King of kings 2070


Half a day later.


“Senior Demon King, I’m here, how is it, did you find anything?”

“I just heard, that Zhu Eyeless told one of his servants that he’s going to have another beautiful woman to play with tomorrow.He also said that this time he’s going to play with them for a few years before throwing them away, pretend to be in love with Yun Meng, and just shoot them when he gets tired of playing with them.”

“What? When that’s really what he said.”

“What did I lie to you about.”

“Son of a bitch.”Omi was furious, sure enough Xing Luo was right, Yun Meng wasn’t worthy at all, but Zhu Eyeless didn’t mind, there was something wrong with this nine times out of ten.

“So are you going to continue to introduce Yun Meng to that Zhu Wuyou now?”

“It’s not like I’m stupid, I’d rather stay and play by myself than let Zhu Eyeless get tired of playing and killing.”Omi said.

“Haha, that’s a pretty bold idea.”

“Alright, I’ll leave you alone for now, I have to go talk to Yun Zi.” Remember the URL


Omi found Yun Zi.

“Husband, what can I do for you?Is there news about the blind date with Zhu Eyeless?”

“Yun Zi, that Zhu Eyeless refused the blind date request.”


Omi had to lie to them.

“How come.”

“Think about it, your uncle didn’t offend Wu Longquan before, and now that your uncle has been killed by Wu Longquan, Zhu Wuyou definitely doesn’t want to offend Wu Longquan either.”

“That’s right, but what does Yun Meng’s side say?”

“You talk to Yun Meng properly, let Yun Meng open up a bit.”

“Okay, so I’m going to tell him, about Zhu Eyeless?”


Omi no longer bothered with the matter, trusting that Yun Zi would take care of it.

After that, Omi went to Star Luo’s to teach Star Luo how to practice the Great Escapement.

Star Luo was very grateful.

In the evening, Omi finished and returned to his place of residence.

Yun Meng sat in front of his house staring at the door, the whole person was listless, nine times out of ten, Yun Zi told her.

Omi sat down beside Yun Meng.

Yun Meng said, “If you’re here to mock me, just say so.”

“Why would I mock you, you’re my family too.”

“Heh.”Yun Meng smirked.

“I’m Yun Zi’s grandfather, aren’t we family?Seeing how depressed you are, I’m sure Yun Zi has already told you about the fact that you were disliked.But you must also understand that that Zhu Wuyou is only because you’re pretty, if Yang Qilu hadn’t offended Wu Longquan, maybe he would have gone on a blind date with you, but the blind date wouldn’t have succeeded, at most he would have slept with you for a few years and then dumped you.”

“That’s what you think, I have confidence in myself, although I’m not as talented as Zhu Wuyou, but I, Yun Meng, am at least ranked number one in the late stage of Human Immortal in the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom.Together with my beauty, it’s not surprising that I match Zhu Eyeless.”

“But unfortunately, he doesn’t want to take any risks, so you should die too, you’ll find a better man than Zhu Eyeless.”

“Do you mean you?You’re a few streets behind Zhu Eyeless.”

“Haha, I’m so bad in your eyes, it’s fine, I don’t bother theorizing with you, just think what you want.”

Yun Meng turned around and walked away, looking lost.

For the next seven or eight days, Omi went to Star Luo’s every day to help Star Luo practice the Great Escapement.

“Omi, you really don’t need to help me every day.”Star Luo was very embarrassed and said.

“Miss Star Luo, I don’t want to make alchemy or practice on my own anyway, so why don’t I come and help you, I also hope that you can practice the Great Escapement Method soon.”

“Ugh, make me embarrassed.”

“Haha, there’s no need for that, the Immortal Pill Conference is starting tomorrow, so I can’t come, I’ll help you again when I have time after the Conference.”

“Thank you, I wish you a successful flag.”

“I will.”


Master Ima Xia said, “Zhou Mi, how are the preparations going?”

“Don’t worry, I’m ready.”

Early the next morning, Master This Xia brought Omi and headed straight to the Upper Fei Yan Continent’s Immortal Pill Hall.

The entire Upper Fei Yan Continent was here, including the Immortal Pill masters from various Immortal States, and of course, Master Chen from the Yunluo Immortal State did not come this year, and will not come in the future.

“Master this summer, you’re here, this must be your new disciple Zhou Mi.”A third level Immortal Pill Master came to greet him.

“It’s my disciple, Zhou Mi, Zhou Mi, pay your respects to Master Liu.”

“Oh, junior pays his respects to Master Liu.”Omi bowed to that Grandmaster Liu.

“Haha, polite polite.”

After meeting many people, Omi entered inside the Great Hall of Immortals.

Master Ima Xia said, “There are more than a hundred Third Grade Immortal Masters in the entire Upper Fey Yan Continent, and almost every one of them has disciples, some Third Grade Immortal Masters are powerful themselves, so they don’t need to rely on their disciples to add glory to them, while some, they are average themselves, so they want their disciples to add glory to them.”

“Oh, Master, so are you powerful, or not?”Omi asked.

Master This Summer smiled, “I’m among the third-grade Immortal Pill masters, and I only refine third-grade, sixth-grade Immortal Pills once I play the best.Most of the time, normal play is only able to refine third-grade three to fourth-grade quality Immortal Pills.”

“Uh, so.”

“So, I don’t have a very high status in the Upper Fey Yan Continent Immortal Pill World, so you have to fight for me.”

“Of course.”

Just at this moment, a loud shout came from outside, “Master Green King has arrived.”

The entire palace quieted down, everyone looked towards the door, a few seconds later, an old man with green hair, strode in, he was followed by a woman, the woman was incomparably beautiful and had an extremely good figure, it was Tian Xiang.

“Greeting Master Green King.”

“Master Green King, hello.”

Everyone stammered up to pay their respects.

At this moment, however, Master Thisxia, who was beside Omi, was looking at him with hatred in his eyes, back then, if it wasn’t for the despicable Green King Master, perhaps, now Master Thisxia would already be a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master, or even a fifth-grade one.

However, this Xia Master did not dare to show his hatred too much, in case the Green King found out his true identity, the Green King would definitely not let him go.The Green King’s hatred for Master This Summer was no less than This Summer’s hatred for the Green King.

Back then, if Master This Summer hadn’t raped and then killed the Green King’s fiancée, the Green King wouldn’t have been mentally traumatized, so now he would definitely be a fifth-grade Immortal Pill Master.

In short, both of them hated each other with gritted teeth.

At that moment, Master Tianxiang saw Omi and actually walked over to Omi.

“Zhou Mi, you’ve come too.”Master Tianxiang smiled at Omi.

“Ah.”Omi didn’t expect that Tianxiang would take the initiative to greet him, which immediately became a thorn in the side of many young talents in full view of the public.

Continuously so, outside the main hall, many strong geniuses who were not Immortal Pillars looked at Omi warningly, as if warning Omi to stay away from Master Tianxiang.


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