King of kings 186-190


At this time, Zhao Ritian was in class, using his tablet to watch pornography, but also directly placed his tablet on the table, his tablet was ten inches, Nima, several rows away from the students can see.The teacher, however, was lecturing on the podium, and from time to time I heard ahhhhs from Zhao Ritian’s tablet.

However, just as Zhao Ritian was watching the coolness, the radio sounded Liu Yue’s voice.

Everyone was suddenly gloating at Zhao Ritian, Zhao Ritian had only been cleaned up by Omi for a few days, and another evil youngster was trying to take him down, making it seem as if he Zhao Ritian was a soft persimmon, and everyone wanted to pinch him.

“I’m grass heck, treating me as Zhao Ritian is easy to bully ah.”Zhao Ritian slapped the tablet and gave it a direct smash.

Zhao Ritian was furious, Omi, the first evil youngster, was bullying him even if he was, but now even a seventh evil youngster wanted to step on him again, what did he think of him as Zhao Ritian.

Zhao Ritian was furious when he remembered that in the past, no one dared to touch him when he was a day ant, but now, everyone was treating him like a soft tomato.

Zhao Ritian immediately rushed out of the classroom.

The students who heard the broadcast from the school also ran out of the classroom and stood in the corridor to watch the fun.

Zhao Ritian rushed to the front of the school building and shouted, “Seventh Evil Shao you get out of here.”

Liu Yue was also very angry in his heart at this time, but of course, his fire was mainly by Song Yu’er.Liu Yue was furious, didn’t Song Yu’er want a bull’s bodyguard, Liu Yue would step on Zhao Ritian in public today, and show her when he was the first mad youngster.

Zhao Ritian saw Liu Yue coming, fire and shouted: “Grass you Liu Yue, you fcking a seventh evil young man also dare to step on me, you fcking think you are Omi ah, I was oppressed by Omi even so, you f*cking which onion, dare to take me as a soft tomato pinch.” A second to remember to read the book

Liu Yue said, “Zhao Ritian, I’m going to beat you today no matter what.”

Song Yu’er said excitedly on the side, “Speak a little more wild ah, not wild at all, no fun.”

Liu Yue’s eyebrows furrowed and said to Zhao Ritian, “Zhao Ritian, I’m going to beat you up and stomp you to death today, I’m the number one madness.”

Song Yu’er excitedly shouted, “Right, that’s it, keep up this crazy tone.”

Omi just happened to come back at this time, Omi thought that something had happened so sensational, but it was Liu Yue and Zhao Ritian who were going to fight.

Omi was suddenly a bit amused, what kind of conflict was going on between these two?

Zhao Ritian heard Liu Yue’s ravings and laughed angrily, “Liu Yue, Song Yu’er, you two fools, if I don’t maim you today, I’m afraid that next time a second evil will dare to mess with me.”

Omi walked out from the crowd of onlookers and said, “What’s going on?”

When Zhao Ritian saw Omi appear, he was like a leaky ball, and his originally high anger blinked into oblivion.

Song Yu’er saw Omi suddenly intervene and was very depressed, “Omi, go away.”

Omi looked at Zhao Ritian and asked, “What’s going on?You want to bully Liu Yue while I’m away from school?You haven’t seen it for a few days and your skin is itching again?”

Zhao Ritian looked at Omi, angry and enraged, Omi really did have a hundred ways to piss him off and there was nothing he could do about it.

“Omi, it’s none of your business.”Zhao Ritian said through clenched teeth.But it was clear that Zhao Ritian’s tone was soft, and he didn’t look like he had just yelled in anger with Liu Yue at all, because Zhao Ritian didn’t dare to yell in front of Omi.

Omi looked at Song Yu’er and saw that Song Yu’er was very angry, thinking that Song Yu’er was very angry because Zhao Ritian was bullying her, so Omi immediately yelled at Zhao Ritian, “Get lost, in my school from now on!

Keep a low profile.”

“Hmph.”Zhao Ritian snorted and turned to walk away.

Song Yu’er was indeed going to be angry, but not because of Zhao Ritian, it was because Omi had suddenly stepped in and ruined a passionate duel.

Song Yu’er looked at Omi and exhaled, “Omi, to meddle in your affairs, what do you mean you ruined the duel between Liu Yue and Zhao Ritian.Are you afraid that my bodyguard Liu Yue will overshadow you in the school’s limelight?Vandalism, right?I’m not afraid to tell you that Liu Yue wants to be the first madman, so mind your own business.”

