King of kings 191-195

Chapter 191

That middle-aged man was helpless, he was a person sent down by Song Yu’er’s grandfather, so this middle-aged man was considered to be directly under Song Yu’er’s orders.Today at noon, the lady called him to come here, I thought it was something big, but I didn’t expect that he was asked to threaten a student and be Liu Yue’s apprentice.

At almost three o’clock in the afternoon, the whole school was in class.

Suddenly, the school radio rang out, “An announcement will be played below, three o’clock sharp, in front of the No. 5 school building, a ceremony of worship will be held.”

Omi’s eyebrows furrowed, wasn’t the voice of the radio just now Song Yu’er’s voice?

“Song Yu’er actually asked Liu Yue to accept a disciple.”Omi was speechless for a while.

Omi felt that with Liu Yue’s skills, what kind of disciple could he take, Omi was so famous in the school, there was only one Wei Ming to worship him as his master, and nine times out of ten, where did he find the prop.

At three o’clock, in front of the school building, I saw Liu Yue sitting on a chair, just like Omi did in the morning.

Omi was standing in the corridor, seeing Liu Yue imitating him and laughing.

Downstairs, Song Yu’er gave Ye Tianming a wink, and Ye Tianming walked out with reluctance inside, kneeling down in front of Liu Yue in pain, gritting his teeth and saying, “Disciple pays his respects to Master.”

Omi immediately noticed Ye Tianming’s face, a face of unwillingness and pain, but also gnashing of teeth, where this is a willing worship of master, respectively forced.

Omi deliberately confused shouted, “Hey, why is Ye Tianming gritting his teeth and saying to worship his master ah, so strange ah, in the morning Wei Ming worship me as master, that is very happy face ah.” Remember the URL Natia .online

After Omi was so confused, suddenly, everyone went to pay attention to Ye Tian Ming’s face.

Everyone said, “Yeah, I said why does it feel like something is wrong.”

“Ye Tian Ming doesn’t seem to be happy at all, shouldn’t he be happy to worship his master?”

“Was it, like, forced?”

Song Yuer downstairs stared hard at Omi, now seeing all the students were questioning, even shouted, “Don’t listen to Omi’s nonsense, where is Ye Tianming unhappy, what’s the look in everyone’s eyes ah, he is clearly laughing happily.”

Omi was lying on the corridor, hehehehe smiling.

Song Yu’er immediately made eyes at Ye Tianming, seeing that Ye Tianming did not react, whispered: “Don’t laugh two laughs out quickly.”

Ye Tian Ming was being threatened, where could he laugh out.

Song Yu’er reminded, “Don’t you want to see your master?”

Ye Tian Ming gritted his teeth and burst out laughing, however, his laughter didn’t sound happy in any way.

Song Yu’er was busy saying, “Everyone heard it this time, Ye Tian Ming was just very happy to be able to worship Liu Yue as his master, they all laughed.”

Omi shouted again, “Yeah, they all laughed, we all laughed, hahaha, hahaha.”

The onlookers saw Omi’s words and thought of Ye Tianming’s gnashing of teeth laughing just now, so they also laughed along with him, and this laugh made the whole room laugh.

When Song Yu’er saw the entire audience laughing, her lungs exploded and glared at Omi as if she wanted to eat him.In her heart, she cursed, “This Omi is also too damned, he is obviously jealous that Liu Yue’s disciple is stronger than his, he deliberately compelled the crowd here to make me lose face, I prefer not to let him have his way.”

Song Yu’er yelled at Ye Tian Ming, “What are you waiting for, serve tea to your master.”

Ye Tianming gritted his teeth and helplessly handed Liu Yue a teacup and said through gritted teeth, “Master, please drink tea.”

Liu Yue took the teacup and said, “Ye Tian Ming, to worship under my disciple, you must respect the

Master respects virtue, three respects and three filial piety, never do anything that disobeys your master, can you…?”

“My grass, can’t we be a little creative, I protest, copying Omi.”Suddenly, a student interrupted Liu Yue’s words, Omi took a look, it was Carlos.

The onlookers suddenly said, “That’s right, isn’t that what Omi said in the morning when he received Wei Ming, how Liu Yue copied ah.”

Song Yu’er was incomparably depressed and had nothing to say, staring at Liu Yue, her heart cursed, “You can’t say a few words of your own, why are you copying Omi’s words.”

Liu Yue was also very embarrassed, regardless of so much, continue on.

Liu Yue then said, “Are you willing to worship me as your master?”

Ye Tianming gritted his teeth and said, “Willingly.”

Omi was amused when he saw Ye Tianming’s gnashing of teeth.

