King of kings 1397-1398


“Sorry, I just came to make sure that she’s not the one I’m looking for, but unfortunately, no.Sorry to interrupt.”

Omi got up and left.

That old man was a little regretful, he thought that this strong man suddenly came, he was looking at his granddaughter, such a powerful person, fuck his granddaughter, he definitely had his hands full.

At this time, that Yao Lan was busy saying, “Senior, since you are here, it is fate, it is not too early today, why don’t you rest for the night, so that my Yao Castle can do its duty as a landlord.”

Omi looked at the sky, about five or six o’clock in the afternoon, the sun was setting in the west.

“Well, the conditions of that inn are limited, so I’ll stay at the Yao Family Fort for the night, I originally said I’d come to stay for a few days, hehe.”

“Thank you senior for condescending to stay at the Yao Family Fort.”That old man said gratefully, the strong man came to stay at his home, this was looking up to him.

“Seniors, please follow me.”

“Thank you.”

Omi was arranged to stay temporarily in the most luxurious courtyard of the Yao Family Fort.

Omi wasn’t surprised, after all, the strongest here were the most respected, he was in the late stage of peak ascension, and this Yao Family Fort’s strongest man was only in the early stage of peak ascension, it was strange that he didn’t worship Omi as a Bodhisattva. Remember the website

“Senior, you should wash up first and have a banquet for you in the evening, I hope that Senior will not refuse.”

“Okay, you arrange it.”

In the most luxurious room, Omi took a shower and changed into clean clothes, of course, the clothes were provided by Yao Jiabao, and the changed Omi was even more radiant and handsome.

Although Omi is 73 years old, but it looks like, just among ordinary people, more than thirty, compared to the past, the handsome added a few points of maturity.It was no wonder that Yao Lan, the famous beauty of the Yao Family Castle, liked Omi as soon as she saw him, after all, Omi was too lethal, young, handsome and powerful, simply any woman’s dream lover.

“Brother Chen, don’t be in a hurry lah, it would be strange if it was so easy to find Mu Qianji, we are not in a hurry, while practicing and searching, we will naturally meet each other when the destiny arrives.”..

“Hehe, I know, I haven’t seen her for over forty years, in fact my image of Mu Qianji is starting to get a little blurry, maybe she’s completely different from before now.” .

At this moment, somewhere in the Yao Family Fortress.

“Lan Lan, that senior just now, what do you think?”

“Grandpa, what do you mean.”

“Grandpa doesn’t mean anything, just asking.”

“Grandpa, granddaughter has no resistance to him at all.”That Yao Lan said with a red face.

“Oh, you child, I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, suddenly a strong person with such talent comes to our Yao Family Castle.”

“Grandpa, I don’t think he’s a bad person.”

“Well, I don’t think so either, Lan Lan, have a feast tonight, you have to behave well, hurry back and dress up.”


“If this strong man can take a fancy to you, then our Yao Family Castle is about to change its fate.”

“Will he fancy me.”That Yao Lan said with a blush.

In the evening, in a hall, the Yao Family Fort prepared a sumptuous dinner.

Omi had been running around for half a year, and he hadn’t had such a big meal in a long time, so he wasn’t polite.

Of course, in return, Omi instructed the Yao Family Fort’s fortress master during the meal.

“Thank you, Senior.”The Yao Family Fort’s fortress master was grateful.

“Oh, no need to be polite.”

“Lan Lan, then you accompany senior, grandpa has to go for a quiet enlightenment.”


That fortress master hurriedly left, Omi had instructed him that he had to strike the iron while it was hot, and he had to enlighten himself quietly, also

Regardless of entertaining Don Zichen.

Fortunately, Omi didn’t mind in the slightest.

Omi stood up and said, “Alright, I’m also full of wine and food, thank you for your hospitality, I’ll go back to my room first.”

“I’ll see you off.”Yao Lan said.

“No need, I can find it.”

“Alright then.”Yao Lan looked a little lost as Omi didn’t seem to have any interest in her.

Omi returned to his room, almost ready for bed.

“Knock knock.”Someone knocked at the door.

“Come in.”

A woman walked in.

“Uh, it’s you, Yao Lan.”

“Senior, I’ve brought you some fruit snacks.”

“Oh.”Omi smiled, who eats fruit snacks in the middle of the night, seeing as how Yao Lan still wanted to get in touch with Omi again, of course, her purpose was clear, she wanted to see if she was destined to become Omi’s woman.

“Yao Lan, do you have anything else?”

“Senior, I.”

“It’s fine, just say what you have to say.”

“Senior, what do you think of the little woman?”

“Not bad, quite pretty, and not bad talent.”

“Then does Senior like it?”

“Uh, how do I put this, huh, truth be told, my daughter is the same age as you, so I could be your father.”

