King of kings 1479-1480


“It’s fine.”

Tang Jingtian said, “Omi, I’m really sorry for you, I wasn’t able to bring you anything, so let’s say, when we go back, I’ll give you two first-class spirit stones to help you step into the path of immortality, and it’s also a little gift for our meeting.”

“Oh, Fifth Uncle is polite.”Omi smiled and didn’t refuse, although Omi also knew that spirit stones were precious, and perhaps Tang Jingtian had bled a little by giving Omi two first class spirit stones, but since he was willing to give them, naturally he had weighed them himself, so why would Omi be polite?

“Let’s go, now I’ll take you to the family’s accounts room, your current identity is my brother’s surviving son, naturally you are also a member of the Tang family, according to the old rules, with your current age, you can receive one Micro Spiritual Pill every month.”Tang Jingtian said and took Omi to a certain place in the Tang family.

“What is a Micro Spiritual Pill?”Omi asked.

“Oh, the Micro Spirit Pill is the spirit pills that are given to family youths between the ages of 12 and 15 to help them refine their bodies and step into the first stage of body refining faster.Of course, the Micro Spirit Pill is among the worst spirit pills, and is countless times worse than the Entering Body Pill I just mentioned.However, even if the Micro Spirit Pill is very bad, it can’t be overwhelmed by the number of people, so the inventory of Micro Spirit Pills in the Tang Family is not very large, and currently, people in the Tang Family’s age group can receive one pill per month.”


Soon, Omi and Tang Jingtian arrived at the Tang Family’s accounts room.

“Pay your respects to the Ninth Elder.”A steward of the bookkeeper was busy greeting.

Tang Jingtian said, “This is my elder brother’s surviving son, I just brought him home today, his name is Omi, he is twelve years old this year, according to the old family rules, he can receive one Micro Spirit Pill every month, go and get one out.”

“Uh.”That steward looked to the bookkeeper behind him. One second to remember to read the book

That bookkeeper said with embarrassment, “Ninth Elder, I’m really sorry, but I don’t dare to open the warehouse without the family master’s authorization ah.Besides, during the last family meeting, the family master specifically explained that Micro Spirit Pills are currently in short supply, and not a single one can be wasted, so…”

Tang Jing Tian’s face was furious, “What?Even my family’s ninth elder can’t take a single microspirit pill, is my status in the family that low?”

“Ninth Elder, we’re also in a difficult situation, why don’t you go and speak to the family master, then I’ll get the family master’s permission and I can give it to you.”

Tang Jingtian said, “I’ve already spoken to the family master, I just said that at the family hall.”


Tang Jing Tian was furious, he was the ninth elder of the family, coming to ask for a Micro Spirit Pill, and these bookkeepers actually acted as if they were in a difficult situation, saying that they had to ask the family master before they could do so.

Omi also had cold eyes, but Omi didn’t get angry, after all, he had only just arrived here, Omi just felt cold and stuffy for Tang Jingtian.

Omi also recognized that Tang Jingtian was really not mixing well in the Tang family.

Omi was busy saying, “Fifth Uncle, forget it, why hurt the family harmony over this microspirit pellet, let’s go.”

Tang Jingtian looked at Omi and was very apologetic and also felt guilty because he had brought Omi back to the Tang family and couldn’t even give Omi a single Micro Spiritual Pill.

Omi and Tang Jingtian went out of the accounts room.

What Omi didn’t know was that after they left, those stewards in the accounts room laughed, “This Ninth Elder, really takes himself seriously!


“That’s right, the family master just sent someone to instruct that if the Ninth Elder brings someone to claim the Micro Spirit Pill, don’t give it to him, how could we possibly give it to him.”

“Just now I was really afraid that he would just rob it.”The other steward said.

“Would he dare?If he had the ability to rob, he wouldn’t be the ninth elder and could be the head of the family.”

On the way back, Tang Jingtian said, “I’m really sorry, I promised to take you to get the Micro Spirit Pill, but it turned out.”

“Oh, Fifth Uncle, it’s fine, it’s just the Micro Spiritual Pill, without it, can’t I refine my body?”

“Ugh, to be honest, it’s really hard to refine your body without the Microspirit Pill, unless you’re willing to spend eight to ten years.”

“Uh, so.”Omi heard Tang Jingtian say that before he felt that this Micro Spiritual Pill wasn’t an optional thing ah.

“The path of immortal cultivation is difficult to take without the help of these spirit pills and stones.For example, at the first stage of Body Refining, others take the Micro Spirit Pill and are successful in two or three years, while those who don’t take it are at least ten or eight years, or even twenty years, the difference isn’t just a star.And now, you are in need of this, although I said before that I would give you two first-grade spirit stones, but, with your current physique, you simply can’t refine it yet, it’s equal to useless.”Tang Jing Tian was torn.