Liu Yue said, “Good, then I’ll drink your cup of worship tea and you’ll be my disciple from now on.”

Saying that, Liu Yue lifted the cup of tea and drank it.

Omi immediately saw that it was an empty teacup, and Liu Yue was pretending to open the lid of the teacup and take a sip.

Omi shouted loudly, “Why is the teacup empty ah.”

This shout, everyone was shocked, Ye Tianming worshipped the teacher for tea, but the teacup was empty.

A student couldn’t help but shout, “Damn, they’re acting, I told you, how could Ye Tian Ming worship Liu Yue as his master, hahaha.”

“Hahaha.”As soon as they heard that they were acting, the whole crowd burst out laughing, having engaged in half a day, it turned out to be acting, and acting in a decent way.

Song Yu’er trembled with anger and glared at Omi in a fiery manner.

Ye Tianming was forced to worship his master, how could he sincerely prepare the tea.

Song Yu’er glared at Ye Tianming and scolded in a low voice, “Can’t you just fill some water ah, even if you fill some urine, Liu Yue he must also drink.”

“Miss, you.”Liu Yue looked at Song Yu’er in aggravation.

Song Yu’er immediately said to everyone, “Who said it was an empty cup, don’t listen to Omi’s nonsense, he is jealous that Liu Yue has taken in a better disciple than Wei Ming, so he is spreading rumors.”

After saying that, Song Yu’er didn’t give everyone another chance to speak, immediately said, “Alright, alright, alright, the worship is over, thank you all for participating in Liu Yue’s disciple acceptance ceremony, everyone stop watching, disperse.”

After the enthusiastic viewing, everyone scattered at once with a bang.

It was originally a worship ceremony full of pretend comparison, but it turned into a joke, it was all Omi’s doing, Song Yuer hated Omi with gritted teeth.

When school was about to end in the afternoon, Omi came to the back of the school to see how Wei Ming had been practicing.

Wei Ming had been practicing without stopping since the morning, and this diligence was quite strong.


“Wei Ming, immediately practice to me to see if the first style of the Tong Ming Sword Technique has been practiced.”


“Swoosh.”Wei Ming practiced it right away, Omi wasn’t too satisfied, but it was passable.

“It’s okay, barely a pass, alright, that’s it for today, you can go home.”

Wei Ming asked, “Master, so did I win Fang Xu now?”

Omi shook his head, “You’re only barely practicing the first style now, and when you really want to fight, the level you play out will definitely not reach the level you practiced by yourself.If you want to defeat Fang Xu, at least the first style should be practiced to the point of incomparable purity, don’t be over-ambitious, and strive to practice the first style to the point of purity as soon as possible.”


“Yes, Master.”Wei Ming was ashamed, perhaps he was too eager to succeed, how could it be so easy when that Fang Xu was at least the second best genius expert.

In the evening after school, Omi and Liona headed to the school entrance together, Wei Ming and Carlos also followed behind.

Not far away, Song Yu’er saw it and immediately said, “Quick, quick, Omi has appeared, go up, pretend to compare in front of him, this bastard, make me look bad this afternoon.”

So, Song Yu’er immediately appeared and pretended to run into Omi and the others.

“Hey, isn’t that Omi?”Song Yu’er winked at Omi.

Omi looked at Song Yu’er and immediately saw that Song Yu’er was deliberately waiting for him here.

“Song Yu’er, why are you deliberately waiting here?”

Song Yu’er was embarrassed when Omi saw that she was deliberately waiting for him, and immediately cunningly said, “Who’s deliberately waiting for you, you’re the one who’s deliberately waiting for me.”

“Come on, don’t think I don’t know what you want, it’s not just that you want to get off in front of me.”

Song Yu’er huffed, “You’re a bodyguard, who’s interested in getting cute with you, I want to talk to your family, you’re a servant, don’t make fun of me.”

“You’re the servant.”Omi snorted, not liking the name servant, Song Yu’er deliberately trying to annoy him. One second to remember to read the book

Song Yu’er laughed and said to Liona, “Liona, your bodyguard isn’t bad either, accepting a genius expert in tenth place as a disciple.However, it’s still a cut short of my bodyguard, it’s fortunate that I didn’t admit Omi in the first place, otherwise, the disciple that my bodyguard took in today wouldn’t be fifth place, it’s only tenth place, that’s too meaningless.”

Liona looked at Song Yu’er and smiled, she and she, had absolutely nothing in common, Liona didn’t bother to debate anything with a childish Song Yu’er.However, Liona returned politely, “I think Omi, it’s good enough, I’m satisfied.”

