King of kings 176-180


Omi said, “I don’t care what dog claws or not, you broke my dragon cup, I just want you to pay for it.”Omi was like a shrewd vendor on the street, grabbing Yu Hu by the collar and screaming for compensation.That act almost made even Liu Chen Ming think it was a real dragon cup.

Yu Hu was so furious that he was being pulled by his collar, but of course, Yu Hu chalked it up to an accident, he didn’t believe that Omi, a high school student, could actually pull his collar.

“One.”Yu Hu counted.

“Pay up, don’t give me any shouts of one, two, three, my ancestral dragon cup, that was used by the emperor for tea in the past, you broke it without even saying hello, I want you to pay up.”

“Two.”Yu Hu continued to count, his voice revealing an endless coldness.

“Compensate, ten million.”

“S…san. “Before the sound of three was even shouted, Omi punched Yu Hu’s belly.

“Bang” sounded, Yu Hu’s eyes were round and round for a moment, his back arched high and high, and his mouth managed to pop out a syllable “three.”

“Pay up.”Omi gripped Yu Hu’s collar and wouldn’t let go.

Yu Hu raised his head through the pain, at the moment he felt his whole stomach twitching and his hands and feet were trembling, he really found it hard to believe that he had been punched by Omi, and it was such a strong punch that he seemed to lose his fighting power for a moment.

“Pay up.” Remember the URL

“Bang.”With a yelp from the Don, another punch was thrown.

“Ah.”Yu Hu screamed and fell to the ground, covering his stomach and bowing his back.

Liu Chenming wiped his eyes and said in his heart, “What’s going on, Yu Hu is the Lanhe King’s son-in-law, his martial arts skills are definitely not weak, why does he seem like he doesn’t know how to do martial arts, covering his stomach and falling to the ground.”

Where did Liu Chenming know that Omi had already hit him with one punch when he was pretending to compare and shouting one, two, three, and he lost his fighting power, this second punch went up again, and Yu Hu just laid down.With these two punches, he still dared to come specifically to Omi, not thinking of his own strength.

At this moment, Yu Hu was trembling in pain, never expecting that Omi’s strength was so strong.

“Pay up, do you hear me?”After saying that, Omi grabbed Yu Hu and punched Yu Hu’s stomach again.

“Poof.”Yu Hu spurted out a mouthful of blood.

“Don’t fight don’t fight, I’ll pay for it.”Yu Hu shouted out in a row.

“I’ll pay for it.”

“Ten million.”

Yu Hu trembled his hands and wrote down a check for ten million, with a few drops of blood dripping on it.

“Alright, you’ve paid for my dragon cup, now we can get down to business.”Omi let Yu Hu go and handed the check to Liu Chen Ming.

Yu Hu crawled up from the ground, his body still shaking, and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

Omi asked, “Tell me, what is it that you came to see me specifically?Did you come specifically to break my dragon cup?”

Yu Hu’s heart was soaring with anger, he had come to take care of Omi, but he hadn’t even touched a hair, and had somehow lost ten million dollars, and most importantly was beaten until he vomited blood.

“It’s nothing, just came to have a cup of tea, I’m leaving first.”Yu Hu panicked and walked out of Liu Chenming’s house.

Omi scowled and cursed, “Grandson.”

Yu Hu after running out of Liu Chen Ming’s house.

Immediately getting into a car, after getting into the car, Yu Hu smashed the steering wheel and said furiously, “What the hell, how could a high school student be so powerful, even my level 26 martial arts level was actually softened by his two punches.It seems that I was too light today, I wasn’t prepared for it and was caught off guard by him to be like this.”

At this moment, Yu Hu’s phone rang again, it was his wife calling.

“Yu Hu, are you done with your business or not ah, you f*cking hurry up and get your ass over here.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll be right back.”

Yu Hu was helpless, today had to stop, another day to get ready and then think of ways to clean up Omi, but he is the son-in-law of the Lanhe King, Lanhe King several disciples are super strong.

Yu Hu quickly went to his father-in-law’s house, because his wife lived in his father-in-law’s house all year round, and the woman’s house was even stronger.