“Uh.”Omi was stunned, so that’s what happened, it seems that Omi was indeed meddling.

Song Yu’er immediately went after Zhao Ritian, shouting as she chased after him, “Hey, Zhao Ritian, don’t leave yet, it hasn’t even started yet, why are you leaving after the fight?”

Zhao Ritian had already transferred all his anger to Omi at the moment, and the bit of fire he had for Liu Yue had been covered up.

Zhao Ritian stared back at Song Yu’er.

Song Yu’er immediately hooked her finger at Zhao Ritian: “Come on, come and bust up Liu Yue.”

Zhao Ritian snorted, “Sick.”

After saying that, Zhao Ritian still walked away.

Song Yu’er stomped her foot in anger and glared at Omi, “It’s all your fault for minding your own business and wiping out Zhao Ritian’s anger.”

Omi laughed speechlessly.

Song Yu’er was busy raging at Liu Yue, “Why are you still acting like a log, hurry up and stimulate Zhao Ritian’s anger ah.”

Liu Yue reacted and shouted, “Zhao Ritian, come here, I promise not to break you.”

When Zhao Ritian heard Liu Yue’s shout, he really stopped and came back over.

Zhao Ritian’s lungs were about to explode, feeling like he was being bullied by Omi’s group of people in turn.

Zhao Ritian gritted his teeth and said, “Liu Yue, I’m not in a good mood today, I advise you to provoke me less.”

Liu Yue said disdainfully, “Zhao Ritian, you’re nothing in my eyes.”

Zhao Ritian said angrily, “Liu Yue, don’t force me.”

“I’ll force you, Zhao Ritian.”

Zhao Ritian immediately rushed up to Liu Yue.

Song Yu’er saw that the fight had finally started and shouted from the side, “Liu Yue, remember to be more domineering when you fight.”

Liu Yue helplessly nodded her head and welcomed it.

Omi didn’t say anything now, watching from the side, saving himself from being told to mind his own business.

Seeing Liu Yue snap one of Zhao Ritian’s arms at once, it seemed that Liu Yue’s strength was really not weak, worthy of coming down from the mountain.

However, at that moment, Zhao Ritian suddenly pulled out something from his pants pocket and sprayed it at Liu Yue’s eyes.

“Anti-Chen spray.”Many girls at the scene recognized it instantly.

“Ah.”Liu Yue never expected that Zhao Ritian would use such a despicable tactic.

Zhao Ritian seized the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to happen to be so close to Liu Yue and immediately put a knee on Liu Yue’s crotch.

“Ah.”Liu Yue cried out in pain, her eyes were sprayed, and her crotch was immediately at a great disadvantage as she was viciously topped again.

However, Liu Yue swiftly swung Zhao Ritian’s arm and twisted it, turning Zhao Ritian over.

However, Zhao Ritian then instantly drew out a sword hilt, which ejected with a swoosh, and it was pointed at Liu Yue’s abdomen.


“Ah.”Liu Yue couldn’t see with her eyes, but she knew something when she heard a voice, and immediately listened to her voice and reacted to dodge, but her hand was still cut.However, that was a good risk just now, if it wasn’t for Liu Yue’s quick reflexes and keen ears, Zhao Ritian’s suddenly ejected sword would have pierced into Liu Yue’s abdomen.

Zhao Ritian rolled over, and Liu Yue’s two bodies separated by several meters.

Liu Yue touched his eyes, was sprayed by anti-chen spray hot pain, can not open his eyes, Liu Yue angrily said: “Zhao Ritian, you despicable.”

Zhao Ritian snorted, “So what.”After saying that, Zhao Ritian rushed up with his sword again.

“Swoosh swoosh.”Zhao Ritian used his sword, while Liu Yue was empty-handed and still blind, with such a disadvantage, the clothes on Liu Yue’s body were soon cut one by one by Zhao Ritian’s sword.

Liu Yue to explode with anger, did not expect, the district of a Zhao Ritian, put him in such a mess, mainly because of this Zhao Ritian sinister and despicable, suddenly used spray, while he was blind and also use the sword, otherwise, Zhao Ritian how can be Liu Yue’s opponent.

Liu Yue himself also felt out, his clothes shredded to the point where he could see his underwear.