Song Yu’er said, “I didn’t say that your bodyguard is bad ah, just that in comparison, in this aspect of accepting apprentices, your bodyguard is even worse.By the way, someday when you have time, let your bodyguard’s apprentice, have a go at my bodyguard’s apprentice ah.”

Omi said, “Song…”

Song Yu’er, however, gave a reprimand to Omi: “Words, servants don’t interrupt, don’t know any rules, look at Liu Yue, words will he interrupt?”

Omi was reprimanded by Song Yu’er, and his eyebrows furrowed into a line.

Song Yu’er said to Liona, “Xiangyun, your bodyguard, I don’t think it’s good, who exactly is the employer now, interrupting at every turn, not knowing any manners, look at my bodyguard Liu Yue, every time I speak, good boy like a puppy standing in the back.”

The Liu Yue at the back had a bitter face: “Miss, you.”

Song Yu’er turned back and snapped at Liu Yue, “Did I tell you to talk?”

Liu Yue stopped speaking, incomparably depressed.

Song Yu’er continued: “Xiang Yun, see, the same bodyguards, how the difference in quality is so obvious.You said yourself, can you use your bodyguard?As for me, let my bodyguard do what he’s told to do, that’s what makes him a competent bodyguard.Alright, I’m leaving first.”

Song Yu’er beckoned, “Liu Yue, let’s go, and that apprentice grandson of yours, Ye Tianming, what are you waiting for, let’s go.”

Liona looked at Song Yu’er speechlessly.

Omi said, “This childish girl, she really needs to be cleaned up, she dares to reprimand me.”

Liona said, “Although she’s quite childish, but there’s one thing, I think she’s right.”

“Uh, Miss, are you alright, is she still right?”

Liona pursed her lips and said, “Song Yu’er’s bodyguard, Liu Yue, listens to her in everything and never disobeys Song Yu’er.You, on the other hand, don’t, and I can’t make you do anything at all.For example, before I asked you to write English silently and come to my room at night to study, but you always disobeyed me.I’m quite envious of Song Yu’er for that, the bodyguard listens to her on everything.”

Omi was speechless for a while, thought about it, and said helplessly, “Alright, Miss, then from now on, you let me do whatever I want, that’s always fine.”

“You said it yourself oh.”

“I said it.”


bsp; Liona happily said, “No going back on your word, then I want you to come to my room at night, I’ll give you a lesson.”

Omi nodded very reluctantly and cursed in his heart, “Song Yu’er, it’s all your fault.”

Although Omi could have refused Liona’s request, he didn’t, after all, Liona was also doing him a favor, there was nothing wrong with learning more.

Omi said to Wei Ming, “Wei Ming, you practiced the first style of the Tong Ming Sword Art today, although you are not yet pure, but I think you should be confident in dealing with that Ye Tian Ming.Tomorrow, you’ll challenge Ye Tianming and blow up Ye Tianming in public, I’ll see how Song Yu’er will still be proud.”

Wei Ming was a bit surprised, “Let me challenge Ye Tian Ming ah, he’s the fifth ranked genius expert ah, I’m only the tenth ranked, am I really okay now?”

Omi trailed off, “Fifth place counts for nothing, you go back and practice again tonight, I’ll make a war call to Song Yu’er for you tonight.”

“Good.”Wei Ming nodded his head in excitement.

I didn’t expect to worship Omi as my teacher, it’s only been less than a day and I’ve gotten results, I can challenge the genius expert for fifth place.

Omi instructed Wei Ming not to go back at night to practice his sword all night, the loss would not be worth the gain, before Wei Ming drove home by himself.

Omi, Liona and Carlos went in the other direction.

Omi went home, and in the evening, he still taught Carlos some martial arts, Carlos’s talent was not as good as Wei Ming’s, so it was impossible to teach him those sword techniques, and he could only train him some basic self-defense techniques.

And in the evening, Omi was forced to come to Liona’s room to receive remedial lessons, but unfortunately, Omi couldn’t understand it at all.It’s all because of Song Yu’er, saying how obedient her bodyguard is and irritating Liona, making it hard for Omi to refuse Liona.

Omi will let Wei Ming defeat that Ye Tian Ming in public tomorrow, and see if she still dares to be proud.

At the end of the evening make-up class, Liona said, “Before class tomorrow, you move to sit in the row behind me so that I can supervise you at all times.”

“What.”Omi’s face sank, he was about to collapse from this one night’s tuition, and he had to move to sit behind her, then Omi wouldn’t have some freedom in class later.

“What? You don’t listen to me anymore?What did you say to yourself at the end of the school day?Alright, it’s late today, go back to bed.”

Omi returned to his room and scolded Song Yu’er again.

