King of kings 1381-1385

Chapter 1381

Shang Cao leapt out and flew out, standing in the middle of the level ground.

Shang stubborn took a glance at Little Grass and said in his heart, “Little Grass, the last time you and Shang Hong teamed up to frame me, I’ll forget about it and consider you blind, after all, I’m really not as handsome as Shang Hong, this time, I’ll let you see how powerful I am and let you know that being handsome is useless.”

The Chief Helmsman of the Zoroastrian Fire Cult looked at Shang Stubborn and smiled, “Not bad, you have courage, I hope your strength will be as good as your courage.”After saying that, the Chief Helmsman of the Zoroastrian Fire Cult said to a man behind him, “Cao Xiong, you go.”


That man, Cao Xiong, leapt, flipped over and flew out, standing a few meters in front of Shang Stubborn’s body.

That chief helmsman said, “This Cao Xiong, in my Zoroastrian Fire Sect, among all the mid peak geniuses, is only ranked fifth, that who, be careful.”

After saying that, that Cao Xiong’s gaze was cold, as if he had received an order to kill Shang Cao.

“Hmph.”Shang Stubborn snorted and killed the other party as well.

“Swoosh.”Cao Xiong’s series of sword shadows flashed, as if he had ghost-like body steps.

Shang Gou’s eyebrows furrowed, this Cao Xiong’s strength was beyond his imagination.

Shang stubbornly shouted, “Source of Ten Thousand Laws.” Premiere URL

“Pah-pah.”At that moment, Cao Xiong suddenly changed his sword shadow and switched to another fight.

Shang Cao’s sword suddenly came out of his hand.

“Ah.”Shang Cao was stupid, this Cao Xiong was too powerful, even if he took out his strongest sword move, the Source of Ten Thousand Laws, he was still unbeatable.

“Bang.”In the next second, Shang Cao’s entire body flew out.

Everyone thought that the sparring was over, but what they didn’t expect was that Cao Xiong didn’t stop, seeing that Shang Niu was losing he still killed up.

“Pfft.”Cao Xiong passed a sword through Shang Niu’s thigh.

“Ah.”Shang Cao shouted, blood flowing like a spring.

That Cao Xiong just stopped.

Shang Mo roared, “Liu Eyed, what do you mean?Why is it that my people have already lost, but your people still won’t stop and have to cripple his leg.”

Shang Jian also felt angry at the moment.

Of course, although Omi was not at all emotional and stubborn, on the side of the Lonely Soul Organization, Omi also felt anger at the actions of the Zoroastrian Fire Cult, which was not putting the Lonely Soul Organization in his eyes.

The head leader of the Zoroastrianism smiled, “Everyone, don’t be so nervous, swords are eyeless, this is something everyone knows.”

“Hmph, swords have no eyes?Is this eyeless?”Shang Mo was furious.

“Ah.”Shang Mo held his leg and yelled, his leg, which was already useless, even if it was healed in the future, it would still not be able to compare to the original, in short, it would definitely have an effect.

The head of the Zoroastrian Fire Cult snorted, “What?Are you going to fight me over this?This is already a case of your people not being useful and not as skilled as others, it’s not bad if you didn’t kill him, what else do you want.”

Shang Mo blushed red.

Shang Jian was busy advising, “Brother, it’s not appropriate to get angry, put out the fire first.”

“Hahaha.”Zoroastrian Liu Eyeballing laughed loudly and said, “Next, Kang Ping, you’re on, right, this Kang Ping of mine, in all my Zoroastrian middle peak, is only slightly stronger than Cao Xiong, you guys have to be careful oh, the next game, there will still be a sword without eyes.Of course, you guys can give up.”

Shang Mo looked at the few people behind him, and was about to call Omi out when he said, “I’ll do it.”

After saying that, Xiao Cao flew out and valiantly drew his sword.

That Kang Ping on the other side hehehe smile: “Beauty, not bad looking, come, let brother kiss one.”

“Humph, son of a bitch.”Xiao Cao ton drew his sword and killed.

“Pah.”A few seconds later, Little Grass was suddenly slapped on the ass.

“Ah.”Little Grass screamed, this Kang Ping was strong, much stronger than Cao Xiong just now.

“Hahaha, pretty girl, your ass is quite flexible, it feels good oh.”That Kang Ping said with a cheap smile on his face.

“You.”Little Grass was furious.

At this moment, Omi was also furious, for some reason, the moment Little Grass was molested and spanked by that person, Omi was very hot inside, and had the urge to kill that person.