As soon as Yu Hu entered the room, his wife jumped out of the bed like a cat, jumped on Yu Hu and threw him on the floor, so impatient.

Ten minutes later, suddenly, a roar came from the room, “Get out.”

“Bang.”Yu Hu flew out of the window and fell onto the grass downstairs.

The whole family was quickly alarmed by this incident, and Yu Hu’s father-in-law, Lan He Wang, who happened to be watching TV in the living room, frowned, “The two young couples just met, and they’re fighting again?”

At that moment, Yu Hu ran into the hall from outside.

Yu Hu saw his entire family running into the living room, very angry that Omi had actually turned him into a half eunuch as well.

The Lan He King frowned, “What’s going on?Why did it turn out like this, why did you and Ying’er fight just now?”

Yu Hu was trembling with anger, he had found out, he and his brother and cousin, and his father, one and the same, half eunuch, oh my god, really got together a table of mahjong, his father and his brother and cousin didn’t know about this yet, I really don’t know if they would be angry when they knew about it too, they all expected him to seek revenge on Omi, as a result.

“Omi, I’m not done with you.”Yu Hu yelled out right away.

The Lanhe King asked, “What’s going on, tell me clearly.”

Yu Hu gritted his teeth and said, “Dad, a man named Omi did something to my brother, and my cousin, and my father, and became half a eunuch, unable to eat, drink, or use.So I just went to talk to that Omi to clear things up, but I didn’t think that Omi had some power and attacked me out of the blue causing me to suffer a loss, so I had to settle the score with him some other time.When I came back, when Ying Ying tried to make out with me, I didn’t even realize what was going on, but Ying Ying kicked me out the window.”

At that moment, Lan Ying Ying sobbed and came downstairs.

Lan Ying Ying sobbed, “Dad, Mom, I wanted to make out with him because I hadn’t seen him for half a month, but I didn’t expect that when the love was deep, I suddenly realized…sob.”Saying that, Lan Ying Ying cried out in frustration.

Lan He Wang was furious: “Alright, stop crying, who is Omi?”

Yu Hu was busy saying, “He’s a campus bodyguard hired by a small boss named Liu Chenming.”

“A high school student has such a strong power?Even you?Your family was turned into half a eunuch by him?”Lan He Wang’s eyebrows jumped.

Yu Hu lowered his head in shame, “Dad, I was the one who took the enemy lightly at first, otherwise he would never have beaten me, it’s not that I’m not strong enough, don’t get me wrong.”Yu Hu was still dead set on losing face, not daring to admit that he wasn’t strong enough, and the fact that his whole family had turned into half eunuchs was truly humiliating.Yu Hu’s inner anger, has piled up into a mountain, the family ah, just make up a table of mahjong ah.


The Lan He King looked at his crying daughter and said unhappily, “Yu Hu, I don’t care what method you use, this matter must give Ying Ying an explanation and make that Omi pay the price he deserves.Also, go to the hospital as soon as possible to heal it, don’t aggravate Ying Ying.”

“Dad, don’t worry, I will.”

“Alright, it’s fine, go back to your room.”

Omi finished beating up Yu Hu and went back upstairs to shower and sleep.

At Yu Wei’s house.

Yu Wei sat on the sofa.

Bai Maoquan said, “Uncle, Omi said that you must go to him once a month to get an injection, otherwise you will become a complete eunuch, do you really have to go to him to give him an injection?How to open your mouth.I hope that cousin can completely restrain Omi.”

Yu Wei’s body trembled more than a little, he was actually being screwed over to such an extent by the First Vice Hall Master of the Hall of Transfiguration Dragon, and he couldn’t even speak up.

“Brother has been looking for Omi for so long, and I don’t know how it’s going.”Yu Long said.

“Make a phone call to him.”

Just at that moment, Yu Hu walked in from the doorway. One second to remember to read the book

“How’s it going, brother?”

“Tiger, where’s Don Tzu-Chen?Didn’t you bring him in to treat us?”Yu Wei looked outside the door and didn’t see Omi’s figure.

