, “You go tell Shang Crouch, don’t be so small-minded, everyone is the son and grandson of the Shang Clan, whoever should be is whoever should be.”

“Your Highness, Shang Niu is your most favored grandson ah, and also the future successor in your mind, if, if that opportunity is really snatched away by Shang Hong, this is not a small loss ah.”

“So what, Shang Hong is my brother’s grandson after all, if Shang stubborn he doesn’t want to lose that opportunity, let him perform well next, don’t disappoint the Imperial Prince, so that he can get that cherished opportunity.”

“Yes, I’m going to tell Shang Crouch.”

Shang Mo closed his eyes, he hated the infighting in the family, but this matter could not be treated with equanimity, after all, everyone had their own selfishness, if his own grandson could get that chance, of course it would be good, but it was equivalent to struggling less forty or fifty years, forty or fifty years, what concept was this.

At Omi’s house, Omi got his

Grandpa’s instructions to keep a low profile and be tolerant when he can.

Omi asked his mother, “Mother, what is the reason why Shang Cao hates me so much?I don’t believe in plain speaking that he would hate me so much, and his talent may not be lower than mine, jealous of my words.”

Omi’s mother said, “Hong’er, have you taken a lot of spirit grass and spirit meat before?”

“Uh, is Mother asking me if my child’s realm is something I broke through on my own?Oh, I did take some spirit grasses before, but I think the vast majority of them are basically martial realms that I comprehended myself.”

“Hong’er, Shang Cao he’s about the same age as you, I’ve heard that his martial realm was obtained by taking many spirit grasses and flesh, from this point of view, his talent is definitely lower than yours.”

“No wonder he’s jealous of me just because he feels that his talent is lower than mine?”

“Hong’er, actually, Mother doesn’t know if it’s true.”

“Mother, please say.”

“Earlier, I heard that your grandfather, your great-grandfather, is preparing to self-limit.”

“What does self-limitation mean?”

“Hong’er, your great-grandfather, who is two hundred years old, has been unable to step into the Second Stage of Return to Void belatedly, and currently seems to be very hopeless.Therefore, he is about to reach his great limit.There are two choices for those whose deadline is approaching, the first, to continue to strike and fight until the last moment without giving up, perhaps stepping into the next realm at the last moment; and the second, to give up early and choose to self-limit, and then, before self-limiting, to pass on their life’s work to the next generation to help the next generation grow faster.However, the vast majority of people, choose the first one and fight until the last moment, only a small number of people choose the second one.”

Omi busily said, “Mother, what do you mean, my great grandfather he is prepared to, self-limit?Passing on your life’s work to the next generation?”

“Oh, I just heard about it before, after all, no one can guarantee such things, all I can say is that your great-grandfather, perhaps had planned for it.That Shang Stubborn hates you so much, maybe because you’re back and you’re so prominent, if your great-grandfather, plans to choose one of the fourth generation children to pass on, then there’s no doubt that both you and Shang Stubborn will be on the list, and Shang Stubborn’s competition will be big.”

“Hahaha, I see, no wonder this bitch is so disgusted with me, it’s only because his son said that he wants me to get lost.”

“Oh, everyone does surprising things for their own benefit.Hong’er, your grandfather told you to keep a low profile and be hidden, so just listen to him, after all, Shang Mo, Shang’s stubborn grandfather, he is indeed about to step into the first stage of Return to Void, and will have to rely on him to support the family for the next few decades.”

“Well, Mother, I know.However, Mother, if Grandfather Tai passes on his lifelong skills to the next generation, how much benefit can be gained?Like what level can I reach if he passes it on to me?Like, ascending the peak to great perfection or something.”

Omi’s mother smiled, “Hong’er, if there’s such a good thing in the world, then cultivation would be simple.Nowadays, it’s incomparably difficult to comprehend the realm one more time, and you still want to go straight from mid-debut to great completion, even in the innate realm, no one goes from mid-debut to great completion in one night, let alone debut.However, if your great-grandfather did choose you to pass it on, then you’ll gain your great-grandfather’s power, your martial skills will increase greatly, you’ll perceive the essence of your great-grandfather’s martial dao, and you’ll be able to increase your martial realm by a whole level, for example.It’s not impossible to step into the late stage of peak ascension, but of course, it’s mostly a matter of personal comprehension.Those with poor comprehension may gain nothing.Shang Crouch is so upset with you, he probably thinks that your comprehension is better than his, and normally, your great grandfather would give priority to the one with good comprehension when he’s looking for someone to pass on.”

“Hmm, I see.”


“Hong’er, behave well, perhaps, there may not be no chance.”

“Good, the more that Shang stubborn is afraid of me stealing his chance, then the more I will make him afraid.”

Omi said in his heart, stepping into the late stage of peak ascension, this is at least twenty to thirty years less struggle, for these twenty to thirty years, Omi will fight for it.

A few days later, the family gathered all the sons and daughters of the early and middle stage of the peak-denial realm.

Omi immediately rushed to the family hall, he had been back for several days and was about to start integrating into the family’s life.

“Dear sons and daughters of the Shang Clan, hard work makes one progress, laziness makes one lag behind, my sons and daughters of the Shang Clan, although there are very few people today, it is impossible to keep you captive here without any training.Tomorrow, there will be another monthly sweep of the Heavenly Bound Mountain, although I know that every time the Heavenly Bound Mountain sweeps, a few of my children will die and many will reject them and not dare to go, but in order to stimulate the vast majority of you to progress, we have no choice but to do so.Everyone, prepare yourselves, today after dinner, head to Heaven’s Bound Mountain, tomorrow early in the morning, enter Heaven’s Bound Mountain, whether you are picking spirit grass, killing exotic beasts, or hiding in a cave, you must spend three days and three nights in Heaven’s Bound Mountain before you can come out.Of course, after you come out, you will be given the corresponding contribution points based on your harvest.Last month, the one who gained the most was Shang Cao, he has been the monthly Sky Bound Mountain Sweeping Champion for three consecutive years, and I hope that this month, he will continue to be the champion.Meeting adjourned.”

