King of kings 1471-1472

Chapter 1471

“Blackie, it’s true that your python sister was here once, but, your offspring inherited your genes, so this little mountain was no longer enough for him, and then your little flower sister took him away.”

“So, where would that go?”

Omi said with a slight pop to his lips, “I think I already know where they’re going, Blackie, I’m sure you were with your python sister, did you ever tell her where you came from or anything like that?”

“Uh, yes, I said I’m from the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts.”

“Then, your python sister, probably went to the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, it’s a long way, but she will definitely go there in order to find you, and only a place like the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts is suitable for your offspring to stay.Let’s go, let’s go to the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts.”

“En En.”

Omi and Little Blackie, immediately headed to the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts.

Because Little Black was slow, it took a day to reach the Ten Thousand Beast Forest.

Omi and Little Black landed at a certain spot in the Ten Thousand Beast Forest.

Back here again, Omi’s heart was sour, this place was a place of painful memories for Omi, his brothers, Yi Tianxing and his wife, as well as Wei Sakura, died here back then, and Wei Sakura still died to save them back then.

“Hoo, big brother Tianxing, Wei Sakura, long time no see, please forgive me for only coming to see you now, it’s been over two hundred years, I hope all is well down there.”Omi said with a deep sigh. The first website

“I’m sorry for your loss, Minister.”

“It’s fine, it’s been hundreds of years, alright, let’s ask around.”

Tang Zidon grabbed a huge tiger that was hiding and running not far away.

“Don’t kill me.”The huge tiger emitted mental waves in fear.

Omi asked, “Have you ever seen, a creature like him?”

The huge tiger was stunned and said, “Isn’t he, isn’t he it Beast King Senior?”

“Senior Beast King?”

“Yeah, he’s the Beast King senior, he just hasn’t been on the road for a long time, and I saw him once when I was a kid.”

“Alright, I get it, where does the Beast King live?”

“Live in the Valley of Ice Springs, and go all the way from here to the Valley of Ice Springs.”

“You can go now.”Omi let the giant tiger go.

Omi to, “Blackie, I think, has found your son, or daughter.”

“Where is it, Chenchen?”

“Ice Spring Valley, your son or daughter, long ago already dominated the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, in this area, all beasts are afraid of him.”

“It’s not the same as me, I was also the overlord of the Ten Thousand Beast Forest in the beginning ah, I was the beast king here, even the strongest Unity Realm Great Perfection in this world didn’t dare to provoke me.”.

“That’s right, now your son, who has become the second you from back then, I think he is just as lonely as you are.”

“Brother Chen, quickly, let’s go to the Ice Spring Valley.”

Omi and Blackie, arrived at the Ice Spring Valley in a moment.

“Who dares to seek death here.”When Omi and Little Black arrived outside the Ice Spring Valley, there was a huge roar, it was a real roar, not a spiritually fluctuating message.

Human words, this was real.

The black jiao is the same species level as humans.

It seems that a black jiao and python hybrid can still give birth to a black jiao.

A moment later, a black jiao that was even larger than Little Black appeared before Omi’s eyes.

Without saying a word, that black jiao pounced on Omi.

Omi stomped him on the ground, allowing him to struggle, but he couldn’t get away.Because he had been dominating here for years, Little Black’s son had gotten used to being domineering, but didn’t expect a ruthless character to come today.

: “Brother Chen, gently gently, don’t hurt him.”

Omi said: “The beast has not yet been transformed, he should be given some color, otherwise how to make him willingly acknowledge you as his father, Mo still want you to use your strength to conquer him?”

Little Black nodded his head, the beast was still intact, it was true, but it was impossible for Little Black to use his strength to conquer his son, and Little Black felt that this son of his seemed to have extraordinary strength, as he was even bigger than him.Little Black had several sons in the Great Martial Empire, all of them were not as good as Little Black, but he didn’t expect that this hybrid of Little Black’s was instead even more powerful.

“Let go of me, I know I was wrong.”

“Ew, you’re actually so spiritual.”Omi was confused.

: “I’m sure you must be the Jinling Kid Senior who made the human world tremble a few days ago.”

Omi let go of Little Black’s son and said, “It seems that my efforts to tame your beastly nature were entirely redundant.”

