King of kings 1379-1380


Omi couldn’t help but chuckle when he heard how everyone was pitying him, “Did you really think I would let that idiot have it?Don’t be ridiculous, I’ll go to Grandpa and give him a few leaves from the purple big leaf tree, Grandpa will eat them and surely feel hopeful for a breakthrough, at least, he won’t choose to limit himself?That Shang Cao, hmph, let him wait in vain.”

Omi had found so many ground blood mushrooms and had made a great achievement for the Lonely Soul Organization, gaining five thousand contribution points, and with the three thousand contribution points Omi had already gained, Omi had already gained eight thousand contribution points.

The entire Lonely Soul Organization, so far, Omi’s contribution points had been ranked in the top ten.

That Shang Cao, however, couldn’t even compare to Omi, but Omi said in public that he would give up that passing opportunity, and Shang Cao had been very happy these days.

Shang stubborn also laughed inwardly, “That idiot Shang Hong, he actually gave up, hehehehe.”

Omi sat in the room, holding a purple big leaf grass in his hand.

This purple big leaf grass had a total of over twenty leaves, plus poles and roots.

Omi plucked a leaf, stuffed it into his mouth, and quickly ate it.

However, there was no reaction at all.

“Strange, why is there no reaction when I eat this spirit grass again?”Omi was puzzled, otherwise, Omi could have stepped directly into the late stage of peak ascension.

: “Brother Chen, could it be an absorption problem?After all, it has already been eaten, in a short period of time, it can’t be absorbed repeatedly, otherwise, a leaf is eaten in ten times, each time has the same effect, wouldn’t that be invincible, there is no such good thing in the world.” Remember the website

“Yea, well then, the rest of the leaves will be divided among my family, one piece for my grandfather and two pieces for my great grandfather, of course.”

Omi divided the purple big leaf grass.

Omi immediately went to find his grandfather.

“Shang Hong, what is it.”

“Grandpa, are you still mad at me for the day I beat up Shang stubborn?”

“Oh, no, actually you hit well, that Shang stubborn should indeed be hit, it’s just that hitting him in public made Shang Mo unable to get off the stage, it’s good that you said later that you would give up the chance to pass, and the matter will be over for everyone.”

“Alright, grandpa, I’m not going to bullshit with you any more, did you eat this leaf?”

“Uh, what’s this?”

“Oh, don’t ask so many questions, just eat, by the way, can you take me to meet your great-grandfather.”

“Your great-grandfather doesn’t allow anyone to disturb him, but your great-grandfather has already heard about you, he said that he appreciates you so much that even if you give up the chance to pass on, your great-grandfather is just as likely to choose you.”Shang Jian said.

Omi said, “I won’t let him choose self-limitation, I have a great gift to give to your great grandfather, you eat this leaf first, then take me to him.”


Omi’s grandfather ate the leaf, shortly after he was shocked, but he didn’t say anything and immediately closed his eyes.

About ten minutes later, Shang Jian opened his eyes and said in surprise, “Shang Hong, what is this?Why does it work so wonders?I’ve just, surprisingly, comprehended the intent of the first stage of Return to Void twice, gosh.”

Omi smiled heedlessly, “Now that you know it’s good stuff, I won’t say what it is, I can only say that this thing, the probability of it appearing is a hundred times smaller than a hundred thousand year old earth blood mushroom, a thousand years is estimated that only one person will discover such a thing.”


It’s too precious, a hundred thousand year old Earth Blood Mushroom is of little use to someone of my level, but I never thought that this leaf you gave me would allow me to comprehend the intention of returning to the Void twice, and in such a short period of time.”

Omi asked, “Grandpa, then how far are you from the first stage of Return to Void now?”

“Two states of mind, now I’m confident that within ten years, I’ll be stepping into the Void, hahaha.”Shang Jian gave a loud laugh.

“Alright, let’s take me to find Grandpa Tai.”

Omi soon met his great-grandfather, a very, very old man who looked as if he would be in a coffin next moment.

“Xuan Sun Shang Hong, pay your respects to the great-grandfather.”

That great grandfather smiled, “You must be Shang Hong, I’ve heard your grandfather talk about you, not bad, you really are the hope of my Shang clan.”

“Thank you for the praise, Xuan Sun will definitely work hard.”

“Shang Hong, tell me, what is the reason you came to me, is it because of the matter of transmission, if it’s this matter, then don’t say anything, I have a plan in my heart, before Shang Cao, and some other people, all came to beg me because of this matter.”

