King of kings 1459-1460

Omi said, “There is no shortcut to being strong, this kind of relying on injecting potions is not destined for the long term.”

Zhang Ying said, “Wrong, this kind of injection of biochemical potions does not have a shorter lifespan than normal people, and it is easier to reach the goal.In ancient martial words, how hard would it be to reach the unity realm.”

“Ugh.”Omi sighed, what a change of times.

“Alright, let’s stop talking about it, let’s watch a movie.”

Saying that, Zhang Ying operated in the void and a movie opened up.

Omi felt as if he had suddenly crossed into a different world.

“Ah?What’s going on?”Omi was shocked.

Zhang Ying puffed out a laugh and said, “Brother Tang, don’t worry, we’re still in the sky car, but our vision, we’ve entered the movie scene, that’s why we feel like we’ve run away somewhere.”

“Vision into the scene?Didn’t movies used to be one screen and then a movie screen played out on it?Also, there’s a three-dimensional effect if you put on a pair of glasses.”

“Haha, brother Don, the kind of movie you’re talking about, that’s old-fashioned la, watching it with one screen, I go, I don’t feel like I’m there at all, okay?Even that 3D movie with glasses you mentioned, it’s only slightly more three-dimensional, it’s not at all comparable to the immersive feeling we get when we visually enter a movie scene now, it’s not even from the same era.”

“Oh.” First URL

Omi also understood that times had changed, and that watching movies was straight into the scene.

Omi stopped talking and the movie started to play.

About two days later, Omi arrived at the Yanhuang Empire.

“Brother Tang, here we are.”

“Oh, thanks.”Omi stepped out of the celestial cart and looked down at the city below, and sure enough, it had completely changed, looking at the current architecture, and thinking about the prosperous modern city that was in Omi’s impression back then, it was like, forget it, there was no way to describe it.

Omi couldn’t see what it looked like back then at all, it didn’t feel like returning to his hometown at all, it was like coming to a whole new world.

“Ugh.”Omi let out a deep sigh and said, “Guys, did you all see that?Our hometown bears no resemblance to what I remember.”

Zhang Ying flew out and asked, “Brother Tang, this is the city where my family is located down here, do you want me to go sit at home.”

“No, thank you for driving me all the way.”

“You’re welcome, by the way, where are you going?”

“I, I don’t know.”Yeah, Omi had been lost and didn’t know where to go, there was no place for him here anymore, everything had become a legend.

Zhang Ying handed Omi a business card and said, “Call me if you need anything.”

“But I don’t have a cell phone?”

“What?Cell phones?Gosh, it’s the old antique stuff again, oh, no need for a cell phone now, here’s my business card, it’s got my number on it, you just read the number once and I’ll hear you speak.Cell phones, that’s hundreds of years old, they use sky talk now, no need for a cell phone, just mouth it, the sky is always there.”

“Oh, that’s fine, thanks.”

“I’m leaving now then, I have to report back to the family, when you find me, I’ll take you to meet my friend from that ancient martial arts family, Xu Qing’er.”


“By the way, for

For your ease of travel, I’ll lend you my skycar.”

“Uh, no, thanks.”

Omi stood in the sky, with Blackie on his back, very confused.

At that moment, the celestial chariot sent Zhang Ying to the ground and then flew into the sky.

Omi had said no thanks, and she was still so polite.

“Brother Chenchen, where are we going now?Ugh, it feels like this isn’t even the world we were hanging out in.”..

Omi said, “It doesn’t matter, anyway, our goal is to bring our former partners back to our hometown, and now that we’ve returned, whether it’s changed a lot or not, it’s still our hometown, so at least we’ve made up for their regrets.”

“Then we have to go somewhere now.”

“First, let’s go to Martial Forest Island, it’s not far from the Yanhuang Empire, I think there should still be traces of what happened back then, I want to go to the Martial Forest Academy.”


Omi got on the celestial cart and said to the celestial cart, “Go to the Martial Forest Island.”


The celestial cart’s intelligent system immediately agreed, and the celestial cart headed straight for Martialwood Island.

