King of kings 1401-1425

Chapter 1401

“Oh, that.”Everyone nodded, it did make sense.

“Fifth, eye contact, for a total of 20 points.”

Another person asked, “What’s eye contact?”

“The eye edge is, our Wenxia County Lord’s eye edge on you, this score, will be scored by the County Lord.Sixth, talent, 200 points; seventh, actual combat, 150 points.”

“Alright, the above six items, that’s how you will be scored, the total score will add up to 530 points, as long as the final score can exceed 400 points, all of you will have the opportunity to meet with our Wenxia County Lord and let the County Lord choose.Today, we will be doing the first, second, and third items, which are appearance score, age score, and family history score.Please line up one by one and enter the three special rooms, each room will have ten people to score you for these three items and receive your score cards.”

The next step was the long queue of scoring.

Omi wasn’t in a hurry, so let’s queue up honestly.

That Gao Mingyi, however, didn’t have the patience to queue up and directly entered the scoring site.

There were three rooms at the scoring site, and each person whose turn it was, entered each of the three rooms one by one.

Right now, in the first room, there were ten people, these ten people were responsible for scoring the appearance scores, all of them were female, all of them were maidens of the Wanyang Royal Palace.

Yes, let the girls score the appearance, they knew best who was ugly and who was handsome. One second to remember to read the book

“You’re so ugly, give you three points, next.”

“Hey, disgusting looking, two points, no more.Next.”

“Pfft, vomit, this product also dares to come, who gave him confidence, one point.”

At this moment, Gao Mingyi’s face was chilly, yes, this score just now was his, these girls didn’t know Gao Mingyi, they couldn’t see the strength of the other’s martial arts, much less be affected by any fame.After Gao Mingyi walked in, those girls actually gave him such a rating, saying that he dared to come even with such goods, who gave him confidence, this word, deeply hurt Gao Mingyi.

Gao Mingyi led a one point sign out of the room, his men saw, busy comforting: “It’s okay, young master, although it’s one point, but this total score is only 30 points ah, behind the talent score but there are 200, at that time is your world.”

Gao Mingyi only this heart comfortable some thought, in his heart cursed, those girls, no wonder a lifetime of girls, no point of vision.

Gao Mingyi entered the second room again, he was 76 years old, a bit on the older side, and his skin was dark and looked significantly older, so Gao Mingyi got 10 points for his appearance.

The third room, family history, Gao Mingyi was also the son and grandson of a marquis king, and for this one, he received 30 points.

In total, Takayuki earned 41 points for his three items today.

Just like that, round after round, it was finally Omi’s turn.

Omi entered the first room.

“Wow!”Ten maidens squealed out at once.

The ten girls said excitedly, “Finally a decent one has come.”

“What’s decent, it’s like a male god coming down, okay.”

“Full marks.”

“So handsome, I so hope he and the princess become a pair.”

Omi led the 30 points sign out of the first room.

Don Omi came into the second room.

“How old are you?”


“Uh, 73 and still looks so young, well, not bad, this score can’t be low.”A few family members from the second room that scored the second room said that the second room was scored by the Wanyang royal family, they also couldn’t see the strength and weren’t affected in any way, they only looked at the appearance of being young or not.

However, although Omi didn’t look old, at least his age was there, so Omi only received 20 points.

The third room.

“May I ask, which family do you come from?”

“Uh, no family,”Don Omi said.

“What about your family, are there any strong people in your family?”


sp; “No.”

“So, sorry then, we can only give you zero points for this one.”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter.”

Just like that, Omi received a total of 50 points.

The first day of the selection was over.

Omi went back to the inn first, and the second day of the selection would take place tomorrow.

The second day tomorrow would be conducted, Harmony Ability Score, Eye Edge Score, and Talent Score.

The third day would be conducted, the actual battle score.Then, it would be, those with 400 points or more, all of them would meet with Princess Wenxia and come up with the winner.A total of three days.


In Wenxia’s boudoir.

“Miss, the first day’s score ranking is out.”

“Let me see.”

One of the men showed a list to Wenxia.

Wenxia saw one called Omi, and his appearance score received a perfect score.

“Strange, how can someone have such a high appearance score, who is this Omi, who actually had ten girls give him a full score.”

“Yes, Miss, I’m surprised too, those ten maidens are the ten most discerning maidens in our house who were specially selected.And this Omi, he actually scored full marks for his appearance, besides him, there’s no one else who scored more than 10.”

“Oh, what’s Gao Mingyi’s total score?”

“One point for Gao Mingyi’s appearance, full points for his family history, and a total score of forty-one.”

Wenxia sighed, “These are just small points, he will definitely get a perfect score in tomorrow’s talent test, alas, I am still his after all.”

The next day, Omi went to the Wen Yang Wangfu after breakfast.

Omi was curious as to how today’s Harmony Ability score should be assessed.

Omi and the others lined up, and soon after, the butler came out.

“Everyone, what will be going on today is, the Harmony Ability Score, the Eye Edge Score, and the Talent Score.The first item to be conducted is, Harmony Ability Rating, please line up and enter the room one by one.In the room, there are ten women, the professionals we hired from the Ten Thousand Flowers House.”

“Pfft.”Omi almost vomited, a professional hired from the House of Ten Thousand Flowers, a prostitute is a prostitute, and a professional.

“Alright, let’s line up one by one.”

Gao Mingyi still didn’t line up today and was directly the first to enter.

“Take off your clothes.”

Gao Mingyi was depressed that he was light for the three great geniuses, but for Wenxia, he endured.

Those ten green house women, really professional, just helped Gao Mingyi move a few times, Gao Mingyi was nano.

One of the women said, “Your harmony ability is a bit low.”

“Who said it’s low.”Gao Mingyi said unconvinced.

“Oh, we’re professionals, trust us.”The other woman said.

“Alright, 3 points, no more.”

Gao Mingyi walked away with the three points sign in frustration, cursing in his heart, “Bunch of bitches.”

One by one, they took turns to enter the room, and those ten professional women, who would not wrong any of them, were indeed professional enough to look at the eyes and almost come up with the score, and then move a few hands to determine the score.

After an hour of wheeling, it was Omi’s turn.

Omi walked in, and one of the women signaled to Omi that what.

“Well, this one doesn’t have a low score at a glance.”

A few minutes later, Omi walked out of the room, he had a score board in his hand, the sign read: 30 points.

Omi was quite speechless, those professional people, it’s not like they did anything with Omi, they just casually moved their hands, and gave him such a high score, are they really so professional that they can tell if they are capable or not by looking at it?Well, Don could only believe that they really were professionals.


A few hours later, the harmony scores had all been evaluated.

“Everyone, this is the next item that will be scored by our Lord Wenxia herself, I hope that you will clean up your grooming, enter the room one by one, and then exit through the side door to keep order.Our Lord Wenxia is already seated in the room, and she will be giving you the eye scores for you all.”

After more than an hour of rounds, it was Omi’s turn again, Omi walked into the room, he also wanted to see if County Lord Wenxia was really beautiful.

Entering the room, Omi saw a woman at a glance, sitting above the room, the woman was a hundred times bored, without even looking at Omi to write zero zero points.

Because the thousands of men who just came in, all of them made her feel like she had no eye contact with them, and all of them scored zero points.

Omi was speechless, not even a little eye contact with him.

Right at this moment, that Sheriff was busy saying, “Wait a moment.”

“Is there anything else.”

“Give me your score card.”

Omi handed the score card to Wenxia, and Wenxia looked at Omi as she gulped and changed the zero score, to thirty.

“Handsome, really handsome, what’s your name please?”Wenxia asked. First URL

“Don Omi.”

“Uh, Don Omi?Is that the Omi who gave you full marks for all ten maids yesterday?”

“Yes, and just now, full marks for harmony ability,”Omi said.

That Wenxia blushed, her heart pounding, what a perfect man.

“It’s nothing I’m going out, there’s still a lot of people in line behind me.”Omi said.

“Wait a minute.”

“Uh, what else is there.”

“Well, I didn’t mean to give you a zero just now, I didn’t really look at you, I thought you were ugly again like the ones who came in earlier, so you won’t be mad.”

“Oh, I won’t be mad.”

“So, let’s talk about it then, shall we?”

“Uh, Winxia-sama, there’s a lot of people lined up back there.”

“Don’t mind them.”

“Suit yourself then.”Omi waved his hand, this county princess was also a real nymphomaniac, she didn’t want anything when she saw a handsome one.

“What’s your name?”

Omi rolled his eyes and said, “Sheriff, I’ve just asked, my name is Omi, so don’t get so excited, okay?Forgetting what was asked.”

The Sheriff blushed for a moment, yes, she looked at the Don’s heart beating so fast that she had forgotten what she had asked.

“I’m sorry, I, I, you don’t think I’m stupid, do you.”

“Oh, no, I’ve seen a lot, you’re not the first woman who’s made a fool of me.”

“You’re so direct,”Wenxia said shyly.

“Hahaha, I’m that direct, do you like it.”

“You, what realm are you in?”

“Late peak ascension.”

“Uh, if you’re that strong, how old are you now?Why do you look quite young.”

“I am 73 this year.”

“Ah, seventy-three years old, late peak, and so handsome, oh my god, am I dreaming?”

Don Omi walked up and said, “Do you want me to test if you’re dreaming.”

“How do I test it?”

Omi suddenly hugged Wenxia and kissed her fiercely.

“Ugh.”Wenxia sucked in a mouthful of cold air, her eyes widening, this man, even.

Here she was, being kissed first, and the husband selection contest hadn’t even been chosen yet.

However, it felt so wonderful, and Wenxia didn’t push it away.

At this moment, outside, there was already a lot of discussion.

“I go, who just went in, why hasn’t he come out now.”

“Yeah, it’s been too long, which son of a bitch, he hasn’t come out yet.”

“He wouldn’t have done anything to County Mistress Wenxia, would he?”

In the crowd outside, Gao Mingyi’s brow was furrowed as well.

Because everyone who went in, came out in ten seconds, but, the one who just went in, it had been several minutes.

Gao Mingyi was afraid that something had happened to Wenxia, and immediately slapped the window handle to split it open.

“Boom.”The window of that room was blown open, and after it was blown open, almost everyone, at a glance, saw inside the room, the man who had just entered, was pressing County Wenxia against the wall, one hand holding the wall, one hand holding County Wenxia’s waist, while the lips, were kissing with County Wenxia’s lips, and County Wenxia seemed to be a little enthralled.

“Phew!”Everyone took a breath of cold air.

Stunned, it seemed like they couldn’t believe what their eyes saw.

That Gao Mingyi saw the woman he had been pursuing for twenty years, being kissed by a son of a bitch who came from nowhere and was forced to kiss at the scoring site, his heart was so angry that his body was already trembling.

“I’ll chop you.”Gao Mingyi Ton struck down at that house with a sword.

“Boom.”A cloud of dust lifted.

In the dust, two figures flew out, it was Omi, hugging County Mistress Wenxia.

Omi stood in mid-air with Wenxia in his arms and asked, “Who just disturbed me from kissing?”

“Whew!”The crowd sucked in another breath of cold air when they saw that son of a bitch still dared to ask who the fuck was bothering him to kiss him.It was so crazy.

Gao Mingyi’s angry heart and chest were rising and falling at the moment, as if it was the first time in so many years that he was angry like this, because, he saw in the eyes of this unknown son of a bitch, ignoring him, as if he Gao Mingyi didn’t seem to let him scruple.Why else would he dare to ask, who interrupted his kissing words.

Wenxia was embraced by Omi in mid-air, close to Omi, her body are soft, she has been searching inside, is such a man ah, infinitely domineering, so that she is full of security.

Omi pointed at Gao Mingyi and said, “You’re Gao Mingyi, I’ve heard of you for a long time, you’ve stepped into the late peak stage at the age of sixty-nine, not bad, I like this kind of opponent.”

At this moment, a strong man from the Returning Void Stage flew in.

“What kind of person is causing trouble?”That Returning Void strong man roared.

When Omi saw this, he let go of Wenxia and smiled, “Senior, pay your respects to Senior Wen Yang.”

“Who are you?How dare you mess with my Xuan granddaughter’s husband selection contest.”

“Senior, I didn’t mess up, but just now, both of us were attracted to each other and couldn’t help ourselves, so we kissed inside.”

“You you you.”Gao Mingyi’s body trembled more than a little when he heard the kiss.

Wenxia blushed, it was too crazy.

That Returned Void strong man snorted, “Quickly report your name, otherwise, I won’t be polite.”

Omi saw that the Returned Void strong man was indeed angry, so he gave his real name, lest he really killed him, and Omi gave his real name, so he might not dare to do anything to Omi.

Omi said, “Senior Shang Hong, a son of the Shang clan of the Great Martial Empire, just happened to be touring the Great Precious Empire this time, and just happened to see County Wynxia choosing her husband.I didn’t intend to participate, but the inn manager said I would come for nothing because Gao Mingyi was there, so I came to compete with him.Unexpectedly, junior is not talented, full marks for appearance, full marks for harmony ability, and met with the princess, fell in love with each other at first sight, and then it was involuntary, everyone saw it.”


“You, you’re Shang Hong of the Great Martial Empire?”


Wen Yang had been very angry, but when he heard Omi say that he was Shang Hong, and looking at Omi’s appearance, he was indeed a man of genius, so his anger was suppressed, no matter what, he was a member of the Great Martial Empire’s royal family, and this man he didn’t dare to provoke.

“Shang Hong, you’re welcome to participate in my granddaughter’s husband selection contest, but please pay attention to the implications, you kissed my Xuan granddaughter in public like that, how do you want her to marry in the future.”

Omi laughed, “Senior Wen Yang, in that case, the husband selection contest ends here, I’ll take it, County Mistress Wen Yang.”

“You’re dreaming.”That Gao Mingyi yelled.

Omi looked back at Gao Mingyi and smiled, “I almost forgot about you, just as well, Gao Mingyi, don’t wait for tomorrow either, we’ll have a battle today, if you win against me, I’ll leave immediately, if you lose against me, you’ll leave immediately, and you’re not allowed to disturb my wife Wen Xia from now on, how about it?”

“Don’t you dare say another word about your wife try.”Gao Mingyi gritted his teeth.

Omi laughed, “Gao Mingyi, I heard that your harmony score, only two winds, just like that, you also dare to delay taking a wife?You’re not afraid of your wife wearing something green for you.”

“You you you.”

“Oh, I can’t believe I’m telling you that your wife actually brought you one?Hahaha.” Remember the URL

“Die, if I don’t kill you today, I’m your grandson.”

At this time, Wen Yang was busy saying, “Gao Mingyi, don’t be impulsive.”

“Don’t stop me, don’t stop anyone.”

Wen Yang said, “Gao Mingyi, you have just heard, he is Shang Hong, the Imperial Family of the Great Martial Empire, you can’t afford to provoke him, although you are also a child of the Zhuwang Family, but, your Zhuwang Family is still much different from the Great Martial Empire Shang Clan.”

“I don’t care, I want to kill him.”

Omi said, “Senior Wen Yang, there’s no need to stop him, I’m just as eager to meet him and see how powerful the Great Precious Empire, this Gao Mingyi who’s on par with me, is.”

“Buzz.”Right at this moment, Gao Mingyi, a sword, killed up.

“Broken Sword.”Gao Mingyi shouted.

The entire Grand Precious Empire knew that Gao Mingyi’s martial arts, his own creation of the Broken Sword, was really so strong that it was boundless, and right now seeing Gao Mingyi use the Broken Sword, the whole place was as excited as chicken blood.

When Omi saw Gao Mingyi’s Broken Sword, he said in his heart, “What a great Broken Sword, a bit powerful, but unfortunately, it’s still not as powerful as my Endless Gong.”

“A sword for eternal sleep.”Omi clattered and drew his sword to meet him.

One Sword Eternal Sleep, this was basically already Omi’s strongest move, I’m sure Gao Mingyi also took out his strongest move at once, after all, no one was in the mood to fight slowly on this occasion.

“Puff.”Omi’s Endless Sword broke open Gao Mingyi’s Broken Sword in one go, and at the same time, Gao Mingyi’s clothes also broke open.

“Boom.”Their sword energies collided intensely, and Gao Mingyi took a dozen steps back before stopping, while Omi remained motionless.

Outsiders might not be able to see it, but that Wen Yang, who was in the first stage of the Returned Void, was shocked: “Shang Hong is worthy of being the strongest genius in the Great Martial Empire, it’s really powerful, his sword technique is far superior to Gao Mingyi’s Broken Sword, he’s been unable to find a flaw even for me, his sword technique is so brilliant that it surpasses my Returned Void stage, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.

It’s really hard to believe.”

In Omi’s Endless Merit, because of the chance that he had been fortunate enough to incorporate the sense of space last time in the ocean whirlpool, Omi’s sword technique had surpassed the level of returning to emptiness.

Gao Mingyi’s Broken Sword was only to the extent of Omi’s Endless Sword Technique before he had integrated the sense of space, so it was not surprising that Gao Mingyi had lost to Omi, not to mention that Omi had already comprehended the peak perfection intent six times, while Gao Mingyi had only done so five times, and was weaker than Omi no matter which aspect.

The entire audience looked at Omi in horror.

Omi smiled, “The legendary Gao Mingyi has finally learned today, but that’s all.”

At this moment, Gao Mingyi’s face was pale, he couldn’t believe that he had lost to Shang Hong, although, Shang Hong was also a genius on the same level as him, losing to him wasn’t a disgrace, but it was a woman that was at stake.

Omi looked at Wenxia, who was now looking at Omi with eyes full of picked up treasures.

Wenxia swore inside, not Shang Hong not marry, only Shang Hong, only to accompany have her that perfect body, thinking of here, Wenxia small face a blush.

Omi smiled, “Princess Wenxia, is there any need to continue your husband selection contest?”

“There’s no need.”Wen Xia turned to her grandfather said, “Grandfather, thank you for your kindness, I have found my ideal husband, it turns out that I have been single for more than fifty years, but it was arranged by the heavens, hehe, grandfather, I hope you will fulfill me, I am not married to Shang Hong.”

That Wen Yang is a bit hesitant, a good husband selection contest, stopping halfway.

“Shang Hong, by all means, you are not from the Great Precious Empire, I can’t agree, but, I know Xiaoxia’s personality, I can’t persuade her anymore.In that case, I ask you, are you truly devoted to her?”

Omi laughed and said, “Wenxia is also a woman with exceptional talent, and she is so beautiful, what reason do I have not to be sincere.”

“Alright, I’ll leave her to you then.”

“No.”In the distance, Gao Mingyi hissed.

Wen Yang sighed and said, “Gao Mingyi, I’m really sorry, I know you adore Xiaoxia and have been pursuing her for more than twenty years, but you haven’t been able to make her like you for more than twenty years, which means you’re not destined for each other at all, so why do you have to force yourself.”

Wenxia also said, “That’s right, Gao Mingyi, I don’t like you, I’m not married to Shang Hong now, so you should die.”

Gao Mingyi swore and said, “Shang Hong, just wait for me, I will defeat you.”

“Haha, you’re welcome to challenge me again, I’ll wait for you oh.”Omi said.

Gao Mingyi flew away in pain.

“Ugh.”Wen Yang looked at Omi and sighed, not expecting that his precious Xuan granddaughter would end up getting away from the Great Martial Empire.

Omi looked at the other participants on the ground and said, “Who else of you is not convinced?”

No one spoke, even Gao Mingyi was defeated, who else dared to disobey.

“Since no one disobeys, let’s disperse, and remember from now on, Wen Xia, is my Shang Hong’s woman.”

Everyone discarded their score cards and depressedly left.

A huge competition to choose a husband ended halfway.

Wen Yang said, “Shang Hong, please come into the house, since you have decided to marry my Xuan Sun, you will also be the son-in-law of my Wen Yang Wangfu in the future, and you are expected to pay more attention to my Wen Yang Wangfu in the future.”


“Grandpa, that’s for sure.”

“Oh, you kid.”Wen Yang was speechless when he saw Omi calling him grandpa so actively, but he was quite happy to hear it.Although he didn’t really want Wenxia to marry into the Great Martial Empire in his heart, but the matter was irreversible, so he could only accept it.

Omi stayed at the Wen Yang Wangfu, and this matter quickly spread in the Imperial City of the Great Precious Empire.

The first genius of the Great Martial Empire, Shang Hong, had defeated Gao Mingyi and married Wen Xia, and either incident was sensational enough.

In the Wanyang Royal Palace, the boudoir of County Mistress Wenxia, a few discordant sounds were heard from time to time.

Below the courtyard, several maids were whispering.

