King of kings 1461-1462


It was truly a guide that guided Omi to this place.

At this moment, a voice sounded in Omi’s head.

“You’ve finally come, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, if you don’t come, I really won’t be able to hold on.”

“Ah.”Omi was taken aback.

“Who’s speaking in my ear?”Omi was busy asking.

“Don’t ask so many questions, I won’t hurt you anyway.”The voice in my ear said.

“What do you mean?Who the hell is that.”

“Well, before I died, people called me the Devil King of the Nine Paths, but you can call me the Devil King.”

“Devil King of the Nine Paths?Why does that sound familiar?”

“Familiar?This is impossible, how could you, a small mortal, know about me, I’m only a trace of a remnant soul now, it’s a miracle that I’ve survived until now without perishing, fortunately you’ve finally come today, otherwise I would have perished, the illusion of rescuing my primordial spirit would have been completely shattered.”

At this time, Omi suddenly remembered that once he was in the passage he was traveling through, there were many graves at that space-time junction, and those graves looked very powerful, as if they were buried with gods or demons.Once, Omi faintly saw the words on the tombstones of a few graves, and one of them had ‘The Tomb of the Nine Demons’ written on the tombstone, besides the Nine Demons, Omi also saw the tomb of some kind of Morning Glory Emperor, the tomb of the Western Sovereign. One Second Remember to Read the Book

“Hey, talk to me.”The voice in Omi’s head urged.

Omi was busy, “Demon King, I’ve seen the Tomb of the Nine Demon Kings at a spatial junction, is this you?”

“What spatial junction point, I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

“There are many, many graves in that place, too many to count, besides you, I also saw the tomb of the Morning Glory Emperor, the tomb of the Western Sovereign.”

“What.”It was only then that the voice in Omi’s head was shocked, Omi had said Morning Glory Emperor, Western Sovereign in succession, and that was absolutely unusual.

“Senior, do you remember now?”

“Could it be that even I’m up in the Tomb of Time and Space?Hoo, it’s really sad, hahaha, hahaha.”The voice in Omi’s head laughed tragically, as if it was a sad thing that his name had entered the tomb of time and space.

“Demon King, what do you mean?Why so much laughter?”Omi asked.

“Hahahaha, I even went up to the Tomb of Time, do you really think too highly of me?”

“Devil, what does that tell you?Why so shocked?”

“Well, it’s not clear to you, it’s not something you’re supposed to know, and you’re not even close to knowing such things.”


“What’s the name, kid?”


“Good, Omi, now I’ll choose you, I hope you won’t disappoint me.”

“Demon King, I don’t understand what you want, could it be that you want to take away me?”

“Hmph, boy, you also think too highly of yourself, I, the Nine Daoist Demon King, have already cultivated to the level of a demon, can I look up to you with this broken body?Besides, I only have a wisp of my soul left, if I had the ability to take over, what would I need you for, I’m not going to take over a body and finish what I started on my own.”

“Now you’re asking me to help.

You work?What is it?”

“Omi, I’ll make this short and sweet, for a wisp of my soul will soon be scattered.I am the Demon King of the Immortal Realm, I was victimized by a traitor, my primordial spirit was locked up, my wife, my daughter, were all raped and murdered, the hatred within me, the reluctance within me, allowed me to escape a wisp of my remaining soul.A strand of my remaining soul escaped to the mortal realm, I have waited tens of thousands of years, and only now have I waited for you to appear, fortunately you appeared just in time, if you had been a year or six months late, I’m afraid this strand of my remaining soul would have been scattered, this is truly the will of God.I need you to help me now, of course, you definitely don’t have the ability to do that yet, when you enter the Immortal Realm in the future, you can ask around about my Nine Dao Demon King, find my Primordial Spirit, and help me rebuild it, so that I can be resurrected, thank you, please.”

“Uh, let me help you reshape your Yuan Shen?Who sealed your Yuan Shen by?”Don Omi asked.

“Telling you now might harm you, because you’re still too weak, and if you know that person’s name, even they might find you, so I’d rather not tell you more details, lest my enemies find you.When you step into the Immortal Realm in the future, you will naturally be able to find out, and I, the Nine Dao Demon King, have a little bit of power in the Immortal Realm, so I’m not without a reputation.”

