King of kings 1386-1390


Yuan Penny’s face was twisted, but inside, he was helpless.

“Shang Yao, what exactly do you want?”


Yuan Penny said, “Shang Yao, you’re just showing off your momentary power now, you’ve stepped into the Second Phase of Return to Void, and with your current age, you’ll only be able to live for another twenty years, after twenty years, you’ll see your Shang Clan descendants again, so I advise you not to be arrogant, or else it will be your turn in twenty years.”

“Really? Then I’ll at least wait until I’ve settled your Yuan Clan first.”

Yuan Penny didn’t speak again.

Omi was curious as to why the two of them, neither of them made the first move.It was just a standoff in the air for so long.

“Shang Hong, let’s go first.”

“Yes, grandfather.”Omi followed Shang Yao and flew away.

After flying out of the imperial city, Omi asked, “Grandpa, why didn’t you all do anything?”

Shang Yao said, “I didn’t think that this Yuan Penny really had some strength, I wasn’t sure of anything, once I made the first move, I would be able to gain insight into the opponent’s advance, and once I found my Achilles’ heel, I could be seriously injured, which would be very disadvantageous to me, so I didn’t dare to make the first move.Likewise, Yuan Penny didn’t dare, he definitely didn’t have much confidence in me either, if he made the first move, I could also gain insight into his moves and take an advantageous side.Moreover, Yuan Penny doesn’t dare to make a move because his big limit is coming up, and if he does, he will definitely advance his big limit, and Yuan Penny is now racing every day to step into the Returning Void Stage 3, so he doesn’t dare to make a move against me.” One second to remember to read the book

“Oh, no wonder no one dared to resist when I was at the palace and you played with Yuan’s women.”

“Oh, I asked you to go down and play with Yuan’s women to stimulate Yuan Penny, but this grandson, so calm.”

“Grandfather, the strength between you, is it close?”

“Returning to the Void, you don’t understand, it’s no longer a contest of swordsmanship, the heart, the mind, the eyes, all have a very significant impact with a battle.”


“Oh, Shang Hong, how was the game this time?”

“Ah, fine, just, sorry for my wife at home.”

“How can you think like that, it’s too lame to think like that, a man is a great man, he can love women but he can’t be tied down by them, you should do what you have to do, never suppress your heart, by the time you get to the Void, if you suppress your heart again, you’ll grow even slower.”


“Alright, let’s find a place to rest for a month, then, we’ll come back to the Imperial City and continue to provoke Yuan Penny until he makes a move on me.And you, keep playing with Yuan’s women.”

“Ah.”Omi got sad.

“Oh, I didn’t tell you to pick those old people like empresses, you can find young and pretty ones.”

“Grandfather, this.”Omi said in his heart, I should have known not to come out with Grandpa Tai, this has simply turned into a weapon for Grandpa Tai to irritate Yuan Penny.

Omi said, “Grandpa Tae, if you want to stimulate Yuan Penny to take the lead on you, then why don’t you just kill Yuan’s children and grandchildren?”

“No, now that Yuan Penny is still alive, it’s not the right time, once you do it to kill Yuan’s children and grandchildren, then the Yuan’s children and grandchildren will attack in groups and the dogs will jump over the wall, at that time, too many people will attack you and I won’t be able to protect you, so I will only let you play with the Yuan’s women but not kill them, so that the Yuan’s children and grandchildren won’t dare to resist in order to protect themselves.Individuals who resist, I’ll also be able to kill them at first.”

“Alright.”Omi was also helpless.

At this moment, in the Imperial City.

“Father, why don’t you do it and kill that Shang Yao?”

“Bastard, I’m already at the end of my time, if I do it again, I’ll only be ahead of my time, and then we’ll be in a more passive situation.If I’m still alive, I can at least ensure that Shang Yao doesn’t dare to slaughter my Yuan Clan descendants, and he’s afraid of pushing me too far.Shang Yao should know what he’s doing, he’s only just stepped into the Second Stage of Return to Void, the chances of winning against me are low.”Yuan Penny said.

“But, can we only watch Shang Yao’s Xuan grandson, playing with the princess and imperial consort in the palace?”

“As long as no one dies, it doesn’t matter what a woman is.Now my Yuan clan, at the point of survival, the most important thing is not these women, you fools, if I die, then our Yuan clan will really have to bleed to death, I only expect now, to live for one or two more years, this one or two years, expect Yuanchun, to step into the second stage of Return to Void, at that time, we will have the capital to confront Shang Yao.Immediately go and call Yuanchun here.”

