King of kings 1377-1378


Omi drove at full speed, spending more than twenty hours before returning to the outskirts of the Heavenly Bound Mountain, Omi had somehow penetrated far into the Heavenly Bound Mountain.

The rest of the Lonely Soul Organization had also gone out, and were only waiting for Omi to come out.

“Look, that’s Shang Hong, Shang Hong has finally come out.”

“Wow, it really is Shang Hong, hey, how did he come out empty handed?He’s the latest out, he shouldn’t be empty-handed.”

“I don’t know.”

“Che, he came out empty handed, how can he compete with Shang Cao for first place.”

Omi flew in front of everyone, that elder asked, “Shang Hong, everyone has been waiting for you for half a day, don’t tell me that you came out empty handed?”

“Yes, I did come up empty handed and I picked some elixirs.”Omi said.

“Where are the spirit beasts?Not even one?Look at the others, at least they have found a few spirit beasts that are thousands of years old, with your strength, you shouldn’t have not found a spirit beast that is thousands of years old.”

“Oh, I really haven’t come across a single spirit beast over a thousand years old.”Omi said.

Someone: “Everyone waited for you for half a day and nothing came out, look at people Shang Cao.” One second to remember to read the book

Omi looked over to Shang Crouch, Shang Crouch was standing on the back of the Black Jiao, which was carrying more than ten spirit beasts, the year was unclear for now, of all the people on the scene, Shang Crouch was the most dazzling, as his Black Jiao’s back was piled with exotic beasts.

“It seems like this time, Shang Crouch is going to be first again.”

“Yeah, last month he only killed a total of seven spirit beasts, the highest year has reached ten thousand years, this time, he killed at least thirteen, so bullish.That Shang Hong, he thought he could compete with Shang Niu, but the result, what a disappointment.”

Shang Crouch looked at Omi with a very proud look on his face, as if he was already very confident that he had won.

“Shang Hong, I really didn’t expect that you didn’t find a single spirit beast, had I known that, I wouldn’t have bothered to wait for you, I would have just gone home.”

“That’s right, a waste of everyone’s time.”

The organization’s elder said, “Alright, stop complaining, now that everyone is out, go back.”

Omi and the others immediately went home, and after more than ten hours, they finally arrived home.

At a certain palace of the Lonely Soul Organization, all the people who had participated in the Tianmian Mountain sweep were gathered in the palace.

Omi’s grandfather, Shang Jian, and several other peak-descending elders were all above the palace, in addition to many family members.

One of the elders said loudly, “According to the past rules, your trophies will now be inspected, so bring up your trophies one by one, the one with the richest trophies will be this month’s champion.Shang Cao, you first.”


Above the palace, Shang Stubborn’s grandfather, looked at Shang Stubborn with expectant eyes, he certainly hoped that his grandson would be able to thwart Omi.

Omi’s grandfather, Shang Jian, was not sure how Omi was doing at the moment, he looked at Shang Niu with confidence and was a little worried inside.

Under everyone’s attention, Shang Crouch immediately ordered the thirteen spirit beasts to be brought up.

“Wow, thirteen spirit beasts.”

“Tsk tsk, Shang Gou is so powerful.”

The crowd around the palace heard voices of wonder and worship, because it was already good enough to save one’s life in a place like Heaven’s Bound Mountain, and to find so many spirit beasts on the premise of saving one’s life meant that Shang Niu had penetrated at least ten thousand kilometers in Heaven’s Bound Mountain during those three days.


sp; Shang Crouch said excitedly, “Elders, of the thirteen spirit beasts I have, one of them is 20,000 years old, there are three more that are 10,000 years old, and the rest are between 5,000 and 10,000 years old.”

“Not bad, Shang Crouch, you have harvested so many spirit beasts, may I ask how far you have penetrated in the Heavenly Bound Mountain?”An elder asked.

Shang Crouch said, “I think it should be more than 10,000 kilometers.”

“Well, more than ten thousand kilometers deep into the Heavenly Bound Mountain, and still managed to come back unharmed, and with so many spirit beasts, amazing, worthy of being the champion for three years in a row, Shang Crouch, it seems that the champion for the month wants you again.”

“Hehe.”Shang Crouch smiled proudly.

“Next, who’s next?”

Above the palace, Shang Mo, Shang’s stubborn grandfather, was relieved to see his grandson’s trophies.

Shang Jian, on the other hand, looked at Omi with suspicion.

When Omi saw everyone’s eyes on him, he said, “That’s me.”

An elder asked, “Shang Hong, what have you gained?How many spirit beasts?”

Omi said, “Sorry, I didn’t kill a single spirit beast.”

“Hmph? You’re the only one who still fights with me.”Shang stubbornly laughed under his breath, the people around him also looked at Omi with confusion, not even a single spirit beast, is this too bad.