“Die.”Omi stared at that Kang Ping, inwardly, Omi must kill him.

“Pah.”At that moment, Little Grass was slapped again by that Kang Ping, on the buttocks of course.

“Hahaha.”The group of Zoroastrians laughed.

Little Grass was angry and furious, but it was needless to say that the other party’s strength was already so strong that in the middle of a tournament, they would all still be spanked, and it was already clear who was stronger and who was weaker.

On this side of the Lonely Soul Organization, everyone felt disappointed, especially Shang Mo and Shang Jian.

Just now Shang Cao was crippled by the other party, and now Little Grass was also molested by the other party, receiving two spankings in a row, what an insult to the Lonely Soul Organization.

“I’m going to kill you.”Little Grass was furious, she hadn’t had any man touch her since she was born, but now she was being spanked, she was furious, and, Little Grass thought that Omi was watching right next to her, she was even more depressed inside, she seemed to be afraid of being minded by Omi or something.

Shang Mo shouted, “Little Grass, come back.”

Little Cao didn’t rush up again, Shang Mo told her to come back for a reason, because Little Cao wasn’t an opponent at all and would only humiliate herself again.

Little Grass walked back in depression.

The head master of the Zoroastrian Fire Cult said, “Shang Mo, how’s it going?My Zoroastrian geniuses are okay, and Cao Xiong and Kang Ping, who just made a move, aren’t the strongest geniuses of the Zoroastrians.Unfortunately, even if they weren’t the strongest geniuses, they were able to finish off your people, tsk tsk, I really don’t know what kind of guts your lonely soul organization has to make an alliance with us.”The Razor Fire Cult’s Liu Eyeballing looked like he was very proud of himself.

Shang Mo turned back to Omi and said, “You’re on.”

“Yes.”Omi leapt and flew out.

The Zoroastrian Headmaster turned back and asked, “This one, which one of you is willing to go on.”

The one just now, Kang Ping, said, “It’s better for me.”


After saying that, that Kang Ping flew out and stood a few meters in front of Omi.

Omi’s gaze was cold, holding a sword in his hand, not drawing it out and staring at Kang Ping.

That Kang Ping chuckled, “I’m also interested in men, oh.”After saying that, Kang Ping also licked his tongue at Omi in disgust.

The people on the Zoroastrian side laughed, it would be fun if Kang Ping also spanked and flirted with Omi, so they were all looking forward to it.

“Do it.”

Before the words were finished, that Kang Pington touched to Omi’s ass.

“Shoo.”Omi drew his sword, and a flash of lightning was all that was left, too fast.

Kang Ping’s hand had only reached out for less than a meter, and suddenly, his movements stalled there, his entire body motionless.

“Kang Ping, how are you?”One of the Zoroastrians asked.

At that moment, Kanpei’s body started to crack from the top of his head.

“Wow.”Kang Ping’s body, which had split in half, fell to one side each, and his internal organs slid right down to the ground.


“Ah.”Stunned, stunned.

Everyone in the Zoroastrian Fire Cult was stunned there.

Of course, on the Lonely Soul Organization’s side, everyone was also stupid.

Because, everyone didn’t expect Omi to be so strong, after all, this was the first time Omi had shown his strength in front of the Lonely Soul Organization, and even that little grass, it was the first time he had seen Omi’s strength.

Gosh, so strong, that Kang Ping was simply unbeatable, and he tried to molest Omi like Little Grass, and even went to touch Omi’s buttocks lightly, as a result, Omi clattered his sword and split him into two pieces in the blink of an eye.

The scene was stunned for a while before that Zoroastrian head honcho roared, “How dare you kill someone from my Zoroastrian sect.”

Omi snorted, “The strength is too poor, you deserve it.”


Shang Mo was busy saying, “Liu Eyeballing, don’t get angry yet, as you can see, my people are too strong, while your people are too weak, and they’re also light-hearted, that’s the key ah, so it’s inevitable that there will be deaths, well.”

“Good, good.”Liu eyed the cold gaze and roared to one of the men behind him, “Zhang Bajin, give it to me, you know what to do.”

“Yes.”The man called Zhang Baikin bit his teeth and flew out. Remember the URL

This Zhang Baikin, was the strongest genius in his class on the Zoroastrian side, Liu eyeballed anger, so he let Zhang Baikin take action with only one purpose, to kill Omi, and then he could also say that his strength was too poor.