“Young Miss is also in too much of a hurry.”

“Yeah, it was only in the morning that he was confirmed as the young mistress, and this afternoon, he’s got the county mistress that.”

“The county princess has probably met her true love, otherwise she wouldn’t have agreed to be that guy so quickly.”

“Hehe, young mistress is worthy of a full harmony score.”A girl said with an envious face.

“Hollow, keep your voice down, they’re strong people, it’s easy to hear.” One second to remember to read the book

In the room.

Omi smiled hehely and said, “Downstairs in the courtyard a few maids are whispering, as if they are talking about us.”

Wenxia stared at Omi with a blushing face and said, “It’s all you, what’s the hurry, if the people in my house know that we’re in such a hurry, they’ll definitely laugh at me.”

“Laugh at you for what?”

“The joke is that I’ve been single for over fifty years and can’t hold back.”


“Husband, how many wives do you have besides me?”


“So few.”

“Ah.”Omi was stunned to say so little.

“Ten isn’t much, right, there’s a concubine.”

“Ten isn’t much ah, you’re royalty ah, thirty to fifty is normal ah, and you’re so talented, I thought you had at least thirty wives, I didn’t expect it to be only ten, Husband, you’re really so pure oh.”

“I’ll go.”Omi was speechless, he had turned pure, sometimes, Omi didn’t even know what people in this world thought anymore.

However, compared to others, such as Shang Stubborn, Omi did have more than half the number of wives, which was mainly because Omi was demanding and not many of them met his criteria, that’s why he hadn’t married.

Wen Xia said, “Husband, our Grand Precious Empire, there is another woman who is not inferior to me, oh, do you want to marry them together.”

“Wen Xia, are you sincere?Why do I get the feeling you’re testing me.”Omi said with a wipe of cold sweat.

“Of course I’m sincere, since I’ve decided to live with you, of course I want our future family to be strong ah.If you’re able to marry a woman with strong talent again, I’m very supportive of you, the person I just told you about, she’s Yin Hua, our Great Precious Empire, one of the two great beauties.Hehe, do you know which two beauties they are?”

Omi was speechless, “There’s another one isn’t it you, you’re deliberately making me say that, what a narcissist.”

“Ooh, she was already the recognized beauty of the Great Precious Empire, okay.Alright, back to Yin Hua, it would be great if you could really marry her.”

“You’re not jealous, ah.”

“I can’t be happy enough, Yin Hua is so talented, she must be a strong person in the future, so that our family will be even stronger in the future, it will be good for me too, how would I be jealous, how do you

It’s going to be like that.”

Omi was speechless, the women of this world, all thoughts were for the family.

Omi said, “I don’t have any thoughts about that Yin Hua, originally you were also unexpected, my purpose to come out is to travel, on the one hand I still have to find someone, so it’s better to forget it.”

Wen Xia helplessly said, “Well, you don’t have much of a chance anyway, that Yin Hua isn’t so easy to marry, her family is illustrious, she’s the ruling power of the Great Precious Empire, the Golden Moon Gate Master’s own granddaughter, and she’s the rightful Princess Xuan of the Great Precious Empire.”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Yeah, I heard that Wei Ting and Guo Bai, both of them like Yin Hua very much, maybe, in the future, Yin Hua will choose one of them, after all, she is a woman, it’s impossible not to get married.”

“Alright, it’s none of my business, let’s keep coming.”

“Ah, keep coming.”

Omi stayed at Wen Yang’s palace for a few days, and Wen Yang said to Omi, “Shang Hong, on the eighth day of next month, it’s a good day, on my side, let’s set the wedding for the eighth day of next month.”


“As for your side, when to hold it, that’s up to you to draw up your own plans, I must hold the wedding here, because I must let the entire Great Precious Empire know that my Xuan granddaughter, married to your Great Martial Empire’s Shang royal family, understand.”

“Oh, Grandfather, I understand.”Omi nodded his head, the reason why he wanted to let the entire Great Precious Empire know was of course to warn so and so about their relationship between the Wanyang royal family and the Shang clan, whoever dared to touch the Wanyang royal family in the future would also have to consider the Shang clan factor.

In the blink of an eye, the eighth day of the next month arrived.

Omi and Wen Xia, the wedding was held as scheduled, as for who was invited to the wedding, Omi didn’t need to care, it was a matter for the people of the Wen Yang family.

“Congratulations, brother Shang Hong.”A young man arched his hand at Omi.

“Uh, and you are?”Omi felt that this man in front of him was very strong and imposing, he must have come from a big place.

“My name is Wei Ting, I came here today to drink your wedding banquet with County Mistress Wenxia.”

“Haha, Wei Ting, I’ve heard a lot about your name.”Omi smiled, finally meeting the legendary Wei Ting.

“You’re welcome, brother Shang Hong’s great name, I’ve also been hearing about you for a long time, finally meeting you in person today, it’s really a three life fortune, I didn’t expect Shang Hong to really be so handsome.”

“Oh, handsome can’t be a meal.”

“You can’t say that, alright, I won’t bother you for now, come out and sit with me some other time.”


Omi nodded his head.

Not long after, another man arrived.

“Hello, Shang Hong, long time no see.”

“Uh, you’re Guo Bai?”

“Exactly my name.”

“Oh, long time no see, please come in.”

Omi said in his heart, Wen Yang was quite a big face, even Wei Ting and Guo Bai had come to the wedding banquet.

But also,, Wen Yang was a strong person of the Returning Void Stage One, those who could be invited by him to the wedding banquet felt honored, how could there be anyone who wouldn’t come.

At that moment, a loud shout was heard, “Golden Moon Gate Master has arrived.”

Wen Yang immediately greeted him.

Because, an old man of the Returned Void Stage 2 had come.

This strong man of the Returned Void Stage 2 was the ruler of the Great Precious Empire, the Golden Moon Gate Master Yin Zheng, whose status was equivalent to that of the Emperor of the Great Martial Empire, Omi’s great-grandfather.

“Greetings to His Majesty, and thank you for coming to your residence in your busy schedule.”


“Haha, Wen Yang, there’s no need to be polite, today your Xuan granddaughter is getting married, how can I not come to have a cup of wedding wine.”That old man of the Second Stage of Returning Void chuckled.

At this moment, the old man of the second stage of homecoming was standing beside a woman who looked as if she had descended from the heavens and was wearing a green dress that made people look as if they were drunk.

At this time, Wenxia suddenly pinched Omi’s arm and said, “Still saying you’re not interested, staring at her like this.”

Omi hehely smiled and said, “The woman beside that strong man, is that Yin Hua?”

“Well, she’s Yin Hua, and the old man beside her is her grandfather, Yin Zheng, the Sovereign of the Great Precious Empire and also the Golden Moon Gate Master.How’s that?Isn’t Yin Hua pretty?It’s only forty-six, hasn’t been in a relationship yet, and is about to take a step into Dengfeng.”

“Well, that’s very nice indeed.”

“So are you interested now?If I could, I would love to be sisters with her oh, just in case you don’t have that fortune.”

“Oh, say again, after all, that’s not what I came out here for, if Mu Qianji doesn’t find it, but instead finds a bunch of wives to go back to, how can I do her justice.”

“Is the Mu Qianji you’re talking about really that good?”

“It’s not a matter of whether it’s good or not, we knew each other when we were young, and there’s no substitute for such feelings.”

Wenxia was a little jealous of the pout, saying that other women were good at the time of the big wedding, but she didn’t mind, all of a sudden it would be fine. First URL

“Husband, let’s go up and pay our respects to His Majesty.”


Omi and Wenxia, also greeted in succession.

“Senior Shang Hong, pay our respects to His Holiness.”

“Senior Wen Wen, pay your respects to the Sovereign.”

“Hahaha, no need to be polite.”That Yin Zheng chuckled.

Yin Zheng looked at Omi and said, “You are Shang Hong, I’ve really heard of you for a long time, I’ve heard before that the Shang clan of the Great Martial Empire has a genius descendant, Shang Hong, and today I finally saw him, it’s really not bad, a talent.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty, for boasting.”

Omi looked at the woman beside Yin Zheng, but unfortunately, that woman did not look at Omi, but said to Wen Xia, “Wen Xia, congratulations, you have found a husband of your choice.”

“Thank you, sister Yin Hua, you can find one too,”Wenxia said.

“Oh, besides, I’m in no hurry.”

That Yin Hua was indeed quite beautiful, as divine and pure as a cherry blossom.Unfortunately, Omi could see that she didn’t seem to have any intention of being interested in Omi, and if she did, she would be like Wenxia, whose eyes were nymphomaniacal upon meeting her.

After that, many more guests came one after another, and Omi no longer knew any of them.

That Gao Mingyi, who never came, hated Omi, so why would he come to the wedding.

Omi’s wedding was over.

When the banquet broke up and the guests left, Wen Xia suddenly said to Yin Hua, “Sister Yin Hua, I don’t know what you think, what does my husband think?”

“Uh, sister Wenxia, what do you mean by that?”

“Oh, Sister Yin Hua, if you think my husband is okay, we might as well be true sisters.”

Yin Hua smiled, “Thank you sister for caring, no need, I don’t mean anything to your husband.”

“It’s fine, sorry about that.”

“No harm done.”

Omi saw everything that Wenxia did, she even took the initiative to provoke a girl for Omi, unfortunately, Yin Hua really was not meaningful to Omi.

Wen Xia could only sigh with regret.

After Yin Hua left, Omi said, “Thank you, Wen Xia.”

“Husband, I’ve already asked Yin Hua what she means, and she doesn’t really want to do a real

Sisterhood means she doesn’t like you.”

“Haha, if you don’t like it, then you don’t like it.”

Wenxia huffed, “I really don’t understand her, you’re such a good man, how could she not like you.”

“Maybe, there’s someone in her heart.”

“It can’t be Wei Ting, I saw her and Wei Ting sitting together during the banquet, talking and laughing.”

“That’s right.”Omi was a bit depressed inside, although he wasn’t much interested in Yin Hua either, Omi didn’t like the feeling of being disliked.

That Wei Ting, Omi felt that others were also okay.

Omi didn’t bother to think about it.

The day after the big wedding.

Omi suddenly received a letter.

“Uh, Guo Bai, he wants to invite me to cut a deal.”Omi said looking at the letter.

This letter was first sent to Wen Yang before it was transferred to Omi, so by the time Omi saw it, Wen Yang already knew about it.

Wen Yang asked, “Shang Hong, that Guo Bai is sixty-six years old and has stepped into the late stage of peak ascension, while you are sixty-three, it’s understandable that he wants to ask you for a sparring session.How about you?Do you want to say yes?”

“Great Grandfather, of course you have to agree, I, Shang Hong, love to spar with strong people.”

“Well then, I’ve had someone write back to him, how about we set the time for noon the day after tomorrow.”


Omi was about to spill the beans about his upcoming sparring session with Guo Bai, and it spread all of a sudden.

After all, before this, everyone had thought in their minds that Omi had defeated Gao Mingyi, so with Guo Bai, and Wei Ting, who was stronger and who was weaker.

The day after tomorrow, the answer would finally be known.

Right now, at a certain residence.

“Shang Hong has agreed to Guo Bai’s request for a sparring session.”

“I didn’t expect that Shang Hong agreed to it, I had wanted to spar with Shang Hong as well, but Guo Bai actually got ahead of me, hehe.”A man smiled, this man was the first genius of the Great Precious Empire, Wei Ting.

That man said, “Young Master, there’s something I don’t know if I should tell you.”

“What is it, say.”

“It’s about Yin Hua.”


“That day, when I went to drink Shang Hong and Wenxia’s wedding banquet, after it was over, Wenxia asked Yin Hua if she was willing to be true sisters with her, the implication was to marry Shang Hong together, and I see that Shang Hong is also interested in Yin Hua.”

“Uh, there’s even such a thing, but it’s not surprising, Yin Hua is so beautiful, she’s interesting to a man.”Wei Ting said.

“Young Master, you’re not angry at all.”

“Why should I be angry, I’m so narrow-minded, Shang Hong’s wife Wenxia was just asking about it, it’s not like she was robbing Yin Hua by force.”

“Young Master, Yin Hua and you, but have always been in love ah, if not for the Sovereign overbearing, must you into the family, then you would have been together.”

“Alright, let’s not talk about these troubling matters.”Wei Ting sighed.

As it turned out, the reason Yin Hua was meaningless to Omi was because there was someone in her heart, and that person was Wei Ting, the first genius of the Great Precious Empire, but unfortunately, fate played tricks on her, Yin Hua’s grandfather had to join the family while Wei Ting would never be able to, and that was why they couldn’t get together.

Of course, these words had nothing to do with Omi, so I won’t say anything for now.

By the way, the day after tomorrow would arrive in the blink of an eye.

This day at noon.

Omi arrived at a bell tower in the imperial city as promised.

That Guo Bai, who was already standing on the roof of the bell tower, holding a sword in his hand, smiled when he saw Omi coming, “Brother Shang Hong, you’re here.”


“Oh, Brother Guo Bai, I’ve kept you waiting.”

“Where.”Although Guo Bai wanted to fight with Omi, he didn’t disrespect Omi, because after all, Omi was a member of the Great Martial Empire’s royal family, so it wouldn’t do anyone any good to cut and run and not offend someone of this level.Therefore, even though the two sides were cutting and matching, they were still amicable.

At this moment, countless pairs of eyes around were watching, and Wei Ting was naturally among them, looking at Omi and Guo Bai on the roof without blinking.

At Wei Ting’s side, standing beside him was Yin Hua.

“Brother Wei Ting, who do you think will win?”Yin Hua said gently.

“Oh, I don’t know, to be honest, Shang Hong’s strength is so strong that I don’t even have confidence.”

“Ah, don’t even have confidence in you?”

“Well, Shang Hong is worthy of being the first genius of the Great Martial Empire, by the way, I heard that Shang Hong is also interested in you.”

“Ah, who said that, nonsense.”

“Oh, I already know all about it, although Shang didn’t confess to you directly, Wenxia asked you probingly, but you refused because of me?”Wittin asked.

“Why ask if you know, I only have you in my heart.” Remember the website

“Oh, actually Shang Hong is really good, handsome and no less talented than me, I don’t think I can find another person in the entire history of the world who is so talented and so handsome.”

“Brother Weiting, I only have you in my heart, so no matter how handsome he is, I won’t see it in my eyes.”

“Ugh.”Wei Ting sighed.

Not far away, Wenxia and her great-grandfather stood on the roof, shouting, “Husband, come on.”

In the direction of the palace in the distance, Great Precious Empire’s Sovereign Yin Zheng, also looked to that high roof.

“Clang.”Guo Bai drew his sword and said, “Brother Shang Hong, let’s begin then.”

“Good.”Omi drew his sword as well.

Guo Bai said, “Bright Sword, this is a martial art I created on my own, please teach me more.”

Omi said, “Endless Sword Technique, my own unique martial art, please teach me as well.”

“Buzz.”Guo Bai ton killed with a sword.

Like a flash of lightning, the crowd just felt a flash of light-colored sword shadow, which was as dazzling as the sun.This move was not Guo Bai’s strongest move, but every time he fought an opponent in the past, the victory was usually decided after this move, except for with Wei Ting and Gao Mingyi, of course.

“Good swordsmanship.”Omi secretly exclaimed, at the same time, the sword in Omi’s hand also killed out, at that moment, Omi’s sword seemed to become deep and long, and seemed to kill from the distant sky, everyone present looked shocked, what a strong sword, there was no solution at all.

When Guo Bai, who was opposite, saw Omi strike, his eyes flashed a few times, and the sword that seemed to stretch across the sky, he suddenly felt as elusive as an ethereal rainbow.No matter how powerful his Sword of Light was, it seemed to become vulnerable in front of the ‘rainbow’.

On the spot, the moment Wei Ting saw Omi’s sword, he gave a soft aah in his mouth and said in his heart, “What kind of sword technique is this, why is it completely impossible to see through.”

On the distant imperial palace, the Sovereign of the Grand Precious Empire said, “Talent, absolutely talent, the intricacy of this sword technique is beyond even my reach.”

The subordinates next to him were incredibly surprised to hear the Sovereign say so.

Speaking late, Omi’s sword gently sliced through.

It collided with Guo Bai’s Bright Sword Technique.

“Boom.”The collision was like a fire.

Flowers were shining, Guo Bai waved his sword and retreated several steps in a row before unloading Omi’s sword power, by this time, Guo Bai was horrified inside, he seemed to understand that he was no match for Omi at all.

However, Guo Bai was convinced, because in the moment of the encounter, he clearly felt that Omi had shown mercy, otherwise he would not have been able to remove Omi’s sword power so easily.

Guo Bai said, “Brother Shang Hong, good swordsmanship, my Bright Sword, compared to your Endless Sword, I sigh to myself.”

Omi admired Guo Bai’s character, being able to face it openly and not growling or anything just because he lost or couldn’t win the fight.

“Haha, Brother Guo Bai, you’re too humble, your bright sword is so powerful that I deeply admire it.”

“No, I lost, although I didn’t use my strongest move, I don’t have to compete anymore, just now I felt you suddenly withdraw some of your power, that’s enough to show that I’m not your opponent at all.”

The people at the scene were shocked to hear Guo Bai himself say that he wasn’t a rival.

Many of the weaker ones couldn’t see it and were secretly cursing Guo Bai for being so useless, thanks to everyone worshipping him so much.

Omi laughed, “Why is Brother Guo Bai so humble, we are just indistinguishable from each other.”

Guo Bai shook his head and said, “No need to give me face, I’m not your opponent, and I’m sure Wei Ting isn’t your opponent either.”

As soon as this was said, the entire audience was shocked.

This Guo Bai, just because he didn’t want to save face, he still pulled Wei Ting on.

Those spectators at the scene were already very upset with Guo Bai.

“Guo Bai, you’re too disappointing, you’re not good enough for yourself, and you’re saying that others aren’t good enough either.”

Guo Bai was an honest man, saying what he had to say, wouldn’t beat around the bush, didn’t find to cause public anger.

Guo Bai was busy saying, “I’m sorry, I’m just following my own judgment, so don’t take it to heart.Alright, my sparring with Shang Hong is over, let’s all disperse.”

However, no one was going to disperse, who let Guo Bai say that Wei Ting was also definitely not a match for Omi, and if Wei Ting didn’t prove it today, no one would disperse.

Right now, the most depressed one was Wei Ting.

Yin Hua said, “Guo Bai really, you haven’t even competed against Shang Hong, what makes him say that even you aren’t a match for Shang Hong.”Yin Hua was uncomfortable inside, because Wei Ting was the person she liked, what woman would want to see that the person she liked and had always admired, couldn’t beat someone else.

Wei Ting smiled bitterly, “It seems that if I don’t spar with Brother Shang Hong today, the drool of the people present will drown me out.”

“Brother Wei Ting, then let Guo Bai see with his own eyes if you are Shang Hong’s opponent and ruthlessly defeat Shang Hong to save his reputation.”Yin Hua said.

Wei Ting smiled and nodded, “Don’t worry, I’ll do my best.”

“No, not just try your best, you have to win.”

“Uh, why.”

“Brother Weiting, I want you to be far stronger than Shang Hong, okay?”

“Yinhua, I understand, don’t worry, I have confidence in myself, I’ll make you proud of me.”


After saying that, Wei Ting leaped and flew to the top of the tall building.

The people at the scene, all shouted in excitement, “Wei Ting is making a move.”

“Yay, Wei Ting has finally made a move,”

“Hahahaha, Wei Ting, ruthlessly defeat Shang Hong, and let that worthless Guo Bai see who is not a match for whom.”


“Wei Ting, you don’t want to disgrace our Great Precious Empire.”

The crowd shouted, it was just a sparring match, but it had suddenly changed in taste, all because of Guo Bai’s words, which stirred up the audience’s displeasure, plus Omi was, after all, a member of the Great Martial Empire.

Standing on the roof, Wei Ting signaled to the surrounding cries for silence, and soon, the surrounding audience quieted down.

Guo Bai was feeling very embarrassed at the moment, busy saying, “Wei Ting, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, you know my personality, I’m straightforward, I don’t say anything without thinking, I hope I don’t have to hurt your and Brother Shang Hong’s feelings because of me.”

Wei Ting smiled, “Don’t worry, but since you’ve said it all, with so many people from our Grand Precious Empire present today, I can’t help but make my move, besides, I originally wanted to spar with Brother Shang Hong, only to be pre-empted by you.Since that’s the case, then let’s have a sparring session with Brother Shang Hong today.”

