King of kings 1465-1466


Omi glared at the old man and said, “No one here is your grandson, if you keep saying that, you’re going to be in trouble.”

“Ugh!”That old man was frightened when he saw such a fierce look in Omi’s eyes, and didn’t dare to speak again.

Omi said, “Which one of you, take me to Wang Mao’s family, Wang Mao was trampled to death by me, I will settle this matter and will not cause any trouble to your family, please show me the way.”

“Uh, this.”

“Lead the way.”Omi’s voice raised eight points, and suddenly, that old man didn’t dare to jabber anymore and immediately ordered someone to take Omi to Wang Mao’s family.

Zhang Ying also suddenly felt that Omi’s gaze was harsh and fierce.

At this moment, it was in Wang Mao’s family.

“Report, it’s bad, Wang Mao is dead.”

“What did you say?”An old man was furious.

“Young Master Wang Mao is dead, our family’s armor ‘Red Eye’ was just taken out by Wang Mao, and the armor even sent the video back, and Wang Mao was stomped on.”

“No, that’s impossible.”That old man’s body trembled, Wang Mao was a very talented person in their family to operate the armor, and when they bought back a more advanced armor in the future, they were counting on him to operate it, but he was stomped on and his head exploded. The first website

“Who is it?Who killed Wang Mo?”

“Report Clan Chief, Wang Mao was chasing our fellow city’s Zhang Ying, but that Zhang Ying didn’t like Young Master Wang Mao, Young Master Wang Mao went again today, but he was killed by an ancient martial artist that the Zhang family didn’t know where to find, Wang Mao was careless and wasn’t in the operation room, causing the armor to be killed without even starting.Patriarch, this is a video sent back by the armor Red Eye.”

That old man’s teeth were chattering with anger after watching the video, and he yelled, “Immediately go and get everyone here, and bring out all the armor, I want to trample down the Zhang family.”

“Yes.”Not long after, everyone from the Wang Mao family came, and after watching that video, everyone was trembling with anger.

“Let’s go, trample down the Zhang family.”

Outside the Wang Mao Family Hall, there were rows of armor, the most powerful of which was an SSS class armor, and then the remaining were over a hundred SSS class armor.

At this time, Omi had already arrived at the Wang Mao Family.

When Omi saw that the people of the Wang Mao Family had gotten the news and were about to depart, Omi snorted, “No need to be so troublesome, I’m here.”

The people from the Wang Mao Family hadn’t even had time to enter the armor before Omi came.

“That’s him, he’s the one who killed Wang Mao.”A man shouted.

“Quick, enter the armor and exterminate this ancient warrior.”

Omi stood in mid-air, looking down on the group of armor with disdain.

Omi didn’t take the initiative to attack, lest they say sneak attack again, so he let them enter the armor.

At that moment, that strongest SSS armor activated, and suddenly, the huge fist of that SSS armor, smashed into Omi.

The corners of Omi’s mouth rose in contempt, these frogs at the bottom of the well had never seen what a powerful martial artist was like, and they were presumptuously claiming that martial arts were in decline, what a laugh.

Then Omi let them see what the strength of a true martial artist was.

At this moment, that SSS class armor had almost punched in front of Omi.

Just when everyone thought that Omi was about to be blown to pieces by that huge steel fist, Omi moved.

Only a cold light flashed on Omi’s hand, and a sword was pulled out, cutting down on that huge, ten-story tall armor.


bsp; The armor stalled in mid-air for a moment.

About a few seconds later, with a rumble, the ten-story tall armor was split in half by Omi’s sword.

“Ah!”Everyone on the ground was so stupid that their jaws fell to the ground.

A ten-story tall armor, ah, all using super alloy materials, and yet, it was split in half by a sword?

Could it get any more dramatic?But in fact, it was such an exaggeration.

Compared to such a powerful man, what was armor?

At this moment, the SSS-class armor that was split in half, crashed to the ground with a rumble, turning into two piles of scrap metal.

Moreover, even the warrior who was piloting the SSS-class armor was also split in half, and at the moment, his corpse was split in half, falling down along with the armor.Omi struck down with a sword from the head of the armor, accurately, and even the warrior operating the armor inside was split together.