“That’s not the point.”

“I go, even that’s not the point.”Omi was speechless.

“Senior, let senior stay tonight.”Yao Lan blushed profusely as if she had summoned great courage to say this.She didn’t know if Omi would find her frivolous, but if she didn’t, there was no chance to get along with Omi anymore, because Omi had said that she would leave early tomorrow morning.

“Uh.”Omi was stunned.

Yao Lan saw that Omi didn’t refuse, and with a bold, red face, she slowly walked towards Omi, biting her lips lightly, very nervous.

Omi did not stop her.

Omi lived to this age, there is no downward thinking, if there is a gift to the door, Omi will not hypocritically say no and so on.

Omi saw Yao Lan walk to him, his body was trembling with nervousness, Omi smiled, hugged Yao Lan, and entered the tent.After that, the light tent shakes, seconds are not to be spoken of.

The next day, early in the morning, Omi opened his eyes, there was still a woman lying in his arms.

Omi looked at the bed, there was still some redness, it seems, Yao Lan is still a perfect body.

Omi just sighed.

“Senior, did senior serve well last night?”Yao Lan whispered, in fact she hadn’t slept all night because she was worried that Omi would change his attitude towards her the next day.

Omi nodded, “Very well, thanks.”

Omi got up and put on his clothes, preparing to leave.

“Senior.”Yao Lan sat on the bed and looked at Omi with a burning gaze.

“Anything else?”Don Zimmer asked.

“Me.”Yao Lan was depressed, she had offered herself, but she actually asked if there was anything else, did she just sleep in vain.

“Senior, are you leaving?”

“Yes, thank you for your hospitality, and I’m going to continue on my way.”

“Senior, would it be alright if I let senior accompany you?”

“Uh, no, okay, kid, don’t think about it, just practice martial arts at home, and while I’m still here, I’ll instruct you in return for your service last night.”


“Oh.”Yao Lan looked like she was depressed, she offered everything, but in return she got a guide, alas, the world of the strong, it really was unreadable.

Actually, Omi also felt a little guilty inside, after all, this was the first time for a nineteen year old girl, if it was before, Omi would definitely be responsible, but now Omi felt a generation gap with these young girls, his daughter was as old as her, it was too embarrassing to bring her back.Although, this Yao Lan’s talent was still good, and it was possible to reach peak completion or even great completion in the future, if he brought her back, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for his family to have another strong person of this level.

However, Omi still couldn’t pull face.

Arriving in the courtyard, Omi spent an hour properly instructing Yao Lan.

Yao Lan seemed to be working hard, trying to perform in the last hour to try and get Omi to change his mind about her.Unfortunately, an hour passed quickly, and although her performance did make Omi feel that she was, indeed, a moldable talent, it failed to change the outcome of Omi’s dislike of her.

“Yao Lan, that’s it then, see you later.”

“Senior.”Yao Lan’s eyes were red as she looked at Omi.

“Uh, is there anything else?”

“No, it’s fine.”Yao Lan endured not crying.

The more Omi saw her like this, the more guilty he felt, it seems like he really can’t sleep in someone else’s bed in the future.

Omi no longer cared about her and flew up. One second to remember to read the book

Yao Lan was disappointed as she watched Omi fly away, shedding tears and saying to herself, “Senior, I really like you so much, I’m willing to let me be your maiden, why.”

Although Omi flew away, but, kept paying attention to Yao Lan who was behind him, hearing those words from Yao Lan, Omi stopped

“Little Fire, am I going too far.”

“Minister, to be honest, you’ve lived for more than seventy years, and maybe in your mind, it’s nothing more than sleeping around, because you’ve had so many women already, it’s no big deal.But in the eyes of a nineteen year old girl who sends her first time to you and you’re her first man, she’s giving something different than what you’ve given.”

“Well, what do you think I should do then?After all, this child, and Qin Nui can even be friends, my old face is not easy to let go.”

“Brother Minister, what’s the big deal, in the Great Martial Empire, wives can be granddaughters, there are plenty of them.I think, why don’t we take Yao Lan away, just think of it as taking in a goddaughter and adding a future strong person to your family, what’s wrong with that.”

“Alright, I’ll go ask her if she’s willing to come with me.”


Omi flew down.

“Senior.”Yao Lan was very happy to see Omi go and repeat.

Omi said, “Yao Lan, let me remind you first, I am not from the Great Precious Empire, I am from the Great Martial Empire, and the current Great Martial Empire royal family, is my family.If you’re willing, I can take you away, be my goddaughter or a concubine, you choose.”

“I’m willing, even if it’s a girl.”Yao Lan said without even thinking about it.

At this time, the Yao family’s fortress master was busy running out.

