King of kings 196-200


“Ah, Song Daitian.”

Liu Chen Ming was surprised that Song Daitian had called him, and Omi, who was eating, was surprised to hear Song Daitian’s name.

“Hello hello, how are you, Mr. Song.”Willow Chenming said politely.

Song Dai Tian said, “Sorry to bother you, Mr. Liu, it’s actually nothing, I wanted to tell you about something, your campus bodyguard Omi, he beat my daughter during the day, causing my daughter’s ass to hurt now when she sits down.”

“Ah.”Willow Chenming was stunned.

“It’s nothing else, so that’s all for now, sorry for the interruption.”

Song Daitian immediately hung up the phone, and although he didn’t say anything, it was clear that he had specifically called Liu Chenming to express his dissatisfaction over the matter.

Liu Chenming smiled bitterly, “Omi, Song Daitian said that you hit his daughter.”

Omi was speechless, “This little thing is a complaint, Song Yu’er betted and didn’t accept defeat, she also had a brash attitude and was arrogant and unreasonable, so I just gave her ass five slaps, that’s all.”

“Oh.”Liu Chenming wasn’t good enough to accuse Omi of anything, he just laughed wordlessly and said, “Omi, in the future, Song Yu’er and the others, it’s better to have less contact with them, Song Dai Tian’s background is very mysterious.There aren’t many people in the entire Linjiang City who know their true details, you, it’s better to mess with them less.”

“Good.”Omi nodded, since Liu Chenming was worried, then Omi would just not mess around with Song Yu’er in the future, originally Omi wanted to delete the post after posting it yesterday. First URL mNatia .online

Liona white eyes Omi a few times, in her heart she said, “Where is the bad fight, to spank someone’s ass, obviously you want to touch their ass.”It seems that Liona is a bit jealous.

Right now at Song Dai Tian’s house.

Song Yu’er was very dissatisfied and said to his father, “Why are you calling Omi’s boss.”

Song Dai Tian’s face was unhappy: “My daughter, I haven’t even called myself, why should I be beaten by Omi, can’t I even make a phone call?”

“This is between him and me, why are you adults interfering, making it sound like I’m someone who can’t afford to play, and letting my parents step in at every turn, so that Omi can think less of me.”

“What logic.”Song Dai Tian was speechless.

Song Yu’er shouted and told Liu Yue to come to her study.

Liu Yue came to Song Yu’er’s study.

Liu Yue asked, “Miss, you’re doing your homework so early today.”

“Do what homework, Liu Yue, I’m in a very unhappy mood, you give a painful word, can you let this Miss have a painful scenery in school for once or not?Every time, it’s always Omi in the school scenery, why should Miss Ben be inferior to Liona.Today, I want you to give a quick word, can you let me enjoy the scenery or not, if not, I’m ready to dismiss you, you pack your bags and go back to the mountain tomorrow morning.”

“Ah, Miss, you’re going to sack me.”Liu Yue was suddenly shocked.

“You give me a reason not to fire you, today I was spanked by Omi and you were ripped naked by Zhao Ritian, I, Song Yuer, have become a laughing stock at school, if I were you and just resigned myself, you’d still have the nerve to come back and tell my father.”

“Miss, give me one more chance.”Liu Yue pleaded.

“It’s not that I’m not giving you a chance, I’ve just asked you, can you let Miss Ben make a splash at school even once

Also good.”

Liu Yue clenched her teeth, “I can, what the hell, I Liu Yue have been holding back for so long, it’s time to be open-minded.”

Liu Yue was forced, and thought of a wonderful method now, as expected, people are forced out.

“Do you have any way to make this Miss glamorous for once?”

Liu Yue said, “Miss, things have come to a head, I can only be high profile.”

“What do you mean?”

Liu Yue’s eyes glowed as she said, “Miss, if I defeated the first place on the Bai Yun High School’s genius expert list in public, do you think it’s glamorous enough?”

“What, you mean, challenging the first place Xu Yan?”

Liu Yue said fiercely, “Yes, if I defeat Xu Yan in front of the whole school, do you think, is it glamorous enough.”

“Mmhmm.”Song Yu’er nodded excitedly, this scenery directly covered Omi.

“But, are you sure that you can defeat the first place Xu Yan?”Song Yu’er asked.

