King of kings 1469-1470


Omi swept a glance at everyone at the scene and said, “Do you want to continue hiding the armor hidden at the bottom of the sea?I will give you three breaths to escape, and after three breaths, I will completely decapitate you.”


Suddenly, many armor emerged from under the sea, scattering and fleeing, although they did not receive the order to retreat from their superiors, but at this time, where was the superior’s business, fleeing for one’s life was important, and the drawing of Chen Ma and Lan Yang’s miserable death just now was still clear in front of them.



After saying that, Omi bounced into the sky, stood on the sky, and cut down with a fierce sword at the earth, Omi’s sword suddenly turned into the sky, and in the blink of an eye, all the escaping armor, no matter if they were 5s or 6s, they all turned into pieces.

“Boom.”Countless fragments scattered over the sea.

Omi seemed to be effortless.

And everyone at the scene sucked in a breath of cold air, no longer knowing what to say.

At this moment, everyone had finally truly seen the power of martial arts, and those who had previously revered the armor, they realized at this moment how much of a frog in a well they were.No matter how powerful the armor was, compared to a true ancient martial arts expert, it was completely like hitting a stone with an egg.

However, although Omi was infinitely powerful at the moment, what Omi didn’t know was that an even greater crisis was coming his way. Remember the URL

At this moment, at a command center in Wangjing City.

“Lord Wan Xiang, what should we do?”Everyone turned their attention to the highest controller of the Yanhuang Empire, called Lord Wan Xiang.

“Hoo, this man is simply appallingly strong, but although he is invincible against armor, he may not be able to carry our strongest military weapons.”

“Ah, Lord Wanxiang, you mean?Launching super-energy missiles?”Everyone in the command center was shocked.

“Otherwise, a super-energy missile is a hundred times more powerful than an atomic bomb, and its launch speed is even closer to two hundred times, I don’t believe that he, a human, can resist a super-energy missile attack.Prepare to launch.”

“But, there are still so many innocent people in that Purple Sea Repulse Bay.”

“All those people must have been tortured by the power of the Jinling Kid, and even if they live, they will definitely be on the path of martial arts in the future, sneering at technological civilization, and the entire society will fall backward again.”

“We get it.”

“Three, two, one, prepare to launch.”

“Swoosh.”A super-nuke, the most powerful in this world, was launched.

Of course, this super-nuclear weapon was called a super-energy missile, unlike atomic bombs, which would have intense nuclear radiation, and the place where it was dropped would not grow an inch of grass for decades, but the super-energy missile would not cause secondary damage to the badlands, which meant that there were no radioactive consequences.

Omi stood in the sky above the Purple Sea.

At that moment, among the tens of thousands of people on the scene, I don’t know who got the inside scoop in time and shouted, “Run, the super-energy missile is coming.”

“Ah, super-energy missiles.”

Everyone was stunned, the Yan Huang Empire had really gone to great lengths to deal with Omi, super energy missiles, even this most powerful super nuclear weapon dared to use, this was almost like completely leveling the entire Purple Sea, it was too ruthless.

Everyone desperately wanted to run.

However, there were also people who didn’t run, because they knew that they couldn’t run in front of this kind of weapon, no matter how fast the celestial vehicle was, it couldn’t outrun the super-energy missile.

Sure enough, before everyone could run for long, they felt a fiery red fire coming from the distant sky.

That was the super-energy missile.

Everyone was desperate at this moment.


bsp; The armor was powerful, but it was simply as good as paper in front of this weapon.

The target of that super-energy missile was Omi.

Omi was furious when he saw that missile flying in.

However, the missile was too fast and was already in front of Omi.

Originally, Omi wanted to break the void and let the missile enter the void, so that no matter how strong the missile was, it would be bullshit in front of the black hole.

However, it was too late to break the void.

In desperation, Omi changed his moves at once.

Omi violently kicked the super-energy missile, and after the super-energy missile was kicked by Omi, it suddenly changed direction and shot straight towards the sky.

