King of kings 181-185

Chapter 181

“Why?”Omi asked, if it was someone from Zhao Ritian Liao Jia Yuan’s stream, Omi could understand, but Fang Xu had never met anyone before, let alone have any conflicts.

“Because, I’m not happy with you, I’m not used to those stupid students at Baiyun High School, licking you like flies.”

“Hahaha, Carlos is indeed right, you are trying to brush up your existence.Is it that you, the second place of the so-called genius expert, are upset that the limelight has been completely covered up by me?”

“Omi, I don’t want to talk nonsense, let’s just see the real thing under my hands, I’ll see how you can win against the sword in my hand.”

Omi said disdainfully, “With you, you’re not qualified to talk sword with me, the world’s number one youngest.”

“The world’s number one youngest?I can’t get enough of being the most evil teenager in Baiyun High School. Now you want to be the most evil teenager in the world?Fine, then let my Fang Family Ten Cut Sword tell you the cruel truth.”

“The Fang Family’s Ten Cut Sword?Is it a sword that breaks into ten pieces in a single encounter?”

“f*ck you.”Fang Xu instantly took out the hilt of his sword and with a clang, the sword popped out, then flew towards Omi.

Fang Xu also displayed his light skills, but unfortunately, it looked so bad to Omi.

Omi didn’t move, this time, Omi didn’t want to waste one more second with him.

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“Swoosh Swoosh.”Fang Xu used his strongest move as soon as he did it, because, he wanted to use his fastest speed to beat Omi down, the faster he beat him down, the higher his image would naturally be.

Omi’s fingers quickly came out, and the sword Fang Xu was wielding was instantly clamped down by Omi.

“Ka-ching.”Without saying a word, Omi shattered Fang Xu’s sword, breaking it into exactly ten pieces, leaving Fang Xu with only a hilt in his hand.

“Ah, this.”Fang Xu looked at the sword hilt in his hand, as if he was stupidly there, completely unresponsive.

The whole place wowed.

Omi snorted, “Worthy of being the Fang family’s ten cut sword, no more, no less, exactly ten cut.”

“You.”Fang Xu looked at Omi with wide eyes, it hadn’t even officially started yet, he had only one sword out and he was broken by Omi’s ten cuts.

Omi suddenly kicked Fang Xu’s belly with a flying kick.

“Ah.”Fang Xu’s body flew into the air and ended up falling thirty meters away, Omi toed a bit and flipped a few times in mid-air, coming to Fang Xu’s side.

“Wow.”Everyone saw how good Omi’s lightness was, wow, that worship in their hearts.

Fang Xu was still rolling on the ground, Omi stomped on Fang Xu’s chest and said, “Fang’s ten-section sword, I pooh.”Omi spat a mouthful of water on Fang Xu’s face.

After spitting, Omi ignored Fang Xu and shouted to the crowd of onlookers in the stadium, “The 180 people who passed the registration for yesterday’s bone touching, come down immediately and gather, the rest of you go back to class.”

Although many people didn’t want to go back to class and wanted to see how Omi taught them how to practice martial arts, they had no choice but to go back to class, and even Liona was eager to stay.

Everyone left the playground one after another, and Fang Xu was still on the ground at the moment, unable to get up, and no one paid any attention to him, Omi had just kicked him so hard that he wouldn’t be able to get up for at least half an hour.

In the end, only 180 people were left in the playground.

Omi said: “Starting from today, within this month, you are all students of my Omi training course.Within this month, I will train you.

us and teach you martial arts, the assessment will be conducted after a month, and if you pass, you will be given a surprise.”

Everyone asked, “Tang Shao, what kind of surprise?Can we reveal it in advance.”

Omi smiled, nodding his head, “It’s good to reveal in advance, so you guys will be more motivated.”

Everyone looked at Omi expectantly.

Omi said, “That is, I will accept those students who pass the assessment as registered disciples, this is enough of a surprise.”Omi smiled.However, everyone didn’t say anything, nor did they act very surprised.

A student frowned and asked, “Tang Shao, the surprise you’re talking about is becoming your notated bottom?”