Liu Yue snorted, “Miss, those so-called genius experts at Baiyun High School, what do you really think they are?The second place Fang Xu, I can defeat with a single move, how much stronger can the first place Xu Yan be.I used to just keep a low profile, but now I can’t keep a low profile anymore, I have to keep a high profile for once.However, the second place Fang Xu has already been defeated by Omi, it would be meaningless for me to defeat Fang Xu again, so I’ll directly challenge the first place Xu Yan and beat Xu Yan to shit in public, I’d like to see if I, Liu Yue, am a big hit at school and directly drown out Omi.”

“Yay, this is just like my Song Yu’er bodyguard, well, then you prepare well, I’ll post, and I’m going to make a big, big noise, I’m going to post at the Window of Linjiang, a complete and utter glamour.”

Liu Yue smiled, “Miss, everything you look at, defeating Xu Yan in this regard, you do not need to worry at all.”

After Omi had dinner, Liona forced him to go to her room for tuition again.

Omi excused his stomachache and went back to his room to take a shit, then locked the door, allowing Liona to call out no matter what.

Omi took a shower and walked out of his own bathroom naked, he also followed Liona’s example and came out of the shower naked, no one saw him in his own room anyway.

Just then, Omi’s door was suddenly opened, and it turned out that Liona had gone to get the key from Wu Ma.

However, opening the door Liona was shocked when she saw what was going on in the room.The first thing I noticed was that Omi was standing in the room with a towel, wiping his hair wet, while his body was naked, without a trace, and Liona immediately saw everything Omi had to offer.

Omi did not expect Liona to have a key to open the door, stunned, panicked with a towel to block his key parts.

“Miss, you’re not fidgety.”Omi said.

Liona blushed, seeing Omi say so, Liona instead had a lot of guts, humming, “I’ve been seen by you anyway, now we don’t suffer from each other.”

Omi pulled the towel and said, “Omi I don’t mind letting you see more.”

“Don’t.”Liona was busy covering her eyes.

Omi said, “Miss, go do your own homework, why do you have to force me to make up any lessons.”

“You’re my bodyguard, your grades are bad and I’m embarrassed, now almost everyone in the school knows that you’re my personal bodyguard.”Liona said forcefully, in fact, she just really liked the feeling of sitting with Omi.


“Anyway, I want to rest tonight, I don’t want to read, I want to get dressed, and if you don’t leave, you’re in my nude again.”

“Hmph.”Liona huffed in exasperation and closed Omi’s door.

Omi didn’t listen to her, and Liona looked very aggrieved and felt lost.

Omi locked the door, when his phone rang, and when he looked, it was the hacker little beauty calling.

“Brother Omi, what are you doing?”The little hacker beauty asked.

“Nothing much, what do you want from me?”

“Brother Omi, how can you be like this, looking for me when you need my help, never looking for me when you don’t want my help, the way you don’t want to talk to me even when I take the initiative to call you.”

Omi laughed, “Don’t get me wrong, I just don’t know what I can talk to you about.”

“Brother Omi, when is your next operation?”The little hacker beauty asked.

“What next operation?”

“O robbing the rich and giving to the poor on behalf of God, don’t you want to be a loser anymore?” Remember the URL Natia .online

“Oh, this is a situation where if there’s injustice, I’ll show up, but if there’s peace in the world, there’s no need for a single defeat,”Omi said.

The little hacker beauty said, “Brother Omi, is your service area only in Linjiang City?”

“Yes, more than I can manage, I’m not full of food and doing this all the time, it’s within my capabilities.”

“Brother Omi, there is an injustice happening in Linjiang City now, do you want to be in charge of it?”

Don wondered, “Did he?I didn’t hear it on the news ah.”

The little hacker beauty said, “Brother Omi, the vast majority of true injustices will never be known, much less appear in the news media, and only a few of them will be in the news.I just invaded a casino underground casino in Linjiang City and found something that no one knows about.”


“The owner of the casino, killed three people and then ordered his men to disguise it as a car accident, successfully dodging legal responsibility.”

Omi was furious, “How outrageous, is there any justice left, where is the casino?”

“The casino is called Shun Dong Entertainment, the owner is called Wang Jie, this Wang Jie is the younger brother of the second owner of Linjiang City’s Hua Long Hall, opened a casino, called Shun Dong Casino, which contains all kinds of drugs and secret prostitutes, and does many unsavory deeds.”

