King of kings 1477-1478


Once he arrived at the temple, the middle-aged man saw a young man of about 12 years old standing groggily at the entrance to the temple.

It was precisely Omi.

That middle-aged man looked at Omi and smiled, “Omi, back then I was just talking casually, I didn’t hold any hope for you at all, but I didn’t expect that two hundred years later, you really stepped into the void.Omi, I’m glad to see you and welcome you to the Spirit Realm.”

Omi looked at the middle-aged man and asked, “You are?”

“It’s not surprising that you’ve forgotten me, after all, one year in the spirit world and ten years in the mortal world has been more than two hundred years for you, but for me, it’s only twenty years.”

“Ah, you’re that mysterious man from the Ocean Vortex?The one who gave me a stone that had your spirit mark?”Omi said in shock.

“It’s me.”

Omi immediately paid his respects, “Junior, pay your respects to senior.”

“Omi, no need to be polite, follow me.”

After saying that, the middle-aged man raised Omi and leapt away.

Omi clearly felt that the space here was nothing like the mortal realm, if the space of the mortal realm was a piece of paper, then the space of the spirit realm was a piece of steel. The first website

Therefore, in the spirit world, Omi’s power was simply unable to tear through space.

That middle-aged man, brought Omi to a family’s courtyard.

“Omi, you’re welcome.”

“That, senior, I’m new here, can you explain this place to me?I just heard you say that the mortal realm is ten years old and the spiritual realm is only one year old, what do you mean?”

“Meaning, you’ve spent ten years in the mortal realm and only one year in the spirit realm, but of course, that’s no longer the point, the point is that you’ve now turned mortal into spirit, your body has started over, you’re just a twelve year old boy now, and no matter how old you lived in the mortal realm, you’re not the physical age you are now.”

“Oh, and you are?”

“My real name is Tang Jingtian, and your surname is also Tang in the lower realm, it seems we are really somewhat destined for each other.How about this, you’re new to the spirit world, you have no roots, you’re unfamiliar with life, and we share the same surname, if you don’t mind, how about I take you as my righteous son?”

“Ah, take him as my righteous son?This.”It was hard for Omi to accept it inside, because he already had a full house of children and grandchildren, and in the Lower Realm, he was an invincible existence, worshipped by everyone, how could he be someone else’s righteous son.”

That Tang Jingtian smiled and said, “I already understand what you mean, I understand, then how about this, it’s not too much to call me a fifth uncle, although you have already lived for a long time in the lower realm, but my age if I switch to the proportion of time in the lower realm, I’m already 2000 years old, it’s reasonable for you to call it as an uncle.”

“Fifth Uncle.”Omi called out.

“Oh, then I’ll take you as my nephew, and externally I’ll advertise that you’re the illegitimate son of my older brother who died early back then, so if my family asks, it’s a good idea to give them an explanation, so I don’t have to make it so clear and invite trouble.After all, you are the first person to step down into the Void, if anyone in the outside world knew about it, even if it was because of curiosity, many people would definitely come looking for you.”

“Thank you, Fifth Uncle.”

Just like that, Omi had a body in the spirit world and was no longer a black family.<

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Omi asked, “Uncle Fifth, can you tell me where this place is?What kind of place is the spirit world?”

Tang Jingtian smiled, “Actually, the spirit world isn’t as good as you think.”

“Uh, what do you mean?”

“Omi, perhaps you think that if you finally stepped into the Void and came to the Spirit Realm after enduring a thousand difficulties, then the Spirit Realm must be a place as if it were a fairyland, right?”

“Isn’t it?”

“No, the cruelty of the spirit world is far more miserable than your mortal world.Do you know why I used to go so far as to lose my cultivation and enter the mortal realm?”Tang Jingtian asked.

“Didn’t you say that it was to find that treasure of some sort?”

“That’s not one of the reasons, the other reason is that I wanted to leave this place and go to a quiet place where there was no fighting, so I went to the extent of depleting my cultivation, tearing through space and going to the lower realm.Unexpectedly, when I got to the lower realm, I sensed a strong spiritual message, so I went to that great sea and stayed there for hundreds of years, but unfortunately, I was not fortunate enough to get it.After that, I met you there.”

“Oh, countless, the mortal realm is also a bitter battle, but you just don’t know about it.”Omi said.