Not long after, an old man came, his name was Yuanchun, he was one of the ten protectors, two of the Yuan clans, and he was the one with the most hope of stepping into the Second Stage of Return to Void.

“Yuanchun, you’ve seen it, our Yuan Clan, we’ve reached the moment of life and death.”

“Uncle, I have seen it, I will definitely step into the Returning Void Stage 2 within a year.”

“Good, I hope today’s events will stimulate you, go out, I’m going to close the door, if Shang Yao comes back, be sure to endure and protect yourself.”

“I will, I’m leaving the imperial city and taking some of Yuan Clan’s genius offspring with me.”


A month later, Omi and Shang Yao came to the imperial city again.

This time, Yuan Penny had even disappeared behind closed doors, not knowing where he was hiding.

“This Yuan Penny, could it be that he really thinks that he can sprint to the Third Stage of Returning Void?Ridiculous.”Shang Yao snorted.

Omi said, “Grandfather, since Yuan Penny is avoiding us, then let’s go on a killing spree and exterminate the Yuan Clan.”

Shang Yao said, “Shang Hong, if the strongest ones aren’t dead yet, killing those at the bottom doesn’t serve any purpose, after the dog is desperate, he can also come and kill our descendants of the Shang Clan, besides, I’m afraid the Yuan Clan has already moved some of the geniuses, but it doesn’t matter, as long as they wait for Yuan Penny to die, they’ll be finished.”

“Then in the end, the remaining immortal ones of their Yuan Clan, are they hiding and becoming the next lone soul group again.”

“Yes, it’s impossible to completely kill all of them, and it will turn into the next lone soul organization again.”

“Alas, if this continues, when will it come to a head.”

“But it can’t be helped, after all, with such a large population of Yuan’s children and grandchildren, there are always fish that leak out.However, there’s no way to resolve this hatred, so even though we don’t know when it will be a head, we have to continue.”

“Hmm.”Omi nodded helplessly.

“Alright, Shang Hong, now the entire Yuan Dynasty Palace, play along.”

“Grandfather, count on it, I’m no longer interested.”

“Then it’s up to you.”

Omi didn’t continue to play.

Shang Yao summoned the other four vice-national clans from back then.

“Pay your respects to Senior Shang Yao.”Eight of the other four vice-national clans that had returned to the first stage of Void hurried to pay their respects when they saw Shang Yao.

Shang Yao asked, “Back then, when the Yuan Clan massacred my Shang Clan, you guys, as the Vice National Clan, did nothing about it, what is your explanation.”

“Senior Shang Yao, back then, when the Yuan Clan slaughtered the Shang Clan, we were helpless, we, the Vice Nation Clan, did not participate in this matter, it was all done by the Yuan Clan, we could not stop it, I believe you also understand that if we could have stopped it, then the Yuan Clan would not be a royal family.”

“It’s just that, now, Yuan Penny has disappeared, even the other powerful people of the Yuan Clan have disappeared, do they know, where did they go?”

“Back to senior Shang Yao, we really don’t know, you also know that back then, our ancestors had the foresight to escape from the imperial city long ago, in order to prevent being exterminated by the strong, there are countless escape routes throughout the underground of the imperial city.”

Shang Yao sighed, in fact, he also knew Bai Q. The countless escape passageways of the Imperial City were built by the ancestors over thousands of years, Shang Yao couldn’t even kill the Yuan Clan’s two Returning Void Phase I even if he wanted to.If he could kill them, then Shang Yao would have died long ago when the Yuan Clan destroyed the Shang Clan, and Shang Yao had also escaped through the escape passages back then.


At that moment, Omi said, “Grandpa, I have a solution.”

“What solution do you have?They were walking through underground escape tunnels, thousands of underground escape tunnels, and there’s no way to know which one they were headed for.”Shang Yao said.

Omi smiled, “Anyways, you wait for my good news.”

After saying that, Omi left first.

Omi whistled.

“Brother Chen.”Little Fire heard the whistle and immediately flew over.

“Little Fire, I’ll give you a mission.”

“What mission?”

“Yuan Penny didn’t know where to hide, and the Yuan Clan’s two Returning Void Stage 1 powerhouses didn’t know where they escaped to, and the Yuan Clan also took their brilliantly gifted children with them.They took the escape tunnel underneath the Imperial City, but there are thousands of passageways underneath the foot of the Imperial City, so we don’t know which direction of the tunnel they went in.You drill down into the ground and see if you can find out which passageway they’re taking.”