Omi smiled and said, “Brother Wei Ting, then I will respectfully follow your order.”Omi aimed at Yin Hua in the distance, although Omi’s impression of Wei Ting was quite good, but, what, Yin Hua was meaningless to Omi because of Wei Ting, which made Omi feel, emotionally, thwarted by Wei Ting, so, inside Omi really wanted Yin Hua to see with his own eyes, how he defeated Wei Ting, to find some psychological balance, a man would be like this, right?

Guo Bai hurriedly flew away, leaving the venue to Omi and Wei Ting.

At this moment, Omi and Wei Ting, turned the attention of all the people.

Wei Ting smiled, “Brother Shang Hong, I hope that, no matter who wins or loses today, it won’t affect our relationship, what do you think?”

“Of course, I hope that Brother Wei Ting, will be able to put out his full strength, without having to let me.”

“Haha, me too, I hope you put out your full strength, let me see your strength.” One second to remember to read the book

“I will.”Omi’s gaze gazed at Wei Ting with full concentration.

Omi had heard that Wei Ting had already comprehended the perfection of the peak seven times while Omi had only six, so Omi was a little weaker in terms of the realm, but that wasn’t the deciding factor.

Wei Ting also didn’t dare to be careless in the slightest.

The two of them stopped talking and looked at each other, not moving.

Although their bodies were not moving, their sword intent was already engaged in a fight.

A gust of wind was blowing on the scene, and it blew the clothes and hair of both Omi and Wei Ting.Wei Ting was dressed in white and Omi was dressed in blue, and on the high roof, both of them were very strong, but in appearance, Omi was far superior to Wei Ting.

Just then, Wei Ting’s hand moved as if it was only a shadow.

“Buzz.”Wei Ting buzzed and drew his sword, that movement was as fast as lightning.

Of course, Omi’s movements were not slow at all, and also clattered to draw his sword.

“A sword that sleeps forever.”

“Heavenly thunder rolls.”

Unexpectedly, Omi and Wei Ting, used the strongest move at the same time.

Wei Ting killed with a sword, and the sword swung to produce a magnetic field, which in turn produced electricity, yes, it was really electricity, crackling and feeling very terrifying.

Omi’s heart trembled, good Wei Ting, his sword, he could actually produce electricity, as a person from the modern world, Omi was very clear what electricity was, people at this time may not know electricity.Electricity was incomparably terrifying, Wei Ting’s sword technique, in between wielding it, generated a magnetic field, thus generating electricity again, wasn’t this the reason why electricity was generated in another world?

This instant.Omi suddenly had an epiphany.

/> That’s right, Omi saw Wei Ting’s swordplay and saw through Wei Ting’s essence in a flash.



Sparks were everywhere, this was a real spark, the electricity coming from Wei Ting’s sword suddenly made Omi feel numbness in his hands, being electrocuted by several hundred volts, or even higher.

Everyone knew what it felt like to be electrified, numb.

No wonder Wei Ting was so confident, indeed, he was strong.

So, in this encounter, Omi didn’t have the advantage, and they drew even.

Wei Ting said confidently, “Brother Shang Hong, your sword skills are not bad, but unfortunately, not my opponent, just now, although we drew, but, my Heavenly Thunder Sword, did not take out its strongest, while you, I’m afraid, have already taken out your strongest.”

Omi laughed, “Brother Wei Ting, why are you so confident, how do you know that I just took out my strongest move.”

Omi hadn’t even opened Life Blood Hidden, otherwise, even if Wei Ting’s sword was electrified, Omi would just not make contact with him, he was no match at all.

“Yeah?You even hid your strength, didn’t you just say, show your strongest strength.”Wei Ting said.

Omi said, “Brother Wei Ting, you still have the nerve to talk about me, you didn’t take out your strongest strength either.”

“Oh, okay, let’s get even, but the reason why I didn’t take out my strongest strength just now was because I was afraid of mistakenly injuring you, I hope you’ll forgive me.”Wei Ting said.

Omi grunted internally with displeasure, “Actually, me too, I didn’t show my strongest strength just now because I was afraid of injuring you.”

When Wei Ting saw how confident Omi was, he felt some anger in his heart and said, “In that case, we don’t have to hide it, how about this time, we all show our strongest strength?Don’t worry about who you’re going to hurt.”

“Okay, so be careful.”

“You too.”

After saying that, Weingarten used his strongest move.

“Heavenly Thunder Strike.”The sword that Wei Ting wielded was even faster, generating an even bigger magnetic field, the electricity was also many times more enhanced than just now, the electricity he carried on his sword was like a generator, the electricity crackled and shot around his sword, and it looked incomparably terrifying.

Omi also knew that it was indeed terrifying, no matter how strong a strong man was, his body would appear numb after being electrocuted for a moment, and then it was over.

Therefore, Omi did not hesitate to open the Life Blood Hiding.

Life Blood Hiding, open.

Suddenly, Omi’s strength increased by an unknown amount, and his entire reaction, speed, and strength increased to the very limit of his body.

Wei Ting recklessly killed up, inwardly saying, “Shang Hong, this is what you forced me to do, I hope you withstand this sword.”

Omi’s body suddenly disappeared, as if he was gone in the blink of an eye, the speed was lip-smackingly fast.

Omi didn’t fight with Wei Ting’s sword at all, after all, his sword carried strong electricity, Omi would be at a disadvantage, so just do it empty-handed.

Guiting was simply not on the same level anymore when faced with such quick reactions and speed from Omi.

Wei Ting couldn’t react and thought that Omi was standing opposite him when suddenly a shadow smashed into his face, incomparably fast, unable to dodge, as if a mountain was bearing down on him.

“Boom.”In the next second, Wei Ting’s entire body smashed into the roof tiles, and with a clatter, his body blew straight through dozens of floors from the highest roof, to the bottom of the building.


The moment he was blown to the bottom of the building, Wittin was unconscious, covered in blood, and the sword he was holding was nowhere to be seen, even though the electricity was strong, it was useless.

“Ah.”At the scene, countless people were silent for several seconds without reacting.

At this moment, Princess Yin Hua was dumbfounded.

In Princess Yin Hua’s eyes, Wei Ting’s almost invincible martial skill, the Heavenly Lightning Technique, was the ah that she worshipped the most, the reason why Yin Hua worshipped Wei Ting so much was because, she felt that Wei Ting could even create lightning, he was simply God.But she didn’t expect that today, when she sparred with Omi, she was punched to the end by Omi when both of them were using their strongest strength.

Yin Hua couldn’t seem to believe that such a strong Wei Ting, such an invincible Heavenly Lightning Power, was no match for Omi’s punch.

“Wei Ting.”

“Brother Wei Ting.”

Guo Bai and the others, as well as Yin Hua, also flew to the ground in panic.

Wei Ting’s entire face was swollen, lying on the ground motionless, after all, the power of Omi’s punch after opening Life Blood Hidden was enough to blow a building down.

Omi was also busy flying down.

Omi saw that Wei Ting was unconscious by himself, inside is very cool, let you think you are strong, let you not take out the strongest strength and still dare to claim that you are afraid of injuring me, now who is injured, everyone see it.And of course, let Princess Yin Hua see who is the strongest.Of course, the most master to. The first website

“Well?All right?”Omi was busy saying.

Yin Hua glared at Omi and said, “Shang Hong, you’ve hit too hard, we’re just having a cut.”

Omi said, “Princess Yin Hua, you’re wronging me too much if you say that, just now everyone saw, I didn’t want to take out my strongest strength, I’ve said that I’m afraid of injuring Wei Ting, now I’ve taken out my strongest strength, everyone saw it, I did injure Wei Ting, so I’m helpless.”

“But you shouldn’t lay such a heavy hand.”

Omi shook his head, “Wrong, if I had really struck so hard, Wei Ting might have died long ago, think about it, why did I just suddenly throw down my sword and use my fist instead?If I hadn’t just temporarily thrown my sword, then this punch would have become this sword, and with this cut on Wettin’s head, do you think he would still be alive?Yin Hua, you’ve disappointed me, reversing the truth and framing me, just now Wei Ting was so strong with a sword, and I, in order to not hurt him, threw down my sword temporarily, I’m using my life to not hurt him ah.”

Yin Hua had nothing to say, it seemed as if that was indeed the case, if that punch just now, turned into a sword, Wei Ting’s body was indeed split in half, not to mention the coma he was in now.

Guo Bai laughed, “Yin Hua, you have wronged Brother Shang Hong, I was just wondering why Brother Shang Hong suddenly threw down his sword, it was because he was afraid of hurting Brother Wei Ting’s life.Brother Shang Hong, you are truly benevolent and righteous, please accept my obeisance, I, Guo Bai, am five times more benevolent and righteous towards you.”

“Hahaha, Brother Guo Bai, you are polite, we are just exchanging ideas.”

“But, just now when you and Wei Ting both took out your strongest moves, Wei Ting didn’t hold back ah, but you, you threw down your sword, you should have used your fist, you held back.”

“Uh, hahaha.”Omi laughed, in fact, Omi just threw down his sword, not because he was afraid of killing Wei Ting, but, Omi’s sword conducts electricity, Omi didn’t want to fight with Wei Ting just, so he abandoned his sword and used his fist.

At this moment, Princess Yin Hua was ashamed, no

To think that Omi was so benevolent, on the contrary, Wei Ting had just struck that day’s thunder, but he didn’t hold back at all, fortunately, Omi was much stronger than Wei Ting, otherwise, the consequences were really unthinkable.

Princess Yin Hua said, “That, Shang Hong, I’m sorry, I misunderstood you just now.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, I’m such a large amount of people, I won’t bother with a woman, alright, let’s see how brother Wei Ting is doing, I know a little bit of medical skills, I’ll treat brother Wei Ting for you.”

Omi made Wei Ting’s swollen face go down in full view of the public, and, allowed Wei Ting to revive.

“Ah.”Wei Ting immediately rolled over and said subconsciously, “Where is this?Am I dead?”

Omi said, “Brother Weiting, don’t worry, it’s not dead.”

“Phew.”Wei Ting took a deep breath.

Wei Ting was busy saying, “Brother Shang Hong, I’m sorry, I just made you laugh, I didn’t expect you to be so strong, so powerful that you and I are not on the same level at all.It’s a shame that I just said that I was afraid of hurting you, but I didn’t expect you to take out your strongest strength, but it’s enough to kill me in seconds, ashamed ah ashamed.”

“Haha, Brother Wei Ting, we are just sparring, no need to be ashamed, besides, the future is still long, in the end, it’s still not certain who will be stronger and who will be weaker.”Omi said.

The more modest Omi was, the more Wei Ting was ashamed, to think that he had thought that he had put out his strongest strength, enough to injure Omi, I really wanted to be ridiculous.

Guo Bai said, “Brother Wei Ting, it’s fortunate that Brother Shang Hong has just suddenly and temporarily switched to using his fists, otherwise, your head would be in two halves ah, but Shang Hong has saved your life.”

Wei Ting was ashamed, “Thank you, Brother Shang Hong, for your mercy.”

Omi smiled and said, “It’s fine, by the way, Princess Yin Hua is very worried about you, you’d better say a few words to Yin Hua, don’t let her continue to worry.”

Yin Hua looked at Omi depressedly, what’s the point of bringing her up for good reasons.

Wei Ting looked at Yin Hua and said, “I, I lost, sorry to disappoint you, I’m not a match for Brother Shang Hong at all, if it wasn’t for his mercy, alas.”

At this moment, there was nothing Wei Ting dared to admit, after all, he had almost lost his little life, what else would he need to save face.

The people watching around didn’t say anything else, Wei Ting was no good or anything like that, everyone had seen that Shang Hong was really strong.

Guo Bai said that Wei Ting wasn’t an opponent either, it really didn’t seem to be nonsense, I’m afraid that Guo Bai and Wei Ting combined were no match.

Therefore, everyone, immediately turned their previous displeasure with Shang Hong into worship, after all, someone so strong would be worshipped no matter which empire he was from.

“Husband.”At this time, Wenxia flew over, looking at Omi with a happy face, her Husband was so strong, beating Wei Ting in public like this, of course, Wenxia felt doubly proud.

Wenxia looked at Yin Hua, eyes seem to have a hint of pride, inside seems to be saying: “Princess Yin Hua, see it, my Xiang Gong how powerful ah, before I said to be sisters with me, you still refused, right eyes do not even look at my Xiang Gong, hehe, now it, you like the person, and my Xiang Gong is not at all a level, hehehehe.”Wenxia blossomed with joy inside.

And Princess Yin Hua saw Wen Xia’s eyes, seemed to guess Wen Xia’s inner thoughts, even more depressed, Yin Hua lost and said: “Alright, the cutting is over, then I’ll go back to the palace first, Wei Ting brother, you have a good rest.”


Wei Ting was busy, “Yin Hua, I’ll give you a ride.”

“No need, it’s so close.”

“Alright.”Wei Ting also saw that Yin Hua was disappointed in him, but he was helpless, he really wasn’t an opponent, and he had lost with no reluctance, after all, Shang Hong was so much stronger than him, if he wasn’t, it would be ridiculously self-important.

Omi said, “Xiaoxia, let’s go back too.”

“Mm, Husband.” Wenxia nodded her head and took Omi’s arm, saying in her heart, “I must serve the Prime Minister well tonight, so that I can express my heart’s worship for him.

Omi was in the Grand Precious Empire, and the matter of beating the first genius, Wei Ting, into a coma was like a tornado, and at once, it spread throughout the capital and spread out to the entire Grand Precious Empire.I believe that soon, the Great Martial Empire would also know about it.

Omi continued to live in the Great Precious Empire for half a month, then he was ready to depart.

Although Omi had married Wenxia here, it was impossible to live here forever, Omi still had to go on an adventure.There was still thirty to forty years to step into the Returning Void.

The task was far from easy.

“Husband, let me go with you, I also want to go on a journey with you.”Wenxia said.

“Uh, come with me, ah.” Remember the website

“Yes, Sagittarius, don’t you want an adventure?In our Great Precious Empire, there is a place called the Valley of Ghosts, where it is very terrifying, and I heard that many, many strong people died there countless years ago.”

“Countless years ago?”

“About ten thousand years ago, there was a world war, and the site of the world war was there, and too many powerful people died there, so nowadays the whole Ghost Valley is gloomy and often haunted, and there’s a mysterious power in the dark.Let’s make our way to the Valley of Ghosts, but we can’t let my great grandfather know about it.”

“There’s even such a place, why can’t your great grandfather know about it.”

“He won’t let us go there, this place, it’s a forbidden place of the Great Precious Empire, even if a Returned Void powerhouse enters, they risk death.”

“Ah, so terrifying.”

“Yeah, my great grandfather went there with a few friends when he was of age after all, and as a result, only my great grandfather came back alive.”

“If it’s such a scary place, why did you invite me to go?”

“Husband, I’ve actually been adventurous since I was a kid, and I’ve always wanted to see what mysteries this Ghost Valley has to offer, so I really can’t, let’s meet up with Weiting, Guo Bai, and Yin Hua and go together.”

“Let me think about it.”

Omi thought about it, and decided to go to the Ghost Valley for some fun.

Omi invited Wei Ting, Guo Bai, and Yin Hua to the house.

“Brother Shang Hong, what is it, it won’t be another sparring session, we’re not your opponents.”Guo Bai said with a smile.

Omi said, “All three of you are locals, so surely you won’t be unfamiliar with the Valley of Ghosts, the reason I left the Great Martial Empire was to come out and make my way here, and when I heard about this place, I wanted to take a look, would you guys like to go explore it together.”

“Ah, the Valley of Ghosts.”All three of them were shocked, Omi was too bold.

“What? You don’t dare to go?”

“Brother Shang Hong, are you sure you want to go to Ghost Valley?This place is forbidden to us by my family elders.”

“Haha, of course we’re going without telling everyone, but I’ll be scandalous, if we decide to go to this place together, then we must be prepared to die, are you okay?”



Wei Ting, Guo Bai, and Yin Hua were all speechless.

Yin Hua said, “Although the Ghost Valley has a mysterious power, it should be a former battlefield with many undead still alive, this Ghost Valley, in fact, does not have any special features in itself, it’s just a valley with a radius of tens of kilometers, and such a small place can’t have any genius

, so we’re going there to make a break for it, but to satisfy our inner curiosity.”

“So, you don’t want to go?”

“Shang Hong, I also advise you not to go, there really isn’t much point, instead the possibility of death is high, so why bother.”

“Hahaha, since you’re not going, then I’ll go alone, save you from dying there, and then your family will still be looking for me.”Omi said.

The three of Wei Ting were speechless for a while.

Omi decided that it was better to go alone, even Wenxia didn’t want her to go with him, because every time 10 people went in this place, 8 people would die, so it was better to go alone.

The next day, Omi quietly left the capital and went on the road by himself.

“Husband, wake up.”

“Husband, still sleeping.”

Wenxia lifted the quilt, and inside was a pillow.

“Uh, where’s Husband?Where did he go?”


“Oh my God, he’s not going to Ghost Valley alone, is he?”

Wenxia was scared out of a cold sweat, yesterday after Wei Ting and the others came, some persuasion, Omi decided not to go.

However, I didn’t expect that early in the morning Omi took advantage of Wenxia’s morning practice, but he ran away by himself.

Wenxia immediately went to look for his great-grandfather.

“Great-grandfather, it’s not good.”

“What is it?”

“My husband he, he ran off to the Valley of Ghosts on his own.”

“What? How could he be so stupid, didn’t you tell him where it was?”

“I told you, he was going to invite Weiting and the others to go with him, but after Weiting and the others persuaded him, they decided not to go, I didn’t think he was lying to me.”

“Quickly go after him, be sure to stop him before he enters the Ghost Valley, once he goes in, it’s almost like dying.”


Wen Yang immediately led the people of his house to chase after Omi.

This incident also spread in the capital, and everyone was shocked.

“This Shang Hong, he’s too ungrateful, he thinks he’s not afraid of anything after defeating Wei Ting, and he dares to go into the Great Precious Empire’s forbidden Ghost Valley, he’s really looking for death.”

“If he wants to seek death, let him go find it.”

“Just pity Wenxia, she just got married and is about to be widowed.”

“It’s better to be widowed so that others can have a chance.”

Wei Ting and Yin Hua, Guo Bai and the others, also heard about it, then, Wei Ting, Yin Hua and Guo Bai, the three of them, immediately went to chase after Omi to help chase Omi back, don’t let Wen Xia really be widowed, after all, Wen Xia had a good relationship with them.

Unfortunately, where could they catch up, Omi’s fire beast, the speed was extraordinary, especially after the recent surge in Little Fire’s strength.

It took Omi less than a month to reach the outside of Ghost Valley.

“That foggy mountain range ahead must be the Great Precious Empire’s forbidden land, I’d like to see what’s so terrifying about this Ghost Valley.”

“Brother Chen, have you decided?”

“Of course.”

“But what if you die?”

“Little Fire, the more dangerous the place, the more opportunities exist, I have to step into the Return to Void within thirty or forty years, I have to put in more risk and effort than normal people ah.If I die, then I’ll die, who doesn’t die in life.”


Little Fire and Omi, immediately entered the Valley of Ghosts.

As soon as they entered the Valley of Ghosts, Omi felt that there was a palpable terror in the air, and, his entire mind was dull.

Omi said, “I will never believe in ghosts, let me unravel the mystery of this place.”


Just then, Omi felt a gust of wind blowing, his pores unnaturally raised goosebumps, and a chilling shudder rose within him.

However, Omi laughed, “Come on, come more fiercely, thinking that I would be afraid of engaging in such a little trick, I don’t believe in ghosts.”

But, “Brother Chen, I feel so scared, what should I do.”

“Little fire, don’t be afraid, you just have to believe inside that there are no ghosts in this world, then, everything will be fine.”

“But, there’s a gust of wind here and a frightening atmosphere in the air, how can I explain this.”

“Let’s just pretend that the environment here is special, the more you think about any ghosts inside, the more scared you’ll be, and then the more you’ll hallucinate, after all, so many people have died here before, it’s normal to come here and produce some mental abnormalities.After all, there were so many people who died here, it’s normal to come here and have some mental abnormalities.I think the reason why this place has turned into the Valley of Ghosts is that the mental energy here, in scientific terms, is rich in magnetic fields, and the brains of those who enter here are influenced by the magnetic fields, which then leads to some self-mutilation, or even murder and such things.I even suspect that the people who once entered here, they weren’t killed by the ‘ghosts’ here, but by their own people killing their own people.Uh, Little Fire, what are you doing?”Omi suddenly looked back, and Little Fire was gaping to bite Omi.

“Roar.”Grimacing his teeth, Little Fire yelled and bit Omi with a fierce bite.