Zhang Baikin stared at Omi and said, “Martial skills are good, let me learn from you.”

Omi said, “I’m afraid you can’t learn it.”

“Arrogant.”Zhang Baikin snorted, seemingly full of confidence in himself.

Omi looked at the head of the Zoroastrian Sect and said, “The sword is eyeless, I’m afraid of hurting your people again, so let all the geniuses of your Zoroastrian Sect come together to avoid another death.”

“You.”The chief helmsman of the Zoroastrian Fire Cult was furious at Omi’s arrogance, Zhang Bajin he all thought it was enough, but he didn’t expect Omi to say all together, was this a death wish.

That Zhang Baikin was also furious, his reputation in Zoroastrianism, was very great because he was very talented, but he didn’t expect that he would be humiliated here today.

Zhang Baikin roared, “No need, I’m enough alone.”

Before Zhang Baikin could finish a sentence, he found a pain in his throat and a sword tip stabbed at his throat, it was Omi.

“Ah.”Zhang Baikin was stupid, this, this was too embarrassing.

Omi snorted, “Speak, speak on, you’re enough alone, aren’t you?”

“I, I, I.”At this moment, Zhang Baikin had nothing to say, yes, he wanted to angrily say that it was enough for him to deal with Omi alone, but he didn’t expect that before he even finished the sentence, Omi’s sword stabbed into his throat for half a minute, how could he say the rest of the words.

“I’ll go.”Everyone on this side of the Lonely Soul Organization was stunned, as if they were reacquainted with Omi.

“My goodness, this His Highness Shang Hong, is also, also too perverted, oh my god, what a surprise.”

Little Grass looked at Omi, so handsome and dashing in his posture, feeling handsome, she only discovered today that the one codenamed Bull Head, was actually so strong, she used to think that she was also strong, but today she realized that compared to Bull Head, it was far from it.

Right now, even Shang Cao had nothing to say, although his mouth didn’t admit it, but inside it seemed like he was about to worship.

Of course, the head helmsman of the Zoroastrian Fire Cult was also sweating a virtual sweat in shock.

After hesitating for a moment, Liu Eyeballing said, “All of you go out and slaughter him.”


Suddenly, more than a dozen geniuses of the Zoroastrian Fire Cult flew out at the same time, including several mid peak ascensions and early peak ascensions.


p; Omi was alone, facing off against more than a dozen people on the other side.

Omi looked at Liu Eyeballing and said, “That late peak-denial one behind you, you can have him along as well.”

“You.”The headmaster of the Zoroastrian Fire Cult was furious.

Shang Jian was busy saying, “Shang Hong, don’t make nonsense.”

“Hmph.”Omi snorted.

“Kill.”More than a dozen people from the other side came up to kill at once.


Omi opened Life Blood Hidden, after all, the other party was besieging, Omi was confident, but still, Omi still wanted a quick solution, Omi opened Life Blood Hidden at the moment, even if the other party was up at the late peak of the peak, Omi was not afraid.




In a second, Omi picked off seven or eight of the opponent’s early peak-denying ones, knocking over these early ones first before dealing with those mid peak-denying ones.

“Indestructible Light.”

“Click-click-click-click.”When Omi’s sword came out, all the swords in the hands of the other four or five mid-Peak Deng’s strongest men broke.

Because Omi’s sword technique was no longer just brilliant, to the point where they couldn’t distinguish their positions at all, Omi’s sword technique incorporated a sense of space, just this, the entire continent, I’m afraid there was no second person, in terms of sword attainments, Omi even surpassed GuiXu, Omi was just short of the realm.At the moment, we were all at the same mid-deng peak, any more joint efforts would be useless to Omi, spike.This was the reason why Omi dared to let that late peak ascension of the Zoroastrians go together.

“One sword for eternal sleep.”




Omi’s move went out, and all of a sudden, the opposing party, those mid peak peak, felt a shadow flash before their eyes, unable to dodge or resist, they only felt pain in their eyes.

Blood blazed out from their eyes.

They all fell to the ground.

Their eyes were all blinded by Omi’s sword.

The moment they fell to the ground, the sword in Omi’s hand was thrown into its sheath with a loud bang.

The victory was so perfect.

“Ah, my eyes.”

“My eyes are blind.”

“He pierced our eyes.”

A few of the opposing party’s mid-dengfeng strengths rolled on the ground, covering the eye area with blood all over their faces, including the one called Cao Xiong from before.

