King of kings 1375-1376


“Let’s go.”

After a night of running around, they finally arrived at their destination, the Tianmong Mountain.

Heaven Dazhong Mountain was a place where many exotic beasts gathered, and there were very powerful exotic beasts, some of which were even as good as humans.

Of course, the Heaven’s Bound Mountain also had many ‘spirit grasses’ that had grown for thousands and thousands of years.

However, spirit grasses were hard to find, thousands of years old, the growing conditions were too harsh, and of course, those exotic beasts that were tens of thousands of years old were also hard to find.

Arriving at the outskirts of the Heavenly Bound Mountain, that elder of the family said, “Everyone rest for a few hours, just enter the Heavenly Bound Mountain before dawn tomorrow, of course, you can also choose to go in now.”

Before the words were finished, Shang Cao said, “I can’t wait for tomorrow, I want to go in now.”

Shang stubbornly flew into the Heaven’s Bound Mountain.

Everyone thought that Omi would also go in now, but who knew that Omi had found a place to sleep first.

Omi didn’t bother comparing himself to this fool.

The next day, at dawn, Omi followed everyone and entered Tianmang Mountain. The first website

The three-day life in the Tianmeng Mountain began, those who didn’t have strength would choose to hide, after all, their lives were important, and those with strength could still hunt for exotic beasts or search for ‘spirit grasses’ and ‘spirit beasts’ while doing so.

Omi didn’t team up with anyone, by himself, and Little Fire.

“Brother Chen, there’s a foreign beast ahead, it looks very strong.”.

“Well, I’ve seen it.”Omi looked ahead, a huge foreign beast with blood-red eyes.

“Roar.”The exotic beast pounced on it.

Omi drew his sword.

“Swoosh.”A sword cut the foreign beast in half, it was only a foreign beast that was about equal to the early peak strength of Dengfeng, this foreign beast was just very ordinary, it didn’t have any years, so it had no value.

Half a day later, Omi had killed more than a dozen different beasts, but unfortunately, they were all worthless, so he treated them as sword practice.

Just then, Little Fire walked to the bottom of a large tree and sniffed with his nose.

“Little Fire, did you find anything?”Omi asked, “The grass that Little Fire is sniffing is just a very ordinary little grass.

: “Brother Chen, why do I feel, this little grass, like it’s not simple, yet, it looks ordinary on the outside.”

Omi went up, trying to pull that little grass down.

But, suddenly, that little grass disappeared into the mud.

“Ah, what’s going on?”Omi was stunned.

Omi didn’t know that true spirit grasses were spiritual and would run.

And those that wouldn’t run, even if they were tens of thousands of years old, they weren’t true spirit grasses.

In this Great Martial Empire, the spirit grasses that everyone pulled were not real spirit grasses, and even then, no one here knew what real spirit grasses were like.

Little Fire was busy saying, “Brother Minister, is this a spirit grass?It can even run away of its own accord, gosh, I’ve never heard of that before.”

Omi frowned and said, “I’ve never heard of it before either, the spirit grass can still run away on its own, Little Fire, it’s up to you if you can catch up with that spirit grass just now.”

“Good Le.”After saying that, Little Fire suddenly turned into the size of a small mouse, then burrowed into the ground and went to chase after that spirit grass just now.

Omi waited and waited on the ground for a full three hours before Little Fire came out with his mouth biting into the spirit grass.

“Brother Chen, I’m exhausted, this spirit grass is too cunning too

Up, heck, running faster than a rabbit.”

“I go, so spiritual, it must be a spirit grass, this spirit grass can even disguise itself, if not for your extraordinary nose, you would not have been able to discover the secret, I thought it was an ordinary grass.”

“Brother Minister, whether it’s a spirit grass or not, you’ll know if you try it.”

“But, you caught this spirit grass after all the trouble.”

“Brother Minister, we brothers are still polite, if we find it later, I’ll catch it again.”

“Alright, I’ll be polite then.”

Omi immediately ate the spirit grass, and as he ate it in his mouth, Omi seemed to sense a spiritual fluctuation, as if it was a plea message from the spirit grass.

“Uh, it’s surprisingly so weird.”Omi was incomparably shocked, it wasn’t like Omi hadn’t eaten spirit grass before, where would such a thing happen, this kind of spirit grass, I’m afraid there wasn’t another person in the entire world who knew about it.

Omi was too lucky.

