King of kings 1467-1468


“Okay, one Chen Ma, and one more, Lan Yang, you go ahead.”

“Yes, Marshal.”

Just like that, the Yanhuang Empire responded swiftly to this Omi matter, within an hour.

Chen Ma, the top 100 ranked 5s ranked Mecha Warrior of the Yan Huang Empire, and Lan Yang, the also top 100 ranked 5s ranked Mecha Warrior, would face Omi.However, they didn’t know the name Omi, so they used the ‘Code Name Jinling Kid’ instead of calling him, and sent this news out to the world quickly.

At this moment, Xu Qing’er had already arrived at Zhang Ying’s house.

Unfortunately, no one currently knew where Omi was.

“Qing’er, will he call you again?”Xu Qing’er said anxiously.

“It should, he told me before that he wanted me to introduce you to him, I have a feeling that he seems quite interested in your Xu family, is he really related to the historical Omi in some way?Are they really descendants of Omi?Why else would they look so much alike, I just noticed this after the news brought it out for comparison.Qing’er, an ancestor of your family, Xu Mei Qian married Omi, ah, could this child be the offspring of Omi and Xu Mei Qian?”

“Zhang Ying, don’t talk nonsense yet, now we can only wait for him to call you and take the initiative to contact you.”

Just at this moment, the TV that had been on in the living room suddenly interrupted the news, “Dear viewers, just a few minutes ago, Wangjing City has responded to what happened in the Jinling Wang Family as follows, firstly, designating what happened in the Jinling Wang Family as the ‘Jinling Tragedy’ and positioning that ancient martial arts expert’Codename Jinling Kid’.Secondly, Wangjing City would send Chen Ma and Lan Yang, two top 100 ranked 5s ranked Mecha Warriors, to face and exterminate the Jinling Kid.However, since there was currently no sign of the Jinling Kid, Wangjing City had given the Jinling Kid five days, during which Chen Ma and Lan Yang, would be waiting for him at the Repulse Bay of the Purple Sea.If the Jinling Kid doesn’t show up voluntarily within five days, Wangjing City will do whatever it takes to use the Cosmic Sky to search for him.The interrupt news broadcast is over.”

Zhang Ying and Xu Qing’er were shocked. One second to remember to read the book

“The new force has even sent two 5s-class armors, Chen Ma and Lan Yang, to deal with Brother Tang.”

“Will brother Tang be in danger?This is a 5s ranked armor, and it’s a top 100 ranked warrior.”

“I hope brother Tang he’ll be fine, it’s not easy for such a powerful ancient warrior to appear, but don’t break down ah.”

Right now, Omi was walking on a street, except that Omi had changed his face, it wasn’t that Omi was afraid of people looking for trouble, but he still had his own business to finish.

The place Omi came to at the moment was the city where the Han Wang family was located over two hundred years ago, which was Xiao Meng’s family.

Omi was sitting on the sky car, which had many of his relatives in it, and Omi would take them, one by one, back to his hometown to see.

“Hello, is the Han Wang family still around today?”Omi asked a passerby who was also a martial arts practitioner, Omi could tell that he was a late innate.

“Where’s the little brat, get lost.”That passerby glared at Omi.

“Bang” Omi slapped that passerby to death.

Daring to be arrogant in front of Omi, really looking for death.Omi grunted and walked away, looking for other people to ask questions.

In the end, Omi got a result, the Han Wang family, disbanded a hundred years ago, and the family’s children scattered.

Omi could only have no choice but to do so, the address of the original Xiaomeng family was also long gone.

Just like that.

One by one, Omi went to take a look at each place, regardless of whether their families had perished or not.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed, except for Xu Mei Qian’s family, the rest of his family and friends’ families, Omi had already gone to take a look at them all, they were all gone.

“Finally, it’s time to visit Xu Mei Qian’s family, and after that, I’ll almost leave.After I’ve decided again and again, I’d better bring them back to the Great Martial Empire for burial.Here, their hometowns are all completely gone, and if they are buried here, I’m afraid they won’t even have anyone to sweep their graves in the future.And by bringing them back to the Great Martial Empire, at least they will all have countless descendants to pay their respects, besides, with my Shang Hong’s popularity in the Great Martial Empire, my Shang Clan won’t necessarily fall in the last ten thousand years.”

This was Omi’s final decision, originally he had thought about whether or not he should bury them in his hometown, but now it seemed completely unnecessary, bringing them to finish their regrets and come for a visit would be enough.

Omi said to the celestial cart, “Take me back to Zhang Ying’s house.”