“It’s fine fine.”Omi was busy consoling.

Omi asked, “Fifth Uncle, why are you staying here when this family is treating you like this?”

Tang Jingtian said with a sigh, “In this spirit world, it’s not that easy to mix really, any immortal, no family, no backing power, others will not scruple you, open and aboveboard all dare to kill.On the contrary, if there is a strong family to rely on, it will be easy to survive.In this Heavenly Jewel City, our Tang family is at least one of the four great immortal cultivation families, ordinary people don’t dare to provoke it, if I leave this family, it’s hard to say, so no matter what, leaving the family isn’t a good idea.Moreover, I have a part in this family, so why should I leave?Rather than leaving, wouldn’t it be better to work hard, become stronger, raise your status in the family, or even become the head of the family.We can’t leave the family because of the suppression of our fellow clan members, it’s a coward’s act, and we’ll be laughed at instead.”

“Fifth Uncle, I understand, then let’s work hard to become stronger, raise our deterrence in the family, and even replace the current head of the family, when that happens, the resources of the Tang family can also be used for us.”Omi said.

Tang Jingtian smiled, “You’re right to think that way, except, it’s not that easy.The current head of the family, he is already much stronger than me now, plus he is now in control of the family resources again, he will become more and more powerful, and the family resources he holds will be given to his son again, in such a cycle, it’s really hard to climb up.Unless, the sky falls and suddenly explodes, it’s just an empty dream.”

“Fifth Uncle, don’t worry, there will be a chance.”

“Oh, Omi, sorry to make you laugh, instead of letting you comfort me, I’m really living a terrible life.”Tang Jingtian bitterly said.

“Fifth Uncle is thinking too much.”

“Come on, I’ll take you to meet someone.”


“Our Tang Clan’s second-grade Pill Master, I think he’ll have a Microspirit Pill on him after all.”

“Uh, are you familiar with him?”Don Zimmer asked.

“This.”Tang Jingtian looked embarrassed, it was obvious that he was not familiar with this Pill Master at all.


“It’s fine, Omi, let’s go first, say something nice to him, maybe he’ll give me this face, how will we know if we don’t try.”

“Fifth Uncle, it’s better not to go, I don’t want to see you pull down your face for me, you’re the Ninth Elder of the Tang Family, if the Ninth Elder has to go begging for a Pill Master, then people will look down on you even more and dare not give you face.”

“Omi, face can’t be a meal, forget such things as face in the future.That Pill Master, even though he was hired by our family, but at least he is a second grade Pill Master, his status is very noble, and he won’t humiliate me.”

After saying that, Tang Jing Tian directly walked forward.

Soon, he arrived at a secluded spot in the Tang family, and before he even entered the door, Omi could smell a burst of medicinal fragrance.

Walking into the courtyard, Omi saw a man, holding a pill furnace in his hand, refining pills, and that man was also holding a woman dressed as a girl in his arms on one side, very free and happy.

This man was the Pill Master hired by the Tang family, and the Micro Spirit Pill was made by him, but of course, the materials were equipped by the Tang family itself.

“Pill Master Song.”Tang Jingtian busily called out after entering the courtyard.

“Yo, isn’t this the Tang Family’s Ninth Elder, hehe, what brings you to my place.”That Song Dan Master spoke while hugging that girl, his palms had all gone inside the girl’s clothes, scratching that girl seemed to be soft all over and her face was red.

Tang Jing Tian was a little displeased, Song Dan Master saw him coming, but he was actually playing with that girl while playing with her, which was too disrespectful.

“Oh, Master Song Dan, I would like to ask you for a Micro Spiritual Pill, I wonder what you would like?”Tang Jingtian said. First URL

“Hahaha, Ninth Elder is really funny, you’re the Ninth Elder of the Tang Family, if you want the Micro Spirit Pill you don’t go to the accounts room to collect it, how come you come to me to collect it, I’m not the accounts room steward, what use is it for you to look for me.You don’t think I’ve been hiding it every month?I, however, have turned over all the pills I’ve refined to your Tang family every month.”

“Oh, Master Song Dan, a mere Micro Spiritual Pill, I’m sure you still have some, can you give me some face and grant me one?”

Master Song Dan smiled, “Well, I do have one, so let’s make a deal, I heard that you have a popular daughter with a national beauty, I wonder if you can let me sleep.”

“Buzz.”Suddenly, Tang Jingtian rushed out and strangled Master Song Dan’s neck and hung himself.

“Song Dangshi, please give me some respect, if you dare to insult my daughter again, I’ll kill you.”