“Junior pays homage to Senior Tang, I didn’t know Senior would come to my place, much to my displeasure.”Little Black’s son was busy.

Little Black also looked at his son somewhat incredulously, not expecting his son to be completely unexpected.

“What’s your name?It seems that even though you are nestled in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, you know quite a bit about the world.”

“Junior’s name is Purple Pupil, as I was born with a pair of purple eyes, so my mother named me Purple Pupil.Today’s world, not compared to a hundred years ago, today’s world, armor is rampant, in these decades, the Ten Thousand Beast Forest has always had human armor coming to develop, making the entire Ten Thousand Beast Forest beast discontent, beast grievances everywhere, originally I was prepared to fight that human armor to the death, but, I am alone after all, although I once fought a human 6s class armor unbeaten, but those armor are too powerful and numerous, IThere was really nothing that could be done.Unexpectedly, a few days ago, the armor stationed in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts retreated.I didn’t know until I asked around, but it turns out that a very powerful ancient martial arts expert has appeared in the Yanhuang Empire, known to everyone as the Jinling Kid.”

“I see, I didn’t expect that humans would now dare to come and exploit the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts.”Omi sighed for a while, back then, the Ten Thousand Beast Forest was a forbidden place for humans, ten strong people who came in, at least half of them died before they got out alive.

Omi said, “Purple Pupil, do you know, this Black Jiao in front of you who is just like you, who is he?”

The purple pupil looked at the road, “I don’t know.”

“He’s your father and my brother.”

“Sorry, Senior, my father is long gone.”The purple pupil seemed to still possess a grudge, perhaps he already knew it was his father.

“Oh, it seems that you are full of resentment towards your father, I’m sure you didn’t have a good childhood.”

Zi Hitomi didn’t say anything, incomparably pained and torn inside, his insides were filled with hatred on one side and longing on the other.Since his childhood, he had followed his python mother everywhere to find his father, but unfortunately he had never found him, inside him, finding his father had become his human vividness, he longed to find him, but inside he hated him, why did he abandon them.


This kind of family problem, Omi couldn’t solve it, after all, it was indeed Little Blackie who had abandoned them mother and son back then.

Little Blackie was now crying and called out, “Son.”

“Sorry, I’m not your son.”Zi Pupil said, glaring fiercely at Little Black, who seemed to be completely beneath Zi Pupil’s momentum.

Omi could tell that Little Black’s son was probably extraordinary, because right now, Omi could feel that Purple Pupil was very powerful, not at all on the same level as Little Black.And Purple Pupil’s intelligence, very high, Omi thought that he was still beastly, but it turned out that he was already psychic.

Omi asked, “Violet Pupil, is your mother a python?”

“Back to senior, yes, my mother is indeed a python, if I’m not mistaken, back then, my mother was just something that a certain jiao played with in order to vent his desires and hopes.When I was currently still pregnant, he abandoned her and left, and from then on my mother was alone with me, making her home in all four seas, and finally floated halfway across the world to the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts before settling down here.”

Little Black was feeling guilty on the side.

“Where is your mother today?”Don Omi asked.

“My mother has already left.”

“Purple Hitomi, you can be excused for resenting your father who abandoned you, and you can’t blame your father, back then your father and your mother, they really didn’t match, Little Black just made a mistake that all humans make.I’m sure you can’t find any of your own kind here, and you must have mated with a python as well.”Omi said.

Purple Pupil was busy saying, “Senior is wrong, I am still a virgin jiao.” Remember the website

“Uh, virgin auguries?”Don was shocked.

“Yes, I have never touched any female python to this day, because I will not make the same mistake my father did.Since I was a child, I was determined to leave this world and evolve into a dragon, how would I put my experience on such a thing, even if I were to marry, I would still marry a dragon.Moreover, senior discontent, I’m already not far from this step.”

The little black beside him was shocked, “You, you’re not far from becoming a dragon?How is that possible.”

“Hmph.”The purple pupil just scowled across at Little Black, seeming to snicker at his question.

Omi: “Perhaps, he is indeed not far from becoming a true dragon.”

