King of kings 206-210


Omi immediately walked up to the big belly man, and the big belly man also rushed up to Omi, this big belly man also had some strength, around level 21, where the average campus bouncer was his opponent.

“Ka-chow.”Omi grabbed his arm in a split second and twisted it hard.

“Ah.”The Big Belly Man screamed out, and he realized that Omi was much stronger than him.

Big Belly Man’s other hand smashed into Omi’s underbelly, he had no choice but to try attacking Omi’s underbelly to see if he could turn the tables on him.

Unfortunately, how could Omi be someone of his level who could fight against it.


“Ah.”The big belly man screamed again, and his other hand was broken.

At this moment, outside the door of the warehouse, a group of attendants were listening.

Most of the waiters didn’t know who the person inside was, only one person knew, after all, their boss wore a human skin mask and got a big belly.

The waiter who knew the man inside was the boss was horrified and wondered if it was the boss who had been beaten so badly or the stranger.

The man with the big belly had two arms hanging down. Remember the website

“Bang.”Don shot him in the stomach and flew into the wall and rebounded to the floor, luckily there were clothes everywhere and it didn’t hurt.

“Stop.”The big belly man saw that Omi still wanted to come up and shouted in panic.

“Do you know who I am?”The Big Belly Man threatened.

“Even if you’re the King of Heaven, you’re useless.”Omi walked up, grabbed the big belly man’s ear and dragged him outside, Omi to the true face of this pervert who was secretly raping beautiful female customers.

Omi one hand dragging the big belly man’s ear, the other hand to open the warehouse door, only to see a group of waiters outside lying on their ears to eavesdrop on the movement inside, and now see Omi open the door, have been shocked.

“What are you looking at.”Omi yelled, Omi had no affection for any of these attendants, some of them must have known about this kind of thing but didn’t hear a thing.

“Let go.”The big bellied man yelled, he was only wearing his underwear, it was too humiliating to be dragged out by Omi by the ears.Both arms were also broken from the bout, unable to fight at all.

Omi dragged him by the ears to the corridor outside the mall.

This mall was a circular structure with a total of six floors, the corridor circled around all the shops, with a hollow in the middle and a large transparent skylight at the top, like a patio.

Omi pulled the big belly man to the corridor, instantly attracting attention.

Omi looked at the hollow skylight, it was a huge steel keel held up, Omi inserted two fingers into Big Belly Man’s nostrils, then leapt, Omi’s body flew up, Omi stepped on each floor of the corridor, straight up to the top of the skylight, and Big Belly Man was naturally lifted up by Omi’s nostrils.

Omi took off his belt and buckled Big Belly Man’s feet, hanging on to the steel bars of the skylight shed.

The corridors on each floor of the mall below were crowded with people looking at the hollow roof, many of them even took out their cell phones to take pictures, in short, the whole mall was bustling.

“Guys, do you want to know who this guy is?”Everyone looked at Omi as he shouted loudly.

“He’s this mall, the legendary pervert who specializes in preying on beautiful female customers, and I caught him red-handed today.”

“Wow.”Everyone shouted in shock, it was the pervert.

“Guys, do you want to know who this pervert is?He’s wearing a human skin mask. I’m going to remove his human skin mask now so you can see it.

His true face.”

After saying that, Don Zimmer put his hand on the belly man’s face and ripped it off.

“Ah.”The Big Belly Man screamed as his human skin mask was torn off.

“Oh shit, it’s the biggest owner of this mall, Lin Dongfang.”

“Oh my god, it’s really Boss Lin.”

“Impossible, right?”

When the crowd saw Lin Dongfang’s face, they were incredulous.

“Hahaha, hahaha.”At that moment, Lin Dongfang laughed, yes, he laughed.

He had been revealed for what he really was anyway, so he had nothing to fear.

Lin Dongfang looked at Omi and said, “Kid, you’re in a big mess.”

Omi coldly snorted, “It’s you who’s in a big mess.”

“Kid, now that you’ve torn off your mask, you should know who I am, I’m Lin Dongfang.”

“Bang.”Omi punched Lin Dongfang in the stomach and said disdainfully, “What do you think you are Lin Dongfang, you can scare me?”

The onlookers were shocked, before some of them were shouting to kill the pervert, but now that they saw that it was Lin Dongfang, suddenly no one was shouting.

Many people knew who Lin Dongfang was, the nephew of the Third Hall Master of the Dragon Hall.

