King of kings 1457-1458

Soon Omi arrived at a human city.

“May I ask where this place is?”When Omi was on the street, he saw a pretty girl and was busy asking.

The pretty girl looked at Omi and said, “This is the Lunar Unfallen Empire.”

“The Moon Never Falling Empire, such a coincidence.”Omi was a bit surprised, having come here back then, but at that time, Omi’s intelligence had deteriorated and Mu Qianji had brought him here to steal a world wonder treasure.

Of course, in today’s perspective, that World Wonder Treasure was really lowly enough, a genius earth treasure that was only 10,000 years old, but it did give Omi a new life at the time.

“Then let me ask, is there a plane to the Yanhuang Empire?”Omi asked.

That pretty girl looked at Omi with baffled eyes.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“What are you doing all the way out here with a kid?And, what did you just say?Aircraft?”

“Yeah, doesn’t the moon have a flight to the Inferno Empire?”

“Hahaha, you’re laughing at me, you want to fly, go to the museum.” Remember the URL

“What do you mean.”

“It’s hilarious that you’re still flying in an airplane when such a backward mode of transportation has been gone for two hundred years, okay?”

“Uh, so how am I going to get to the Yellow Empire?”Omi asked.

“Alright, little brother, I see your looks, it’s quite imaginary with the Yan Huang Empire, I’m sure you’re also from the Yan Huang Empire, how about this, I just happen to be going back to the Yan Huang Empire, you can come with me.”

“Uh, you’re also from the Yan Huang Empire?”

“Yes, my family has business in Moonbeam and I’m here on business.”That pretty girl said.

Omi sighed and said, “I didn’t expect that business would be so far away nowadays.”

Omi thought back to back then, no matter how big the business was, it couldn’t be done so far away, because the Yanhuang Empire was already big enough, and the Moon Never Falling Empire was quite far away from the Yanhuang Empire.

That pretty girl looked at Omi in confusion, “Little brother, why do you always sound like an adult and have backward thinking, what do you mean by business made it this far away?Don’t you know that the world is a village now.”

Omi looked up at the pretty woman and said, “My name is Omi, call me by my first name from now on.”

“Haha, Omi?Why your name is like a famous person in the history of the Yellow Empire, your parents really know how to give you a name.”

“Uh, a historical celebrity?”Omi frowned.

The pretty girl said, “Aren’t you from the Yan Huang Empire?Those in the Yan Huang Empire who have taken history classes generally know that over two hundred and thirty years ago, there was a martial arts practitioner named Omi, who vaulted across the entire world, and was the only person in the entire world since records have been kept who surpassed the Unity Realm.Alright, I’ll pretend you never went to school.”

“Oh.”Omi laughed bitterly, the historical celebrity this pretty girl was talking about was him, right?

It was just that this pretty girl was afraid that she wouldn’t believe to death that the historical celebrity she was talking about was the teenager in front of her who looked like he was only twelve years old.

“Brother Tang, my name is Zhang Ying, just call me by my first name.”

“Zhang Ying?The Yan Huang Empire, the Zhang Clan?”

“Hey, you know my family ah.”

Omi said, “I don’t know, I saw your surname Zhang, so I’m just saying.”

“Oh, brother Tang, let’s go then, we should get going.”

That pretty girl took out a remote control like a car key from a pretty bag, pressed it, and the next second, the sky

Suddenly a round goofy thing flew down, somewhat similar to a spaceship, but significantly more high-tech than a spaceship.

That round goofy thing opened a hatch.

“Brother Tang, I see you’re so small, you can’t jump up yet, let me carry you up.”After saying that, that Zhang Ying hugged Omi, leaped and jumped into that hatch.

Omi was speechless.

“What kind of transport is this?”Don Omi asked.

“Uh, no, don’t even know about the sky car.”

“A sky car, huh.”

What a developed era, I’m sure something as backward as a car has gone into a museum.

“Is this sky car fast?”Omi asked.

“Of course, it only takes ten hours to travel to the Yan Huang Empire from here.”

“That fast.”

“Yeah, so you really made me laugh when you said airplanes, making it sound like you’re someone who traveled from over two hundred years ago.Not to mention airplanes, even the second generation of travel tools after airplanes, flying ships, have been obsolete for over a hundred years.”

“Even flying ships have been phased out.”Omi was shocked.