“Ah.”The headmaster of the Rimfire Cult, his entire body stayed there, and at this moment, he finally understood why Omi had just dared to say that he would let the late peak-denying ones beside him come along, so he was really strong enough to compete with the late peak-denying ones ah.

Fire Ridiculing Liu eyed Omi, suddenly feeling that this person, was so terrifying.

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that, but I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that, so I’m going to be able to do that.

Liu eyeballing a deep breath and said, “What a good kung fu, I’m sure, the last time my Zoroastrianism lost so much in the Imperial City, it was you who did it.”

Omi did not deny it and nodded, “Of course, now, do you want an alliance?I’ll only give you one chance, no alliance today, you won’t be given another chance to ally with me in the future.”

“Hahaha, so arrogant, really arrogant, but you do have arrogant capital.With this strength of yours, I’ll represent the Zoroastrian Fire Cult and make an alliance with you today.”Liu Eyeballing felt helpless inside, his people, who had been wounded like this by Omi, yet he still had to choose an alliance, because, he didn’t seem to doubt Omi’s harsh words.


The Lonely Soul Organization and the Zoroastrian Fire Cult, officially made an alliance, both sides signed a letter of agreement that there would be no more conflict for at least a hundred years, and that both sides would work together to deal with the Yuan.

“Alright, now that the alliance has been made, it’s time for us to discuss each other’s next move.”Zoroastrian Liu Eyeballing said.

“What do you Zoroastrians suggest?”

“Oh, truth be told, our Zoroastrianism is recently planning to establish an empire, so I hope that you, the Lonely Soul Organization, will also establish an empire together, and we’ll split the world three ways with the Yuan Clan.”

“Three-way split with Yuan?”

“Right, overthrowing the Yuan Clan isn’t that easy, instead, we might as well split up the territory of the Great Martial Empire and set up a new empire, together we can definitely split the world with the Yuan Clan in three parts.Of course, this matter, if you Lone Soul Organization doesn’t do it together, it will be difficult for us Zoroastrians to succeed, we can only succeed if we do it together.”

Shang Mo asked, “How do you plan to divide the territory with the Yuan’s?”

“Hehe, of course it’s a forced takeover, Great Martial Empire, more than three hundred cities in total, my Zoroastrianism is ready to take more than a hundred cities around us and forcefully occupy them as its own.You, the Lonely Soul Organization, can also take more than a hundred cities around your base for yourself, so that we, the Zoroastrian Fire Cult, the Great Martial Empire, and the Lonely Soul Organization, will almost divide the world equally.”

“The Great Martial Empire will not tolerate territorial division.”

“What can we do if we don’t tolerate it, now that Emperor Yuan Penny is 220 years old, the day of his big day is just a few years away, the day of his big day will be the day we split, I expect your Lonely Soul Organization to be ready.”

“But what if Yuan Penny steps into the Third Stage of Return to Void?” One second to remember to read the book

“Hahaha, Homecoming III?It’s been over a thousand years since anyone has stepped into the Third Stage of Return to Void, do you believe that Yuan Penny will be the first to step into the Third Stage of Return to Void in these thousand years?”

“Well, allow me to go back and think about it.”

“I hope it won’t be too long to reply to us, goodbye.”

The Zoroastrians left.

The people from the Lonely Soul group also left.

“Grandpa, I think the Zoroastrianism’s advice is good, don’t try to swallow a lion in one bite first, set up a small country first, and when you finally have the strength, then swallow Yuan, or even the Zoroastrianism.”

“But, our goal is to overthrow Yuan and then return to the Great Martial Empire, not to re-establish an empire ah.The Great Martial Empire, after all, was established by our ancestors back then ah.”Shang Jian said.

“Grandpa, the Great Martial Empire is already feuding with us, even if we overthrow the Yuan Clan and return to the Great Martial Empire, what’s the point, I think it’s better to establish a new country, regardless of whether it’s split or not.”

“But, the only family with potential in the Lonely Soul Organization right now is the Shang clan, only our clan, even if we set up a new empire, we won’t be able to inherit it for several generations, there must be several equally powerful vice-national clans to be able to hold up an empire.”

Omi said, “Then go and pull the Great Martial Empire, several other vice-nations over, or, go deeper into the alliance with the Zoroastrians.”

“I’ll have to go back and discuss this with your great grandfather before deciding.

Omi also stopped talking nonsense and went all the way back to the Lonely Soul Organization.

I don’t know if Grandfather Tai had stepped into the Second Stage of Return to Void.