“Hahahaha” there was also laughter from the surroundings, feeling funny seeing Liu Yue even revealing his underpants.

Song Yu’er was the most depressed, I wanted to let Liu Yue beat up Zhao Ritian, a good awe-inspiring in the school, but I did not expect the opposite.

“Zhao Ritian, you’re despicable.”Song Yu’er was furious and cursed.

Omi stood to the side and didn’t speak, but it was quite funny to see Song Yu’er’s furious appearance. First URL mNatia .online

Zhao Ritian was now constantly attacking Liu Yue, seemingly taking out his anger towards Omi on Liu Yue.

Liu Yue’s eyes were blind, and although Zhao Ritian’s sword couldn’t hurt him, his clothes couldn’t defend against it.

This Liu Yue was quite powerful to say the least, if it was someone else, blinded and stabbed with blood all over his body in one go, but he didn’t, which showed that Liu Yue was still strong.

A few minutes later, the clothes on Liu Yue’s body were completely torn into pieces and scattered all over the floor, leaving only a pair of red underwear.

“Hahaha.”Everyone saw Liu Yue wearing the red panties, pointing and laughing.

Song Yu’er exhaled and covered her face not daring to look, not only Liu Yue’s face was all over the place, even her face was shameless.

Omi said to Song Yu’er, “Hey, if you need help, just say so oh, I don’t want to meddle.”

“Omi, don’t you dare say anything sarcastic here.”Song Yu’er said depressedly.

“Who’s talking sarcasm to you, Liu Yue is blind, he can only guarantee that he won’t get stabbed, wait a few more minutes and your bodyguard will be bare-assed, hahaha.”

“Omi, you’re still laughing, it’s all your fault.”

“Don’t blame me for everything, it’s your own bodyguard that’s no good, I told you a long time ago not to compare your bodyguard with me, and you didn’t listen, now you see the consequences, hahaha.”

“Omi, if it wasn’t for you, there wouldn’t have been an anti-chen spray, then Liu Yue wouldn’t have been assassinated just now, it’s all because of you.”

“Just kidding, I’m not bothering to bullshit with you, so make a fool of yourself, I’ll also stop by to see what your bodyguard’s bare ass looks like.”

“Ahhhh.”Song Yu’er screamed in anger, but she didn’t dare to open her eyes

Look, afraid of really seeing Liu Yue’s bare ass.

At this time, Zhao Ritian in a tangled fight with Liu Yue, finally cut all of Liu Yue’s clothes, red panties floating on the ground, Liu Yue panic to cover the bottom, squatting on the ground, around the students’ laughter.

Omi looked at Song Yu’er, Song Yu’er died covering her face and didn’t dare to look, Omi said: “Your bodyguard has been bare-assed, the ass is quite white well, just a little small somewhere, you see ah, hahaha.”

Song Yuer was red with anger, if she had another chance, she would never let Liu Yue duel with Zhao Ritian.

Zhao Ritian saw Liu Yue’s bare ass, and that’s when he stopped, grunting, “Liu Yue, don’t ever mess with me again.”

After saying that, Zhao Ritian put the sword away, stuffed it into his pocket, turned around, and floated away.The anger he had just received from Omi had calmed down a bit.Zhao Ritian’s sidekick was busy raising his thumb and said, “Brother Zhao, bull, this is a great relief, although you can’t get it out of Omi, you can get it out of Liu Yue halfway.”

Zhao Ritian said, “Damn it, Omi, when my martial arts skills go up, I won’t spare him.But this Liu Yue, surprisingly his martial arts skills aren’t weak, just now he was blind and empty-handed, I couldn’t even hurt him, just tore his clothes.If he wasn’t blind, wouldn’t that mean I’m not a match for him at all?”

Zhao Ritian felt terrible.

The follower said, “Brother Zhao, fortunately, you used dust spray and blinded Liu Yue’s eyes.”

Zhao Ritian said, “Looks like I have to raise my strength as soon as possible, otherwise if this continues, I won’t be able to keep my number one madness.”

Liu Yue squatted on the ground, he didn’t dare to get up, Liu Yue shouted, “Miss, you have to find me a shirt.”

Song Yu’er covered her face, even shook her head, “I don’t want I don’t come to your bare ass.”

Liu Yue was depressed, the reason why he was in such a mess was not for her, and now he wouldn’t even find him a shirt.