At the control center.

“Quick, detonate.”

“No good, can’t detonate, lost control, that missile has been kicked into space.”

By the time the control center was able to regain control of the missile, it had already been kicked into space.

And it exploded in space with a bang.

All the people of the Purple Sea looked up and could see a violent spark of flame, opening on space.

Everyone broke out in a cold sweat.

God, what a brush with death, if it wasn’t for Omi, who kicked the super missile into space at a critical moment, countless people in the Purple Sea would have had to die today.

But then again, Omi, a human, was actually able to kick a super-nuclear weapon, which was more than 100 times the size of an atomic bomb, into space with a single kick, this Omi was too awesome.

At this moment, everyone literally looked at Omi as a god and knelt down.

However, it didn’t end there.

At the control center.

“Five super-energy missiles, preparations complete.”

“Three, two, one.”


The first super-energy missile had just been kicked into space by Omi, followed by another five super-energy missiles, launched at the same time.

This time, it was five at the same time, and the power was not ordinary.

Omi was on fire, but this wasn’t the time to be on fire yet, Omi wasn’t afraid of these missiles, his body wasn’t a mortal body, but a spiritual body, these missiles couldn’t hurt Omi at all.However, countless humans in the area were about to be buried with him, although Omi did not cherish the lives of others, it did not mean that he would accept countless people dying because of him, leaving him with a blood debt.

However, the five super missiles had already reached the front.

Omi immediately rushed up, as fast as he could.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang.”Five consecutive kicks, the five missiles were kicked into space by Omi just like before.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang.”The five missiles exploded outside the sky almost at the same time, the dull sound almost made everyone feel like the sky was falling down, even though space was far away, but such a blazing explosion felt like it was overhead.

“Phew.”Everyone exhaled deeply and wiped the cold sweat from their foreheads, which was now all over their bodies, the soles of their feet, and their backs.

It was only when everyone looked out of space, back in the direction where Omi was, that they realized that Omi had disappeared.

“Eh?Where is he?”

“Where is it?”

At this moment, not only did the people at the scene not know where Omi had gone, even the people at the control center had lost track of Omi.


Almost immediately after, Omi arrived at Wangjing City’s control center.

Wangjing City’s control center was on a building that was several hundred stories tall.

Omi stood on top of the building.

“I’m here, isn’t the sky very developed?Why didn’t you find me?”Don Omi said.

Sure enough, Heaven had spotted Omi on the screen in one of the control rooms of this building, everyone saw him on top of their building.

“How is it possible that he, isn’t he in the Purple Sea?Why are you here all of a sudden?”

All the scientific researchers were shocked, unable to imagine how Omi did it, it was simply no faster than launching a super missile, no, faster than a super missile.

Actually, the problem was simple, Omi was beyond mortal, he could break this space with one punch, so he was simply invincible and superhuman in this space, of course, his invincible superhuman status was only in this mortal realm, it was like a whale, in a small river, a casual flick of his tail could break the river’s flow, but in the sea, it was impossible.

At the control center, everyone was stunned for several seconds before someone said, “Run, this demon is crazy.”

Suddenly, everyone wanted to run and said that Omi was the devil, I really didn’t know who the devil was.

Omi snorted, “Run?Do you think you can run?” One second to remember to read the book

After saying that, Omi punched the roof from a building hundreds of meters high.

“Wow.”Suddenly, the entire building, starting from the highest floor, collapsed down floor by floor.

The entire Wangjing City was blinded by the dust that was raised, as if the entire Wangjing City had turned into a city of fog.

Of course, everyone in that Wangjing City’s control center was buried in the ruins.

It took more than half an hour for the dust to disperse.

Of course, by this time, countless celestial chariots had already flown into the skies around Wangjing City, watching over Wangjing City, and the vast majority of these people were returning from the Purple Sea, after all, half an hour was enough for them to come here from the Purple Sea.