Omi immediately took out his phone and made a post on campus, which read, “Song Yu’er, tomorrow morning class, do you dare to let Ye Tianming come and fight my disciple?”

Omi finished his post, but a speechless laugh, self-deprecating: “I Omi actually bored to play this silly thing with Song Yu’er this little brat, she is naive and childish, do I also follow her as naive and childish?Looks like this school is really making me idle, nothing to do.Forget it, don’t bother messing around with her, delete the post.”Omi laughed bitterly and picked up his phone, ready to delete the post he had just sent out, not wanting to mess around with Song Yu’er, a childish chick.

However, as Omi was about to delete his post, he saw that there was a reply to his post, and the person who replied was Song Yu’er.

Omi was not more than 30 seconds away from posting, Song Yu’er replied, which is too fast.In fact, where did Omi know that Song Yu’er had set up a ‘special attention’ for Omi on campus, so as soon as Omi posted, drip, a text message notification was sent to Song Yu’er’s phone.

Song Yu’er replied, “Haha, Omi, don’t humiliate yourself, but it’s fine if you want to challenge Ye Tianming, if Wei Ming loses, you’ll have to be my underling for a month, otherwise you’re not interested in fighting such a lowly opponent.”

Omi secretly said, “This Song Yu’er, she replied quickly enough.”

Omi originally wanted to delete the post, but now that Song Yu’er had replied, Omi simply didn’t delete it and replied immediately, “If Ye Tianming loses, you’ll be my maid for a month.”

“It’s a deal, see you in class tomorrow.”

Omi didn’t reply again, this post, ten minutes later there were more than three thousand replies, everyone was a little surprised that Omi took the initiative to challenge Liu Yue’s disciple for him.

However, everyone knew that Ye Tianming was the fifth best genius expert, wasn’t Wei Ming asking for trouble by fighting him?


At this moment, at her home, Xu Mei Qian was in a training ground that had opened up in the basement.

“Bang bang.”Xu Mei Qian punched on the sandbag, punching very fast, while she was sweating profusely, so she simply took off her outer clothes, leaving her bra and panties on.

“One defeat of red dust, I, Xu Mei Qian, will definitely catch you.”Xu Mei Qian thought of the sandbag as One Defeat Red Dust, while her mind was recalling the images of that day’s fight with One Defeat Red Dust, trying to find any breakthrough point from One Defeat Red Dust’s moves.

When Xu Mei Qian saw the girl coming down, she stopped attacking the sandbags and put on her coat.

That girl looked at Xu Mei Qian and smiled, “Sister, the body is in good shape oh, even I’m going to get a nosebleed looking at it, I really don’t know which man will be so lucky to capture my sister’s body and mind in the future.”

Xu Mei Qian looked at the girl and smiled, “Alright, Xu Yan, don’t tease your sister.”

This girl, who looked a little younger than Xu Mei Qian, was called Xu Yan, who followed Xu Mei Qian to Linjiang City.Xu Yan was also currently a student at Baiyun Middle School, and was also the number one genius expert of Baiyun Middle School, and the reason why she was number one was inseparable from Xu Mei Qian’s teaching.

Xu Yan looked at her sister with a smile.

After Xu Mei Qian put on her clothes, she asked, “Aren’t you tired of wearing a human skin mask?”

When Xu Yan heard her sister say that, it was only then that she tore at her face, removing the lifelike human skin mask from her face, revealing a stunningly beautiful face that was Xu Yan’s true face.The previous, ordinary-looking face was merely a human skin mask.

Xu Mei Qian said, “See, how beautiful it is to reveal your original face like this, I really don’t understand what this girl, a good beautiful face, has to wear an ugly human skin mask for.” The first website mNatia .online

Xu Mei Qian was beautiful, her sister naturally wasn’t far behind, but unfortunately, Xu Yan wore a human skin mask every time she went to school, so no one from any of the school’s teachers or students had ever seen Xu Yan’s true face.Of course, Xu Yan also rarely went to school, her focus was also mainly on martial arts, this point was the same as Fang Xu, who only went to school once or twice in half a month or ten days.

“Sister, I haven’t been to school for more than ten days, and I found that Baiyun Middle School has changed so much.”

“What changes can there be.”

Saying that, the two sisters left the basement and walked up to the living room, where Xu Mei Qian prepared to take a bath.

Xu Yan said, “Let’s talk after you finish your shower.”

“Mm.”Xu Mei Qian returned to her room to take a shower, in the bathroom, Xu Mei Qian took off her bare, white skin, warm and soft as jade, rugged body arc, presented in the small shower room, hot water pouring on Xu Mei Qian’s body, soaring a mist, hazy in the middle, more fascinating.Unfortunately, no one could appreciate all this beauty.

