King of kings 1399-1400


After staying at the Yao Family Fort for a few days, Omi was almost rested and left the Yao Family Fort.

As for Yao Lan, Omi decided again and again that it was better not to bring her with him on the road, so that she could wait at the Yao Family Fort and would come to pick her up the next time Omi returned home.

“Brother Chen, where are we going to find a beautiful woman now?”Little Fire asked.

“Ugh, I kind of don’t want to look for it, I’m just afraid that another situation like Yao Lan will end up forcing me to do what.”

“Brother Chen, if we don’t look for it, how are we going to find Mu Qianji.”

“I’m sure that Mu Qianji is not in the Great Precious Empire.”


“If she’s in the Great Precious Empire, there’s no reason why she wouldn’t go back to me, after nearly forty years, I don’t believe she couldn’t find the time.So, she’s definitely not in the Great Precious Empire.”

“Seems to make some sense, then according to you, she can’t be in any other empire either.In this world, there are only six empires in total, and more than forty years, even if she was in the farthest empire, it would be enough time to go back to find you.”

“I don’t understand, I’m afraid she’s already been killed.”

“It’s also possible that she’s lost her memory?” First web site

“Then let’s look for more, now we’re looking for also very famous beauties, usually not in small places, because with Mu Qianji’s beauty, it’s unlikely that he’ll only be famous in a small area.”

Omi went straight to the imperial capital of the Great Precious Empire.

At an inn.

“In charge, do you know who the number one beauty of the Great Precious Empire is?”Omi asked.

“Uh, this guest, I don’t know who the first beauty is because we all have different aesthetics, but I know who the two most recognized beauties of the Grand Precious Empire are.”

“Two great beauties, tell me.”

“Hehe, you’re asking the right person about that, the first beauty, Wen Xia, and the second beauty, Yin Hua.”

Omi asked, “Is there a beautiful woman named Mu Qianji?”

“Uh, I don’t know about that, I only know that the two beauties of the Great Precious Empire that have made all the strongest people recognize them are Wen Xia and Yin Hua.”

“Oh, how old are they?”Omi asked again.

“Wen Xia is in her fifties, and Yin Hua is in her forties.Moreover, these two beauties are still extremely talented, that Wen Xia, she’s around fifty-three, she’s already in the early stages of peak ascension, her talent is extraordinary ah.That Yin Hua, forty-six, is already a grandmaster, and is also about to step into peak ascension.”

Omi laughed, Omi was fifty-five years old before stepping into Ancestor, so it seemed that this Wenxia was indeed quite a strong person.

It was just that Omi was not interested, because he could be sure that neither Wenxia nor Yin Hua were Mu Qianji, Mu Qianji was the same age as Omi and was over seventy.

Omi increasingly felt that the chances of finding Mu Qianji were slim.

At this time, the innkeeper said, “Guest, you came to the capital, you didn’t come for Wenxia, did you?”


“Guest, if you’re interested, you can try it out.”

“Try what?”Omi was a bit of a moody man.

“Wenxia’s grand master, is looking for a companion for his Xuan Sun Wenxia, age requirement, between fifty and eighty, I think you’re quite handsome, might as well give it a go.”

“Not interested.”Omi shook his head and said.

That shopkeeper laughed and said, “That’s true, after all, it’s futile for you to try.”


br /> “Uh, why do you say that, how do you know that even if I try, it will be in vain.”Omi frowned at the shopkeeper.

“Haha, guest, don’t be angry, I didn’t mean that, what I meant was, after all, Wen Xia is recognized as one of the two most beautiful women in the Great Precious Empire, and her father is one of the kings of the Great Precious Empire, a strong man of the first stage of Return to Void, where can ordinary people match, the person they are looking for, naturally, the conditions are also very high.Besides, there are plenty of people who want to marry Wen Xia, even Gao Mingyi has participated, the others naturally don’t have a chance.”

“Gao Mingyi?”Omi was somewhat familiar, it seemed like he had heard that name before.

“Uh, no way, you don’t even know Gao Mingyi, do you know that Wei Ting?”

“Wei Ting I know, Great Precious Empire, the geniuses who stepped into the late peak of Dengfeng at the age of sixty.”

“Haha, that’s right, in our Great Precious Empire, there are three who have stepped into the late peak ascension at the age of sixty, the first, Wei Ting, stepped into the late peak ascension at the age of 62; the second, Guo Bai, stepped into the late peak ascension at the age of 66; and the third, Gao Mingyi, stepped into the late peak ascension at the age of 69.These three, are currently, the three strongest geniuses in our Great Precious Empire.”