At that moment, Liu Chen Ming arrived, and once he entered the mall, he saw the hollow top, a man was hanging there high up, while Omi was standing on the steel shelf next to him.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the person hanging from the ceiling, and you’ll be surprised to see that it’s Lin Dongfang.

At this time, Omi punched up again, Lin Dongfang spat out blood.

Liu Chenming was busy shouting, “Omi, stop fighting, leave it to the police.”

Omi looked down, Liu Chenming was standing at the entrance of the first floor.

“Uncle Liu, don’t worry, I’ll naturally hand him over to the police, it’s just that before I hand him over to the police, I need to deal with him first.”

This kind of pervert, who had almost defiled Liona, could not be taken lightly, Omi had the most important thing to do yet, how could he immediately hand it over to the police.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the list.

Omi jumped down and found a large pair of scissors in a shop on the sixth floor, almost as big as a pair of scissors for trimming flowers and plants, and very sharp.

Then flew up again, what was he going to do, was it?

It can’t be, to cut off Lin Dongfang?

Yes, Omi was merciless with this pervert, and if he didn’t click him off, he would still scourge other women.

Liu Chen Ming trembled in fear.

“Omi, what are you doing?”Willow Chenming shouted.

“Uncle Willow, leave it alone, this bastard, if I hadn’t come in time just now, Miss would have been defiled by him.”

Willow Chenming was in a cold sweat, but he was angry, but he still had sense, and he knew not to do anything that clicked on someone’s lifeblood in public.

“Omi, don’t be impulsive, leave it to the police, there are so many witnesses now, he can’t escape the law.”Liu Chenming advised.

Omi asked, “After handing him over to the police, will the police click him off?What if he ends up locked up for a few months or years out, and he continues to scourge women.”


“Er.”Willow Chenming was stunned and shook her head, “No.”

Omi snorted, “If I won’t, then what do I give it to the police for?”After saying that, Omi took the large scissors and walked along the steel beam towards Lin Dongfang who was hanging in the middle.

When Lin Dongfang saw the shining large scissors in Omi’s hand, he yelled in fright, “What do you want?”

Omi clicked his scissors and gestured twice, humming, “Knowingly, interesting you.”

“You you you.”Lin Dongfang’s body trembled, and Omi’s knowing question frightened him.

The corridors from the first floor to the sixth floor were crowded with people, all looking at Omi in shock and discussing, “Does this person really dare to cut off Lin Dongfang’s lifeblood in public?Don’t scare me, okay.”

The audience was horrified at the thought of it, but it felt scary and exciting to watch at the moment.

Willow Chen shouted, “Omi, really don’t be impulsive ah, there’s no need to make yourself break the law for Lin Dongfang, you can’t cut that off him like that.”

“To hell with breaking the law, I only know that this person has defiled an unknown number of beautiful customers, if you don’t cut him, he will come out to harm people again in the future, simply one and done, cut him to see how he will still come out to do evil.”

Willow Chenming shivered.

“Omi, you quickly come down, the police are already on their way here, you originally arrested the suspect with merit, if you cut, not only do you have no merit, but you’re also breaking the law yourself.” A second to remember to read the book

Omi snorted, “What do I want that credit for.”

Lin Dongfang roared, “Son of a bitch, don’t you dare cut me try, my uncle is Lin Explosion Sky, you don’t want to hang around do you?”Lin Dongfang was really afraid at the moment that Omi would cut him, he wasn’t afraid of being arrested by the police, and if he was arrested, he would be locked up at most, and he would come out after a year and a half of walking around.But if he was really cut, it would be gone for life ah, so he had to be afraid.

Omi harrumphed, “You’re threatening me?Don’t waste your energy.Who is Lin Explosion Sky?Never heard of it.”

At that moment, at one of the villas, a middle-aged man received a call.

“It’s bad, something happened, Dongfang he was hung up at the mall, he was caught in public for raping a pretty female customer, the person who caught him was that campus bodyguard Omi of Willow Chen Ming, it seems Dongfang he just happened to want to hit on Willow Chen Ming’s daughter.Now that Dongfang is hanging up, that kid took the cut and threatened to cut Dongfang’s lifeblood in public.”

The man turned pale and roared, “He dares.”

“Brother, it’s not a question of whether he dares or not now, if this kid’s hand really shakes, it’s a problem for Dongfang’s whole life.”

Similarly, at this time, on the road not far from the mall, Xu Mei Qian led the police to the scene at fire speed.

Someone had already called the police.

At this time, Xu Mei Qian received a call.

“Hello, who is it?”