“Yeah, isn’t that enough of a surprise?It’s such an honor to be able to become my registered disciple, so you guys must work hard during this month of training, I will only accept the top ten as my registered disciples, after ten, you won’t have a chance to be a registered disciple.”There was no applause as Omi finished speaking.

Another student frowned, “Tang Shao, if I make it to the top ten, must I worship you as my master?Can you choose not to?”

Omi’s heart thudded as he asked, “What do you mean?”

“Tang Shao, to be honest, I don’t want to be your disciple, if the top ten have to worship you, then I don’t want to enter the top ten.”

Omi’s eyebrows furrowed, “Isn’t it bad to become my registered disciple?You guys should be feeling very motivated.”

All the students didn’t say anything with their mouths, but they all skimmed their hearts.

A student said again, “Tang Shao, we are all students, practicing martial arts with you and just having fun, you’re really nothing ah.And to worship you as a teacher, hehe, I don’t feel like it’s fun anymore.”

Another student also said, “That’s right, why do you have to become some kind of registered disciple, we are all students, we are all equals.”

Omi seemed to understand and smiled, “You guys are thinking that it’s embarrassing to become my disciples, since we are all students, right?”

Everyone didn’t say anything, by default, they only joined the training course to learn martial arts, not to be Omi’s disciples, it was too humiliating to be disciples, everyone was the same age, why should they be disciples, or, Omi wasn’t qualified to be their master yet.

At this moment, Omi understood that his initial thought was wrong, these students just wanted to learn his martial arts, so how could they become Omi’s henchmen.The most basic condition to become his henchmen was to be absolutely submissive to Omi, not to betray, willing to be lower than Omi, even as his disciple could not feel ashamed, such a person could not become his henchmen, and it was just teaching them martial arts for nothing.

Omi burst out laughing a few times after understanding everyone’s thoughts, his thinking hadn’t changed from his previous life.But now, in everyone’s mind, Omi was just a figure of the school, and everyone was just playing around, and still accepting disciples.

Omi immediately said, “Then, I’ve decided to skip the assessment and skip straight to the second part of the process and perform the worship ceremony.”

“Worship ceremony?”The crowd’s brows furrowed, Omi didn’t hurry up to teach martial arts, what the hell was he doing.

“The worship ceremony is to kneel in front of me in front of everyone, kowtow to me three times, shouting that my master is above me, please accept the disciple, then respectfully offer me a cup of tea, and finally respectfully kowtow three more times to my master’s head.Of course, this ritual is only the most basic ceremony of being a registered disciple, and I’ll be open-minded enough to accept a registered disciple today.”


The crowd was discussing, and their voices seemed quite dissatisfied.

A student said, “Tang Shao, don’t make it so complicated ah, what’s the point of joining the training course.Just start practicing martial arts directly.”

“That’s right, the worst thing we can do is call you Teacher Tang, but you still have to kneel and kowtow and offer tea.”This student also had the second half of the sentence left unsaid, what kind of person do you really think you are, to be frank, you’re just an evil youngster.

The principal also said, “Omi, look, the other students are fine, but I, a principal, have to kowtow to you in public, this is too ridiculous.”

Omi said, “Those who don’t want to, leave now, those who do, at 11:30, prepare your own tea, go to the front of the school building, and hold a ceremony of worship.”

Omi just walked away after saying that, these people are too naive, and play just play.

As soon as Omi left, many people suddenly cursed, “My grass, what kind of identity does he really think he is, and kneel to kowtow, I haven’t even knelt to my parents.”

“That’s right, don’t learn, his martial arts skills may not be as powerful as my family’s.”A student said, this student’s family is also relatively rich, in fact more than half of these 180 students are relatively rich, let them call Omi master, if their parents find out, they won’t chop them to death.

“f*ck the evil young man, I’m not learning, but also to worship, I have a master at home, my master minute second him.”

Although Omi walked out of the playground, but the words of those students, Omi all vaguely heard.

