King of kings 171-175

Chapter 171

However, confidence was confidence, because before Omi could make a move, a hand grabbed him by the neck.

“Are you worthy of playing with me?”Omi strangled him and asked.

The eerie man’s neck was strangled so hard by Omi that his face held red and a little bit was lifted up by Omi.

“Pah.”Omi slapped him, knocking him out.

“With this level, you dare to go crazy in front of me.”Omi threw the gloomy man to the ground.

Then he went up and untied Liu Chen Ming.

“Omi, thank you for rushing to save me.”Willow Chenming was busy.

“Uncle Liu, are you alright.”

“I’m fine, I’m glad you rushed here, otherwise I wouldn’t know, where’s Xiang’er?”

“She’s downstairs, I think, I flew straight to the roof and she came running here.”

Willow Chen Ming breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Let’s get out of here then.” One second to remember to read the book

Omi snorted, “That’s so cheap.”

Omi took out a silver needle and plunged it into the abdomen of the creepy man on the ground.

“Tzu-Chen, what are you doing?”Willow Chenming was puzzled.

“Of course, let him be half a eunuch.”

“Half a eunuch?”

“Yes. If you don’t continue applying needles for a month, you’ll become a complete eunuch, and that’s what happened to Bai Maoquan.”Omi said.

“Ah.”Liu Chen Ming was taken aback, Omi was so ruthless, worthy of being the number one villain on campus.

“Let’s go.”Omi and Liu Chenming left, Liona was indeed on the first floor of the building, going nowhere, she had just arrived by taxi.

“Xiang’er.”Liu Chenming called out, and Liona saw that her father was safe and sound, and cried and threw herself into Liu Chenming’s arms.

Omi looked at the embracing pair of father and daughter and smiled slightly, they were father and daughter, dependent on each other, no one could leave anyone.

“Dad, what now?”Xiang Yun Liu asked.

Willow Chenming said, “I’ve called Meng Wenhua, he’ll be over later.”

“Who’s trying to harm you?”Liona asked again.

“Who else could it be, it’s Bai Maoquan’s cousin, his uncle’s youngest son, Yu Long, this kid is a ruthless character, fortunately Omi came just in time, otherwise I would have become disabled today.”Liu Chenming was scared after a while.

Liona was filled with worry.

“Omi can save you for a while, but not for an eternity.”Liona pursed her lips.

Willow Chenming smiled, “No matter, go for a moment.”

Omi said, “Yes in reason, don’t worry, I’ve already started making plans, slowly I’ll cultivate some of our own forces in Linjiang City.”

Liu Chen Ming was excited.

Liona said, “No matter how much we cultivate, it’s impossible to be strong enough to compete with irregular forces, these irregular forces, have been developing for decades , and have become entrenched in any industry.”

Omi laughed, “I’ll just make sure that they don’t dare anyone to mess with us, besides, isn’t there still me, the cultivated forces, no matter how strong they are, they’re no stronger than myself, it’s just a matter of letting me have a few more hands, so I won’t be so passive.”

Liona was still worried.

Not long after, Meng Wenhua came, and so did his daughter, Meng Wenqi.

“Sister Wenqi, what are you doing here.”

“Xiangyun, I just heard that Uncle Liu was kidnapped, so I was scared and rushed over, is everything alright now?”Meng Wenqi was busy asking.

Liona looked at Omi and said, “It’s fine, he saved my dad in time.”


p; Meng Wenqi was busy to Omi, “Thank you Omi.”

“Protecting the safety of my employer’s family is my accusation, talk about thanks.”

“Oh.”Meng Wenqi laughed like a flower.

Meng Wenhua said, “Morningsong, is nothing wrong.”

“Ugh, that was close.”

Meng Wenhua said, “I’ve long asked you to find one of your personal bodyguards, but you didn’t listen, you had to save that kind of money.Omi is Xiangyun’s bodyguard, he can’t always take care of you ah, people only get one salary.”

Liu Chenming smiled awkwardly, “Yeah, it does seem necessary to find one.”

Meng Wenhua said, “For the time being, I’ll lend you my bodyguard for a few days, so hurry up and recruit one in the next few days.”

“Good.”Willow Chenming nodded.

However, what gave Liu Chen Ming a bit of a headache was that the bodyguard that Bai Maoquan was looking for with an annual salary of ten million yuan was so rubbish, so how strong would he have to find one.Spending too much money, and he wasn’t willing to.