“It’s me, Lin Explosive Tian, Captain Xu, you quickly tell that what’s-his-name, Omi, to put down the scissors.”

Xu Mei Qian huffed, “Lin Exploding Tian, your nephew is now caught with stolen goods, and you still dare to shield him?”

“Captain Xu, it’s not that I’m shielding him now, it’s that Omi who wants to cut off Lin Dongfang’s lifeblood in public, even if Lin Dongfang is guilty of rape, the law doesn’t have the right to cut off his lifeblood.”Lin exploded with rage.

Xu Mei Qian was shocked, Omi was going to cut off Lin Dongfang’s things in public, she didn’t know about this, someone just called the police and said that Liu Chen Ming’s daughter was almost raped, but was saved by her bodyguard.

“Quick, speed up.”

“Yes, Team Xu.”

Xu Mei Qian also knew this was a big deal.

The police will naturally deal with Lin Dongfang’s crime, but not Omi’s lynching.

At the scene, Omi took the scissors and was ready to start moving the knife.

“Ah.”Many of the female spectators at the scene, hadn’t even started to cut, screamed out, even the male spectators also covered their bottoms, feeling an eggache.

Lin Dongfang’s body was only wearing a pair of panties, so Omi only needed to point at that mass and click down to cut Lin Dongfang off precisely.

“Ahhhh.”Lin Dongfang hissed, watching as Omi scissors reached down to him.

“If you really dare, I’m not done with you.”Lin Dongfang hissed and yelled.

Willow Chenming also felt his balls ache at the moment, so many people watching at the moment, it took great courage to dare to look ah.

“Omi, I’m begging you, really don’t be impulsive.”Willow Chenming said full of weakness, he couldn’t persuade Omi at all.

“Uncle Willow, don’t persuade, I’m determined to cut, no one can persuade me, this thing, the scourge of so many women, really can’t keep ah, confiscate the tool.”After saying that, Omi separated the scissors, Omi only need a force, will give together to cut off.

“Ahhhh.”Lin Dongfang hissed and cried.

“Don’t.”Lin Dongfang tore up the sky and yelled.

Many girls on the scene, screamed, and Liona followed the other women and screamed in fear.

Omi said to Lin Dongfang, “Lin Dongfang, say a final goodbye, this is the last time it will grow on you.”

“Oooooh.”Lin Dongfang cried out.

“What’s there to cry for, a man bleeds and doesn’t cry, what’s there to cry for, I’m giving you the last few seconds to say goodbye now, I’ve done you a kindness.”Omi said.

Lin Dongfang cried and pleaded, “Don’t cut me, please, I’ll give you as much money as you want, I can give you my entire family fortune.”

Omi smiled, “I’m sorry, I’ve made up my mind to cut, if money can solve the problem, then it’s not a problem, alright, I’ve given you the chance to say goodbye, you’re the one who gave it up.”

“Don’t.”Lin Dongfang hissed.

At this time, at the entrance of the first floor of the mall, Xu Mei Qian and a few policemen just happened to rush in, Xu Mei Qian and a few policemen yelled at the same time, “Stop.”

And at the same moment, the shears in Omi’s hands pushed.


It was as if a coconut clipped from a tree fell to the ground.

“Crack.”In front of everyone’s eyes, the unbearable thing fell on the ground of the first floor in the blink of an eye.


Screaming, the only sound left in the entire mall was the screams of the women, and I must say that Omi cut it so beautifully, intact.

And now on Lin Dongfang’s body, blood instantly sprayed out, even Omi almost gave a spray on his face.

Lin Dongfang himself had already fainted.

Xu Mei Qian’s body was trembling and silly there, she was a step too late after all, just one step too late, she watched as it fell.

After the screams, there was silence, looking at Omi and the fainted Lin Dongfang.

“Hahaha.”Omi laughed, don’t say what Omi used the death penalty, how many women had Lin Dongfang raped, Omi, as someone who had crossed over from ancient times, really couldn’t look past it.This guy, if he doesn’t confiscate it again, there’s no telling how many more women will encounter ah, those who stand and talk, if the next time when it really happens to her, he’ll know if people like Lin Dongfang are hateful or not.


He even, really cut Lin Dongfang, the crowd couldn’t believe it, most of them thought it was playing for real.

Omi smiled helplessly as he looked at Xu Mei Qian, who had rushed to the first floor.

After reacting, Xu Mei Qian roared in anger, “Omi, you are bold.”After saying that, Xu Mei Qian’s feet clicked and flew up to the top of the ceiling to catch Omi.