“Ah.”Little Black was really stunned, their Black Jiao Clan, the legendary move to turn into a dragon could be possible on his son, but his son, who was a crossbreed with a python, it was really never expected.

Omi was also deeply touched, it was really in line with the saying, but all the amazing people in the world, all an extraordinary origin, as if, the heroes of the world, mostly dog slaughtering generation.

“Son, good job.”.

Zi Pupil snorted lightly.

Zi Pupil was now also over two hundred years old, still virgin jiao, he was able to endure loneliness, it seemed that his heart was indeed extraordinary, very jiao could do it.

“Alright, Zi Pupil, whether you recognize your father or not, he is your father, you have inherited his genes from him.Your father had no choice but to leave you behind back then, because we happened to be going to another parallel world at the time, he couldn’t possibly stay behind for a python.After that, we went to the other world and we never found our way back, until now.He’s been feeling guilty all these years, and when he came to this world, he went to find out about you, and I hope you’ll forgive your father, for my sake.”

“Me.”The purple pupil was so torn that he actually hated it inside, but he was happy about it.

“Oh, I know your inner

Thoughts, there’s no rush yet, you come with us now, you father and son get along well in these few days, and then you can consider whether to acknowledge it in a few years.”

“Yes, Senior Jinling Kid.”

“My name is Omi, Jinling Kid is the code name someone gave me.With my friendship with Blackie, you can call me Uncle Minister.”

“Yes, Uncle Minister.”

“Alright, Little Blackie, Purple Hitomi, let’s go.”

Omi flew up and stood in the sky, Little Black and Violet Pupil, looked at each other with relative awkwardness, then Violet Pupil flew into the sky first and let out a huge roar before leaving the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts.

And the beasts in the Ten Thousand Beast Forest, hearing this roar, raised their heads, as if they knew what this roar meant, and a trace of love appeared in their eyes.

This roar of Purple Pupil was telling the beasts of the Ten Thousand Beast Forest that he was leaving here from now on, goodbye.

Purple Hitomi had not been very savage during his time as Beast King here, instead protecting a peaceful area until the time when the human armor was coming to exploit it.

Soaring through the skies, Black asked, “Minister, are we going back to the Dawu Empire now?”

“No, I have one last thing to do tomorrow, and I won’t return to the Great Martial Empire until I’ve done my last thing.”

“What is it?”

“Tomorrow, I’m going to open a lecture to spread the knowledge of martial dao to people all over the world, so that their understanding of martial dao will no longer be one-sided, and I hope that in the future, this world will see more strong people emerge, and even the existence of Stepping Void.”

“Brother Chen is truly painstaking.”

“I can only do one last thing for this world, just one last thing.”

At this moment, in Wangjing City, although the three-day period hadn’t yet arrived, it was already crowded, and the sky was densely packed with thousands of kilometers in all directions, with celestial chariots coming from all over the world.

Omi soon arrived at the Yanhuang Empire.

Omi arrived at the Xu Family.

Although the Xu Family was no longer the same place and had moved its address, it still retained its ancient architecture, and, at the entrance of the Xu Family, there was a statue set up, and on the statue, was Omi and Xu Mei Qian holding hands together.

Omi looked at this statue and smiled slightly, a sweetness inside, this carving, quite realistic, this is, after the sweetness, Omi could not help but have a sour taste inside.

“Pay your respects to the Holy Ancestor.”At this time, the Xu family’s patriarch, led by many, many family members, came out to pay their respects.

Omi said, “Everyone get up, there’s no need to be polite.”

“Sacred Ancestor’s great presence, our Xu Family, is more than honored.”The head of the Xu family cried out.

Omi said, “You are still able to remember me and Mei Qian, enough for me to make a trip, looking at this statue, it really is like yesterday, good, good.”

“Er, Holy Ancestor, please come inside for tea.”

“Lead the way.”

“Yes, Holy Ancestor.”The Xu family patriarch was very happy that Omi had agreed to enter the Xu house for tea.

The matter of Omi’s arrival to the Xu family had already been discovered by the Sky Monitor, and in the blink of an eye, the entire world knew about it.

Omi not only drank tea in the Xu family, he also stayed in the Xu family for a night, and when the whole world found out, it was even more remarkable.


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