Now that Willow Chenming thought about it, the Omi he spent 1.2 million a year to hire was too good of a deal, people’s annual salaries of 10 million were not as good as Omi’s 1.2 million a year.Thinking of this, Liu Chen Ming felt quite indebted to Omi for giving him such a low price.The main reason was that at that time, Liu Chen Ming did not expect Omi to be so strong, he originally just looked for one who could protect Liona at school.

Meng Wenhua saw Liu Chenming’s face and smiled, “What, in distress about the money.”

Liu Chenming was embarrassed, “Indeed, if I have to spend thirty to forty million dollars a year to hire a bodyguard who is very strong in martial arts, I really can’t afford to put down this money.I only make one or two hundred million a year, so wouldn’t almost half of it go to the bodyguard.But if you hire a bodyguard with an annual salary of 10 million, it doesn’t feel practical.Those three that Bai Maoquan hired with an annual salary of ten million before, I’m afraid they won’t be able to protect me now, it’s really a headache.”

Meng Wenhua was also helpless, and said, “Who asked you to offend such a strong one, this Omi is not a provincial person.

Meng Wenhua said, “Alright, this bodyguard of mine is called Ah Qiang, let him protect you for a few days until you hire a bodyguard.”

“Thank you, Wenhua.”

Meng Wenhua smiled, “What’s polite between us, then I’ll leave first, call if you need anything.”

“Well, you’re busy.”

Meng Wenhua left, Meng Wenqi didn’t leave together, they each drove their own cars.

Meng Wenqi said, “Uncle Liu, in terms of capital, why don’t I help you bear the burden, that company of mine has eight or nine thousand net profits a year.”

Liu Chenming smiled, “Thank you, Wenqi, you’re here to help me bear it, where will Uncle Liu’s face go.Besides, didn’t you also want to find a bodyguard?How’s your search going?”

Meng Wenqi said, “I interviewed with one yesterday, the martial arts rank was only 19, but the annual salary was 18 million, I thought it was too expensive, so I didn’t accept the offer, so I’ll see.Nowadays it’s hard to find a bodyguard with good value for money, not like you, originally I was looking for a campus bodyguard, but I didn’t expect to find one so bullish.”Meng Wenqi said as she looked at Omi.

Liu Chenming laughed and said, “Speaking of which, I feel indebted to Omi for such a low price, so I’m going to mention 20 million to Omi to go.”

Omi busily said, “Uncle Liu, don’t, I’m just a campus bodyguard, which is worth so much, you were just looking for me in the first place.”

Omi refused to give him an annual salary of 20 million silk without hesitation, what does Omi need so much money for, he has no relatives.Not afraid of people laughing at him, in fact, as long as he had food and shelter, he did it.

However, Omi had probably learned about the market of bodyguards from them.

If Omi’s strength was really exposed, he probably wouldn’t be able to hire one with an annual salary of 500 million.

Because, Xu Mei Qian when the chief of police, that are Linjiang City with an annual salary of 300 million to hire, a defeat of the price of red dust, can still be low?


After that, Omi and Liona still went back to school, while Liu Chenming continued to go to his company under Ah Qiang’s protection.With Ah Qiang’s protection, there shouldn’t be anything serious happening to Liu Chenming, and he can always inform Omi, who has Xiao Meng to help him out, so he can be the first to know if anything happens.

At around noon, the creepy man in the abandoned office woke up, having been unconscious for the entire morning.

“f*ck, Omi.”The gloomy man woke up very angry that he had been knocked out by Omi and had been unconscious for so long.

The gloomy man was afraid of Omi’s strength, he knew that he couldn’t deal with Omi with him, this little school evil young man’s strength was so unusual, it seemed that the only way to deal with Omi was to go back and tell his father, his father Yu Wei was the first vice head of the Hua Long Hall.

Yu Long woke up two of his men, and then the three of them returned home in disgrace.

Back home, an old man in his sixties asked, “What took you so long to come back, by the way, Bai Maoquan’s half of the eunuch is well and back to normal, that Omi counts him as knowing his place.”

“I’m going to use the toilet.”Yu Long didn’t look good, although Bai Maoquan had returned to normal, he was oddly humiliated.

About two minutes later, a pig-killing yell came from the bathroom.

It turned out that Yu Long had discovered that he had become half a eunuch as well.