“Little Fire, you’re crazy.”

As expected, Little Fire seemed to be mad.

Seeing Little Fire like this, Omi knew that he had just made all the right judgments.The magnetic field here was rich and affected all the creatures that entered here, then they lost their minds, and Little Fire was the one losing his mind right now.

“Bang.”Omi slapped Little Fire and knocked him out, then an internal force was infused into Little Fire’s head. One second to remember to read the book

Little Fire sobered up.

“Minister, I, what’s wrong with me?”

“Little fire, you just tried to bite me.”

“Ah, how come.”

“Oh, normal, your brain was affected by the magnetic field here and hallucinated, it seems your mind isn’t strong enough to resist the magnetic field here, so get out and wait for me outside.”

“What about you?”

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

After Little Fire left, Omi stayed alone in the Ghost Valley.

The deeper Omi delved into the Ghost Valley, the more blurry his eyes felt.

A white shadow suddenly shifted in front of Omi and disappeared, that white shadow with a cape.

Omi felt ants crawling on his feet, looked down, where is the ants, a skeleton grabbed Omi’s calves, struggling to climb up.

Omi inwardly told himself, “This is all an illusion, many people have died here, the spirit of the dead can’t disperse, it turns into a magnetic field and affects my brain, everything I see is false.”

With courage, Omi squatted down and looked at the skeleton, Omi closed his eyes and forced himself to kiss the skeleton.

“Hello, kiss one.”Omi kissed down towards that skeleton.

As expected, Omi’s lips didn’t touch any.

“Haha, I’ll just say it’s an illusion.”As soon as Omi opened his eyes, that skeleton was gone.

Omi despised a snort, and thought how terrifying the illusion was, true or false.

So, Omi continued deeper.

After climbing over a mountain, Omi suddenly saw inside the mountain, there was a wooden house.

“Hey, there’s even a family in it.”

Omi walked to that house.

At the door, a little boy came running out at that moment.

That little boy looked curiously at Omi.

Omi asked, “Little friend, why are you living here.”

That little boy looked at Omi without speaking.

“Peng Peng.”At that moment, a shout came from the house and a woman came out.

“Ah.”Omi was shocked to see that woman, and that woman was shocked too.



“Why are you here?”Omi was shocked, O Mu Qianji.

“Omi, you’re here, come in and sit down.”

“He is?”

“This is my son Pengpeng, my husband is out, he’ll be back soon.”Mu Qianji said.

Omi’s entire body froze in place.

“Omi, don’t be stunned, come in and eat.”

“Omi, teach my son how to practice martial arts.”

“Omi, you ungrateful son of a bitch, I’ll kill you.”

“Puff.”Suddenly, Omi felt a pain in his abdomen, and when he looked down, a sword was inserted into his abdomen, the same sword that Mu Qianji was holding in his hand.

“Qianzhi, what are you doing.”

“Hmph, Omi, I’m going to kill you, die, die for me, I’m going to exterminate your entire Shang Clan.”

“Thousand Jedi, why are you doing this.”


In the next second, the sword was thrust deeper again, piercing out from the back.

“Poof.”Omi spat blood from his mouth and looked at Mu Qianji in pain.

Just then, a question suddenly flashed through Omi’s mind, how did Mu Qianji know that he was a member of the Shang clan?It wasn’t right.

In the next second, all the scenes in front of him disappeared, Mu Qian never saw him, the little boy was gone, and the little wooden house was gone.

When Omi looked down, he was stabbing a sword in his abdomen, and the person stabbing the sword was himself.

Omi had stabbed himself with a sword.

“Phew.”Omi lay on the ground and took a deep breath.

“From now on, no matter what I see, I don’t want to believe, I want to be firm in my heart, even if it’s the image I least want to see.”

Omi bandaged himself up.

However, while bandaging himself up, Omi noticed that his intestines were clamoring out.

Omi laughed, “Flowing his sister, this is an illusion.”Sure enough, the next moment the image of the intestines flowing out disappeared again.

At this moment, a person suddenly tapped him on Omi’s shoulder.

Omi looked back sharply and saw that it was Princess Yin Hua.

“Uh, Princess Yin Hua, what are you doing here.”

“Go to hell.”


“Ah.”Omi covered his chest and was stabbed again.

Omi muttered to himself, “Fake, everything is fake, Yin your sister’s flower princess, I’ll fuck your mother.”

Omi opened his eyes to see where there was Princess Yin Hua, and stabbed himself again.

Omi’s body was full of blood, this knife, Omi almost hurt his own heart.

“What the hell, stabbing myself like this, if this continues, won’t I be dying by my own hand.”

Chapter 1411

Omi had already felt the terror of this place.

No wonder it had always been the case that nine out of ten people who entered the Ghost Valley would die, they would either die at their own hands or at the hands of their companions.

Fortunately, Omi had come in alone, if it was two people, then Omi would have definitely killed or been killed by the other party.

It was horrifying to think about Omi, if he and Wenxia had come in together, then one move would have been enough to kill her ah.Omi will now be affected by the illusion, which means that Omi will also kill his companion.

For now, I’d better go out first to avoid dying at my own hands.

Omi immediately flew up, and in the sky, Little Fire shouted, “Brother Chen, come up.”

Omi flew to Little Fire in a row.

“Bang.”Omi felt a spinning sky and his head was about to crack.

Because Little Fire suddenly slammed a claw on Omi’s skull.

“Ah, Little Fire, you, you.”

“Hahaha, Omi, die your bar, hahaha.” First URL

“Boom.”Omi was violently slapped and fell into the ground stone, but then looked in the sky, where there was a small fire, Omi just violently slapped him, it was Omi who slapped himself.

Omi took a deep breath.

“This is the center of Ghost Valley, I must stay away from the center, then the illusion will weaken, then I can slowly leave.”

Omi took advantage of this moment to still be awake and rushed outside the mountain range, Omi wanted to go as fast as possible, away from the center.

“Bang.”Suddenly, Omi felt that he hit a rock.

Omi looked up and saw that he had just slammed into that rock.

“Ahhh, what’s going on, I was clearly trying to rush outwards, why did it turn into slamming into a rock, why, why.”Omi felt like turning into a psychopath at this moment, fortunately Omi’s health was good enough to crack the rock, his head was fine, but, it had a few holes in it and was bleeding desperately.

“I don’t believe I can’t get out of here.”This time, Omi looked favorably at some open direction and rushed out, this time he could see clearly that it wasn’t a rock.

“Poof.”In the next moment, a tree branch plunged into Omi’s chest.

“Ah.”Omi felt like waking up from his sleep, his hands, but he took a branch and inserted it into his chest, and the image of him running away just now was simply fake, the real image was right now, stabbing himself with the branch.

“Bang.”Omi fell to the ground.

Omi could no longer distinguish between reality and illusion, and he didn’t even know if the image of the tree branch stabbing himself in the chest at this moment was real.

“Am I not going to be able to get out of here?”

“If I don’t get out, I’m really going to get killed myself.”

“Kiritsugu, count you in.”

“Yeah?You finally know how powerful I am, when you first came in, didn’t you say that everything was an illusion, and what magnetic field, hahaha, how do you say I’m powerful now.”A voice suddenly sounded behind him.

Omi was busy looking back, a woman wearing a mask.

Omi bellowed.Why do you do that.”

“Hahaha, who am I, I can only tell you that everyone who enters the Valley of Ghosts will die, and no one will get out.”

“Who the hell are you.”

“Do you really want to know who I am?Well, I can let you know.”

After saying that, the woman took off her mask.

“Uh, Wenxia.”

“Yo, Husband, you still recognize someone.”

“Wenxia, you, how can it be you?”

“Hahaha, Husband, come here and kneel before me.”

Tang Zi.

The minister walked over to Wenxia and abruptly, Omi grabbed Wenxia and slammed her into him.

“Bang, bang, bang.”

“I’ll shoot you to death, I’ll shoot you to death.”Omi continuously and continuously slapped.

However, after slapping a few times, Omi felt something clattering down his face, which turned out to be blood.

“Ah.”Omi had just continuously and continuously slapped himself.

Omi’s face was about to be smashed by himself.

“I obviously shot dead Wenxia ah?Where are the people?”

“Where’s Winha.”

“Fuck him, it’s another hallucination, ahhh, what the hell do you want.”Omi hissed.

Omi, finally experiencing the horror of this place.

It was as if Omi was trapped here, even though he was always thinking of getting out of here, but someone always appeared to kill him, only to find out that it was himself again who killed him.

“I’ll get out alive, for sure.”Omi yelled.

Don Omi calmed down.

“I’ll fucking step out of here, I don’t believe I can’t get out.”

“I’ll tie my own hands, I’d like to see who else can hurt me.”

Omi immediately tied his own hands, but as he was about to do so, Omi suddenly said, “No, tying is useless, with my strength, where can the rope tie me.”

“Pah.”After saying that, Omi instantly twisted off his hands.

“Hahaha, now I’ll see how else to kill me.”

Omi walked out step by step, because his hands were twisted off, so he couldn’t kill himself.

Finally, after an unknown number of days, Omi finally felt himself, out of the Ghost Valley.

“Hahaha, hahaha, I’ve finally come out, I’ve finally come out.”Omi yelled in the direction of the Ghost Valley.

And at this moment.

Outside of the Ghost Valley.

“Shang Hong, why hasn’t he come out yet.”

“Everyone go back, maybe he really won’t come out.”

“No, Husband, oooooh.”Wenxia cried out.

Yin Hua hugged Wenxia and comforted her.

Wei Ting sighed, “Brother Shang Hong, have a good trip.”

Guo Bai also shook his head feeling heartbroken, “What a jealous heaven.”

“Everyone go back.”Wen Yang said to the crowd.

“No more waiting?”One person asked.

Wen Yang said, “It’s been a year, if Shang Hong really could have come out, he would have come out long ago, wouldn’t he.”

Everyone was silent for a while.

One person from the Wen Yang family said, “Let’s wait a little longer, the Shang Clan of the Great Martial Empire is on its way here.”

“Alright, then wait a little longer, one of you go and greet the Shang Clan.”


Omi lay on the ground covered in blood.

Omi shouted, “Little fire, little fire.”

However, Omi was too badly injured to shout much louder.

“Where did Little Fire run off to.”

“Brother Chen, at this moment, Little Fire came from the sky.”

“Brother Chen, why are you so badly hurt.”

“Don’t talk about it yet, this Ghost Valley is too scary, take me out of here immediately.”

: “Good, then let’s go back to the Imperial Capital of the Great Precious Empire now.”


Omi was carried on Little Fire’s back and flew and flew all the way back to the imperial capital of the Great Precious Empire.


Having flown back this way, Omi’s injuries had already healed.

“Husband, you’re back?Where have you been.”Wenxia saw Omi and greeted him in a hurry.

“Haha, Xiaoxia, I’m sorry, I’ve gone to the Ghost Valley.”

“Ah, you’ve gone to the Valley of Ghosts.”

“Yeah, sorry, Ghost Valley is too evil a place after all, I didn’t want to take you there, so I ran away by myself.”

“Husband, then how come you’re fine at all?”

“Alas, it was hard for me to come back alive.”

“Husband, don’t go to such a dangerous place in the future, there’s naturally a reason why this place would be listed as a forbidden place.”

“Well, I’ll never go to that place again, it’s so evil, although I know it’s an illusion, but the illusion is so serious that I was almost killed by myself, if I hadn’t been clever enough to break my own hand, I’m afraid I would have been killed by myself.”Omi said with a palpable heart.

At this moment, at the entrance to Ghost Valley.

A group of people flew in from afar, and one of them, an old man, was Omi’s great-grandfather, Shang Yao, as well as Omi’s grandfather Shang Jian, Shang Mo, and others. Remember the URL

As for Omi’s mother, as well as his wife and children, they had yet to be informed.

Wen Yang greeted them and paid his respects, “Meet Senior Shang Yao.”

Shang Yao said, “Wen Yang, there’s no need to be polite, although you’re the first stage of Return to Void, you’re at least Return to Void.Besides, my Xuan Sun Shang Hong married your Xuan granddaughter, we are all family.”

“Big Brother Shang Yao, I’m sorry, I didn’t expect that Shang Hong he would rashly run into the Ghost Valley, the Ghost Valley is a forbidden area of the Great Precious Empire, I usually strictly forbid any of my descendants to enter.”

Shang Yao asked, “How long has Shang Hong he been in there?”

“It’s been almost a year, sorry to inform you now.”

Omi’s grandfather Shang Jian shouted, “Shang Hong, Shang Hong, Shang Hong.”

“There’s no need to shout, he can’t hear you, I’m sure you’ve all heard of this place, Ghost Valley.”

At this time, Wen Xia stepped forward and paid her respects, “Xuan Sun’s daughter-in-law, Wen Xia, pay her respects to her grandfather, grandfather.”

Shang Yao looked at the woman in front of him and asked, “You are my Xuan Sun’s daughter-in-law Shang Hong, the new daughter-in-law I married in the Great Precious Empire, right.”


“Alas, I hope he’s alright, or you’ll be widowed.”

“Oooh, my husband he will be fine.”Wenxia tearfully said.

Omi’s grandfather Shang Jian said, “I want to go into the Valley of Ghosts to find Shang Hong.”

“Never, never.”Wen Yang stopped it.

“Once you go in, it’s very likely that you won’t be able to get out again, Shang Hong has been in there for a whole year and there’s still no news.”Wen Yang said.

At this moment in the sky, Little Fire looked at the direction of the Ghost Valley and was secretly distraught, “Brother Chen, when are you going to come out ah, did something really happen to you?I don’t believe anything will happen to you, so come out, it’s been a year.”

A group of people continued to wait at the exterior of the Ghost Valley, before it was the Wanyang royal family as well as Wei Ting, Guo Bai and Yin Hua waiting there, now, there were more people from the Shang clan.

Everyone prayed for Omi to be able to come out soon, but there was no bottom in everyone’s heart as to whether Omi would be able to come out alive, after all, it had been a year, perhaps, Shang Hong had already died inside the Ghost Valley.

“Master County Horse, someone is looking for you outside.”

“Uh, who’s looking for me?”Omi’s eyebrows furrowed, he had only just returned from Ghost Valley.

“It’s Princess Yin Hua.”

“Princess Yin Hua, huh, let her in.”

Omi sat in the pavilion of the Wanyang Palace, and soon after, Princess Yin Hua walked in.

“Your Highness, what are you looking for me for.”

Yin Hua said, “Shang Hong, have you been to the Valley of Ghosts these past two months?”

“Yeah, what’s up?”

r /> “Then how did you get back alive and intact?”

“Hahaha, without even looking at who I am, you came to see me specifically to tell me this.”

“Me, Shang Hong, me.”

“Say what you have to say.”

“Shang Hong, I, I like you.”

“Uh, there’s no mistake.”Omi’s eyebrows furrowed, Princess Yin Hua herself had taken the initiative to come and confess.

“Princess Yin Hua, do you know what you’re talking about?”

“I, I know, Shang Hong, in fact, seeing how awesome you are, I, I really like you so much.”

“Hahaha.”Omi laughed and asked, “What about your brother Weiting?”

“I don’t like him anymore, not at all, Shang-Hong, let me be your woman.”

“What if I say no?”

“Shang Hong, please, I want to be your woman so badly, I heard that you have a perfect harmony score, I, I, I, I like it so much oh.”Princess Yin Hua said shyly.

“Hahaha, hahaha.”Omi let out a smug laugh.

Omi said, “Princess, if you really want to be my woman, then in the pavilion, take off your clothes.”

“Ah, what are you doing?”

“I’ll give you a body check.”


Yin Hua shyly in the pavilion, took off her clothes, Omi looked at the inch-deep Yin Hua, hehe big smile and went up, big hands grabbed on.

Several: “Alright, Princess, the raw rice is cooked, it will be my woman from now on.”

“Thank you, Husband.”

“Pah-pah.”At this time, there was the sound of clapping.

Omi turned his head and saw that it was Wei Ting.

“Uh, Wei Ting, what are you doing here.”

“Haha, congratulations brother Shang Hong, adding another beautiful wife.”

“Wei Ting, why aren’t you jealous at all, Yin Hua is a woman you like.”Omi asked.

“Hahaha, brother Shang Hong, to tell you the truth, I, I’m dressed as a woman.”

“Ah, brother Weiting, you are dressed as a woman dressed as a man?”

“Hmm.”Wittin nodded shyly.

“I’ll go.”

“Brother Shang Hong, actually, you’re handsome and dashing, and I like you too.”


“Brother Shang Hong, and let’s see me turn back into a woman.”Wei Ting let his hair down, and then changed his disguised face, and suddenly he became a woman, and a beautiful woman at that.

“Ah, Brother Wei Ting, you.”

Yin Hua, who was beside her, was also shocked, “Brother Weiting, you.”

“Actually, I’ve always been a woman, I’m sorry for deceiving you.”

Omi asked, “Then why are you letting us know now?”

Wei Ting said shyly, “It’s because you, Shang Hong, are handsome, suave, handsome, and jade, and you have deeply attracted me, so I am deeply in love with you.Brother Shang Hong, I like you.”

“I’ll go.”

“Brother Shang Hong, love me.”

“Hahaha, hahaha.”Omi laughed out loud, hooked Wei Ting’s chin and said, “Wei Ting, from now on, you can be my wife at ease.”


At this moment, at the entrance to Ghost Valley.

Wei Ting said, “Shang Hong, Shang Hong, are you still alive or not?”

Yin Hua said, “Shang Hong is such a genius, I don’t believe he would die so early, the more genius he is, that means the luckier he is, surely he wouldn’t die just like that.”


Wei Ting nodded, but there was just a bit of depression in the way Wei Ting looked at Yin Hua’s eyes.Because, for the past year, they had all been waiting here for Omi, and Yin Hua’s worry about Omi seemed to have exceeded the boundaries of friends.

Wei Ting knew deep inside that it must be unusual for Yin Hua to be so worried about Omi, perhaps, inside Yin Hua, she had gradually developed some feelings for Omi.

Omi’s grandfather Shang Jian said, “Why don’t I go in and look for it, I don’t believe, what will happen.”

Shang Yao stopped him, “Shang Jian, never.”

“Dad, it’s my grandson in there, he’s the future hope of our Shang clan.”

“How could I not know, but if you die in there, then my Shang clan, it won’t take thirty, forty, a decade or twenty years before there’s a crisis.Besides, Shang Hong he’s been in there for a year, and we still don’t know if he’s dead or alive.”

“Ugh.”Shang Jian stomped his foot in depression.

Shang Yao said to Wen Yang, “Little brother Wen Yang, do you think the probability of my Xuan Sun still being alive, is it high?”

“Brother Shang Yao, I don’t know.”

“Then why haven’t you come out for a year, I heard that you once entered.”

Wen Yang nodded, “Yes, when I was young, I was also curious with a few of my friends, thinking that we would definitely be fine, so we entered the Valley of Ghosts.But later, those few friends of mine died, and only I’m still alive.” One second to remember to read the book

“Can you tell us how they died?”


“Shang Hong is in there, life and death unknown, do you have anything to hide.”

Wen Yang sighed, “I killed him, yes, I killed those friends of mine with my own hands back then.”


“Because in the Valley of Ghosts, there is a mysterious force that induces me to kill, and inside the Valley of Ghosts, there are illusions all the time, and we can’t tell what’s real and what’s not.Fortunately, back then, we didn’t enter the deepest part of the Ghost Valley, otherwise, we must have been afraid that we wouldn’t be able to return.”

“The deepest depths?I don’t know if Shang Hong, he’s entered the deepest part of the Ghost Valley.”

“If so, that would be troublesome.I heard that today, in the deepest depths of the Ghost Valley, he will fall into an infinite illusion, and in the end, die in the illusion.”

“In an infinite illusion?”

Omi looked at Wei Ting who was holding on his body and laughed, “Hahaha, Wei Ting, I didn’t think you were still so pure.”


“Alright, you all go out first, I need to practice.”


Omi calmed down and cultivated.

A day later, Omi comprehended the seventh peak completion intent.

Two days later, Omi comprehended to the eighth ascension completion intent.

Three days later, Omi stepped into the Peak Ascending Perfection.

Four days later, Omi stepped into the Peak Ascending Perfection.

“Husband, you’ve stepped into the Peak Ascending Perfection?”

“Wow, so fast, it’s only been four days since I stepped into the Peak Deng Great Perfection.”

Omi laughed, “What a breakthrough as fast as a dog, there’s no rival in the world, hahaha.”

“Congratulations, congratulations, Husband.”Wei Ting was busy congratulating as well.