It was so quick to get to the Martial Island in one go.

Omi stepped out of the celestial cart and looked down at Martial Island.

A frown creased his brow, where the Martial Forest Academy once existed, it had turned into a high-rise.

“Do I fuck him.”Omi had some anger, he thought there was still a place worth remembering, but as a result, it had also turned into a tall building.

“Brother Chen, it looks like the Martial Arts Academy is gone?”.

“Alas, I should have thought of that before Zhang Ying said that now that the martial arts are in decline, how can a place like the Martial Arts Academy for training still exist .”

“What then?”

“Let’s go to the Peach Blossom Source.”

Omi came back to the Peach Blossom Source of Martial Island.

Although there were no high-rise buildings in Peach Blossom Source, the original address of Peach Blossom Source had turned into a modern villa, as if a very important person had taken up residence here, after all, it was such a nice environment.

Omi landed on the ground, a few security guards at the entrance of the villa saw Omi and shouted, “Hey, where’s the kid, go go go go.”

Omi said angrily, “Who told you to live here?”

After Omi left, even though it was occupied by someone else, it still maintained its original appearance and was not destroyed.

Now, out of nowhere, a bastard appeared and made Omi’s Peach Blossom Garden look completely different.

Therefore, Omi held a surge of anger within him, as if someone had taken advantage of his absence and demolished his home.

Of course, Omi’s thoughts like this were wrong though, and there was no rule here that forever and ever would be his, but who made them powerful, he was whatever he said he was.

“Yoo-hoo, where’s the little brat who let us live here?Do you know who lives here?”Those security guards snickered.

Omi looked at the faceless Peach Blossom Source and said, “I don’t care who occupies my place, immediately restore it to its original state, or else, kill without pardon.”In Omi’s gaze, a cold light flashed.

“Hahahaha, little brat, go home and eat your mother’s milk.”

Omi’s eyes were hidden with killing intent.

“Let me tell you, little fart, the person living inside is the father-in-law of General Chen Ma of the Yan Huang Empire, do you know who General Chen Ma is?That’s the Yan Huang Empire.”

“Boom!”That security guard hadn’t finished his sentence, Omi blasted out with a punch and that security guard was suddenly killed by Omi.

Omi didn’t care who he was, anyone who made him unhappy would have to die.

“Ah.”The other few security guards were shocked, it turned out to be no ordinary child, but an ancient martial arts practitioner.

One of the security guards shouted, “Someone, there are ancient martial artists coming to harass us.”

“Bang.”That security guard was blown to death by another punch before he could finish his sentence.


In the blink of an eye, Omi blasted several security guards to death.

Then, he walked into the villa.

A pale old man with white hair came out and said angrily, “Who are you?” Remember the URL

Omi raged, “I don’t care who you are, destroy my place like this, give me death.”

“Hmph, where’s the wild child that dares to act rude here, do you know who my son-in-law is?”

“So what if you know, so what if you don’t, your son-in-law is just a mole in my eyes.”

“Ridiculous, what an arrogant and ignorant little fart.”

“Boom.”That old man hadn’t finished speaking, his head suddenly cracked, and his body clattered to the back, spoiling a wall.

At this time, a few bodyguards flew out, these bodyguards were all innate, now in this era, martial arts practitioners were reduced to other people’s bodyguards, it was also really sad.

Omi killed all of them.

“Phew.”Omi was only slightly relieved after he had killed everyone.

Omi stood in mid-air and threw a punch down.

“Boom.”Smashing a villa of thousands of square meters into pieces with a single punch, this strength, fortunately no outsiders saw it, or else it would really scare me to death.

Of course, those thirty-storey high Mecha Warriors could do it as well.

Omi couldn’t find any more traces of his original journey in this Utopia and left disappointed.

Omi headed to the Dungeon of Martial Island.

He was about to check out the underground city, it hadn’t been demolished and built into a villa.

However, as soon as Omi arrived at the entrance to the Dungeon, the first thing he saw was a pavilion with ‘Ticket Booth’ written on it.