“What’s wrong?Yu Lung.”

“Ahhhh.”Yu Long hissed. First URL mNatia .online

The old man thought something had happened and immediately banged open the toilet door.

The old man was silly, what happened at Bai Maoquan’s place was happening to his son right now.

Right now, at the hospital, Bai Maoquan hummed a song and made a phone call out, “Hey, immediately cancel all cooperation with Liu Chenming’s company.”

After making the call, Bai Maoquan hummed, “Liu Chenming, I’m going to make you bankrupt.”

After Bai Maoquan said that, he also came to the toilet, and a few minutes later, the toilet also let out an exhausted roar.

“Omi, you lied to me, I’m not done with you.”

Yu Wei saw his youngest son become like Bai Maoquan, half eunuch, and his whole body was bad.

“What’s going on?”Yu Wei roared, he was the First Vice Hall Master of the Hall of the Dragon, his son was actually made to be half a eunuch, what face did he have to face people.

“Speak, what’s going on?Didn’t you go and arrest Liu Chen Ming and threaten Omi to treat Bai Maoquan?Why is it that now that Bai Maoquan has healed, you’ve turned into half a eunuch.”Yu Wei growled as he thought things had been perfectly resolved.

Yu Long gritted his teeth, “Dad, I did arrest Liu Chen Ming and threatened Omi to treat my cousin, but that Omi has two strikes against him, he somehow found me very quickly and knocked me and two of my men out.I’ve just returned, only to suddenly realize that I’ve become half a eunuch.”

“Omi.”Yu Wei smashed his fist into the wall, making a hole in it.

“I won’t let them go.”Yu Wei’s angry beard was trembling.

Yu Long said, “Dad, why don’t we wait for big brother to come back and deal with this matter, big brother has been on a business trip for half a month, he will be back at night, big brother is much stronger than you after all, and he is more confident in dealing with Omi, and you are already over sixty years old.”

Yu Wei roared, “I can’t wait any longer.”


;Just then, Yu Wei’s phone rang, and at first glance, it was from Bai Maoquan.

Yu Wei was annoyed when he saw Bai Maoquan’s call, because his son had become half a eunuch precisely because he was seeking justice for Bai Maoquan.

“What for?”Yu Wei picked up the phone and didn’t look good.

“Uncle, woo-hoo.”Bai Maoquan cried out.

“Why are you crying?You’re not cured.”Yu Wei yelled.

“Uncle, the Omi who killed me that day, he lied to me, he’s not healed at all, oooooh, uncle, you have to seek justice for me ah.”

Yu Wei and Yu Long were both startled.

Yu Long raged, “That Omi, he’s so sneaky and cunning.”

Bai Maoquan was crying on the phone, and Yu Wei was impatient, “Why are you crying, Yu Long is now just like you.”After saying that, Yu Wei hung up the phone.

At the hospital, Bai Maoquan was stunned: “What do you mean?Did, Omi turn Yu Long into a half eunuch as well?”

Bai Maoquan suddenly felt a sudden surge of fear, Omi is too hard to mess with, I thought that my cousin had already cleaned up Omi, but I didn’t expect that even my cousin had been turned into half a eunuch by him.

Yu Wei gritted his teeth and said, “What the hell, I, Yu Wei, haven’t been this angry for years, and even more years since anyone dared to mess with me like this.”

“Dad, what are you going to do about it?It’s not honorable for this matter to be spread out.”Yu Long said with some concern, “If this gets out, it will definitely be laughed at by the city, the son of the First Vice Hall Master of the Chemical Dragon Hall, being screwed over by a high school student.

Yu Wei said, “I’ll personally go find Omi and Liu Chenming, there’s no end to this, they’ve completely pissed me off.”

At this time, Omi and Carlos were eating at the school hotel, and Liona went to the same table with her.

After eating, Omi made a phone call to Liu Chenming.

“Uncle Liu, nothing else happened this morning, right?”Omi asked with concern.

“It’s fine, I have Keung by my side to protect me, just now, Bai Maoquan has broken the contract, and it looks like it’s going to cost a lot.”

“Breaking the contract?Oh, unless he really wants to become a full eunuch.”Omi said faintly.

“Ah, didn’t you treat him well?”Willow Chenming was confused.

“Hahaha, what a joke, how could I cure him.”Omi had only lifted him briefly, at most three hours before he would become half a eunuch again.