When the dust mist dispersed, everyone saw Omi standing at the highest building of Wangjing City, gazing at the bottom of this highest building, as if he was remembering a piece of the palace that was here back then.

“Phew!”Omi exhaled deeply.

It’s over, it’s all over, Omi has destroyed the foundation of the new power of the Yan Huang Empire, the new power of the entire world, the technology they revere, will fade away with all of this, in the future, Omi believes that the world will still slowly return to the world of martial dao.

Because only martial dao could truly go against the world, and could tread through the void.

Technology, forget it, Omi wasn’t sure what would happen after technology had advanced countless times again, at least Omi hoped that this world, would return to the martial dao.

Omi looked at everyone watching in Wangjing City and said, “Everyone, you all want to know who I really am, and now is the time to unlock my identity, in fact, I am the Omi of a few hundred years ago.”


Everyone was shocked.

Omi’s voice was scattered throughout Wangjing City and beyond, and the people surrounding Wangjing City, of course, couldn’t have looked at Omi with their own eyes, after all, Wangjing City was so big, they were watching Omi standing inside Wangjing City through the celestial video on the celestial car.

And they heard Omi.

The voice, however, was not heard from the sky video, but from the real Omi, which showed how strong Omi was.

“You’re all wondering why I’m Omi, well, after three days, I will open the altar and set up a seat to talk about some of my experiences and knowledge of martial dao, I hope that this speech will give you a whole new understanding of martial dao.After three days, I hope that everyone in the world will come here to listen to my lecture, right here in Wangjing City, thank you.”

After saying that, Omi disappeared.

There were two reasons why it would be three days later, firstly, in these three days Omi went to find Little Black and prepared to go back; secondly, so that people from all over the world would have enough time to come.

Omi appeared at a canyon.

“Little Blackie.”Omi shouted.

“Er, Chenchen.”Little Blackie’s voice came from the depths of the canyon, and a few seconds later, Little Blackie appeared in front of Omi.

“What’s the point of calling Omi when you don’t even have this much skill, Little Blackie, have you found your late friend?”

“Still asking around, actually, I’ve only just arrived here.”

“To what extent have you found it now?I’ll help you search together.”

“Thank you Chen, I returned to the Crow Cave where Peanut lived before these days, and after asking around, I heard that Peanut gave birth to a monster behind her, and then left with that monster.If I’m not mistaken, Little Peanut’s child, whose genes must have been inherited from me, is a black jiao.Then I asked around all the way and found the place, because a python said he had seen what looked like a black auger following a python around here.Oh, right, the python I asked around also said that it had tried to pursue Little Flower, but Little Flower rejected it.”

“Little Flower is that python sister of yours?”

“Uh, yes.”

“Then I’ll help you find it.”

After saying that, Omi’s gaze shot to a certain spot and blasted the mountain, cracking it open.

A python thought there was an enemy and fled in panic.

Omi stopped in front of that python at once.

The python was about two to three hundred years old, and with Omi’s ability, he was able to easily find out what it was.But Little Blackie, however, was not so easy to find the python hidden in the mountain, and it was more difficult to find out.

Little Black said, “I’ve circled this mountain without finding a python, but I didn’t think that Chen would find one in one go.”

At that moment, the python looked at Omi in despair, as if it was begging for mercy.

This giant python only possessed low-level intelligence.

Omi emitted spiritual fluctuations and asked, “I’m asking you, have you seen any creature that looks similar to this black jiao beside me?If you answer me honestly, I won’t hurt you, and if you have any expiration date, I will slaughter you.”

The python looked at Black for a moment and said, “Warrior, I can’t be sure.”

“Why can’t you be sure?If you have it, you have it, and if you don’t, you don’t.”

“Down , I heard my father say that once this mountain came with a foreign mountain python and a strange child, and that the strange child was small, but of great strength.However, I never saw it with my own eyes.Later, I heard that it left the place because it was too small.”

“Well, you can go now.”

“Thank you, warrior for not killing me.”The python scampered away.

Blackie said, “How was the question, Minister?”


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