Omi’s grandfather, Shang Jian, also looked at Omi with some disappointment.

The elder asked, “Shang Hong, you haven’t killed a single spirit beast, so you’re just putting your energy into spirit grass, right?”

“You could say that.”

“Then take out the spirit grass you dish to.”

Omi took out a bag and poured out all the mushrooms in the bag.

“Wow.”As soon as everyone saw the mushrooms, they instantly felt the imprint of time from the shape of the mushrooms.

“Shang Hong, this is an Earthblood mushroom?”The elders asked in shock, meanwhile, Shang Mo and Shang Jian, who were above the palace, both stood up.

Omi said, “Elders, this is an elixir that I picked, this mushroom is 100,000 years old.”

“Wow, a hundred thousand years?A hundred years would be hard to find.”The entire palace was shocked.

Omi grabbed five more mushrooms and said, “This is fifty thousand years old.”

“Damn, fifty thousand years old, which can only be picked in an average of twenty to thirty years, he picked five at once.”

The entire palace was talking.

Shang Mo and Shang Jian were both nonchalant, the 100,000 and 50,000 years of Earth Blood Mushrooms that Omi took out could be said to be super invincible and precious, especially that 100,000 years of Earth Blood Mushrooms, this kind of year, the entire Great Martial Empire, on average, someone would only be able to pick them once in a hundred years.And that fifty thousand year old one, it also took an average of twenty to thirty years for someone to pick it once.

Omi pointed at another pile of mushrooms and said, “These ten, they are from ten to thirty thousand years old, the rest, they are all under ten thousand years old.”

The elder’s voice trembled as he asked, “Shang Hong, you picked such a precious spirit grass, how far into the Heaven’s Bound Mountain did you go?”

Omi said, “It’s not that far, it’s only about fifty to sixty thousand kilometers.”

“It’s only fifty to sixty thousand kilometers.”The entire palace looked at Omi incredulously.

Omi saw the incredulous look of the entire palace and asked, “Is there anything strange?I don’t think it’s anything ah, come and go as you please.”

Hearing Omi’s words, everyone trembled even more, 50,000 to 60,000 kilometers deep into the Tianmeng Mountain, but he said that he came and went as he pleased, was this a pretend comparison?


Omi really didn’t pretend to be a match, he and Little Fire, in order to find the real spirit grass, didn’t even think about anything, they just searched and searched all the way, and didn’t encounter any danger.

Omi’s grandfather asked, “Shang Hong, did you really go fifty to sixty thousand kilometers deep into the Tianmong Mountain?”

“Yeah, where else would you pick so many mushrooms, only if you go deeper can you find things that others haven’t found.”

“Shang Hong, you didn’t run into any powerful exotic beasts?”

“A different beast?Oh, it doesn’t seem to feel like it.”

“Well, good for you, but don’t go so deep in the future, it’s dangerous, even I wouldn’t dare to go deeper than 80,000 kilometers.”

“Oh, good.”Omi nodded his head.

An elder said, “The winner of this Tianmian Mountain sweep, without a doubt, is Shang Hong, 100,000 year old earth blood mushrooms, on average, are only picked over a hundred years ago, the last time they were picked was 130 years ago.Shang Hong picked it this time, it’s truly a great fortune for my Lone Soul Organization, Shang Hong ignored his personal safety and delved into the dangerous hinterland to pick such a cherished spirit grass, let’s applaud for him.”


“Shang Hong, Shang Hong, Shang Hong.”Everyone cried out, calling out Shang Hong’s name.

Omi smiled and waved his hand at the crowd. The first website

At this moment, Shang Cao was pig liver colored, he thought that he must be the champion this time, for the sake of the championship, he penetrated 10,000 kilometers ah, usually he only penetrated 5,000 to 6,000 kilometers at most, this time he fought to the death to penetrate, almost hung in the Tianmang Mountain, and as a result, he actually still lost so badly.Thanks to him, he was just acting so high-profile.

Shang Niu’s grandfather, Shang Mo, didn’t think about it that much at the moment, because what Omi had picked was a 100,000 year old elixir, which was enough to make him forget what grandson and son.

“Hahaha, Shang Hong, it’s indeed good looking, but your grandfather is right, don’t fight so hard in the future.”Shang Mo said with a smile.

Omi said, “No, for the family, for the organization, I must fight.”

“Pah-pah.”Everyone applauded desperately, it seemed, this forced act was good.

At this time, Shang Crouch was busy shouting, “Wait.”

Everyone looked at Shang Crabby.

“Shang stubborn, do you have any questions?Is there any other harvest you haven’t taken out?”The elders asked.

Shang stubbornly said, “Elders, have you ever wondered why Shang Hong was able to penetrate 50,000 to 60,000 kilometers into the Heavenly Bound Mountain and still come out unharmed?”