Yu Hu cried out, “Dad, Xiaolong, Maoquan, I’m sorry, it’s all because I took the enemy lightly and couldn’t do anything about Omi.”

Yu Wei gasped, “You’re just too conceited, it’s just a matter of time, I’ll bring hundreds of brothers with me to settle the score with him some other day.”

Yu Long said, “Brother, just now sister-in-law has made several phone calls, urging you to go over.Let’s put this aside beforehand and hurry up to find your sister-in-law, after all, you’ve been on a business trip for half a month, and your sister-in-law misses you.”

Yu Hu Dao: “Already been there, Ying Ying threw me out.”

Yu Wei was busy asking, “Why?”

Yu Hu clenched both fists and gritted his teeth, “Because, because, because, because I’m also half a eunuch now.”


“Ah.”The three Yu Wei were shocked, not only did Yu Hu fail to clean up Omi, he even turned himself into a half eunuch.

“Ahhhh, God damn Omi.”Yu Wei could no longer control it and cried and roared out, the whole family had turned into half eunuchs.

Bai Maoquan was silly on one side, in his heart he said, “Finished, finished, completely finished, uncle’s family is all like me.”

Yu Long trembled and asked, “Brother, does your father-in-law know about this?Your father-in-law is extraordinary, if your father-in-law knew, would he seek justice for you?”

Yu Hu said, “My father-in-law told me to heal as soon as possible, don’t suffer Ying Ying, I don’t dare to say in front of my father-in-law that I’m not strong enough for fear of being belittled by my father-in-law, so my father-in-law told me to go and settle Omi as soon as possible.”

Yu Long said, “Brother, if Omi is really that strong, tell your father-in-law the truth ah, let your father-in-law help you out.”

“No, I can’t, what face do I, Yu Hu, have, besides, tonight was originally because of a light enemy, I will definitely take care of that Omi by myself, don’t let my father-in-law’s family think that my son-in-law is incompetent.”Yu Hu said through clenched teeth.

Nothing was said for the rest of the night.

The next day when I woke up, Omi seemed to have forgotten everything that happened last night, now that Yu Wei’s family had been screwed over by Omi, they should not dare to mess with Omi and Liu Chenming easily again.

Omi drove the lady to school again as usual, seemingly all a bit used to life now.

Going to the school today, Omi was going to hold a martial arts training class, officially issuing

Exhibit your own power.

In the first class, Omi came to the radio room and shouted, “Fellow students, I’m here to announce something, I’m going to start a martial arts training class, if you want to learn martial arts from me, sign up at my place.”

“Wow.”Suddenly, the whole school stirred, every student’s eyes shone with stars when they thought of Omi’s martial arts skills, the third place on the list of genius masters, and they wanted to become as powerful as Omi.

So, Omi pulled a table downstairs to the flat floor, and anyone who wanted to register, no matter which class they were in, lined up to touch their bones to verify, and anyone who Omi felt their roots were okay, stayed.

Soon, the people lining up downstairs formed a long queue, more lively than buying train tickets on spring break.

As for classes, no one was in them already, and the entire school had come to line up.

Moreover, many teachers even posed as students and lined up there, trying to hang out with Omi.

Omi was also surprised that so many students wanted to learn martial arts from him.

Then, Omi would have to verify it by touching the bones properly, since there were so many people, he would definitely have to find some with good qualifications.

Omi verified them one by one, touching the bones of their bodies, the ones that were seedlings stayed, and Carlos registered him beside him.

“Well, your bones are good, what’s your name if you passed the first round of screening.”

“Tang Shao, my name is Lan Yu, second year senior class 5.”

Omi wrote down the name.


A girl came up, this girl wasn’t pretty, but her figure was okay.

Omi said, “I want to determine the condition of your roots and bones, so I will touch your body, if you can’t accept it, then give up.”

The girl blushed and said, “Tang Shao, you do whatever.”