“Senior, don’t be a goddaughter ah.”

“Uh.”Omi looked embarrassed, Omi felt so shameless, he already had ten wives and was still looking for a goddaughter, of course, the people here, didn’t know that goddaughter had other meanings and thought that it was really a goddaughter.

“Senior, let my granddaughter be your concubine, I’ve been to the Great Martial Empire, it’s really good, not to mention you’re from the royal family, being able to be your concubine is also a blessing for my Yao Family Castle.”

“Oh, alright then.”Omi helplessly said.

Yao Lan was moved to tears.

“Alright, Barbra, you’ll be a member of my family from now on.By the way, I’m Shang Hong, of the Great Martial Empire, Shang Clan.”

“Shang Hong?Senior, are you Shang Hong?”The Yao family’s fortress master said somewhat incredulously.


“Wow, I didn’t expect you to be Shang Hong, we’re so lucky.”

“What? You know me too?”

“Senior, our town is on the border with the Great Martial Empire, there are often people from the Great Martial Empire who come here, and there are some strong people among them, your great name, I’ve heard about it from those strong people, they said that the Great Martial Empire, the current imperial family, has two of the most genius juniors, they are Shang Hong and Shang Cong, especially Shang Hong, the future is absolutely extraordinary, I didn’t expect that senior youIt’s Shang Hong.”

“Oh.”Omi laughed, I didn’t expect him to still have some fame, it had spread abroad.

However, it wasn’t surprising, after all, there weren’t many people in the entire world who reached the late stage of peak ascension at the age of sixty, so what was surprising about fame spreading abroad.Just like which empire, for example, had someone who was very powerful or very talented, Omi had heard about it just as much.For example, in the Great Precious Empire, there was a genius comparable to Omi, called Wei Ting, who also reached the late peak of his peak in his sixties.Omi heard about this person about six or seven years ago, and if he had the chance, Omi would still want to meet this genius comparable to himself.

The master of the Yao Family Fort, looked at Omi with eyes filled with admiration, this was a genius who could be on par with their Grand Precious Empire’s Wei Ting, never thought that his grandson would have the honor of becoming his concubine.

Omi Yao Jiabao had a breakfast.

Since Omi had decided to take Yao Lan as his concubine, he simply stayed here for a few more days, after all, he had been on a journey for half a year before and really needed to rest.

“Husband, wash your feet.”At night, Yao Lan fetched foot washing water for Omi.

Omi was still a little embarrassed, “That, don’t call me Husband first, although I promised to let you be my concubine, but after all, there hasn’t been a formal ceremony yet.”

Yao Lan said, “Grandfather, concubines are not qualified to hold wedding ceremonies, only wives have them.”

“Uh, yeah, oh, huh.”

“Also, concubine is not qualified to call you husband, I just don’t have the courage to call you that right now, I hope you don’t mind.”

“Uh, a concubine isn’t even qualified to call the word “husband”, so what is it called?”


“I’ll go.”

“Eun-Grandfather, let Lan Lan wash your feet.”

Omi was served by Yao Lan to wash his feet.

Omi inwardly said, “Just a matter of time, life is just a couple of hundred years, why live so restrictively.Other people have twenty or thirty wives, but I only have ten, and now I’m looking for one more concubine, so it’s not too much to ask.”

Omi’s heart stopped dwelling on this after he thought it through.A concubine, anyway, is not even eligible to cross the threshold, nor is the wedding, not even eligible to be called a husband, the status is not even comparable to that of a wife, it’s nothing.

That night, Omi hugged his concubine, feeling that being a human concubine was really pitiful.

“Do you regret it?”

“I don’t regret it, Grandpa En, I’m happy.”

“In the future, when no one is around, call me your husband.”

“But I’m afraid that if I get used to calling and can’t change it, I’ll be rude if I see your wives later.”

“Suit yourself then.”

“Eunuch, what brings you to the Great Precious Empire?I heard you say you were looking for someone.”

“Yes, looking for someone who disappeared a long time ago, she’s very beautiful, that’s why I’m asking around every place if there are any beautiful women, just to see if I can find her.”

“Oh, no wonder, so you’ll take me with you from now on?”

“Oh, looking for someone is just by the way, my main purpose, is to train and strengthen my strength, I may travel to some dangerous places later, taking you with me may not be a good thing, so let’s talk about it.”

“Oh, also, Grandfather En is a strong man, I am just weak.”

“Not so, it’s just for your own good, when I return to the Great Martial Empire in the future, I will naturally come to pick you up, of course, you can also go to the Great Martial Empire yourself, a place called Green Rose Villa, my people will make arrangements for you.”

“No need, I’ll just wait for you at home.”

“Oh, let’s talk about that, maybe bring you along.”


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