King of kings 1484


Omi said to a group of people from the Meng family, “What kind of dragon from your Meng family is worthy of fighting me?If you want me to fight Meng Qinglong, unless he dares to gamble with me, I’m not interested in taking action.”

That Meng Wu Ying sneered, “How arrogant, don’t leave if you have the guts, just wait here for him to come over.”

“Hahaha, ridiculous, why should I wait here for him, who is he to count, if Meng Qinglong really wants to fight me, please ask him to prepare spirit stones to bet with me, if I lose, I’ll give him spirit stones, if he loses, give me spirit stones, otherwise, not interested, if he’s ready, please send a letter to my Tang family’s ninth elder’s house.Farewell.”

After saying that, Omi walked away.

A group of teenagers from the Tang Family were busy asking, “Brother Chen, are you serious or not?You really want to bet against Meng Qinglong?”

Omi defeating Meng Qinglong was one hundred percent, when he really won the spirit stone, it would definitely be passed back to the Tang family, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Omi should just act like a wimp for a while.

Omi laughed, “How could that be, I’m lying to them, I wouldn’t fight Meng Qinglong.”

“Brother Chen, are you afraid of losing?”

“Uh, maybe.”

A group of teenagers from the Tang family were disappointed to see Omi looking so wimpy, where was the courage to defeat Tang Baimiao this morning?

Not long after Omi left, a thirteen-year-old boy rode up. Remember the website

“Where’s that Don’s who?Where is it?”The teenager who arrived on horseback was busy asking.

“Qinglong, he’s run away.”

“Run away?Didn’t you say that he flew away Meng Wuyoung with a single punch?If you’re so strong, why do you run?Not waiting for me to have a go at it?”

“He said that you’re not worthy to fight him.”

“Hmph, so arrogant, if you’re so arrogant, why don’t you dare wait for me.”

“He said that he’s not interested in getting him to make a move on you unless there’s a wager.”

“Uh, a wager?That’s new, what does he want to bet me?”

“He wants to bet with you on spirit stones, and he said that if you prepare them, he’ll send a letter to the Tang family’s ninth elder’s house.”

“Good, I’ll go back to the family to prepare the bet, I’d like to see if he can beat me.”

The next morning, Omi didn’t go for the early morning inhalation, inhaling a morning’s worth of Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi might as well be a scratch on the spirit stone.

At that moment, a janitor from outside walked in and shouted, “Is the Ninth Elder here?There’s a letter for you.”

Omi was busy, “My fifth uncle is not here, give me the letter.”


Omi was happy inside, Meng Qinglong had indeed sent him a letter, Meng Qinglong was the grandson of the owner of the Meng family, he must have been able to come up with a few spirit stones for a bet.

Omi opened the letter, it read, “I don’t care who you are, after reading the letter, come to the public stadium of Tianbao City immediately and fight me, the bet is five first class spirit stones, please prepare your bets and come.”

Omi was overjoyed, he didn’t expect his plan to succeed, Meng Qingyun, the little kid, would really do what Omi wanted.

Omi didn’t inform anyone else and went to that stadium yesterday alone, of course, Omi didn’t have any spirit stones ready, if he had any, he wouldn’t have had to think of a bet at all.

And right now, there was already a group of teenagers standing on the court, the same group of teenagers from yesterday’s Meng family.

“Qinglong, he’s here.”


sp; “Hey, he actually came alone, damn, so bold.”

The Meng family’s teenagers were a little surprised to see Omi come alone, and thought they had a group of people coming too.

“You’re Meng Qinglong?”Don Omi looked across at a very strong young man and said.

“It’s exactly Laozi.”Meng Qinglong said with a snort.

Omi said, “Are the bets ready?”

“Well, don’t worry, it’s in my storage bag, where’s your bet?”

Omi said, “Since you’re ready, let’s do it.”

“Hmph, come on, I’d like to see what you’re capable of taking away my gambling goods.”After saying that, Meng Qinglong rushed up.

Unfortunately, the children in this world didn’t have much of a martial arts foundation, although they were born with spirit bodies, they were born with spirit bodies because their parents were spirit bodies, and if Omi gave birth to a child in this world, he would naturally be a spirit body as well.

“Bang.”Omi put down Meng Qinglong with a single move.

“Ah.”A group of teenagers from the Meng family were stunned, this, it was over before it even started.

Omi leaned down and poured out the five spirit stones in Meng Qinglong’s pouch, then took them away.

Only then did Meng Qinglong get up from the ground, wiping blood from the corner of his mouth, unable to believe how Omi was so strong and nearly knocked out by his punch.

Meng Qinglong stood up and said to the group of people behind him, “No one is allowed to say anything about this when we go back, otherwise don’t blame me for being rude, heck, why is this pervert so powerful, I should have known not to gamble with him, I wonder if my grandfather will find out that I stole his spirit stone.”

Omi returned to the Tang family with the spirit stones and immediately entered his room and began to refine them.

With five spirit stones, Omi finished refining them in two to three minutes.

“Haha, the Immortal Qi in my body is really good, it’s finished refining so quickly.”

Just as Omi, Omi felt his body undergo a slight transformation.

“Hey, I feel like my body has become much stronger, could it be that I’ve stepped into the first stage of body refinement?Officially entering the ranks of the immortals?”

That’s right, after continuously refining five first class spirit stones, Omi’s body emitted a transformation and officially stepped into the first stage of body refining.

Omi was only twelve years old and stepped into the first stage of body refining, this was remarkable, as it was already impressive for others to be able to step into the first stage of body refining at the age of fifteen, let alone twelve.

“Very good, Body Tempering First Stage, done, I heard that this year there is the Flying Cloud Sect recruiting peripheral disciples again, I must step into the Body Tempering Second Stage or even the Body Tempering Third Stage when the Flying Cloud Sect is recruiting peripheral disciples.”Omi said inwardly, Omi felt that if he wanted to be stronger, he had to go out.

“However, without a spirit stone, it becomes an extravagant hope for me to quickly step into the third stage of body refining, with my body absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, I may not be able to step into the third stage of the second stage of body refining for ten or twenty years.No, I must think of another way to obtain a spirit stone.”

Although Omi really wanted to obtain spirit stones, but it was something that was lacking in the entire Spiritual World, everyone desired it, how could it be so easy to obtain, everyone valued these immortal resources more than life, for the sake of these immortal resources, even if they risked their lives to obtain them, I’m afraid that there would be no more unproductive good things like today.

On the third day, Omi left the Tang family again early in the morning, walking on the streets of Tianbao City.

Omi dug his heart out and racked his brain on how to obtain the spirit stone.

However, after a full day of walking on the streets with no luck, Omi had no choice but to go home in shame.


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