Omi was not polite, starting from the neck to touch the bones, then the arms, back, chest, and so on every bone and joint of the whole body, the whole body all the way down, the girl touched the whole body itchy, the boys in line behind a burst of envy, Omi Yanfu is so deep, so many girls, wouldn’t it be almost all the girls in the school to touch.

“Sorry, root bone is no good, next.”

That girl was sorry, she was touched by Omi for nothing.

Omi one after another, and soon it was eleven in the morning, but when Omi took a look, there was still a long, long line behind him, and I’m afraid they all lined up to the playground.

The school teachers simply couldn’t do anything about the students who were lining up, and no matter how much they shouted, they wouldn’t return to class.

The principal was helpless, and simply announced that classes would be suspended for the day.

After the principal’s announcement, he changed into a school uniform, put on a hat, and also blended in with the queuing students.

Soon, it was noon, and Omi all felt senseless from touching men and women all morning.

At the moment, Liona stood in the upstairs corridor, Omi every touch a girl, she has to curse a pervert, her heart is very uncomfortable, but there is no way.

“How many?”Omi asked.

Carlos said, “More than thirty.”

“It’s only over thirty after feeling the bones to verify all morning.”Omi was also speechless, it seemed that there weren’t many talents suitable for martial arts training in this school, and Omi wasn’t very strict in feeling the bones, but nevertheless, only thirty or so met the conditions he had in mind.

However, there were many, many more teams behind.

“Hey, aren’t you the headmaster?”Don was about to touch a student when he realized it was the principal, and Nima was still wearing his school uniform.


“Oh, Omi, that…” the principal was a bit embarrassed that even he was posing as a student here.

But Omi didn’t mind the bit of trouble he once had with the principal and still gave him a very serious bone touch.

What Omi didn’t expect was that the principal actually had a good root bone.

“Headmaster, not bad, you’re actually suitable for martial arts training.”

“Really?That’s great, so can I sign up?”The principal was excited.

Omi turned back to Carlos and said, “Mark it down.”

“Thank you, Tang Shao.”

The principal passed Omi’s bone touch, feeling doubly happy at the thought of being able to learn martial arts from Omi.He seemed to forget how much he once disdained Omi.

At this time, Wei Ming walked up to the headmaster with an unhappy face.

“Headmaster, I’ve been teaching you martial arts every day while you went to learn from Omi without even informing me, have you ever considered my feelings.”Wei Ming said.

The headmaster changed his face faster than turning the pages of a book, humming, “Wei Ming, from today onwards, you don’t need to teach me martial arts, I already have someone better than you to teach me, alright, go where it’s cool and stay.” The first website mNatia .online

Wei Ming silently walked away, his heart was very lost, he had been teaching the headmaster for a few years at least, but he turned his back on him so quickly.

Wei Ming bit his teeth, as if he had made a decision, then, he also joined the long queue.

At four o’clock in the afternoon, Omi was about to touch a student, and when he looked up, hey, it was Wei Ming, the tenth on the genius master list.

“It’s you, Wei Ming.”Omi was a little surprised, after all, Wei Ming was also a famous person in the school, but he would choose to join his training course, while the other genius experts and other people, none of them joined, because they couldn’t pull face, but Wei Ming was the first one to pull face.

Wei Ming said, “Touch it.”

Omi smiled: “You don’t need to touch it, Carlos, mark it down.”

Wei Ming saw Omi let him pass directly, and said thank you to Omi for giving him different treatment, making Wei Ming feel a bit of face.

Omi said, “Wei Ming, I believe that in the future, you will be very glad that you chose today.”

“I hope so.”Wei Ming didn’t say anything and walked away.

This bone-touching registration lasted until ten o’clock at night, and Omi touched all the students in line for thirteen hours.

Only after it was finished did Omi drive the BMW home.

Liona did not go home first, and waited at the school until ten o’clock to finish before going home with Omi.

Back home, Omi ate a meal and then compiled the list.

After a hard day’s work, there were exactly 180 students who met Omi’s bone touching requirements, which included a principal and two teachers.

Omi immediately made a post on campus, “The following list passed the first round of screening and will become the first students of Omi’s training course.Within the next month, I will train these 180 students, and after a month, I will assess them, and those who pass the assessment, I will have a big surprise for them.”