Liu Chenming couldn’t laugh if he wanted to, saying that Omi was too bad, and now Bai Maoquan and his cousin Yu Long, both of whom were half eunuchs, wondered how angry they would be.Only then, it would completely offend Yu Wei, the First Vice Hall Master of the Chemical Dragon Hall.

Liu Chenming sighed, “Omi ah, before it was just Bai Maoquan alone, but now you’ve even made Yu Long a half eunuch, this is a complete offense to them.Yu Long’s father, Yu Wei, but the first vice head of the Hall of Transforming Dragons, although he is already sixty years old, I heard that Yu Wei is very strong.I’m a bit worried now, Yu Wei doesn’t know how he’ll get angry.”

Omi fearlessly said, “Get as angry as you want, that old thing, if he’s still uninterested, Omi I don’t mind making him a half eunuch as well.”

“Hahaha, Omi, you’re a real bull, these people, in my eyes, in the past, I didn’t dare to offend them, even Bai Maoquan couldn’t.”Liu Chenming said admiringly, but his heart was still worried and nervous.


Omi said in his heart, “Now that I’m offending more and more people, I’m afraid I can’t protect Liu Chenming and his daughter just by myself.Also, I can’t be Uncle Liu’s bodyguard for the rest of my life, one day I’ll leave.Once I leave, what will they do?It seems that I must have a plan, or at least, I’ll have my own power, and I’ll be able to make sure that Uncle Liu and his daughter won’t be oppressed in the future after I leave here.How about setting up a martial arts training class at the school?To cultivate some of my forces?”

Omi now felt that it made sense to set up a training course at the school.In the training course, those with better talent, Omi could consider accepting them as registered disciples.

“What are you thinking about?”When Liu Chen Ming saw Omi’s silence, he thought that Omi was also worried about something, and if Omi was worried about something, then he would be even more worried.

Omi smiled and said, “It’s fine, Uncle Liu, I want to start a martial arts training class at the school some day.”

“Why?If you need to use money, you talk to me.”Willow Chenming thought that Omi was opening a training course to make money.

“Oh, Uncle Liu, originally I didn’t open the training course to make money, but I wanted to train a few henchmen up.In case I no longer work as a bodyguard in the future, these henchmen might also be able to protect you.”Omi said.

“Ah, no longer working as a bodyguard?”Willow Chenming was busy being nervous.

At this moment, Liona just happened to come up from the stairs, and when she heard Omi’s words, she suddenly felt so scared.

Willow Chen Ming then smiled, “You’re right, you can’t always be Xiang’er’s bodyguard.”Although his mouth smiled, Liu Chen Ming felt a loss inside.

Omi said, “Don’t worry, Uncle Liu, even if I resign in the future, I’ll make sure you guys are safe before I resign.”

“Oh.”Willow Chenming never thought about Omi resigning, he was almost treating Omi like family inside.Suddenly coming back to reality, yeah, Omi was just a campus bodyguard he had hired, and he would definitely resign sometime in the future. Remember the URL

“Do you have any plans for the future?”Willow Chenming asked, it was about time for Willow Chenming to get to know Omi, how could he keep working as a bodyguard for someone so brilliant.

“I haven’t thought about it yet, I should pursue the ultimate in martial arts in the future.But not so soon, at least after Miss is cured of her illness, a year and a half later.”

“Well, ambitious, for someone as good as you are at martial arts, martial arts is what you’re after.”

Omi nodded with a hehehe smile, Omi as a once bullish world’s number one youngster, how could this small city accommodate him.

Liona silently walked behind Omi, went back to the classroom, heard Omi said that he would definitely resign in the future, immediately felt very sorrowful, lying on the table, tears actually unknowingly flowed down.

Liona inside even thought, is she a lifetime do not want to cure the disease, Omi a lifetime do not resign.

Hang up the phone, Omi returned to the class, saw Liona lying on the table, thought she had a lunch break, did not bother her.

An afternoon without words.

Around five o’clock in the evening, Yu Wei brought five of his men and went to Liu Chenming’s house.

“What men?”Jin Guihe and Jean were busy roaring in fear.

Five of their men pulled out their guns and pointed at John and, “Kneel down.”

John and Jean both kneeled down in fear, and Wu Ma was dragged out of the kitchen by one of her men.

Yu Wei ordered, “Tie them all up.”