“Okay, expect to arrive in half an hour.”

Half an hour later, Omi arrived at Zhang Ying’s home.

“Brother Tang.”Zhang Ying saw Omi and ran out from the hall in excitement.

The person who ran out with Zhang Ying also had a strange woman.

Omi said, “Zhang Ying, I’m back from my business, you said before that you know someone from the Ancient Martial Family Xu?When will you take me there.”

Zhang Ying was busy, “Brother Tang, my best friend, Xu Qing’er, she’s right here, she’s from the Xu family.”Zhang Ying introduced the woman beside him to Omi.

Omi looked at the strange woman beside Zhang Ying, she was average looking but heroic.

That Xu Qing’er looked at Omi excitedly and said, “Brother Tang.”

Omi, however, said, “Xu Qing’er, you can call me Tang Tai Sheng Ancestor, I believe I won’t take advantage of you.”

“Ew.”Xu Qing’er was stunned, then she called out, “Senior Xu Qing’er, meet the Saint Ancestor.”

“Mm.”Omi nodded his head.

Both Zhang Ying and Xu Qing’er were speechless for a while, Omi clearly had a face of twelve years old, but he looked like an old man.

Omi walked into the living room, sat down, looked at Xu Qing’er and said, “Worthy of being a descendant of the Xu family, all of them are very heroic.”

The reason Omi said that was because Xu Mei Qian, as well as the original Xu Yan, were all such heroic girls, so seeing Xu Qing’er, Omi was convinced that she must be a descendant of the Xu family.

Xu Qing’er said, “Tang Tai Sheng Ancestor, you, know the ancestors of my Xu family?”

“Of course, or do you think anyone can call me a holy ancestor?”

“Erm, Holy Ancestor, forgive junior’s boldness, can I ask you a few questions.”

“Yes, you may ask.”

“Are you a descendant of our ancestors, Xu Mei Qian and Omi?”


“Ah, then why do you want me to call you Holy Ancestor?”

“Because, I am Omi, and Xu Mei Qian is my wife.”

“What? You’re Omi?”Suddenly, Zhang Ying and Xu Qing’er were shocked and looked at Omi incredulously.

“This, how is this possible?It’s stated in our family genealogy that our ancestor was already over thirty years old when he left with Omi, and even if he’s still alive now, that’s almost three hundred years old, but you, you’re clearly a twelve year old boy.”


Omi said, “You know the martial arts as well as a frog in a well knows the sky, so I am not surprised that you question it.”

“I would also like to ask the Holy Ancestor to teach you,”Zhang Ying said.

Omi said, “Yes, your current understanding of the martial dao is the realm of unity, right?”

“I’ve heard that the Unity Realm is followed by the Ancestor Realm, right?”

“That’s right, after the Unity Realm, the Ancestor, after the Ancestor is the Ascension, after the Ascension is the Return to the Void, and after the Return to the Void is the Return to the Ancestor.I am now the Returning Ancestor.”

“What kind of existence is a Returning Ancestor?”

“Reaching the Return to Ancestor will make me young again, before I reached the Return to Ancestor, I was a 259 year old pale old man, you guys are looking at me as a 12 year old teenager, this is me becoming young again.Alright, I’ll leave the specifics aside, before I leave this world, I will open a pulpit to the world, I heard that in this world, martial arts have fallen behind, no matter what, I will help the ancient martial artists of this world to regain their confidence.”

At this time, Zhang Ying was busy saying, “Saint Ancestor, the last time you were in Wang Mao’s family, the whole world now knows about it.”

Omi snorted with disdain, “So what if the whole world knows.”

“Er, Saint Ancestor, the whole world hasn’t how, but the new power of the Yan Huang Empire Wangjing City, sent out an announcement to the whole world three days ago, they sent two 5s ranked Mecha Warriors to challenge you and put you to death, because they couldn’t find you, so they gave you five days, these five days they will be waiting for you in the shallow water bay of the Purple Sea.If you don’t show up after five days, you’ll initiate a cosmic level day to search.”

Omi snorted, “Just in time, I was just about to go find them, to teach the armor of this world a hard lesson, to twist the values of everyone in this world around and get back on the right path of martial arts.Let’s go, take me to the Purple Sea Repulse Bay.” First URL

“Er.”Zhang Ying and Xu Qing’er were both shocked at how disdainful Omi’s tone was, they were previously worried about whether Omi would be able to deal with a 5S class armor.

“Saint Ancestor, the people they sent out are 5s class armor, 5s class armor is as tall as a 25-story building, are you really okay?”