“Oh, come to think of it, no wonder it’s familiar.”

“That’s why it’s useless even if you go to participate, as long as Gao Mingyi is there, it’s impossible for anyone to get Wen Xia, a great beauty.Unless Wei Ting, or Guo Bai also participates.”That shopkeeper said.

Omi snorted, “Are you that sure?”

“Yes, but I heard that there is a similar genius in the Great Martial Empire, his name is Shang Hong, if Shang Hong comes to participate, he might be able to compete with Gao Mingyi, the others, well, don’t even think about it.”

Omi smiled, “Even you know about Shang Hong.”

“That’s right, I at least opened a shop in the imperial capital, with so many people coming and going north and south, what news would I not know, some of the strong people who eat at my inn, as long as they mention Wei Ting, Guo Bai, and Gao Mingyi, they will naturally mention that Shang Hong from the Great Martial Empire.I heard that that Shang Hong, at 63 years old, stepped into the late peak stage, tsk tsk, it’s just a little bit worse than Wei Ting.”The shopkeeper said with eyes full of admiration.

Omi smiled speechlessly, thinking that he had left the Great Martial Empire so far away without any news of the Great Martial Empire, he never thought that he would still hear his own fame.

Unfortunately, this shopkeeper, however, did not know that the person in front of him was Shang Hong.

Omi asked, “If I want to participate in Wenxia’s husband selection contest, where should I go?”

“Go directly to the Wanyang Royal Palace to register ah, and then you can go to the selection when the time comes, if you really want to go and have a good time, then hurry oh, because the registration deadline is today.”

“Oh, I know.”

Xiao Er brought up the food and Omi started to eat.

Little Fire emerged from Omi’s arms.

“Brother Chen, you really want to attend, that Wenxia and Yin Hua, it’s obvious that they’re not Mu Qianji.”

Omi said, “I’m going to attend, the purpose is not for that Wenxia, I’m only going for that Gao Mingyi.That Gao Mingyi, who is also in his sixties and has stepped into the late stage of peak ascension, is equal to me in the Grand Precious Empire, I want to meet him for a while.”

“But what if you lose?”

“Hahaha, if you lose then so be it, after all, this kind of opponent at the same level is hard to find in the entire world.That’s why I came out to practice, isn’t it.”

“But what if you win?”

“Winning?Oh, then just marry Wen Xia, anyway, Wen Xia is fifty-three years old and has reached the early stage of peak ascension, this talent, in the future, can definitely reach the first stage of returning to the Void, I have such a strong wife, I’m not at a disadvantage.”


“Also, it’s not a disadvantage anyway, your grandfather would still be happy if he knew that you were able to marry such a genius woman.At first, your grandfather even wanted you to marry that married woman, that Liu Hua is a lot worse compared to Wenxia.”

“Alright, that’s not the purpose, my main purpose is to meet that Gao Mingyi for a while.”

After Omi ate, he immediately ran to the Wen Yang Wangfu.

Wen Xia’s grand master, called Wen Yang, was a strong man of the first stage of Returning Void, but, already 190 years old, he only had about ten years to live.

Since Wen Yang, his sons, grandsons, and talents were not very outstanding, the strongest only reached the Dengfeng Great Perfection, and failed to step into the Returning Void.Fortunately, his Xuan granddaughter, Wen Xia, had given him hope to step into the Returned Void in the future.

However, the more genius one was, the more proud they were, and the more beautiful they were, so Wen Xia was very discerning, and at fifty-three years old, she still hadn’t had a man in her sights.

Even if it was Gao Mingyi, she couldn’t look at him.

Gao Mingyi had chased her before, but she rejected it, not because Gao Mingyi’s talent wasn’t good, in fact, Gao Mingyi was 69 years old to reach the late peak of the peak, this talent was no one else.

However, Wenxia really couldn’t love Gao Mingyi’s appearance.Every time when taking a bath, Wenxia admired her perfect body in the mirror, she felt that, if she didn’t find a man who could look past her, she was really sorry for this body, she would rather not have a man, than to let an ugly man defile her so sexy body.Of course, although Wenxia was narcissistic, she did have narcissistic capital.

At this moment, at the Wen Yang Royal Palace.

“Miss, the registration period is about to close, and so far, thousands of people have already registered.” Remember the URL


“Miss, Gao Mingyi has signed up, what are you going to do ah, you rejected him before, I didn’t expect that he would be so thick-skinned.However, this time, it was held for you by the Imperial Master, you had to choose one, and there is no doubt that in the end, Gao Mingyi was bound to stand out, in fact, he has already stood out.At that time, you will have to marry him.”