Omi said, “I don’t care what kind of illegal business I do, as long as it is disregard for life, straw man life, I will be in charge, killed three people at the same time, and also disguised as a car accident to escape the law, I’m in charge of this, tell me the location, it seems to be really going to be for heaven.”

The little hacker beauty said excitedly, “Brother Omi, that Wang Jie, although he disguised it as a car accident, he himself is still being investigated by the police, so he is still assisting in the investigation at the Public Security Bureau for the time being.”

“Good, then I’ll go to the Public Security Bureau.”Omi said, “He’s so bold, he even went straight to the Public Security Bureau in one defeat of red dust.

After hanging up the phone, the hacker little beauty sent Omi a photo, the person in the photo was the owner of the casino that killed the three people.

This casino owner is also a ruthless character, relying on his brother is the second hall master of the Dragon Hall, simply lawless.

Unfortunately, the police are concerned with evidence, and this kind of person has the right to

The unique advantage of heaven, any false evidence can be created, and even if it doesn’t work, you can still find someone to take the blame, in short, no matter what is committed, it just can’t be sanctioned on him.

At this moment, at a certain villa, a middle-aged man was squinting in contemplation.

At this moment, one of his men walked in.

“Second Hall Master, your brother was arrested by Xu Mei Qian’s men, and Xu Mei Qian doesn’t believe it was a car accident.”

That Second Hall Master snorted, “That b*tch Xu Mei Qian, sooner or later I’ll get her into bed.But so what if she arrested my brother, can he find solid evidence that my brother killed someone?Is it her first day out, she’s so naive.”

“Second Church Master, so what now?After all, your brother is still in the police department.”

“Don’t worry, they will automatically release my brother, don’t worry about this matter, it’s not like it’s my brother’s first day in society, he knows what to do himself.The plan to seduce Xu Mei Qian, hurry up and execute it.”

“Second Hall Master don’t worry, Xu Mei Qian is bent on capturing One Defeat Red Dust, we’ll use One Defeat Red Dust as bait, seducing Xu Mei Qian is still a handful.Men in the entire Linjiang City I fantasize about being able to get Xu Mei Qian’s body, but no one is able to get it, Second Hall Master, soon you will be able to get it.”

“Hahaha.”Wang Ge let out a pained laugh, seemingly unable to hold back at the thought of Xu Mei Qian’s appearance and her nosebleed-inducing body.As the Second Hall Master of the Dragon Hall, Wang Ge naturally played with countless women, but unfortunately, none of the women he had played with all his life had the allure of a single picture of Xu Mei Qian.Xu Mei Qian is recognized as the number one beauty in Linjiang City, the number of people who want to sleep with her may be countless.

In the Public Security Bureau, an interrogation room, the owner of Shun Dong Casino, Wang Jie, with a cigarette in his mouth, leisurely sitting there, opposite Xu Mei Qian.

Xu Mei Qian saw that Wang Jie was still so leisurely and was furious.

“Wang Jie, do you take my words at face value?”Xu Mei Qian raged.

“Captain Xu, if you have evidence, you can just shoot me, if you don’t have evidence, please release me quickly.”

“Wang Jie, how can I not know the details of your background, you should know very well what your casino has been doing in secret.”

“Haha, Captain Xu, as a police officer, aren’t you afraid that I will file a complaint against you for framing me like this without evidence?My casino is clean and I only do legitimate business.”

“You know better than anyone whether it’s only legitimate business or not,”Xu Mei Qian said.

“Captain Xu, is it interesting to say such meaningless words?Evidence, the law is about evidence.”

“You wait, I will find evidence of your guilt, this time, I will never let someone like you off.”

Wang Jie smiled, “Captain Xu, I’m all innocent, you can go ahead and find the so-called incriminating evidence.”

“Someone, lock him up in the detention center.”Xu Mei Qian shouted.

Wang Jie said, “Captain Xu, my lawyer will be here soon.”

Wang Jie was locked into the detention center by Xu Mei Qian’s assistant, and Wang Jie stood in the detention center with a cold snort, not worried about himself in the least.

In the office, Yu: “Captain, we don’t have any evidence at all that Wang Jie has broken the law ah, you put him in the detention center, just to vent your own inner frustration with him, it does not serve any purpose at all.When his lawyer comes, we’ll have to release him, he’ll only be locked up for a few hours if he dies.”

Xu Mei Qian was helpless, such people were too good at evading their legal responsibilities, the police couldn’t do anything about them.