At the moment, Omi’s great-grandfather was still in seclusion, and no one was allowed to disturb him.

In the blink of an eye, another half a year had passed.

During these half a year, Omi would make a trip to Tianmang Mountain every month, but unfortunately, Omi never found the third spirit grass again.

Omi was disappointed, but it was understandable, this kind of thing, not even one person could get it in a thousand years!

To, Omi had already picked it twice.

Perhaps, it would already be a thousand years before someone picked it again.

Omi was still one intention away from stepping into the late stage of peak ascension, so he could only rely on himself to comprehend it.

Half a year later, Omi’s great grandfather finally left the gate.

“Hahaha, hahaha.”Omi’s great-grandfather laughed.

“Congratulations to Dad for stepping into the second stage of Return to Void.”Shang Jian and Shang Mo, the two of them, panicked and bowed.

Yes, Omi’s great-grandfather, stepped into the Second Stage of Return to Void.

At this moment, in Omi’s home.

Omi suddenly comprehended the meaning of the late tenth ascension stage.

Omi was overjoyed, he was finally about to step into the late stage of peak ascension.

A few hours later, Omi had completely stepped into the late peak ascension stage.

“Haha, late peak ascension, I’m here.”Omi smiled.

Omi was only sixty-three years old and had stepped into the Late Peak Ascension, and looking at the entire history of the Great Martial Empire, one might not be able to find ten such young Late Peak Ascensions.

“Your Highness Shang Hong, your great-grandfather has asked you to go there.”

“Uh, has Grandfather Taejo he left the gate?”


Omi walked out of the house and saw old man Chen Xiang outside.

Omi immediately rushed to the place where Great Grandfather’s retreat was.

“Meet Grandfather Great Grandfather.”Omi paid his respects.

When Omi arrived, Shang Stubborn was there, as well as Shang Mo and Shang Jian.

Omi knew by looking at Grandpa’s sprightly appearance that Grandpa must have stepped into the Second Phase of Return to Void.

“Congratulations to Grandfather Tai, stepping into the Second Stage of Returning Void.”Omi congratulated.

“Hahaha, Shang Hong, I was able to step into the Second Stage of Returning Void all because of your bestowal, if it wasn’t for the spirit grass you gave me, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to step into the Second Stage of Returning Void.”Shang Yao said laughingly.

At this moment, Shang stubborn but seemed to be a little lost, grandfather stepped into the second stage of the Returned Void, which showed that passing on would be hopeless.

Shang Yao saw Shang stubborn’s lost face, a little unhappy grunted, “Shang stubborn, I stepped into the second stage of Returning Void, why do you look unhappy?Is it thought that the opportunity to pass on is gone?”

“Ah, Grandpa, I didn’t mean that.”Shang Crouch was busy sophistry.

“Hmph, Shang Stubborn, you’ve disappointed me.You go out.”

“Great Grandfather, I.”

“Get out.”

In the next second, Shang Stubborn was blasted out by Grandpa Tai, and he still argued no, it was ridiculous.

Shang Yao looked at Omi and said, “Shang Hong, although I stepped into the second stage of Return to Void, but, it only means that I have increased my life span by twenty years, after twenty years, I still want a big limit.”

Omi sighed, “Great Grandfather, why is it so difficult to step into the Second Stage of Return to Void, but it only increases my lifespan by twenty years?This payoff is completely disproportionate to the reward, ah.”

“Oh, Shang Hong, you have to remember that the sooner you climb up the realm, the better chance you’ll have of hitting the Returned Void Stage 3 or even Stage 4 in the future.Your great grandfather, I, only stepped into the Returned Void Stage 1 at the age of 150, although in the entire world, it’s not too late, and is still considered to be quite forward, but in terms of martial dao, it’s on the late side.By the way, you are now in the late stage of peak ascension?”

“Yeah, just stepped into the late Dengfeng.”Omi said.

Shang Mo and Shang Jian, who were only able to focus on Omi, were surprised to discover that Omi had somehow stepped into the late peak-denial stage.


“Oh my god, Shang Hong, you, how did you suddenly get to the late peak?”Shang Mo was incredulous.

“Hehe.”Omi just smiled.

Grandpa asked, “Shang Hong, how old are you?”

“Back to grandfather, I’m 63, no, soon I’ll be 64.”

“Tsk, 64, reaching the late peak, Shang Hong, you’re one of the three most talented people in my Shang clan, thousands of years, ah.”