At the end of the post, Omi typed up the 180 names one by one, of course, Omi was slow to type, it was Liona who helped him.

The entire campus, at the moment, was talking about the 180 students who passed the bone touch, like they had won the lottery!

Excited, they all speculated about what surprises Omi would give to the students who passed the one-month assessment.

In short, the entire campus was Omi’s tonight.

At this moment, in a certain room in Linjiang City, a boy looked at the campus and felt very uncomfortable.

This boy was depressed, “Omi hasn’t become the number one in the school yet, why does it feel like he’s become the number one in the school now, as if me and the number one, Xu Yan, don’t exist at all anymore.”

That’s right, this boy’s name was Fang Xu, and he was from Baiyun Middle School, the second place on the genius expert list.

Fang Xu made a special trip to the school today and walked around the school, but there wasn’t even a single person to greet him, and all the students were lining up for Omi to touch their bones.

Even the teachers were queuing up posing as students, and worst of all, even the principal was queuing up posing as a student.

This made Fang Xu feel uncomfortable inside, where exactly uncomfortable and seemed unable to say.In short, it felt as if Omi had become the first in the school, and he, the second, and Xu Yan, the first place, did not exist anymore.

After returning home, Fang Xu, the more he thought about it, the more he felt unhappy, and then opened the campus to take a look at the post Omi just posted, informing that 180 list, only a few minutes, ten thousand replies.

In short, the entire campus, as if they have turned into a Tang family opened, Omi Omi, everywhere is not Omi.

The more Fang Xu looked inside, the more he really didn’t feel good, Omi hadn’t become the first in the school yet, did all the students of Baiyun Middle School ignore the second and first place?

Fang Xu took a deep breath and seemed to have made a decision that he couldn’t be ignored by the entire school like this anymore, it felt like he didn’t exist, he had to exist for once.

Thus, Fang Xu, who never posted, also made a post on campus.

Fang Xu’s post said, “Hello everyone, I am Fang Xu.”

After Fang Xu finished his post, he thought to himself, “The second best person on the Genius Expert List has posted, I wonder how many replies there will be after five minutes.”

Fang Xu looked at the time on the wall and waited quietly for five minutes, he was a little nervous, his first post, I don’t know how many replies, he hoped to reach more than 20,000, all of a sudden burst Omi’s post, let everyone know that there is someone more powerful in the school, don’t make it as if Omi had become number one.

Soon, five minutes arrived, Fang Xu took another deep breath and clicked ‘refresh’ to see how many replies there were, the more replies, the more weight he had, the more weight he had.

However, once Fang Xu refreshed, he found that his post was missing.

“Eh?Where’s my post?Why is it gone?Has it been deleted?”With a frown on his brow, Fang Xu began to scroll down, and finally, he flipped to his post, which turned out to have sunk to the bottom of the campus.Fang Xu immediately clicked on his post, and found, zero replies.

Fang Xu took a second look, the entire campus, were all damn Omi’s posts, and the three words Omi had simply dominated the campus forum.And yet he, the second best genius expert, had zero replies.

Suddenly, a strong feeling of displeasure, unwillingness, disobedience inside Fang Xu, he is the second genius expert second character, why zero replies, Omi a third, but dominate the screen.

“Omi, Omi, all Omi, in the end, who is the second of the genius expert.”Fang Xu’s anger almost dropped his phone.

Fang Xu adjusted his breathing and said under his breath, “Maybe, just now, people didn’t remember for a moment, after all, I rarely appear in school, okay, I’ll post again, this time I’ll make it clearer.”


So, Fang Xu made another post, “Fellow students, I’m Fang Xu, I’m exhausted from martial arts practice today, my Fang Family’s 10 Sections Sword, last time it made me the second best Genius Expert, this time it’s much more refined, I don’t know if I can challenge the first place now.”

Fang Xu’s post this time was much clearer than the one he just made, and it sold out, again specifically naming the second place of the Genius Expert, while also naming that he might have the strength to challenge for first place.No matter how you look at it, this compulsion should be higher than any of Omi’s posts.This time, Fang Xu would like to see how many replies there were.