Just at this moment, Zhang Ying pressed a button somewhere, and suddenly, the previously sealed celestial carriage suddenly all opened, as if, the entire celestial carriage became transparent, and could see the sky outside, as if Omi was sitting in the sky.

“This is?”

“Uh, do you mind if I turn on the transparency system?”Chang Ying asked.

“Transparent system?”

“Yeah, turn on the transparency system and you can view the view outside when all the surfaces become transparent except the ground.”


Just at this moment, Little Black flew over.

Zhang Ying was shocked and said in shock, “What’s that?”

Omi stepped out of the hatch of the Sky Cart.

“Brother Chen, have you found out how to get to the Yanhuang Empire?”Little Black asked, before Omi went to ask around and asked Little Black to wait in the sky.

Omi frowned, Little Black was really a bit difficult to handle.

“Little Black, there happens to be someone from the Yanhuang Empire who is also going back to the Yanhuang Empire, I’ll just drop by his car, but you, I don’t know if you can still hover over the sky car like before, I’ll ask the owner.”

Omi returned to the hatch and said to that Zhang Ying, “Sorry for startling you, that big python-like creature outside, it’s a black jiao, it’s my friend.”

“Oh my god, the legendary black jiao?You guys, where the hell did you come from?”

“Oh, never mind where we’re from, just pretend we’re from the deep forest, now I’ll have my brother hover over your sky chariot and slowly fly back to the kind of Yan Huang Empire, what do you think?If that doesn’t work, then we’ll choose another way to get back, so don’t bother.”

The pretty girl hesitated and said, “But I don’t know if this will work, so let’s try it, I’m not in a hurry anyway.”


Of course Omi knew it would work, even more backward flying ships used to work, not to mention the current celestial vehicle.

Little Black hovered on top of the celestial cart and then flew away, only slowing down much, much faster.

Zhang Ying said, “At this speed, I’m afraid it will take two days to return to the Yanhuang Empire.”

“Uh, I’m really sorry.”Omi apologized.

“Oh, it’s fine, maybe it’s fate, brother Tang, it seems that you have a very difficult origin, living with the legendary Black Jiao.”Zhang Ying was eager to ask Omi where exactly he came from.

Omi directly said, “Fine, by the way, Zhang Ying, can you tell me about how the Yan Huang Empire is doing today?”

“You’re such a strange person, you’re obviously only a teenager, forget it, I’ll just assume that you really came from an isolated place.Then tell me what you know about the Yanhuang Empire, what is it like, let me see, your knowledge of the Yanhuang Empire is still stuck in what era.”

Omi said, “The last thing I know about the Yanhuang Empire, there was a Wangjing City, which was the center of the Yanhuang Empire, and there was a court that ruled the entire country, and the court was full of powerful people.Then, the Yan Yu clan is temporarily a royal family, and the entire Yan Huang Empire has many families, and those families are in charge of one, or half, or a third of the houses.”

Zhang Ying smiled, “Brother Tang, it seems that your understanding of the Yanhuang Empire is still stuck in two hundred years ago ah.Did your ancestors, in that era, move to the deep woods and never asked about the rivers and lakes again ah, otherwise why would they stay in that era, no wonder you were talking about airplanes before, now that I think about it, airplanes are indeed something from that era.”

“Oh.”Omi didn’t say anything, after all, there was no need to explain so clearly and it was not explained clearly.

Zhang Ying said, “Brother Tang, today’s Yanhuang Empire is no longer the place you perceive it to be, the Yanhuang Empire today is no longer the same, the court has long been overthrown, not to mention there is no royal family anymore.”

“Is there no more, has Wangjing City turned into a modern city as well?”

“Of course, Wangjing City is the nation’s capital, very developed, I heard that Wangjing City used to be all red walls and green tiles, very quaint, but now there are no such buildings anymore, it’s all tall buildings Daxia, Wangjing City has one of the top ten tallest buildings in the world, do you know how tall it is, 1300 floors, and I heard that this 1300 floor building was built on the site of the former imperial palaceon.”

“Oh.”Omi looked a little lost inside.

After all, Omi had been an emperor there for a few years as well, but now it had been demolished and a 1300-storey high building had been built.This world, it seemed, could no longer find any traces of the life they had lived back then, so Omi felt a faint sense of loss inside.Perhaps, this world, other than some historical records about him, there was nothing left.