Xu Yan, who was sitting in the living room, was currently holding her phone and looking at a post on campus.

In the post, many people were crowded in the playground of Baiyun Middle School, and in the middle of the playground, Omi and Fang Xu were preparing for a duel.

In the end, Omi disintegrated Fang Xu’s sword with a single move, and also kicked Fang Xu flying, and the Fang family’s ten-part sword really became ten-part.

Seeing this, Xu Yan smiled slightly, “Omi, the number one villain of Baiyun High School, is a bit interesting.”The way Xu Yan smiled was beautiful, and the curve of her mouth seemed to suffocate one’s heart.If someone was here at this moment.

, seeing her smile, she would definitely fall over for it.

If Xu Yan went to Bai Yun High School with her true face, she would definitely be instantly named one of the school flowers, then Bai Yun High School wouldn’t just be the four school flowers, but the five school flowers.

Unfortunately, Xu Yan wasn’t the boring type, her heart was high, just like her cousin Xu Mei Qian, martial arts was the pursuit, and not going to school with her true face was because she didn’t want to be influenced by those boring students who named her the school’s flower.Otherwise, I guess she had a pile of love letters, at least Fang Xu, these more powerful ones, would definitely hit her attention.And now, she was wearing a mask of mediocre looks, no one was interested in her, it was quite good that no one bothered her.

Xu Mei Qian quickly finished her bath and walked downstairs la.

“Go ahead, Yan, what do you want to talk to me about, your martial arts are progressing well, I think, it should reach level 24.”Xu Mei Qian sat down beside Xu Yan, a fragrance coming from her body.

Xu Yan teased, “Sister smells good, what a pity, such a beautiful year, but you don’t enjoy a love, but you spend all day thinking about how to catch a defeat of red dust.”

“Don’t talk about me, you seem to have something you want to tell me.”

“It’s nothing, I’ll show you a video.”Xu Yan gave Xu Mei Qian the post she had just watched.

Xu Mei Qian’s eyebrows furrowed, “Omi?”

Xu Yan said in shock, “Sister, you know Omi?”

Xu Mei Qian said: “This kid, how can I not know, I’ve dealt with him several times.Half a month ago, he was caught by me in the bureau for eating a tyrant’s meal, but he didn’t cooperate with the statement, so he was locked up, who knew he had two tricks, twisted the bars of the detention center and escaped.Later just a defeat of red dust crime, otherwise, he dared to so defy the authority of the Public Security Bureau, I had already gone to arrest him.After that, and received several this Baiyun Middle School police report, said he beat up people, just last week, the enterprise summit, this kid beat up a business owner again.”

Xu Yandao: “I haven’t been to school for more than ten days, but I didn’t expect that so many things would happen, and out of nowhere, a Omi would appear out of nowhere and turn into the number one evil kid of Baiyun High School, and he also defeated Fang Xu by seconds, I’m really surprised.”

Xu Mei Qian said, “This kid, however, has some strength, to be able to defeat Fang Xu second by second, I’m afraid he’s at least at the 19th or 20th level of martial arts.”

Xu Yan smiled, “I’ll go to the school some other day and meet this person.”

“You’re already at level 24 martial strength, it’s better not to bully people.”Xu Mei Qian said absent-mindedly, her cousin’s power, she knew it.

Xu Yan smiled, “Sister, I’m not level 24 anymore, I’m already level 25.”

“Ah, you’re a girl, you’re progressing fast.”Xu Mei Qian was shocked.

“Oh, sis, you’re the one who’s been thinking about catching a defeat of red dust all day, you’re too busy to be dizzy.You really shouldn’t waste your time on catching thieves in such a great age, go fall in love, don’t wait until you’re old to realize that you didn’t even fall in love when you were young.”

Xu Mei Qian glared, “Why don’t you go and talk.”

“Haha, sis, I’m five years younger than you, I’m not as good.”

“Alright, it’s late, go to bed.”

“Well, sis, good night.”

Xu Mei Qian returned to her room, her room didn’t have that cozy feeling of a girl, but was full of coldness, with many martial arts tips on the wall.On the wall of the desk, there were also three words written on it, “Wulin Island”, and I don’t know what this Wulin Island is.


After a night of silence, the next day, Omi and Miss went to school together.

Wei Ming was waiting for Omi in front of the school.

“Master.”Seeing Omi coming, Wei Ming was busy calling out.

“Wei Ming, last night on the campus, I gave Ye Tian Ming a letter of war on your behalf, did you see it?”

“Well, see.”

“Well then, let’s defeat Ye Tian Ming today.”

“Master, am I really okay?”