“Fine, I can help you, but what makes you think that it’s possible for me to help you?I am now a mortal, and I don’t even know what world I will go to after stepping on the Void.”

“You don’t need to be frustrated, believe in yourself, you will go to the spirit world after stepping on the Void, and your body is now a spirit body, no longer a physical mortal.In a moment, I will take this wisp of my remaining soul and turn it into a trace of immortal power that will be integrated into your body, although the immortal energy that my remaining soul can turn into is incomparably meager, I think that it will definitely be helpful to you and can help you cultivate in the spirit world in the future.This is also considered a deal for us to make with each other, how about it?”

“Fairy energy?Is it advanced?”

“At least in the spirit world, this is the equivalent of a high-grade, immortal breath that only immortals have, after this wisp of my soul is transformed into immortal breath, it’s up to you how you can use it, how you can use it.”

“Okay, I promise you, if I can enter the Immortal Realm, I will definitely help you with this.”

“Thank you, you didn’t make me wait for tens of thousands of years in vain.”

“What do you mean?Am I the only one you’ve found in these tens of thousands of years who fits your criteria?”

“Yes, of course, but mostly also because I’m too weak right now, with only a faint remnant of my soul, so I can only fit into his body if I find someone whose soul structure matches mine very well, and you, you’re the only one I can find whose soul structure matches mine very well.”

“Alright, I understand.”

“Then please, I won’t waste any more time, the more time I waste, the less immortal energy my remaining soul will turn into.”

“Then hurry up, don’t waste time.”


After saying that, the strand of residual soul in Omi’s body transformed into a golden stream of air that flowed through Omi’s meridians.

Only, this golden stream of air was very small.

However, despite being very small, it increased Omi’s strength a lot.

Previously, after Omi stepped into the Returning Ancestor, the space trembled with a punch, but it hadn’t reached the level of shattering the void.

But now, Omi felt a hundred percent sure that he could shatter the void with a single punch.

Omi immediately gave it a try.

“Bang.”Omi just lightly swung his fist and punched out at the air.

Chapter 1462

At that moment, Omi saw a black crack appear in the point of space his fist had struck, except that when Omi’s fist touched the black crack, it was a bit painful, as if it was going to tear his body apart.

If Omi exerted his full strength, he could definitely make the black crack open even wider, enough for one person to pass through.

Omi only needed to pass through that black crack to travel to the spirit world.

This was stepping through the void.

That shattered space, the black gap that was exposed, was actually, in more scientific terms, a black hole.

By going through the black hole, one could leave this space-time.

And black holes are real, as early as a few hundred years ago in this world, scientists have confirmed the existence of black holes.

So, stepping through the void is not a very mysterious thing, but it really can be so, it’s just a matter of who can do it.

When you enter a black hole, anything will be devoured, but but when the flesh reaches a certain strength, for example, when the flesh becomes a spirit body, then it is enough to resist the devouring power of the black hole, and you can pass through it without dying.That was why mortals couldn’t step through the void, and even if they stepped out of it, they would be devoured.

Omi took a deep breath and said under his breath, “Demon King, don’t worry, I will find your Yuan Shen, help you rebuild your Yuan Shen, and help you resurrect, I hope that this thread of your Immortal Qi will really help me in my future cultivation path.”

Omi put his fist away. First URL

Although Omi was confident at the moment that he could shatter the void enough to leave, Omi had no intention of leaving right away.

Since he had come to this world, he definitely needed to stay for a few days and then think about whether or not to bury his relatives, bury them in his hometown, deal with the aftermath, and also return to the Great Martial Empire to settle down the descendants of the Shang Clan before it was time for him to step into the void and leave this time and space completely.

Omi flew up, and not long after Omi left the Martial Island, a huge armor flew in from afar in the sky.

Inside that armor, a man walked out.

“General Chen Ma, your father-in-law, has been blown to bits.”

The man, who was called General Chen Ma, saw a villa in Peach Blossom Source that had been blown into ruins and shouted angrily, “Who is it, who is it, investigate it out.”