Omi smiled bitterly, “Fortunately, I was alert and discovered this problem beforehand, without any sincerity, those who only want to learn my martial arts skills, how can they become my henchmen in the future, exempt.Since that’s the case, I won’t bother wasting my time, the one who dares to worship me in public and is sincere, I, Omi, will definitely cultivate him to be very powerful and spike Fang Xu to the point of killing him.”Omi was very confident, after all, Fang Xu, the second best so-called genius expert, was very ordinary in Omi’s eyes, and it wasn’t difficult for Omi to cultivate him to this strength. Remember the URL Natia .online

Omi took out his cell phone and made a post on campus, “At 11:30 am, in front of the No. 5 school building, a ceremony of worship will be held, all students are welcome to come and watch.”The more people onlooked, the better.

The principal returned to his office for the time being, he was very depressed.

“This Omi, what kind of teacher worship is he engaging in, does he find it interesting?I’m the headmaster, in full view of the public, kowtowing to him, do I still have to be ashamed.It’s just a matter of not learning from him.However, by not learning from him, I’ve offended Wei Ming again.”

At this moment, Wei Ming was also contemplating, he was at least the famous genius expert of Baiyun High School, ranked tenth ah, before he practiced martial arts with Omi felt that it was hard to pull down his face, and now he had to worship Omi as his teacher, he definitely couldn’t accept it.

Wei Ming pondered in his mind, “My martial arts skill is always hovering at level 11, and I don’t know how much Omi’s martial arts skill is at. If his martial arts skill is higher than level 29, then it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for me to worship him, because my uncle, too, is only at level 29.I’ll make a call with my uncle and see.”

Wei Ming immediately made a phone call to his uncle, whose name was Wei Jin.

Wei Jin said to Wei Ming, “Ask Omi personally to see his martial arts

How many levels has the realm reached, daring to accept you as a disciple.”

Omi was already sitting in the classroom at this time, he was already starting to train those 180 people as planned, who knew, there was such a big accident.Omi wouldn’t be foolish enough to teach people randomly, they had to be sincere people, although Omi wouldn’t teach them very profound martial arts, but at least for this city, it certainly wasn’t low level.

Wei Ming arrived at Class 32 and called Omi out into the hallway.

“Wei Ming, what do you want to say, is it that you also think that it’s embarrassing to call me master when we are all students and you are the tenth most famous genius expert?”

Wei Ming said, “Omi, if you’re really good at it, I’m not ashamed to ask you, what is your martial arts realm?How many levels have you reached?Since you dared to offer to take us as your disciples, I don’t think you’re weak, are you?”

Omi said ashamedly, “Sorry, I haven’t reached any realm yet.”

“What do you mean?”Wei Ming was a bit confused, even he was level 12, how could Omi not have any realm yet?

“That is to say, I haven’t reached the outer door realm yet.”Omi was also quite helpless, he was a good innate level expert, but he came here and wasn’t even an outer door anymore.

However, Wei Ming was shocked, “Outer door?Omi, you’re not joking, Outer Gate Realm, there’s not one in the entire Linjiang City, if you reach the Outer Gate Realm, what are you still hanging around here for.”

“Uh, what do you mean?What is the martial arts realm you’re referring to?Is there a lower one below the outer realm?”Omi looked at Wei Ming in puzzlement, Omi only knew that the outer gate initial stage was the lowest, the outer gate realm was divided into initial, middle, high, complete, and great perfection before entering the more profound inner gate realm, the inner gate realm also had initial, middle, high, complete, and great perfection, and then there was Houtian, innate.In his previous life, Omi had reached the innate level ah, so Omi now didn’t even dare to talk to people about the realm, inferior.

Wei Ming said, “You don’t even know?Every martial arts practitioner knew that.Under the outer gate, there are a total of 100 levels of martial arts, which are level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4, level 5, level 6, all the way up to level 100.When it reaches level 100, it means that it has become an outer door expert, and there are no outer door experts in the entire Linjiang City.”

Omi whipped out a cold sweat, the outer door realm was already the lowest level at that time of his life.Of course, it didn’t mean that, in Omi’s world, everyone who started training martial arts was an outer gate, there were many who couldn’t even reach the beginning of the outer gate, but there was no realm division under the outer gate.I never thought that in this world, there are 100 levels under the outer gate.

Omi asked, “Then what level have you reached?”