“Hehe, Minister, don’t worry, this task is not difficult for me, so I’ll go.”

Little Fire drilled into the ground and went underground. First URL

Omi smiled, underground, rocks, these were all Little Fire’s strengths, Little Fire was no ordinary fire beast.

Half a day later, Little Fire drilled out of the ground.

“Brother Chen, I’ve already determined which passage they took, but Emperor Yuan Penny, he didn’t leave, he’s hiding in a hidden chamber underneath the Imperial City.”

“Very well, then Ma go and report to my grandfather.”

Omi found Shang Yao and said, “Grandfather, I’ve found the passage where those two Returning Void Stage 1 powerhouses of the Yuan Clan escaped.”

“Uh, how could you find it?”

“Great Grandfather, don’t worry about that, by the way, Yuan Penny didn’t leave, he’s in a hidden chamber under the ground.”

Shang Yao snorted, “Forget about Yuan Penny for now, this old thing doesn’t have a few months to live, the most crucial thing now is to kill those two Returning Void Stage 1 powerhouses of the Yuan Clan, I heard that one of those two Returning Void Stage 1 powerhouses of the Yuan Clan is about to break through to Returning Void Stage 2.This Yuan Clan, it’s also too scary, don’t let him step into the Homeward Void Stage 2, he must be killed quickly, or else there will be trouble.”

“Grandpa, it’s not too late then, let’s go now.”

Shang Yao kind of doubted if Omi had really found the passage for their escape, after all, it was too difficult, the underground escape passages, were many and varied, and led in countless directions, with countless exits, God knows where.Of course, it would have been much easier to determine which one they took, keeping up would have been a sure way to find it.

“Little Fire, let’s go.”

“Yes, Chenchen.”

Omi and Shang Yao entered the ground first, then Little Fire made another hole, and soon after, went straight through to a certain secret passage.

“Brother Chen, grandfather, this is the one they took, we only need to follow this one to find them, and with me here, I can smell their traces.”

“Haha, Shang Hong, you fire demon beast, why are you so unusual?Is it really a fire beast?”

“Grandpa, Little Fire is my brother, he’s not an ordinary fire beast.”

“Alright, no matter what, let’s catch up first.”

Omi and Shang Yao, along that secret passage, quickly chased up.

Ten days later, Omi came out of a rocky crevice in a canyon.


p; Omi exclaimed, “Our ancestors, there’s really no one who dug this secret tunnel, there are thousands more similar to this, tsk tsk, our ancestors have really put in a lot of effort for the safety of their descendants.”

“Right, in the future, if any powerful person exterminates the Great Martial Empire, we can all escape through this secret passage, although we can’t escape completely, we can at least save our lives.Otherwise, we would have been killed off long ago.However, your Fire Demon Beast is so powerful, with him here, it’s useless no matter how complicated this underground secret tunnel is.”

Shang Yao looked at the traces in the valley, up to this point, Yuan Clan’s deserters had no longer covered the traces, so very obvious traces could be seen.Probably Yuan’s people thought that no matter how powerful Shang Yao was, he couldn’t have found it this far, and even if they waited until they found this place, they were afraid that after more than half a year, all traces would be melted away by nature.

But they didn’t know that Omi had a brother named Little Fire, extraordinary.


Omi and Shang Yao followed the traces and chased after them, and after about two months, they finally caught up.

“Grandpa, they’re in this mountain.”

“Hmph, I’ve finally found them, this time, I’m going to kill those two Returning Void Phase 1s and a group of genius children of the Yuan Clan.”

Omi also laughed hehe, this time, I’m afraid that Yuan Clan can’t turn over a new leaf, with those clansmen of Yuan Clan that didn’t take away, it’s very difficult for someone to rise up.

“Grandfather, although we have found their hiding place, but, don’t alert the snakes, I’ll have Little Fire drill into the bottom of the mountain first to find out what’s going on inside, and try to settle it without leaving a single one behind, or else I’m inevitably afraid that there will be fish that leak out.”

“Right, Little Fire, it’s going to be hard for you again.”

“It’s fine.”Little Fire went into the mountain again, Little Fire didn’t take the usual route, drilling straight into the hole, this was something even the King of Heaven couldn’t prevent ah.Although Yuan’s people, who were posted guarding at some hidden entrance, had no idea that Little Fire had gone in.

About an hour later, Little Fire came out.

“How was it?”

