King of kings 2072


Omi did and did, and by the time he finished the questions, it was already the third day.

“Everyone, there’s still an hour left until the exam is over, so please be ready to hand in your papers.”At this time, he heard the voice of the vice principal, who was just like a proctor.

Omi secretly said, “That was close, I just happened to finish it, I just don’t know how many answers I got right.”

Omi didn’t have time to check, after all, there was so much content.

An hour later, everyone handed in their test papers.

Some people who knew each other crossed paths and gathered together to talk about how to answer this question and that question.

However, Omi didn’t have any first-grade Immortal Masters that he knew, so no one discussed the questions with him.

Omi found it quite interesting.

Returning to the main hall, Master This Summer smiled and said, “Zhou Mi, how was the test?”

“This, I can’t say, it feels difficult.”

“Difficult is right, there’s no such thing as a simple exam topic for Xian Dan masters.Your test paper is a second level Xiantian Master’s proposition.The test paper of a second-grade Immortal Master is a proposition for a third-grade Immortal Master, and a third-grade Immortal Master is a proposition for a fourth-grade Immortal Master.” First URL

“Oh, Master, how did you do on your test?”

“Hard, I guess it’s about the same as it used to be.”

“There were exams in the past too, you didn’t even tell me before, causing me to be too sudden just now, I didn’t even think of the exams.”

“I only told you about the practical part of the Immortal Assembly before, I didn’t say anything about the theory part, but it doesn’t matter, the theory is all from practice, the practice is powerful Immortal Masters, the theory is powerful.”

“Master, you also said how many points you scored in the past?”

Master Imaha said awkwardly, “Last time I took the exam, I scored 113.It was Upper Fey Yan Continent, and out of over a hundred Third Grade Immortals, I ranked around 80th.”

“Uh, a perfect score of 500 as well?” said Omi in shock.


“Khan, so little.”

“Do you think it’s that easy, in our Level 3 Immortal Dancers, the first place, which is the highest score, is only about 390.”

“Ah, so.”

“Oh, you Level 1 Immortal Masters, it’s about the same, and I’m also looking forward to how many points you can score.How many points you can score is data that reflects whether you have talent and how much potential you have.It’s not entirely certain, but it’s basically not bad.I remember, in the last session, whoever you got first place in the exam, 370+ points.”

“Oh, there weren’t any scores over 400?”

“Yes there are, but not every time, the ones who can score 400 points, all of them are not gifted.In the last session, there was one that scored 409 points.By the way, the highest score in the history of the theory exam for a first class Xian Dan Master, is 445.”

“Wow, that’s a high score.”

“Do you know who it is?It’s Amaka.”

“Uh, Tenka.”

“Tian Xiang has scored between 400 and 420 in almost every theory exam.”

“No wonder she’s so famous, it’s not just that she has a fourth-grade Immortal Master, she’s also powerful in her own right.”

“Alright, let’s not talk about her.”Master Today Summer’s gaze was cold.


“Let’s go, we can go back first.”Master Imaha said heading out the door.

“Ah, Master, let’s go back, the papers aren’t even out yet, the marks aren’t even out yet.”

“Not so fast, it doesn’t take time to change the papers ah, we won’t know the results until ten days later.The Immortal Assembly will only continue after the scores are out.”

“Uh, so.”

Omi had no choice but to follow his master, and the other Immortal Pillars also headed out in groups.

“Zhou Mi, how’s the answer.”Omi was walking outside when a clear voice came from his ears, it was Master Tianxiang.

/> “Back to Master Tianxiang, I don’t know.”

“Oh, I guess, with your talent, it’s at least no less than 360.”Tianxiang said.

Omi internally hummed, “You can score 400 to 420 every time, am I worse than you?”

Omi smiled, “With half of Master Tianxiang’s score, I’m satisfied.”

Tianxiang said, “Zhou Mi, if I were to get my master to promise you to join my master’s sect, the theory exam, you can’t go below 360 ah.”

“Oh, I may not necessarily worship your master.”Omi aimed at Tian Xiang’s s3xy body and said in his heart, if he could enter her other discipline, Omi would have to fight to the death even if he scored a perfect score to take the exam.

“Zhou Mi, don’t get carried away, I was helpless in not accepting you before, no, as soon as my master returned, I mentioned to him that I’ve always been very satisfied with you.I’ll go and talk to Star Luo some other day.I’m leaving today, come to my house when you have time.”


Omi also walked out of the Great Hall of Immortals and found many people outside.

Of course, they were all onlookers, the Immortals were taking exams inside, of course many people came to watch, making it just like the entrance exam, there was a group of parents blocking the school entrance.

There were more than just parents here, there were all sorts of people.

“Master Liang, how did you do in the exam?”

“Master Bai, the exam was good, right?”

“Master Lin, I wish you another top ten ranking in this theory exam.”

Many Xian Dan masters walked out and were immediately surrounded by their respective admirers, or friends and so on.

Especially the ones that were previously geniuses and well known, a large group of people surrounded them to greet them.

Every theoretical exam was ranked, the top two hundred, the top one hundred, the top twenty and fifty, were all easily remembered geniuses.

Omi was an unfamiliar face, so almost no one took care of him, although there were some fans when Omi dueled before, but with such a large population base here, there weren’t many who counted as knowing Omi.

“Husband.”Yun Zi saw Omi and immediately ran up, holding Omi’s hand.

“Oh, you guys are here.”Omi looked at Yun Zi and Yun Meng.

“Yeah, I didn’t even know you guys were going to take the exam, I only heard about it yesterday, so Yun Meng and I came to cheer you on, but I didn’t expect that so many people were here outside.Husband, how did you do on your exam?”

“How the hell should I know, just do it all anyway, whether it will be done or not.”Omi said.

“Husband, I wish you a good score, the best score you can get is to be in the top two hundred.”Yun Zi was busy.

Just at this moment, a sarcastic voice came from the ear, “With him?Ridiculous.”

Omi turned his head and saw that it was a young first-grade Immortal Pill Master, he was accompanied by a girl, that girl was none other than Gu Rumba.

Gu咛ba was busy saying, “That’s right, you don’t even look at what kind of goods you are, you also dare to presume to enter the top 200, you are too ignorant of yourself.”

Yun Zi said, “Gu Enba, I wish my husband to be in the top 200, what’s it to you.”

Gu Enba snorted at Yun Zi, “You dare to be arrogant in front of me?Your uncle Yang Qilu is already, you no longer have any backstage in Upper Fernia.”

Omi said, “Guvunba, your skin is itching again, isn’t it?”

“You’re the one who’s itching.”Gu Ruvunba was furious.

Omi looked at the youth beside her and said, “I’m sure this is the legendary, genius Immortal Pill Master who was liked by Gu Enba.”

That youth snorted, “Exactly.”

Gu咛ba said, “Zhou Mi, let me introduce you, this is Master Gao Qiong, in the last Immortal Pill Conference, the theory exam, Master Gao Qiong got into the 12th place.”

“Ah.”Yun Zi and Yun Meng beside him were shocked, ten thousand first grade Immortal Pill masters, getting into the 12th place, it was indeed awesome.


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