The crowd’s eyes lit up as they saw that Xu Mei Qian had performed her lightness.

Omi didn’t resist and stretched out his hands for Xu Mei Qian to cuff him.It was just that Omi was really afraid of accidentally breaking the handcuffs, after all, to Omi, the handcuffs were as fragile as paper mache.

“Omi, how bold you are.”Xu Mei Qian said angrily, looking at Omi who was also trembling, this kid actually did it.

“Officer, he almost defiled my lady, it’s only right that I cut off his murder weapon.”

“Omi, you’re still sophomoric, now cut the crap and come back to the police station with me.”

Omi chuckled and nodded his head.

“Ugh.”Liu Chenming sighed helplessly.

Lin Dongfang was immediately rescued by Xu Mei Qian’s assistant and was immediately carried on a stretcher to the first floor. The first website

At that moment, Lin Dongfang’s uncle Lin Bursting Heaven and the others arrived.

“How’s it going?”Lin Blast Heaven panicked and asked.

Xu Mei Qian said, “I also happened to be a bit late.”

“What.”Lin Explosion Tian looked at the stretcher, Lin Dongfang was lying there covered with a white cloth, and in the middle of the white cloth, a large red blood mark.

Lin Explosion was simply going to be stupid there, but it was really cut.

Xu Mei Qian said, “But you don’t have to worry, it was just cut, and as long as it’s sent to the hospital within an hour, it’s totally still time to mend it.I’ve already sent my assistant to get ice to ice Lin Dongfang’s reduced stuff, and he can be sent to the hospital for surgery right away.”Xu Mei Qian needed to stabilize Lin Dongfang’s family’s emotions, after all, they weren’t easy to mess with.

Lin Explosion was relieved to hear that there was completely still time to make it up.

At that moment, the unconscious Lin Dongfang woke up.

“Uncle, woohoo.”When Lin Dongfang saw his uncle coming, he cried in pain.

Lin Dongfang held Lin Dongfang’s hand and said, “It’s okay, Dongfang, just now Captain Xu said that it was only just cut and sent to the hospital within an hour, there’s still time to mend it, it’s okay.”

Lin Dongfang heard that he wouldn’t become a eunuch, and also immediately felt much better, looking at Omi who was caught up in handcuffs on one side, he yelled, “Kid, I’m not finished with you.”

Lin Explosion Tian also looked at Omi, anger shooting out of his eyes.

“Kid, very well, you have guts.”Lin Exploding Tian said through clenched teeth.

Omi smiled slightly and ignored it, but Omi felt sorry in his heart, he didn’t expect this world to be so advanced in surgery and still be able to make up for that thing Lin Dongfang had done for nothing.

At this time, one of Xu Mei Qian’s assistants came with a bag of ice and shouted, “Team Xu, the ice is here.”

Xu Mei Qian was busy saying, “Quickly, quickly, put Lin

That thing in the East is on ice, get it to the hospital for surgery right away.”

“Yes.”That aide nodded and went to load the thing that Lin Dongfang had cut off.

However, that aide shouted, “Team Xu, did you take that thing of Lin Dongfang’s?”

Xu Mei Qian was furious, what kind of words were these, what was she a yellow-flowered girl doing going to take that thing from Lin Dongfang?

“Yu words can go through the brain, I’m a woman I’m going to take him something.”Xu Mei Qian yelled loudly, very annoyed, making it sound as if she secretly took it away and went back at night to take it out for herself, not even angry.

The assistant was busy, “Team Xu, if you didn’t take it, then… what about that thing from Lin Dongfang?”

“Wasn’t it on the ground where it just fell?”

“No?”The assistant said that he just wanted to go over and pick it up and put it in an ice bag, but he found nothing but a puddle of blood, so that’s why he asked if Team Xu had taken it, and didn’t expect to put Xu Mei Qian on fire.

When Lin Dongfang and Lin Explosion Tian heard this, they also panicked and turned their heads.

The assistant pointed to a puddle of blood on the ground next to him and said, “See for yourself, is it gone, it was all still there when I went to get ice just now.”

Xu Mei Qian’s eyebrows furrowed, baffled, “It was all still there a minute ago, where would it go.”

Lin Dongfangton was frightened white, and could still make up for it, but now it had somehow disappeared.

Lin exploded Tian Tian saw his nephew’s pale face, busy consoling, “Dongfang, don’t get excited, can’t run away, there’s still time anyway.”

The assistant asked Xu Mei Qian, “Team Xu, what should we do now?”