“I hope that after five minutes, the number of replies will be on 30,000.”Fang Xu silently counted the time, waiting for the five minutes to end.

When the five minutes finally ended, Fang Xu was busy refreshing the campus, and when he looked, his post sank to the bottom again, and… there were zero replies again.

“Why?Why is that, exactly?Do I, Fang Xu, have so little weight in Baiyun High School?What is Omi, why is it that his post has ten thousand comments in a few minutes, while my post has zero replies.”Fang Xu roared, this strong contrast made him want to get angry.

Fang Xu pondered for a while, took out his phone and made a call out.

At this moment, a woman, who was about to go to sleep, picked up the phone.

“Fang Xu, why are you calling me in the middle of the night?”Xu Yan asked.This Xu Yan was the first in the White Cloud High School’s genius master list.

“Don’t misunderstand, Xu Yan, I don’t have any special intentions towards you.”Fang Xu was busy explaining, although this Xu Yan had a good body, but unfortunately her looks were too ordinary, Fang Xu was not the least bit interested in her.

“No special meaning to me, why are you calling me in the middle of the night?”

“Xu Yan, you rarely go to school either, don’t you know what’s going on at school nowadays?”Fang Xu asked. Remember the URL

“I know, that No. 1 evil young man, Omi, defeated Liao Jia Yuan and became the third best genius expert, you called me about this?”

“Xu Yan, have you gone to see the campus, you went to see the campus, it seems like all the students only have eyes for Omi, what do you think about this?”

“Boring.”After saying that, Xu Yan directly hung up.

Fang Xu was furious and scolded, “b*tch.”

The fire in Fang Xu’s heart had risen, looking for Xu Yan to confide in her, but I didn’t expect her to provoke the phone.

A few minutes later, Fang Xu cursed again, “Grass you, Omi, what kind of gripper are you, I’m Fang Xu, second place, what makes you so popular, but I have no one to pay attention to.”

Fang Xu picked up his phone and made another post, “Omi, do you dare to fight with me, Fang Xu?I’ll be online waiting for your reply.”

After sending it, Fang Xu took a deep breath, previously disdainful of Omi, but now he took the initiative to challenge him.

Fang Xu gritted his teeth and said, “This time, if there aren’t 30,000 replies yet, we’ll eat Xiang live.”

Ten minutes later, Fang Xu clicked refresh, a little nervous inside, wondering how many replies there were.

“Huh?Where’s the post?”

Fang Xu flipped, Nima, and sank to the bottom again, and then looked again, zero replies.

At this moment, Fang Xu felt as if he had been hit hard in the face, as if he was an ant-like character, and everyone ignored him.

With a “pop”, Fang Xu slammed the phone down and gritted his teeth, “Omi.”

At this moment, at Liu Chenming’s house, Omi was about to go to bed, when Liona suddenly

Nature called him.

“Miss, what’s up?”

“Are you asleep?”Shannon Liu asked.

“What’s wrong?”

“No, just kind of can’t sleep.”

“It’s almost twelve o’clock, why can’t you sleep.”

“I don’t know why.”Liona said with a ghostly voice.

“Oh, Miss, I’ll give you a shot then.”

“Mm.”Liona was busy nodding, Omi was going to come over to her room, a little nervous and a little expectant.

Omi climbed over the balcony and came over to Liona’s room.

Liona was wearing a pink nightgown, sitting on the bed, her face flushed and looking at Omi, her hair was loose, a beautiful lazy look, a different flavor.

Omi thought about it and said, “I’d better give you a massage, no more needles, the massage will help you sleep.”

“Good.”Liona nodded her head gently.

Omi went to the head of Liona’s bed and said, “Lie down, lie down.”

Omi’s hand squeezed on Liona’s shoulder, and Liona’s body felt like an electric shock.

At that moment, Liona rolled over and grumbled, “Right, you touched almost all the girls in the school today, your hands are already dirty, I don’t want you to touch me.”

