King of kings 1483


The Tang Family’s three elders roared, “All of you, shut up.”

Everyone suddenly quieted down.

The Third Elder of the Tang Family looked at Omi and said, “You are the Omi that the Ninth Elder brought back?”


“Well, what an eye opener, you’re so meditative, I’ll talk to Tang Jingtian, huh.”After saying that, the third elder of the Tang family left with his son ashen.

Omi just gave a disdainful scowl.

“Yay.”A group of youngsters behind Omi shouted.

“Dad, why don’t you teach him a lesson.”Tang Baimiao said reluctantly.

The third elder said in frustration, “How do you want me to teach him a lesson, I’m an adult and he’s a child, not to mention that you didn’t take up any reasoning, so many people are on his side, and he’s younger than you, in this situation, if I teach him a lesson, I’ll be ignored everywhere, the more I make a scene, the more humiliating it will be.”

“Hmph, Omi, I won’t let him go, I really don’t know why this bastard, is stronger than me.”

The third elder also snorted, “Tang Jingtian is really lucky to have brought back such an outstanding nephew, he was only twelve years old and was able to defeat you, it seems that this kid is really not simple.” The first website

Omi soon returned to Tang Jingtian’s residence.

“Fifth Uncle.”Tang Jingtian was refining spirit stones, and when he saw Omi return, he turned over the spirit stones and put them into his storage bag.

Omi was so jealous when he saw the spirit stones Tang Jingtian had put away, it would be nice if he gave them to Omi, Omi guaranteed that he could finish refining them in no time.

“Omi, you’re back, it’s so early, why don’t you absorb more Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi?”

“Oh, it’s going to feel too little to suck on,”Omi said.

Tang Jingtian said, “Omi, I told you yesterday, don’t be in a hurry, you haven’t even reached body refinement yet, and you’re starting to dislike the lack of aura, if you continue with this mentality, sooner or later you’ll be finished.No matter how small a mosquito is, it’s still meat, not to mention that with the fact that you can’t do anything other than absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth right now, even if you were given spirit stones, you wouldn’t be able to absorb it.”

“Hehe.”Omi just laughed, regarding the fact that Omi had a trace of immortal energy in his body, Omi couldn’t let anyone know about it, or else he would inevitably not know what would happen.

Tang Jingtian sighed, the master led into the door, cultivation depends on the individual, he had already led Omi to the path of immortality, how Omi behind him, he could not give him any guarantee, everything depends on the individual chance.

In the morning, Tang Jingtian instructed Omi to take the book he gave him to study more about the secret of body refining at nothing.Omi nodded, and then Tang Jingtian went out.

Soon after, the group of teenagers came to play with Omi in the early morning.

“Omi, let’s me play soccer.”

“Omi, let’s go hook fish then.”

Omi was speechless, this was children’s play, he wouldn’t play this.

However, Omi had forgotten that these things, weren’t they exactly what people of their age played with.

“You kids, go play by yourselves, I won’t go.”

Everyone quickly left, leaving only one person, the teenager who sat behind Omi in the early hours of the morning, reminding Omi not to offend Tang Baimiao.

“Brother Omi, why don’t you go out and have some fun, we’re all having so much fun together.”

“What’s so fun, I don’t like to play these silly things.”

“Speechless, after absorbing aura for so long in the morning, going out to relax in the morning is allowed by parents ah, besides, even adults can’t be at home every day to cultivate immortality and refine treasures, besides there aren’t so many treasures to refine.”

Omi thought about it, yes, although he didn’t like to play those children’s games, but, staying at home all the time would gain nothing, it would be better to follow out, in case there was any

It’s only when it’s a good thing that you find out.

“Okay, let’s go kick some ass then.”

“That’s right, let’s go, they haven’t gone far yet, let’s catch up.”

Omi had no choice but to follow Tang Xiaoyang, then with the dozen teenagers, they left the Tang family and went to a large open space near Tianbao City, then started kicking a soccer ball.

The ball kicked here was certainly not a soccer ball or a leather ball, it was really made of real animal skin, and it was not known what kind of animal skin was made of, and it was heavy to kick.

“Omi, catch the ball.”Tang Xiaoyang passed the ball to Omi with one foot.

“Stop him from the ball.”

Omi kicked at a ball hole a few hundred meters away.

“Buzz.”The ball was instantly mentioned by Omi.

The teenagers who played ball with Omi were so depressed.

“You’re shooting from so far away, you really.”Everyone was bored because Omi was so powerful, as long as the ball reached Omi’s feet, no matter how far he shot straight in, he was completely abusive.

Omi laughed, “Alright, I’m done, you guys play, I’ll watch from the side.”

Omi withdrew and let them play.

Not long after they played, another group of people came from the far side of the court.

“No good, it’s the Meng family coming, they’ve come to play soccer too.”Tang.

Omi asked, “The Meng family is?”

“One of the four major cultivation families of Tianbao City, the Meng family, we used to run into them when we played here.”

“This stadium is public, why should we let them play?”

“Omi, there’s no reasoning here, among that group of them, there’s a man named Meng Wuyoung, this man is very powerful, he used to beat up our Tang Bai Miao of the Tang family, how would we dare to take the place with them, let’s leave and go play something else.”

Sure enough, the group of teenagers from the Meng family came over and said, “We’re going to play this court, so get out of here.”The one who spoke was the strongest of the Meng family’s group, Meng Wu Ying, who was one meter and six meters tall, a head taller than Omi.

The Tang family was busy stopping their kicks and preparing to let them go.

At this time, Omi said, “This is a public place, whoever occupies it first is the one who plays, why should I let you guys have it.”

That Meng Wu Ying snorted, “With my fists, how about it?”

“Haha.”Don Omi felt amused.

“Laugh, I’ll make you laugh.”That Meng Wu Ying came up with a punch, he was stronger than Tang Baimiao, it seemed that he hadn’t taken less pills since childhood.

However, Omi somehow flashed and then punched Meng Wu Ying in the jaw, Meng Wu Ying whirled and flew out, falling with a thud.

A group of teenagers from the Meng family were stunned, not expecting the Tang family to have one that could fight so well.

One of them immediately said, “Quick, go back to the family and get Meng Qinglong.”

“Good.”One of the Meng family’s teenagers immediately ran away.

Omi asked, “Who is Meng Qinglong?”

“Omi, let’s go, Meng Qinglong is no ordinary person, he’s the grandson of the Meng family owner, he’s only 13 years old, but his strength is immense.”

“The grandson of the family owner?”Omi’s heart moved, secretly saying, “The grandson of the Meng family’s master seems to have some goods, I’m lacking spirit stones right now, I wonder if I can get some spirit stones from this Meng Qinglong.”

Omi immediately said, “Let’s go, let’s go back to the Tang family first.”

The people from the Meng family opposite were busy shouting, “Don’t go if you have the guts, wait for our Meng Qinglong.”

The corner of Omi’s mouth turned up, and he said in his heart, “I won’t fight with Meng Qinglong easily, unless, he dares to bet something with me.”


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