Only, Omi frowned.

This breakthrough was too fast, it was a bit unreal.

At this moment, Little Fire flew in through the window.

“Brother Chen, brother Chen, good news.”

“What good news.”

“Hehe, Mu Qianji has found it.”

“Uh, where is it?”

“So, he lives next door to us.”

“What, lives next door to us?”

“It’s next door to the Wenyang Palace.”

“I’ll go, it’s hard to find a place.”

“Yes, after searching for half a day, it’s right next door.Hey, Brother Chen, you’ve stepped into the Dengfeng Great Perfection?Stepping into the Great Perfection in four days, at this rate, wouldn’t it be becoming a god in a year.”


At that time, Mu Qianji’s voice could be heard from outside, “Wind Lightning, is it really you?Do you really live right next door to me?”


“Oooooh.”Mu Qianji threw herself into Omi’s arms and sobbed.

“Qianji, I’ve finally found you, so you’re right next door to me.”

“Ummm, Windy, I missed you so much, quick, about to kill me.”


“Nearly done me.”

“That’s not good, it’s too soon, let’s talk first, Thousand Jedi, if you’re in the Grand Precious Empire, why don’t you go back and find me?”

Just then, Omi felt a little pain in her head.

As if something was missing, she didn’t understand what Mu Qianji had said, nor did she know how Mu Qianji had explained why she didn’t go back to Omi.

“No, this isn’t right.”Omi had a growing feeling that it wasn’t right.

First of all, it was difficult for others to break through a realm for decades, and Omi stepped into the Dengfeng Great Perfection in four days.

Secondly, how did Mu Qianji happen to live next door to him, it was too unbelievable.

Thirdly, how did Wei Ting become a woman, if she was dressed as a man, how come there wasn’t any trace of her before.

It’s not right.

Omi closed his eyes and felt like the whole world was spinning.

Then, Omi fiercely opened his eyes.

Omi found himself lying under a large rock, the surrounding quiet without a single sound.

“Ah, this place is?It’s Haunted Valley.”

“I… I didn’t leave the Valley of Ghosts at all.”

“The images of leaving the Valley of Ghosts before were all hallucinations?”

“Me, how am I sober?”

Omi suddenly turned his head to see that he was holding a weed in his hand, and it was struggling to get out of Omi’s grasp.

“Ah, this is, spirit grass?”Omi was shocked, he actually unintentionally grabbed a weed when he was in the infinite illusion, who knew that the weed was a spirit grass, so Omi woke up from the infinite illusion.

“So I woke up from the illusion because I grabbed this spirit grass, I’m too lucky.”

Omi was overjoyed, if he wasn’t mistaken, this must be a spirit grass of an older year, or else it wouldn’t have been able to wake Omi up from the illusion.

“Haha.”Omi sat up, Omi grasped the spirit grass, his mind incomparably clear, not having any illusions.

Omi didn’t care anymore, he took the spirit grass, shoved it violently into his mouth and ate it.

After eating it, Omi felt even more so, his ears were clear and his mind was refreshed.All of Ghost Valley’s illusions couldn’t affect Omi anymore.

Omi felt warm all over his body, and the aura of heaven and earth around him poured into his body from his pores.

Omi immediately comprehended the martial dao.

Omi’s realm was rising rapidly.

Previously, Omi had comprehended six times to the peak of perfection.

Soon, Omi comprehended it for the seventh time.

A few minutes later, he comprehended it again for the eighth time.

The ninth time.

The tenth time.

Omi stepped into the Peak Ascension Perfection.

“Haha, I’ve stepped into the Dengfeng Perfection.”

A few minutes later, Omi continued to ascend.

Comprehending the Dengfeng Great Perfection once.

Two times, three times, four times, five times, six times.

At that moment, the sight of the pores of the entire body flooding with the spiritual energy of heaven and earth suddenly ended.

This meant that the efficacy of that spirit grass was finished, for a full half hour.

“Wow, half an hour, I’ve soared from the sixth time of late peak ascension to the sixth time of peak perfection, half an hour, I’ve raised a whole big realm, haha.”Omi was ecstatic inside, this time when he entered the Ghost Valley, although he almost fell into the illusionary realm permanently, but he was so lucky that he caught a spirit grass that freed him, and he also soared up by a big realm.


Omi stood up, this terrifying ghost valley could no longer cause any fear now, could not cause any hallucinations for Omi.

“I’ll look around to see if I can find some more spirit grass.”Omi said inwardly.

Thus, Omi began to search again.

This search was three months.

During the three months, Omi had searched almost the entire Ghost Valley and was unable to find a second spirit grass.

Omi wasn’t disappointed, after all, spirit grass was something that only someone could find one in ten thousand years, Omi had already found it three times, what more could he want.A spirit grass that could make one go berserk for a great realm in half an hour, it would be strange if it was all over the place.

“It’s just a waste of three months, haha, I should go out too, or else Little Fire will be anxiously waiting.”

Omi gathered his mood and walked out of the Ghost Valley.

Omi immediately saw several small temporary wooden shacks at the entrance of the Ghost Valley.

“Eh?Who built the hayloft there.”

Just then, a voice shouted, “Shang Hong is coming out, Shang Hong is coming out.” The first website

In the next moment, a group of people came out of those straw huts.

They were Wen Yang and Wen Xia respectively, as well as Wei Ting, Yin Hua, Guo Bai, and others.In addition, there were also Omi’s great grandfather Shang Yao, grandfather Shang Jian, uncle Shang Mo, and others.

“Shang Hong.”Everyone rushed up.

“Why are you all here?”Confused, Omi had the feeling that he had only been in the Ghost Valley for over three months, and all of those three months had been spent looking for spirit plants.

“Soooo, Husband, you’ve finally come out alive.”Wenxia came up with a big cry.

“Is it strange that I came out alive?”

“Husband, do you have any idea how long we’ve been waiting for you here.”

“How long?”

“A year and a half now.”

“What? I’ve been in Ghost Valley for a year and a half.”

“Well, we all thought you were dead, woohoo.”

“Alright, alright, don’t cry, how could I Shang Hong die so easily, not only did I not die, I also increased my martial arts skills.”

Only then did everyone notice that Omi’s martial arts momentum was completely different from a year and a half ago.

“Ah, Shang Hong, you, you’ve reached peak peak completion?”Wei Ting said in horror.

Guo Bai also looked horrified, before the three of them were still in the same realm, they just had different times of comprehending the next realm, but now, Omi had completely surpassed them.

Omi laughed and said, “Yes, I have now stepped into the Peak Ascending Perfection and have already comprehended six times the Peak Ascending Perfection’s intent.”

“Wow, you’ve actually ascended to peak perfection and only have four comprehensions left, tsk, gosh.”At this moment, Guo Bai was filled with jealousy, as there was no way not to be, and there was also a hint of feeling inside that he would never be able to catch up.

Yin Hua looked at Omi, her eyes starry and full of admiration, she had been waiting here for Omi to come out for the past year and a half, and after a year and a half of internal sedimentation, Yin Hua seemed to be certain within herself that she might have developed feelings for Shang Hong.It was a pity that Shang Hong was so powerful, she felt that she couldn’t match it.

Omi looked at everyone with shocked faces, he smiled and said, “Thank you all for your concern for me, you’ve worked hard.”

“It’s fine, you’re alive

It’s good that he came out.”Wei Ting said with a sour face, everyone was worried that he would die, but as a result, not only did he not die, he even came out of a realm of madness, this kind of feeling, only the person concerned understood.

Omi looked at Wei Ting and smiled, he was a little depressed, in Omi’s illusion, Omi actually imagined Wei Ting as a woman.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”Wei Ting said.

Omi harrumphed, “I’ll see if you’re a woman dressed as a man.”


Omi looked at Yin Hua again, in the fantasy world, Yin Hua took the initiative to confess to Omi and strongly requested to be Omi’s woman, and in the fantasy world, Mu Qianji actually lived next door to him, this kind of illogical thing could only happen in the dream world.

“Shang Hong, it’s good that you’re fine.”Omi’s great-grandfather said.

“Great-grandfather, I didn’t expect you to come too.”

“Don’t be so adventurous in the future.”

“Okay, I understand.”

Guo Bai was busy asking, “Brother Shang Hong, you’ve been in the Ghost Valley for a year and a half and your realm has increased by a large margin, why is that?Can you tell us about it?”

Omi saw that everyone was so concerned about him, and was embarrassed not to say anything, so he laughed, “I won’t hide anything from you all, in fact, I was in the Valley of Ghosts, I really almost died, I fell into an infinite illusion, I saw myself stabbed by myself for a while, and then I slapped myself violently, anyway, I didn’t know that those were real and those were illusory.And, I also imagined that I broke my own hands and escaped from the Valley of Ghosts and went back to the capital, but who knows, it was all fantasy.While I was in the illusionary state, I magically caught a spirit grass, a spirit grass of an unknown number of years, and this spirit grass woke me up from the illusionary state, and after I ate that spirit grass, my realm went berserk and I raised a whole great realm.Then I almost came out.”

“What kind of spirit grass has such great effects?”Wittin was busy asking.

“Oh, I don’t know then.”

“This spirit grass, I’m afraid it’s a million years old,”Guo Bai said.

“Maybe.”Omi didn’t tell them the difference between real spirit grasses and genius earth treasures, so let them think what they wanted.

“Alright, guys, I’m safely out of here, so let’s go back.However, although I got a strange encounter in the Ghost Valley, I’m just the lucky one, so I don’t recommend you all to enter the Ghost Valley, because even I don’t want to go back in, I may not be so lucky the second time.”

Omi returned to the capital.

Shang Yao, Shang Jian, Shang Mo, and the others also arrived at the imperial capital of the Great Precious Empire together.

The fact that Omi got out of the Ghost Valley alive also spread quickly.

Many jealous people embarked on a treasure hunt in the Valley of Ghosts, and Omi could only say that all of them were definitely going to die.

“Shang Hong.”One day, Princess Yin Hua suddenly came looking for Omi.

Omi felt that this scene was a bit like he was in a fantasy world.

Omi smiled, “Princess Yin Hua, you suddenly came to find me, you’re not coming to tell me that you’re in love with me and want to be my woman, are you.”

“Uh.”Yin Hua was stunned, then she said angrily, “Shang Hong, screw you, who wants to be your woman, huh.”Yin Hua exhaled and walked away.

Omi chased after her and laughed, “Your Highness, just kidding with you, what have you come to see me about, tell me.”

“Shang Hong, now in the Grand Precious Empire, many people heard that you came out of the Ghost Valley and raised a great realm, they all went to the Ghost Valley, many of them are geniuses, even Gao Mingyi went there.”


“Ah, no way, even Gao Mingyi is red-eyed.”Omi smiled heedlessly, as expected, red eyes were very scary.

“Shang Hong, I came to find you today because I have something to ask you to do, if all the geniuses of my Grand Precious Empire run off to the Valley of Ghosts to die, then my Grand Precious Empire will have no one to succeed it, you’re the one who caused this, you have to solve it for the Grand Precious Empire.”Yin Hua said.

“Your Highness, people’s greed can’t be solved, everyone heard that I was in the Valley of Ghosts and I raised a great realm in a year and a half, no matter how much I try to stop them, they will still go, because everyone’s desire to become stronger is incomparably strong, besides, I raised a great realm, this is a living fact, no matter what I say, it’s useless.”

“Hmph, it’s all you.”Yin Hua stomped her foot and headed out.

“Wait, Princess Yin Hua.”Omi shouted.

“What for.” Yin Hua said in a bad mood.

Omi walked up and smiled hehehe, “Your Highness, nowadays, I, Shang Hong, have become one of the no more than five in the entire world who have stepped into the Dengfeng Perfection at the age of 75 since history was recorded.”

“You, what do you want.”Princess Yin Hua took a few steps back as she saw that Omi seemed to be about to make some frivolous move.

Omi said, “I just want to ask Princess Yin Hua, for a talent like mine, do you want to have it?”

“Hmph, I don’t know what you mean, it’s fine I’m going back.”Yin Hua blushed and fled in panic.

Omi shouted, “Your Highness, I’m going back to the Great Martial Empire in three months, I won’t be back for at least ten years, if you’re willing, you can come with me, if not, take it as an offense.” Remember the URL

Princess Yin Hua escaped from the Wanyang Palace, her heart beating hard.

“Bad Shang Hong, how can you force people like this.”

Omi lived in the Wanyang Palace for three months, stabilizing his realm completely, then he was ready to return with Wenxia.

During that time, Yin Hua hadn’t come looking for Omi.

Omi sighed, “It’s just that, maybe she still likes Wei Ting more in her heart.”

At this moment, at the entrance of Ghost Valley.

With a bearded face, Wei Ting looked in the direction of the Ghost Valley, his eyes sightless.

Yes, Wei Ting was also preparing to enter the Ghost Valley.

About a month or so ago, Yin Hua came to see Wei Ting and said to Wei Ting, “Sorry.”

At that time, Wei Ting probably understood why she said sorry, and sure enough, Yin Hua said sorry because she told Wei Ting that she might be in love with Shang Hong.And, Shang Hong had confessed to her that in three months, if she was willing, she would return to the Great Martial Empire with Shang Hong.

Wei Ting asked Yin Hua, “You decided to return to the Great Martial Empire with Shang Hong?”

Yin Hua nodded her head.

At that moment, Wei Ting’s heart died.

Therefore, Wei Ting Sheng had no love and came to Ghost Valley.

He didn’t hate Shang Hong, he only hated his own incompetence.

Wei Ting secretly said, “Yin Hua, I wish you happiness, I’m leaving.”

Saying that, Wei Ting entered the Valley of Ghosts.

Wei Ting didn’t want to live, he just wanted to end this way, having lost his love, he didn’t know the meaning of living.

When Omi learned about this, it was already two days after Wei Ting entered the Valley of Ghosts.

“What?”Omi was shocked.

Yin Hua came to Omi in tears.

“Yin Hua, why did Wei Ting suddenly enter Ghost Valley?Is he jealous too?”


“Then what is it?”

“Because, because I said to him that I was going to talk to the

You left, and I haven’t seen him since, but then I heard that he left for the Valley of Ghosts after he found out I had moved on.”

“Ugh.”Omi felt a little guilty inside, knowing that Yin Hua was the woman that Wei Ting liked, yet he still went to mess with Yin Hua.

Wei Ting was a nice guy.

Omi said, “I’ll enter Ghost Valley once more and go find him.Yin Hua, I didn’t expect Brother Wei Ting to have such a deep affection for you, I’m sorry to him for this.”

“Shang Hong, you, what are you doing?”

“I’m going to Ghost Valley to find Weeting and get him out,”Omi said.

“And then what?”Yinhua asked nervously.

“Then, huh, give back what belongs to him, to him.”

Yin Hua burst into tears, Omi wanted to give her, back to Wei Ting.

Although Yin Hua was also emotionally moved by Wei Ting’s use of her, but, her heart, she could no longer return to Wei Ting, and right now, she could not say anything but cry.

Omi once again came to the Valley of Ghosts.

After a few months, the entrance to Ghost Valley again, the entrance to Ghost Valley had changed drastically, surprisingly hundreds of straw shelters had been built, these straw shelters were built by those who were jealous of Omi and then came here.Then their relatives, friends or family members, waited and waited at the entrance to see if they could wait to come out after a year.

Omi was really speechless to these people.However, this made Omi deeply understand the truth that in this world, everyone wanted to be strong, and once there was the slightest possibility of becoming strong, even if it was dangerous, there were people who were desperate.

“Wow, is that Shang Hong?”

“It really is Shang Hong.”

“Why is he here again?”

After Omi arrived at Ghost Valley, many people recognized him.

Everyone immediately surrounded him.

Omi looked at the people surrounding him and said, “What are you gathering around me for?”

An old man who had reached peak completion said, “Shang Hong, you’ve come to Ghost Valley again?”


“You’re not going in there again, are you?”

“Right, how.”

“Shang Hong, tell me honestly, what exactly is in the Valley of Ghosts, do you know something that you haven’t told everyone, my grandson has been in for two months and hasn’t come out yet.”

Omi said, “Don’t wait, he can’t come out.”

“What do you mean.”That old man who had reached peak completion was furious, in fact he was looking at Omi a bit unhappy, perhaps he was jealous.

“Nothing meaningful.”

“Shang Hong, don’t be too tuggy, I’m a Dengfeng Great Perfection, no matter how talented you are, you’re only a perfection at this point.”

“Hahaha, old ghost, so what if you are a great perfection, you dare to try to touch me?My Shang clan can turn your family upside down and exterminate it countless times.”Omi said, kicking at that old man who had reached peak completion.


“Hmph.”Omi snorted and walked away, that peak-degree completion old man really didn’t dare to do anything, Omi daring to be arrogant in front of him said it all, no matter if it was the Shang Clan or the Wen Yang Clan, it was enough to crush him, a small peak-degree completion.

Omi said to Yin Hua, “Wait for me here, don’t ever go in, if I find Wei Ting, I’ll bring him out.”

“Well, you be careful too.”

Omi walked into the Ghost Valley.

Many people behind them immediately followed Omi, they saw him enter the Valley of Ghosts and followed him in, thinking it would be safer.

However, not long after entering the Ghost Valley, the group of people behind him began to see their eyes turn red and then attacked each other.



“I’ll kill you.”

“You son of a bitch.”

“Die, I want you dead.”

All of a sudden, the group killed each other.

Omi, on the other hand, didn’t have half a thing to do, the illusion of the Ghost Valley was no longer able to affect Omi, not to mention that he hadn’t entered the center of the Ghost Valley yet.

Omi had only come in this time to look for Wei Ting, whether it was a living person or a corpse.

“Well?”Omi suddenly saw an acquaintance, drenched in blood, in the bamboo forest in front of him, attacking himself fist by fist.

The man’s mouth was shouting, “Shang Hong, you stole my woman, I’ll kill you.”

“Pah, pah.”

“Hahaha, Shang Hong, I’m not done with you.” A second to remember to read the book

Omi looked at the person who was beating himself up and laughed wordlessly.

This person was none other than Gao Mingyi.

Gao Mingyi liked Wenxia and was robbed by Omi, so Gao Mingyi hated Omi very much, he entered the Ghost Valley this time, and I heard that he was also the first group of people to come in.

Unexpectedly, he was still alive to this day.

Gao Mingyi hated Omi so much that when he entered the Valley of Ghosts, of course Omi was missing from the illusion.

Omi walked up to him and said, “Gao Mingyi, go die.”

“Bang.”Omi slapped Gao Mingyi to death, and with Omi’s perfect state of Dengfeng, it was incomparably simple to slap the late Dengfeng Gao Mingyi to death.

Omi naturally had a reason for slapping him to death, because Gao Mingyi hated Omi so much that it would definitely not be beneficial to Omi’s family when he became powerful in the future, so it was better to just kill him to save any future trouble for the family.

After Omi killed Gao Mingyi, he continued his search for Wei Ting.

After searching for half a month, Omi saw a large tree with a rope hanging from a man.

“Uh, Wei Ting.”

That hanging person was precisely Wei Ting, and Wei Ting himself had hung himself.

Omi immediately flew up to save him, and found that Wei Ting was still alive, after all, a strong man at this level could no longer be killed by a mere hanging.

Omi brought Wei Ting out of the Ghost Valley.

“Wei Ting.”Yin Hua and the others came up in a panic.

In addition to Yin Hua, there were people from the Wei Ting family who had come to the Ghost Valley a few days after Omi.

The strongest member of the Wei Ting Family, a Returning Void Stage One powerhouse, slapped Wei Ting lightly on the head.

Wei Ting sobered up.

“Ah, me, where am I?”

“Whew.”Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

And now, Omi had disappeared.

Everyone didn’t notice that Omi was gone.

Yin Hua saw that Wei Ting had woken up and was busy saying, “Wei Ting, why are you so stupid.”

“Yin Hua, I am.”

“Wei Ting, I don’t want you to do such stupid things in the future.”

“Yin Hua.”Wei Ting immediately pulled Yin Hua’s hand.

However, Yin Hua struggled and pulled away.

Wei Ting was filled with gloom and sadness, but even though he made it out alive, he was still unable to save Yin Hua’s heart.

Wei Ting suddenly asked, “By the way, how did I get out?”

A man from the Wittin family said, “It was Yin Hua who went to Shang Hong, and Shang Hong entered the Valley of Ghosts to rescue you.”

“Ah, Shang Hong rescued me, where is he?”

When Yin Hua turned back, where was Shang Hong’s shadow, Shang Hong didn’t know when he had left.