Just then, a policeman came in to report, “Captain, Wang Jie’s lawyer is here, demanding that Wang Jie be released.”

At this moment, Omi was dressed in black and was already standing on the roof of the Public Security Bureau building.

Yes, Xu Mei Qian’s old rival, One Defeat Red Dust had come.

Omi immediately jumped down, Omi was familiar with the detention centers of the Public Security Bureau, there were only a few detention centers in total, and they were all in the building against the west, Omi immediately found the detention center where Wang Jie was.

The barred windows of the detention room had been replaced with a different, more solid steel.

Unfortunately, Omi broke all the railings in one go.

The next moment, Omi jumped into the detention center.

Wang Jie scrambled to his feet and looked at Omi in fear.

“Who are you?”Wang Jie was busy asking.

At this time, Wang Jie’s lawyer negotiated smoothly with the police, the police had to release him, Xu Mei Qian and his assistant were coming to the detention room.

Omi looked at Wang Jie, confirmed that it was the person in the photo, and asked, “Wang Jie, you killed three people in a row this evening, about seven o’clock, can you admit your guilt.” A second to remember to read the book

“Who the hell are you.”Wang Jie’s face changed dramatically, Omi actually knew the approximate time of his killing, yes, it was indeed about seven o’clock, about three hours from now.

“I’m a defeated red dust.”Omi said.

Wang Jie almost fainted when he heard the four words One Defeat Red Dust, oh my god, the legendary One Defeat Red Dust had found him, it was over.

Wang Jie immediately shouted out, “Help, help.”However, his shout was as small as a mosquito and his voice was still hoarse, Wang Jie realized that One Defeat Red Dust’s fingers were pointing at his neck.

Naturally, Omi’s voice had completely changed, sounding very cold and ruthless.

“Wang Jie, you have disregarded human life, disregarded life, killed three people in a row, and have no regard for the law, today, I, One Defeat Red Dust, sentence you to death, and expect you to go to hell and repent properly.”

“No.”Wang Jie looked at One Defeat Red Dust’s eyes, One Defeat Red Dust’s eyes were like the lonely and cold star among the stars, Wang Jie cried out with all the strength of his life, but how small that voice was.

Suddenly, Wang Jie felt a flash of white light in front of his eyes, the next moment, he felt wet on his neck, something leaked out, a hand touch, it is blood, his neck appeared a small line, a defeat red dust cut open his neck.Then, the tiny slit instantly cracked open, and the blood on Wang Jie’s neck gushed like a fountain.

Wang Jie died with his hands over his neck in an attempt to keep the blood from flowing out, but he quickly fell down, his consciousness becoming more and more blurred, and the last thing he saw was One Defeat Red Dust writing on the wall, after which his eyes were wide open and he was out of breath.

After Omi wrote a line on the wall, he instantly flew out of the detention room.

And just in time, the iron door of the detention room opened.

Xu Mei Qian and a few other policemen were shocked to see the scene inside.

Only on the wall was written, “Wang Jie, sentenced to death, executioner, one defeat of red dust.”

“One defeat of red dust.”

“Captain, One Defeat Red Dust has come and just left.”

Xu Mei Qian naturally knew that Omi had just left a few seconds, Xu Mei Qian instantly stirred her feet, flew and shot to that iron window, and rushed out at once, and indeed saw a shadow flashing on the roof of the building.

“One Defeat Red Dust, you don’t want to leave.”Xu Mei Qian immediately chased after him, Xu Mei Qian’s feet stepped on the wall as if she was walking on the ground, the sword in her hand ejected in a flash, shining silverly under the moonlight.

Omi was taken aback when he saw Xu Mei Qian chasing after him, not expecting to be spotted by Xu Mei Qian by such a coincidence.

But Omi wasn’t worried, with Xu Mei Qian still unable to catch him.

Omi was in the building’s

The edge of the building, and in a flash, she leapt to a nearby building.

Xu Mei Qian followed suit and also leapt over in a flash, her lightness was also very good, in fact her lightness was not as good as Omi’s, but it was not far behind.

“One Defeat Red Dust, you stop.”Xu Mei Qian used all her internal strength to apply her lightness, the last time she was escaped by One Defeat Red Dust in Floating Tang Park, this time it was hard to run into him again, he must not be allowed to escape, or else the next time she would run into him again, there would be no telling when.

Omi had leapt several buildings in a row now, and Xu Mei Qian was in deadly pursuit.

