King of kings 1485


“The path to immortality is so difficult, and I don’t know how many realms there are left, if this continues, how long will it take for me to become immortal?”Omi said inwardly.

“No, I must make full use of the Immortal Qi given to me by the Nine Daoist Demon King, I must be strong as fast as possible.I don’t know if there’s a way to sneak into the Tang family’s warehouse, I have the Nine Dao Demon King’s Immortal Qi, just give me one night and I can refine the entire Tang family’s warehouse clean of spirit stones.”

Omi really dared to even think of such an idea as sneaking into the Tang family’s warehouse, but it would be really something for Omi to sneak into the Tang family’s warehouse.

Just then, Tang Jingtian’s voice was heard, “Where have you been today?”

“Uh, Uncle Fifth, I went for a walk in Tianbao City.”Omi said.

“Didn’t I tell you not to wander around, why are you wandering around again.”

“Oh, Uncle Fifth, it’s fine, I’m new here, I’m not familiar with everything yet, I really can’t stay at home everyday, I have to go out and walk around, even if there’s an opportunity I have to move around a lot before it falls on my head ah.”

“That’s right, then you have to be careful, you have offended Master Song Dan, he will definitely take revenge on you, this man Jairus is very narrow-minded.”

“Oh, of course, I will.By the way, is Master Song Dan also an immortal cultivator?”Omi asked.

“Of course, they are immortal cultivators, because they are rich in pills, but their talent is not good enough, and they can’t digest any more pills, so they are not strong.”

“Oh, Fifth Uncle, what’s behind the Body Refining Realm?And what is your strength?Can you tell me all at once so I can have a goal.” One second to remember to read the book

“Alright, then I’ll popularize it with you, the realms of immortal cultivators, from low to high, are Body Refining, Light Opening, Heart Illumination, Spiritual Harmony, YuanYing, Exaltation, Merging, Separation, Mahayana, and Transmigration.In total, there are ten great realms, and after the tribulation, one will be able to ascend to the Immortal Realm, but those who can reach the Ascension Ground are few and far between.”

“Okay, I’ve understood, so what level have you reached now?”Omi asked again.

Tang Jingtian didn’t conceal anything and said, “I have reached the third great realm, which is Heart Illumination, and I am now at the first stage of Heart Illumination.”

“Understood, then what about the rest of our Tang family?Like the Tang family’s house master.”

“The master of the Tang family is also at the third great realm, but he is at the seventh step of heart illumination, and the difference between me and him is too great, one step difference is like the difference between heaven and earth ah.”

Omi nodded his head, Omi is only in the first realm, Body Refining, and it’s only one step, and only after nine steps of Body Refining can he reach the second great realm, Opening Light; then the third great realm, Heart Illumination; the fourth great realm, Spiritual Harmony, and all the way to the tenth great realm, Transmigration.

Mum, Omi didn’t even dare to think about it, so many, it really had to be a monkey’s day.

Omi really didn’t have the patience for this, in the mortal realm, he had put in too much hardship and effort to train into a spirit body and step into the void, and had gone through a thousand difficulties to come to the spirit realm.Now that he had arrived in the Spiritual Realm and had to go through such a laborious journey after becoming an immortal cultivator, truthfully, Omi was really running out of that patience.

“I must make full use of the Nine Daoist Demon King’s Immortal Qi to fully refine the spirit stones and become powerful quickly.Then, why not set a small goal first, for example, to refine the Tang family’s warehouse clean of spirit stones.”Omi’s gaze was firm and said darkly.After that, go to the Flying Cloud Sect, and if possible, refine the Flying Cloud Sect’s warehouses clean as well.Of course, I’m afraid this appetite is a bit too large.

Omi suddenly asked, “By the way, Fifth Uncle, your daughter, should I call her sister?If I hadn’t gone back to my ancestors.

, I’m older than her.”

“Whatever, it doesn’t matter, to become an immortal, you don’t have to be petty.My daughter’s name is Tang Huan, she’s sixteen years old and has reached the third stage of body refining.Just, alas.”Tang Jingtian sighed.

“Why is Fifth Uncle sighing.”

Tang Jingtian said, “I’m worried about my daughter, I heard that she’s not having a happy life in the Flying Cloud Sect, she’s often bullied, and there are still some people pursuing her, constantly bothering her.”

“Uh, Uncle Fifth, don’t worry, when I enter the Flying Cloud Sect, I’ll help you take good care of her.”

“Oh, thank you for having this intention.”Tang Jingtian said with a smile, but inside he obviously didn’t take it seriously, thinking that Omi was just teasing him.

“Alright, Omi, the road to immortal cultivation is long and endless, you still have a lot of work to do, so hurry up and work hard, learn the Tang’s body refining secrets well, and try to reach the first stage of body refining as soon as possible.”

“Ugh!”Omi didn’t know if he should tell his fifth uncle that he had, in fact, reached the first class of Body Refining.

However, Omi didn’t say anything, because once he did, it would be difficult for Omi to explain why he had so quickly refined the First Class Spiritual Stones, since it was so troublesome.

Omi returned to his room, but Omi’s heart could not be stilled.

Because, Omi’s small goal was always haunting him.

“I must find a way to enter the Tang Warehouse, so I don’t have the patience to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth bit by bit.”

After saying that, Omi left the room, and Omi went straight to the Tang family’s accounts room.

First find out what the Tang family’s warehouse was like, then plan how to sneak into the Tang family’s warehouse.

Omi arrived at the Tang family’s ledger room.

“What for?”The steward of the Tang family’s account house saw Omi and yelled at him.

The bookkeeper’s steward didn’t even give face to Tang Jingtian, let alone Omi.

Omi said, “You still owe me a Micro Spirit Pill, I came over to get it.”

“What? You came over to get a Micro Spiritual Pill?”

“Yeah, I’ll come and get my microspirit pills, you guys have to give them to me.”Omi said with a silly face.

“Hahaha.”Those stewards were laughing to death, Omi came to get the Micro Spirit Pill himself, he really was so foolish.

However, Omi purposely acted so foolishly so that it would be more beneficial for him to figure out the situation of the accounts warehouse, besides, if the accounts warehouse was really stolen, it would be easier to rule out Omi.

“Idiot, get out.”That bookkeeper steward yelled.

Omi snorted, “I’m not rolling, I’m going to take my Micro Spirit Pill, I deserve it, you must give it to me, or I’ll just stay here.”

“Idiot, hahahaha, and you’re still relying on it.”Several stewards laughed even more.

Omi really sat down on the ground and acted like he was relying on the ground and not leaving.

Those few accountant fellows looked at the steward’s and asked, “Lord steward, what should we do?”

That steward said, “Blast him out.”

Omi snorted, “How dare you guys, do you guys think that my uncle, the Ninth Elder, is really inferior to even you guys in the Tang family?If you guys try to touch me, my fifth uncle will definitely take care of you.”


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