The other people who were onlookers were just laughing and watching, and no one went to help Liu Yue find clothes at the moment.

Liu Yue was a little disappointed and said, “Miss, is it so bad to see my bare ass?The reason why I’m fighting with Zhao Ritian is still because of you, you’re not even willing to find a shirt for me for fear of seeing my naked ass.”

Song Yuer said, “I don’t care, the first time I see my bare ass, it can only be my future husband’s, you find someone else to get you clothes.”

Liu Yue was helpless, at this time, Liu Yue’s table took a set of school uniform over.

“Liu Yue, put it on.”

“Thanks.”Liu Yue thanked him a thousand times and was busy putting on the school uniform.

His table handed over another bottle of mineral water, and Liu Yue washed his eyes with it.Liu Yue saw pieces of clothes on the ground and her heart was on fire, but at this moment Zhao Ritian was already nowhere to be found.

“Zhao Ritian, I’m not done with you.”Liu Yue was very angry, and when she took another look at Song Yu’er, she still covered her face and didn’t dare to look.

Liu Yue went up and said, “Miss, you can open your eyes now, I’m already dressed.”

Only then did Song Yu’er open her eyes.

Liu Yue was disappointed that Song Yu’er was treating him like this, but the disappointment was with helplessness, who made him fall in love with Miss, even though Miss didn’t have him inside at all, just using him as a bodyguard.Not even daring to glance at his bare ass was enough to show that there wasn’t half of him inside.


Song Yu’er stomped her foot in anger, “A good one to raise your prestige originally, turned out like this, should have known to admit Omi in the first place.”

Liu Yue was furious when she heard that Miss just didn’t help him find clothes, and now she was complaining about him, and she was also saying her catchphrase in front of Omi’s face.

“Miss, I’m already humiliated enough just now, but even if you don’t comfort me, you’re still complaining about me.If it wasn’t for that sinister and despicable Zhao Ritian who suddenly used the spray on me, I wouldn’t have ended up in such a situation.”

Song Yu’er pursed her lips, “It’s not like you’re the only one who’s humiliated, I’m humiliated along with you.Why is it that other people’s bodyguards can take on apprentices at the school and my bodyguards are still embarrassing me, had I known that at first…”

Liu Yue was busy interrupting Song Yu’er’s words, “There, I, Liu Yue, swear that I won’t do it again.”

Omi smiled, “Song Yu’er, you are treating your bodyguard like this, even I can’t bear to see it, fortunately I didn’t become your bodyguard in the first place, otherwise I would have to be played to death by you, hahaha.”

Song Yu’er gasped, “Omi, you still say sarcastic things, Liu Yue will be like this, it’s all because of you.”

“Miss Song, that’s not true, everything is caused by you trying to force Liu Yue to compare with me, got it?Not everyone’s bodyguard can be as awesome as my lady, hahaha.”

Song Yu’er snorted, “Why can’t I compare to you?My status is much higher than your lady, why should I be inferior to her bodyguard.Omi, don’t be complacent, I believe that Liu Yue will not let me down.”

Liu Yue nodded busy when she heard this, “Miss don’t worry, I, Liu Yue, will not let you down, there was just an accident, Zhao Ritian can’t be my opponent at all.”

Omi sighed, “Just, I’m not bothering to talk to you, I’m going to prepare to accept a disciple, I don’t have time to mess around with you.” Remember the URL Natia .online

Song Yu’er was depressed again when she heard that Omi was all set to accept a disciple.

Omi shouted, “Fellow students, I, Omi, am officially accepting disciples, please prepare your own tea for the 180 students who passed the bone palpation verification yesterday and come to hold the worship ceremony.”

After saying that, Omi found a table and moved to the front of the school building, sitting there waiting to see how many people were willing to worship him today.

Song Yu’er saw that Omi had really started to accept disciples and said depressingly, “The limelight is all out of him, Liu Yue, you should also prepare to accept disciples.”

“Ah, Miss, you’re joking, with Omi’s influence, no one in the school may even be willing to worship him, let alone me.”Liu Yue said.

Song Yu’er said, “There’s no need for you to worry about that, I’ll find a way.”

Omi sat in front of the school building and waited at ease.

Many students watched from upstairs and downstairs, discussing, wondering which fool would really kowtow to Omi.