Omi was speechless.

Omi stopped on the roof of the next building, it was better to finish off Xu Mei Qian first.

Xu Mei Qian chased after her in no time, and was delighted to see One Defeat Red Dust stop.

“One Defeat Red Dust, you’ve finally appeared again, this time, no matter what, you won’t be able to escape.”Xu Mei Qian said.

One Defeat Red Dust’s voice was cold as he snorted, “Really, Captain Xu, last time so many people failed to leave me behind, today you’re alone, are you sure you can leave me behind?”

Right now, One Defeat Red Dust’s voice, as well as his eyes, were completely different from Omi’s, filled with ruthless indifference, as if he was a lone swordsman.

Xu Mei Qian said, “One Defeated Red Dust, you have killed another person today, you are guilty of a great crime.”

“Captain Xu, I, One Defeat Red Dust, killed all the people who deserved to die, if Captain Xu lets me know in the future that you disregard life and are not a good cop, I will definitely come to kill you too.”

Xu Mei Qian raged, “Wang Jie broke the law, naturally there is a law to punish him, it’s not your turn.”

“Law?May I ask if your law can sentence Wang Jie to death?If I could, why would I need to show up in defeat.”

“Wang Jie has broken the law, sooner or later I will find the evidence of his crime and bring him to justice.One Defeat Red Dust, don’t bother talking, you’ve already committed murder, whether the person you killed is guilty or not, no one can take their life except the law.”

“Hahaha, Captain Xu, farewell, I advise you not to chase me anymore, or I will be rude to you.”

After saying that, Omi clicked his feet and his body flew out of the building dozens of stories high.

“Where to go.”How could Xu Mei Qian let Omi leave and raised her sword to chase after him.

Just like that, Xu Mei Qian chased Omi for another few thousand meters.

Omi was helpless and immediately stopped.

When Xu Mei Qian saw Omi stop again, without saying a word, she struck with her sword.Her sword and its tip, waved in a strange manner, seeming to draw strange patterns in the air as she waved.

Omi secretly said, “The sword technique is quite high-end.”

In the blink of an eye, Xu Mei Qian had attacked with a sword, and Omi was almost unable to avoid it.

But Omi wasn’t a vegetarian, and instantly launched his sword, shaking it and scattering it like a wave, the Heavenly Maiden scattering flowers.

Xu Mei Qian’s attack was countered by Omi’s Heavenly Maiden Scattering Flowers, disintegrating in an instant.

The two battled on the roof of the building, full of sword and light.

Xu Mei Qian’s swordsmanship was unique and profound, and seemed to have improved a lot since the last time.

But unfortunately, Xu Mei Qian’s strength was still far from being able to endanger Omi.

Omi didn’t want to dwell with Xu Mei Qian for too long, so he used the Heavenly Maiden Scattering Flowers again and attacked at the same time.

“Second style of Heavenly Maiden Scattering Flowers, Heavenly Maiden Unclothed.”Omi’s body rolled in place, his sword angled and stabbed Xu Mei Qian’s abdomen.Xu Mei Qian was shocked and instantly closed her body, blocking with her sword across, but Omi’s sword changed in vain and sliced upwards, and all of Xu Mei Qian’s defenses were empty.In the next moment, Xu Mei Qian felt her pants loosen.

“Ah.”Xu Mei Qian was horrified, her pants were about to fall down again, and she panicked to pull on the front of her pants.


Fortunately, Xu Mei Qian pulled her pants down in time, or else she would have fallen down and not seen anything.

And Omi had already disappeared into the night.

“Ahhhh.”Xu Mei Qian was so angry that she had to jump up, and was cut the belt again by a defeated red dust, last time it was like this.

Xu Mei Qian’s pants were about to fall down, but of course she couldn’t continue her pursuit, so she could only be angry and hateful.

“One Defeat Red Dust, I’m not done with you.”Xu Mei Qian’s anger was extreme.

Xu Mei Qian touched the head of her pants, and sure enough, not only was the belt broken, but even the head of the panties she wore inside was cut open, so if she didn’t pull it off in time and slid down, she would be naked.

Xu Mei Qian had to buckle the head of the pants again with the sword hilt, went back to the street, and bought a belt to tie first, before rushing back to the police station.

Omi soon returned home.

Xu Mei Qian didn’t come after him again, and it seemed to work very well, so if Xu Mei Qian chased him again in the future, she would continue to cut off her trousers so that she couldn’t chase him, unless she wasn’t afraid of being naked.