Soon, John, Jean, and Wu Ma were all tied up.

Yu Wei sat down in the living room and seemed to be waiting for Liu Chenming and Omi to return, he said that he would personally come to find Omi and Liu Chenming.


Five men, with guns, stood in the living room.

Half an hour later, Willow Chenming was the first to return home.

Willow Chen Ming walked into the house and was shocked to see Yu Wei and his five men.

Willow Chenming immediately shouted, “Ah Qiang.”

Ah Qiang immediately rushed into the house.

Ah Qiang was the bodyguard that Meng Wenhua temporarily lent to Liu Chenming.

Yu Wei looked at Liu Chenming and grunted, “Liu Chenming, you’re back.”

“Yu Wei, what do you want.”Willow Chenming asked in fear.

“What for?”Yu Wei sneered and commanded his five men, “What are you waiting for, tie up Liu Chen Ming.”

“Yes.”The five bodyguards pounced on Willow Chenming.

Ah Qiang immediately stopped Willow Chenming.

The five goons scuffled with Ah Qiang.

Unfortunately, these five men of Yu Wei’s were all tens of millions of level experts, and Ah Qiang alone was quickly defeated.

Yu Wei looked at Ah Qiang with disdain.

In less than two minutes, both Ah Qiang and Liu Chen Ming were tied up.

One of his men asked, “Master Wei, Liu Chenming has been tied up, what should we do now?”

Yu Wei’s beard trembled and said, “There’s no rush now, wait for that Omi to return and deal with it all together.”


At this moment, Omi and Liona were on their way home, Liona was silent, hearing Omi’s phone call with her father at noon had scared her.She used to reject Omi and didn’t want him as her bodyguard, but now she was terrified that he would actually resign and leave one day.

“Miss, still mad about yesterday afternoon when I let Simran into my car to sit?”Omi asked.

Liona shook her head, “Didn’t think about that, now, I don’t want to know who you love to do it with.”

“That’s right, it’s my car that’s letting people ride, what do I love to do with who?The words don’t even make sense.”

Liona was startled and looked at Omi, “Yesterday afternoon, weren’t you and Simran, the one in the car?”

“Which one?”

“Cha-jin, huh?”

“What’s a car vibration?”

“The one with the woman in the car, wasn’t that the last time you and Kaylee Lee were in that car of mine?”

Omi was speechless, “Miss, you’re trying to quit now, why do you keep thinking about these nonsense, your thoughts are so not simple.”

“You’re the one who’s not pure, you honestly say it.”Liona blushed.

Omi smiled, “Miss, so that’s what you mean, when I went to the Li Hospital yesterday, Simran just happened to want to go home to get something, so I just stopped by to give her a ride.”

“That’s it?You don’t have that?”

Omi gave her a blank look and said, “Omi I’m still a young boy, I’ve never touched a woman in my life.”

Liona was stunned, incredulous, “I don’t believe it, you’re so horny, you’re so pure?You even dare to enter the ladies room that, I don’t believe it.”

“Hahahaha, believe it or not it’s up to you, alright, don’t talk about it, you need to quit sex, don’t you have another chill attack at night.”

“Oh.”Liona pursed her lips and listened to Omi’s explanation, she was in a much better mood, although she suspected that nine times out of ten she was lying to her, it couldn’t be that pure, but it didn’t matter, it was better to be willing to lie to her than not to lie to her.It’s just that when she thought of the fact that one day in the future, sooner or later, he would resign and leave, Liona couldn’t help but feel sad again.


Omi and Liona returned home, Carlos didn’t come to practice martial arts today, he was too tired before, Omi let him rest for three days.

After parking the car, Omi and Liona laughed and walked into the house.

Once they entered the living room, they were stunned.They saw an old man sitting on the living room couch, five of his men standing next to him, John, Jean Wu Ma tied up in the dining room, and Liu Chen Ming as well as that bodyguard, Ah Qiang, tied up in the hall.

Liona immediately shouted in fright.

“Dad.”Liona tried to pounce on her, but Omi pulled her behind her.

Omi looked at this old man in the living room and chuckled.

That old man saw Omi return, put down his cup of tea, looked at Omi and said, “Omi, you’re back, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Omi said, “Old ghost, if you didn’t expect it, you must be the so-called First Vice Master of the Transformation Dragon Hall, Yu Wei, I’ve also been waiting for you for a long time, I knew you would come to me sooner or later, so everything is expected.”