“Maybe he was lucky that he did not encounter any powerful exotic beasts.”One said.

Shang Stubborn immediately shook his head, “Wrong, that’s because, Shang Hong he has an extraordinary mount, his fire demon beast.”

“Uh, his Fire Demon Beast?Out of the ordinary?”Everyone looked at Omi and Shang Crouch with puzzlement.

At this moment, the corners of Shang Crouch’s mouth were smiling in a conspiratorial manner, Shang Crouch had said before he set out that he would make it impossible for Omi to have a private fire beast, and this moment was a good opportunity.Of course, he was talking nonsense when he said that Omi’s small fire was beyond the pale.

“Yes, that fire beast of Shang Hong’s, I suspect, is extraordinary, otherwise, I don’t believe he would be able to safely enter the hinterland of the Heavenly Bound Mountain.Fellow elders, our Lonely Soul Organization, clearly states that no one before peak completion may possess a Fire Demon Beast, Shang Hong he is only in the middle of peak completion, he doesn’t deserve it, his Fire Demon Beast must be confiscated, otherwise, I’ll be the first to disobey, I think, those who are strong in peak completion of the organization, also don’t.”

“Bang.”Shang stubborn hadn’t finished a single sentence when suddenly a figure flashed to his side .

A huge fist, smashed down high near his temple, and Shang Stubborn hit the ground with a thud, hitting his head.

“Who is it.”

“Bang.”Another punch smashed into Shang Stubborn’s head, nearly breaking it.

“Stop.”The elders above shouted in panic.

Omi grabbed Shang Stubborn’s hair, hoisted it up, and yelled at the elders above who were about to rush down, “Stop, I’ll twist off Shang Stubborn’s head if anyone dares to rush down.”

“Ugh.”Those few elders were stunned, seemingly not expecting Omi to dare to do such a thing and say such words under the eyes of Shang Stubborn’s own grandfather.

At this moment, Shang Mo, Shang Stubborn’s grandfather, looked a little ugly.

Omi’s grandfather roared, “Shang Hong, what are you doing, stop.”

Omi snorted, “Grandpa, if you dare to rush down, I’ll twist off Shang Stubborn’s head as well.”

“You.”Shang Jian’s nostrils were smoking with anger.

Omi said to everyone, “Dear elders, fellow family members, members of the organization, for the sake of the organization, for the sake of the family, I risked my personal life and death to enter the hinterland of the Tianmian Mountains and pick such a rare elixir, with the aim of allowing the family’s Dengfeng Great Perfection, or grandfather to take it, to help them take a step forward.However, I didn’t expect that some people didn’t see what I had done, but were just jealous of me and tried to incite some people to take away my fire beast, it’s ridiculous, my fire beast had followed me long before I returned to the family, why should I hand it over.I think that many of you here, in your heart, understand that the reason Shang stubborn is so jealous of me, isn’t it because I stole his limelight, isn’t it because I’m afraid that when the future great grandfather chooses to self-limit, the opportunity to pass away will be snatched away by me, hahaha, ridiculous, for the sake of this so-called opportunity to pass away, is willing to start infighting in the family, this kind of person, is also destined to not have much success.Hereby, I, Shang Hong, hereby announce that Grandfather Imperial’s time limit, I hereby voluntarily give up the opportunity to become the target of his passing.”After saying that, Omi threw Shang Cao away and sailed away

Shang Mo fell to the ground, his face was extremely ugly, however, Omi said to give up that chance, he seemed to not believe it.

Above the palace, when everyone elders saw Omi say giving up that chance to his face, they all felt that Omi was overly magnanimous, who would normally give up, even Shang Mo felt shocked, from this point on, his grandson, was a hundred and eighty thousand miles behind Omi.

Right at this moment, Shang stubborn suddenly asked, “Wait a minute, Shang Hong, you really give up?”

Omi sneered, “I don’t care.”

Shang stubbornly excitedly said, “Shang Hong, that’s what you said, yeah, great.”

“Shut up.”Shang Mo shouted as his face turned black with anger.

“Grandpa, it’s his own words to give up, he can’t blame me, besides, I was beaten by him for no reason, it’s only right for him to let me have the chance.”Shang stubbornly said across his face.

“You you you, hmm, no good thing.”Shang Mo shrugged his sleeves and walked away.

Shang Jian also didn’t say anything and walked away.

In the palace, everyone was talking.

“Wow, Shang Hong is really like a person who does great things, this can also be given up.”

“Yeah, compared to Shang stubborn who is willing to hit his fellow countrymen for the sake of his purpose, Shang Hong is really a man of greatness.”

“Right, even if Shang Cao does become the one who passes on, I’m afraid he’s not very productive.”

Everyone had great admiration for Shang Hong, but of course, there were also people who felt deep pity for Omi and thought that Omi should fight with Shang Cuo to the end.


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