Not long after, Wei Ming brought a pot of tea, poured a cup, and then, in full view of everyone, walked up to Omi and kneeled down, “Master above, please accept my disciple’s obeisance.”

Omi smiled and nodded, asking, “Wei Ming, to worship under my disciple, you must respect your master, three respects and three filial piety, and never do anything that disobeys your master, do you know that?”

Wei Ming said, “Disciple knows.”

“Well then, from today onwards, you are my Omi’s registered disciple.”

“Master, please have some tea.”

Omi received the cup of tea handed over by Wei Ming and took a sip.

Wei Ming immediately worshipped again and again: “Disciple pays homage to Master.”

Omi said, “You get up.”

“Yes, Master.”

r /> The onlookers, all the students, were almost going to vomit, making it so formal, was Wei Ming really that shameless?

At this moment, the whole school saw people talking loudly, scolding Wei Ming for having no self-respect, at any rate, he was the tenth on the Genius Expert List, and actually worshipped the First Evil Young Master, in short, Wei Ming was scolded by many students for having no backbone.

After Wei Ming finished paying homage to his master, Omi asked loudly: “The students who passed the bone-feeling verification yesterday, who still want to pay homage to his master, hurry up.The opportunity is not to be missed.”

Unfortunately, after fifteen minutes, not a single person came back up to pay homage to his master.

Finally, Carlos was afraid that Omi had no steps to take, so he came up and said, “Omi, let me also worship you as my master.”

Omi said, “Alright, Carlos, you are my friend, no need to worship.”

Carlos’s bones weren’t good, and although Omi was willing to teach him martial arts, he had no intention of making him a disciple, since he was a friend, why would he need to be a disciple.

Since no one else was going to worship Omi, Omi had no choice but to stop, hoping that these people who couldn’t pull themselves up by their bootstraps wouldn’t regret it someday in the future.

Omi immediately brought Wei Ming with him to the back of the school, ready to teach Omi some sword skills.

“Wei Ming, since I have accepted you as a registered disciple, I will never treat you badly, and I will teach you a set of sword techniques today.”

“Thank you, Master.”Wei Ming nodded busily.

“This set of my sword technique is called the Tongming Sword Technique, if you learn it, I think it won’t be difficult for you to reach the rank of twenty.”

“Ah, reaching level twenty?”Wei Ming was a little surprised, he was now level 11 and had been having trouble raising it any higher.

“That’s right, 100 levels under the outer gate is not really a realm, to put it bluntly, it’s just dividing the strength into 100 classes.Your current martial art is level 11, so if I teach you a profound set of sword techniques now, your martial art will greatly improve, so it’s not difficult at all to quickly reach level 20.”

Wei Ming nodded incessantly, very excited, if there was a good set of sword techniques, the martial arts could indeed jump several levels quickly.

“Watch this, I’ll rehearse it first now, whether you have the talent or not, it depends on how much you can remember.”Omi said.

“Mm.”Wei Ming nodded.

Omi rehearsed the Tong Ming Sword Technique in situ, this set of sword techniques was divided into nine styles in total, although it wasn’t very profound for Omi, it should be a very strong set of sword techniques for this era.

Omi rehearsed from the first to the ninth style, and when he was done, he said to Wei Ming, “How much have you remembered?You practice once to show me.”

Wei Ming touched his head, embarrassed.

“What?Don’t tell me that I didn’t even remember the first style.”

Wei Ming said, “Truth be told, I didn’t understand it at all, I felt it was too profound.”

Omi was speechless for a while, Wei Ming’s talent, it seemed, was indeed limited.

“I’ll rehearse it again.”

Wei Ming was busy taking out his phone and filming the video of Omi’s rehearsal.

“No filming, what’s wrong with your era.”Omi instantly had a very speechless feeling.

“Master, I’ll film it, go back and study it properly ah.”

Omi said, “Wei Ming, to practice sword walking, you must be able to understand the heart.Do you know the meaning of the four words “mindfulness”?You film it with your phone, and yes, it is true that you can go back and watch it over and over again and reach the point of ‘heart understanding’, but you will never reach the point of ‘divine will’.Because, the video is just the action, not the divine intent, and if you continue to practice your sword with this attitude, you’ll always be third-rate.”


“Oh, I’m not shooting anymore.”Wei Ming was busy putting the phone away.

Omi asked, “What was the sword art you learned before?”