“It’s up to you whether you can do it or not, Master leads the door, cultivation depends on the individual, I’ve made a bet with Song Yu’er, if you lose, I’ll have to be her underling for a month, do you want to be her underling?”

“Master, I will do my best.”

Omi patted Wei Ming’s shoulder and said, “As long as you play normally, you should be fine.”

Omi returned to the classroom. Remember the URL

During class, Song Yu’er took the initiative to go to the radio room and announced that Ye Tianming and Wei Ming, would duel in front of the No. 5 school building.

All of a sudden, the school building was surrounded by students.

Ye Tian Ming had already been summoned by Song Yu’er to wait in front of the building.

Ye Tianming was not happy with Song Yuer and Liu Yue, but also with Wei Ming for daring to challenge him.And Liu Yue and Song Yu’er he couldn’t afford to provoke, so Ye Tian Ming could only take his anger out on Wei Ming.

Omi saw that it was almost time, so he let Wei Ming out.

Wei Ming and Ye Tianming stood on opposite sides, less than five meters apart, both holding swords, and the crowd of onlookers all quieted down.

Song Yu’er excitedly stood to the side and shouted, “Ye Tianming, give me a shot at Wei Ming.”

And Liu Yue’s face wasn’t so good because he didn’t want Omi to be Song Yu’er’s underling for a month, but inside he wanted Wei Ming to win, but he didn’t dare to be known by Song Yu’er about his inner thoughts, so he had to pretend to shout to bust Wei Ming.

Ye Tian Ming looked at Wei Ming in front of him, intense anger coming out of his eyes.

Ye Tian Ming snorted, “Wei Ming, you are the tenth on the genius expert list, you actually dare to provoke me, what the hell do you mean, I will let you know my anger today.”

Wei Ming smiled, “Actually, it’s not that I’m challenging you, but my master has given me a letter of war, but it doesn’t matter who gave the letter of war.”

“Master?Ridiculous, calling so dear, you’ve simply disgraced everyone on our Genius Expert List.”

Wei Ming said, “Ye Tian Ming, don’t be so noble, you are the fifth in the genius expert list, but you actually worshiped Liu Yue as your master, you’re the one who disgraced everyone, and Omi, at least, is much better than Liu Yue.”

Ye Tian Ming’s face twisted, Wei Ming was talking about his sore spot.

Ye Tian Ming was forced but didn’t dare to tell the truth because he was afraid that his master would be looking for trouble from Song Yu’er’s forces, as Song Yu’er secretly had a very powerful force.

“Wei Ming, I will cripple you.”Ye Tianming took out his pent-up anger on Wei Ming.

Wei Ming laughed, “Ye Tian Ming, before maybe I really wasn’t as good as you, but not necessarily now, Master has taught me a set of sword techniques, I’ve practiced the first style, so I’m just going to try my hand at you.”

“Draw your sword.”Ye Tian Ming didn’t want any more nonsense, and instantly rushed up, wanting to strike Wei Ming down with his sword, and then smack Wei Ming hard, taking out all the anger that Song Yu Er had forced him to take out on Wei Ming.

However, Wei Ming’s sword seemed so flexible, a swing on his blade and Ye Tian Ming’s sword shook fiercely.


Beyond that, Ye Tian Ming immediately put out his full strength.

“Dang dang dang.”Their swords clashed fiercely in front of the teaching building, in full view of everyone.

Everyone was excitedly watching, one was Omi’s disciple and the other was Liu Yue’s disciple, and Omi and Sending Rainer still had a good bet.

Omi sighed, Wei Ming’s improvisation ability was very ordinary, just those few encounters, Wei Ming had too many times could win over Ye Tian Ming in one fell swoop, but unfortunately Wei Ming’s improvisation ability was not as good as that, so he hadn’t won after more than a dozen moves, but he didn’t lose either.

Song Yu’er was now dissatisfied, “How can this be, didn’t I say that I would let him beat Wei Ming in half a move?How come it’s been several minutes and still hasn’t defeated Wei Ming.”

Liu Yue said, “Miss, Wei Ming seems to have the same strength as Ye Tian Ming ah.”Liu Yue said this with a bit of titillation, it would be best if Ye Tian Ming lost.

“Wei Ming is only tenth, how is that possible, in the past, Ye Tian Ming sped up the eighth in one second, not to mention the tenth.”Song Yu’er was full of displeasure.

Everyone was surprised, Wei Ming was able to fight the fifth place for so long, was it really because he was Omi’s disciple?

