King of kings 1463-1464


Fortunately, it was still the same Baiyun Middle School, but with a different building.

Omi looked at the four big characters in front of the school, Baiyun Middle School, these four big characters, but it was still the same kind of strokes as before, really did not expect.

Omi walked into the Baiyun Middle School, of course, the teaching building was gone, but the playground, but there are still, but also rebuilt, perhaps have been rebuilt countless times.

Omi walked on the playground, everything was so solid, as if the once number one evil youngster, back again.

In front of Omi’s eyes, it was as if a large group of people had appeared, a large group of people running towards Omi, and their mouths seemed to be shouting, “Omi, why the fuck are you back.”

This group of people included Wang Qiang, Zhao Ritian, Liao Gayuan, Wei Ming, Jin Hu, Xu Yan, Liang Ying, and others.”

Omi smiled slightly and said, “Yes, I came back to take a look.”

However, at this moment, an untimely voice came from Omi’s ear, “Where’s the idiot.”

This ear-piercing voice suddenly snuffed out all of Omi’s memories, and the group of people who had just come running towards Omi suddenly disappeared.

Omi looked to his side with a sudden fury, only to see a young man with yellow dyed hair and a cigarette in his mouth, he didn’t know what kind of cigarette it was, it looked quite advanced, and he was accompanied by a follower.

That yellow-haired youth saw Omi looking at him angrily, and came over and tried to slap Omi. Remember the URL

However, in the next second his hand was grabbed by Omi.

The yellow-haired young man was a little surprised that a little kid was able to grab his hand.

“Grizzly hair, let go of me immediately?”The yellow-haired young man raged.

That sidekick also said, “Do you hear me, if you don’t let go, Kun will definitely cut off your hand, the hand of the second bully of Baiyun High School, is it something you can touch?”

Omi’s gaze was cold and he didn’t bother to say a word.

“Clack.”With a casual tug, that yellow-haired young man’s arm was ripped off from his shoulder by Omi.

“Ah.”Pillars of blood sprayed from the yellow hair’s broken shoulder, that yellow hair shrieked in pain, seemingly unable to believe it, and that follower was also dumbfounded, unable to react.

Omi threw that arm to the ground and went back up to the yellow hair’s face, kicking it up.

“Crack.”The yellow hair’s neck made a crisp sound, then his entire head went back, as if his head was even hanging off his back, no doubt broken by Omi’s kick, and he died in one fell swoop.

“Ah.”That follower was scared of that flowery face, but he was pretty good at it, and didn’t go weak in fear, but pulled his legs out and ran.

“Trying to run?”Omi’s gaze was cold as he snorted, he didn’t seem to let that follower go at all.

Omi rushed up with an arrow step and hit that follower from the back with a punch.

“Bang.”That follower’s heart suddenly jumped out of his front chest, his entire body seemed to be hit by a sniper rifle, and he flew forward several meters before falling to the ground, while the person, was already dead.

Omi’s gaze went to a few more people next to him.

There were originally a few boys who were teasing girls next to them, and these boys who were teasing girls were none other than a bully from Baiyun High School.The yellow hair that he had just killed was the second bully of Baiyun Middle School.

The one bully who was teasing the girls, suddenly saw the two bullies who were killed, scared silly, and now suddenly saw Omi’s gaze shooting towards them, and suddenly kneeled down without a word, looking at Omi, teeth chattering, frightened, unable to even say the words to beg for mercy.

Indeed, just now, Omi was so fierce.

The scene of the spicy killing of the second bully and his sidekick was enough to scare the White Cloud High School, where the normally fearful one bully, peed his pants.

“Hmph.”Omi looked at the one bully who kneeled down without a sound, grunted, turned around and flew away.

It wasn’t that Omi took pity on this one bully’s dog’s life, but this one bully, who really hadn’t messed with Omi just now, was just teasing the girl.

Omi left Baiyun Middle School and also left Linjiang City.

Linjiang City had already changed beyond recognition, except for the Linjiang River that was still there, no traces of the year could be found at all, and there was no point in staying much longer.

The next place to visit was to meet the descendants of Xu Mei Qian’s family.

Omi took out Zhang Ying’s business card and read out Zhang Ying’s phone number once?

“Hello.”At that moment, Zhang Ying’s voice came from the air.

“It’s me, Omi.”