“Eh?”Omi was stunned, a ticket booth?What do you mean?

Omi didn’t know until he looked again that the underground city, which had been developed as a tourist attraction, looked like it was still a AAAA attraction.

“Phew.”Omi felt a surge of anger, who the hell turned the Dungeon into a scenic spot.

However, right now, this Dungeon Scenic Area, many people came to visit, and most of them came in private cars, and there were many private sky cars approaching in the sky.Perhaps now that everyone’s standard of living was higher and the speed of the skycars was faster, coming to Martial Island no longer had to be as strenuous as before, so after it became convenient to come and go whenever you wanted, there were more people coming to visit.

“Hmph.”Omi turned around and walked away, and he didn’t kill these tourists who came to visit the island.

Omi stood in the sky, looking at the bustling Martial Island, no more traces of the place he once lived here could be found.

“Brother Chen, you need to get over it.”


nbsp; “I’m fine, it’s fine.”

Just as Omi was about to leave Martial Island, Omi suddenly remembered something.

When he was at that place in the ocean vortex, he entered a dark, endless space, after which Omi walked out through a glass door, and then he arrived at the novice village of Martialwood Island, where he was in the corn field killing locusts in the novice village, Omi imagined that he, himself, had acquired a treasure of some sort.

Omi suddenly remembered that incident at the moment.

“Novice village, cornfield?When I first entered that big, endless room and then came to the Novice Village, I wonder if it was a kind of guide that led me to this place.”

“Just as well, since I’ve personally come here today, why don’t we go to the Novice Village and have a look , whether it’s a guide or not, there’s no harm in going to have a look, let’s hope that the cornfield, hasn’t been destroyed.”

Omi immediately arrived at Martial Island’s Novice Village.

When he arrived at the entrance of the village, Omi saw that inside the novice village, there were rows of villas.

“Phew.”Omi had a bit of an intolerable feeling that the Novice Village, which was so beautiful back then, was simply a place like a paradise on earth, but now it had turned into a resort.

However, Omi endured it for now, Omi entered this resort and walked towards the direction of the impressionable cornfield.

However, fortunately, Omi soon saw a large banyan tree, underneath this large banyan tree, there was also a well.

When Omi saw the banyan tree and the well, he seemed to instantly recall the past, and after searching in Wulin Island, he finally saw a surviving object.

Omi remembered the well underneath the banyan tree, when he entered the Martial Arts Academy, he entered the well to kill the Devil Snake living in the well during the freshman competition.I’m afraid that the well is now long gone, and since this place has become a resort, the magic snake in the well must have been cleared.

Omi continued to walk forward, and behind this resort, Omi finally saw a vast cornfield.

At this time, Omi came face to face with a tour group wearing uniform costumes, each of them also held a flag in their hands, a guide led them, while introducing them, “Can you see, over there in front is a mysterious cornfield, back when the Wulin Resort was developed, the developers originally wanted to dig that cornfield into a sightseeing lake, but I didn’t expect that theThe cornfield was just dug one day, and the next morning it was back to its original shape.No matter how much damage is done, the next day this cornfield will be back to its original form.”

“Wow, that’s amazing.”

“Later, countless scientists have come here to try to figure out the mystery of this cornfield, but unfortunately, nothing has come of it.”

Omi came to the edge of the cornfield.

At that moment, Omi seemed to feel a call within himself, as if there was something that was calling to him.

“Hm?This cornfield seems to be calling me?Could it be that I was right and that illusion of the previous ocean vortex was a guide?Did you really direct me here?”

Omi looked outward with joy, the strong man he encountered in the ocean whirlpool back then, he said he was looking for a treasure, but unfortunately he was not destined to get it.

Was Omi destined to get it?Did you guide Omi here in the first place?It was just that Don Omi didn’t understand it at first.

Omi walked into the cornfield at once.

Countless locusts swarmed towards Omi.

Suddenly, one of the locusts shone as if it was different from the other locusts.

Omi immediately reached out his hand and gently squeezed that locust.

This scene was almost identical to the illusion he had in the ocean vortex.


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