Omi was forced to do so. Xu Mei Qian is such a righteous policeman, but Omi didn’t want to hurt her, and her light power was so strong that it was hard to get rid of her.

When Xu Mei Qian returned to the Public Security Bureau, Wang Jie’s corpse had already been removed from the front door of the Public Security Bureau.Several reporters also came, and when they saw Xu Mei Qian return, several reporters were busy asking, “Captain Xu, did you catch One Defeat Red Dust?” First web site m.Natia .online

Xu Mei Qian heard the four words One Defeat Red Dust and got all angry, so she didn’t want to answer.

Somewhere in Linjiang City.

“Second Hall Master, it’s not good.”

“What’s bad?Doesn’t the police department have any evidence to dare not release him?”

“No, your brother is dead.”

“How did he die?”Wang Ge roared.

“Yes, he was killed by One Defeat Red Dust and died inside the Public Security Bureau’s detention room.”

“One Defeat Red Dust?”

“Yes, Xu Mei Qian went to chase it seems like she didn’t catch up.”

Wang Ge immediately rushed to the Public Security Bureau, his heart furious, “One defeat of red dust, don’t let me find you.And Xu Mei Qian, you indirectly killed my brother, wait for me, I’ll make you kneel and be ravaged by me.”

Omi returned home and cultivated his internal strength for a while before lying down on his bed.

Omi took out his cell phone and opened the ‘Window on the Landing River’ to see if there were any postings about One Defeat Red Dust, and sure enough, One Defeat Red Dust came out again tonight to stand up for heaven, and it was still inside the Public Security Bureau, and it immediately ignited on the forum, with many One Defeat Red Dust fans speaking anonymously.

At this moment in the room, Liu Chenming held the phone, swiped the forum, anonymously replied in a post: “One defeat red dust, I love you, I would like to offer my chrysanthemum to you, hahaha.”

At Song Yu’er’s house, Song Dai Tian lay on his bed and laughed, “My idol came out again tonight to kill that Wang Jie on behalf of heaven, what a great joy, I’ve long heard that Wang Jie is not a good thing.”

The wife who was sleeping beside Song Dai Tian said with dissatisfaction, “How old are you, and still idolizing idols, if you have such a mind to pay attention to what a single defeat of the red dust, you might as well care more about your daughter.Daughter’s buttocks are all swollen for Omi, and you’re still laughing.”

Song Daitian heard Omi’s name and one

With a burst of disgust, she said, “If he dares to bully my daughter again, I’ll really be rude to him.”

In Song Yu’er’s room, Song Yu’er was extremely depressed, she had already made several posts in the Window of the Landing River, but they all sank to the bottom.

Song Yu’er was furious and cursed, “One defeat of red dust, one defeat of red dust, endless one defeat of red dust, can you pay attention to my posts ah, next Monday Liu Yue is going to duel with Xu Yan, such a wonderful thing, is it not better than one defeat of red dust to kill someone?

“One Defeat Red Dust, this Miss has a grudge against you ah, you don’t commit a crime sooner or later, but prefer to commit a crime today.”

It turned out that everyone was paying attention to the One Defeat Red Dust, what Song Yu’er sent Liu Yue and Xu Yan duel, no one took care of it at all, zero replies, making Song Yu’er angry to smash the phone.

Hesitantly, Song Yu’er bit her teeth and said, “It seems that I must make a fierce post, Dad, I’m sorry, I have to apologize.”

So, Song Yu’er re-posted on the Linjiang Window Forum.

In Song Daitian’s room, Song Daitian was lying on his bed, still browsing the forum, when Song Daitian refreshed and found a different post.

This post said, “Everyone, I’m Song Dai Tian’s daughter Song Yu’er, I have a bodyguard named Liu Yue, next Monday, Liu Yue will be at Bai Yun Middle School, challenging Xu Yan, the number one on the Genius Master List, Xu Yan is Xu Mei Qian’s sister.I would like to invite all the uncles, aunts and uncles of Linjiang City to confirm this unprecedented duel.I would like to invite all of you on behalf of Song Daitian, of course, if you don’t give face to my father, it’s up to you, my father Song Daitian has a hundred ways to make you unsuitable for Linjiang City, and there’s nothing you can do about it.Of course, if you give my dad face and go to Baiyun Middle School to watch this unprecedented duel, my dad Song Daitian will be grateful to you.On behalf of Song Dai Tian, I hereby call on all of you citizens to stop pulling that one defeat red dust crap all day long and pay more attention to the protracted duel that will take place next Monday at Bai Yun High School.”