Wei Ming said, “I won’t lie to you, level 11, so I want to ask you how many levels you’ve reached, if you’re over level 29, I’ll call you master, otherwise, you don’t have the qualifications for me to call you master.”

Omi really didn’t know how many levels he was.

“How did you determine that you’re level 12, truth be told, I don’t know how many levels I am, I haven’t reached the outer gate anyway, the outer gate is already the lowest level in my heart, I really didn’t think that there was a lower one.As far as I remember, every time I reach a martial arts realm, I am able to sense it through my inner force, mind, dantian, etc. Why can’t I feel what I’ve reached?Why can’t I sense what level I’ve reached?”


Wei Ming frowned, “Make it sound as if you were once a super strong person above the outer gate.”

Omi didn’t want to tell him that he was once already an innate expert, and no one would believe him if he did.There wasn’t even one at the lowest level of the outer gate in Linjiang City, innate, it was probably legendary.

“Alright, if you don’t want to worship, I won’t force you, anyway, my strength is here, as for how many ranks I have, I don’t understand, I don’t want to understand.”

Wei Ming hesitated and said, “I have an uncle, he’s a somewhat famous expert in Linjiang City, he’s reached level 29, if you’re willing, go meet my uncle, maybe you’ll know roughly how many levels you are.”

Omi nodded his head, in fact, Omi was quite interested in the 100th level under the outer door of this world.

Omi got into Wei Ming’s car, Wei Ming’s car wasn’t a luxury car, it was just a 70,000 to 80,000 yuan one, it seemed that Wei Ming wasn’t a rich man.

“What does your uncle do?”Omi asked.

“My uncle is the head instructor at a martial arts school, I’m not a rich man, this car was given to my uncle by someone else, and my uncle drove it for me again.”

Omi nodded and laughed lightly, “Your uncle, level 29, when the head instructor of a martial arts school, hehe, I don’t know how many levels the other so-called genius experts of Baiyun High School are.”

Wei Ming said, “If you want to know I can tell you, the ninth place one is like me, level 11, and the eighth place one, Edward, level 12.That Zhao Ritian, level 13, that Liao Gayuan, level 16, and Fang Xu, level 17.”

“Oh.”Omi had a deeper understanding of those genius experts after Wei Ming said that, but unfortunately, Omi couldn’t feel what level he himself was roughly at.This might have something to do with the fact that Omi wasn’t from this era and had no concept of the 100 grading at all.For example, people in this era, from first grade to PhD, can determine by a certain knowledge that this knowledge belongs to that grade, for example, once function, everyone immediately knows that this is the third grade. One second to remember to read the book

“By the way, that whoever is the first place genius expert, how many levels?”

Wei Ming said, “Her name is Xu Yan, unfortunately, I don’t know how many levels she is, I heard that it’s very powerful, Fang Xu is in her hands, all of them are absolute seconds.”

“So powerful.”

“That’s normal, after all, Xu Yan has an unusual history, her sister is Linjiang City’s famous Chief Captain Xu Mei Qian.”

“Wow.”Omi was shocked, so Xu Yan, the number one genius expert at Baiyun High School, was the sister of that chick Xu Mei Qian.Seeing that Xu Mei Qian was so powerful, it wasn’t surprising that her sister was powerful.

However, no matter how powerful Xu Yan was, she couldn’t be stronger than Omi, because Xu Mei Qian couldn’t even beat Omi, or even be a match for Omi.Although that night, Omi and Xu Mei Qian fought a battle on the river, Omi did not put out his full strength that day.

Wei Ming said, “Actually, Fang Xu is already very powerful, only in his third year of high school, he has reached level 17.Many thirty year old martial arts practitioners may not be able to reach level 17, so in the future, after Fang Xu graduates from university, I think he will be able to reach at least level 25, which is already very close to my uncle’s level.If Fang Xu progresses further in the latter half of his life, or gets some guidance or even obtains any higher martial arts, then it’s not impossible for him to rush up to level 40.”

“Oh.”Omi could hear from Wei Ming that Level 40 seemed strong.And in Omi’s heart, he hadn’t even reached the outer gate yet, poorly.But everyone’s thoughts were different, and Omi’s heart was very poor at the outer realm of the gate

, that is, level 100, was an existence that Wei Ming didn’t even dare to think about.