Below, a group of experts were busy saying, “Yes, we are accessing the sky surveillance system, we will definitely find that man, don’t worry.”

“I’ll skin him.”The man hissed.

Omi soon arrived at the Yanhuang Empire.

“Little Black, is there somewhere you want to go too?”Omi asked, as Omi had long felt that Little Black seemed to have a heavy heart.

“Brother Chen, to tell you the truth, I do have places I want to go.”

Omi said, “If I remember correctly, when we left this world back then, you seemed to have made a python sister’s belly bigger.”

“Ugh.”Little Blackie lowered his head in shame.

“Oh, go on Little Blackie, you left irresponsibly back then, and now that you’re back, you should indeed look for it, maybe it’s still alive, and then maybe, the child you had with that python sister inherited the genes from your black jiao.”

“Thank you Brother Chen, then I’m leaving, where will I find you when I’m done?”

Omi said, “Look for me in this Yanhuang Empire.”

“Good.”Little Black flew away, and Omi immediately guessed that Little Black wanted to go to find the already pregnant Python sister who was not responsible for leaving behind back then.

After Little Black left, Omi said to the celestial vehicle’s intelligent system, “Go to Tiannan Province, Linjiang City.”


Half an hour later, Omi arrived at Linjiang City.

I don’t know if Linjiang City could still find some deceased people after that.

Li Xuan’er’s descendants must be gone, because Li Xuan’er’s parents died back then, or because of Omi.

Although Linjiang City had changed beyond recognition, that Linjiang River would never change.

Omi still remembers the time when he was wanted by the police as a one-time loser, and then one night afterwards, he and Xu Mei Qian fought on the river.

It seemed like it was just yesterday.

Omi stood by the river and smiled at the rippling river surface.

This was a rare smile for Omi since his relatives had left, otherwise normally, Omi wouldn’t have smiled at all, as there was nothing worth smiling about.

Omi said under his breath, “Mei Qian, see this river?Back then, when you arrested me, we had a battle right here.It was a happy time, and sometimes I wish I could go back to that time, so badly to touch your face again and hear you speak.”

Unfortunately, it was no longer possible.

Omi felt in front of him, Xu Mei Qian was standing in her police uniform, Omi couldn’t help but touch it, but it was empty.

Inside Omi’s heart, a moment of desolation.

Omi was alone, at that river back then, sat for a long time, gazing at the river somewhere dazed.

Only after a long time did Omi get up and leave.

Omi walked and walked along a street that was both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

After walking for over an hour, Omi stopped.

“This place used to be Xiang’er’s family villa, Uncle Liu, Liu Chen Ming, I haven’t pronounced that name in a long time, how are you.”Omi felt that he saw Liu Chenming’s face in front of him, it felt like that face of Liu Chenming, it suddenly became so strange.

Omi saw again, beside Liu Chen Ming, standing next to Liu Xiangyun, Liu Xiangyun took Liu Chen Ming’s arm and waved at Omi, waving and waving, their bodies began to go away, smaller and smaller.

“Don’t go.”Omi pounced on them, but he pounced in the air.

“Xiang’er, you’ve finally returned to your hometown.”Omi sat on the ground and muttered to himself.

Omi stood up and wandered around the place for a while before leaving.Omi closed his eyes and walked and walked by feel, walking for a long time before stopping.

Despite this journey, Omi walked with his eyes closed, but he didn’t run into anyone, as if Omi didn’t need his eyes anymore to walk.

Omi stood at an intersection with a tall building in front of him, and between the tall buildings, many colorful celestial cranes were moving around.

However, in Omi’s eyes, what he saw was not this scene, but a large area of brick and concrete bungalows, tattered and shabby.

However, Omi felt that this ramshackle patch of homes was much prettier than these high-rise buildings today.

“Xuan’er, you’re home too, have you seen your old home, it’s all turned into high-rise buildings, it’s no longer a slum.”

Omi stood at the intersection for a long time again.

When it was over, Omi closed his eyes again and walked along the streets, in Omi’s mind, he was not walking along the current streets, but the streets of Linjiang City more than two hundred years ago.

Finally, Omi stopped at a place.

Baiyun Middle School.


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