“Ugh.”Omi was stunned, this lady was really hard to serve, suddenly not letting him touch.

“I can’t sleep I just got up in the middle of the night, so I kindly got up to give you a hypnotic massage.”

Liona remembered Omi’s today touched all the girls in the school, inside is very jealous of the feeling, although Omi just verify there is no talent for martial arts practice, is not doing anything.

Liona suddenly said, “By the way, you can also help me feel my bones to see if my bones are suitable for martial arts training.”

“This, it’s not quite suitable, right?”

“Why is it inappropriate?You’ve given the whole school girls validation, and I’m not going to give it?”

“I felt the bones to validate the root bone, as you saw, and I took every joint from head to toe.”

“Then how come you didn’t feel out of place validating so many girls during the day?”

“Oh, Miss, they’re just regular girls, I don’t even think about it, and you’re Miss, I’m a little under the weather.”

“I don’t care, I also want to feel the bones to verify.”Liona wanted Omi to feel her bones for verification even more, Liona herself couldn’t understand her own behavior.

“Alright, then you stand still.”

Liona immediately stood up, it was just that it was a bit awkward to be alone in the middle of the night.

Omi’s hands touched Liona’s neck, under her armpits, her chest, every joint of the human body.

Soon, Omi finished touching the bones, the hand left Liona’s body, Liona suddenly felt a hollow heart, and suddenly wanted to, Omi’s hand on her body all the time how good.

Omi was a bit shocked inside, originally thought that Liona did not have any martial arts talent at all, but he found out that Liona not only had martial arts talent, but also a very talented class, today Baiyun Middle School so many people, none of them better than Liona’s root bone, Liona’s root bone condition, almost spike all the students in Baiyun Middle School, of course, referring to today Omi’s bone touch verified.


Xiang Yun Liu blushed and asked, “How was it?Am I fit for martial arts?”

Omi said, “Miss, I must heal you as soon as possible.”

“Answer the question, don’t fork the topic, if it’s not suitable, just say it’s not suitable, I won’t be angry anyway.”

Omi smiled, “Miss, I’m not forking the topic, I’m feeling sorry for you.Your root bone is perfect for martial arts training, and with so many people touching bones at the school today, you’re the best root bone I’ve ever touched.”

“Che, brag about you.”

Omi was serious, “I’m lying to you puppy, your root bone is really suitable for martial arts training, it’s just a pity that you didn’t start at a young age and missed the best age, otherwise, you would definitely be a martial arts genius.”



Liona said, “My mother, she is an expert, but unfortunately, she has abandoned me.”

“No wonder your roots are so good, it’s genetic.Alright, miss, it’s already the second half of the night, go to sleep, I’ll try my best to cure you so that you can start practicing martial arts soon.”

“Mm.”Liona nodded and Omi left Liona’s room, but Liona sighed deeply, but she immediately blushed again when she thought back to the feeling she had just felt all over her body. One Second Remember to Read the Book

A night without a word.

The next day, Omi went to school with Liona as usual, and today, Omi would be teaching those students martial arts training and the plan to train their hearts and minds was officially launched.

Omi had just sat down in the classroom.

Suddenly, the school radio sounded, “Omi, do I grass you.”


The whole school was stunned, who was openly scolding Omi on the radio.

Omi’s eyebrows furrowed, who the f*ck is sick.

“Omi, you mother than, what are you, I’m Fang Xu, the second best genius expert, he f*ck, ignore me.Those stupid students, you just keep licking Omi’s stinky feet, see if Omi will reward you with a bubble of urine to drink.Omi, immediately to the playground, I’m going to kill you today, I, who the heck is a character in Baiyun Middle School, you go immediately, do not force me to go to your class to find you.Say it again, I’m your grandfather Fang Xu.”

After hearing this announcement, the whole school roared, Fang Xu, that second-place finisher, was going to kill Omi.

Fang Xu rarely appeared in school, so the students at Bai Yun High School really didn’t know much about him, and many of them had even never seen Fang Xu in real life.

That’s why, when Fang Xu posted on campus, it sank to the bottom all of a sudden, no one gave a damn about him at all.