In Wei Ming’s mind, even Fang Xu would feel like an oxymoron if he was able to rush to level 40 in the future, as for level 100, he didn’t even dare to think about it.

Omi was suddenly a bit speechless ah, so to speak, what kind of existence would that have to be from his previous innate life?

“How much do you think you can punch up?What’s your dream?”Omi asked.

A glow appeared in Wei Ming’s eyes and said, “My dream is to reach at least level 30, or even level 40, so that I can also start a great career on my own, and then be worthy of Song Yu’er, and finally marry a wife like Song Yu’er for the rest of my life.”

Omi laughed, “Is that all you’ve got, haven’t you ever thought of, coming up to level 100 or something?”

Wei Ming was shocked, “Level 100?This is already the Outer Gate Realm, I, I’d better forget about it.Don’t even think about it if you’re not the one with the great chance, I wouldn’t be level 11 right now if I had that chance.”

“I’m speechless.”Omi chuckled and shook his head, level 100, that was someone with great chance, but in Omi’s eyes this was the worst existence ah, so bad that he didn’t dare to talk to people about the realm.However, now Omi wasn’t good enough to mock anything, after all, he hadn’t reached level 100 yet, and he didn’t even know how many levels he was at.Level 40? level 50?Or is it 60?

“You love Song Yu’er very much?”Omi asked.

Wei Ming nodded firmly, “Yes, my dreams are all for her.”

“Oh, that brain-dead girl Song Yu’er, didn’t feel anywhere good, except for her looks and body.”Omi said laughingly.

Wei Ming seemed a bit relieved to see Omi say that, as he was afraid that Omi would steal Song Yu’er from him, and he thought that he couldn’t steal her from Omi.

“In my eyes, she’s the most beautiful.”

Omi laughed, “Unfortunately, you may not have a chance, that Liu Yue, he seems to like Song Yu’er as well.”

Wei Ming was so nervous inside that he was shivering a bit from driving.

Wei Ming gritted his teeth and said, “I won’t allow it.”

“Liu Yue is obedient to Song Yu’er and also gets along with her every day, your chances are very slim.”Omi said to Wei Ming with the eyes of an outsider.

Wei Ming asked, “You know more about Liu Yue, how strong is he?”

Omi thought about it and said, “I don’t think Fang Xu is his opponent.”

“What? Fang Xu isn’t even his opponent.”Wei Ming really felt incomparably anxious, as if he was deeply irritated.

Omi smiled, “Of course, this is just my personal feeling, you don’t need to be anxious, if you worship me as your master, I am absolutely sure that you will surpass Fang Xu, or even more than that at all.”

Wei Ming gritted his teeth and asked, “Are you really that confident?”

“I guess.”

Wei Ming didn’t say anything, and soon, Wei Ming’s car stopped in front of a building with a large and prominent billboard that read ‘Tianya Martial Arts Center’.

After getting out of the car, Wei Ming said, “My uncle, he’s the head instructor at the Tianya Martial Arts Center, we’re going up to find him now.”

“Oh, you lead the way.”Omi nodded and followed Wei Ming, entering the Tianya Martial Hall.


The Tianya Martial Hall was huge inside and there were many people training there.

Wei Ming brought Omi to a more private room.

“Uncle.”Wei Ming called.

A middle-aged man in the room raised his head, this middle-aged man was around 38 years old and quite young.

“Little Ming, you’re here.”

Wei Ming nodded his head.

Wei Ming’s uncle looked at Omi and smiled, “I’m sure this must be that famous number one evil young man from White Cloud High School, Omi.”

Omi didn’t mind Wei Jin calling him the Number One Evil Youngster and smiled, “Exactly my name.”

“No need to be polite, sit down, Little Ming, you sit too.”

Omi and Wei Ming sat down in the tea making area.

Wei Jin said, “Omi, listen, you want to take in disciples in the school, you’re quite bold.” The first website mNatia .online

“Yes, Wei Ming called you, didn’t he, so did you suggest he worship or not?”Omi asked.