Omi’s eyebrows furrowed, “I’ll let you lead the way, so you’ll lead the way, so don’t give me any long-windedness, okay?”

“Yes, Saint Ancestor.”

Zhang Ying and Xu Qing’er were speechless, it seemed that their worries were truly unnecessary.

At this moment, in the Purple Sea’s shallow water bay, countless people and countless celestial vehicles were parked in midair.

Among them, two 25-storey tall armors were standing quietly on the sea surface.

Inside these two 5s class armor, the two warriors, Chen Ma and Lan Yang, had already been waiting for the flowers.

“Damn, it’s been three days, is he coming or not.”Chen Ma, who was waiting inside the armor’s operation room at all times, couldn’t help but burst into rage.

Countless people were bursting at the scene, but of course, the people from the ancient martial forces at the scene were secretly anxious.

Underneath the seabed of this shallow sea, there were more than fifty armors that were also Class 5s, as well as a Class 6s armor, in case they were needed.

A 6s-grade armor was absolutely extraordinary in the Yanhuang Empire, as there were only a dozen or so 6s-grade armors in the entire Yanhuang Empire.

On the far side of the Repulse Bay, a marshal who looked to be of high status was watching with binoculars.

“Code name Jinling Kid, does he not want to come here anymore?”That marshal put down his binoculars and said.


You wait, there are still two days left, after two days, if he doesn’t show up, launch a cosmic level sky to search, a mosquito can find it, just at a higher price.However, Marshal, you’d better go far, you’re one of the indispensable top leaders of the Empire, you can’t afford to lose anything.”

“It’s not too late to go farther when your Jinling brat arrives, besides, I have the Star Flyer, I can’t catch up with him even if I give him ten times the power.”That marshal looked like he was very disdainful.

Just at this moment, the audience in Repulse Bay suddenly stirred.

It turned out that Omi was here.

Yes, Omi was standing on the roof of the sky car, no matter how fast the sky car flew, Omi stood like a pine, not moving a muscle.

Omi looked distantly at the two incomparably large armor standing on the sea level, the corners of his mouth slightly hummed.

At this time, the marshal with the binoculars just now, while evacuating to a distant point, said into a microphone, “Jinling Kid, you’ve finally come, I’ve been waiting for you for a few days.”The words rang through the air of Repulse Bay, and no one knew where they had come from.

However, Omi could instantly tell that this voice was emitted from dozens of kilometers away.Omi knew right away that this person must be the biggest leader on the scene today.

As the saying goes, catching the thief first, Omi’s body moved, disappearing into place, and in the next second, appearing dozens of kilometers away, Omi stood on top of a celestial vehicle, which was that leader’s celestial vehicle.

At this moment, however, that marshal was still unaware that Omi was above him, and he lost Omi’s figure from the Sky Cart’s surveillance video.

“Huh?Where are the people?Jinling boy, where have you been?Could it be that you saw two 5s class armors and ran away in fear?”

Everyone was also talking at the site of the Asak Bay, as Omi disappeared too fast.

Just then, the canopy suddenly ripped apart, and a hand reached in, grabbed the Marshal’s head, and whizzed away.

“Ah, help.”That marshal yelled, and the next moment, he was caught in the shallow bay.

Everyone finally saw Omi’s figure again, but everyone was shocked when they saw that Omi was holding the Marshal in his hands.

The marshal that Omi was holding in his hands was the head of one of the controlling families of the Yan Huang Empire, the Mo Clan.

Omi grabbed the marshal and said, “I don’t know how high a position you have in the Yan Huang Empire, but I want to cut you off as the head before I do it.”

“Don’t, don’t kill me.”That marshal begged for mercy in fear, while shouting, “Mecha warrior, don’t save me yet.”

But at that moment, Omi’s hand pushed, and with a bang, he squeezed that marshal’s head off.

“Ah.”The countless people at the scene, as well as the countless people around the world who were watching the sky video, were dumbstruck.

And Chen Ma and Lan Yang immediately operated their armor and rushed towards Omi, attempting to blow up Omi.

As Omi drew his blade, only a blade whistle could be heard, and then “Swoosh!”A sweep of a white light cut across the two armor.

“Boom”, the two armor that attempted to come up, only just lifted their feet, they were cut off at the waist and fell into the sea.

At the same time, the two warriors operating inside the armor, Chen Ma and Lan Yang, were also cut off together, as Omi calculated to cut off the men and the armor together.

At this moment, it seemed like the whole world was quiet, no matter if it was the network or the scene, they were all dumbfounded at Omi.


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