Xu Mei Qian yelled in anger, “What to do, find it.”

Just then, the assistant saw a small dog at the foot of the fire hydrant in front, and the dog was chewing on something.

The assistant yelled, “Team Xu, we found it, it was dragged away by that dog.”

“What.”Xu Mei Qian’s head was spinning.

Lin Explosion Tian and Lin Dongfang looked to where the assistant was pointing, and sure enough a puppy was chewing on something bloody.

“No.”Lin Dongfang hissed when he saw that his baby was being desperately gnawed on by a puppy.

Xu Mei Qian looked at the hissing Lin Dongfang and immediately shouted to her assistant, “What are you waiting for, go up and get it back.”

“Yes.”Xu Mei Qian’s assistant immediately rushed up to that puppy.

However, it was as if that puppy sensed someone trying to steal food from it, and suddenly bit down on the food and ran out of the mall building.

“Ah, Captain, it’s bad, that dog ran out of the building with Lin Dongfang’s stuff in its mouth.”The assistant shouted.

Xu Mei Qian was speechless, so she had to shout, “Chase, we must catch up with it.”After saying that, Xu Mei Qian was also helpless to chase after it, originally she wouldn’t even look at it, but now that the dog had taken it away, she couldn’t stay standing there indifferent, so she had to chase after it.

“Oooooh.”Lin Dongfang cried as he tumbled off the stretcher and ran out towards the mall doors, anxious to get his baby back.

Lin Explosion was at a loss for words at this point, and when he saw his nephew run out to chase the dog despite the pain, he had to follow and help chase it back


That puppy bit Lin Dongfang’s baby and ran out into the street in no time.

“Don’t run.”Xu Mei Qian’s assistant was the first to chase out, with Xu Mei Qian following close behind.

“Where’s the dog?”Xu Mei Qian asked.

Stop pointing at the street outside and saying, “What should we do if we run out into the street, there are so many cars on the street?”

With a glare, Xu Mei Qian reprimanded, “What else can we do, chase.”

At that moment, behind him, Lin Dongfang ran out crying, Xu Mei Qian saw that Lin Dongfang was actually able to run out, and was shocked, wondering if she was seeing things differently.

Lin Dongfang ignored Xu Mei Qian and rushed straight towards the street.

Behind him, Lin exploded and shouted, “Dongfang, watch out for the car.”

Xu Mei Qian gave a wink to her assistant, signaling her to hurry up and help chase after him, people Lin Dongfang had chased him out on his own, it was unreasonable for the police not to help chase after him.

Lin Dongfang fell to the ground before he reached the street, unable to run.

Xu Mei Qian’s assistant chased into the lane by herself, there are so many cars on the street, I don’t know where the little dog went.

Lin Burst Tian helped his nephew, who had fallen to the ground crying, up and could only comfort him, “Dongfang, don’t worry, I’m sure Captain Xu’s assistant will chase him back.”

Xu Mei Qian was also busy consoling, “Yes, Lin Dongfang, Yu Xiaomou will chase him back right away.”

Sure enough, Yu Xiaomou quickly caught up with the puppy, but it was the puppy biting Lin Dongfang’s baby, and it wouldn’t let go, so helplessly, Yu Xiaomou had no choice but to bring the whole dog back.

After running back, Yu: “Captain, this dog is deadly not to let go, I have no choice but to bring the dog back with me.But it won’t let go, what do you think?”

Xu Mei Qian frowned, this dog is also really, it’s not your stuff, what’s the robbery, caught up and still deadly.

Xu Mei Qian could only say, “Send the dog to the hospital together.”

At this time, Lin Bursting Tian said in a low voice, “No need, it’s half eaten, what’s the point of sending it to the hospital.”

“Oooh, oooh.”Lin Dongfang cried out as he looked at the ball of stuff that was only half eaten.

Xu Mei Qian’s stopper was also overwhelmed, having never encountered such a situation before, and asked softly, “Team Xu, what… how do we deal with this back there?”

Xu Mei Qian sighed and said, “Take the dog to Lin Bursting Tian, at least there’s still half of it left.”

“Oh.”Yu Xiaomou handed the dog to Lin Bursting Heaven, Lin Bursting Heaven was so depressed that the more he looked at it, the angrier he became, throwing the dog lightly and then slapping it directly to the dog’s head.But the dog was extremely smart, sensing the threat to its life, and flung the deadly bite on its mouth.