Wei Jin said, “Omi, you’re a student, let the other students worship you, have you ever thought about how the other students feel ah, this is not something that ordinary students would accept, my nephew Wei Ming is at least the tenth ranked genius expert at Baiyun High School, and his martial arts rank has reached eleven.”

“Oh, I already know about that.”

“Then, Omi, I’d like to ask how much your martial arts rank has reached, since you dare to openly let people worship you in school, you should have some strength.”

Omi said, “I won’t lie to you, I don’t know how many levels I have.”

Wei Jin frowned, “You don’t even know how many levels you are?Then you still let the other students worship you.”

“Haha, Head Instructor Wei, I, Omi, don’t pursue any level, I’ll just talk about strength, as long as it’s strong, isn’t it.”

Wei Jin laughed and said, “In that case, why don’t I verify how many levels you are and whether you are really capable of making Wei Ming call you master.”Wei Jin said this with a bit of a lesson in mind, Omi wanted to be his nephew’s master, wasn’t he a bit ungrateful.

Omi nodded and said, “Good.”

“Then, let’s go to the martial arts training ground.”Wei Jin said.

Omi nodded and the three of them walked out of Wei Jin’s office.

As soon as they walked out the door, they saw a woman enter the martial arts school from outside, this woman had a heroic spirit and was still very strong.

When Wei Ming saw this woman, he immediately said with eyes full of worship, “It’s the Master of the Pavilion, my idol and dream.”

Wei Ming’s dream was to be like this pavilion master and reach level 40, then open his own martial arts school and achieve a great career, so that he would be worthy of Song Yu’er.

When Wei Jin saw the Pavilion Master coming, he busily walked up and shouted in a respectful tone, “Pavilion Master.”

Omi looked towards the Pavilion Master and was somewhat surprised, wasn’t this Bai Wu Ya, one of the six masters who helped the police arrest the one defeated Red Dust that night, in the Floating Pond Park?

She was actually the owner of the Tianya Martial Hall.

Wei Ming was a bit excited and said to Omi, “Her name is Bai Wuya, she grew up from a rural girl and opened her own martial arts school, and she’s also a well-known expert in Linjiang City.That day, the police arrested a defeated Red Dust, and the owner of the White Pavilion was also involved, bull compared it, hehehe.”

Omi was speechless for a while, “Does assisting the police make it a bullby?”

Omi said in his heart, “That night, when Bai Wuya and four other experts surrounded him, Omi attacked her and the other three masters at the same time with a single move of the Heavenly Maiden and repelled her, so that’s considered a bull comparison?”

Wei Ming snorted, “Nonsense, Pavilion Master Bai has at least fought with One Defeat Red Dust, what level One Defeat Red Dust is, it’s not something we can imagine.”

“Oh.”Omi smiled and deliberately nodded, “Yeah, not something we can imagine.”

Wei Jin walked up to Master Bai Wuya and asked, “Master Bai Wuya, you’re here.”

Bai Wuya said, “Wei Jin, I didn’t come to the martial arts museum these past few days, it’s been hard for you.”

“Pavilion Master Bai, what are you talking about, I’m the head instructor, everything is my responsibility, besides, you’re my idol, I’m still in a burst of worship when I think of that day, when you assisted the police in capturing a defeated red dust.”Wei Jin was busy.

The White Curator smiled bitterly.

“Curator, are you alright now?”Wei Jin asked with concern.

“There’s nothing wrong, it’s quite good after a few days of rest.”

Wei Jin asked curiously, “Pavilion Master, how are you feeling about that one defeat?”

I was with three other people, Senior Li Xinchun, as well as Xie Zhilin, and Yue Ling Shan, who were onlookers at the same time, and didn’t expect that a single defeat of Red Dust would repel the four of us at the same time.I was attacked by a group of four people, including Senior Li Xinchun, who was the Chief of Public Security twenty years ago, a senior with martial arts level 45, Xie Zhilin, level 41, Yue Ling Shan, level 42, and me, level 43, and was defeated by a single move of the Red Dust.You say, One Defeat Red Dust is strong or not.”The White Pavilion Master still felt trembling inside as he recalled the scene from that night, and although he stood against One Defeat Red Dust, he couldn’t help but generate a sense of reverence.

