King of kings 1395-1396


“Yay, this is great, I didn’t know that the Shang Clan has such a fatal weakness, a fault line, hahaha.Just, dad, what if the next generation of Shang’s has someone to fill the gap in the fault?”

“That’s impossible, the next generation of the Shang Clan, the only two people who have the best hope of breaking through to the Returned Void are Shang Hong and Shang Crouch.That Shang Crouch, 73 this year, is currently in the middle of peak, when he reaches the return to the Void, at least after 150 years old; that Shang Hong, however, is more outstanding, 73 years old and reached the late peak, unfortunately, even if he is so talented, when he reaches the return to the Void, he will be at least 140 years old or so.And Shang Mo and Shang Jian, brace yourself to live until 40 years later, hahaha.”

“Good, great, our Yuan Clan, we still have hope to rise after all, and we still have the most genius Yuan Zhan, I heard that he has risen up incognito, and when Yuan Zhan rises up in the future, he will definitely deal a fatal blow to the Shang Clan.”

Similar to this, the comments that sang badly for the future of the Shang clan, not only in the Yuan Clan’s Leaky Fish, in the Imperial City, the other four vice-national clans, also said so behind their backs, they all believed that the Shang Clan would surely die when they reached the Fault Generation.

In Omi’s Green Rose Villa.

A small ancestral hall.

Omi was holding a portrait of a man with a face quite similar to Omi’s.

At that moment, Omi’s mother walked in and said in surprise, “Hong’er, what are you doing here.”

“I came to offer incense to my father.”Omi said.

“Oh, Hong’er, it’s rare for you to have such filial piety.”Omi’s mother smiled as she took out the tribute.

“Mother, back then, my father, was he really a genius?” One second to remember to read the book

“Of course, your father is the most outstanding of all your grandfather’s sons, just like Shang Ji now, the most outstanding of all your children.Unfortunately, by the wicked Yuan, alas, let’s not talk about it, if not for that, your father could definitely step into the return to the void in the future.Hey, Hong’er, why are you talking to me properly about your father.”

“Oh, it’s nothing, it’s just that I’ve heard a lot of talk lately, saying that our Shang Clan is bound to die in a few decades, because in my father’s generation, there are no geniuses who can hold the family together, and when the time comes, it will be really dangerous once the fault is broken.The other day, grandfather even told me about this, he said that he was worried about these crises after his death.”

“Alas, outsiders look at us, the big families, and the glamour, but they don’t know behind the scenes, how much effort and dedication we, the whole clan, need to make.”Omi’s mother lamented.

Omi said, “Mother, I came to pay my respects to my father this morning, in fact, I have something to do.”

“Ah, what is it?”

“Oh, I don’t want the family to have such a big crisis in the future, so I have to go out and fight for my life, I have to be able to hold up the family before my grandfather’s deadline.”


“Mother, I’ve come to say goodbye to my father’s spirit in heaven.”

“Ah, you have to leave the family.”

“Yes, I must think of the future of the family.”Omi’s gaze was firm, he hadn’t left his family for more than ten years, this time, he had to shoulder the responsibility, even if he knew it was impossible, he had to fight, hoping to step into the void when the family crisis came.

“Hong’er, what if you leave home everyone, so many children still need you ah, besides, your task now is to have more children, your grandfather also told you ah.I heard that that Shang Cao married the woman you disliked before, look at Shang Cao, how hard he works.”

“Oh, mother, when grandpa and Shang Mo die, our family will be extinct in case there is a strong enemy, I’ll still be able to stay at home.Anyway, I’ve been used to running around the world since I was a child, and my way of cultivating martial arts is not suitable for home, nor is it suitable for strong people to guide me.Although at home, I can often get Grandpa

The guidance, but I don’t fit in, maybe it has something to do with the fact that I was raised differently.”

“So where do you want to go?”

Omi said, “The world is so big, I want to go see it.”

“But no matter how big the world is, the strongest person is only returning to Void ah, at most other empires, is there any returning to Void Stage 3.What can you go to see, your great grandfather is the Returned Void Stage 2, in the entire world, also belongs to the forefront.”

“Mother, I go to the world to walk around, not to find stronger and stronger ah, I am experiencing, for me, experiencing is the best way to cultivate.”

“Ay, all right, but you must also come home often.”

“I will, I have so many wives and children at home, I’ll be back every few years.”

“So when are you going to leave?”