After Omi ate the spirit grass, all of a sudden, Omi felt his pores spread out all over his body, of course, it was just a feeling, Omi felt countless aura in the air, in short, making him very comfortable breath into his body.

“Phew.”Omi’s mind became incomparably clear, and he was very, very deep into all kinds of sensations.

Omi immediately closed his eyes and sat down on the spot.

After about five minutes of this feeling, it disappeared and Omi returned to his original state.

“Brother Chen, how is it?”

Omi said incredulously, “Little Fire, I just that five minutes ago, I comprehended the late peak of the peak twice.”

“No way, right?Twice in five minutes?”

“It’s true, with the two times I’ve comprehended it before, I’ve comprehended it four times.”

“Brother Chen, it seems that this spirit herb is completely different from other spirit herbs, the effect of just five minutes is so great.The previous one, the spirit grass you ate two servings of 50,000 years and closed up for half a year, that’s all the effect it had, and it will also have a limiting effect on future realm advancement.Minister, I think we’re going to get rich.”

“Haha, Little Fire, let’s keep looking for any more of this spirit grass.”


Omi and Little Fire continued their search.

However, after searching for a day, they didn’t find a second plant.

“Brother Chen, it looks like we can’t find a second strain, let’s go find the exotic beast, otherwise, that Shang Stubborn is going to be a champion.”.

Omi snorted, “I’m not in the mood to compete with him, he’ll be first if he’s first, I’m not much interested in Grandpa Tai’s passing right now, I might as well spend my time looking for spirit grasses.”

“Brother Chen, that’s what I was thinking too.”

Omi and Little Fire continued to search and search, not killing the exotic beasts at all, and not looking for the long years.

Another day passed in the blink of an eye.

“Brother Chen, there’s only half a day left.”

“Depressing, it took two days, and we didn’t even find it again, what does that mean.”Omi stomped his foot in depression.

It was then that Omi realized that he had just stepped on a blade of grass, but now when he stomped his foot, he found that he hadn’t stepped on it.

Omi’s eyebrows furrowed as he said in his heart, “I would never look at it wrong, I just stepped on this grass under my feet, but now, this grass has gone to the side, haha, there is definitely something wrong with this grass.”

Omi acted as if he hadn’t noticed and said, “Little fire, we can only go home like this, hey, my shoelaces are loose, I’ll tie them.”


Don Zichen bent over to tie his shoelaces.

“Swoosh.”Omi instantly took action and pulled out the grass.

“Haha, little brat, I’ll see how you can still run.”Omi laughed, that little grass was grasped by Omi, its roots shook desperately, it really was a spirit grass.

Neither Omi nor Little Fire found it, it seemed that Little Fire had discovered the spirit grass by chance two days ago.

“Brother Chenchen, is this one of yours a spirit grass?”


At that moment, the spirit grass emitted a faint spiritual wave.

“Please, just release me back to nature, I’m still young, only in my twenties.”

“Ugh.”Omi immediately said silently in his head, “You’re only in your twenties?I don’t believe it. How can someone in their twenties be so spiritual?I’ve eaten a fifty thousand year old spirit grass before, it’s devoid of any spirituality, you must be over a hundred thousand years old.”

“I’m really only twenty years old, the fifty thousand year old one you ate before is not a spirit grass at all, it just belongs to the category of genius and earth treasures, it’s you people here who presume to call them spirit grasses, real spirit grasses are just like me, raised by the halo of heaven and earth, even if you’re only twenty years old, you still have an autonomous consciousness, I just really regret avoiding your stinky feet.”

“Haha, you’re quite interesting, okay, you want me to release you, it’s not impossible, you must tell me where there are other spirit grasses and replace you with the lives of other spirit grasses.” Remember the URL

The spirit wave of that spirit grass said, “I know a place that has many of those genius earth treasures you speak of, I can tell you about it.”

“I don’t want those genius land treasures, I want the spirit grass.”

“Ooh, I’m begging you, I’m so small, there’s no use for you to eat me.”

“I don’t care what you do.”Omi made a gesture to take that little grass to his mouth.

“Okay, I know a place with a spirit grass, but you have to keep your word.”


“You put me in the ground first so I can take you there.”

“No, in case you run away.”

“I’m not going to run.”

“Keep jabbering and I’ll eat you.”

“Okay, you have to keep your word.”

“Cut the crap and tell me.”

