King of kings 2066

Chapter 2066

At this moment, Omi didn’t know all this yet, as he was lower than a human and couldn’t sense others scanning.

Although Yun Zi had hurriedly gone to the Star Clan for help, the result could be imagined, it wasn’t even something she could enter, and it was only in vain.


“Minister, drink up.”


“The wine in the Immortal Realm is so strong, it’s so painful to drink.”Zi Dong blushed and exhaled.

The wine of the immortal world was naturally not the wine of the mortal world, the materials used to brew wine were all different, it was perfectly normal for immortals to get drunk, the wine of mortals was made from grains, it was not at all the same level.

At this moment, the Devil King suddenly contacted Omi.

“Omi.”The Devil King bellowed in Omi’s mind.

“Uh, Senior Demon King, what’s wrong?”

“You’re still in the mood to drink, come on, run.” First published at


“Run, take everyone around you and run, if I didn’t happen to have nothing to sweep you, you’d be screwed, a mid Earth Immortal is sweeping you, and he’s closing in on you, in less than a minute.”

“Ah.”Omi instantly understood.

Immediately throwing the bottle away, he shouted, “Run.”

“Chenchen, you.”

“Run after me.”Omi didn’t have time to think about it and ran towards the door.

Mu Qianji and the others didn’t ask too many questions and followed without a second’s delay.

At this moment, in the distant sky, Wu Longquan’s eyebrows suddenly furrowed in shock, “What’s going on?Can’t sweep it?”

Yes, Wu Longquan suddenly couldn’t scan his Immortal Sense.

“This little bastard, he must have an immortal artifact that shields his Immortal Sense from scanning, he was able to shield my scans, this immortal artifact must not be weak.”Saying that, Wu Longquan immediately accelerated to go.

The Devil King said to Omi, “Go north, in the opposite direction from the visitor, I’ve already helped you shield his Immortal Sense, as long as you walk along the crowded streets, it will be difficult for him to spot you with the naked eye.”

“Okay, thank you, Senior Demon King.”

“It’s already this time of the day, and you’re still polite to me.”

“No, if you hadn’t informed me in time, I’m afraid.”Omi was in a cold sweat, it was so dangerous.

“It’s also your fate that I just happened to find you.Who exactly have you offended, last time it was a pre-Earth Immortal Emperor, this time it’s a mid-Earth Immortal powerhouse.”The Devil King said.

Omi was also sweating.

“Sticking up for a friend, and it ended up like this.”

“Do you want me to inform Star Luo and ask her to help you?”

“No, Starlot already helped me today, I don’t want to bother her again tonight.Damn it, Wu Longquan.”Omi bit his teeth.

At this moment, Omi had arrived at a street.

Omi said to the road, “Let’s enter the inn and find a room at the inn first.”

“Brother Chen?That’s okay, right?”

“Don’t worry, I’m aided by a higher power, Wu Longquan’s every move is under control, besides, having shielded his Immortal Sense, even if he’s standing downstairs at the inn, he won’t be able to spot us.Unless his eyes can see through, but is that possible.”


Omi quickly entered the inn and opened a suite.

Tonight, everyone could only be aggrieved for a little while, the suite was like a suite, only three rooms, one room for the men and two for the women.

Omi was harboring a fire inside, he was going to fight a few rounds with Qianjie and the other women tonight, but he didn’t expect that Wu Longquan would come to kill him, making it impossible to do anything now.

Omi and the others stayed for the time being, but other matters would be discussed tomorrow.

Also live in the Yang residence.However, what Omi didn’t know was that Yang Qilu was already dead.

At this moment, at the Yang Residence, a kind passerby, came to inform.

“Yang Qilu is dead, on XX Street, you guys should go check it out.”


Stunned, Yang Qilu’s sons and daughters were stunned for a few seconds before they reacted, never thought there would be such a day when their father died, this was something they had never thought of ah.

Not long after, the entire Yang residence cried to the heavens.

Yang Fan and the others immediately went to a certain street and saw their father die tragically in the street, the scene instantly made several of the girls faint, including Yang Cai.

“Ahhhh, father.”Yang Qilu’s several sons tore up their hearts and roared, and there was a large circle of people on the street, everyone pointing and discussing without any concern for the matter.

Tears and wailing and roaring could no longer describe the feelings of Yang Qilu’s children.

“Senior Demon King, how is that Wu Longquan?”

“He’s still looking around the area where you were just now, trying to find any traces of your escape.”

“Hmph, what a delusion, I went straight to the street, where are the traces of a spider.”

Just then, Omi heard the two guests talking at the entrance of the room.

“It’s really dead.”

“Falling from the sky, the corpse fell on the street, alas, at least a strong Earth Immortal, who was killed by this.”

“Who else could it be, nine times out of ten it’s Wu Longquan.”

“Shh, don’t say this nonsense, if Wu Longquan’s people hear it, it’s over.”

“This is the end of Yangfu.”


Omi’s eyebrows furrowed, what does it mean?

Omi immediately opened the door and asked, “Two brothers, what did you just say?”

“Ah, aren’t you the weekender?”


“Your wife’s uncle, he was killed.”

“Yang Qilu?”


“Don’t joke around, two brothers.”

“Brother Zhou, how can you joke about such things, I was just there, Yang Qilu’s body fell from the sky and hit the street with a thud.”

“Oh my god, where was it?”

“Hu Luo Street, you should quickly go and take a look, I’m sure the people from Yangfu have arrived by now.”

“Damn it, Wu Longquan.”Omi shouted.

Omi just went ahead, the devil king said, “Omi, calm down.”

“Calm down my ass, my wife’s uncle has been killed and I’m still calm.”

“What can you do if you go there, that place, many people must be paying attention now, Wu Longquan can’t find you, and will definitely keep an eye on that side, the best thing you can do now is to stay away from the Yang residence, and the Yang family.”

“I can’t do that.”Omi clenched his fists, feeling a twinge of sadness as he thought of the drawing of Yang Qilu’s corpse falling from the sky and dying tragically on the street, at least he was a strong Earth Immortal.Moreover, it wasn’t just Yang Qilu that was destroyed, but the entire Yang House.

“What should I do?”Omi didn’t seem to be paying much attention, because Wu Longquan was too strong, and in front of the absolutely strong, any plotting and scheming was superfluous.

Omi said, “Even if it’s a mantis, I still have to fight back.”

“Omi, the best thing for you at this point is to leave, I think it’s better for you to go back to the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom.”

“Go back to the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom?Absolutely not, Wu Longquan, you will regret it.”Omi’s gaze gnashed his teeth, as he thought of Yun Zi, since Wu Longquan would come to kill him and Mu Qianji and the others, he would naturally kill Yun Zi as well.

“Senior Demon King, help me see where Yun Zi is and how she is doing now.”


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