Wei Ming was busy saying, “The Five Clouds Sword Technique was taught to me by my uncle, it’s a second class martial art.”

“Good, you rehearse your Five Clouds Sword Technique now.”

“Good.”Wei Ming immediately rehearsed it in front of Omi.

“Master, how was it?”After the practice, Wei Ming asked proudly.

Omi snorted, “Sending you two words, trash.”

“Ah.”Wei Ming’s face went white.

Omi said, “Wei Ming, watch, I’m going to practice your Five Clouds Sword Technique once now and see what the difference is between it and what you practiced.”

“Swoosh.”Omi immediately practiced Wei Ming’s Five Clouds Sword Technique once, and, what Omi practiced, and what Wei Ming practiced, although the moves were the same, the power seemed to be on a completely different level.

Wei Ming looked silly, busy asking, “Master, so you know the Five Clouds Sword Technique too.” One second to remember to read the book

Omi said, “I’m not interested in knowing this trash sword technique, I only just watched you practice it and then I learned it.”

“Ah, but why does it feel like the one you practiced is so much more powerful than the one I practiced?It’s as if it immediately became more profound after being practiced by your hands.”

Omi smiled, “That’s the point, you know what the reason is?The reason is two words, God will.You practiced, only one set of movements, and although the movements are smooth, unfortunately, there is no divine understanding.That’s what I just told you, to be able to understand by heart.”

Wei Mington felt as if he had been enlightened.

“Thank you, Master, for your guidance.”Wei Ming was even more grateful and admired Omi even more, no wonder Omi was able to defeat his uncle, he only looked at his Five Clouds Sword Technique once and practiced it to have a divine understanding of it.

“Alright, having said that much, that’s why I want to tell you about this divine understanding, I’m going to rehearse the Tong Ming Sword Technique again, you should memorize it by heart, and at the same time feel the divine meaning coming out of me.”


Omi rehearsed again, but unfortunately, Wei Ming could never understand it, so in the end, Omi rehearsed it nearly 50 times before Wei Ming understood it.

Omi wiped a sweat and was depressed, “Damn, this talent of yours, it really makes me speechless, to make you understand, I tired myself like a dog.This sword technique, I’ve never dumped it so many times in my life.”

Wei Ming was ashamed to lower his head, it was really this sword technique of Omi’s, it was too mysterious.

“Alright, you practice it over and over again now, remember, when you practice, don’t just remember my moves in your mind, but you have to understand my divine intent at the same time, so that you can be successful.I hope that you will be able to practice the first stance before you leave school in the evening.I think that when you practice the first style, you should be able to fight against Fang Xu.”

“What?A fight with Fang Xu?Fang Xu is the second best in the Baiyun High School genius master list, Master, don’t joke about it.”Wei Ming was shocked, Omi actually said that he could fight with Fang Xu.

Omi said, “If I say it’s possible, you hold on to the first style, then I’ll help you challenge Fang Xu and defeat him for me.”

Wei Ming felt horrified, but at the same time, he also felt excitement, could he really improve so fast?

Omi left the back of the mountain, Wei Ming was there alone practicing and practicing.

Soon school was over at noon, Omi and Carlos went to the cafeteria to eat off campus, and Liona and her BFF

Mee was her tablemate.

As Omi and Carlos walked to the school gate, they just happened to bump into Song Yuer and Liu Yue.

Song Yu’er kept staring at Omi.

“Miss Song, why are you looking at me like that.”

Song Yu’er huffed, “Omi, I just want to tell you that you should be less proud.”

“Boring.”Omi didn’t bother to talk to Song Yu’er, a childish chick.

Song Yu’er said, “Omi, wait for me, Liu Yue will also take in a disciple soon.”

“Hahaha, hahaha.”Omi couldn’t help but laugh.

“Miss Song, you’re sick, I’m taking on a disciple, do you want to let Liu Yue learn too, then I’m taking a shit without using paper?”Don Omi said.


“Hahaha.”Omi laughed out loud.

“Omi, you wait, the disciple Liu Yue received is definitely stronger than the one you received, Wei Ming.”

Omi didn’t bother to pay attention to her, anyway, Omi didn’t believe that Liu Yue could receive one stronger than Wei Ming at the school.Omi was so famous in the school, but he had only barely received Wei Ming, and that was on the premise of going to see his uncle.Liu Yue, what kind of disciple could he receive, this Song Yu’er, really want to play Liu Yue to death ah, in exchange for Omi met such a lady, long ago resigned.