“I’ve figured it out, they’ve dug many cavities inside the belly of the mountain, there are almost a thousand of them in total, among them, the two with the strongest senses, they live at the entrance of the cave.”

Omi laughed, “Apparently, those two of Yuan Clan’s Returning Void Phase One, to ensure absolute safety, they’re acting as gate guards themselves.”

Shang Yao snorted, “Let’s go, let’s take care of those two Returned Void Phase 1 bastards first.”

“Grandpa, we won’t go through the front door, let Little Fire dig a hole to enter the secret cave of those two Returned Void Stage 1 powerhouses, so that we can avoid being discovered and avoid some escapees.”


From the side, Little Fire drilled two secret tunnels that led straight into those two Returned Void Stage One secret caves.

At this moment, those two Returned Void Stage 1 powerhouses seemed to hear vibrations coming from inside the stone wall.

“What is it?”One of them said.

The other one said, “It should be at the bottom of this mountain, there is an exotic beast, just let him burrow out, and take care of that exotic beast on the way, save harassing the rest of our clan later, we might have to live here for a while.”

“Boom.”The secret passage opened up.

They saw a fire beast.

“Huh?Fire Beasts?”

Just then, Shang Yao came out from the secret hole he had just opened and laughed, “Two of you, you’re quite good at hiding.”

“Ah, Shang, Shang Yao.”Those two strong men of the Yuan Clan who were at the first stage of the Return to Void were dumbfounded at the sight of Shang Yao.


“Hahaha, I never thought I’d follow.”

“No, it’s impossible, you couldn’t have found us.”

“We’ve already found them, what’s the point of saying it’s impossible, the two of you are going to die on your own, or I’ll do it.”

One of them returned to the void and said, “Shang Yao, you can’t do this, drive us to extinction.”

“Can’t do that?Why not, back then, I, Shang Clan, also had two Returned Void Stage One’s, and I was also tricked by your Yuan Clan into killing them, now, it’s not fair for me to kill your Yuan Clan’s two Returned Void Stage One’s as well.”

The two Returned Void Stage 1 powerhouses of the Yuan Clan exchanged glances and prepared to escape at the same time.

Shang Yao said, “Ridiculous.”

“Bang.”Shang Yao blinked and slapped one of them to death, it was too easy.

The other one had only escaped a few steps and was also slapped into mincemeat by Shang Yao.

“Haha, grandfather, powerful.”Omi laughed.

“Awesome my ass, I’m the Returning Void Stage 2, it’s only right and proper to spike them, alright, next, continue drilling holes, drill through the secret holes one by one, and deal with them one by one.” Remember the URL

Just like that, a few hours later, the more than a thousand Yuan Clan children who had just settled inside the mountain’s interior were killed off without missing a single one.

However, when one of the old man died, he said under his breath, “Yuan Zhan, the hope of the family, look, it’s up to you.”After saying that, that old man died.

What Omi and the others didn’t know was that this group of Yuan Clan’s descendants had one of the geniuses, called ‘Yuan Zhan’, take a few people with them when they escaped, and left in the other direction, this was just in case they left and changed their names until they were powerful.There were only a few of them, so it was hard to find out the traces, but I didn’t expect that they had done the right thing by doing so, otherwise, that genius called Yuan Zhan would have to die here today together.This Yuan Zhan, who was only sixty this year, but had already stepped into the late stage of peak ascension, was the four most talented in their Yuan Clan, over the thousands of years of history.

This was a bit like Omi, who was 63 years old and had stepped into the late peak ascension stage, the third in the Shang clan, since the beginning of time.And that Yuan Zhan was the fourth since their ancestor, the Yuan Clan, to be able to reach the late peak stage in his sixties.

Unfortunately, Omi and Shang Yao, had no idea that the strongest genius of the Yuan Clan had escaped and changed his name.

“Grandfather, are we going back to the Imperial City now?”

“It’s far away from the Imperial City now, besides, that Yuan Penny is hiding, what am I going to do, since that’s the case, let him hide until his time is up.He doesn’t know now that his hope of Yuan’s escape has been all but destroyed by us, hahaha.After his deadline, we’ll immediately surround the imperial city and kill all of Yuan’s sons and daughters, without leaving a single one behind.”


“We’re going back to prepare now.”

Omi and Grandpa returned to the Lonely Soul Organization together.

This time, it was seven or eight months since they had gone.

“Hong’er, you’re finally back, did your great grandfather really take you to the Imperial City?”


“How was it?”

