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A few minutes later, the Demon King said, “It’s been found, Yun Zi is at the entrance of the Star Clan.”

“What’s he doing at the Star Clan?”

“Nine times out of ten, he’s going to move help.”

“That’s right, I still have a third level Immortal Master, Yun Zi definitely wants to go to him, but unfortunately, he can’t even enter the Star Clan.”

“It’s okay, I’ll help you inform Xing Luo.”


But the Demon King had already informed.

“Xing Luo, Omi is in difficulty.”

“Ah.”Star Luo was startled.

“That Wu Longquan, who killed Yun Zi’s uncle and also wanted to kill those relatives of Omi, Omi is now in an inn, there’s nothing to worry about for now, you help inform Omi’s Immortal Pill Master and see if he has any solutions.” Remember the website


Star Luo immediately went to Master Imaha’s.

“Miss Star Luo, why do you have time to come to my place.”Master Ima Xia asked in confusion.

“Master This Summer, your disciple Zhou Mi is in trouble.”

“Wu Longquan?Didn’t you already help him out, does Wu Longquan even dare to disrespect you?”

“No, Wu Longquan killed Yang Qilu and tried to kill Zhou Mi’s relatives in vain, in that case, I can’t say anything.”

“Understood, where is Zhou Mi now?”

“At an inn on Gao Lan Street, you should know a few friends in the middle or late Earth Immortal stage, I’ll leave the rest to you.”

“Don’t worry, a mere Wu Longquan dares to touch my disciple, he’s tired of living.”Grandmaster Ima Xia let out his anger.

Ten minutes later, a late Earth Immortal powerhouse joined up with Master This Summer.

“Master This Summer, summoning me in the middle of the night, I don’t know what’s the matter, so why don’t you just say it.”That late Earth Immortal powerhouse politely said.

“Flowing Light senior, I have a Xiantian disciple named Zhou Mi, he was threatened by Wu Longquan, can you settle this matter for me.”

“Uh, of course you can, we’re friends.”

“Thank you.”

“Now take me to your disciple.”

“Come with me.”

Four or five minutes later, while Omi was still at the inn, two people appeared in the window, one was Master Imha, and one was unknown, but, with a very strong presence, a strong late Earth Immortal.

“Master.”Omi was overjoyed.

“Zhou Mi, it’s fine, come out.”


Omi immediately flew out of the room.

That late Earth Immortal powerhouse was busy saying, “Master this summer, this is your disciple.”

“Exactly, I’m hoping for more teachings from Flowing Light senior.”

“Hahaha, it’s truly a talent.”

Master This Summer introduced to Omi and said, “Zhou Mi, this is Senior Flowing Light, he is a good friend of mine, you can tell him any difficulties you have, for example, if someone kills you, let him take revenge for you and so on.”

Omi said, “Wu Longquan wants to kill me.”

Flowing Light smiled, “I’ve already swept my immortal sense to where Wu Longquan is, he’s thousands of meters away right now, flying in this direction, and by the looks of him, he seems to be looking for someone.”

“Exactly looking for me.”Omi said.

Master Imaha asked, “Flowing Light, what do you think should be done about this?Or, just kill Wu Longquan.”

Senior Lightning shook his head and said, “Killing Wu Longquan is a matter of great importance, Wu Longquan’s wife, who is also a strong Earth Immortal, and Wu

Longquan’s father-in-law, who is a late Earth Immortal, is no weaker than me.”

Master Ima Xia nodded, not expecting Wu Longquan to have a late Earth Immortal’s father-in-law, that would be difficult to do.Senior Flowing Light definitely wouldn’t kill a Wu Longquan for a Omi, even if it was for Master Thisxia.Senior Flowing Light and Master This Summer, they said that they were friends, but in reality, it was some dealings on the Immortal Pill, if this kind of interest relationship, who would take care of anyone.

Right at this moment, Wu Longquan appeared.

Wu Longquan saw Omi in the sky hundreds of meters away, his face was happy, but in the next moment, his face changed again as he saw a strong man of the late Earth Immortal stage.

With a shout from the Flowing Light Senior, “Brother Longquan.”

Wu Longquan flew up and paid his respects, “Longquan pays his respects to Senior Brother Flowing Light.”

“Hahaha, Brother Longquan, why are you so polite, what brings you here in the middle of the night.”

“This.”Wu Longquan looked towards Omi with a hint of confusion.

Senior Light Flowing smiled, “Wu Longquan, I heard that you’ve killed Yang Qilu.”

Wu Longquan said, “Senior Brother Flowing Light, don’t say anything without proof.”

“Hahaha, Wu Longquan, Zhou Mi is a disciple of Master Jin Xia, and Master Jin Xia is a friend, can you give me a face, don’t hurt Zhou Mi, and his family.”Flowing Light Senior said.

Wu Longquan was unhappy inside, but he had never thought that Zhou Mi was a disciple of Master Jin Xia.

Although Wu Longquan’s father-in-law was a late Earth Immortal, he didn’t dare to go against Flowing Light.

“Since Master Luminescence has spoken, how can I not comply, Senior Brother Luminescence rest assured that I will not harm Zhou Mi and his family again.”Wu Longquan gazed at Omi.

In fact, Wu Longquan was only temporarily not killing, in the future this matter faded, even Flowing Light himself had forgotten, he quietly exterminated Omi, who knew.

In another 10,000, 100,000 years, who would still remember this.

“Zhou Mi, let you live for another ten thousand years.”Wu Longquan said in his heart.

Master This Summer also saw the meaning in Wu Longquan’s eyes, but what could he do.

“Then thank you, Old Brother Wu, come to my house for tea when you are free on other days.”

“Okay, Senior Brother Flowing Light, then I’ll leave first.”

“Be my guest.”

Wu Longquan looked at Omi one last time, then flew away.

Senior Flowing Light said to Omi, “Zhou Mi, now you can rest assured, at least within ten thousand years, Wu Longquan shouldn’t be able to touch you.Ten thousand years from now, if he hits your attention again, you can come back to me, then it’s fine I’ll leave first.”

“Thank you, Senior.”

“No farewell.”

The flowing light flew away.

Master Imaha said, “It’s fine now, ten thousand years from now, if Wu Longquan comes looking for you again, then let’s talk about it.”


Ten thousand years was actually a very short time for them Immortals.

Omi didn’t say much, after all, it wasn’t his own strength, it was impossible for outsiders to actually exterminate Wu Longquan for him.Moreover, Wu Longquan had a late Earth Immortal’s father-in-law, and this force was too strong.

Omi could only cultivate well, and when he was strong, he wanted Wu Longquan’s entire family to die.

Omi said to Mu Qianji and the others, “You guys go home first, or, you’ve rented a house somewhere else.”

“We don’t need you to worry, you go and get busy.”Mu Qianji said, she knew that Omi was rushing to the Yang residence at the moment.


Omi immediately rushed back to the Yang residence.

When he arrived at the Yang House, the Yang House cried to the heavens.


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