“Oh, brother Tang, are you done?”


“Well then, come see me at my family, and Skywheel will bring you here.”


Soon, Omi arrived at Zhang Ying’s family.

As the speed of today’s car was too fast, it really was as if the entire world had turned into a village.

“Brother Tang, come in, this is my family.”

“Mm.”Omi walked into Zhang Ying’s home.

Although Omi was only twelve years old, his eyes and gaze didn’t look like a child at all, so Zhang Ying had somehow come to see him as an adult.

“Brother Tang, sit down and have some tea.”Zhang Ying shouted, “Mi, serve tea to the guest.”

“Okay.”At that moment, a robot came out.

Omi looked at the robot curiously.

Zhang Ying smiled, “This isn’t an armoured warrior, it’s just an ordinary robot la, serving us humans.”

“Oh.That, Zhang Ying, you said you know someone from an ancient warrior family?”

“Yes, Xu Qing’er.”

“Can you bring me acquaintance as well?I’m going to think about her family.”


“Okay, thanks.”

Omi knew that this Xu Qing’er was a descendant of Xu Mei Qian’s family.

Just then, a news item suddenly played on the TV in the living room: “The call for the removal of the Omi statue in Times Square by the new forces in Wangjing City is getting louder and louder, and many representatives of the new forces have formed a team to take to the streets and demand the government to remove the Omi statue.However, the Ancient Martial Families have expressed strong dissatisfaction with this, Omi was a very famous Ancient Martial Predecessor over two hundred years ago and had extraordinary influence in the Ancient Martial Family power.”

Omi’s brow furrowed, and on the television, Omi saw his statue, a statue that was over two hundred meters tall.

Zhang Ying said, “These new forces are really becoming more and more excessive, they even want to tear down the statue of the most prominent representative of the Ancient Martial Family, Omi.”

The television screen switched to a reporter interviewing a representative of the new forces and asked, “May I ask why the request to remove Omi’s statue?”

The representative of that new power said, “Times are progressing, it’s the age of armor, the age of technology, there’s no need to set up such a huge statue of an ancient martial figure in the center of Wangjing City, Times Square, besides, the age of ancient martial arts is over, an obsolete figure should have been in a museum long ago along with planes, cars, and cell phones.”


The reporter interviewed another person.

Another person raised a middle finger to the camera and said, “Omi, he’s weak, it’s fortunate that he didn’t grow up in the current era, otherwise, our armor, would have beaten him to a pulp.”

The screen switched back to that reporter, and that reporter said, “Ladies and gentlemen, for the follow-up coverage of the events surrounding the statue in Wangjing City’s Times Square, please remain locked to our general channel.”

The news ended and moved on to the next news.

Omi asked, “Is the new force the group that infinitely pushes the armor?”

Zhang Ying said, “Yes, nowadays, the world can be divided into two kinds of people, the new forces and the ancient forces, the new forces have high technology and advocate armoured warriors, and they are already dominant in the whole world, while the ancient forces are those ancient martial families.Let’s put it this way, the new powers represent progress and the ancient martial powers represent backwardness, they seem to contradict each other in many places.”

“Hmph, what a bunch of ignorant people.”Omi was furious.

Zhang Ying smiled, “Brother Tang, it seems that you are also a member of the Ancient Martial Forces.”

Just at this moment, Zhang Ying’s phone suddenly rang.


“It’s not good, Missy, Wang Mao is here again, and he’s bringing a Jaeger with him.” One second to remember to read the book

“Oh, I got it, I’ll be right out.”

Hanging up the phone, Zhang Ying looked very depressed.

“What’s going on?”Omi asked.

Zhang Ying said, “That, brother Tang, I’m sorry, I have something to do.”

“Tell me directly, what’s wrong?”

“Uh, well, there’s a guy named Wang Mao who keeps harassing me, he wants me to be his second wife.But it’s useless for me to refuse, his family is richer than me, his family already has two SSS-class MechWarriors, and my family, it’s just a small business.”

“Hmph, take me out.”Omi said.

“Brother Tang, don’t ever, I’ll find my own way to delay it, I’ve already informed Xu Qing’er, her family is an ancient martial family, it’s still not difficult to deal with a family of Wang Mao’s level, you stay right here, I’ll be right back.”

After saying that, Zhang Ying ran away.

Omi immediately followed him out.