Lin Dongfang’s palm struck at the lifeblood that was thrown away by the dog, and suddenly, half of what was left of Lin Dongfang’s lifeblood was smashed with a slap, and the dog took the opportunity to slip away.

“Ah.”Lin Dongfang reacted and was surprised himself, he had slapped the remaining half of his nephew’s lifeblood to smithereens.

“This, Dongfang, uncle didn’t mean it, you have to forgive uncle ah,” Lin Explosion was busy apologizing to his nephew.

Lin Dongfang’s head tilted and he completely fainted.


Xu Mei Qian said, “Quickly take him to the hospital, when he’s better, we’ll pursue him for raping women.”

Lin Explosion looked at Xu Mei Qian and questioned, “Captain Xu, my nephew is in such a state, what crime do you still want to pursue him for?”

Xu Mei Qian huffed, “Lin Bo Tian, one size fits all, Lin Dongfang has raped how many beautiful female customers who came to the mall to buy things over the years, you may know, you didn’t report it knowingly, I haven’t held you accountable yet, and you still want to justify Lin Dongfang?”

Lin Explosive Tian didn’t want to say anything more to Xu Mei Qian and looked towards Omi.

Lin Explosive Tian said to Omi in a sinister manner, “Kid, wait for me.”

Omi shook his head and sighed, “Crime is still justified, alas.”

“You.”Lin Explosion was really going to explode, Omi clipped his nephew and acted like it was nothing.

The ambulance came, and Lin Explosive Tian and a policeman immediately took Lin Dongfang to the hospital.

Omi thought that Lin Dongfang’s stuff would be made up by the hospital and felt sorry for him, but he didn’t expect that the dog took him away in the end, which was a pretty satisfying result for Omi.

Xu Mei Qian walked up to Omi, her sword eyebrows raised, and said, “Omi, you’re still laughing.”

Omi said, “Why can’t I laugh, this is the best ending.” Remember the website

“Bring me back to the police station.”

At that moment, Xu Mei Qian’s phone rang.

It was a call from Meng Lun.

“Haha, Captain Xu, Omi has made you angry again.”Meng Lun asked with a smile.

“Meng Lao, what do you want, could it be that you want me to release Omi again?Last time he beat me up I let him go, this time it’s impossible.”

Meng Lun said, “Captain Xu, you locking Omi up won’t solve anything, it’s nothing more than locking him up for a few days and paying some money.But that Lin Dongfang is not someone who lacks money, Omi has now offended Lin Explosion and Lin Dongfang has been castrated by Omi, it would be better if both parties don’t pursue the matter anymore.”

Although Xu Mei Qian had anger in her heart, what Meng Lun said was also true, things had already happened.

“Forget it, you guys can see for yourselves, but, Omi, I advise you to run away and keep your gossip to yourselves.”After saying that, Xu Mei Qian got into the police car and left, leaving them to end it on their own, as long as they didn’t reach the police’s bottom line.

Liu Chenming sighed.

Omi smiled, “Uncle Liu, why do you need to sigh.”

“You, you’re still laughing.”Willow Chenming wiped the cold sweat from his head.

Liona also came out.

Liu Chenming looked at the spectators and let Omi and Liona get into the car and leave before saying anything.

Omi saw that Liona was carrying a bag in her hand, as if it was clothes, and wondered, “You still bought clothes from Lin Dongfang’s store?”

“I paid for these two sets, why shouldn’t I want them.”Liona said that she bought these two sets of clothes from the first brand’s store she went in, one of which was Omi’s and the other her own.Later she went to the store across the street to buy more sets for Omi, and something happened.

Just turned a few intersections, while waiting for the traffic light, Omi saw Simran, she was in front of the pedestrian street, which had many stalls on both sides, as well as many selling clothes, Simran and Liang Ying were in front of a stall selling clothes.

“Hey, it’s Simran.”Omi remembered that Simran had called to ask him to go shopping with her this afternoon.

Omi then said to Liu Chenming, “Uncle Liu, stop in front, it’s still early anyway, I have a friend in front.”

“Good.”Willow Chenming crossed the traffic light and stopped at the side of the road.

Liona got out of the car with her, and Liona had just seen Simran as well.

“Dad, you can go home first, Omi and I will take another stroll.”

“That’s fine, don’t come back too late.”Liu Chenming had to go back first with his temporary bodyguard, Keung.

Omi headed to the pedestrian street ahead.

Liona caught up with him.

“Are you going to look for Simran?”

“She had an invitation to go shopping this afternoon, and I didn’t say yes because I was with you, but now that I’ve seen her on this street, I might as well find her.”