At this moment, on the school building, the headmaster stood there watching, and the headmaster said in his heart, “Wei Ming’s strength has actually increased by so much, why is that?”The principal felt a bit regretful inside, he should have known not to offend Wei Ming, now that he couldn’t learn martial arts from Omi, but he also offended Wei Ming, especially since Wei Ming seemed to have surged in strength.

“A sword breaks the stone.”Suddenly, Wei Ming’s very fierce move was issued.

“Dang.”Ye Tian Ming’s sword trembled and retreated a few steps back.

“Shoo.”Wei Ming pointed a sword at Ye Tian Ming’s neck.

“Ah.”Ye Tian Ming was completely stupid, he had lost to Wei Ming.

Everyone onlookers were stupid, the tenth place Wei Ming had defeated the fifth place, wouldn’t it be, Wei Ming had become the fifth in the genius expert list?

Wei Ming was now extremely excited and turned his head to look at Omi, but unfortunately, there was no surprise on Omi’s face, instead there was a hint of disappointment because Wei Ming had taken so long to defeat Ye Tian Ming, making Omi not very satisfied.

“How is that possible.”Song Yu’er shouted out, having only started to win in front of Omi, and then she was beaten back to her original form.

Liu Yue comforted and said, “Miss calmed down, Omi dared to take the initiative to challenge Ye Tianming, he must have been sure of it, you were too stupid and fell into his trap.”

Omi walked up to Send Yu’er and smiled, “Miss Song, be willing to gamble and be my maid for a month.”

“No way.”Song Yu’er immediately refused, not even wanting to think about playing a trick.

Omi’s eyebrows jumped.

“Song Yu’er, willing to gamble, you’re not going to cheat even that.”

Song Yu’er said, “That’s not fair, you cheated, your apprentice is obviously not that good.”

Omi was really speechless and said, “Song Yu’er, if you continue to have such an attitude, don’t blame me for being rude to you.”

“Hmph, what do you dare to do to me?”Song Yu’er was very arrogant with a snort.

Omi walked up to Song Yu’er, this chick, if you don’t give her a little bit of trouble today, she’s really not afraid of heaven or earth.

Liu Yue immediately stopped in front of Omi and said, “Omi, we are all bodyguards, I advise you not to cause any trouble, put your heart in the right place, if I bully your lady, how do you feel.”

Omi looked at Liu Yue and smiled, “Great bodyguard Liu, if you are not blind, you should know that your lady is playing a rascal, if you can make her obediently work for me as a maid for a month, I can let her go, otherwise, please get out of my way.”


Liu Yue snorted, “So what, I only know that my lady cannot be bullied by anyone.”

Omi shouted, “Get out of the way.”

Song Yu’er said, “Liu Yue, get out of the way, I’d like to see what Omi dares to do to my lady.”Song Yu’er was still arrogant and pushed Liu Yue out of the way, then stood in front of Omi with her waist crossed.

The onlookers exclaimed, “Song Yu’er is so powerful, she’s not even afraid of the number one villain.”

“Che, Song Yu’er must have thought that Omi didn’t dare to hit a woman, that’s why she was so arrogant.”

“I bet Omi can’t do anything about Song Yu’er, who let her be a woman and a school flower, what man can lay a hand on a school flower ah.”

Just as everyone guessed that Omi would definitely not dare to hit a woman, they saw Omi press Song Yu’er against the wall.

“Pah.”Omi slapped Song Yu’er’s buttocks hard.

“Ah.”Song Yu’er was humiliated and angry that Omi had spanked her in front of so many people.

“Slap, slap, slap.”Omi spanked Song Yuer’s ass three times in a row, each time his palm bounced back, Omi smiled as he spanked her, “Nice body, spanking is quite flexible.”

“Liu Yue, where the hell are you, give me a spanking Omi.”Song Yuer cried as she shouted. A second to remember to read the book

Liu Yue was so angry that he rushed up and grabbed Omi’s shoulder, but unfortunately, Omi’s shoulder unloaded and Liu Yue’s hand pounced and fell to the ground.

Liu Yue was shocked and angry, it was his first time to fight with Omi, although he thought Omi was very powerful and he might not be able to beat him, but he didn’t expect Omi to be stronger than he thought, and he suffered a little loss just after he did it.

Omi turned back and said, “Liu Yue, don’t embarrass yourself, we’re all bodyguards, I’m just saving face for you.”

“Omi, you let go of my lady.”Liu Yue bellowed.

At this time, Wei Ming also came up with an incomparable heartache and said, “Master, please spare Yu’er.”

Omi didn’t really want to do anything to Song Yu’er, he just wanted to spank her a few times so she could learn a lesson and not be so arrogant in front of him in the future.

Omi ended up slapping Song Yu’er with another hard slap, “Pah!”The loud bang.