Yin Hua panicked inside, her heart listless.


nbsp; Yin Hua ignored Wei Ting and cried out, “Shang Hong, Shang Hong.”

The Wei Ting family’s that returned void strong man said, “Stop shouting, Shang Hong he’s already gone.”

“Oooh, Shang Hong, do you really not want me anymore?You’re the one who said, take me to the Great Martial Empire.”Yin Hua said with a crying nose.

When Wei Ting saw this kind of behavior from Yin Hua after Shang Hong left, he cried as well.It was obvious that Shang Hong wanted to return Yin Hua to him, that’s why he left without saying a word, but Yin Hua had completely moved on and could no longer be salvaged.

The Wei Ting Clan’s Returned Void strongman said, “Your Highness, if you go after her now, you might still be able to catch up.”

Yin Hua didn’t even think about it and immediately flew away.

When Wei Ting saw that Yin Hua did not look at him in the slightest, he immediately went after Shang Hong and roared in pain, “Yin Hua.”

Yin Hua had already disappeared into the sky.

A strong member of the Wei Ting family, who was in the first stage of Return to the Void, said, “Wei Ting, you’re a worthless person, it’s a shame that the family still has high hopes for you, you and Yin Hua were never meant to be, our relationship with the Golden Moon Gate was already very bad, before Yin Zheng had tried to obstruct your relationship with Yin Hua in every way, don’t you understand?Alright, give me back to the family to reflect.”

Omi sat on Little Fire’s back and left in flames.

“Brother Chen, you’re really giving up on Yin Hua just like that.”

“Oh, it’s just women, I have more than enough of them.”Omi said, however, Omi’s heart was not so casual, although women were like clothes, Omi was still a rather sentimental person, and at this moment, he was just trying to comfort himself by saying so.

“Brother Chen, there’s no need for you to give up a woman for Wei Ting ah, feelings are something that can’t be given up, besides, Yin Hua chose you, it’s not for you to rob her, if Yin Hua doesn’t like you, it’s useless for you to rob ah.”

“Alright, stop it, you can’t behave like this, Wei Ting is quite a nice person, if I don’t go and provoke Yin Hua, there won’t be any more of this, friend’s wife can’t be bullied.”

Omi flew back to the capital, then took Wenxia with him and left the Great Precious Empire.

There was no telling when he would come back to the Great Precious Empire next time.

When he arrived at the border of the Great Precious Empire, Omi took his concubine, Yao Lan, with him.

Then, after spending more than half a year, Omi returned to the imperial city of the Great Precious Empire.

“I’m back.”Omi shouted as he returned to the Green Rose Villa.Three years and four months had passed from the time he left until now when he returned.



Omi’s wives and children came out to greet him.

“Hahaha.”Omi looked at his wives and said, “Let me introduce you, this is Wen Xia, a wife I married in the Great Precious Empire, she is fifty-six years old, she is now in the early stages of the Peak Deng Realm, and it is very likely that she will step into the Void in the future.”

“Well, we already know all about it.”Qin Ren said, and then greeted Wenxia, although she was a little jealous inside, but it couldn’t be helped, besides, Wenxia was such a genius, the family would need her to help support it in the future.

Omi introduced again, “And this one, huh, his name is, Yao Lan, is a concubine of my unintentional nah, this year, twenty-two.”Omi was a bit embarrassed, with the same age as Qin Nui, where to put this old face.

Qin Nui said at once, “Wow, that’s not the same age as me.”

“Ahem.”Omi was even more embarrassed, Qin Ren saw Omi’s embarrassment and was busy pulling Qin Nui privately, telling her to be quiet.

Qin Nui pursed her lips.

Omi smiled, “Qin Nui, it’s been more than three years since I’ve seen you, how has your martial arts progressed ah.”

“It’s okay.”Qin Nui lowered her head and said.

Qin Ren was busy saying, “Husband, Qin Nui has been under my tutelage every day, and has now stepped into the late stage of the Unity Realm.”

“Well, it’s not bad, keep working hard.”Omi looked at his sons again, especially Shang Xu and Shang Lei, they were more mature people, but the realm hadn’t changed much, only improving by two realms, it was disappointing that they were still breaking through so slowly in the Innate Realm.


At that moment, a small child came running and shouted, “Daddy.”

When Omi looked, it was his youngest son, Shang Ji.

After not seeing him for more than three years, he had grown much taller and was now ten years old.

“Shang Ji, come here.”

“Father.”Shang Ji happily jumped on Omi.

“Husband.”Little Grass also came over.

“Haha, Shang Ji, not bad, only ten years old, stepping into the late Houtian period.”Omi said with a big smile.

In comparison, Shang Xu and Shang Lei were ashamed, they were still spinning in the innate, and their youngest brother would soon catch up.

Omi stayed at home for the night.

The next day, a servant came forward and said, “Your Highness Shang Hong, your great grandfather has an invitation.”

“Good, I’ll enter the palace right away.” The first website

Omi immediately entered the palace.

“Xuan Sun pays his respects to Grandpa.”Omi paid his respects, before Shang Yao and the others returned first after going to the Great Precious Empire.

“Oh, Shang Hong, no need to be polite, you are now one of the few in history to have stepped into the Dengfeng Perfection at the age of seventy, that’s great.”

“Oh, it’s all thanks to your grandfather’s blessing.”

“By the way, your grandfather Shang Jian, he will soon be stepping into the Returning Void as well.”


“When that time comes, double happiness, the family is going to hold a celebration banquet for you to inform the world.”

“Hehe, everything will be arranged by Grandpa Tai.”Omi smiled and said.

Shang Yao sighed, “Unfortunately, I only have eight or nine years left to live, Shang Hong, your talent is so outstanding, I really want to see what you can achieve in the future, but unfortunately, I can’t see it.”

“Ah, grandfather.”

“Hehe, it’s fine, one has to die eventually, now Shang Jian is going to step into the return to the void, and your talent is so outstanding, I have no more regrets.”

“Grandpa, can’t you just continue to step into the Third Stage of Return to Void?”

“Returning to the Third Stage of Void?Shang Hong, do you know what kind of realm this is, few people in the world can step into it, nowadays in the entire Great Martial Empire, I’m the only one in the second stage of Return to Void, the third stage shows how difficult it is.”

Omi could only sigh, thinking that after eight or nine years, his great grandfather would leave this world, it was a little painful, but there was no way around it, Omi would also die one day.

Omi was in the palace, Shang Yao explained to Omi a lot about the understanding of the martial dao, Omi although gaining a lot, but not much improvement, after all, to reach this level, relying on a little explanation from others to improve, almost impossible, and Omi is not the first time to listen to a strong person to explain.

Omi’s grandfather was in seclusion, striking the first stage of Return to Void.

Omi returned home, and as soon as he entered his home, he saw Qin Nui and Yao Lan, chatting about something in the courtyard.

“Uh!”Omi was stunned, one was his concubine and the other was his daughter, but she was like a best friend.

“Ahem.”Omi walked in.

“Father.”Qin Nui busily came up.

“Grandfather En.”Yao Lan was busy paying her respects.

Omi said, “Qin Nui, if you don’t go to practice, why are you still thinking of joking around here.”

“Oh.”Qin Nui bowed her head and hurriedly left.

Omi looked at Yao Lan, who looked constrained, and said, “Alright, Yao Lan, no need to be constrained.”

“Yes, Eunuch.”

“How come you’re so chatty with my daughter.”

“Uh, do you, is Eun Gong feeling

Not good?If it’s bad, I won’t hang out with her anymore.”

“That’s not true, what were you just talking about.”

“Ah, no, nothing.”

“Come on.”


“Swallow it.”

“Qin Nui asked me to help with a reference.”

“Reference to what?”

“Which boy is better.”

“What did you say?Is Chin-nui in love?”Omi’s brow furrowed.

“No no, someone was chasing her and she asked me to analyze it, she didn’t decide who she wanted to date.”

“Oh, oh, also, she’s 22 years old.”Omi had to correct his own perception, always thought that his daughter was still young, but it was already 22, Omi had several girlfriends when he was 22, what was Qin Nui even if she was dating.Some other day to talk to Qin Rei, let Qin Rei pay good attention, falling in love can be, but not to be cheated, this aspect Omi also does not know much.

“Yao Lan, come in.”

“Eunuch, where to?”

Don Omi smiled, “Go into the house.”

“Go into the house for what?”

“Yao Lan, it’s been years since I touched you, don’t you.”

“Ah, me.”Yao Lan blushed all over.

“Oh.”Omi stopped Yao Lan by the waist and hugged her, although she was a concubine, she couldn’t be too lonely.

Afterwards, Omi put on his clothes and said, “Yao Lan, you and Qin Nui are the same age after all, practice martial arts with her in the future, although you are my concubine, you are not the same age as me after all, you shouldn’t live like us, you should return to your age like people of your age, and fight your way up.Starting tomorrow, you’ll enter the Royal Academy just like Qin Nui.”

“Mm, good.”Yao Lan said with a happy face, a place like the Royal Academy, she used to be unable to enter in her dreams when she was in the Great Precious Empire, but now that she followed Omi to the Great Martial Empire, she could enter the Royal Academy.

Omi smiled and touched her face and said, “Go to the Royal Academy, and work hard.”

“Yes, Grandpa En.”

Omi walked out of the room.

The next day, Qin Nui brought Yao Lan with her and entered the Royal Academy together, Yao Lan started her career in the Royal Academy, and Qin Nui and Qin Nui turned into good friends and BFFs with nothing to talk about.Although Omi was a bit embarrassed, they were after all the same age, and Omi couldn’t stop things.

When Yao Lan and Qin Nui went home, Omi would go to Yao Lan’s place for a few hours if he had time, but the rest of the time he didn’t have much contact with Yao Lan.

In the blink of an eye, two months had passed.

On this day, Omi received the news that his grandfather Shang Jian had entered the first stage of the Return to Void.

Omi went there in a panic.

“Congratulations grandfather, stepping into the Return to Void.”

“Hahaha, Shang Hong, you try hard too.”Shang Jian was so happy that he couldn’t stop smiling.

Before he left, Shang Jian quietly said to Omi, “Shang Hong, let me tell you a good news in advance.”

“Ah, what good news?”

“Your great-grandfather will choose the big limit, and when he does, you understand.”

“Uh.”Omi, however, was not very happy about the fact that his great grandfather chose the Great Limit, and definitely chose Omi as the one to pass it on, which would allow Omi to take a few more steps up, but Omi was not happy.

A few days later, the Shang clan held a grand feast to celebrate Shang Jian stepping into the void and Omi becoming the first genius in the history of the Great Martial Empire.

The entire Great Martial Empire, the Shang clan, was in a moment of glory.


Omi didn’t leave the Great Martial Empire right away to go to another empire for training or anything, Omi was going to stay at home for a year before setting off again.

The reason why he chose to stay at home for a year was due to the fact that Omi still had so many wives and children at home and had to take some time to spend with them.

“Your Highness Shang Hong, your grandfather asked you to go there.”One day, Omi’s grandfather Shang Jian summoned Omi again.

“Oh.”Omi arrived at his grandfather’s house.

“Grandpa, what are you looking for me for.”

“Shang Hong, sit down, can’t I find you if there’s nothing wrong.”

“Grandpa, how come your life has become more leisurely since you stepped into the first stage of Return to Void.”Omi asked.

“Returning to Void Phase 2 is hopeless, so can I not be leisurely now.”

“Grandpa, tell me, what do you want to tell me.”

Omi’s grandfather handed Omi a pamphlet.

Omi flipped through the pamphlet, there were several pictures of beautiful women inside, and when he turned the last page, Omi actually saw Yao Lan’s portrait. Remember the website

“Uh, Grandpa, what the hell is this?”

“Shang Hong, this era is the era of talents, the era of strong men, and the era of resources.Whoever possesses the talent, becomes the master.”Shang Jian said.

“Grandpa, my grandson doesn’t quite understand.”

“Oh, Shang Hong, this pamphlet I’m showing you is the Great Martial Royal Academy, genius and beauty ranking list.”

“Ah, the genius and beauty ranking list.”Omi gulped inside, what is grandpa up to again?

However, Omi actually saw that his concubine, Yao Lan, was ranked on the genius and beauty list at the Royal Academy, and although she was the last, it was already notorious.

“Grandpa, what are you up to again, tell me.”

“Oh, Shang Hong, do you remember that Liu Hua from the beginning?The genius woman whose dead husband was later married off by Shang Stubborn.”

“Of course I remember.”

“At that time, I asked you to marry her, but you had too high of an eye, and you said that your standard was beauty.Well, I won’t force you, this time, the Royal Academy beauty list is all beautiful women and all geniuses, what else can you say.”

“Grandpa, you wouldn’t want me to marry one of the girls on the Royal Academy’s genius beauty list, would you?Grandpa ah, don’t toss for me, these little girls, I can be their father, you don’t mind being boring, I’m still embarrassed.”

Shang Jian a huffed, “What’s embarrassing, who said you can only marry the same age.If that’s the case, then wouldn’t you be unable to be born.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t you know?Your father is old enough to be your mother’s father, too.”

“Ah, no way, my father is that old?”

“Nonsense, your father would be nearly 140 years old this year if he were still alive, and your mother, how old was she when she was your age, was only 100?Only in her twenties.”

“Ah.”Omi was a bit speechless, Omi thought that his father, who was about the same age as his mother, turned out to be a round older than his mother.

“Shang Hong, on the Royal Academy Genius Beauty Ranking, the top ten, you must all marry me, of course, the last one, Yao Lan, you’ve already taken as a concubine, there are still nine left in front.”

“Grandpa, this.”

“Shang Hong, you don’t want the ugly ones, do you want the pretty ones again?You’ve only got 11 wives. Look at Shang Cao, he’s got over 30.You know how people outside are.

What’s that say about you?Say you’re incompetent.”

“Ah, I’m incompetent?”

“Yeah, that’s how it is out there, so you’re afraid to marry too much for fear of being cuckolded if you can’t satisfy.”

“How boring.”Omi snorted.

“Alright, Shang Hong, I’ve already made arrangements for you.”

“Uh, grandpa, you’ve already arranged for those nine beauties to marry me?”

Shang Jian rolled his eyes and said, “Shang Hong, don’t think about this, Grandpa doesn’t have the ability to do this, the genius beauties on the ranking list, except for Yao Lan, every one of them are being watched by countless strong people, do you think I can make them marry you with a word?If you want to marry the nine beauties on this ranking list, you must pursue and conquer them yourself.”

“I’ll go, I really don’t have the heart for it.”

“Shang Hong, do you know what Shang Stubborn is doing right now?”

“Uh, could it be that he wants to marry these genius beauties too?”

“Nonsense, not only Shang Stubborn, the entire Great Martial Empire, the sons and strongmen of several other vice-national clans, as long as they are under 100 years old, almost all of them want to marry these nine talented beauties.You may not be able to chase after them yet, but I have confidence in you, after all, your fame is here, your talent is here, and your face value is here.”

“I’m dizzy.”Omi wiped a cold sweat.

“Shang Crabby entered the Royal Academy as a lecturer two years ago, although outsiders don’t know, I do, with the aim of marrying a certain genius beauty.”

“Oh, the real Shang Stubborn, I’m speechless to him.”

“Alright, Shang Hong, go back and think about it, remember what grandpa told you at the beginning, whoever has the talent will be able to rule the world, and whoever has the resources will be able to get the world.Now, each and every one of these geniuses and beauties is a talent and a resource.You shouldn’t treat them as women, you just need to treat them as resources.”

“Alright, I’m going home first.”

“Get back to me in three days, if you don’t, I won’t force you, I’ll arrange for the merchant material to go.”

“Who’s the merchant material?”Omi seemed to have heard this name for the first time.

Shang Jian laughed, “Do you think you’re the only genius among my descendants?”

“Ah, is Merchant Material my cousin?Or?”

“He’s the son of your Don Brother Shangma, he’s 30 years old and he’s started to rise in the last few years.”

“Oh, so, Shang material is my cousin’s nephew.”

“Yes, it’s my Xuan Sun, your cousin’s nephew.”

“Oh, Shang material has reached such a level now?”

“He’s thirty years old and has reached the middle stage of the clan.”

“Wow, very genius.”Omi said with some surprise, Omi was thirty years old and it seemed like he hadn’t even stepped into the Zongshi realm yet.

“Hahaha, the more geniuses that appear in our Shang clan, the better, now it depends on how the late stage of Shang material is.Can it be like you, a late stage explosion.”

“Hehe.”Omi indeed belonged to the late stage outbreak, Omi’s talent in the early stage was still considered dazzling in another continent, but here, it wasn’t outstanding anymore.

“Grandpa, I’ll leave first then.”

“Shang Hong, this is the last time grandpa will let you get married, if you miss this chance, it really won’t be your turn next time.”


“In another ten or twenty years, your son Shang Ji will have grown up, and by then, do you think it will still be your turn to be an old bone?”

“I’ll go.”Don was said sweating.


“Alright, go back and think about it, you only have a chance to get married within these twenty years, and in another twenty years, the next generation will be grown up and nothing will happen to you, and you’ll be almost 100 years old by then, and no one will want to marry even if you want to, got it?”

“Oh.”Omi was a bit depressed.

Omi went back to the house first.

Not long after Omi left, a man arrived at Shang Jian’s house.


“Shang Ma, what is it?”

“Grandpa, I heard that you want to arrange for Shang Hong to enter the Royal Academy as a lecturer of some sort?”The man called Shang Ma asked.

“Oh, you’re well-informed, Shang Hong has just left, but he hasn’t agreed yet, this kid, always too pure, women are like clothes, the more you have the better it is naturally, why doesn’t he understand.”

That Shang Ma said, “Grandpa, can we not arrange it like this.”

“Uh, why?”

“Grandpa, Shang Hong he’s an old man, this is almost eighty, and you’re still arranging for him to marry some courtyard flower.” A second to remember to read the book

Shang Jian snorted, “Shang Ma, if you were eighty years old, I definitely wouldn’t arrange for you, but Shang Hong is different, he’s in his prime right now.”

“Grandpa, didn’t you say before that you arranged for my son Shang material to go?Why do you want to arrange Shang Hong again ah, I think, Shang Hong really don’t need to arrange him, the opportunity should be given to young people, Shang Hong in a few decades, should be hard and soft, isn’t this delaying someone’s girl.”

“Shang Ma, I’ve already decided on this matter.”

“Grandpa, my son Shang Yuan’s talent, you also saw it, I believe he will definitely explode later, maybe surpass Shang Hong it, all your children and grandchildren, you can’t behave like this ah, before you said you would fully support Shang Yuan, now as soon as Shang Hong comes back, you again.”

“Alas, it’s just a matter of time, then let Shang material and Shang Hong, each according to their own abilities.”

Shang Ma saw that it was useless to say anything else, inside a hum, “Shang Hong you really don’t mind being dry, to steal a woman from your cousin’s nephew.”

Omi returned home.

“Hong’er, you’re back from your grandfather’s.”

“Well, mother.”Omi looked at his mother, feeling that his mother had lived a really bitter life, married by Omi’s father at a young age, thought he could live a carefree life results, only thirty years old and widowed, then until now, youth young has passed, the best seventy or eighty years of youth, so past.

“Hong’er, why do you look so sad.”Qiao Xue asked.

Omi told his mother everything that Grandpa had said today.

Mother smiled, “It’s true that your grandfather loves you the most, before I heard that your grandfather fully supported the business materials, I didn’t expect that once you came back, he gave you this good thing again.”

“Mother, you think this is a good thing?”

“Of course it’s a good thing, but, Mother was worried that you’re simply incapable of acquiring such a good thing, compare, those genius beauties at the Royal Academy, the youngest is only in her teens, and the oldest, less than forty, not every girl, likes the old, after all, the mind is immature, and everyone likes the young.”

“Uh, old ones?I can’t believe I’m going to be disliked.”

“Oh, Hong’er, people get old, you’re 76 this year, in the eyes of those young girls, isn’t that old.However, Hong’er, you should listen to your grandfather’s words and give it a try, and catch up with as many as you can, even if you can’t, you have nothing to lose.You only have one Shang Ji to hold up the scene now, what if in the future, Shang Ji’s talent drops greatly in the later stages?We’ll have no one to rely on for this branch.”


Omi hadn’t even thought about such a problem in case Shang Ji didn’t make it later.

Yeah, just because Shang Ji is a genius now, doesn’t mean the future yeah, how many people are thirty years old

Before, or before the age of forty, the bull was great, but, later on, it had no growth power, and then became mediocre or ordinary.

Omi must plan ahead and think about the future of this family.

