King of kings 1475-1476


“Well, Shang Hong is your grandfather, you woke up and left within half a day, would you not know where he went?Shang Yang, don’t blame me for disrespecting your grandfather, I must find him, you must tell me, otherwise, I will only do it to your family.”Kuan Lian Yi said.

Shang Yang was furious inside and snorted, “Senior Kuan Lian Yi, now that my grandfather still doesn’t know if he died of old age, you dare to threaten me here.”

“Hahaha, you heard him, he finally told the truth.You refused to tell everyone where your grandfather went, so I’m sure you want to use your grandfather’s invisible might to add weight to your family.If everyone knows at this moment that your grandfather has died of old age, then your Shang clan, there’s nothing to fear, if everyone can’t be sure of your grandfather’s life or death, everyone will be scrupulous, right?This is best known by asking the Bai Clan, the current imperial family of your Great Martial Empire, and I’m sure the Bai Clan, sitting on the seat of the Great Martial Empire, is sitting on pins and needles.”

Everyone took a look at the strongest member of the Bai Clan.

Shang Yang said, “You’re lying, I’m not because of this, but I really don’t know where my grandfather went, I also want to know how many years he has left to live and if he has died of old age, what don’t you guys believe me.”

Kuan Lian Yi said, “Shang Yang, I’ll give you an hour to think about where your grandfather has gone, if you still don’t tell me after an hour, I’ll just assume that your grandfather is no longer alive, I’ll take action against your family, this is what you forced me to do, I’ve been sincere enough, I’ve personally visited you eight times in my hall, Returning to Void Third Stage.”

“You.”Shang Yang was furious.

A few other Returned Void powerhouses from the Great Martial Empire were busy advising, “Shang Yang, just say it, is it so hard to let everyone know a quasi-letter.”

“That’s right, now everyone is making everyone unhappy as they don’t dare to offend your Shang clan.”

Kuan Lian Yi said, “Shang Yang, remember, you only have one hour.”

Shang Yang was incomparably depressed, not expecting this to be a disaster as well. Remember the URL

Grandpa, grandpa, what’s wrong with you.

Just then, everyone’s ears suddenly heard a child’s voice coming from nowhere: “Why not an hour.”

“Who?Who’s talking?Whose kids aren’t in charge?”Kuan Lian Yi shouted.

In the next moment, a twelve-year-old boy with a cold face appeared in front of everyone’s eyes, his face and figure, and even his voice, were clearly a child, but his eyes gave him a maturity that was clearly incompatible with his age.

He, was the returned ancestor Omi.

Omi had returned to the Great Martial Empire.

However, no one in the Great Martial Empire knew him at the moment, after all, he was only a twelve year old boy now.

“Who are you?”Kuan Lian Yi looked at Omi in a burst of anger, he didn’t know what this child’s origin was at the moment, but no matter how much he was, he was still just a child and didn’t put it in his eyes at all.

Shang Yang, as well as the other Returned Void powerhouses of the Great Martial Empire, all looked at Omi as if they were familiar, but they didn’t know who it was, and none of the ones here right now had probably seen Omi’s appearance when he was young, let alone when he was a child.

Omi looked at Kuan Lian Yi, and saw that this person was a Returning Void Stage 3, and he looked quite young, around 160, a little surprised, he didn’t expect another Returning Void Stage 3 to appear in the hundred years of his slumber.

Omi asked, “What’s your name?”

Kuan Lian Yi’s face was drawn, a child from nowhere was looking at him with a superior tone and eyes.


bsp; “You’re fucking looking for death.”Kuan Lian Yi yelled.

Omi snorted, “I’ll only ask you twice, if you don’t answer again, die immediately.”Omi’s body suddenly emitted a peerless murderous aura.

Kuan Lian Yi was about to get angry and kill this child, but, suddenly feeling the killing aura on Omi’s body, he was shocked, someone who could make him all feel death enveloping him, how powerful was he, he was the strongest Returned Void Stage 3 in this world, of course, before Omi woke up.

Several of the Great Martial Empire’s Returned Void powerhouses at the scene also felt that death envelope, and all of them were suddenly cold, their hairs standing cold.

Kuan Lian Yi was busy saying, “I, my name is Kuan Lian Yi, I am the emperor of the Great Seal Empire, and the only Returned Void Third Stage in this world.”

Omi asked again coldly, “What are you doing here?Why do you want to take action against the Shang clan?”