Tang Jingtian smiled, “I lived in the Mortal Realm for two or three hundred years, and the years I lived there were older than your age, how could I not know.It just seems to me that it was nothing more than a child playing house.Alright, let’s not talk about that, in short, when you come to the spirit world, you have to prepare for the worst, it’s not what you think it is, here you have a far longer lifespan than mortals, but it’s much crueler, and anything will happen in order to cultivate immortality.Without strength, you are at the mercy of others, even brothers and sisters, even fathers and sons, can turn against each other in the face of benefits, you understand.”

“I know, I’ve never thought that the Spirit World is a suitable place to retire.”Omi nodded, Omi’s goal wasn’t the Spiritual Realm either, but to enter the higher Immortal Realm in the future, to help the Nine Daoist Demons find the Primordial Spirit and rebuild their true bodies, the Spiritual Realm was just a stepping stone for Omi.

“Well, it is indeed rare for you to be so mindful, it seems that everything you experienced in the mortal world is very helpful, at least you won’t be affected by this aspect in the future.”


“Alright, I’ll tell you now, the place we’re in now is the One Heavy Sea (pronounced chong, same as ‘worm’) of the Spiritual Realm.”

“The One Heavy Sea?”

“The sea is not the same as the sea in your mortal world, and the one-fold sea is just a general term for a geographical area.There are a total of seven seas in the Spiritual Realm; the First Sea is where the lowest people and immortal cultivators live; the Second Sea is where the higher level immortal cultivators and influential people in the Spiritual Realm live; the Third Sea is where the higher level immortal cultivators and big names in the Spiritual Realm live; and so on, the First Sea is better than the First Sea, and the people living in the Seven Seas are extremely powerful people and immortal cultivation families, and with our level, we can’t even enter.Of course, the One Heavy Sea is the place with the most vast geographical scope, more than eighty percent of the entire Spiritual Realm, live in the One Heavy Sea.”

“Hmm, I see, so your power in the Spiritual Realm is just average.”Omi said.

Tang Jingtian smiled, “Sorry to disappoint you, I’m in your impression, I’m an incomparably powerful person, but that’s also what time and place, just like you, in the Mortal Realm, you were the first to step on the Void, incomparably powerful.But in the Spiritual Realm, you’re just a little kid who hasn’t started on the path of immortality.”


“Fifth Uncle, don’t misunderstand, even if your power in the Spiritual Realm is only average, it’s still incredibly powerful for the current me.By the way, what do I have to do to start cultivating immortality?”Omi asked.

Although Omi had entered the Dao with martial arts and eventually returned to his ancestors to tread the Void, what he used to cultivate was after all the Martial Dao of mortals, but now that he had become a spirit man, he could already cultivate a higher level of the Dao, the Immortal Dao.

The Martial Dao and the Immortal Dao were naturally worlds apart, things that were no longer comparable.

Tang Jingtian smiled, “There’s no need to rush, you’re only 12 years old, you’ve only just begun everything, you still have a long, long time to live, and if your cultivation is deeper in the later stages, your lifespan can continue to increase.”

Omi asked, “Fifth Uncle, then how old are you now?”

“Didn’t I just say that my age conversion to the mortal realm is only two thousand years old, so my lifespan in the spirit realm is only two hundred years.”

“Oh, so what’s the path to immortality in the spirit realm?Is there a realm?”

“Of course I have.”

“I still hope that Fifth Uncle will tell you.”

Tang Jingtian laughed wordlessly, “You kid, you’re really in a hurry.”

Omi was a little uncomfortable seeing Tang Jingtian address him as a child, but Omi had to get used to it, he had been in the mortal realm for over two hundred years and in the spirit realm for just over twenty.Tang Jingtian was over two hundred years old, fully eight or nine times older than Omi, in front of Tang Jingtian, what was Omi if he wasn’t a child. Remember the website

Tang Jingtian said, “Omi, although I’m happy to see you so attentive, you shouldn’t be too eager for instant success, but I’ll tell you now, the first step in cultivating immortality is to refine the body.”

“Body refining?”

“Yes, it’s like a metal mineral that must be refined by a thousand hammers to remove impurities before it turns into something useful like iron, copper, and so on, otherwise it’s just a useless mineral.Your current body is like a mineral that has just been excavated.”

“I see.”

“So, your first step, first refining your body, when you make your body, and train it into a heavenly mineral, then you will be eligible for the second step.Body refining is divided into nine steps, which are the first, second, third, fourth, and all the way up to the ninth step.Each step is difficult as hell, so if you really want to cultivate Immortality, be prepared.”

“Body refining, well, I’m already prepared.”