Not far away, Zhang Ying, who was following in the sky with his crane, was also stunned, unable to believe this scene, a younger brother Tang, who looked only twelve years old, actually split the Wang Mao family’s proud SSS level armor in half with a single sword.

Omi looked at the group of armor on the ground and said nothing, and then he swung down with another sword, and the sword in Omi’s hand seemed to transform into countless sword shadows, each of which accurately slashed at a single armor.


In the blink of an eye, all of the armor, whether it was S-grade or SS-grade, split into two halves, and even the warriors sitting inside the armor and operating it were mercilessly split into two halves.

At the entrance of the hall, that old man from the Wang Mao family was trembling as he looked at the armor scrap metal and the corpses of the family’s armor warriors all over the floor.

In the distant sky, Zhang Ying, who was sitting on the flying car, was also dumbfounded, and brother Tang showed no mercy, killing the man and his armor together.

Omi looked at the old man and said, “You were the one who gave the order to trample down the Zhang family?”

“I, I, I.”The old man I couldn’t say anything for a long time.

“Swoosh.”At that moment, a white light flashed, and in the next moment, this old man’s body separated and fell into a pool of blood.

Omi was ruthless and merciless in his actions, so don’t think that the old man would be spared.

Omi didn’t know why, since his relatives had left, the killing heart within Omi had become heavier.

In the past, Omi would have felt that life was precious, but since the death of his loved ones, Omi felt that there was nothing precious about life, no matter how precious it was, there was still a day of greatness, but it was just the difference between dying late and dying early.Since sooner or later you have to die, then kill, kill, kill, whoever he is, consider it an early deadline.

Isn’t it?

Omi’s relatives have to die, why shouldn’t others?

Perhaps it was this that had deeply stimulated Omi, so his killing heart had become heavier.

Of course, it could also be said that Omi was a wounded wolf, and a wounded wolf was always more ferocious.

In the distant sky, Zhang Ying looked at Omi creepily.

She wanted to scream, but she was a little afraid to do so, Omi looked at Zhang Shadow and said, “Thank you for taking care of me, goodbye.”

After saying that, Omi turned around and flew away, just by flying with his physical body, he was extremely fast, simply not an ordinary ancient martial powerhouse.

Zhang Ying was dumbfounded as he looked at Omi, who had disappeared into the sky, unable to speak for a long time.

At that moment, Zhang Ying’s phone rang, and at a glance, it was Xu Qing’er calling.


“Hey, Ching-er.”

“Zhang Ying, how’s it going now?Is Wang Mo still pestering you?Don’t worry, I’ll be right over.”The voice on the phone said.

“Qing’er, Wang Mao is dead.”

“What?What’s going on?”

“Not only Wang Mao died, even the Wang Mao family, there were countless casualties, didn’t I tell you that the Wang Mao family had an SSS class armor?It’s also turned into scrap metal now, forget it, it’s impossible to describe it with words, I’d better send you the video.”

Zhang Ying sent the video taken by the flying car surveillance to Xu Qing’er.

Not long after, Xu Qing’er called again and asked, “Zhang Ying, who is that kid?”

“I don’t know, he said his name was Omi, and it seems that his knowledge of our world is still stuck in the past two hundred years.”

“Oh my god, a single slash that splits an SSS-class armor in half, is that still a human?”

“I don’t know, I’m already too shocked to know what to say.”

“Zhang Ying, you said his name was Omi?” Remember the URL


“So could he be a descendant of that Don in history?”

“I don’t know, this kid is a mystery anyway, but he represents the Ancient Martial Power, which is good for us, now that the new power is so arrogant, infinitely worshipping armor and devaluing martial arts so low, I really want to see how the new power will react when they find out about such a powerful Ancient Martial Power expert.”

“Well, I also want to see how the new power reacts, to see how their SSS-class armor feels when it’s split in half by a true ancient martial arts expert.”

“Hehehe, there’s no way to hide what happened today, in half a day, I’m afraid the entire world will see the news and the sky video.”

“Zhang Ying, where is that child now?”

“I don’t know, he just left after killing many people from the Wang Mao family, I don’t dare to follow him.”

“It’s fine, he will definitely show up again, now let’s see if there’s anything on the news, I’ll be right over.”


About half an hour later, the whole world was alarmed by an event.

Almost the entire world, saw in the sky the video of Omi splitting the SSS class armor in half with a single slash.