“Alright, Mother, then I’ll obey my grandfather and enter the Royal Academy as a lecturer.I’d like to see if I can still chase after beautiful women nowadays when the old general is on the horse.”

Omi’s mother-in-law covered her mouth and laughed.

Omi looked at his mother-in-law and felt a pang of sadness, his mother-in-law had officially started to enter her old age.

Mother was only in the middle of her peak now, with this state of hers, the big limit would be under 160 years old, 60 years, in fact, it would pass in the blink of an eye.

Omi couldn’t help but hug his mother-in-law, his nose a little sore.

On the third day, Omi replied to his grandfather, promising to enter the Royal Academy as a lecturer.

Then, on the fifth day, Omi officially entered the Royal Academy as a lecturer.

In the Royal Academy, there were not many lecturers who had ascended to perfection, but Omi’s fame was unusual and his age was also unusual, so the sensation that Omi caused was definitely stronger than the other lecturers who had ascended to perfection.

Upon entering the Royal Academy, Omi first arrived at the academy’s lecturer base, similar to the ‘Professor’s Office Building’.

“Shang Hong, welcome.”When he arrived at the lecturer base, an old man immediately welcomed him, compared to that old man, Omi appeared too young, also peak-descending, others were already old, Omi was still in his prime.

“Haha, hello, who are you?”

“Lecturer Shang Hong, my name is Bai Zi Jian, and we’re all very happy to hear that you joined the Royal Academy as a lecturer afterwards.”

“Uh, why happy.”

“Lecturer Shang Hong, you’re asking, you’re the youngest Dengfeng Perfection in the history of the Great Martial Empire, you’re the top ranked young Dengfeng Perfection even in the entire world’s human history.”

“Haha, you’re welcome.”Omi said, “Lecturer Zi Jian, could you tell me a bit about our Royal Academy’s lecturer base.”

“Of course, I’m willing to be of service, our Royal Academy, in total, has over thirty peak completion lecturers and eight peak completion lecturers.However, the Grand Perfection lecturers rarely come out and move around anymore, and we usually don’t see one of them.”


“Then who is the president of our Royal Academy?”

“Dean ah, he’s your grandfather, Shang Jian.”

“Uh, my grandfather is actually the dean, I didn’t even know that.”

“Oh, it’s not a secret, your Shang clan is currently a royal family, and the courtyard is naturally owned by your Shang clan.However, according to the past rules, your grandfather has stepped into the Return to the Void, he should pass on the deanship to the next Shang clan, someone who has reached the peak-degree completion, but your Shang clan, there is currently no one who has reached the peak-degree completion, so your grandfather will probably continue to hold the deanship.”

“Then the deanship and such must be held by those rich families.”

“Yes, every vice dean is held by a few other vice national clans who are strong in the peak-denying Great Perfection.”

“Thank you, Lecturer Zi Jian.”

“You’re welcome, Lecturer Shang Hong, I hope you’ll take care of me in the future.”

“Haha, I wouldn’t dare.”

“Tonight, our lecturer base, all the lecturers who have reached peak completion, to take over for you, I heard that those lecturers who have reached peak completion will also come out, but you are really proud of yourself, those lecturers who have reached peak completion, usually can’t see anyone.”

“Yeah, huh, where’s my official room?”

“Follow me.”

Bai Zi Jian led Omi to a room, and this was Omi’s ‘office’.


Omi sat down in his office, quite satisfied.

“Lecturer Zi Jian, I have no experience, can you guide me on how I should give lectures to the students.”

“Lecturer Shang Hong, we are senior lecturers, it is our freedom to lecture or not, we are not forced to give lectures.If you want to give a lecture on a certain day, you make an announcement in advance, for example, a lecture for a certain realm, and then people come to listen.”

“So, then it’s basically nothing, right.”

“Yeah, it’s basically just to hang around, give two lectures occasionally, and practice freely the rest of the time.Of course, this is for senior lecturers, lower lecturers, at least two lectures a year, each for half a month or more.”

“Oh, I see, thank you, Lecturer Zi Jian.”

“Hey, you’re welcome, that, Lecturer Shang Hong, can I ask you a few personal questions.”

“Okay, you ask.”Omi smiled.

“That, I heard that you entered the Royal Academy with the aim of chasing after those genius beauties on the rankings, right?”Bai Zi Jian asked, wondering where he had heard the news from.

Omi laughed, thinking that no one knew about it, but everyone knew it by heart.

“Lecturer Shang Hong, if my words have offended you, please bear with me.”Bai Zi Jian was busy, afraid that Omi would be angry, he couldn’t afford to be offended. The first website

“It’s fine, I just didn’t expect that you would know about such a private matter.”

“Haha, Lecturer Shang Hong, it’s not that I’m talking nonsense, in fact, everyone knows the purpose of your entry into the Royal Academy la, it’s just that I told you because I have a straight mouth.”

“Luckily you told me, otherwise I would have thought that only I knew.Alright, I won’t hide anything from you, indeed, I did enter the Royal Academy to hit on those genius beauties, but I’m hitting on them, not chasing after them, understand?”

“Well, how do you get them if you don’t chase them?Don’t you know that geniuses from many families are after them?The competition can be fierce, and they don’t know how many flowers they have to collect every day.”

“Oh, I don’t have time to chase after them, alright, you go ahead.”


After that, Omi left the lecturer base and headed to the martial field classroom.

“Hello, who’s called Qiao Xiaoqian.”

Omi arrived in front of a class martial field and asked the teacher of that martial field.

Everyone in this martial field looked towards the door, only to see Omi standing at the entrance of the class.

Omi wasn’t in the mood to chase these little girls one by one, since Omi obeyed his grandfather’s words, Omi would do as he was told, but Omi wouldn’t waste his time chasing them.

So, Omi came straight here and asked those little girls if they were willing, one word, no long-windedness.

Everyone looked at the class a girl in a purple dress, that girl was about thirty-one years old, her looks were indeed national, and she was the goddess of all the boys in the class, so, the class right now, all the boys looked at Omi, their eyes filled with displeasure, unfortunately, the strength was low, and they could only be upset inside.

The class teacher was busy respectfully saying, “Greeting Senior Shang Hong.”

“Well, you’re welcome, is Qiao Xiaoqin in your class?”Don Zimmer asked.

“Right.”After saying that, that teacher shouted, “Qiao Xiaoqian, come out.”

That purple-clothed girl came out, looking a little confused.


; She had also heard about Shang Hong, the first day genius in the history of the Great Martial Empire, and she had also heard that Shang Hong would recently enter the Royal Academy with the aim of chasing a certain genius beauty.Right now, this Qiao: “Shang Hong is not trying to chase me, right?”

“Hello, Senior Shang Hong.”Qiao Xiaoqian greeted Omi.

Omi cut to the chase and said, “Qiao Xiaoqian, first place on the Royal Academy’s genius beauty list, right?”

“Uh, what does senior want to see me about?”

“Oh, Qiao Qian, I’ll cut to the chase too, I want to marry you, what do you think?”

“Ah.”Qiao Xiaoqian looked at Omi incredulously, not even chasing after him yet, he directly asked if he was married or not.

“Oh, go back and think about it, if you’re willing to marry me, find me at the lecturer’s base tomorrow, if not, please forgive my rudeness.”

“Me.”Qiao Xiaoqian looked at Omi, panicking inside, this was too direct, at least chase after it first.

However, Qiao Xiaoqian looked at Omi up close and realized that Omi was handsome.

“Alright, go on with your classes, remember to come find me tomorrow, whether you want to or not, come tell me and I’ll give you a big gift.”

After saying that, Omi turned around and walked away.

Qiao Xiaoqian couldn’t be at peace the whole day, not that it was anything, but it was too sudden, among so many suitors, Shang Hong was considered very good, but Shang Hong didn’t even chase after him, he just married him, too insincere.

Then, Omi came to another martial field classroom.

“Is Liang Jingjing here?Tell her to come out for a moment.”

A moment later, the beautiful girl called Liang Jingjing, who was about twenty-five years old, came out and looked at Omi with a shocked face, Omi was a legendary existence to them, only to be looked up to, but didn’t expect to come to him today.

“Liang Jingjing, your talent is very good, I think it would be even better if you had my teaching.I want to marry you, are you willing?”

“Ah, what.”

“Oh, surprised huh, that’s okay, you don’t need to answer me right away, I’ll give you a day to think about it, whether you want to or not, come to me at the lecturer’s base tomorrow and tell me the answer and I’ll give you a big gift.”


“You can go back to class first.”

Omi left again, leaving a speechless Liang Jingjing.

“Is Wang He here?”

“Wang He, I want to marry you, will you?It’s okay, I’ll give you a day to think about it, come see me at the lecturer base tomorrow, whether you want to or not, come tell me and I’ll give you a big gift.”

“Song Yang, hello.Uh, I heard that you’re the fifth ranked genius beauty, you’re very talented, I want to marry you, are you willing?”

“Hello, you must be Little Green.Yes, I’m Shang Hong, oh, it’s like this, I want to marry you, will you marry me?Uh, you’ve got someone in mind. Oh, that’s okay. Well, think about it, then, and come see me at the lecturer’s base tomorrow and tell me the answer, okay?Thank you, I will give you a great gift oh.”

With that, Omi went after the nine genius beauties one by one and got straight to the point.

Omi didn’t want to waste time chasing after them, so just be direct, come if you’re willing, pull it off if you’re not.

Omi had a lot of important things to do, nothing to spend here.

However, this matter quickly spread throughout the Imperial City.

Chapter 1421

At this moment, at a certain vice-national family residence.

“Damn it, Shang Hong is too much.”A certain son of the Jing Clan was furious.

“Those genius beauties, everyone wants them, but Shang Hong is good, he wants them all.”

“I go, that’s really a bit too much, even we didn’t even think about all of them, he actually wanted them all, and today he went to those nine girls one by one, and directly and brazenly said that he wanted to marry them.We had to try to approach them before, then gain their affection and chase them slowly, but Shang Hong didn’t follow the rules at all.”

“What now?Those nine girls were all married off by Shang Hong?”

“That’s not true, it was just Shang Hong’s wishful thinking to marry them, they didn’t agree at all, but of course, Shang Hong was smart enough to fear that he wouldn’t be able to get off the stage, so he didn’t let them agree right away, and asked them to reply to Shang Hong tomorrow.”

“Alas, Shang Hong is really too desperate, I hope that none of those girls will agree tomorrow.”

“So insincere, only the stupid ones are willing.”

This matter blew up in the Royal City, after all, Shang Hong did not follow the rules.

At one of the Royal Academy’s dormitories.

A student said, “Shang material, didn’t you say that your great grandfather supported you in your pursuit of the nine beauties?Why did that Shang Hong go one by one today and tell those beautiful women that he wanted to marry them, and all of them” Remember the website

“Don’t say it, Shang Hong.”The man called Shang material was now angry and blue in the face.

“I’m going to go find his theory.”

After saying that, Shang material flew out of the dormitory.

Omi was at the lecturer’s base for quiet enlightenment when a shout came from outside, “Shang Hong, come out.”

“Uh, who’s so angry.”

Omi walked out, not recognizing the person, but the face was familiar.

“You are?A child of my Shang?”

“Hmph, Shang Hong, I’m Shang material.”

“Oh, so it’s you, nephew Shang material, what do you want from me?”

“Shang Hong, I don’t know if Grandpa Tae has told you.”

“Tell what.”

“Grandfather Tai fully supported me in my pursuit of the Royal Academy’s talented and beautiful women so that I could carry on the family name, why did you come and go straight to all of them, threatening to marry them all.”Shang material said angrily.

Omi laughed, “So you still don’t know about this, huh?However, Shang Yuan, I’m at least your cousin uncle and family elder, so don’t be so rude to me.”

“I pooh, you old man, you’re too shameless to steal a woman from me.”

“Pah.”Omi slapped over and slapped Shang material away, saying, “Shang material, I won’t do anything to you for the sake of you being a son of the Shang Clan too, if you don’t know any better, don’t blame me for being rude, get out.”Omi kicked him away.

This man was also really, he would do anything for a woman, probably because Shang Hong was going to be all of them as soon as he arrived, which infuriated him.

The next day.

Outside of Omi’s office, there were many people gathered, some were students, some were teachers, but more than that, the admirers of those genius beauties, as well as the suitors.

They were all concerned about whether those nine genius beauties would agree to marry Omi today.

Shang Crouch also came.

You know, I’ve been in the Royal Academy for two years for the sake of these ten beautiful geniuses, and I’ve been trying to get close to that Qiao Xiaoqian.

Ran directly asked her if she was willing to marry you.”

Omi looked at Shang Cao and said, “You already have more than thirty wives.”

“Is thirty-odd considered too many?I’ll just be able to marry again for the next ten years, and if I don’t, it’ll be gone after that.”Shang stubbornly rolled his eyes.

Omi looked outside and saw that many people had come and smiled, “I’m sure many of them outside are from those Vice National Clans.”

“Nonsense, do you know that action you took yesterday made the geniuses of the four Vice National Clans very upset.”

“If you’re upset, you’re upset.”Omi snorted.

Shang stubbornly said, “But, Shang Hong, those nine beauties, they definitely won’t agree to marry you, at least Qiao Xiaoqin I can guarantee that they won’t, I just asked her and she said that she doesn’t have any feelings for you.”

“Uh, yeah.”

Just then, the first girl had arrived, a girl named Wang He, she came to reply to Omi.

Omi kicked Shang Stubborn out and let Wang He enter the house.

“Wang He, you’re here, how have you been thinking about what I asked you yesterday?”Omi asked.

Wang He said, “I’m sorry, Senior Shang Hong, I feel too rushed, I’m not even ready, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to dislike you, I feel too rushed.”

Omi smiled, “Wang He, come here.”

“Ah, what for?”

Omi directly held Wang He back.

“Ah, Senior Shang Hong, what are you doing?”Wang He was shocked, she thought she had come to reply to Omi, but in the end, Omi was so direct.

At this moment, Omi hummed internally, “I’ll see if you’re willing when the raw rice is cooked.”

Half an hour later, Omi asked, “Are you willing now?”

“Ooh, Senior Shang Hong, how can you do this, let me still marry like this in the future.”

“It’s best if you can’t marry then, I did, Wang He, you still haven’t answered me, are you willing?”

“I, I’m all over you, what can I do if I don’t want to.”

“Hahaha.”Alright, you go out the back door first and wait for me in my underground cultivation room, you can’t come out without my permission.”

Wang He walked out of the back door of the office and immediately entered an underground cultivation room, which was Omi’s cultivation room.

Omi looked at the crowd of people waiting outside for the news and smiled in his heart, Omi had no intention of asking for the opinions of those nine beauties, whether they were willing or not, they would just bring them back to the Green Rose Villa.

Omi’s grandfather also told Omi to chase after them, Omi didn’t bother to chase after them, wouldn’t it be faster to just take them away.

At this time, three more genius beauties came outside, they came at the same time, they were Song Yang, Yun Duo, and Ziyu, they also happened to be roommates at the same time.

The crowd of onlookers outside shouted, “Song Yang, don’t agree.”

“Yun Duo, Ziyu, don’t ever say yes.”

“I’m begging you, don’t promise Shang Hong.”

The three girls entered Omi’s office.

Omi closed the door.

Omi smiled and asked, “Song Yang, Yun Duo, Ziyu, how are you guys thinking about it?”

Song Yang said, “Senior Shang Hong, I’m willing.”

“Then what about you?Cloud.”

“I, I don’t know, I’d like to reconsider, after all, I’m only 18 and you’re old enough to be my dad.”The one called Cloudy said, looking disgusted.


“What about you?Amethyst?”

That Ziyu said, “I’m also like Yun Duo, I’m sorry, Senior Shang Hong, it’s not that you’re bad, it’s, it’s that we don’t match.”

Omi smiled, a little depressed, it seems Omi overestimated his own charm ah, including the first Wang He who came in, came in four, these four people, only one Song Yang is willing, the other three are not willing to marry Omi.

Omi’s heart was still a little hurt.

Omi said to Song Yang, “Song Yang, thank you for being willing to marry me, don’t worry, as my woman, you will be happy.How about this, you go out through the back door, go to my cultivation room first and wait for me.”

“Good, then my sisters Yun Duo and Ziyu, they rejected you, you shouldn’t do anything to them, right?”

“No no, don’t worry, so many people are watching outside.”

After Song Yang left.

Omi directly snapped twice, immobilizing Yun Duo and Ziyu so that they couldn’t move.

“Senior Shang Hong, you said that you wouldn’t do anything to us.”Yun Duo said anxiously.

Omi smiled, “Yun Duo, Ziyu, to be honest, I didn’t even think to ask for your opinion, you have to marry even if you are willing or not, understand?” A second to remember to read the book,

Half an hour later, the Don laughed, “Now won’t you?”

“Oooh, Senior Shang Hong, you’re so bad, oooh.”Yun Duo cried in aggravation.

“Haha, I can’t help it, who told you not to, I really want to marry you, hurry up and make a statement, willing or not?”

“Oooh, willing.”


Both of them said helplessly.

After that, Omi asked them to wait in the cultivation room.

And at this moment, Qiao Xiaoqian and Liang Jingjing were both waiting outside the door.

Qiao: “Song Yang, Yun Duo and Ziyu have been in there for a long time, I don’t know what will happen.”

“I don’t think so, so many people are watching outside at least.”

“Then why did they go in for so long.”

“Probably because Senior Shang Hong instructed them in martial arts, didn’t Senior Shang Hong say yesterday that if you come here to reply to him, you’ll be given a great gift, that great gift must have been instruction.”

“Hehe, I guess so, otherwise it wouldn’t have taken so long to come out.By the way, you Liang Jingjing, are you willing to marry Shang Hong?”

That Liang Jingjing said, “I, I don’t really want to, I feel like there’s a generation gap with him, I still want to find someone my own age, what about you?With our talent and beauty, we won’t be able to worry about finding geniuses our age.”

“Hehe, me too, I hope Senior Shang Hong won’t be angry.”

At this moment, the door opened.

Omi said, “Qiao Xiaoqian, Liang Jingjing, come in.”


The crowd outside still shouted, “Don’t promise ah.”

One of them, grunted, “This Shang Hong, the big gift he gave them must have instructed them a bit, so he will make such dirty tricks, despise.”

Omi asked, “Qiao you don’t want to marry me.”

“Me, me.”

“All right, Liang Jingjing, what about you?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t want to either.”Liang Jingjing said boldly.

Omi didn’t wait to finish his sentence and directly picked up Liang Jingjing and Qiao Xiaoqin.

“Ah, Senior Shang Hong, what are you doing?”

“Qiao Xiaoqian, Liang Jingjing, I don’t care if you want it or not, I’m not here to pursue you, I’m here to rob you by direct force, understand?”


What happened after that was repeated again, raw rice cooked.

Fortunately, Omi was a strong man, or else he wouldn’t be able to carry it ah, and today, Omi was open to it.If it was for some genius land treasure, Omi would have

Spend the effort to obtain it, but for the sake of these little girls, the Don doesn’t have the heart to chase after them and just take them away.

Half: “Will you now?”

“Oooh, Senior Shang Hong, you son of a bitch.”Joe.

“Oh, son of a bitch is a son of a bitch, will you?”

“What can you do if you don’t want to, and you’ll leave us alone if you don’t?”

“Definitely not.”

“That crap, woohoo.”

“Hahaha, alright, go in through the back door and wait for me in the training room.”

After that, the last three girls also came, they were Little Green, Yeer, and Yin.

One of them was willing, two of them were unwilling, and the result was the same, cooked by Omi.

So far, Omi had spent less than half a day forcing the nine talented beauties to be willing.

And right now, the crowd outside was very nervous, what was going on after going in for so long.

Not long after, Omi opened the office door.

Those nine genius beauties also came out.

Omi smiled and said, “Everyone, go back.”

“Hey, Shang Hong, nothing has been said about what’s going on right now, and you’re letting us go back?”A sub-national clan’s son snorted.

Omi laughed and said, “Guys, isn’t it obvious?I know that these nine genius beauties standing beside me are almost the goddesses of the entire Royal Academy boys, unfortunately, from today onwards, they are no longer your goddesses, they are my Shang’s women now, I don’t mind if you call them your sister-in-law.”

“Shang Hong, what do you mean?Did you use something on them?If you dare to do so, don’t blame my family for being disgruntled, this is a major part of the imperial city, and even though your Shang clan is a royal family, if you dare not follow the rules, we, a few vice-national clans, will never stop.If we all compete fairly, then we have nothing to say.”Another Vice Nation Clan’s peak ascendant said.