“There’s no hurry, at least wait until after Shang Crouch’s big wedding, Shang Crouch is at least the most talented in the same clan other than me, he’s getting married, I can’t deny this face.”

“Well, then burn an incense to your father and let your father bless you with peace.”

“Oh, good.”Omi burned incense for his father, but in fact, Omi’s purpose for coming here was to talk to his father and ask him to bless him.

A few more days later, Shang Cuo got married.

Omi was definitely going to help out, although there had been a bit of unpleasantness with Shang Custard, but at least he was a member of the same clan, and in the future, Shang Custard would have the chance to step into the return of the void and become the top pillar of the family, besides, Shang Custard had been sticking up for Omi for the past ten years.

“Shang Hong.”

“Oh, Shang Custard, congratulations.”Omi smiled.

“Shang Hong, I have to thank you for not marrying me.”Shang Crouch said.


“If you had married Willow Flower, then there would be nothing for me to do today, hahaha.”Shang Cuo gave a loud laugh.

Omi asked, “You really don’t mind that Willow Flower has a son?”

“What’s there to mind, when the time comes, Willowflower’s son will be my son too, wouldn’t it be nice if I had a few more sons for nothing.”

“Nothing to say, admire.”Omi smiled, Omi couldn’t accept Willow Flower, moreover, this Willow Flower’s looks were still ordinary, except for one thing, genius.

On Shang Cuo’s wedding day, Omi helped to officiate his wedding, the reason why Omi was asked to officiate, it was also a matter of face, because Omi was the most genius of this generation in the Shang clan, which made Shang Cuo have face.

Late in the night, Omi patted Shang Stubborn’s shoulder and said, “Alright, hole your room and go, I hope you have a genius son or daughter out.”

“Hehe, I will definitely have a son that will surpass your family Shang Ji, Shang Hong, you have to be careful oh.”

“Nuts.”Omi laughed and cursed and walked away.

That night, Shang stubborn was trying very hard, he didn’t mind Willow Flower’s identity, it was just to have a genius offspring.

Omi also had to start thinking about going out.

This time out, Omi still only took Little Fire with him, Little Black had a family, so it was better not to bother him.

The next day, Omi gathered the whole family together and told everyone his thoughts.

Liu Yue laughed, “Zichen, are we going to start the days of wandering around together again?Haha.”

Omi shook his head, “No, I’m not going to travel the world this time, I’m going with pressure, so I’m only going alone.The time will be about thirty years, or forty years, and of course, I’ll definitely be back a few times during that time, such as during Grandpa Tai’s big time.”


Everyone understood, after all, it wasn’t the same now, and now they were seriously dragging their feet if they followed Omi out again.

A few days later, Omi left the imperial city with Little Fire.

“Brother Chen, where are we going?What’s the purpose?”Little Fire asked.

Omi shook his head, “I don’t know where to go, in fact I’m leaving home this time for one more thing.”

“What is it?”

“By the way, see if there’s any news about Mu Qianji, it’s like she’s vanished from the earth, I really don’t know where she’s gone.”

“Brother Chen, I believe that lovers will eventually meet each other, the letter that Mu Qianji left for you was burned by whoever from the Divine Dragon Sect, otherwise we would know more clearly where she went.”

“Let’s not talk about that useless thing.The Great Martial Empire definitely doesn’t have any Mu Qianji, so let’s go straight to another empire, one of the countries adjacent to the Great Martial Empire is the Great Precious Empire, then let’s walk to the Great Precious Empire.”


Omi and Little Fire crossed countless mountains and lakes, and after half a year, they finally reached the border between the Great Martial Empire and the Great Precious Empire.

Because the land area of each empire was really too large, so between each empire, there was very little travel, even if they were at the Returned Void level, the different empires rarely traveled with each other, because they were far away, no one had the leisure to spend more than half a year to go somewhere else, and those who reached the Returned Void were not young, so they really couldn’t afford to spend that time.The first time I saw this, I thought it would be a good idea to go to the next level. The first website

Omi and Little Fire had officially entered the Great Precious Empire.

Omi stopped at a town, planning to rest at an inn for a few days.

“Xiao Er, do you have any geography books of the Great Precious Empire?Or a map.”

“Oh, guest, yes, you’re not from the Dazen Empire, this is a border city, and people from the Dazen Empire come here all the time.”

Omi looked at the geography of the Great Precious Empire.

The Great Precious Empire was now in charge of a faction called the Golden Moon Gate.

This was not surprising, if the Great Martial Empire was seized by the Zoroastrians in the future, it would also become a faction in power.