Wei Jin’s eyes glowed, looking like he was worshipping, and the other three people the museum master was talking about, Li Xinchun, Xie Zhilin, and Yue Ling Shan, were not at Wei Jin’s level that he could compare to.Unfortunately, the four of them were still unable to defeat One Defeat Red Dust with one move, Wei Jin could no longer imagine One Defeat Red Dust’s strength, it was too inscrutable.

The White Pavilion Master smiled bitterly, his gaze distant, and said, “I’m sure that One Defeat Red Dust is above level 50, and might even be almost at level 60.”

“Level 60?”Wei Jin’s eyes glowed, he looked like he was very shaken, level 60 ah, even the Pavilion Master level 43 was far from it.

Wei Ming, who was standing beside Omi, swallowed his saliva, his eyes blazed, and a rush of hot blood rushed inside him at the thought that a defeated Red Dust might already be a level 60 expert, level 60, which was already Wei Ming’s lifelong goal.

At this moment, the White Pavilion Master looked towards Omi and asked, “Then who is it?”

Wei Jin was busy saying, “Master, his name is Omi, he’s a very famous number one evil youngster at Baiyun High School, he’s from the same school as my nephew.He wants to take my nephew as a disciple at the school, so I asked my nephew to bring him over to see what he is capable of taking my nephew as a disciple.”

The White House Master shook his head speechlessly and sighed, “The first evil young man, alas, these young people are wasting their youth by not practicing martial arts properly.”After saying that, Pavilion Master White walked away.

“Pavilions Master, slow down.”Wei Jin busily said.

Only after the Pavilion Master left did Wei Jin wave, “Come with me.”

Omi and Wei Ming arrived at a small martial arts practice area.

“Come on, kid, let’s see if you’re qualified for Wei Ming to call you master.”Wei Jin said with his hand behind his back.


Omi frowned, that Bai Wuya had already fought him, if Omi acted too strong, it was obvious that he would be noticed.Omi didn’t want his true identity to be too beckoning, after all, he was only in high school, to reach the point where Bai Wuya wasn’t even a rival was really terrifying to others, and then he would become the center of attention and become famous in Linjiang City, then how would he still pretend to be a defeated red dust after that.

“Fine, let’s just have a draw with him then, or, win him a little bit, just don’t act too strong or too weak.”Omi thought to himself.

Thinking nothing of it, Omi abruptly attacked.

However, Wei Jin despised Omi, or didn’t think Omi was a high school student at all, so he didn’t know if he was pretending to be a match or what, and didn’t show how strong he was.

“Bang.”Omi put down Wei Jin with a single move, shocking Omi himself, wondering if he hadn’t controlled his strength and put out too much strength, wouldn’t a single move to put him down be a cause for concern.

Wei Ming was also stunned, how could uncle be put down in one move.

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Wei Jin busy: “Omi, just now not counted, it was me who belittled you.”

“Oh, Chief Instructor Wei, if you continue to belittle me like this, I’m afraid you’re the one who will suffer, I think you’d better put out your full strength.”

“Fine, I’ll never be rude this time.”Wei Jin now saw how powerful Omi was, and his tone was even more respectful of his opponent than before, because Omi did have strength.

“Drink.”Wei Jin attacked up first. Remember the URL Natia .online

They didn’t use swords, but instead used fisticuffs and kicks.

I won’t go into detail about the process, in short, Wei Jin was no match for Omi, Omi deliberately controlled himself, and in the end, he won Wei Jin by a slight margin.

But Wei Jin was now dumbfounded and looked at Omi incredulously, saying, “How is this possible, you’re only in high school, and I’ve lost to you.”

Omi smiled and said, “Chief Instructor Wei, you’re not weak either, I just won by a slim margin.”

But Wei Jin didn’t feel that way.

“You’re just a high school student, only eighteen years old, and I’m the head instructor of the martial arts school, but I lost to you, whether you won me by a slight advantage or not, but that’s already enough to make me incredible.”

Omi laughed, Nima, that’s all that’s still incredible, if I let you know that I’m just a defeated red dust, you wouldn’t even know how incredible.

“Oh, Chief Instructor Wei, do I have the qualifications to be Wei Ming’s master now?”