Omi laughed, “Don’t worry, I won’t use any dirty tricks, I was just inside and showed them my mighty posture, so they are all willing to marry a man as mighty and jade tree as me.”

“I don’t believe it, I want them to say it themselves.”

“Okay, say it yourself, Song Yang, starting from your side, one by one, willing or unwilling.”

“I’m willing.”

“I’m willing.”




The nine genius beauties all said willing in public, although, most of them didn’t sound so cheerful.

Omi smiled, “You all heard it, they said willing themselves, I didn’t force them oh well, let’s disperse, if you’re interested, go to my Green Rose Villa to drink my wedding wine then, thank you all first.”

“Ahhhhh.”Several children of the Vice Country Clan roared with reluctance.

In the end, the crowd gradually dispersed.

Omi chuckled, “A few ladies, come home with me.”

A few genius beauties were a bit depressed, but had to accept reality.Omi wasn’t even using proper means to get them, but where so what, what kind of identity did Omi have, with how dare they tell the truth, they had to be willing to do so.

“Hahaha.”Omi laughed loudly and took nine genius beauties with him and flew back to the Green Rose Villa.

The Royal Academy, however, had an unknown number of boys at the moment, who were secretly weeping and cursing Shang Hong for his shamelessness.

Omi so divinely speedy to catch up with the nine beauties, this matter made Shang Jian laugh, very proudly said: “My grandson Shang Hong, really people love, black jiao see black jiao set, regardless of the old and young all love, hahaha.These nine geniuses and beauties, no matter how bad they are in the future, they will be at least at the late peak of the peak, which has greatly enhanced my Shang clan.Moreover, the future of Shang Hong and their offspring, no matter how bad they are, it’s almost nowhere, it’s really good, hahaha.”Shang Jian couldn’t stop laughing.


Omi couldn’t stop smiling even as he looked at the nine genius beauties.

And at this moment.

In a certain magnificent place, let’s not know what it was for the time being, but in any case, this place seemed to be completely different.

A woman, standing in mid-air, her feet stepped on a sword that could become bigger, or the imperial sword flight that could become medium was just that.

At the moment, this woman seemed to be disturbed.

At this moment, a woman flew over.


“Thousand Jie, why are you always disturbed these past few days, how can you still practice like this, the road to immortality is long and endless, your physique is inherently not a celestial spirit body, if you still have this attitude, it will be difficult for you to have an immortal destiny in this life.”

“Master, I am.”

“Alright, I know who’s on your mind, I’ve already told you to drop it.”

That’s right, this disturbed woman was precisely Mu Qianji, right now she was still as young and beautiful as she was in the beginning, as if she hadn’t changed in the slightest, and most importantly, even her heart tracks hadn’t changed at all, as if, she hadn’t been gone for very long. The first website

The sword that Mu Qianji was stepping on suddenly grew larger, and the sword became as big as a shield.

Mu Qianji immediately knelt down, his knees kneeling on the sword.

“Qianji, what are you doing?”The woman’s brow furrowed.

Mu Qianji cried and begged, “Master, please help me calculate the fortune, is he killed, or is he encountering any difficulties, disciple these days restlessness, these years I have never been like this, I think, it must be something happened to him, please, master.”

That old woman snorted, “Thousand Jie, you speak lightly, to help you tell a fortune, do you think that Master is so profound that he wants to do it?Don’t you know that I’ve lost decades of my cultivation with my divination?It might even be a few hundred years of cultivation, thanks to you having the nerve to ask.”

“Master, I beg you, if I don’t know the answer, I won’t be able to cultivate immortality anymore.”

“You, Thousand Extremities, are you threatening Master?”

“Master, please, I’m really worried.”

“Phew.”The woman took a deep breath and said, “Okay, I can help you with a fortune telling, but you must promise me one condition after you finish this fortune telling and determine his life and death situation.”

“What condition?”

“Voluntarily taking the Pill of Dissipation.”

“Ah.”Mu Qianji was shocked, taking the Eliminating God Pill, that meant, meant.


“If you don’t agree, I won’t help you, besides, if you want to go further on the path of immortal cultivation, you must take the Eliminating God Pill.”

A scene flashed through Mu Qianji’s mind, everything that happened with Omi cut like it was yesterday, Mu Qianji’s heart ached like a knife, and he couldn’t help the tears that flowed down.The first time you take the pills, it means there is no longer this person in her world, gripping reluctance as well as heartache, let Mu Qianji cry into tears.

“Master, disciple, disciple promise you just, sob.”After saying this, Mu Qianji’s body was vain, as if his soul had been removed.

That woman, only then did she pinch her fingers to emit stars and gold

Colored light, her mouth chanted as if she was casting some kind of spell.

This woman’s divination was not the divination of those Jianghu liars, this was a true divination by the display of supernatural powers, powerful, and could even know the past and future.

After about half a column of incense, the woman took a deep breath, some fine sweat appeared on her forehead, it seems to be very consuming indeed.

The woman said: “I have calculated that your old lover, Wind Lightning, he mistakenly entered a very dangerous place, the place is called the Valley of Ghosts, is ten thousand years ago, the sacrifice of hundreds of millions of souls, after ten thousand years of evolution, this place has become extraordinary dangerous place.Those who enter the center have no life to return, and will continue to fall into the dream, again and again, time and time again, thinking that they have already woken up, but in fact, do not know, still in the dream, but according to their own will and continue to fantasize, until completely perished.Your old lover, Wind Lightning, according to that time and space, he has been trapped in this place for as long as three years, his body can no longer sustain, is gradually dying, and now is indeed not far from death.It seems that you and he, really have some telepathy.”After saying that, the woman smiled bitterly.

“Master, please save him.”Mu Qianji was busy crying and pleading.

The woman said, “Since you have agreed to take the God Dissipating Pill, I’ll consume another few decades of mana.”

“Thank you, Master.”Mu Qianji sobbed.

The woman immediately cast another spell that seemed to be very spirit-consuming, and soon she felt like she was going to be wasted, and around her body, she emitted a milky white light.Mu Qianji was watching nervously from the side, so Omi was really in danger, no wonder she was so distraught and anxious these past few days.

Right at this moment, the milky white light on that woman’s body suddenly rose greatly and turned into a starry golden light, moreover, the woman’s entire body suddenly turned into an illusory shadow.

Master such divine magic, Mu Qianji was currently unable to achieve anything, her heart was filled with envy, but when she thought of Omi, her heart was filled with pain and a lot of frustration.

After an interval of half a pillar of incense, the woman suddenly took a deep breath and grunted, “I really don’t know why I’m helping you with such a silly thing.”After saying that, the dark woman’s entire body was off, her face pale and dripping with virtual sweat.

“Master, how is it?”Mu Qianji was busy asking.

“It’s fine, for Master to cast his magic power and make the divine thoughts pass through the void, he has already helped you to completely awaken him, I think he should be fine, and the evil spirits of that dangerous place can no longer infest him.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“Now, it’s time for you to fulfill your promise.”After saying that, the woman’s hand suddenly flipped out a black bottle and poured out a thumb-sized pill.

Mu Qianji looked at the pill and cried out.

Finally, Mu Qianji stretched out a hand, shaking her hand, and received the pill, but she looked at the pill but was slow to take it, and in her mind, countless images flashed by, tears wetting her collar.

The woman saw that Mu Qianji was crying so sadly, and also moved with compassion, her tone was a little gentler, and comforted: “Qianji, you should also understand that you are not destined for each other at all, for you, only less than five years have passed, for him is still a deep memory, but for him, it’s almost fifty years.A mortal, fifty years, has already forgotten all about you, so why do you need to miss him so much.”

“Oooh.”Mu Qianji finally couldn’t hold back and cried out, the sound of his heart breaking was unbearably heart wrenching.


“Alas, Chiji, he is only a mortal after all, every flesh mortal fetus has its own destiny, we are different from him, our bodies are spirit bodies, extraordinary bodies.Of course, it is true that there are legends of fish jumping over the dragon’s door and turning into a dragon in a single day, but unfortunately, since ancient times, I have never heard of any mortal who has been able to step into the void and achieve a spiritual body, so you don’t have to dream that he will have such a day, his fate is already set, just like countless mortals throughout the ages.”

“Oooh.”Mu Qianji just cried and didn’t retort, in fact, over the past few years, she had searched for many, many books to see if there were any characters about ‘mortal bodies’ evolving into ‘spirit bodies’.Unfortunately, there was none, instead all the records on this subject said that this was just a consolation from the heavens for mortals, and that there was no way in the world that a mortal could transform into a spirit.Therefore, Mu Qianji began with a longing for Omi and ended up despairing.

After crying for an unknown amount of time, Mu Qianji stopped crying and picked up the black pill, looking at the pill in his hand without any anxiety in his eyes, as if he was muttering to himself, “Wind Light Cloud, the person I love the most in this life, I wish you a lifetime of happiness, peace, and prosperity for ten thousand generations, farewell forever.”After saying that, Mu Qianji swiftly swallowed the black pill into her mouth, while at this point, tears had already blurred her vision.

Time rewound back a few moments ago, in a certain place.

Omi looked at the nine genius beauties in front of him and laughed.

Omi brought the nine genius beauties back from the Royal Academy not many days ago.

But at this moment, deep in Omi’s mind, a voice, if any, suddenly sounded, “Come back, come back, come back.”

“Hm?”Omi’s eyebrows furrowed, was someone using Thousand Mile Voice Transmission on him?

But, no, that’s not what a thousand miles of sound felt like, and right now this voice, it was like, yes, it was like someone in their sleep, someone calling out from their bed.

“Come back, come back, come back.”The voice in Omi’s head was getting louder and louder, eventually almost making his brain shit out.

Omi covered his head, feeling painful, while the nine genius beauties in front of him were now indifferent and unmoving, as if they were still there, turning into wax statues. Remember the website

“Come back.”The last voice, as loud as thunder, almost exploded Omi’s skull.

“Ah.”Omi shouted, as if he had been woken up from his sleep, and sat up from his lying down state.

Omi immediately looked around and saw that there was white fog all around, and Omi was sitting in the slippery black mud, the mud looked a bit like it had been stained by countless blood, there was also a chilling atmosphere in the air, and in the white fog, there were some green fluorescent lights flickering as if they were ghost fires, and from time to time, a looming face could be seen, clattering up against Omi’s face, but it turned into a gust of wind, not causing any discomfort to Omi.

“Me, where am I?It’s impossible, I’m clearly at home in the Dawu Empire, why did I suddenly wake up in the mountains?Could it be that this is the Valley of Ghosts?Oh God, no, I’ve left Ghost Valley, what’s going on here?”Omi looked like he couldn’t believe it.

At that moment, the voice that had just sounded in Omi’s mind once again said, “Wind Lightning, count your brat lucky to have me spend decades of mana to save you.”

“You, who are you?”Don was busy asking.

“You don’t need to know who I am.”

“Then why did you save me?”


; “You think I want to save you, but if my apprentice hadn’t begged, I wouldn’t have bothered to take care of you, a mortal.”

“A mortal, your apprentice?Your apprentice is?”

“Hmm, it’s been fifty years, maybe you’ve already forgotten.”

“Ah, Mu Qianji, where is she?”

“All right, Windy, forget this man forever, you’re parted forever.”

“No, wait.”

However, the voice in his head completely disappeared.

No matter how much Omi shouted, there was no response.

At this moment, Omi was able to understand that he had definitely never left the Valley of Ghosts, and all of the previous ones were all fantasies that he had imagined based on his inner will, like a movie that played out based on what his heart wanted until his body completely perished.

At this moment, Omi suddenly saw that his hands, had withered away, and all that was left of his entire body was a skin and bones.

Omi’s hair had all fallen out as well, just like a dried corpse.

“Phew.”Omi’s breathing became heavy.

“What a terrifying Ghost Valley, if I’m not wrong, it should be Mu Qianji who knew I was in distress and then asked her master to save me.Judging from the tone of her master’s voice, I seem to be very lowly, I’m mortal in his eyes, since I’m mortal, who are they now?Are they not mortal?That’s all I can know, what do I do?”

“I told you, Mu Qianji is definitely not in the Grand Precious Empire, and definitely not in any empire, otherwise, fifty years, there’s no way she wouldn’t come looking for me.”

The moment he learned the truth, Omi almost fell into despair.

Omi had been certain that he and Mu Qianji were not in the same world at all.

A world away, how distant this was.

“Hahaha, hahaha.”Omi cried as he laughed.

Omi stood up holding on to a tree branch, his body swaying, Omi looked at the foggy sky and said through clenched teeth, “Mu Qianji, I don’t care how many worlds apart from you, I, Omi, will definitely find you in this life, definitely.I once read an ancient book that said that when the path of martial arts reaches its most extreme and pinnacle, one can tread through the void, I believe this must be true.Thousand Extremes, wait for me, I will definitely step into the void and leave the mortal realm to come find you.”

Omi slowly made his way out in the white mist of the mountain.

Just then, another blurred face with a flashing green light came crashing up to Omi.

“Is this a ghost?”Omi really suspected it was a ghost.

When it hit Omi’s face, it turned into a gust of wind.

Omi stopped and slowly felt that gale, the gale carried many emotions, angry, being sorrowful, all kinds.

“This is a soul, I didn’t expect that in this world, there really are souls, it’s just that mortals can’t see them, or those who do see them are already dead.Every single one that crashes into me at this moment is a soulless soul.If I hadn’t been saved by Mu Qianji’s master at this moment, I would never have been able to awaken, much less see these souls.”

Omi looked around and finally saw that all the souls with blurred faces were rushing towards a certain direction of the Ghost Valley.

And in that place, there was a blood-red flower.


“The blood red flower?Is that spirit grass?”

Omi remembered that in his previous illusion, when he was unconscious, he accidentally caught a spirit grass, which woke him up, then he ate the spirit grass and his realm soared wildly to the sixth intention of Dengfeng Perfection.

Now that I think about it, it was truly a beautiful dream, and this dream had even made it all the way to the Great Martial Empire.

Omi’s realm at the moment was still the sixth time in the late Dengfeng stage, and he hadn’t stepped into Dengfeng Perfection at all.

Omi didn’t have time to think too much right now and immediately went towards the blood-red flower.

This blood-red flower wasn’t very down-to-earth either, it looked ordinary, but, for some reason, all the ‘souls’ rushed towards this flower, as if they wanted to rush inside the flower, or, be absorbed by this flower, then spit out, then absorbed again, over and over again.

With doubts, Omi immediately went up to the flower, and with a lot of effort, he finally touched the blood-red flower.

However, the flower was incomparably heavy, and with Omi’s now withered hands, it was impossible to pull it out.

Omi wasn’t in a hurry, his body was now like a skeleton, it was strange that he could pull it out.

Omi must first allow himself to recover.

Omi dug some roots in the same place to feed his hunger and slowly recover his body. One second to remember to read the book

In the blink of an eye, a month passed.

Omi had finally recovered almost.

Only then did Omi walk towards the blood-red flower, starting from the root and pulling it out with all his might.

The moment Omi pulled out that blood-red flower, the flower struggled desperately in Omi’s hands.

“Hehe, it really is a spirit grass.”Omi smiled.

Omi immediately swallowed the blood-red flower no matter what.

It was definitely an extraordinary spirit grass that could actually absorb the spirits of the dead.

At that moment, Omi felt like a heavenly window had been opened above his head, incomparably bright, and countless auras of heaven and earth poured in from his heavenly canopy.

Omi didn’t know how long he had been closed for, maybe a day, maybe two days.

When he opened his eyes, his aura soared.

“Heavens, what realm am I in right now?Did I step into the return to the void?”Omi muttered internally.

“No way, it’s really Return to the Void?”

“Damn it, this is impossible.”

Omi couldn’t believe that this was true, he went from late peak ascension and rushed into the Return to Void stage in no time.

Omi was stunned in place for a long time.

In the end, Omi had to accept this reality, he had really stepped into the Returned Void Stage One.

“Hahaha, hahaha, I’ve actually stepped into the Returned Void, gosh.”Omi laughed loudly, then said inwardly, “Thousand Extremes, wait for me, I will definitely step into the Void.”

Omi didn’t know anything about mortal bodies, he only knew that as long as he kept moving forward, even mortals could eventually break into butterflies.

Omi leapt into the air and flew up into the air, looking down on the entire Ghost Valley.

This time, Omi could be sure that he was truly awake, because looking at everything around him, the feeling was different.

Omi flew out of the Valley of Ghosts.

“Little Fire.”Omi shouted.

“Minister, you’ve finally come out.”.

“How long have I been in there, Little Fire?”Don Omi asked.

“Chen, you’ve been in there for three years.”

“Oh, three years, but even thirty years would be worth it.”

“Minister, your momentum?”


nbsp; “Hahaha, Little Fire, I’m in the Valley of Ghosts, I got an extraordinary spirit grass, and I stepped into the first stage of Return to Void in no time.”

“Gosh.”Little Fire was scared silly, riding a rocket wasn’t even this fast.

“Brother Chen, you’re also too lucky, right?”

Omi sighed, “In fact, this was all bestowed upon me by Mu Qianji.If it wasn’t for her, I would have died in the Valley of Ghosts, much less come to my senses, plucked that extraordinary spirit grass, and charged into the Returning Void in one fell swoop.”

“What do you mean, brother minister?”

“Little Fire, you might not believe it, I was in the Valley of Ghosts, caught in an endless illusion, and in the illusion, I’ve thought over and over again that I had left the Valley of Ghosts, and also returned to the Great Martial Empire, and even more outrageously also returned to the Royal Academy to forcefully marry nine genius beauties, huh?But I didn’t expect that I hadn’t left the Valley of Ghosts at all, I was just waiting to die.If Mu Qianji pleaded with her master to wake me up completely, I heard that her master had spent decades of magic power to wake me up.Only then did I finally wake up, and when I woke up, I was as thin as a skeleton, and my hair was rotting.But I didn’t expect the heavens to take pity on me, hahaha, let me see a spirit grass that absorbs souls, hehe, I ate it and soared straight to the first stage of Return to Void.”

“Wow, Brother Chen, congratulations.”

“Little Fire, that blood red spirit grass isn’t much, but I still left a leaf for you, so eat it.”

“Uh, it was even left for me.”Little Fire was incomparably touched, it could be said that Omi had traded his life for it.

Not only with Omi’s life, but it was also what Mu Qianji had taken in exchange for taking the God Dissipating Pill and her master’s decades of mana, it was just that Omi didn’t know this.

Therefore, Omi’s soaring to the Returning Void Stage was the result of sacrificing so much to get it, but most of all, it was also what Mu Qianji had traded for with the Eliminating Divine Pill.

Little Fire immediately ate the leaf of the spirit grass.

“Minister, I’ll enlighten myself quietly.”


After a while, Little Fire opened his eyes and his body suddenly expanded, Little Fire’s body seemed to have evolved a layer.

“Haha, Brother Chen, I’ve evolved one layer to a more advanced species, although I’m still a fire beast, I’m like the difference between a snake and a python compared to before.Thank you, Brother Minister.”

“Oh, Little Fire, don’t say that if you’re a brother.”

“Brother Minister, do you still have your spirit grass left for your wives and children?”Little Fire asked.

Omi shook his head, “There’s only one leaf, for you.”

“Ah, Brother Chen, how can you make me feel good like this.”

“Come on, Little Fire, don’t be sentimental, there’s only one leaf, it’s not good for me to take it home and share it, instead, it will cause some conflicts, besides, a leaf, no matter who I give it to, it’s of limited use to them, even if I give it to my great grandfather, it won’t be of much use, it’s impossible for him to charge into the Third Stage of Return to Void, so it’s most appropriate to give it to you.Alright, time to go, back to the Great Precious Empire first.”

“Wait, Minister.”

“What else?”

: “Minister, you can’t go back to the Grand Precious Empire.”

“Why?Wenxia is still in the Great Precious Empire, where am I going if I don’t go back to the Great Precious Empire?”

Littlefire sighed.

“Little Fire, don’t you dare swallow.”

“Minister, if you go back to the Great Precious Empire, you’ll be killed.”

“Why?Who wants to kill me?”

“Brother Chen, three years ago, about ten days after you entered the Valley of Ghosts, Wen Xia and Wei Ting, Guo Bai, Yin Hua, the four of them came after you, after discussing, Wei Ting and Guo Bai went in to find you, and Wen Xia and Yin Hua were weaker, so they stayed outside.At that time, I stopped Wei Ting and Guo Bai from going in, but they felt that they were at least on par with you as geniuses, they weren’t even afraid of you, they wouldn’t have dared to go if they came, a bit of that, so they went in.After that, they never came out again.”


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