Omi asked Little Two, “Little Two, do you have any very famous beauties in the Great Precious Empire?”

“Uh, guest, you didn’t come from the Great Martial Empire specifically to look for a beautiful woman, did you?That’s a lot of ah, there’s so many beautiful women in our town, and our town’s green house, that top card, it’s really beautiful.”

Omi said speechlessly, “The beauties I asked you about are not the kind of goods you’re talking about, but the scourges, the beauties that are famous throughout the empire.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that, but in our town, there is a super beauty oh, just go to Yaojiabao and ask, you might as well go and take a look, it might be the type you like.”

“Alright, Xiao Er, go get busy, and hurry up with the food.”

“Okay Le.”After Xiao Er left, Xiao Huo asked, “Brother Chen, didn’t we come to practice, by the way, to find out about Mu Qianji, why are you asking about the beauty.”

Omi smiled, “Little Fire, I’m asking about beautiful women precisely because I want to find Mu Qianji, think about it, we won’t be able to find her blindly, and Mu Qianji is beautiful enough, if Mu Qianji is in the Great Precious Empire, then her beauty, even if she can’t spread throughout the empire, then she must be a bit famous in some small area.”

“Huh, Brother Chen, so that’s what you mean, haha, Brother Chen, you’re really smart, I hadn’t even thought of finding someone like this.”

“I’m just trying, maybe, it’s not even possible to actually find her like this.”

“Brother Chen, this method of yours will definitely work, as long as Mu Qianji is in the Great Precious Empire, with her beauty she won’t be completely without fame, we just need to ask around and go wherever there is a beautiful woman.”


“But, Brother Chen, what if that beauty isn’t Mu Qianji?”

“What about what?”

“Hehe, Brother Chen, you’re not old yet either, you know.”

Omi thought for a moment and said, “If I come across a woman in the Great Precious Empire who is powerfully gifted and very beautiful, I don’t mind taking her with me.”


After dinner, Omi and Little Fire, went to a place called Yao Castle in this town to see if the most beautiful woman in the town, the Yao Castle, could possibly be Mu Qianji.

“Knock knock.”Omi knocked on the door of the Yao Family Fort.

“What man.”

Omi said, “An outsider who wants to come and stay at the Yao Family Fort for two days.”

“Pity, you think my Yao Family Fort is any kitten or puppy.”

“Pah.”Omi slapped him away and said, “Listen carefully, I’m late peak ascension, and your Yao Family Fort’s fortress master is only early peak ascension, right?”

“Ah, you, you’re late peak ascension.”That janitor was shocked.

Omi entered the Yao Family Fort’s hall.

Soon, the Yao Family Fort’s fortress master came, an old man.

That fortress master took a look at Omi and was really powerful, he was startled and entered in a panic, “Greeting senior.”

Omi said, “You must be the fortress master.”

“Exactly, may I ask what Senior has to ask for advice.”

“Hehe, there’s nothing to consult, I just heard that there’s a girl of unparalleled beauty in the Yao Family Fort, and I wanted to come and meet her.”

“Uh.”The old man looked at Omi, who had handsome features and looked quite young, his heart was moved, and he was busy saying, “Please senior, wait a moment, I’ll have someone call her over right away.”

“Go ahead.”

About ten minutes later, a woman dressed in a fan tied shirt walked into the hall.

Omi knew at a glance that it wasn’t Mu Qianji.

It was just a little girl.

Omi felt disappointed inside.

“Little girl Yao Lan, paying homage to senior.”The woman paid her respects while looking up at Omi, her heartbeat quickened, as if she liked it at first sight.It seems that looking handsome is really different compared to looking frustrated.

“How old are you?”

“Back to senior, the young lady is nineteen.”That Yao Lan said.

Omi nodded, “Nineteen years old and her martial arts skills have reached the late stage of the Unity Realm, she is truly a moldable talent.”

“Senior is over-praised.”

Omi smiled slightly, Omi saw this Yao Lan and thought of Qin Nui, Qin Nui was also nineteen years old, her martial arts had reached the middle stage of the Unity Realm, Qin Nui was still slightly inferior to this Yao Lan, moreover, Qin Nui’s condition was obviously better than Yao Lan’s, after all, Qin Nui was a child of the imperial family.

The Yao family’s fortress master was busy saying, “Senior, you have already met my granddaughter, how do you feel?”

“Oh, the looks are indeed good, and so is the talent.”

“Then, can you be moved, Senior?”


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