“In that valley up ahead, there’s a big purple leaf grass, I know it’s also a spirit grass, and it’s at least thirty years old.”

“It’s only thirty years old.”

“Senior, thirty years isn’t low, in this place where the aura is thin, it’s already tops to have a spirit grass growing.”

“Alright, when I catch it, I’ll let you go.”

Omi immediately came to the valley in front of him, and indeed saw a large purple leaf grass that looked ordinary beyond ordinary, if Omi hadn’t stumbled upon a real spirit grass, he wouldn’t have paid attention to such an ordinary thing.

Omi walked up to it, and the large leaf grass tendril contracted, as if it was on guard.

Omi knew that these spirit grasses were smart and felt the meaning of human behavior.

Omi deliberately said, “Little Fire, wait for me for a moment, I’m going to take a leak over there in front.”

Omi acted as if he didn’t know about that spirit grass and walked up to it, acting as if he was going to pee.

Right at that moment, Omi instantly made his move and grabbed the large purple leaf grass.

“Haha, it’s caught.”

The leaves of that big leaf grass kept curling up, and it was indeed a spirit grass.


Tzu-Chen to the one: “Thank you, but I need one more favor from you, where’s the one you said, Genius Earth?”

“If you let me go, I’ll take you there.”

“No, you tell me.”

“It’s a bit far, I can’t give directions.”

“Well, if you don’t keep your word, my little fire will catch up with you.”

Don Zichen put the grass down, and the grass quickly moved across the ground.

Omi immediately followed it up.

Walking for about an hour.

He came to a very secret and shady place.

Omi saw that there were dozens of red mushrooms growing in a stone crevice.

As soon as Omi saw these mushrooms, he could feel a sense of time from their vintage.

Omi immediately went up and plucked them, reaching a total of over thirty mushrooms, one of which, was over 100,000 years old, five were over 50,000 years old, and the rest, tens of thousands to thousands of years old.

“Haha, spirit grass, thank you so much.”

Omi thought in his heart, with these genius land treasures, taking them back to his family, he would definitely be able to get first place.

Because, this kind of genius land treasure was not easy to find, the ones that were usually 20,000 years old were almost extinct, not to mention there was one that was 100,000 years old.

That spirit grass, at the moment has disappeared, must have run far away.

Omi looked at the large purple leaf grass and said in his heart, “What a big one, I can bring it back and share it with everyone, everyone can eat even one leaf.”

After saying that, Omi himself ate two leaves first, and gave two leaves to Little Fire as well.

After Omi finished eating, he immediately closed the door.

The previous feeling of pores opening up and countless heaven and earth auras surging into his body once again came.

And, this time, it lasted for fifteen minutes.

Within those fifteen minutes, Omi comprehended five late stage peak ascensions.

Fifteen minutes later, the feeling disappeared and Omi immediately returned to normal.

“Haha, Little Fire, how are you?I’ve comprehended five more late stage intentions in these fifteen minutes, I’ve now comprehended a total of nine late peak ascension intentions, one more and I’ll be able to step into the late peak ascension.”

: “Brother Chen, I’ve also gotten much stronger ah, I’m now equivalent to the early stage of human peak-denial realm.”

“Little Flame, this spirit grass, it really is a good thing ah, according to what that spirit grass said just now, this purple big leaf grass, it has thirty years, then, the one you caught two days ago, I’m afraid it’s only ten years old, a ten year old spirit grass has such an effect, it really opened my eyes.Those genius earth treasures don’t have this kind of effect for tens of thousands of years.”

“Brother Chen, if we find a hundred year old spirit grass, I’m afraid we’ll have to turn the world upside down.”

“Oh, I’m afraid that in this world, there is no such level of spirit grass, it’s not a matter of time, it’s a matter of the spirit of heaven and earth, it can’t live that long.”

“It’s possible.”

“Let’s go, we should go back, I’ll take these geniuses with me, I’m guaranteed to win first place.”

Omi and Little Fire, left the Heaven and Earth Mountain and prepared to go home.

The next time there was a chance, they would have to come back for the spirit grass, this was the real spirit grass.

As for those mushrooms in Omi’s hands that were tens of thousands of years old, they were only at the level of genius and earth treasures, just people in this world, referring to them as spirit grasses, real spirit grasses, other than Omi and Little Fire, I’m afraid no one had ever seen them.

Omi could also feel that there seemed to be no side effects at all when he took the spirit grass.


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