“Oh, it’s good that Grandpa Tai confronted Yuan Penny, but there was no fight.”Omi said, regarding the news that he had already extinguished the Yuan Clan’s elite and hope, Omi didn’t say anything because Grandpa Tae told Omi not to say anything yet, if it was revealed, Yuan Penny would definitely jump out of his skin when he found out, now the only thing they had to do was to silently wait for Yuan Penny’s deadline, as soon as Yuan Penny’s deadline died, the Shang Clan could massacre Yuan Clan’s remaining children and then return to become the Great Martial EmpireRoyalty.

Of course, before with Bay

The Fire Cult’s alliance was also naturally scrapped, however, Omi and his great grandfather suggested that since the Lonely Soul Organization was allied with the Zoroastrianism, why not, discuss with the Zoroastrianism, and in the future, the Zoroastrianism would also be stationed in the Imperial City as a vice-state, in this way, not only would the Zoroastrianism chaos be resolved, but also the rule of the Great Martial Empire could be more firmly consolidated.

Shang Yao praised Omi for this good proposal, which could be considered in the future.

Thus, a year and a half passed in silence.

A year and a half later, in the Imperial City.

“I feel like I’m dying.”

“Sovereign, hang on, just a few more months, maybe we’ll have news.”One of the men said.

That Yuan Penny leaned against the wall and said, “I really can’t hold on, it’s just a matter of time, the heavens are going to kill me, I’m destined to not be able to step into the Third Stage of Return to the Void, it’s really too hard.I also don’t know, has Yuan Chun he stepped into the Second Stage of Returning Void yet.”

“Sovereign, they have been escaping for two years, I’m sure they have found a safe place to settle, even if His Highness Yuanchun hasn’t stepped into the Second Stage of Returning Void, he still has enough time, don’t worry Sovereign.”

“That’s good, that’s good.”

“Also, Yuan Zhan also followed them, Yuan Zhan is only sixty years old and stepped into the late stage of peak ascension, this is only three ah in the history of the Yuan clan, including him being four, so Yuan Zhan will definitely rise, he will definitely be like the three ancestors, he will definitely reach the fourth stage of returning to emptiness in the future, and then, exterminate the entire Shang clan.”

“Good, good, so, I have no regrets in dying.”After saying that, Yuan Penny’s eyes closed and died.

“Respectfully, Your Majesty, woo-hoo.”That old slave cried out and knelt down, crying with great sadness.

Soon, the other four vice-national clans of the imperial city, Jing Clan, Lian Clan, Bai Clan, and Zhu Clan, all knew about Yuan Penny’s great time, which also meant that the entire Great Martial Empire would soon know about it as well.

After Yuan Penny’s death, the descendants of the Yuan Clan who were still in the Imperial City all hurriedly fled.

The Lonely Soul Organization’s intelligence agents in the Imperial City also passed the news back to the Lonely Soul Organization as fast as they could.

At this moment, in the Lonely Soul Organization.

“Father, Father, Yuan Penny’s deadline.”Shang Mo shouted and ran to Shang Yao’s residence.

“Hahaha, this old ghost, finally dead, I thought he could last for how long, it’s only been a year and a half and he won’t be able to make it, hahaha.”Shang Yao laughed, but Shang Yao also thought of himself, twenty years later, he would have the same fate, to be precise, there wasn’t twenty years left.

“Father, now we can kill our way back to the Imperial City.”

“Immediately have the Lonely Soul Organization prepare to kill any child of the Yuan Clan, regardless of strength or weakness, young or old, by killing them on sight.”


In, Locust, the members of the Lonely Soul Organization who had been lurking a year ago, were ordered to start exterminating the children of the Yuan Clan.

Yang Ma, Chen Xiang, Xiao Cao, all the former members of the Lonely Soul Organization, had been waiting in the Imperial City for quite some time.

Omi was also following along as a bull head in the Imperial City, and the time to contribute to the organization had arrived.

The entire imperial city, setting off a foul storm.

It seemed as if it was destined to be.

Repeating the content of what Yuan had done to Shang back then.

Chase and kill, escape.

The only difference was that among the elites who escaped from the Shang Clan back then, Shang Yao had stepped into the Returning Void Phase, while the Yuan Clan, had already been exterminated.However, because many of Yuan’s children, many of them had escaped earlier, the difficulty of hunting and killing had escalated, but the Lonely Soul Organization had always been prepared a year ago, and also had information from years of operation, so it was also easy to find out the children of Yuan’s escape.