Song Dai Tian saw this post, his lungs were going to explode, his daughter even posted in a place like Linjiang Window without his consent, and also threatened to invite everyone on behalf of Song Dai Tian, and also threatened everyone to watch it if they didn’t give face.

“Gosh.”Song Dai Tian immediately rolled over from the bed and put on his clothes and walked out of the room.

At this moment, in Song Yu’er’s room, Song Yu’er took her cell phone, a refresh, and suddenly hundreds of replies, excited Song Yu’er to shout out, before no one paid any attention at all.

At this time, the room door was knocked.

“Bang bang.”

“Yu’er.”Song Daitian shouted desperately from outside.

“Dad, what’s wrong this late?”

“Yu’er, you’re crazy, delete your post, you’re trying to screw me.”Song Daitian said exasperatedly.

“Dad, you wait a little longer, I’ll delete my post when it’s topped up.Otherwise no one will pay attention to me at all, next week Liu Yue is going to challenge Xu Yan, I have to make the scene sensational so that Liu Yue’s popularity is big, otherwise it won’t mean anything at all.”

“Yu’er, stop fooling around and delete it.”

“Don’t delete it.”Song Yu’er doesn’t open the door, and doesn’t delete the post.

Song Yu’er’s post, which finally caught fire, drew great attention and soon became one of the fire posts.

On the campus of Baiyun Middle School, Liu Yue had also made a post herself, a challenge letter, and the challenge was for Xu Yan.

Liu Yue’s post on Baiyun Middle School instantly caught fire, and both places were on fire.


The next day, Omi woke up.

It was Saturday, and Omi was going to go to the hospital after dinner to see Simran, and then go for a walk around the nearby mountains to see if he could gather some herbs.

While eating, Liu Chen Ming turned on the TV and the news was showing the events of yesterday’s One Defeat Red Dust.

Omi was very calm and looked like he had nothing to do with it at all.

Liona was flipping through her phone when she suddenly said, “Wow, no way.”

“What won’t, right?”Omi asked.

Liona said, “Look on the campus of Baiyun Middle School, Liu Yue sent a challenge letter to Xu Yan, the number of replies has reached 80,000, exploding the record of replies to any post you have ever made.”

Omi was shocked, so terrifying, 80,000 replies.Omi’s once most popular post only had 50,000 to 60,000 replies.

Liona laughed, “Haha, Omi, you didn’t expect that you would be blown up on campus, right?I thought that no one on campus would probably be able to explode the record of your hottest post, but I didn’t expect it to be exploded by Liu Yue.”

Omi laughed speechlessly, but the feeling of having your record blown up by someone was really not very comfortable.

Omi muttered, “I’m really surprised that Liu Yue even issued a challenge to Xu Yan.” Remember the URL Natia .online

Liona said, “It must be Song Yuer’s idea, if Liu Yue really defeated Xu Yan, then Liu Yue’s popularity in school will immediately cover you up.The scandal he made at school before will also be immediately forgotten by the students and worshipped by everyone, Song Yuer is a woman who likes to make a fool of herself.”

At this time, Liu Chen Ming said, “There’s also a very hot post in the Linjiang Window, it’s posted by Song Yu’er, it seems that this duel between Liu Yue and Xu Yan is so loud and powerful that there are over a million replies in the Linjiang Window.”

Omi and Liona were both greatly alarmed, and immediately entered the Window of Linjiang, and indeed saw one of the fire posts, which was exactly what Song Yu’er had posted, last night at eleven o’clock, when Omi had already gone to sleep.By this morning, the number of replies has been more than 1.3 million.The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Liona read Song Yu’er’s post a smile: “This Song Yu’er, move her father Song Dai Tian, not afraid of others looking at her father upset ah.”

Liu Chenming said, “Song Dai Tian has such a pitiful daughter, I think he’s going to spit blood in anger when he sees this post.”

As it turns out, at Song Yu’er’s house, Song Daityan is really going to be so angry that he’s going to spit blood when he sees the comments on the post.

White Emperor City’s Covenant said, “What is Song Dai Tian, a small businessman, f*ck him.”