“Uh, who are the other two?”

“The first one is the trademark of our family’s master teacher, who established the Great Martial Empire.”

“Trademark.”Omi almost laughed inside.

“The second, is that fifteen hundred years ago, our Shang clan, a woman called ‘Shang Jun’, according to history, only the three of you were able to step into the late peak of the peak before the age of 64.Shang Hong, I have full confidence in you, and I hope that in the future, you can surpass Trademark Master Ancestor, as well as Shang Jun Ancestor.”

“Oh, Grandpa, Trademark Master Ancestor and Shang Stubborn Ancestor, what level did they finally reach?”Omi asked.

“Returning to the fourth stage of emptiness, he lived until he was over 260 years old before he died at his great age.” First published at

“Uh, it’s only the Fourth Stage of Return to Void ah.”Omi was a little disappointed, does this mean that Omi will be returning to the fourth stage of Void in the future?

“Oh, looking at the entire world, throughout the ages, those who can reach the Fourth Stage of Returning Void are very, very few, and only one can appear in a thousand years.”

Omi asked, “What about the Returning Void Stage 5?”

“I don’t know, according to historical records, the Returning Void Stage 5, someone reached it last ten thousand years ago, however, the specific information has been lost.The Fifth Stage of Returning Void, this is no longer something that ordinary people can reach.”

“What about after the Returned Void stage?”

“I don’t know, no one knows if there is an even stronger level of the realm after the Returned Void Stage 5, after all, someone only reached it ten thousand years ago, that information has long been lost, no one knows at all, maybe there is still a Returned Void Stage 6, maybe there is still a Returned Void Stage 7, who knows, anyway, these levels are no longer something we can dream of.In our entire world, the highest is only at this level of four or five stages, this may be the human race.”

Omi said inwardly, “I must surpass the Returning Void stage five, I don’t care if it’s a race restriction, I must know if there is a Returning Void stage six after stage five, or, other higher martial realms.”

Omi was filled with fighting spirit within.

“Shang Hong, when I am self-limited in twenty years, I will choose you to pass on.”Shang Yao said.

“Ah.”Hearing this, Shang Mo and Shang Jian were stunned.

“Grandpa, this.”

“Oh, I’ve already decided, alright, I should go out for a walk.Go and meet with the old emperor of the Yuan clan, and let the world know that I, Shang Yao, have stepped into the second stage of Return to Void.”Shang Yao stood up.

Omi knew that Grandpa was going out to pretend to compare, but also, it was hard to step into the Second Phase of Returning Void, how could I live up to that payment if I didn’t go out to pretend to compare.

At this time, Shang Yao said, “Shang Hong, let’s go, you also come with me.”

“Ah, grandfather, this.”

“Ah what ah, I’ll take you to the imperial city, meet some old friends, and also let you broaden your horizons.”

“Okay, thank you, Grandpa Tai.”

“Let’s go.”Shang Yao took Omi with him and flew away through a hole.

Shang Mo and Shang Jian watched with envy, how they wished that they could take them to awe.

After all, in the entire Great Martial Empire, the only two people who stepped into the second stage of Return to Void were currently alive, one was Emperor Yuan Penny of the Yuan Clan, and then there was Shang Yao.

Who would dare to provoke Shang Yao with this outing?It’s so awesome, but unfortunately, only Omi can enjoy this awesome nourishment!


Shang Mo grumbled, “Dad is too biased, we are his son, he doesn’t take us there but Shang Hong does, doesn’t his son have any Xuan Sun relatives?”

Shang Jian smiled, “Big brother, don’t complain, our father was able to step into the second stage of Returning Void all because Shang Hong helped him, Shang Hong picked an extraordinary spirit grass from somewhere and offered it to our father, and our father was able to step into the second stage of Returning Void.”

“What kind of Spiritual Grass did Shang Hong pick?”

“I don’t know, anyway, the effect surpasses the 100,000 year old Earth Blood Mushroom several times.”

Shang Mo sourly said, “He’s really lucky.”


At this moment, in the sky.

Omi and Shang Yao were sitting on the back of a fire beast, which was Shang Yao’s.

Omi asked, “Grandpa, why are you going to the Imperial City?”

“Why don’t you go to the Imperial City, I’m going to look for Yuan Penny and let everyone know by the way that I’ve stepped into the Second Phase of Return to Void.”

“Uh.”Omi said in his heart, he really was going to pretend to compare.

