King of kings 1455-1456


“You lowly human, put my sister down, do you hear me?”

“Come get it yourself if you can.”

“Boom.”The ugly creature came crashing up to Omi, and the cliff was blown out with a loud bang.

Omi killed it with his sword.

“Pfft.”Omi’s sword slashed at the ugly insect, who was so huge that he couldn’t play at the bottom of this tiny cliff.

“Hmph, it turns out that it only has a bang of momentum, but no special skills.”Omi disdained the ugly earthworm, which was hacked into two pieces by him in the blink of an eye.

However, before Omi finished speaking, the large earthworm that he had just hacked into two pieces suddenly transformed into countless tiny little earthworms, each of which burrowed into Omi’s body.

“Swoosh swoosh.”Omi could only struggle to kill to keep the tiny earthworms from burrowing into his body, or he was absolutely finished.

However, there were small earthworms all over the sky, no matter how hard they were killed, cutting off one and turning it into two, cutting off two and turning it into four, cutting off more and more and getting thinner and thinner, to the point where every little earthworm was as thin as an embroidery needle, but their speed didn’t slow down at all.As soon as Omi stopped, he would be covered by the tiny earthworms everywhere and then be gnawed away by the ugly fangs.

“Oh no, I can’t believe I’m stuck here, what should I do?The more I kill, and the finer it gets, when it’s finer than an embroidery needle, my hit rate will be even lower, and if this continues, I’ll only have one death.”

Just when Omi was so helpless that he didn’t know what to say, he suddenly remembered that he had a spirit grass on him. One second to remember to read the book

Omi wielded his sword to keep the small earthworms that roamed the sky from getting close to him, while eating the spirit grass tightly in his mouth.

After eating the spirit grass, the cells in Omi’s body seemed to suddenly come to life, crazily absorbing the surrounding heaven and earth’s spiritual energy, while at the same time, Omi’s head was also much more flexible and clear.

It seemed that this man-eating flower, his vintage wasn’t low, and the grade of the spirit grass naturally had a grade as well.

Omi’s brain was also racing as he dealt with those small earthworm monsters.

Unconsciously, Omi suddenly felt that he, the last barrier preventing him from stepping into the Returning Ancestor, had broken through.

“It’s through, it’s through, I’m going to step into the Ancestor Returning Realm.”Omi’s heart was overjoyed.

In the next moment, Omi felt a sudden relaxation in his entire body, as if the heavens and earth had opened up.

Omi felt that there was suddenly an inexplicable power in his body.

This power could be emitted through the muscles of the entire body.

Omi suddenly used his sword to send out that power.

“Boom” a loud sound, the small earthworm monsters that were roaming around the area were reduced to nothing under that power of Omi’s.

Quiet, the entire valley floor was quiet, the countless small earthworm monsters that had just been there were all destroyed.

“What kind of power is this?”Omi was astonished.

However, before Omi could be surprised, he suddenly noticed that the skin on his hand was gradually becoming fuller.

“Return to ancestry?Am I going to start returning to my ancestors?”

Omi immediately sat down on the floor, closed his eyes, and let his spiritual consciousness, follow the flow of the meridians throughout his body.

Omi felt that there was an additional blue warm current in his meridians at the moment, and it was this blue warm current that gave Omi the inexplicable strength he had just had.

Omi’s body was also returning to his ancestors bit by bit.

First of all, Omi’s white hair was turning from white to black, one by one, and then his beard was also slowly

The turned black.

Omi’s appearance, from 260 years old, returned to 200 years old all of a sudden.

As if, as if time was turning backwards, it kept returning, returning, returning.

180 years old.

160 years old.

140 years old.

120 years old.

80 years old.

50 years old.

30 years old.

20 years old.

19 years old.

18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12 years old.

Finally, upon returning to the appearance of 12 years old, the body stops returning to its ancestors and stays that way.

Omi had just been a 260 year old vicarious old man, and all of a sudden, he had become a 12 year old teenager.

This scene, if not witnessed with his own eyes, no one would really believe that there was such a miraculous thing in this world.