“I’ll give you a body refining dictum now, so you’ll be refining your body every day from now on.Normally, if you can reach the first stage of Body Tempering before the age of fifteen, it’s considered good, and if you reach the seventh or eighth stage of Body Tempering before the age of twenty, it’s genius.”

“Well, thank you Fifth Uncle.”

Tang Jingtian took out a secret book and opened it, inside the secret book was a line of text that shone with gold.

“Omi, this body refining secret book, called ‘Tang’s Body Refining Secret’ was created by an ancestor of my Tang family, although it’s not a very profound body refining secret, but it’s suitable for you to use now, you’re only 12 years old after all, you can’t handle the too profound body refining secret yet, so this low level one is practicing first.”

“Thank you, Fifth Uncle.”Omi didn’t say anything and took the secret book.

Tang Jingtian smiled and said, “Alright, don’t look at the secret yet, go, I’ll take you around my family and let the rest of my family know of your existence.”


Omi followed Tang Jingtian out of the house and through a few alleys to a main hall.

Walking into the main hall, he immediately saw several equally middle-aged men sitting in the main hall.

Those men saw Tang Jingtian bring in a small child and asked, “Jingtian, who are you bringing behind you?This is the family’s important land, and you’re completely disregarding it, bringing in an outsider child, are you trying to defile the souls of your ancestors?”

Tang Jingtian said, “It’s just as well, you’re all here, let me introduce you, this is my big brother’s surviving son, Omi, I’ve brought him back to the family today, I expect you all to take care of him in the future.”

“Your big brother, Tang Jingdi?”


“Well, you have the nerve to bring his surviving child back into the family.”

“Oh, my brother, no matter what he’s done, his child is innocent,”Tang Jingtian said, saying this with a hint of anger in his eyes, as well as sadness, perhaps his disgust for this spirit world was also related to his brother’s death.

Tang Jingtian didn’t have much nonsense and said to Omi, “Omi, let’s go first.”

“Yes, Fifth Uncle.”

Omi followed Tang Jingtian and left.

Omi asked, “Fifth Uncle, who were those people just now?It looks like you guys don’t have a good relationship.”

“They’re all from my Tang family.”

“If you’re from the same clan, then why?”

“Oh, you don’t understand, that’s the cruelty I told you before, for the sake of profit, it’s hard to really have feelings if you’re not really a close relative.Our Tang family, one of the four major immortal cultivation families in Tianbao City, outside, we have to compete with several other big families, and inside the family, we have to compete with our own family in secret, I’ve really had enough of this kind of open and secret competition.”Tang Jingtian said.

“Why do you have to compete?”

Tang Jingtian gave Omi a glance and said, “For the sake of profit, since we are immortal cultivators, naturally everyone’s goal is positive.But the path of immortal cultivation, how difficult it is, if we sit at home every day, or rely entirely on ourselves, this is completely impassable.Therefore, every immortal cultivator needed a large amount of spirit medicines, spirit pills, magic treasures, secret methods, as well as a large amount of spirit stones, and so on and so forth.These things, instead of being all over the street, are very rare, and the rarer they are, the more rare they are, and that’s why there’s a struggle for profit.For example, last month, our Tang family harvested a total of over thirty second-grade spirit stones.Half of these thirty second-grade spirit stones fell into the hands of the family owner.I, on the other hand, only got one, alas.”

“Second-grade spirit stones?Is that precious?”Omi asked.

“This isn’t nonsense, immortal cultivation doesn’t use spirit stones, do you think you can get up there by sucking a few grains of aura from your body?”

“Yes, it seems that spirit stones are indeed extraordinary precious.”Omi recalled that he had also obtained a few spirit grasses when he was in the Mortal Realm and asked, “What about spirit grasses?”

“Spiritual grasses are just as precious as spirit stones, and they’re hard to harvest, and it’s really getting harder and harder to find ones that are over a thousand years old.This world, which has existed for I don’t know how long, spirit grasses and spirit stones are things that regenerate very slowly and are picked up before they grow, so they’re becoming more and more depleted.”

“What about spirit pills?”

“An elixir is an elixir that some alchemists, using the subtle relationships between different spiritual herbs, then refine.This kind of refined elixir has different effects depending on the utility of different materials.For example, the Entering Body Pill, this is an elixir that can help newcomers who have just stepped onto the path of immortal cultivation to achieve the first stage of body refining faster.It’s a pity that I don’t have a Body Entering Pill on me, otherwise I could give it to you and you would be able to step into the first stage of Body Refining faster.”


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