Omi smiled heedlessly, he could also take advantage of his great grandfather’s might and play a show in the imperial city.

More than a month later, Omi and Shang Yao arrived at the Imperial City of the Great Martial Empire.

“Stop.”When they flew to the gate of the imperial city, a group of guards hadn’t gotten their bearings and immediately stopped the way, and their tone was a bit arrogant.

“Wow.”Shang Yao waved his hand.


“Ahhhh.”The group of guards were immediately blown to bits, and even the walls collapsed.

“Shang Hong, go.”

“Hehe.”Omi smiled, Grandpa was so strong, he directly blew the city walls to waste, and the guards were killed without blinking an eye.

After flying into the imperial city.

Shang Yao shouted, “Yuan Penny, get out.”

“Yuan Penny, get out.”

At this moment, in the underground of the imperial palace, a pale and disfigured old man changed his face.

This old man was the strongest member of the Yuan Clan, the current emperor, Yuan Penny.

Yuan Penny stood up and sighed, “I didn’t expect that he would finally step into the Second Stage of Returning Void.”

After saying that, Yuan Penny flew out of the ground.

In the sky, Shang Yao said to Omi, “Shang Hong, after I battle with Yuan Penny later, the entire imperial city will know that I am the second stage of Return to Void, and no one will dare to touch you, you can go to Yuan’s palace to have some fun and stimulate Yuan Penny along the way.”

“Uh, Grandfather Tai, Xuan Sun has always been rather pure, I don’t quite understand what Grandfather Tai means.”

“Oh, you understand.”Shang Yao smiled.


“Alright, just go to the Yuan’s palace and play with all their women.”


“Men are big men, what are you afraid of, now that I’m the second stage of Returning Void, it’s okay for you to play with crippling them, but don’t kill them, lest they jump over the wall in a hurry, and the mountains and rivers take turns, it’s finally our turn.”Shang Yao smiled.


“Alright, Yuan Penny is out.”

Sure enough, a pale old man flew out.

“I thought who is it, it’s Shang Yao.”

“Hmph, Yuan Penny, long time no see.”

“Yes, it’s been a long time, I didn’t expect that you’ve finally stepped into the Second Stage of Return to Void.”

“Yuan Penny, back then, you exterminated countless members of my Shang clan, today, I stepped into the Returning Void Stage 2 and came to seek revenge on you.”


“Hahaha, Shang Yao, you’re in too much of a hurry, you’ve only just stepped into the Second Stage of Returning Void, you may not be my opponent.”

“Yeah, let’s give it a try then, do it.”

At this moment, on the ground, everyone was looking at the sky.

The other four great vice-national clans of the Great Martial Empire also looked at the sky and said incredulously, “Shang Yao, he really stepped into the Returned Void Stage 2.”

The ten protectors of the Yuan Clan were all in the Homing Void Stage One, these ten Homing Void Stage One, eight of them were the strongest people of those four major vice-national clans, the other two were from the Yuan Clan, right now they were complicated, after all, Homing Void Stage Two wasn’t so easy, but Shang Yao was finally stepping into Homing Void Stage Two, already not on the same level as them.

Their Returned Void Phase One was simply fish meat to be slaughtered by him in front of Phase Two.

In the sky, Yuan Penny and Shang Yao were facing each other.

Omi was standing behind Shang Yao.

At this time, Shang Yao said to Omi, “Shang Hong, go down and play with you, play with all the women in Yuan’s palace, whoever dares to say a no, or obstruct you in the slightest, I’ll let him die without a burial.”

“Yes.”Omi nodded, at this moment if Omi was still squirming, then he was deliberately confronting Grandpa, Grandpa had asked Omi to go down and play with the women of Yuan’s palace in front of Yuan Penny, this was hitting Yuan Penny in the face, Omi couldn’t say no, he had to go.Omi had no choice, Omi had no choice but to cooperate with Great Grandpa for once.

As expected, that Yuan Penny’s face twitched, wanting to say something, but didn’t, because it was useless to say anything, Shang Yao was already at the second stage of Return to Void, even if he defeated Shang Yao, with Shang Yao still having twenty years to live, it would be enough to make him scrupulous. Remember the URL

Omi rushed straight down to the Yuan’s palace.

Omi immediately saw a beautiful woman in the palace, and by the way she was dressed, it was a princess.

Omi directly grabbed that princess.

“Ah.”That princess screamed.

Omi tore off her clothes in public.