A beautiful looking woman, sighed, “It seems that this is fate, I was destined to marry an ugly man, no matter how many times I rejected Gao Mingyi before, I didn’t expect that in the end, I would still have to fall into his hands.I have such a perfect body, the thought of having an ugly man touch me gives me goosebumps.”

“Miss, why don’t you run away from the marriage.”

“I can’t escape, my grandfather doesn’t have much time left, I can’t be so ungrateful, it’s just that I’m resigned to my fate.Where in the world can there be such a perfect person who is handsome and talented at the same time, there simply isn’t one.”Wenxia sighed in depression, inwardly already planning, let Gao Mingyi spoil it.

Omi came to the registration desk.

“Hello, are there any more registrations?”

“Uh, I can’t believe you’re so late, but registration is three months long, but it’s nice of you to rush, we’re about to close registration.”

“Oh, I can’t help it, I just heard the news, that one, sign up.”

“Say, what’s the name?”

Omi thought about it, but he would rather not give the name ‘Shang Hong’, after all, the name Shang Hong had a certain rank among the upper echelons of the Great Precious Empire’s powerful.

Omi said, “I’m Omi, 73 this year.”

“Alright, it’s already registered, please come here tomorrow morning for the first level


“So soon.”

“Not so fast. It’s been three months, and the first people to sign up are getting tired of waiting.”


Omi returned to the inn.

At the moment, he was at a mansion.

“Young Master, you’ve been waiting for so long, and it’s finally going to start tomorrow.”

“Hmph, Wenxia is mine.”A man said, this man was around 76 years old, he was Gao Mingyi of the Great Precious Empire, one of the three most famous geniuses, he was 69 years old when he stepped into the late stage of peak ascension, now it had been seven years, in these seven years, he had comprehended the perfect state of mind of peak ascension five times.

“Haha, that’s for sure, before that Wenxia had been rejecting your pursuit, never thought that she would end up becoming your woman.”

Gao Mingyi said, “This woman, I had been chasing her hard for twenty years before, my talent, I’ve been famous since I was twenty, but she didn’t look at my talent, and she kept discarding me as too ugly.Does she think that she can really find one who is handsome and has the same talent as me?Ridiculous, there aren’t any in the world, and even if there were, it wouldn’t be her turn.”

“That’s right, there are only a few oh geniuses of your level in the world, it’s ridiculous that she’s aiming so high.”

“Alright, let’s not talk about her, no matter how much she dislikes me, at any rate, she’s going to become my woman soon.I’m going to fuck her up, vent some of my devotion to her these past twenty years, and show her how ugly people make her happy, hahaha.”

“Hehe, small congratulations in advance to Young Master.”

The next day, Omi arrived at the Wenyang Wangfu.

At a glance, wow, so many people, at least thousands of people.

It seemed that it was really not easy for Omi to fight with Gao Mingyi, as for Wen Xia, a beautiful woman, Omi really didn’t take it to heart, if he won, depending on his mood, if he was in a good mood, it wouldn’t matter if he married one more, if he was in a bad mood, then he would just leave.

The steward of the Wenyang Palace said to everyone who had signed up, “Everyone, you’ve been waiting for a few months, and today the sea selection will finally begin.I’ll tell you the rules about how the competition will be conducted, and I won’t talk about the age between fifty and eighty years old.First of all, the Wenxia County Master Husband Selection Competition will be chosen based on final scores.Anyone with a final score of 400 points or more will be allowed to be selected by Lord Wenxia.So, everyone will have a chance oh not just the strongest.”

“Ohhhhh.”Hearing this, everyone shouted excitedly, before everyone said that the final one would definitely be Gao Mingyi, but they didn’t expect that it would be according to the score, and those with a score of 400 points, all of them could have their face selected by County Master Wenxia, so it wasn’t just Gao Mingyi who could be selected.

Right now, in the crowd, a man was very upset, he was Gao Mingyi, he originally thought that he would choose whoever was stronger in the end.

The butler said, “So, how did everyone get their scores?Everyone listen up.”

Everyone listened with rapt attention.

“Scores will be obtained in the following manner: first, appearance score, total score 30; second, age score, total score 30; third, birth, total score 50; fourth, harmony ability, total score 30.”

At this point, one person asked, “What is Harmony Ability?”

“Hey, if we choose a husband for the princess, of course we have to consider the other party’s physical condition too, if we choose a sexually impotent one for the princess, do you think it’s okay?So the capacity for harmony, naturally, means harmony between husband and wife.”


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