Yu Wei stood up and kicked the tea tray on the ground.

Five of his men also immediately drew their guns and pointed them at Omi.

Liona was trembling in fear when she saw the gun. A second to remember to read the book

“Omi, I will let know what happens when I offend my Yu Wei.”

Omi said, “Your son, Yu Long, became half a eunuch, you saw that.”

Yu Wei’s face was cold.

At this moment, Omi waved his hand and five silver needles flew out.

“Swoosh swoosh.”The five silver needles pierced into the necks of the five men.

Then, the five men fell down without a word.

“Ah.”Yu Wei was shocked, his five bodyguards, all of whom were not weak, fell down in one go.

At this moment, Omi moved, and in the next moment, Omi was standing one meter in front of Yu Wei.

“Old man, there’s a way to heaven and you don’t take it, but there’s no door to hell, are you here to die?”Omi asked.

Yu Wei felt the strength of Omi’s body and trembled, looking at Omi a bit unable to see through Omi’s strength, a high school student, shouldn’t be this strong.

Liona had quickly gone up to untie Liu Chenming and the others.

Liu Chenming and that bodyguard, Ah Qiang, looked at Yu Wei and then at Omi, they were so happy, Omi was too awesome, even Yu Wei seemed like he couldn’t play with him.

“Senior Yu Wei, let’s end this matter, what do you think?”Willow Chenming smiled and asked.

Yu Wei looked at Liu Chenming and said through clenched teeth, “Liu Chenming, it seems that you are so bold, a small merchant, you dare to go against me, the Dragon Hall.”

Omi snorted, “Old man, are you blind?Can’t see who’s stronger and who’s weaker now?”

Yu Wei snorted, “Omi, count me as underestimating you, it seems you still have some strength, let me see how strong you are tonight.”

Omi trailed off and instantly struck out, Yu Wei was completely unable to react.

“Pah.”Omi smacked Yu Wei’s face.

“Ah, so fast.”After Yu Wei felt the fiery pain on his face, he realized that Omi had slapped him.

Yu Wei was furious and was about to punch Omi back, but he didn’t expect the fiery pain to come from the other face as well.

“You.”Yu Wei was angry and furious, two slaps, as if it was not at the same level at all, he couldn’t even keep up with the time to react.

At this time, Yu Wei felt another kick in his abdomen, then his body flew up involuntarily

and flew outside the hall and slammed down hard.

Just when Yu Wei was dizzy, he suddenly heard Omi’s voice in his ears, “Your Excellency has come to find me, I’m sure you want me to send you half of a eunuch, so I’ll fulfill you.”

Before Yu Wei understood Omi’s words, he felt a pinprick of pain in his abdomen.

“What are you doing.”Yu Wei reacted and was busy raising his head.

“Pah.”Omi stepped on his forehead and Yu Wei fainted.

Then, Omi returned to the living room and pulled the needles off the necks of those five men, then threw them outside one by one.

The bodyguard, Ah Qiang, saw how powerful Omi was, he really almost kneeled down to him, it was so awesome.

Liu Chenming saw Omi lightly take care of their gang, his heart smooth.

Liona looked at Omi with eyes full of admiration, feeling that Omi’s throwing posture was so handsome.

The five men who were thrown out immediately woke up.

“Master Wei, wake up.”

“Master Wei.”

Yu Wei was quickly shaken awake by the five men.

“Master Wei, what’s happening?We just passed out, and when we woke up, we found out that we were all outside, and you had passed out too, and our guns were all stomped.”

Yu Wei, of course, knew what had happened, and now looked at Willow Chenming’s villa and bit down hard, feeling an old face that didn’t know where to put it.

“Master Wei, what do we do now?”One of the men asked.

Yu Wei bit his teeth and said, “Retreat first, it seems that the only way is to wait for my eldest son to return.”

Yu Wei and five of his men, got into one of the cars they drove up in ashes, and left in a mess without saying a word.

“Hahaha.”In the villa hall, John Jean and the others laughed when they saw them leaving in ashes.

And Omi was sitting on the sofa making tea, not caring in the slightest about the situation outside.

Liu Chenming said, “Omi, after Yu Wei woke up, he didn’t say anything and left with his men in ashes.”

Omi said, “Self-inflicted, all right, Uncle Liu, Ah Qiang, have some tea.”