However, no one dared to go up to help that princess, the group of guards, all stood and didn’t dare to move.Firstly, Shang Yao had just said that whoever dared to say no, let him die without a funeral, and secondly, at this moment, everyone in the entire palace felt a pressure that oppressed them to not dare to raise any resistance.

“Hahaha, hahaha.”Omi looked at that princess and laughed, Omi carried that princess up and flew into the nearest palace.

In the sky, Yuan Penny’s eyelids had been pulsing, and he and Shang Yao, still still facing each other, were using invisible momentum to test each other.

After all, the war between the two Returning Void Second Stage was extraordinary, and no one dared to act rashly.

Shang Yao snorted, “How about it, Yuan Penny, seeing that my Xuan Sun is defiling your Yuan Clan Princess, are you angry, and you still won’t do anything.”

“Don’t look for death.”

“Yes, to seek death, I’m afraid that you don’t have the ability to let me die, now that the fate of your entire clan is in my hands, how many more years do you think you can live?”

Gen Penny’s face twisted.

At one of the palaces on the ground, Don sighed and looked at the struggling woman beneath him, saying inwardly, “Sorry, I had to do it.”

“Ah.”In the next second, there was a scream from that princess, this princess was Princess Xuan, only in her twenties, and still a complete woman.

Outside the palace, many of the strongest members of the Yuan Clan were filled with rage, a few of them wanted to rush in, but a late peak-degree one pulled back



“But, then my sister.”

“If you move, Shang Yao will kill you, he’s already stepped into the second stage of Return to the Void, only the Sovereign can control him now, and the Sovereign hasn’t even moved yet, which means that the situation is very critical and not good for the Sovereign, so don’t add to the mess.”

“But my sister he, is being demonic, woohoo.”

“Where so what, the weak flesh and fish, compared to the slaughter of Shang back then, this is already light.”

In the palace, the screams of that Princess Xuan kept coming out, but not for long, suddenly, a scantily clad woman was thrown out, it was that Princess Xuan.

Omi flew out with a laugh.

“Oooh.”That Princess Xuan fell to the ground weeping.

Omi didn’t even look at that Princess Xuan, although Omi felt sorrow for the innocent Princess Xuan inside, but, family hatred is like that, Omi was just following the orders of his great grandfather, at this time Omi couldn’t not do anything to stimulate Yuan Penny.

Omi stood on a tall building, and then flew towards a very noble woman in the distance, the woman, it seems to be an empress, the age of 100 years old, appearance and Omi’s mother, although 100 years old, but not obvious old, charm is still present.

Omi flew towards her.

Of course Omi didn’t want to touch this kind of person in his heart, but Omi had to look for noble ones, the more noble, the more weighty, otherwise some minor characters, that Yuan Penny didn’t care.

Omi laughed out loud, grabbed that empress and dragged her into the palace.

However, Omi wasn’t so heavy-handed, he just tore that queen’s clothes and then beat her up, the people outside thought that Omi had made her that way, in fact no, just let everyone think.

“Ooooh, Mother.”A prince cried and knelt outside.

None of Yuan’s ten protectors dared to move because they had already reached the first stage of Return to Void before they would not seek death at this time.

Omi beat the Empress to a pulp and then threw her out, everyone thought the Empress was defiled like this by Omi and cried, “Beast, beast.”

Omi flew out of the palace, licked his lips, laughed hehehe, and deliberately raised his trouser belt.

Then, Omi flew to another, very beautiful looking royal consort and pulled that royal consort into the palace.

This imperial consort was younger than Omi, so, Omi was rude.

Just like that, Omi was at Yuan’s palace, playing around.

However, there were people who resisted.

“Seeking death.”A strong man from the late Dengfeng stage killed Omi.

“Swoosh.”As soon as his body moved, he was killed by invisible air arrows that flew from the sky.

In the sky, Shang Yao looked at Yuan Penny and snorted contemptuously at the corners of his mouth.

Yuan Penny hadn’t made a move, it wasn’t that he didn’t, but it was useless for him to do so, besides, his time was coming, and he still wanted to live for another year and a half.Compared to this, being defiled with a few women was nothing.

Omi saw that it was almost time and flew back into the sky.

Shang Yao asked, “My good Xuan Sun, how was the game?”

“Well, good, especially that queen, don’t look at her old.”

“Hahaha, hahaha.”Shang Yao laughed, looked at Yuan Penny and said, “What, you’re not going to do it yet?You’re afraid that once you do it, you’ll have an early deadline, hahaha, hahaha.”


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