King of kings 2069


“Ah, you can arrange that?”Yun Zi looked at Omi suspiciously.

“Go ahead, what’s the name?”

“From what my uncle said, his name is Zhu Wuyou, and he’s a late stage Human Immortal.”

Omi said, “When I was still in the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, I heard you say that this person was ranked in the top few of the late Human Immortals, right?”

“Yes, but I haven’t bothered to find out if it’s true or not, because uncle had refused to say anything for fear that Yun Meng wouldn’t be able to hold back and take the initiative, until the day before yesterday, when uncle secretly told me about it.Yun Meng still doesn’t even know who it is.”

“Oh, Yun Meng also has a good tone, it’s a good thing to run into one so powerful, if he can really succeed in a blind date.”

“Yeah, this Zhu Eyeless, not only is he ranked at the top, but also, his family lineage is not as good as, from what my uncle said, it’s a fifth-ranked overlord family.”

“A fifth rank overlord family, that’s a family of late Earth Immortal powerhouses.”

“Mm.”Yun Zi Yi nodded.

Omi was a bit shocked, and inwardly, he didn’t believe that Yun Meng, could really marry into the family of a Late Earth Immortal powerhouse?

“Okay, I’ll be in charge of this matter regarding Yun Meng’s blind date, and I’ll do my best to facilitate it.”Omi said. The first website

“Mmhmm, now our Yunluo Immortal Kingdom has lost my uncle to find a helper, so this marriage of Yun Meng must succeed.If it succeeds, our Yunluo Immortal Country will have a fifth class overlord family to back it up.”Yun Zi said with anticipation.

Omi nodded his head.

Omi walked out of the room, Yun Meng was indeed staring.

Omi said, “Yun Meng, don’t be dazed.”

“Who’s dazed, thinking too much.”

“Don’t be sophomoric, I know you’re ruined and depressed because of the blind date.But don’t worry, I’ll take charge of this matter and arrange it for you.”

Yun Meng trailed off, “Why would I want you to be responsible for it, you’re not my parent.”

“Now that Yang Qilu is dead, I’m your temporary parent, you all have to listen to me.”

“Do you know who the person I’m on a blind date with is?”Yun Meng asked, before Yang Qilu killed her appetite by not telling, only knowing that it was a late Human Immortal ranked top one.

“Yes, I know, but I can’t tell you.”


“Oh, would you believe me if I told you that I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to stand the loneliness and go to him of your own accord?”

“Get lost, you’re the one who’s such a bitch.”

Omi said, “I see that you want a husband so badly, you might as well, in case you run to the door yourself, your image will be ruined.”

“Omi, you’re humiliating me.”

“Hey, you even know my name in this life.”

“Hmph, you think it’s some kind of secret.”

“Alright, no more bullshit with you, wait here, I’m going to help you arrange your blind date.”Omi said and left.

Yun Meng hummed, but she was actually filled with anticipation inside.

“Omi, where are you going.”Just a short distance away from Master This Summer’s residence, Omi was called by someone.

Turning his head, it was Miss Xing Luo.

“Meet Miss Xing Luo, I haven’t thanked Miss Xing Luo for yesterday’s incident.”

“Oh, there’s no need to be polite between you and me, Omi, I don’t know if you’re free today.”

“Please say what Miss Star Luo has ordered.”

“That, I would like to discuss with you about the second level of the Great Escapement of the Silence Technique, of course, to be more precise, I am asking you for advice.”Star Luo was a bit hard to say, Omi’s heart fluttered when he saw her looking like this, she was truly beautiful.

Omi smiled, “Of course, but I have to go do something.

“Can I help you?”

“It’s not a big deal, it’s just that originally Yang Qilu was about to arrange Yun Meng, a blind date with a man named Zhu No Eye, and now that Yang Qilu is dead, I have the responsibility to do it.”

“It’s simple, I’ll have someone send a letter to the Zhu Clan for you, just ask that Zhu Eyeless out on a date won’t you.”Star Luo said.

Omi nodded, since that was the case, Omi didn’t have to make the trip himself.

“Miss Xing Luo, that Zhu Wuyan, do you know him?”

“Knew, but not well, though.”

“But what?”

“Are you sure that Yang Qilu arranged for this person?”

“I think, Yun Zi won’t hear it wrong.”

“Omi, I won’t lie to you, Zhu Wuyou is quite a genius, ranked in the top ten of the late Human Immortals, and, in his family, the strongest person is a late Earth Immortal, these kind of family backgrounds, under normal circumstances, can’t look down on a small Immortal Kingdom princess.Ugh.”

“As you know, any power in the Immortal Realm would like to find a stronger patron, and even if they can’t find a stronger one, they don’t want to find a worse one, at least on an equal footing.And Yun Meng is several levels below the family lineage compared to Zhu Wuyou.”

“I don’t know about that, although Yun Meng’s family lineage is average, she’s a beautiful woman.”

“That’s right, the attractiveness of a beautiful woman can offset a lot of family lineage deficiencies.”

Star Roman then ordered his servant to send a letter to Zhu, to Zhu Eyeless.

Omi was also happy to be free.

After that, Omi went to Star Luo’s cultivation room and began instructing Star Luo in the Great Escapement Method.

This instruction was for a whole day, until it was dark.

“Omi, let’s eat before we leave.”

“No, Miss Xing Luo, I’m going back instead.”

“Oh, good, then I won’t bother you, thank you.”

“There’s no need to be so polite.”

Omi returned to Master This Summer’s residence.

“Husband, you’re back.”


“Have you made arrangements for the blind date?”

“I’ll have news tomorrow.”

“Great, I’ll go tell Yun Meng the good news.”Yun Zi ran off in a panic.

However, Omi was left with a bit of a lump in his heart.

At this moment, at Zhu Wuyou’s house.

Zhu Eyeless looked at the letter and laughed hehehe, “I thought that once Yang Qilu died, this p would be gone, it seems that the p that should be mine is always mine, hahaha.”

After laughing, Zhu Wuyou threw the letter away and hummed, “Silly woman, I thought that I was really interested in you, I just heard that you were pretty and wanted to play with it.Not looking at what kind of identity you have, didn’t expect ah didn’t expect, Yang Qilu is dead, and you still took the initiative to come up here.”

Zhu Wuyan immediately replied to a letter that said, “See you at the Sky General Building the morning after tomorrow.”

Then, Zhu Wuyan had the letter sent back the way it came.

The next day, Omi received the letter, sent by Star Luo’s maid.

“See you at the Heavenly General’s Tower?”Omi asked the maid, “What is the Heavenly General’s House?”

“It’s an inn, with both places to eat and drink tea, as well as places to stay.”


Omi immediately contacted the Demon King, “Senior Demon King, do me a favor.”


“Help me check out a man named Zhu Eyeless, I want to know if he really wants to meet Yun Meng on a blind date.”



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