“Okay Le.”Ah Qiang was busy laughing and sat down, looking at Omi’s eyes filled with admiration, he was hired by Meng Wenhua who spent twenty million dollars of his annual salary, but he turned out to be inferior to Omi, a high school student, he couldn’t even be convinced.

Yu Wei soon returned home, his son Yu Long was waiting anxiously, even Bai Maoquan had rushed over from the hospital.

At this moment, seeing Yu Wei back, Yu Long, Bai Maoquan, the two of them were busy welcoming, asking, “Dad, how is it?”

“How’s it going, Uncle?Let’s demolish Omi and that b*tch Liu Chenming.”Bai Maoquan said, “Uncle has taken action himself, so he definitely has to tear them down.

Yu Wei was so angry that he told her that he had become half a eunuch as well.

“Ah!”Yu Long and Bai Maoquan, the two of them, suddenly screamed out, a room of three people, all of them were half eunuchs, if there was one more, they could make up a table of mahjong.

Yu Wei, however, sat on his butt on the floor, looking very frustrated, he was the vice hall master of the irregular force, but he was actually being played like this, what face does he have to be the first vice hall master, he would be laughed at if word got out.

“Omi, do I go you.”When Yu Long saw his father’s frustrated appearance, his fists clenched, veins bulging on his face.

“Uncle, what now?”Bai Maoquan asked with some panic, his patron is Yu Wei and his son, now both of them have become half eunuchs just like him, Omi this person, really underestimated him.


Yu Wei calmed down and said, “This matter must not be known by outsiders, if it gets out, it will be laughed at, what prestige do I still have in the Hall of Transforming Dragons.”

Yu Long gritted his teeth and said, “Are we just going to put up with this?”

“Tolerate?Let’s wait for Yu Hu to come back at night.”

Bai Maoquan laughed, “Cousin Yu Hu’s strength, but spike uncle’s, he can definitely beat Omi into shit.”

Yu Long said, “But, brother won’t arrive until almost nine o’clock at night.”

“Good food is not afraid of being late.”

9:30 pm.

Yu Wei, Yu Long, and Bai Maoquan, as well as Yu Hu who had just rushed back from abroad, the four of them were sitting in the living room.

Yu Hu was gloomy, as his father had already told him about what had happened in the past few days.His father, younger brother and cousin were bullied by a student named Omi, who also tampered with his body and became half a eunuch.After Yu Hu listened to his father’s complaint, he was so full of anger that he almost blew up the house.

It had been ten years, a whole decade since anyone dared to make him Yu Hu so unhappy.

Yu Hu slapped the table: “I’ve only been on a business trip for half a month, and this happens at home, where did Omi come from and dare to do anything to my family.Even if you don’t look at my Yu Hu’s face, you have to think about my father’s status as the First Vice Hall Master of the Transformation Dragon Hall.” First URL mNatia .online

Bai Maoquan busily said, “Cousin, you have to make decisions for us, even my uncle was beaten by Omi, and now I’m counting on you.”

Yu Hu said angrily, “Don’t you worry, I, Yu Hu, will kill if I’m not angry.”

Yu Wei said, “But, Little Tiger, you are the son-in-law of the King of Lanhe, if anything goes wrong with you, will it affect your reputation?All these years, the reason why I was able to become the First Vice Hall Master of the Hall of Transforming Dragons was all thanks to the face of you, the son-in-law of the Lanhe King.”

Yu Hu was unhappy, “Dad, you know that I am the son-in-law of the Lanhe King, how can you still say that, a mere high school student, I, Yu Hu, will not put it in my eyes.”

Bai Maoquan busily said, “That’s right, cousin, that Omi is just a campus bodyguard hired by that b*tch dog Liu Chenming for his daughter.Those four level 18 bodyguards I hired before were no match for Omi, but that doesn’t mean Omi is powerful.You’re the Lanhe King’s son-in-law, a level 26 expert, Omi, go to hell.”

Yu Hu stood up and said, “Dad, I’m going to find that Omi right now.”

“You have to be careful.”

“Hmph, what’s there to be careful of, Omi is a student, no matter how powerful he is, I’m still afraid of him even if I’m at the 26th level of Martial Arts.”