In a secret manor near the Imperial City, Omi found a certain branch of the Yuan Clan, a side branch by the looks of it, a large family hiding here, and thought no one knew, but it turned out that the Lonely Soul Organization’s intelligence agents were pervasive.

“Don’t kill me.”

“Please, don’t kill me.”

Dozens of people from the other side knelt down and said to Omi.

Omi stood in the doorway, sword in hand, blood dripping down from the tip of the sword.

Omi looked at a group of people with no resistance, the strongest of them was only at the late peak of Dengfeng and had just been killed by Omi at the door, he should be the head of this family.The rest were all weaker now, and there were several children.

“Please, don’t kill us, woah.”

Omi raised his sword, but hesitated.

When Omi saw those kids who were only four or five years old, they seemed to think of themselves, and how their today was actually not Omi’s yesterday.When Omi was a child, fleeing with his parents, he must have been like this, hunted down and filled with fear and helplessness. A second to remember to read the book

Omi was in some pain and didn’t know whether to kill or not.

If they didn’t kill, they could all be Yuan’s children, if they killed, they were no match for Omi, and there were several children.

“Why did you make me do such a cruel thing.”Omi said inwardly.

“Don’t kill us, please, woah.”

Omi raised his sword and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to, it was you, Yuan Clan, who started the butchering of us, if I bypassed you, how could I face up to so many of my Shang Clan’s dead people.Even though, you are innocent, but, I am also innocent, we are all victims.”

Omi’s gaze chilled.

“Puff, puff, puff.”After Omi closed his eyes and swung a few swords, there wasn’t a single sound in the scene, all of them had been killed by Omi.

Omi opened his eyes and said, “Life, there is a length and a short, even I, if I am lucky enough to live to the end of my life, I will have to die, and you guys, you are just one step ahead.”

Omi resolutely turned around and left.

Omi went all the way back to the imperial city in a somewhat depressed mood, after all, there was still some guilt inside after killing so many unresisting Yuan Clan children, and to be frank, those ordinary Yuan Clan children were also innocent, and the mistake was made by the strong Yuan Clan.

Little Grass walked up to Omi: “Your Highness Shang Hong, what’s wrong with you?”


“Organizational intelligence just got word that there’s a stream of fleeing Yuan’s children in South Bay Lake, let’s hurry.” ..


“Let’s go.”Little Grass pulled Omi.

Omi and Little Cao, rushed to the South Bay Lake, and indeed found a stream of fleeing Yuan Clan descendants, the strongest of which had late peak ascension, the weakest of course were children, a total of seventy to eighty people.

Little Cao’s gaze chilled, “Your Highness, you’re in charge of that late peak-denial one, leave the rest to me.”

“Little Grass, you.”

“What’s wrong?Your Highness?”

“Did you really get off on it?That’s a lot of children.”

“Your Highness Shang Hong, I understand your feelings, but think about it, back then, your father, and countless of your compatriots, even you, were separated from your mother’s flesh and blood because of Yuan’s massacre, leaving you alone in a machine box for two years, what’s the point of such a deep hatred that you can’t do something about it.So what if it’s children, as long as they’re Won’s children, they all have to die.The organization has already given the order to kill everyone, no matter how young or old, strong or weak, kill them all.”Little Grass eyes said without pity.

Omi’s pity was probably because Omi also had children.

Little Grass had already flown up.

Omi also had to rush up, because Little Grass couldn’t deal with that late peak of the peak.

/> “Puff, puff.”Little Grass saw someone and killed them, no matter who it was, Omi couldn’t bear to look, so he had to rush towards that late peak ascension.

That late peak ascension also had some strength, Omi fought him for several minutes before he defeated him, after defeating him, that person left his family behind and fled.

Omi hated people who could abandon their families in times of crisis, after catching up with him, Omi slashed and killed the old man at the late peak.

At this time, Little Grass had almost killed seventy or eighty of Yuan’s sons and daughters of all sizes, men and women.

“Your Highness, let’s go back and continue our hunting mission elsewhere.”

Omi and Little Grass flew away.

At this moment, at the bottom of this South Bay Lake, a small boy surfaced and looked at the departing Omi and Little Grass with hatred, this kind of revenge for the extermination of the clan was not common.

Although the Lonely Soul organization exterminated the children of the Yuan Clan in a big way, but, it is impossible to really be completely exterminated, there will certainly still be leaks, just what the future will be, can only wait for the future to know.