Omi snorted, “These people, it’s really too much, isn’t that the same as begging you to commit suicide, to put it nicely, it’s self-limiting, to put it badly, it’s suicide, and then passing on your power to them, it’s too much.”

“Oh, Shang Hong, if I really can’t enter the Second Phase of Return to Void, self-limitation is better than death by great limitation, at least I can still pass on some of my power to my juniors.”

Omi took out two leaves and said, “Grandfather, Xuan Sun didn’t come to beg you to pass it on to me, Xuan Sun brought you something good.”

Shang Jian, who was beside him, looked at the leaves in Omi’s hand and swallowed his saliva, Omi seemed to have seen his grandfather’s thoughts and said, “Grandfather, it’s useless to eat more of this stuff, otherwise I would have eaten it all myself long ago.”

“Hehe, understand.”Shang Jian looked a little embarrassed.

“What is this?”Grandpa Tai said puzzled, because the leaf in Omi’s hand looked ordinary.

“Grandpa, eat it first, my grandfather just ate it and realized the intention of returning to the void twice.”

“Ah.”Grandpa Tai was shocked, and then he ate the two leaves.

In the next second, Grandfather Tai looked at Omi with incredulous eyes, at this moment, Grandfather Tai he felt that the pores on his body opened wide and countless auras of heaven and earth poured into his body.

Shang Yao closed his eyes, Omi and Shang Jian retreated to the side.

About fifteen minutes of waiting.

Shang Yao opened his eyes and laughed, “Good stuff, really good stuff.”If you look closely, you can see that Shang Yao’s eyes are wet, as if he is very excited or touched.

After all, as a person whose deadline had been reached and who had very reluctantly forced himself to choose suicide, how touching it was to suddenly receive such a great gift.

Shang Yao said, “I already feel hope, the second stage of Return to Void, I finally feel it, hahaha.”

“Congratulations dad.”

“Congratulations to grandfather.”

Omi and Shang Jian, both of them, were busy congratulating.

Shang Yao looked at Omi and said, “Shang Hong, you’re really my lucky star, you’re different from all those people Shang stubborn, they came to me to beg me to choose them from my own time limit, but you came to me to give me hope.”Shang Yao’s old eyes were wet, appearing very excited, looking at Omi, looking across the room, so cute.


“Oh, Grandpa Tai needn’t be so polite.”

“Good, good, good, this time Grandpa Tai is indebted to you for taking care of me.”

“Hehe, you’re welcome.”Omi smiled, of course Omi was happy to be able to pull his great grandfather back when he was on the brink of his great limit.

Shang Jian asked, “Dad, are you really ready to step into the second stage of Return to Void?”

Shang Yao said, “I guess it’s okay, I just felt a little bit of the meaning of the second stage of Returning Void, I’ll close the door for a while longer, if I haven’t stepped into the second stage of Returning Void after closing the door for a while, then it’s fate, and I’ve gone willingly, with no complaints.”

“Then we’ll leave you alone, and wish Grandpa Taiga success in stepping into the Second Stage of Returning Void.”

Omi and Shang Jian retreated.

Shang Yao immediately began to close the door.

In the blink of an eye, the time to go to negotiate an alliance with the Zoroastrian Fire Cult arrived.

Omi, as a genius of the Lonely Soul Organization, naturally had to go together, and among those who went together, there were more than a dozen of the most prominent geniuses selected by the Lonely Soul Organization, and Shang stubborn was naturally among them.

What Omi did not expect was that Little Grass was also among them. One second to remember to read the book

“Little Grass, long time no see.”Omi saw that Little Grass was very excited, it had been several years since the last time they parted in that imperial city.

“Little Grass sees His Highness Shang Hong.”Little Grass bowed.

“Little Grass, why are you so polite, it’s so good to see you again.”Omi looked on.

At this time, that Shang stubborn also saw Little Grass, and was suddenly shocked by Little Grass’ looks, Shang stubborn said in his heart; “I didn’t expect that my Lonely Soul Organization still has such a beautiful genius, I don’t know if she’s married or not, if she’s not married, then I will definitely want to find a way to marry her, she’s such a genius, the stronger the child she gives birth to with her, hahaha.”

Saying that, Shang stubbornly walked up and smiled, “Hello.”

“Uh, hello.”Little Grass said as she looked at Shang Stubborn in puzzlement.

Omi immediately saw what Shang Stubborn meant from his gaze, after all, Little Grass was so beautiful, he didn’t need to look to know.

Shang Stubborn asked, “Little Grass, may I ask if you’ve gotten married yet?”

“Back to Your Highness, I’m still unmarried.”

Shang Cao was excited inside and smiled, “Little Grass, what do you think of my prince?”