Just at this moment, Samira came over.

Omi suddenly saw Samira and was startled, Omi was respectful of Samira, and didn’t know if she appeared in front of Omi on purpose.

“Omi, let’s have lunch together, I’ll treat you.”Samira said to Omi, calling very kindly.

Omi coldly said, “Not interested.”

“Omi, I really like you.”

Omi said, “Samira, are you sick, you like me, but unfortunately I don’t like you.”

Omi couldn’t understand why Samira suddenly chased him.

“Omi, in short I won’t give up, I like you, I just like you, I want to be your woman.”Samira threw a wink at Omi.

Suddenly, Samira’s entire person turned extremely charming, with an irresistible attraction on her body, coupled with her already beautiful face and graceful figure, it was even more irresistible.Omi’s heart thudded, at this moment, Omi suddenly thought, so beautiful and beautiful, his heart could not bear to reject her just the same.

No, suddenly, Omi came back to his senses, just almost, and was bewitched by her charm, from the moment Omi thought she was so beautiful, he was almost tempted.Fortunately, Omi reacted in time.

However, when Omi looked down at Samira’s feet, he saw Carlos and Liu Yue, kneeling at Samira’s feet, licking Samira’s shoes with their tongues.

“Ah.”Omi was shocked.

“Carlos, what are you doing?”Omi was busy shouting.

Song Yu’er also raged, “Liu Yue, you pervert, you’re kneeling and licking other people’s feet.”

However, Carlos and Liu Yue still had their tongues licking Samira’s shoes.

Samira lowered her head and smiled at Carlos and Liu Yue and asked, “Am I beautiful?”

“Beautiful.”Liu Yue and Carlos’s mouths drooled, they nodded at the same time, like Piggy seeing Chang’e.

Omi was horrified, Omi had already known that Samira could charm, but he didn’t expect her charm to be so powerful that she even charmed Liu Yue.


Samira asked, “Since I’m beautiful, what do you guys think about letting Omi be my boyfriend?”

Carlos said, “You are so beautiful, how can Omi be worthy of you.”

Liu Yue said, “Only God is worthy of you.”

Song Yu’er saw her bodyguard kneeling so cheaply at Samira’s feet, her lungs were going to explode, and at the same time, she also felt a sudden fear of Samira.

Samira looked up at Omi, fawning eyes tossed again and said, “But, I don’t want God, I just want Omi to be my boyfriend what to do, I really love him so much.”

Omi’s heart suddenly trembled, Samira’s sentence ‘I really love him so much’ seemed to possess some kind of magic power, suddenly making Omi feel at a loss for words.

Just at this moment, Samira kicked Liu Yue and Carlos away, then smiled at Omi, “Omi, did you see that?It’s useless for other men to kneel in front of me and lick my feet, because, I only like you, alright, if you don’t want to eat with me today, then forget it, let’s do it some other day.”

Omi asked, “Why are you chasing me so much, exactly?”

“Because, I like you, Omi, you can’t escape from me, you will definitely become my boyfriend, hahaha.”Samira laughed loudly and turned around and walked away.

Carlos and Liu Yue reacted and saw themselves sitting on the ground, both feeling incredible.

“What’s wrong with me?What’s going on?”Liu Yue inexplicably asked. First URL m.Natia .online

“Slap.”Song Yu’er walked up to Liu Yue and slapped her hard across the face, scolding, “b*tch.”Then, Song Yu’er exhaled and walked away.

“I slut, what did I do.”Liu Yue was busy going after Song Yu’er.

Carlos looked at Omi and asked, “What just happened?Why do I feel like I have so much mud in my mouth.”

Omi said, “Just now, you and Liu Yue, kneeling at Shangguan Zuo’s feet, licking her shoes.”

“What?”Carlos screamed.

“Oh, you can’t be blamed for this, it was Samira who charmed me, and even I almost got hit, but you, standing next to me, were directly hit.Even Liu Yue got hit, so you don’t even need to say anything.”Omi said.

“Oh my god, fawning.”