After broadcasting, Fang Xu exhaled a deep breath, this time, Fang Xu didn’t believe that no one in the entire school would still pay attention to him.

Originally, Fang Xu didn’t have that kind of confidence in Omi to spike him, but that raving just now was all forced, he hadn’t slept a single night last night, and he was angry.

When all the students heard Fang Xu’s announcement, they immediately put down their books and rushed to the playground, the teacher also had a moment of frustration and sighed, then also quickly rushed to the playground.

In short, before Omi had even started to move, the playground was packed with students rushing to the playground, as if it was a sports day.

At this moment, Fang Xu was standing in front of the window of the radio room, looking towards the playground, and there were already people

It’s crowded, and there are constantly students who are running to the playground, almost all of them are rushing to the playground at the speed of a hundred meters, afraid of missing out like.

Fang Xu took another deep breath, took out a sword hilt from his pocket and spoke to the hilt, “Leng Yun, relying on you, I hope to fight for me today and defeat Omi in one fell swoop, my wild words have been released, if I don’t defeat Omi, what face do I have.It’s all forced by those stupid students, if they didn’t give me zero replies, why would I be so angry.Those bunch of stupid students, you guys are holding Omi up so much, I, Fang Xu, will show you how I, the second place in the genius list, will sword Omi’s throat and make him beg for mercy.”

After saying that, Fang Xu walked out of the broadcast room and headed towards the playground.Omi was preparing to gather the 180 students who passed the bone touch yesterday for training, but he didn’t expect that this would suddenly happen.

“Fang Xu.”Omi clenched his fist, if Fang Xu didn’t take the initiative to provoke Omi, Omi wouldn’t even think of this person, but he was even in the broadcast, left one sentence of grass you? and right one sentence of grass you?, this made Omi very faint.Omi hadn’t offended him at all, and had no interaction with him, but he was abusing Omi like this, it was strange that Omi wasn’t fainthearted.

“Is the second place in the genius expert list so powerful?Just feel free to insult me on the radio?”Omi said.

Carlos was busy saying, “Omi, I guess this Fang Xu is brushing his existence away, can’t you see, your current popularity has completely covered up whatever first place and second place, that Fang Xu is very unhappy right.So he just cursed the students of Baiyun Middle School on the radio for being stupid and licking your stinky feet.At first glance, he was upset with all the students holding you up and ignoring him, so he came out to brush up his existence.”

“In short, he messed with me.”Omi didn’t care what grievances he had.

Omi and Carlos walked to the playground together.

Carlos said, “Omi, you’re so popular, the broadcast is still less than ten minutes old and the entire playground is packed with people, there aren’t that many people even for a sports day.”

“Oh.”Omi laughed and said in his heart, “What is this, at one time, when he was the number one young man in the world, the entire Jianghu had his fans, he was the dream lover of countless young girls.The district’s Baiyun High School is nothing to this point of students.”Omi still clearly remembered that once, he and the son of the lord of Eastern Chu City, dueled at the summit of Eastern Chu, at that time, countless people from the entire Jianghu Lake rushed there months in advance to watch, that scene, that atmosphere, how could it be compared to this White Cloud High School’s current student.

I don’t know if the son of the lord of Eastern Chu City has recovered from his madness, the son of the lord, who was originally the most famous son of Eastern Chu, was beaten by Omi and couldn’t get up.

Not to mention, the past is like smoke, the more I think about the more painful, never to return to the past.

Back in reality, Omi and Carlos came to the playground, all eyes looking at him.

Fang Xu also soon walked into the playground.

Omi looked at the boy in front of him, he was Fang Xu, and they were standing in the middle of the playground, less than twenty meters apart.

The noisy scene was suddenly quiet.

Omi said, “You are Fang Xu?You’ve angered me.”

Fang Xu snorted, “Omi, you’ve also made me very upset.”

“Fang Xu, I, Omi, am not entangled with you in any way, yet you insulted me on the radio and threatened to kill me.”

“Yes, I’m going to make you say to my sword, spare my life.”


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