At the gate of Zhang Ying’s family, a man, standing on an armor that was about ten stories tall, looked at a group of people at the gate and said, “Is Zhang Ying still not coming out?I don’t blame you for continuing to blow your doors, as you can see, I’m an SSS-ranked MechWarrior, my family has another one, don’t you know my family’s strength?Your little family can’t even afford a first generation MechWarrior, what qualifications do you have to be cross with me, is it hard to make Zhang Ying my second wife?”

At that moment, Zhang Ying came out and said angrily, “Wang Mao, don’t go too far.”

“Yoho, come out, I thought you were really hiding.”

“Wang Mao, I’ve already informed my friend Xu Qing’er, be careful, she’s already trained to innate perfection, she’s still more than enough to deal with you.”

“Hahaha, Xu Qing’er, you mean that Ancient Martial Family’s Xu Qing’er?I pooh-pooh, let her come over and try, I promise my MechWarrior won’t beat her to a pulp, and an Innate Great Perfection, I pooh-pooh, don’t you know that 6s MechWarriors nowadays can fuck up the Unity Realm Great Perfection with a single punch?It’s the age of armor, martial arts, outdated, hahaha.”

Just then, an icy voice came out, “Yeah.”


nbsp; “Who, who’s talking?”Wang Mao yelled.

“Me.”An icy voice came again.

Only then did everyone see Omi, but it was a twelve year old boy.

“Yo, a little kid.”Wang Mao gave a cold laugh.

Zhang Ying was busy saying, “Brother Tang, I didn’t tell you to stay still, go back.”

Omi branching away from Zhang Ying, looking at the man standing on the shoulder of the ten-story tall Mecha Warrior, he said, “This robot, is it yours?”

“Little kid, I’m an armor, not a robot, so be careful what you say.”

“Well, let me, Tang, see if the armor is really powerful in today’s era.”

“Which one doesn’t know the sky’s the limit.”Just at this moment, Wang Mao felt a fist flying towards him, he couldn’t dodge it.

“Bang.”Wang Mao fell off the armoured warrior’s shoulder and grimaced in pain.

Omi stepped on Wang Mao’s head, and Wang Mao was unable to stand up.

“You, you, get your dog’s foot off me.”Wang Mao said furiously.

Omi said coldly, “There’s a way to heaven and you won’t go, but there’s no door to hell to throw.”

“You heck, have the guts to let me go, what skill is a sneak attack, wait until I get into my armor and operate it, then fight me.”Wang Mao said.

The armor wouldn’t fight by itself, someone had to be inside to operate it, and it also required a high degree of flexibility to operate the armor, so not everyone could operate the armor either, the higher the level of the armor, the higher the requirements for the operator.Therefore, in this world, those who could fly armor in the new powers were worshipped by countless people as if they were heroes, or strong men.Of course, armor was also very expensive, and ordinary families couldn’t afford it.

Wang Mao thought that Omi would definitely let him go and fight with his armor.

However, he thought too highly of himself.

“Bang.”At that moment, Omi snorted indifferently and stepped on Wang Mao’s head with a forceful thud, directly exploding Wang Mao’s head like a watermelon.

Omi was not at all interested in this kind of armor of his, and to want him to duel with this kind of armor was simply an insult to Omi’s martial arts skills.


Not far away, Zhang Ying and the others were all stunned.

Omi had actually killed Wang Mao directly, oh my god.

“Brother Tang, you, how did you kill him?”Zhang Ying came up in panic.

At that moment, an old man also came up and asked, “Zhang Ying, who is he?Why is your martial arts skill so high at such a young age?”

“Uh, martial arts?”Zhang Ying just remembered, right, but Brother Tang had just performed martial arts and looked good, otherwise how could he blow Wang Mao off a ten-story high armor in one go and stomp his head off.

“Right, Brother Tang, how do you know martial arts?”Zhang Ying looked at Omi incredulously.

How was it that Omi felt so sarcastic when he heard Zhang Ying’s words?He, Omi, had returned to his ancestors and was still asking how he knew martial arts.

Omi wasn’t in the mood to answer such a silly question and said, “What big thing will happen if I step on this Wang Mao.”

The old man beside him said bitterly, “Why wouldn’t something big happen, it’s going to be a big deal, my grandson yo, who the hell are you, you’ve caused me big trouble yo.”


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