“I, I’m here to find Senior Shang Hong.”

“Looking for me?”Omi’s eyebrows furrowed.

When everyone heard Omi’s words, they were shocked, what did Shang Hong mean when he said ‘looking for me’?Could it be that this 12 year old boy, he was Shang Hong?

“Ah.”Kuan Lian Yi looked at Omi in puzzlement.

Shang Yang was busy being incredulous, “You, you’re my grandfather?”

“Yang Yang, Grandpa is only out for a few years, so don’t you know me.”

“Ah, you, you’re really my grandfather?This, how is this possible.”Shang Yang was dumbfounded, seemingly finding it hard to believe that this child was his grandfather, how old he was when he woke up, everyone had seen it.

The other few other Returned Void powerhouses of the Great Martial Empire were just as unbelievable.

Omi didn’t care about Shang Yang, he looked towards Kuan Lian Yi and asked, “What do you want from me?”

“Shang, Senior Shang Hong, I, I am here to ask you for advice.”

“Ridiculous, coming to consult me with such an attitude and still wanting to take action against my family, you’re really sincere.”

“No, it’s not like that.”Kuan Lian Yi panicked and explained, “Senior Shang Hong, I’ve already come eight times, it’s, it’s your granddaughter Shang Yang she didn’t tell me, I, I was forced to do so.”

However, Omi didn’t listen to his explanation at all, raising his eyes without any mercy, he said, “Heaven has a path you don’t take, hell has no door to throw.”

Kuan Lian Yi was suddenly terrified and shouted, “Senior Shang Hong, it’s really not like that, listen to my explanation ah, I really am not.”

“If explanations are useful, there aren’t that many grudges in this world again.”

“Ah.”Kuan Lian Yi was scared out of his wits, Shang Hong didn’t even listen to the explanation, he must be killing him.

Kuan Lian Yi immediately shouted, “Senior Shang Hong, have you forgotten about Blue Run Water?When he was the third stage of Return to Void, he could even cultivate you and then serve as his opponent, but now that you’re alone and high, can’t you cultivate me and make me your only opponent in the future?”

“It’s not necessary.”

“Why?”Kuan Lian Yi seemed to be despairing.

“Because, after I deal with the aftermath, I will step into the void and leave this mortal realm, but you, you will never see this image again.”After saying that, Omi raised his palm, and in between, a peerless death covered Kuan Lian Yi.

“No.”Kuan Lian Yi finally shrieked in displeasure, his corpse turned into pieces by Omi’s palm.

Several of the Great Martial Empire’s Returned Void powerhouses beside him were trembling in fear.


Omi looked to those Great Martial Empire’s Returned Void beside him and asked, “Why are you looking at me and trembling?Is it possible that you have bullied my family while I was away?”

“No no, Saint Ancestor misunderstood, we just.”

“Alright, no need to explain, release a message out immediately, in three days, I will open a lecture in the Imperial City to tell everyone the secrets about the Martial Dao.”

“Yes, Holy Ancestor.”Those few Returned Void panicked and left.

Only Omi and Shang Yang remained in the sky.


“Yang Yang, you must want to ask me why I’ve turned into a child.”


“Grandpa I’ve stepped into the Returning Ancestor Realm, my body is young again, and I’m no longer a physical mortal, my body has become a spirit body, and I’ve been able to shatter the void, so I’ll come back this time, deal with the family’s aftermath, and then I’ll step into the void and leave.”

“Ah, grandfather.”Shang Yang looked shocked, and seemed to have trouble accepting so much information at the moment.

Three days later, Omi held a lecture in the Imperial City of the Great Martial Empire, informing everyone of the information about the martial dao after returning to the Void, preventing the world from being ignorant of the future martial dao, and at the same time, Omi also taught how to return to the ancestors and other experiences, so that those who came after him could more easily attain the return with the guidance of his experience. A second to remember to read the book

This one lecture by Omi also lasted for a whole day, the entire imperial city was packed with people, although the transportation here wasn’t so developed and people from faraway places couldn’t rush here, but the content of Omi’s lecture today would definitely spread throughout the world in less than half a year.Moreover, Omi had ordered people to be on the scene and burn down the content of his narration with a stone tablet for future generations to observe and learn from.

“Alright, today’s lecture is over, let’s disperse.”Omi said.

“Senior Shang Hong, when are you going to step into the void?”One asked.

“The day after tomorrow.”Omi said.

“Senior Shang Hong, can we be there to see you off when you step into the void?”