Laughing Red Dust said, “So naive, Song Daitian has such a daughter, he’s also drunk.”

Mer Qingfan said, “I can’t afford to offend Song Daitian, fine, I’ll go see next week.”

Mi Xiu said, “Song Daitian’s face can be denied, but Xu Mei Qian’s face can’t be denied, just for Xu Mei Qian’s sister, I’ll definitely go and see.”

Many people were sarcastic towards Song Dai Tian, not giving him face at all, and the Song Dai Tian who was looking at this moment was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood.

After Omi ate breakfast, he headed to the hospital.

When Liona saw that Omi was going to look for Simran, she immediately offered to go with him, but Omi refused, and Liona felt aggrieved inside.


“Omi.”Simran saw Omi walk into the hospital room, her heartbeat accelerated, she hadn’t seen Omi for several days and felt miss tight, but unfortunately she knew she couldn’t match it, so she could only bury the miss inside her heart.

Omi checked her father’s condition, everything was very good.


s mother helped Li Jinbao out of bed and went outside to walk around the corridor.

Omi and Simran stood in the hospital room, the two of them looking at each other.

Omi looked at Simran and smiled, “I haven’t seen you for a few days, you’ve lost some weight.”

“It’s fine, I’ll be going to class starting next week, Omi, thank you so much, it’s all because of you that my dad is where he is today.”

“What time is it, still so polite, don’t say such words in the future, it’s a friend, no need to say more.”

Simran pursed her lips and said, “Okay, it’s a friend, no need to say more.”Saying this, Simran had a sourness and helplessness inside.

“Have you had breakfast yet?”Kaylee Lee asked.

“Eaten, haven’t you?”

Kaylee Lee shook her head.

“I’ll eat with you, then, it’s Saturday and I’ve got nothing to do.”

“Good.”Simran nodded her head in a busy happy manner.

Simran and Omi went to the hospital cafeteria, and Omi accompanied her to eat the porridge.

Simran felt that this morning’s porridge smelled so good, and smilingly said to the cafeteria auntie, “Auntie, why does the porridge cooked today smell so good.”

That cafeteria aunt looked at Omi and smiled, “The cafeteria’s porridge is the same every day, it’s not that the porridge smells good, it’s that you’re in a beautiful mood.”

“Ah, is that so.”Simran was stunned and blushed.Is it really true that it’s not the aroma of the porridge, it’s that she’s in a good mood, because Omi is eating with her and her heart feels warm, so even the porridge has become delicious.

“You definitely haven’t had anyone to eat with you for a long time, it’s only when I accompany you that I feel so happy.”Omi said.

“Mm, yeah.”Simran was busy nodding her head.

Returning to the inpatient department, Omi said, “I won’t accompany you up there.”

“Okay, you take your time.”

Omi nodded with a smile and left the hospital, Simran looked at Omi’s departing back, startled and lost in thought.

Omi soon returned home.

At Xu Mei Qian’s home.

Xu Mei Qian also rested today, last night a defeat of red dust escaped at her hands for the second time, making her frustrated and even doubting her own ability now.She was supposed to go to work overtime on the weekend, but now she ordered her hands to do it and didn’t want to go.

Xu Mei Qian wore a set of home clothes, her body showing off, and came to the living room, where a beautiful-looking girl was sitting on the sofa, holding a tablet and watching something.

It was her sister Xu Yan, Xu Yan usually didn’t wear a human skin mask at home, and only wore it when she went out or to school, without a human skin mask, her beauty wasn’t lost to Xu Mei Qian, but her breasts weren’t as hot as Xu Mei Qian’s.

“Yan’er, what are you doing?”

“Sis, didn’t you used to work overtime every week?Why don’t you go today.”

“I want to take a break today.”Xu Mei Qian looked a little depressed and said that the second time last night, she was cut by a defeated red dust to cut her belt, bringing her heart trauma.

“Sis, it’s rare for a workaholic like you to take a break.By the way, take a look at the campus of Baiyun Middle School, someone actually gave me a letter of war.”

Xu Mei Qian’s eyebrows furrowed, her sister was the first in the Baiyun Middle School Genius Expert List, who dared to give her sister a letter of war.

“Liu Yue?”

Xu Yan smiled with interest, “I’ve asked around, he’s Song Yu’er’s personal bodyguard, he actually dared to challenge me, anyway, I haven’t been to school for a long time, so I’ll go there next week.Sister, do you want to go and support me.”


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