King of kings 1482


Omi trailed off, “The person who reached the fifth stage of body refinement in the Flying Cloud Sect, was it Tang Baimiao or Tang Baimiao’s third brother?”

“Of course it’s his third brother.”

“If it’s his third brother, why should I be scrupulous about Tang Baimiao?Even if it’s Tang Baimiao, where so what, alright, don’t disturb me.”After saying that, Omi closed his eyes.

The young man behind him said, “Omi isn’t it, I’m deeply defeated by you, since you won’t listen to me, then just keep sitting there, but I’ve warned you.”

Omi immediately began to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, opening every pore of his body.

Of course, the Immortal Qi in Omi’s body wasn’t idle and was operating throughout his body, the Immortal Qi in his body could indeed help Omi absorb the spiritual Qi of the heavens and earth faster.

However, even if it was absorbed faster, it was almost a drop in the bucket for refining spirit stones.Others who didn’t absorb it as fast as Omi, needless to say.

Omi was a bit helpless, free stuff really wasn’t good, if you really relied on your body to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, it would be really hard to cultivate immortality.

Omi had only sucked in a little bit for half an hour, Omi didn’t even want to waste this time.

Just as Omi was about to leave, there came a teenager of about thirteen years old, almost as tall as Omi.

The teenager stood in front of Omi, forked his waist and said, “Who are you and why are you taking my place.” A second to remember to read the book

Omi knew that this person must be Tang Baimiao.

Omi sneered, “Your position?Then you call it, and if it comes back to you, I’ll believe it’s your place.”

“You don’t fucking want to hang around do you?Taking my place and still daring to be so arrogant in front of me.”

Omi had no patience for nonsense with a little kid and glared, “Get out!”

“What.”Tang Baimiao was a bit startled, Omi actually told him to roll.

The other aura-sucking kids around him all opened their eyes and looked this way, saying in their hearts, “Who’s that?How dare you tug in front of Tang Baimiao like that.”

After all, Tang Baimiao was a thirteen year old child with a childish mind, and he punched Omi with a sudden fury.

And although Omi was also a 12 year old child, he was at least an adult at heart.

When Tang Baimiao’s fist hit Omi, Omi immediately flinched and provoked a kick at the same time.

“Bang.”Omi kicked Tang Hundred Miao, and Tang Hundred Miao flew several meters away, falling to the ground.

Omi discovered that the density and quality of the air in the Spiritual Realm was different, causing his strength to weaken, and if he was in the Mortal Realm, his kick would have been enough to explode the Returned Void powerhouse.

“Wow.”When everyone saw Tang Baimiao kicked away, they were shocked, why was Omi so powerful when he was also a child and hadn’t reached Body Refining yet?

In fact, it was because Omi was at least a martial artist who entered the world with martial arts, and even if martial arts turned out to be of little use in this world, it wasn’t a piece of cake to deal with a child who also didn’t have a refined body.

“I’ll smash you to death.”That Tang Baimiao fell to the ground and then picked up a rock and then rushed towards Omi.

Omi saw him take a rock, really fucking speechless, Omi felt like back when he was a kid, fighting with the neighboring kids, and if he couldn’t win, he took a rock.

When Tang Bailiao rushed to Omi, a stone hit Omi.

Unfortunately, Omi dodged it with a sideways glance, his body and movements were not the world’s little

The child could be compared.

Omi immediately grabbed Tang Baimiao’s neck and pressed him against a rock.

“Tang Baimiao, I’m not in the mood to fight with your child, you’d better see it through, or I don’t mind exterminating you.”After saying that, Omi let go of Tang Baimiao and then kicked him in the butt, kicking him away again.

All the youngsters at the scene saw how powerful Omi was, and they all admired him.

“Good.”Many of them clapped and yelled.

Tang Bailiao saw that everyone supported Omi and exhaled, “Wait for me.”

After saying that, Tang Baimiao exhaled and ran away.

“Yo yo yo.”A group of youngsters yelled loudly in excitement when they saw that Omi had beaten the little bully, Tang Baimiao, away.

The youngster behind Omi said, “Big brother, you’re so awesome, how did you do that.”

Another one also said, “Yeah, everyone knows that Tang Baimiao is very strong, many of us here can’t beat him, he’s taken a lot of pills since he was a kid, we’re no match for him at all, we can’t even get up from his punches, and you, you can kick him in the air, and you’re so fast.”

A group of teenagers all looked at Omi with eyes full of adoration.

Omi looked at the group of kids worshipping him and was speechless, Omi a man who stepped into the void in the world of martial arts, in the spirit world, where everyone didn’t have any magic treasures or any secret methods, Omi’s martial arts skills naturally sped up the other side.

Of course, if it was those who had already embarked on the path of immortal cultivation and learned to use magic treasures and secret methods, then Omi’s martial skills would not be on the same level at all.

Omi said, “Dear children, what are you excited about, why don’t you hurry up and properly absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, the early morning is the time when the spiritual energy is at its peak, wait until morning, you are welcome to come back and play with me again, my name is Omi, Tang Jingtian is my uncle, you can come to his place to find me, I am leaving first.”

Omi didn’t bother to take in the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, it was too little to look at.

Just then, a few people flew in from afar.

“Who’s beating people.”A middle-aged man yelled.

The middle-aged man was accompanied by a thirteen-year-old teenager, which was Tang Baimiao.

That Tang Baimiao pointed at Omi and said, “He’s the one who beat me up, dad, teach him a lesson.”

That middle-aged man looked at Omi and said angrily, “Why did you hit him?”

Omi snorted, “I’m sure you’re the Third Elder of the Tang Family, you’re the Third Elder of the Tang Family, you don’t ask questions, you’ve come to protect your son, if that’s the case, why do you need to do more, you might as well just kill me, what’s the point of asking.”


A group of teenagers behind Omi busily said, “That’s right, just allow Tang Baimiao to bully us, won’t you allow others to bully him?”

“Yeah, is it okay for Tang Baimiao to beat us before, but now that someone has finally beaten him, he can’t be beaten?Besides, Tang Baimiao is thirteen years old, Omi’s family is younger than your son, only twelve years old, thirteen years old was beaten by twelve years old, and still has the nerve to come.”

“Haha, how shameless.”

A group of teenagers you and me, suddenly, the Tang family’s third elder himself was said to be unable to raise his head.

Tang Bemiao was also furious, not expecting that Omi was a year younger than him, it was too humiliating to be beaten by someone a year younger.Tang Baimiao couldn’t believe it, why was Omi stronger than him, it was impossible, he had taken many pills since he was young, his strength wasn’t matched by many teenagers in the Tang family.


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