“Sure. Appreciate it.”

“Uh-huh.”Everyone nodded excitedly.

After Omi finished his lecture, he gathered all the families of the Great Martial Empire again and said, “I’m leaving this world the day after tomorrow, as long as you haven’t gotten news of my death for a day, then my Shang clan will remain a royal family, do you all understand?”

“Yes, Saint Ancestor Shang Hong.”All the families were fine with it, even if Omi had ascended, no one dared to take the position of the Shang Clan’s royal family.

Three days later, Omi would be preparing to step into the void.

The entire Great Martial Empire Imperial City was packed with countless people who had come to bid Omi farewell.

Omi was the first mortal in this world to step into the void.

Omi looked down at the dense crowd below and said, “Everyone, Shang is leaving now.”

“Grandfather.”Suddenly, an old woman cried out, it was Omi’s granddaughter, Shang Yang.

“Yangyang, work hard, and my Shang’s so sons and grandsons, for generations to come, be sure to be diligent and earnest, work hard, not to be arrogant and domineering, and not to waste your days.”

“Yes, Holy Ancestor.”All the descendants of the Shang Clan at the scene shouted in unison.

Omi finally looked towards the direction of the imperial mausoleum and said under his breath, “My brothers and sisters, division

Father, wife and children, I’m leaving.”

After saying that, Omi gathered power in his hands and ruthlessly slashed towards the void.

“Boom.”The tremendous power suddenly caused a slight crack to appear in space, revealing a black void.

Omi continued to slash with his palm, and the crack cracked even more, revealing a one-person tall void out.

The void looked pitch black and very scary, but the void healed at an extremely fast rate, Omi had no time to procrastinate, he had to enter the black hole as fast as possible.

Omi finally looked at the dense crowd below and said, “Thank you all for coming to see me off, Shang Mou will step into the void and leave, goodbye.”After saying that, Omi stepped into that black hole of emptiness.

Immediately afterwards, the crack-like cracks rejoined in an instant, Omi had left this space-time, and there was no longer any sign of him.

Everyone looked at the air where the crack had just appeared, no trace of it could be seen at the moment, and the crowd was despondent for a long time, not knowing the geometry of Shang Hong’s departure.

Shang Yang, Omi’s grandson, cried, “Grandpa, I wish you a safe journey.”

After Omi entered the void, he felt a darkness, he couldn’t see anything at all, even the fingers near his eyes couldn’t see, the most important thing wasn’t this, but Omi felt an infinite force in the void tearing at his body, if he wasn’t a spirit body, he would have already turned into nothing.

Omi let his body drift in the void, not long after, Omi felt a sudden point of light in front of him, Omi’s body drifted towards that point of light, and finally, suddenly, Omi’s body felt a great attraction, as if the toilet flushed, and was flushed out of that point of light, then, Omi’s eyes brightened up.

Omi discovered that he was standing in a large hall, this large hall was very, very tall, Omi was standing in this large hall as if he was an ant.

What Omi didn’t know was that the moment he stepped into the void to arrive at this great hall, an object like a lightning rod above this great hall glowed with a milky white light.

Everyone around this great hall immediately looked at the ‘lightning rod’ on the roof of this great hall.

“Hey, why is that roof pillar glowing?”

“Strange yeah, I’ve lived here for hundreds of years and I haven’t seen that temple pillar glowing.”

The people who saw it around them were talking about it, but no one knew anything about it.

After all, no mortal from the lower realms had ever stepped up to the void, and the pillar on the roof of this palace was glowing for the first time.

Omi walked out of the palace and stood at the entrance of the palace, only to see in sight, a huge, classical, sacred ancient city.

“Where is this place?Is this the spirit world?”

Omi felt a little out of place for a moment, as if he had come to a place where he was unfamiliar with life.

At this moment, in the southeastern direction of this ancient city, within a certain huge family, a middle-aged man suddenly opened his eyes and looked in the direction of the holy temple, when he saw the pillar on the roof of the holy temple glowing, his heart was shocked: “The ancient heavenly book said that but a mortal who stepped into the spirit world, will enter the holy temple to baptize, and the temporal pillar of the holy temple will also glow.However, throughout the ages, no mortal has been able to go against the heavens and step into the void, but today, the temple’s space-time pillar suddenly glowed with light, could it be?There really are mortals stepping into the void.”

Saying that, that middle-aged man, he rushed towards the temple.


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