But Song Dangshi laughed, “Ninth Elder, why get angry, Song was just joking.”

“You better never give me a joke like that, or else.”Tang Jingtian’s gaze was cold.

Song Danshi snorted, “Ninth Elder, you were the one who first came to ask me for the Microspirit Pill, I didn’t give it to you and you’re still angry at me, if you dare to do it, go ahead and kill me, I’m a re-hired Pill Master from your Tang Family, if you’re not afraid of being blamed by all the elders of the Tang Family, go ahead and do it.It’s not that I’m being sarcastic, as of now, you know very well which is less important, your role to the Tang Family or my role to the Tang Family.”

“You.”Tang Jingtian’s face was cold.

Omi said, “Fifth Uncle, why should we be afraid of threats from such a youngster, just kill him.”

With Omi’s personality, this Song Dangshi would have just killed him, chopped off his head and thrown him out to feed the dogs.

However, when Omi said that, Tang Jingtian calmed down instead and threw Song Dangshi to the ground, not killing him.

Tang Jingtian didn’t.

It could be killed because Song Dancers was right, currently, Song Dancers was far more useful to the Tang family than Tang Jing Tian, if he killed Song Dancers, those elders in the Tang family who already had a bad relationship with Tang Jing Tian would take advantage of the situation and would definitely have a bad time in the future in the Tang family, perhaps losing their positions as elders.Whether it was for his own sake, his daughter’s sake, or even for Omi’s sake, he had to endure and maintain his status as a Tang patriarch.

“Omi, let’s go.”Tang Jingtian turned around and walked out of the courtyard.

That Song Dancers eyes looked at Omi with a vicious look and said, “Words, I heard you, you wait.”

Omi had just asked Tang Jingtian to kill Song Dangshi, a curfew, and this sentence made Song Dangshi remember Omi, and he would definitely take revenge on Omi if he had the chance in the future.

Omi just raised the corner of his mouth and snorted with disdain, “Idiot.”After saying that, Omi also walked away, as if Omi was not scrupulous at all about this Song Dancers.

“You.”Song Dan Master was trembling with anger, he was at least a Second Grade Dan Master, but he was abused by a child like this.

“You just wait.”Song Dan Master said with a twist of muscle on his face.

Tang Jingtian exhaled and returned to his own residence.

“Fifth Uncle, there’s no need to be so frustrated.”Omi said comfortingly.

Omi, a newcomer to stepping into the void, was instead just as steady-minded as Tang Jingtian.

“I’m sorry, I made you laugh.”

“Oh, it’s fine, I’m the one who made Fifth Uncle lose face for me, but it doesn’t matter, that Song Dancers just now, he’s just a small person, just think of a way to kill him in the future.”

“Killing him, how can it be so easy, he is a Dane Master status, and hired by the family for a heavy amount of money, even though he is only a second grade Dane Master, his energy is not small, otherwise why would he be so arrogant in front of me.”

Omi no longer said anything, but Omi didn’t consider this Song Dan Master as an opponent in his heart.

Omi asked, “I just heard Song Dangshi say that you have a daughter, Fifth Uncle, but I thought Fifth Uncle was lonely and deserted here.”

Tang Jingtian smiled, “Yes, I have a daughter, she just turned sixteen this year.”

“Then where is she?”Omi asked in confusion.

“Oh, it’s already sixteen years old, of course she can’t still stay at home, I’ve already sent her to the Flying Cloud Sect.”

“Flying Cloud Sect?What is this place?”

“The Flying Cloud Sect is a very famous immortal cultivation sect in the One Heavy Sea, but anyone with a bit of talent will go for an examination to become a disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect, and if they can become a core disciple, that’s even more of an honor for any family.I hope that Huan’er, one day, can become a core disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect, and I won’t allow anyone to bully him.”Tang Jing Tian said with a chilly face, it seemed that he extremely loved his daughter.

“Fifth Uncle, I also want to go to the Flying Cloud Sect.”Omi said.

“Omi, you’re only twelve years old, there’s no hurry, you only need to reach the first stage of Body Tempering before you’re fifteen, then you’ll be eligible for the examination, but the first stage of Body Tempering may not have a good chance, it’s better to reach the second stage of Body Tempering, and the chances of the examination to enter the Flying Cloud Sect will be greater.”

“Then if I reach the first stage of Body Tempering this year, or next year, can I go for the assessment, or do I have to wait until I’m fifteen?”

“That’s not true, there are also geniuses at the age of thirteen or fourteen who reach the first stage of Body Tempering and then assess to enter the Immortal Sect, but it’s very rare, most of them are from those big families, or have huge Immortal resources.We don’t have much resources, it’s almost impossible.”


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