In front of a street vendor, Simran asked Liang Ying, “Would Omi like this style?”

“Sure it will, I think it’s good, that’s all.”

“Good.”Simran also thought it was good, and after she had picked it out this afternoon, she immediately asked the boss, “How much is it.”

“110,” the boss said.

“Can it be cheaper.”

“Minimum 100, this dress is thickened, it’s extremely warm in winter, it’s really not expensive for such a big piece.”

“Alright, here.”Simran gave the boss a hundred and bought that dress.

Just then, not far away came Omi’s voice: “Simran, what a coincidence.”

When Simran turned around, she saw Omi and Liona approaching.

Simran was buying clothes for Omi and subconsciously blushed, especially since Liona was also here, wouldn’t it be a bit embarrassing if she was known.

Liang Ying saw Omi and Liona and said speechlessly, “This is not it, so coincidental to meet up with them on the street, so they were also hanging out on this street ah.”

Liang Ying arm pushed Simran and whispered, “Since it’s such a coincidence that the people are here, why don’t you let him try on the clothes you bought for him, just in case he can’t wear them, he can still change them.”

Simran blushed and said, “Take a look before you say anything.”

Omi had already come up and smiled, “Sorry, Simran, you invited me out this afternoon, I just happened to be unavailable.I never thought it would be such a coincidence to see you on this street.”

Simran smiled, “Yeah, you guys are even here.”

Liang Ying pushed Simran several times with her arm from behind, urging Simran to hurry up and bring out the clothes she had just bought for Omi.

However, Simran was very embarrassed.

Liona smiled, “Hello, Simran.”

“Hello, Liona.”Simran responded politely, although they were both school flowers, they usually had little to no contact, and if it wasn’t for Omi, they probably wouldn’t have had the chance to speak face to face.

Omi looked at the bag carried in Simran’s hand and casually asked, “Simran, what did you buy.”

Simran blushed slightly, and behind her Liang Ying poked her again.


Simran shyly said, “One, one dress.”Simran still didn’t dare to say it.

When Liona heard Omi call ‘Xuan’er’, she felt a sudden surge of jealousy inside, called so dear, Xuan’er, a little lost inside.

Simran was too shy to say that she bought the clothes for Omi, so she kept evading Liang Ying’s urging from behind.

Liang Ying couldn’t seem to hold back and immediately said, “Omi, Xuan’er gave…”

Simran saw Liang Ying to say, very afraid, busy interrupting Liang Ying, asked Liona: “Xiangyun, what did you buy ah.”

Liona was also too shy to say, but seeing that Omi and Simran were quite close, I don’t know where she got the courage to say, “I bought two sets of clothes at the Oriental Mall, one for myself and one for Omi.”

“Ah.”Simran was stunned there, she bought clothes for Omi and Liona also bought clothes for Omi, this is too coincidental.

Omi was also stunned and looked at Liona, “Miss, you bought clothes for me?”

Liona immediately took it out and said, “Seeing that you only have two changes every day, I wanted to bring you back a few sets too, but I didn’t expect to buy a set only after those things happened back there.Would you like to try them out?”

Omi was a little touched and said, “Miss, thank you.”

In front of Simran and Liang Ying, Liona opened the bag, took out a set of leather coats and said, “This is leather, I don’t know if you like it.” One second to remember to read the book

Omi put it on and smiled, “Not bad, I quite like it, how much?”

“Twenty-eight thousand.”Liona said.

Omi wasn’t surprised, but both Simran and Liang Ying turned pale, twenty-eight thousand for a coat, oh my god.

Just now, Liang Ying was urging Simran to hurry up and take out her clothes, but right now, she wasn’t rushing either.The clothes that people Liona bought for Omi, twenty-eight thousand, but Simran, but a hundred pieces of street goods, although Simran carefully selected for a long time, the quality should still be okay, but, the street goods are still street goods.Fortunately, Liang Ying was just prevented from speaking out, or else now take out the ground stall she bought, in front of Liona’s leather, has no place to go.

Right now, Simran was only endlessly disappointed as she watched Omi try on the clothes Liona had bought for him.

Omi put on the clothes Miss bought for him and smiled hehely, “Very good, I like it, thank you Miss, I won’t take it off.”

Liona angrily said, “You can’t wear the new clothes directly, I’ll let Wu Ma wash them after I go home.”

“Okay.”Omi took off his clothes and Liona put them on carefully for him.

Simran and Liang Ying stared blankly at the side.

