King of kings 2071

Chapter 2071

“Master Tianxiang, you still remember me, what an honor.”

Tianxiang said, “Of course, your talent for immortal pills is still unforgettable to me.This time my master returned, I told my master about you, and my master said that he would consider it.”Tian Xiang looked as if she was informing Omi of a happy event.

“Will consider what?”

“What do you think, of course I’ll take you as my disciple.”

Omi asked, “Did your master take me, or did you take me?”

Tian Xiang said, “Of course I’m taking you.”

“Oh.”Omi was about to politely refuse when that Green King came over.

“Master, he’s the genius Immortal Pill Master Zhou Mi that I told you about before.”Tian Xiang was busy introducing him to her master.

“You are Zhou Mi?”The Green King’s eyes narrowed, sizing up Omi.


“Tianxiang said that you are a rare Immortal Pill genius, you wanted to worship Tianxiang as your master before, Tianxiang wanted me to promise to let her take you as her disciple, there is something about this, right?” One Second Remember to Read the Book

“Yes.”Omi didn’t deny it, but Omi wouldn’t be able to worship Tianxiang as his master anymore, although, with a beautiful woman alchemy together, one would definitely get twice the results with half the effort, but, Omi had already worshipped Master Jin Xia as his master.

Green King said, “Zhou Mi, perform well, if this Immortal Pill Conference, you do show superior talent, I can consider Tian Xiang’s suggestion.”

Omi immediately said, “Thank you, Master Green King for your kindness, but, no need.”

“Eh?No?In the entire Upper Fey Yan Continent, no one has dared to reject my good intentions.”

“I’m sorry, I did want to worship Tianxiang as my master before, but Tianxiang refused to accept, so I switched to Master This Summer, now that I have a master, I won’t worship anyone else.”

The Green King looked at Master This Summer beside Omi and snorted, “You’re talking about this little old boy, you’re really interesting, this kind of poor third level Immortal Pill Master is worth giving up your chance to enter my master’s school.”

Omi wanted to say more, Master Tianxiang was busy saying, “Zhou Mi, don’t be in a hurry to refuse now, besides, you haven’t passed my master’s inspection yet, if you really want to refuse, wait until you pass the inspection.Also, I hope you don’t get carried away, alright, you take care of yourself.”


Master Tianxiang and Green King left, they weren’t angry at Omi’s refusal, after all, Omi’s loyalty to a master was also commendable.

Master Imaha said, “Zhou Mi, this might be a good choice.”

“Master, don’t think of me in a wrong way, I, Zhou Mou, am not such a person, besides, Master leads one into the door, cultivation is in the individual.”

Master Ima Xia was touched and said, “I’m already satisfied that you have this heart.However, if that Green King really likes you, you might want to consider entering his master’s sect.”

“Master, you.”

“Zhou Mi, have you forgotten?What I asked you to do before, regarding Master Heavenly Fragrance, if you can really learn Master Heavenly Fragrance’s Immortal Pill Technique, you will definitely be able to stay together for a long time, perhaps, you understand.Also, you can also synthesize the Immortal Pill Technique of Green King and I. There are only benefits and no disadvantages for you.”

“Master, you’re testing me, aren’t you.”

“Silly boy, as long as you truly have me as your master inside, why wouldn’t I want you to be strong.More than ten days ago.

, you also saw the matter of Yang Qilu being killed, whoever’s power and relationship is hard, is the reason.In my lifetime, there’s no possibility of rising in the journey of Immortal Pill, if you can surpass me or even reach the level of Green King in the future, I’m not too happy yet, and I can also use your influence to live better here.Of course, only if you’re not a white-eyed wolf.”

“Master advised me to worship Tian Xiang as my master, are you already thinking that I’m not a white-eyed wolf?”

“Through these days of observation, I’ve gotten to know you quite well, and you’re not a white-eyed wolf.You have remained faithful to your friends in the mortal realm, and the fact that they have become a burden to you, this is enough to show that you are a person who values loyalty, so I am very relieved to have you at ease.”

“Hahaha, thank you for trusting Master, Master is at ease, once a teacher, always a father, this saying is the education I have received since I was a child in the Mortal Realm.”

“So, the mortal realm is far more compassionate than the immortal realm.Alright, let’s not talk about it, is this Immortal Pill Conference the same as the previous one.”

Not long after, everyone was gathered in the main hall.

The Green King and another female Immortal Pill Master sat on the dais of the main hall, and the master of the Immortal Pill Hall said to everyone, “Everyone, please be quiet, the ten-yearly Immortal Pill Conference has arrived again, how much have you improved your Immortal Pill techniques.”

“Below, we will first invite the two masters, Green King and Luo Ke, to address you all.”

“Pah-pah.”A series of applause followed, and next, Green King and Luo Ke, another fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master, gave a speech.

There were only two rank four Immortal Pill Masters in the entire Upper Fey Yan Continent, and everyone looked at them with adoring eyes.

After delivering his speech, the master said, “Below, we have invited the first, second, and third level Immortal Pillars to enter the corresponding halls to begin the two-day examination.The total score is five hundred points.”

Omi was startled, before this Xia Master didn’t say there was still a written exam ah.

Omi entered one of the largest halls, a hall that could accommodate tens of thousands of people.

There were tens of thousands of people who entered this hall just like Omi.

“Wow, there are tens of thousands of first-grade Xiantian masters in the Upper Fey Yan Continent, no wonder first-grade Xiantian masters, their status is not high.”

After entering the hall, a deputy master came in and said, “Everyone, please prepare yourselves for the exam, no one will each set a boundary, no one will be allowed to talk to others, the papers will be collected after two days, of course, you can also hand in your papers in advance, but it’s best not to hand in your papers in advance, even if you really can’t do a single question, stay honestly for two days, otherwise, word will spread that your reputation will be very bad.”

“Yes.”Everyone nodded.

That vice principal, immediately started handing out exam papers.

Omi smiled inwardly, he hadn’t taken an exam in a long time since he dropped out of high school in the mortal realm, and it was rare to experience the feeling of an exam again today.

After the test papers were handed out, Omi discovered that which was this test paper, it was completely different from what Omi had intended.

The exam paper was very, very long, it was estimated to be more than ten meters long, and the number of questions in it was simply too many to count.

No wonder it took two days to take the test, so many questions, two days may not be able to finish it.

Everyone drew a boundary and then began the exam.

Omi was no exception.

The first question was hard, and the next one was harder than the next.Many of the questions required a very strong imagination to do.


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