Omi originally came to this world with a nostalgic mood to see the place where they and everyone had once lived, who knew that after coming here, he found that there were no traces of the original place and it was covered in the dust of history. A second to remember to read the book

Zhang Ying said, “And ah, it’s no longer a martial way nowadays, it’s not the same as back then.”

“What do you mean?”

“Brother Tang, in the era you perceive, the family with strong martial skills was powerful, right?”

Omi was busy saying, “Isn’t it now?”

“Of course not, this is the era where quantum technology has reached its peak, and martial arts have fallen out of favor.Robots have replaced many of the jobs that humans do, and there is also an extremely powerful killing robot called the ‘Mecha Warrior’, the Mecha Warrior is stronger than you can imagine.”

Omi frowned, “Are Mecha Warriors even more powerful than a martial artist at the peak of the Unity Realm?”

“Hahaha, Brother Tang, your thinking is really too outdated, a martial artist at the peak of the Unity Realm, no matter how powerful, then

It’s also a physical body, Mecha Warriors, that’s made of super alloy materials, every Mecha Warrior, the height is usually more than 30 stories tall, incomparably huge, no matter how powerful the martial arts are, it’s not a Mecha Warrior’s opponent ah.A while ago, there was a news story abroad about a certain country, a newly developed 6s class armor warrior, who blew up an ancient martial artist who had reached the Unity Realm Great Perfection with a single punch.”

“Uh, Ancient Martial Arts?”

“Well, nowadays, in this era, it’s not that there are no people practicing martial arts, there are still many practicing martial arts, mainly they are all ancient martial arts families, these ancient martial arts families have been inherited for thousands of years, they can’t abandon martial arts, so they became ancient martial arts families.Such ancient martial families existed all over the world, but the ancient martial families were now just families, and it would be delusional to think of dominating the empire again like back then, so the martial arts had fallen away.Today, even the Ancient Martial Families, there are fewer and fewer people who can train to the Unity Realm, I heard that more than two hundred years ago, in Yanhuang Empire Wangjing City, there were too many strong people in the Unity Realm, and even more powerful, that person called Omi, beyond the Unity Realm.And now, the ancient martial arts are in decline, and the Unity Realm is becoming less and less.As I just said, some advanced empire-developed 6s-class armor warriors can blow up the Unity Realm with a single punch, so who has the motivation to practice martial arts.”

Zhang Ying sipped his water and continued, “In today’s era, whichever power controls the cutting-edge technology will dominate.Instead of which family is the strongest, they dominate.”

“Oh.”Omi nodded dumbly.

This world had really changed and he didn’t even recognize it anymore.

Was this the hometown where Xu Mei Qian, Liu Xiangyun, Shangguan Rou and the others, to the point of death, regretted not being able to come back for a glance?

Zhang Ying smiled, “Brother Tang, a friend of mine is from the Ancient Martial Family, I see that you know quite a bit about ancient martial arts, otherwise, I’ll introduce that friend to you.”


“That friend of mine is called Xu Qing’er, their family, used to be glorious, I heard Qing’er say that their Xu family, for more than two hundred years, had an ancestor who married the strongest man in the world at that time, Omi, I don’t know if it’s true or not, it’s not written in the history books.”

“Uh, the Xu family?”

“Yes, Xu Jia, Brother Tang, you are also called Omi, could it be that your ancestor was also a fan of Omi back then?Is that why you were given the same name?Oh, just kidding.”

“It’s fine.”Inside, Omi said, “Mei Qian, do you hear me?Your family, so far.”

“By the way, brother Don, in addition to MechWarriors, there are also Biochemical Warriors oh.”

“Biochemical warriors?”

“Yeah, now that technology is so advanced, there are very many biological potions, and there are some people who are willing to inject biochemical potions to become powerful monsters in order to be strong, let me show you a video.”Saying that, Zhang Ying clicked on a video.

In the video, a giant with a height of five meters, with soaring muscles all over his body, his fists were bigger than an ordinary person’s head, and his skin was green.

“See, this is the person injected with the biochemical potion, the power is so great that ordinary martial arts practitioners, no matter how strong they are, may not be able to beat this kind of biochemical warrior, and in order to become this kind of biochemical warrior, you only need to inject the potion, it doesn’t require much effort.It’s like ancient martial warriors, from childhood, dying to train and train and train before they have a chance to become strong.”


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