Wei Jin reacted, busy nodding his head, “Yes, yes, absolutely, Wei Ming, what are you still standing around for, call Master.”

Wei Jin wasn’t a fool, Omi had only won him in high school, if another ten years passed, wouldn’t Omi be just as powerful as his Pavilion Master, it was a godsend for Wei Ming to be able to worship such a potential master.

Wei Ming immediately bowed, “Paying homage to Master.”

Omi laughed, feeling a little unnatural all of a sudden, after all, he and Wei Ming, the same age, it was odd for a person of his age to call him master.

“This, there’s no rush ah, this hasn’t even been formally worshipped yet, wait until 11:30 to worship, then it’s not too late to call again, hahaha.”Omi laughed somewhat awkwardly.

Wei Jin said, “Sooner or later, we have to call out.”

Omi said, “Chief Instructor, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go back to school first.”


Omi walked out of the martial arts practice room, while Wei Ming was called out by Wei Jin.


Wei Jin said to Wei Ming, “This Omi is not simple, this might be your chance, only senior three even I lost, the future potential is huge, you have to seize this opportunity.”

Wei Ming was busy nodding, “Uncle, I will.But uncle, just now you and him were only competing with fists and feet, if you use a sword, you may not lose.”

Wei Jin said, “Even if I use a sword, I may not win much, anyway, he is already very terrifying for a high school student to reach this, you just seize the opportunity.”

“Okay, then I’m going back to school.”

Wei Ming walked out of the martial arts school, Omi was waiting for him outside.

“Master, let’s go, we’re going back to school.”Wei Ming said.

“Mm.”Omi got into Wei Ming’s car.

Previously, Wei Ming felt that it was awkward and awkward for everyone of the same age to call out Master, but now, Wei Ming suddenly didn’t feel that way, and of course, Omi made him really worship him, never expecting that his uncle would lose to him.

Right now, on the campus of Baiyun Middle School, there was another buzz of excitement, as Omi’s post about paying homage to his master at 11:30 had already caused a strong debate.

There were already over 10,000 comments.

Guo Weidong said, “Damn, Tang Evil is really taking himself seriously.”

Inertial imagination said: “That is, he is the one who first proposed to start a training course, as a result, but also let everyone kowtow to him, and also call him master, Nima, we are all students, why should we call him master, is it to satisfy his vanity?”

Fake Leaf said, “If you want me to call you Master, won’t he ask himself if he’s worthy?If my father found out, he wouldn’t break my legs and disgrace my family of whatever.”

100,000 feet said, “I don’t know if any idiot actually kowtowed to him, offered tea and called out to his master.”

Ye Ba Tian said, “My father had already invited a master for me, my master are already 27 levels of martial arts, f*ck Omi, who loves to worship his master quickly.”

The people on campus thought that Omi’s demands were too much, not being able to pull off the face to pay homage to the first evil young man as a teacher.

At this moment, on the corridor of Baiyun Middle School, Song Yu’er and Liu Yue stood there, Song Yu’er depressed, “I should have known to admit Omi in the first place.”

“Miss.”Liu Yue’s head was big for a while, every time he heard this, he was depressed.

“Look at people Omi, I mixed up to the point of accepting an apprentice at the school, and then look at you, you’re still the seventh evil, no fun at all, I really regret not admitting Omi in the first place.”

“Ahhhh, Miss, can you stop saying that every time.”

“I’m about to say it, regretting not admitting Omi, regretting not admitting Omi.”Song Yu’er was stubborn.

Liu Yue bit her teeth and said, “Fine, Miss, you’re forcing me to do this.”

“What are you doing?”

“Omi is the number one evil young man isn’t he, so how about I get you the number one mad young man back?”

“Really?”Song Yuer was pleasantly surprised.

Liu Yue didn’t say a word and went straight to the radio station.

Soon after, the whole school radio sounded Liu Yue’s angry voice: “Hey hey, is that bastard Zhao Ritian here?Get to the front of School Building No. 5 right now, I, Seventh Evil Shao Liu Yue, am going to break your legs, and I give you three minutes to get there or I’ll break your neck.”


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