“Well, it seems that this Samira’s charming technique is really extraordinary in power, if it wasn’t for my strong fixation, I would have been kneeling at her feet and licking my shoes, it’s terrible.It just makes me wonder why she would chase me, and use charming techniques in order to chase me.Also, when she chased Edward in the past, why didn’t she use charming, did Samira stay out of school last week, where did she go to learn charming?So then, her charming technique has only just started learning, and it’s so powerful just after she started learning, even I feel bottomless.”

Carlos said, “Omi, if she really likes you that much, that’s a good thing, anyway, she’s already the school flower, you’re not at a disadvantage.”

Omi snorted, “Am I such an unprincipled person, besides, this woman Samira always makes me feel like I can’t get close to her, her intentions aren’t pure.”

Omi and Carlos came to the off-campus hotel, Carlos panicked and went to rinse his mouth, very depressed inside, a burst of anger at that Samira, licking her feet, the thought of it is disgusting.

The upper body softly sat in a limousine, a burst of pride, hummed: “Omi, you can’t escape my palm, my charm, only just begun to learn, can be already

After being able to make you almost get hit, once I learn the back of my charming technique, you will definitely kneel at my feet, hahaha.”

The driver of the car said, “Miss Zoe, you’re a rare one in ten thousand years to practice the Nine Foxes Fairy Enchantment, you’re only at the first level.Once you cultivate to a higher level, you can have any expert, no matter what he is, charmed by you and then follow your command, even including that One Defeat Red Dust.”

“One Defeat Red Dust?Hmph, he’s also a target in my future plans.”Samira looked like she was full of confidence, she even wanted to seduce a defeated red dust, it was evident that her heart was high.

The driver said, “But Miss, you seduction is seduction, but you can’t let your ice-clear body be tainted in any way, otherwise you will lose more than you gain, and the master will definitely not allow you to make these contributions to the family anymore.”

“I used to rely on charm, now I’m relying on charm plus charm, it’s not like I’m relying on my flesh, I’m sick of dedicating my own body in order to seduce those cheap men.”When Samira said this, she remembered that during the corporate summit last week, Omi secretly mocked her for being a black fungus, which made Samira very hot and vowed to take Omi down and make him sign the family’s soul selling contract to serve the Shangguan family for the rest of his life.

After lunch, Omi went back to his classroom to rest.

And at this moment, somewhere in the school.

Song Yu’er, Liu Yue, and another middle-aged man, as well as Ye Tianming, who was ranked fifth on the White Cloud High School’s genius master list, the four of them, seemed to be discussing something.

Song Yu’er said to Ye Tianming, “Have you thought about it?”

That Ye Tian Ming raged, “Song Yu’er, don’t bully others too much, I will never be Liu Yue’s disciple, I, Ye Tian Ming, am the fifth most famous genius expert in Bai Yun High School.Let me worship Liu Yue as my master, are you joking?”

Song Yu’er said, “I don’t care, Omi took the tenth place Wei Ming as a disciple, I’m also going to let Liu Yue take someone who is also on the genius expert list as a disciple.”

Ye Tian Ming was really f*cking depressed.

“Song Yu’er, you want your bodyguard to take an apprentice, which one is willing you find, why are you looking for me.”

“Because you are the fifth place ah, in a word, are you willing to worship Liu Yue as your master?”

“Impossible.”Ye Tian Ming said word for word.

Song Yu’er immediately asked that middle-aged man to make a move and said, “Uncle Jin, it’s up to you how to make him willing to worship.”

That middle-aged man was helpless for a while, Miss loves to fool around, didn’t think that he would have to follow.

The middle-aged man hoisted Ye Tianming up and said, “Kid, I know that your master, called Ye Zhangyun, right, your master Ye Zhangyun is a thirty-one year old expert.But do you know who I am?Do you want me to chat with Ye Zhangyun?Our Miss wants you to be Liu Yue’s disciple, you’ll die if you do.So what if you cooperate with us? Why cause trouble for your grandpa? What do you think?Besides, Liu Yue will teach you a move or two anyway.Don’t tell me that you don’t know Liu Yue’s strength, he’s a twenty ranked expert, so you have to weigh yourself.”

After a series of coercion and enticement, Ye Tian Ming, who was fifth on the Genius Expert List, was finally forced to be willing to worship Liu Yue as his teacher.

“Yay, at three in the afternoon, the worship ceremony will be held.”Song Yu’er was excited and said in her heart, “Omi, my bodyguard’s apprentice is much more powerful than yours, let’s see if you still dare to be proud.”


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