Omi turned his head to look at Liang Ying and asked, “Liang Ying, what did you want to tell me just now?”

“Ah, I…nothing.”Liang Ying stammered.

Simran said, “If there’s nothing else, then we’ll go back first.”

“Good.”Omi nodded his head.

After that, Omi and Liona, Simran and Liang Ying, left in different directions, and Simran felt incomparably lost with her clothes in her hands.

At this moment, in Linjiang Liao Gayuan’s house.

A young man with a black canvas bag in his hand came.

Liao Shui Niu immediately greeted him.

“Hello hello, you are Li Hao Lin, right?”Buffalo Liao said.

“Hello, Mr. Liao, I’m Li Hao Lin.”

“Quickly sit down.”

Liao Shui Niu invited Li Hao Lin to the living room, this Li Hao Lin was the campus bodyguard he had hired for Liao Gayuan.Originally, Liao Shui Niu wouldn’t have hired a campus bodyguard for his son, because Liao Ga Yuan himself was the Sealed Swordsman of Baiyun High School, a genius expert in the school.Unfortunately, that Omi was much stronger, so he had no choice but to simply hire a powerful bodyguard for Gajuan, and see if that son of a bitch would still dare to bully his son and abuse Omi into a dog later.

“Li Hao Lin, you have tea.”Liao Shui Niu said.

“Thank you, Mr. Li.”

Liao Shui Niu asked, “Haolin, I didn’t expect you to be so big in a flash, how’s your father.”

“All is well with my father, and let me also say hello to Mr. Li.”

“Oh, back then, your father and I, that was also wearing a pair of pants, it’s a pity that your father’s fortune is shallow, otherwise your father would be at least a thirty-something level expert today.”Liao Shui Niu said with emotion.

“Thank you Uncle Liao for remembering my father.”

Liao Shui Niu smiled, “However, your father is also blessed to have such a powerful son.”

“Thank you Uncle Liao, this time when I came to Linjiang City, my father instructed me to work well with Uncle Liao, I hope Uncle Liao will take care of me.”

Liao Shui Niu said, “To tell you the truth, I have a son, named Liao Jia Yuan, who is now in his senior year at Bai Yun High School, originally he was also a genius expert, but unfortunately, he was always bullied by another evil student, and it would be too degrading for me to deal with him myself.So, I want to ask you to be my son’s personal bodyguard.”

Li Hao Lin smiled: “Uncle Liao, don’t worry, I will protect Young Master Liao.”

At this time, Liao Jia Yuan returned from outside.

“Dad, who is it?”Liao Jia Yuan looked at Li Hao Lin and asked.

“Jia Yuan, quickly meet Li Hao Lin, he’s a surprise for you from me.”

“Ah, Dad, is he the campus bodyguard you hired for me?”Liao Jia Yuan was delighted, wouldn’t it be possible to abuse Omi into a dog from now on?


Li Hao Lin nodded to Liao Jia Yuan and greeted, “Meet Young Master Liao.”

“Good, by the way, what’s your martial arts level?”Liao Jia Yuan was busy asking.

Li Hao Lin’s eyes were smug for a moment and said, “Truth be told, I’m already twenty-three years old.”

“Damn, twenty-three levels, that’s in Baiyun High School, it’s possible to beat the first place Xu Yan.Hahaha, Dad, thank you, I’m happy with this bodyguard.”

Liao Shui Niu said, “It’s good that you are satisfied, from now on, Li Hao Lin will be in your hands, he is the son of a good friend of mine once, I spent 40 million heavily to hire him, be nice to him.”

Liao Jia Yuan said happily: “Don’t worry.”

Li Hao Lin asked: “Young Master Liao, may I ask what kind of person is this Omi that you are talking about?How strong is the strength?”

Liao Jia Yuan snorted: “He is the number one evil youngster in my school, I don’t know his martial arts rank, he has already defeated the second place Fang Xu, who is rank 17, so he should be 18 or 19, or maybe 20.”

Li Hao Lin snorted, “Such a lowly villain, even dares to bully my Young Master Liao, how does Young Master Liao want me to take action to restrain him?”

Liao Jiayuan looked very excited at Li Hao Lin, as if he had already seen Omi being pressed into the toilet by Li Hao Lin and drinking urine.

Liao Jia Yuan said, “We’ll talk about how to restrain him later, but there’s an important matter right now.”

“Young Master Liao, please speak.”Li Hao Lin looked like he was very dedicated, after all, people had paid a high price to bring him here with an annual salary of 40 million.


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