After Omi returned to the imperial city, he no longer took on hunting missions, it was better to do less of this kind of thing, although he didn’t sympathize with the Yuan Clan, he didn’t want to take action against people who were defenseless anymore.

The massacre of Yuan Clan’s children by the Lonely Soul Organization lasted for a whole year.

After a year, all of the children of the Yuan Clan that could be found were almost dead, and those that couldn’t be found would be difficult to find in a short time, and once they were found in the future, they would be killed again.

The Shang clan, also officially relocated from the base of the Lonely Soul Organization, back to the Imperial City.

Omi was allotted a huge manor, covering an area of twenty miles, a manor of this level, which at least had to be ascended to great perfection to be eligible to enjoy.The fact that Omi was able to enjoy it was naturally a gift from his great grandfather.

Omi placed all of his family members in the new manor, Omi ordered this manor, to be called ‘Green Rose Villa’, Green Rose Villa could accommodate over five thousand people, and in the next few hundred years, all of Omi’s descendants would be able to live here.

Of course, the premise was that the Shang Clan, could continue to be glorious for so long.

Eighteen years later, once Omi’s great grandfather died, it was still unknown how the Shang Clan would fare.

In the imperial city, on the palace hall.

“From today, until the day of my great death, my Shang clan, becomes an imperial family of the Great Martial Empire again.Jing Clan, Lian Clan, Bai Clan, and Zhu Clan, are the Vice National Clans of the Great Martial Empire, Chin.”

“Long live my emperor.”

In the palace hall, everyone kneeled while Shang Yao, sat on the throne that represented the supreme power.

At this point, the Shang clan, after sixty or seventy years of suffering, finally regained the imperial power, and the children of the Shang clan, became the highest royal family again.

However, the hunt for the children of the Yuan Clan was still going on, but it had turned to the dark side.

At this time, at Omi’s Green Rose Villa, a guest suddenly arrived.

“See Your Highness Princess Qiao Xue.”A woman bowed to Omi’s mother-in-law.

Omi’s mother-in-law shouted in alarm, “Ah, Juhong, it’s really you.”

“Your Highness, it’s me, Juhong.”

“Oh my god, Juhong, you’re still alive, great.”Omi’s mother-in-law excitedly hugged the woman called Juhong, the woman, who was her best friend in her youth.

At that moment, Omi’s mother saw a woman standing behind her, she was busy asking, “Juhong, she is?”

“Your Highness, she is my daughter, and her nipple name is Little Grass.”

“Ah, Little Grass?Is that, the one, the one who fingered my Hiro?”

“That’s right, Little Grass she also joined the Lonely Soul Organization early on, made a meritorious contribution to it, and was awarded a luxurious mansion in the Imperial City.Little Grass picked me up from the countryside to live here, and when I heard that my mother was also still alive, I immediately came to look for you.”

“Mmhmm, that’s great, really great.”Omi’s mother cried out.


When Omi returned home from the palace, he saw Little Grass at his house.

“Uh, Little Grass, why are you at my house?”

Grass saw the Don blush.

“Ugh.”Omi was baffled, what the hell to blush.

At that moment, Omi’s mother shouted from the back room, “Hong’er, come in quickly.”

“Oh.”Omi entered the hall, only to see his mother chatting with a woman.

Omi’s mother was busy saying, “Ju Hong, this is my son Shang Hong.”

“Ah, Little Prince Shang Hong, he’s all grown up now.”The woman looked at Omi and said with great emotion.

Omi said, “Mother, she is?”

“Hiro, he’s the one I told you about, my best friend Juhong from my youth.”

“Ah, hello Aunt Juhong.”Omi was busy greeting. The first website

Omi thought of the grass and busily asked, “That grass?”

“That’s right, she’s Kikohong’s daughter.”


Omi was a bit surprised, Omi had heard from his mother before that he had a fiancée who was fingered, but unfortunately her whereabouts were unknown.

Omi looked at Little Grass, who was now blushing, not daring to look into Omi’s eyes.

Omi smiled, no wonder Little Grass just saw Omi and looked shy.

Little Grass was actually his fiancée, some things in the world were really mysterious.

Only, Omi didn’t know that Little Grass already knew that she was Omi’s fiancée by designation.

At this time, Omi’s mother said: “Hong’er, although you have a wife now, and more than one room, however, Little Grass is the fiancee that you have had since you were a child.Little Grass is still single, are you willing to marry Little Grass?”

Omi looked at Little Grass, growing beautifully, right now she had her head down and her face was red.

Omi smiled and said, “Everything is subject to Mother’s arrangement.”