Yu Hu walked out of his house, his phone just happened to ring, looking at it was his wife calling, his wife’s name was Lan Ying Ying, she was the daughter of the Lanhe King of Linjiang City, Lanhe King was a pretty famous expert in Linjiang City, I heard that the martial arts level reached 34.

“Hey, honey, are you back or not?You’ve been on a business trip for half a month, and people miss you so much they can’t stand it, so why don’t you get your ass over here.”The voice on the phone was wavy to the point of no return.

Yu Hu had a heartbeat inside, hehe smiled, “Honey, wait for me, I’ll be back soon.”

“Why not come back right away ah, if you don’t come back I won’t let you into the house.”

Yu Hu felt a dry heat on his body, this woman was also too anxious, however, a business trip for half a month did make her bitter, Yu Hu really hated to fly to her right away.However, he couldn’t go to his father-in-law’s house right now to find his wife, he had to go and clean up Omi first.

“Alright, I’m going to clean up a guy, I’ll be back when I’m done.”

“Hurry up, I’ll wait for you, don’t make me wait too long

Or I’ll make my dad teach you a lesson.”

“Alright, alright, soon.”Yu Hu was speechless for a while, always moving her dad to crush him, but he was really afraid of her dad.Her dad, Lanhe Wang, was a famous expert in Linjiang City.

Right now, at Liu Chen Ming’s house.

Omi was on the computer in his room.

Not long after, John came upstairs.

“John, what is it?”Omi asked.

“Young Master, a guest has come to look for you, Young Master.”

“Looking for me?”Omi stood up and walked down the stairs.

Omi walked down the living room, only to see a man sitting in the living room, Liu Chen Ming was busy pouring tea for that man, his face looked like he was terrified, and the action of pouring tea for that man was a bit trembling.

Willow Chenming was scared inside, because this man, not an ordinary person, he was the son-in-law of the King of Lanhe and the eldest son of Yu Wei, Yu Hu, a martial arts level of 26 experts, such a strong person and with an unusual identity Yu Hu came, Willow Chenming was a bit bottomless.

“Uncle Liu, who’s looking for me?”Omi asked, sitting down on the couch.

Yu Hu looked over at Omi, half-lidded, a ruthless color in his eyes.

Liu Chenming busily said, “Omi, this is Yu Hu, he is the son-in-law of the Lanhe King, he said that he came to visit you on purpose.”

Omi smiled and said, “So he’s the son-in-law of the King of Lanhe.”

Yu Hu was proud of himself inside and hummed, “What, you also know my father-in-law?”

“I don’t know… By the way, who is King Lanhe?A bodyguard too?”

“You.”Yu Hu’s face twisted.

Liu Chen Ming said, “He’s a reputable expert in Linjiang City.”

Omi ohmed and asked, “How high?Is it as tall as a three-story building?”

Willow Chenming shook her head, “This, specifically I don’t understand either.”

“Even Uncle Willow doesn’t understand, it seems that this what Rauschlan River King, is not very high handed.”Omi said laughingly.

“Pah.”Yu Hu slammed his cup down on the ground, daring to disrespect his father-in-law.

Omi immediately stood up, pointing at the pieces on the ground and said, “Damn, my great grandfather’s ancestral dragon cup was actually dropped, pay for it, whoever dropped it will pay for it.”

Yu Hu was that angry, he hadn’t even done anything to Omi, but this Omi was arrogant first, and he even shouted for compensation.

“Omi.”Yu Hu bit his teeth and looked at Omi.

“Pay up.”Omi said pointing at the pieces on the ground.

Yu Hu’s angry liver hurt and roared, “I’ll compensate your mother want.”After saying that, Yu Hu kicked the entire coffee table over, completely tearing his face, of course, he did come to clean up Omi, just now the reason why a gentle and elegant first sit down to drink tea, perhaps want to virtually pretend to be a comparison, who knew that Omi is a rough man, what a waste of expression, should have known that the first time he came to directly slammed things.

Omi’s heart a cold laugh, come to make trouble just make trouble, still drink what tea, pretend to compare.

Omi said, “You broke my ancestral dragon cup, I’m not done with you.”Saying that, Omi grabbed Yu Hu’s collar, one finger pointed at the shattered teacup on the ground, and roared, “Pay up, you pay me, a total of 10 million.”

Yu Hu wasn’t in a hurry to do anything, but said coldly, “I’ll count to three, and if your dog’s paw is still on me, your dog’s paw will cease to exist.”


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