Omi looked at his two hands filled with youth and said incredulously, “This is returning to the ancestral realm, returning to youth.”

The clothes that Omi had been wearing before were now no longer wearable, as if a child was wearing adult clothes, with long pant legs and sleeves.

When Omi returned to the age of twelve, he was only about one and a half meters tall, whereas before he had been at least one and a half meters tall.

At the current age of twelve, Omi was still in the stage of growth and development, and puberty had only begun.

With that senile old man from before, it was truly the same as two people.

In fact, after returning to his ancestors, he was originally a newborn.

Moreover, although he was now a twelve year old teenager, but with an ordinary twelve year old teenager, it was completely the difference between heaven and earth, the difference between a dragon and a snake.

Omi exhaled a deep breath, his face, although young, had a maturity that was not equal to his appearance, no matter what, his spiritual age was 260 years old, this point would not change.

Omi leapt, the inexplicable power in his body exerted a force, it was like a rocket that pushed him from the bottom of the valley tens of thousands of meters deep, directly to the top of the cliff, this speed and power, it was really high.When he was falling before, he was still falling for most of the day, but now it was good that he was pushing right up to the top of the cliff.

Little Black was still waiting for Omi at the top of the cliff, and seemed to be in a bit of a hurry.

“Little Blackie.”Omi called out.

Little Blackie looked at Omi and grunted, “Where’s the kid who came here to play, is this the place you came here to play, don’t go home yet.”

Omi said speechlessly, “Little Blackie, don’t you even recognize me?”

“Ah.”Little Blackie suddenly realized something, Omi had told him before that after reaching the Ancestor Returning Realm, his body regained its youth.

“Cen, Cen, it’s, it’s you?”Blackie’s body trembled and stayed there, looking at Omi, such a young boy, with an incredible feeling.

“Yes, it’s me.”Omi nodded, Omi was also happy to have returned to his ancestors, but he wasn’t laughing with joy.

“Oh my god, Chen, you, how did you turn into a little kid.”

“I’m wondering too, just now at the bottom of the valley, I ran into a powerful monster, chopped it into two and turned into two, the more I killed, the more I killed, and in the end it was all over the sky, fortunately I got a spirit herb and took it in time, then I broke through the last barrier and stepped into the Returning Ancestor realm, and then I returned to my ancestors.All the way from 260 years old, back to when I was about 12 years old.”

“Hehe, Minister, so this is what you looked like when you were 12 years old.”


“When I was 12, I did look like this, but it’s a heaven and earth difference from me now, I feel like I could collapse this mountain with one punch.”

“Brother Chen, is it possible that after you step into the Returning Ancestor, you will immediately be able to step into the void?”

“Uh, stepping into the void?”

“Yeah, you said you could shatter this mountain with one punch, but isn’t that power enough to shatter even the void and leave this space.”

“I’ll try.”Omi punched fiercely into the air.

The air in front of Omi was as if an atomic bomb had exploded there, and the space trembled and muffled, an indescribable feeling of suffocation.

However, the space did not explode.

“It seems that I’m still unable to break the void, but it’s normal, I’ve only just stepped into the Returning Ancestor, so I guess it will be some time before I have the power to break the void.”

“Brother Chen, congratulations.”Little Blackie even sent his congratulations, while a burst of envy, returning to youth, this was probably the envy of everyone in the world, Little Blackie also wanted to return to his teenage years, but unfortunately, this was just a delusion, he had to accept his fate and die of old age in a few more years.

“Little Blackie, this is the little bit of spirit grass that was just left, take it, it may not make you much stronger, but it will be somewhat useful.”

“Thank you, brother minister.” First URL

Little Black unceremoniously ate the spirit grass, then closed up for an hour, fully absorbing it.

“Brother Chen, it’s worthy of Spirit Grass, I’m much, much stronger now, although I’m still far away from your level, but at least I can live for another ten years.”

“Well, that’s good, let’s go, let’s continue to set out and find the passage.”

“Hehe, good.”

Omi returned to a nearby city to find a suitable outfit first.

Omi was helpless and went to the children’s clothing store.

However, the clothes in the children’s clothing shop were all worn by children, all kinds of flowers and greenery, with Omi’s mental age, how could he like them.