Little Grass heard that Omi did not refuse, her heartbeat accelerated and sneaked a glance at Omi.

“Oh, then Mother will arrange for you guys to get married on a certain day.”

“Uh, good.”Omi nodded his head.

“Then you guys go out for a walk, and I’ll talk to Juhong again.”

“Okay.”Omi right, “Let’s go for a walk.”


Omi and Little Grass walked in the garden.

Omi boldly took Grass’s hand.

“I never thought you’d be the fiancée I fingered as a child, huh?”

“Your Highness, actually, I already knew, but, I didn’t dare to say it.”

“Uh, you even knew, so why didn’t you say so.”

“I was afraid you wouldn’t believe me, and besides, I didn’t know if you would like me.”

“Why wouldn’t I like you, of course I would like a woman of such outstanding talent.If I marry you, then, of all my wives, you are considered the most outstanding, and truly outstanding, innately possessed talent.”

Little Grass was full of joy.

Omi’s other wives all had acquired improved talents, except for Little Sister and Little Meng who were not.But Little Sister and Little Meng, who were already a bit of a successor, were very far apart compared to Little Grass.

It didn’t matter to Omi, anyway, in a short life of over a hundred years, even if they reached the

It was only two hundred years since the return to the void.

A few hours later, Grass and her mother left the Green Rose Villa, and the next step was waiting to be married.


“Husband, I heard that you’re going to take your tenth wife.”Little Sister asked.

“Oh, how well-informed, Mother just decided this afternoon and it reached your ears, do you not want to?”

“No. I heard that person was the fiancée you fingered as a child.”


“Husband, you are royalty, you will marry more in the future, and your family will force you to marry as well, so I have nothing to disagree with.”

“Haha, Rei’er, you think too much, why would I marry someone I don’t love, don’t worry, after marrying Grass, I won’t marry again.”

“Unfortunately, it’s not for you to decide, but I also want you to marry more strong people, so that our family’s offspring will be stronger.In the future, we Qin Nui, although we are not the same mother, we are the same father, and if other women have children that are strong in the future, I dare not Qin Nui or Shang Xu or Shang Lei, they can all be sheltered.”


“Alright, let’s stop talking about it and go to sleep.”

Omi hugged: “Come, let’s have another one.”

“No, I’m really tired.”

The next day, Omi’s great-grandfather summoned Omi to the palace.

“See the great-grandfather.”

“Shang Hong, how are you living in Green Rose Villa these days?Anything else you need, feel free to tell me.”Shang Yao said with a smile.

“Thank you, Grandpa, Grandpa, what do you want from me?”

Shang Yao said, “Shang Hong, now that our Shang Clan has regained the imperial power, the children of the Shang Clan are back to their carefree days.However, they are carefree, we can’t.Although we are now royalty, but, no one knows how long these good days can last.Right now, Shang Mo and Shang Jian are doing their best to sprint to the first stage of Return to Void, and I hope they can step into the first stage before my deadline, otherwise, the family will have to live in misery again.”

Omi asked, “Grandpa, if the other vice-national clans become royalty after your deadline, we will be exterminated?”

“That’s not so bad, once the other families become royalty, then we’ll become vice-nationals, and our status will definitely drop, at least not the Green Rose Villa where you live.Alright, Shang Hong, I didn’t come here to talk nonsense with you, although you’re still far away from hitting the Void, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a mission right now.”

“Great Grandfather, tell me, any task that you have, Xuan Sun will definitely complete it.”

Shang Yao smiled and said, “Your current mission is to create a human being.”

“Making a human?”

“Yes, marry more wives and have more children, that’s your task at this stage, at least that’s what you’ll be doing for the next forty years, but of course, besides you, there’s Shang Stubborn and the others, your task is the same, making people.”

“I’ll go, Grandpa, this can’t be done.”

“Shang Hong, I’m not asking for your opinion, I’m informing you, do you know why your grandfather, Shang Jian, has so many children?And me, why did I also have so many children after I wasn’t wiped out by Genji back then?”


“That’s because, you’re not the only one who has walked the path you’re walking now, when I was your age, my grandfather, great-grandfather, also told me that my mission was to have more children, including your grandfather, who was the same before he turned 100, ordered by his elders to have more children.Because, we all have the same thing in that we are all the more gifted in the family, and if we are selfish and don’t have more children, then how will our Shang family be passed down for thousands of years.If the family relied on those with less talent, it would have died out long ago, understand?”


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