At this moment, Shang Crouch took a glance in Omi’s direction.

For three years, every time he could become the Sweeping Champion, and this month, because of Omi’s appearance, it became a question among everyone if Shang Niu could continue to be the champion for another year.

At this moment, the people in the palace were discussing.

“Will Shang Crouch be able to repeat as champion this month?”

“I don’t think so, haven’t you heard?Shang Hong who just returned to the family, I heard it’s awesome.” One second to remember to read the book

“It seems that Shang Crouch has met his opponent.”

Shang Crouch heard the whispering of the people around him, and with a hum inside, he clenched both fists, “This month, I still want to win the championship and be the one who gains the most, I will never allow to lose to Shang Hong.”

Whether it was for the sake of fame, or for the sake of that grandfather’s passing, Shang stubborn would not allow himself to lose to Omi.

Omi, however, didn’t think so much about it, and went home after the meeting was adjourned.

Omi’s mother was busy saying, “Hong’er, just went to the assembly, you heard it too.”

“Uh, Mother, what did you hear.”

“That Shang Crouch has been the champion of the Heavenly Bound Mountain Sweep for three years in a row, ah, I asked you to perform well a few days ago, you forgot, now it’s time to perform, everyone is watching, you and Shang Crouch who can be first, you don’t let mother yo.”

“Mother don’t worry, but Mother you are also in the middle of peak ascension, why don’t you have to go ah?”Omi asked.

“Oh, I’m different, I’m a woman, women don’t need to be involved, and the Heavenly Bound Mountain sweep is mainly to stimulate the next generation of family disciples in the early and middle stages of peak ascension.”

“Oh, okay.”

At this moment, in a certain palace.

Shang stubborn was sitting next to an old man, and this old man was Shang stubborn’s grandfather, Shang Mo.

“Grandpa, that Shang Hong is so annoying.”

“Shang stubborn, Shang Hong is also his own brother, you must never do anything unjust to him, if you dare to take a butcher’s knife to one of your own, don’t blame grandpa for being so righteous.”


bsp; “Grandpa you’re overthinking it, I just hate him so much.”

“What do you hate him for.”

“It’s just hate anyway, if Grandpa Tai is really looking for someone to pass on in the fourth generation, then it was me who had the most hope, but now that Shang Hong is here, my chances are greatly reduced.”

“Shang stubborn, it’s fate who will get to pass on from your great grandfather, if you really want to not be snatched by Shang Hong, then work hard and behave well.Tomorrow is this month’s sweep of Tianmian Mountain, and you’ll be able to maintain your advantage if you continue to take first place.Next month, we’re going to negotiate an alliance with the Zoroastrian Fire Cult, we’re bound to have a cut-throat competition with the geniuses of the Zoroastrian Fire Cult, you continue to be ahead of Shang Hong, that’s another advantage, there will be many more of these things in the future, as long as you can force Shang Hong every time, then Shang Hong won’t be able to snatch away the quota that belongs to you.”

“Yes, I will.”

“Go for it, grandson.”

“Yes, grandpa, I won’t let you down.”

That evening, after eating dinner, Omi bade farewell to his mother, wife and children before heading to the concentration point.

“Windy, be careful.”

“Father, cheer up.”

“Husband, be safe.”

Omi nodded, then immediately went to the concentration hall.

“Everyone, let’s go, we still have a night to catch up.”

Omi followed a group of clans and set off along the underground passage that he had come from before.

The sky was already dark by the time they left the Grand Cool Mountain.

“For those in the early stages of peak ascension, two people have one black jiao, and for those in the middle stages of peak ascension, one person has one black jiao.”A strong member of the family who had reached peak completion said to the crowd.

Omi didn’t need the black jiao because Omi was carrying Little Fire.

As for Little Black, he now had a wife and children, Omi rarely brought him out anymore, because the Lonely Soul Organization was underground, Little Black’s body couldn’t enter, so when he returned here a few days ago, Little Black went to live in a designated, black jiao valley in the Grand Cool Mountain, and Omi hadn’t seen Little Black in the past few days.

Omi took a small fire and prepared to depart, many people were envious and jealous when they saw that Omi even had a fire beast mount.

That Shang Crouch was busy saying, “Elder, Shang Crouch has a fire beast, according to the family’s rules, fire beasts are only worthy to be owned by the peak completion, doesn’t he have to hand it over to the family?”

That Lonely Soul Organization elder who had reached peak completion looked at Omi’s fire beast and furrowed his brow, what Shang Cao said was true, fire beasts were very cherished, usually only those above peak completion level could possess them, and in addition, fire beasts were particularly rare in the Lonely Soul Organization.

Omi didn’t wait for that elder to speak before he snorted, “Trying to hit on my fire beast, how naive, Little Fire is my brother, who dares to try to touch my brother.”

Shang stubbornly said, “But, there are family rules, and the organization’s rules are just that.”

“Hahaha, the organization’s rules have nothing to do with me, my Fire Demon Beast, which followed me before I even returned to the family, is my private one.”

“Shang Hong, since you are part of the organization, anything you have is the organization’s, no personal items.”

“Hahaha, I’m not bothering to bullshit with you.”

Shang stubbornly looked at Omi, a moment of displeasure, he must find a way to make Omi unable to have his Fire Demon Beast confiscated.


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