“Boss, isn’t there anything a little more suitable for adults?”Omi asked the shopkeeper.

That shopkeeper looked at Omi and smiled, “Kid, are you buying it for yourself or for your parents?”

Omi was really speechless, who little boy still didn’t know.

In the end, Omi had no choice but to pick a lavender jacquard fabric dress, after changing into it, Omi’s entire body was much more handsome, or much more adorable, after all, he was still a little boy, he couldn’t be described as handsome yet.

Omi left the children’s clothing shop and continued to poke around this empire, whether there were any suspected passageways.

And so Omi searched and searched all the way for two years, but he still hadn’t found any passageways.

“Brother Chen, we’ve searched four or five more places in the past two years, and we haven’t found any, how long will it take to find it.”

Omi said, “I don’t understand either, let’s find it slowly, didn’t we just find out, there is a lake from us now, that lake is deep and bottomless, maybe this time, the passage ran to the bottom of the lake, let’s go to this lake now.”

“Good.By the way, Minister, you have already returned to your ancestors for two years, before that you returned to your ancestors to about 12 years old, why do you look now, you are still 12 years old, by all means, after two years, you should be 14 years old ah.”.

Omi smiled, “I don’t understand this point either, in these two years, I’ve hardly changed, I’m still 12 years old

appearance.Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’m no longer mortal, but two years is not going to change anything for my body, it’s only going to change significantly for the mortal body.”

“So, Minister, your lifespan will also far surpass that of a mortal, as you can see from such a slow growth rate.”

“Well, it should be.”

“Wow, this is really great, if I also have the chance to evolve into a dragon, it will definitely be just as violent as you are now.”

Omi and Blackie, soon arrived at a huge lake.

From what the locals said, this lake was so deep.

So this place, was a place where a suspected passage existed.

“Little Blackie, wait for me here as usual, I’ll come out and inform you after I’ve confirmed that this place is really a passage.”


Omi immediately jumped into the lake and then rushed to the bottom of the lake, soon Omi was several thousand meters deep into the bottom of the lake.

Although the pressure was great with such deep water, this pressure was really insignificant with Omi’s cultivation.

However, after going this deep, there was no more light, and it was pitch black all around, the deeper you swam, the more pitch black it became.

Just then, Omi felt an attraction, which was very faint.

Omi was ecstatic inside, finally, he felt that attraction of the passage once again.

“Great, I’ve finally found the passage.”

Omi immediately returned to the surface of the lake.

“Brother Chen, you’ve come out so quickly, is there no passage?”

“Blackie, get ready, enter the bottom of the lake, I didn’t expect that the passage really shifted to this, this deep, bottomless lake is the passage, it’s really hidden, ordinary people really won’t know.”

“Wow, finally found it, great.”

Omi and Little Black rushed into the bottom of the lake together, after entering thousands of meters deep, he felt an attraction.

Omi didn’t put up any resistance, allowing the attraction to attract him, the attraction grew stronger and stronger, and in the end, with a fierce suction, Omi and Little Black entered another multi-dimensional space, this multi-dimensional space, everything looked distorted and deformed, and in this multi-dimensional space, Omi still saw the same scenes he had seen before, there were many graves, and these graves looked like very big people.

After passing through this large number of graves, suddenly the body loosened up and the attraction disappeared, then Omi found that they were in a deep, dark underground.

Omi and Blackie immediately flew towards the floor of the deep pit, and soon, they were very much on the ground.

“Haha, Brother Chen, this must be another world, after more than two hundred years, we’re finally back.”..

Omi stroked the ashes of that Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun and the others, and said tenderly, “Mei Qian, Xiangyun, Xuan’er, did you see, we’re finally home.”

“Brother Chen.”Little Blackie saw that Omi looked sad and lost his smile.

“Little Blackie, I’m fine, let’s go, let’s make sure we know where we are first, after all, we haven’t been back for over two hundred years, it must have changed a lot, after all, this is a technological world, two hundred years, it’s already changed drastically.”


Omi and Blackie flew in the sky, heading to the nearest city of an empire.


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