After the beating, Omi released Song Yu’er, hitting her just five times in total, but each slap seemed to be not light.

Omi laughed and turned around to go upstairs.

Song Yu’er was spanked in public and cried, pointing at Omi’s back and shouting, “Omi, I won’t let you go.”

Wei Ming was busy asking in distress, “Yu’er, how are you doing, do you want me to apply some medicine for you.”

When Song Yu’er saw that Wei Ming actually said that he would help her apply medicine, she kicked over, Wei Ming didn’t dodge and was kicked over, her mouth said, “I’m sorry Yu’er, it was me who defeated Ye Tian Ming, that’s why you lost.”

“Roll.”Song Yu’er yelled at Wei Ming, and Liu Yue also yelled, “Wei Ming, get out of my way.”Liu Yue was upset with Wei Ming because Wei Ming actually hit on his lady and tried to put medicine on her ass, was he allowed to put medicine on his lady’s ass.

Omi returned to the class 32 corridor, Liona said reproachfully, “Why did you hit her, I told you on your first day as my bodyguard, less contact with Song Yuer and the others.”

Omi said, “Who let her be so arrogant, if we don’t give her a break, Song Yu’er will become more and more arrogant, hahaha.”Omi was completely fearless, but Liona was worried that Omi beating Song Yu’er would cause Song Dai Tian and her father to have some kind of conflict behind her back.

The third class soon started, and School An’

Quiet down.

Song Yu’er sat on the chair, feeling a hot pain in her ass, Song Yu’er was aggrieved and angry.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the shoes.

After class, Song Yu’er came to the toilet, also took a small mirror, after entering the women’s toilet, Song Yu’er took off her pants, warped as well as full of elastic ass exposed, Song Yu’er with a small mirror, only then found that her ass was spanked by Omi multiple red fingerprints.

“Ahhhh.”Song Yu’er angry to go crazy, Omi’s fingerprints are still printed on her ass, let him feel as if Omi’s hand is still touching it, his heart is so unpleasant, wash and can not wash off, and also from time to time, there is a hot pain.

“Omi, I will play with you to the end.”Song Yu’er vowed.

Wei Ming was practicing his sword at the back of the mountain right now, but, his mind was distracted.

After class, Omi went to the back mountain to take a look, and when he saw Wei Ming’s absent-mindedness, he thought of Song Yu’er, which must be related to Song Yu’er.

Omi walked up.

“Master.”Wei Ming busily called out.

“Wei Ming, why are you absent-minded.”


“Is it because of Song Yu’er?You think I shouldn’t hit Song Yuer?”

Wei Ming didn’t say anything, Omi had to examine Wei Ming, after all, Song Yu’er was the person he liked and was the driving force behind his dreams.Such an important person, so who weighed heavier in his heart, Master or woman?

Don Omi said, “If I were to ask you to make a choice, master or woman, how would you choose?”

“Ah.”Wei Ming looked at Omi in surprise.

“You answer me.”

Wei Ming said, “I’ll choose my master.”

Omi asked, “Don’t you want Song Yu’er?”

“Oh, I’m just wishful thinking about Song Yu’er, but Liu Yue just threatened me to stay away from his lady, so I don’t stand much chance.”

“Did Liu Yue find you?”Omi asked.

Wei Ming nodded, “Just now, I fought him, but unfortunately, I was defeated by him in one move, he was very strong and I was no match at all.He told me to stay away from Song Yu’er and stop mangy toads trying to eat swan meat.”

Omi looked at Wei Ming, and didn’t know what Wei Ming was thinking in his heart, if he had no conscience, Omi would have to consider whether to still teach him martial arts or not.

“Alright, you continue practicing, next week, get ready to challenge Fang Xu.”Omi turned around and walked away.

Omi went back to his class, the day was over, tomorrow was the weekend again.

Returning home in the evening, Omi made a phone call to Simran, whose father was recovering well and was now able to get out of bed and walk slowly.Simran had also been taking care of her father in the hospital for almost ten days now, preparing to start school next week.

Right now, at Song Yu’er’s house, Song Yu’er was lying on her bed, showing her buttocks, and her nanny was rubbing medicine on her buttocks.

“Miss, who on earth is so cruel as to give you so many handprints on your bottom.”The babysitter said.

Song Yu’er was so angry that she was going to jump up, but the handprints were still so red at night.

In the evening, Omi and Liu Chenming’s father and daughter were having dinner, when suddenly, Liu Chenming’s phone rang.

“Who called me at dinner.”Willow Chenming took out her phone and saw that it was a strange caller.

“Hello, hello, who is it?”

“Hello, Willow, it’s me, Dai Tian Song.”


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