The entire world’s network was discussing this matter.

This matter was literally like a world war had broken out.

“Oh my god, this is absolutely impossible, this video is definitely fake.”

“Whoever made such a fake video to defile my sublime armor wishes to be arrested.It must have been someone from the Ancient Martial Forces, definitely.”

The Ancient Martial Forces, however, saw this video, but their emotions were completely opposite.

“Haha, this time let those new powers, the fools who worship armor, see what a true ancient martial arts expert is like, let them still dare to think that martial arts is backward.”

“That kid, who the hell is he?Haven’t you noticed that he is extremely similar in appearance to our hero, Omi?Could it be that this child is a descendant of Omi?”

“Haha, good, our ancient martial arts are finally going to impress the world again, I just don’t know when this kid will appear again.”

At this moment, on Martial Island.

“General Chen Ma, the sky surveillance video has been repaired by us.”

That General Chen Ma yelled, “Who is it, who killed my father-in-law?”


bsp; “General, it would be better if you went to see the video yourself, when we saw that video, we couldn’t quite believe it.”

General Chen Ma gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t care who he is, if I, Chen Ma, don’t cut him down to size, I won’t be worthy of being a top 100 ssss general of the Yan Huang Empire.”

“Er.”Those technicians didn’t say anything, as if they were doubting in their hearts if General Chen Ma really had that ability.

The technicians immediately turned on that video, and a virtual screen appeared in the air on the scene, and in the virtual screen, a child of about twelve years old was seen arriving at the entrance of the villa of Peach Blossom Source, and then killing the security guard at the entrance, those security guards, who could all be in the middle of the Innate Realm ah, were actually so defenseless.Although the Ancient Martial Forces were very contradictory with the New Forces, some of the unproductive Ancient Martial Forces were willing to be the lackeys of the New Forces Mecha Warriors, and these few security guards who were killed by Omi were the ones who had no ambition in the Ancient Martial Forces.

After that, Omi slapped General Chen Ma’s father-in-law to death, and finally flew into the air, facing the villa, and blasted it into ruins with another slap, the effect of this slap could be compared to a SSS class armor, but this man was relying on martial arts ah.

When General Chen Ma saw this, his face went pale.

Just at this moment, General Chen Ma received a phone call.

At first glance, it was a call from a superior.

“Hello, Marshal Hu.”

The person on the phone hurriedly said, “Chen Ma, where are you?”

“Marshal Hu, I’m on Martial Island, my father-in-law was murdered, I’m here to deal with the aftermath, what do you need?”

“Hurry back, by the way, didn’t you see the news today?”

“Uh, what’s the news?I’m in a bad mood today, so I’m not in the mood to watch the news.”

“After that, return to Lookout for a meeting right away.”

“Yes, Marshal.”

General Chen Ma immediately rushed back to Wangjing City in the sky car, while turning on the news on the sky car.

The news was overwhelmingly reporting this incident that happened an hour ago.

“Ah, it’s him.”When General Chen Ma saw the teenager in the video, he was completely stunned.

Back in Wangjing City, the top brass of the Yan Huang Empire were meeting.

“We must find that teenager, and this time, we must kill him in public, otherwise, this will cause us endless trouble.”

“How are we going to kill him then?”

“Send two SSSS level Mecha Warriors to challenge him first and see how strong this person is.This happened in our Yan Huang Empire, all the empires in the world are watching us, so we have to move fast.”

“What if two SSSS ranked Mecha Warriors still can’t defeat that person?”

“Although we will be sending two 5s level MechWarriors, it doesn’t mean that we only have two 5s level MechWarriors present.We, the Yan Huang Empire, have a total of over five hundred 5s level MechWarriors, we will have at least over fifty 5s level MechWarriors on hand at all times, in addition, we will also send a 6s level MechWarrior on the scene.Now, who among you is willing to automatically apply to face that ancient martial expert?”


“I do.”


Many people at the scene raised their hands, all expressing their willingness to go and face Omi.

“Good, General Chen Ma, I heard that your father-in-law was killed in Wulin Island, the person who killed your father-in-law is the same ancient martial arts expert who destroyed the Jinling Wang Family, now I’m giving you a chance to take revenge, are you willing to go to meet him?”

“I will, I’ll tear him apart.”General Chen Ma said with a bite.


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