“Pah.”Just then, Omi didn’t even greet him, raising his palm and slapping Shang Stubborn away.

“Shang Hong, I’m not done with you.”Shang Stubborn was furious, Omi was also too arrogant to slap him away.

At that moment, Shang Mo and Shang Jian flew over and asked, “What are you guys doing?”

Shang Mo saw his grandson’s face, a clear finger mark, then some angry eyes Omi, Omi hit his grandson twice in a row, this is too infuriating.

Omi said, “Shang stubborn is relying on his prince’s identity to molest this genius code-named Little Grass, as you can see, this girl code-named Little Grass is very beautiful looking, but, it shouldn’t be molested, I couldn’t see it, so I slapped Shang stubborn.”

Shang Jian asked, “Codename Little Grass, Shang Cao he really laid a hand on you?”

Of course Little Grass helped Omi and nodded, “Your Highness Prince he, he touched my chest, fortunately, Your Highness Shang Hong saved me.”

Shang Cao’s nostrils were now smoking with anger: “You guys, you guys, you guys teamed up to mess with me.”


sp; Shang Mo roared, “Alright, this matter is done, stop making a scene and get ready to leave.”

After saying that, Shang Mo looked at Omi, I could tell that he didn’t like Omi anymore, or at least didn’t have any good feelings, even if his grandson did molest Little Grass, he shouldn’t hit his grandson.

Everyone set off, the leaders were Shang Mo and Shang Jian.

After almost a month of running around, Omi and the others arrived at a city.

Omi asked, “Grandpa, is this the place of the Zoroastrian Church?”

“No, how can we go to a Zoroastrian place, what if they do something to us, so this place is the Yuan Clan’s place, and the Zoroastrians are about the same distance from here as we are from here.”Shang Jian replied.


“When you see the Zoroastrians later, don’t panic and don’t talk nonsense, do what I tell you to do when I tell you to do it.”


Omi and the other geniuses, followed Shang Mo and Shang Stubborn to the gate of a large courtyard in the center of the city, a few days ago, the intelligence agent of the Lonely Soul Organization had confirmed the place with the Zoroastrians, so everyone could just come directly on this day.

Entering the large courtyard, inside was a large blue-colored stone slab cast into a flat area, right now, there were already dozens of people sitting there, the other side was also a dozen or so people, two of them were strong people who had reached peak completion, the rest, should be the geniuses of the Zoroastrian Fire Cult.

“Shang Mo, Shang Jian, you’ve finally come.”A very imposing helmsman of the Zoroastrian Fire Cult said with a smile.

Shang Mo said, “Liu Eyeballing, long time no see, I didn’t expect that you are sitting in the position of the head of the Zoroastrianism, I think the position of the vice head is coming soon.”

“Hahaha, of course, Shang Mo, I heard that you’re about to step into the Void.”

“Yes, very soon.”Shang Mo said without showing weakness.

The two of them just stared at each other for a while, and then the head of the Zoroastrian Sect, Liu Eyeballing, smiled, “Please sit down, there’s no need to be polite, this isn’t my place either.”

Shang Mo and Shang Jian led Omi and the others and sat down on the chairs.

Shang Jian asked, “Liu eyeballing, this time Zoroastrianism and Lonely Soul organization alliance, together against Yuan, how do you plan to alliance?Let’s cut to the chase.”

“Hahaha.”That chief helmsman laughed and said, “You won’t have forgotten that we lost a helmsman in the Imperial City because of you, right? and now you don’t even mention this matter, not seeing any apologies from you at all.”

Shang Mo said, “Liu Eyeballing, all these years, has your Zoroastrianism not been missing our Lonely Soul Organization?This is just a grudge between the two sides, what each side has to lose is just the strength of their respective strengths, apologies are impossible, if you want to cooperate, then cooperate, and if you want to continue the fight, we will accompany you to the end.I’m sure you have felt our strength, although we are not as numerous as you, but we are no less talented than you.”

“Really? Then I’d like to see what genius you have.If you guys want to work with us, and also at least to, you do have the qualifications to work with us, my Zoroastrianism has brought over a dozen of the most prominent geniuses, so which one you want to challenge with, it’s up to you guys to choose.”

“Of course.”

“Then which one of you will go first.”

“Me.”At this moment, Shang Stubborn immediately shouted.

Shang Mo looked at Shang Stubborn, then said, “Shang Stubborn, be careful, don’t be careless.”

Shang stubborn snorted, “Don’t worry, I’ll let them know how powerful I am, my lone soul organization, how can they underestimate it.”


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