King of kings 2073


“Hmph.”That Gao Qiong, seeing the surprised expressions of Yun Zi Yun Meng and the two, snorted with pride, his tail instantly rising to the sky.

Gu Ronba was also in a good mood at the moment, finally winning back some face in front of Omi.

Zhou Mi, do you think you are worthy to be compared to Gao Qiong?Gao Qiong, go, talk to their kind, it will lower your status.”

“Good.”Gao Qiong huffed and walked away.

Just a dozen steps away, that Gao Qiong smiled and said, “That, 咛巴, see, can we go further?Like, we’re going to get a room at the inn right now?I just saved a big face for you in front of that Zhou Mi.”

Gurupa immediately refused saying, “Gao Qiong, let’s wait until you get into the top ten this time.”

“Ugh, then let me kiss you is always okay.”


“Kuvunpa, if you like me, why won’t you even let me kiss you.”Gaujon said with a grumbling face.

“Because you haven’t satisfied me very much and I won’t be tainted by anyone until you’ve satisfied me very much.”

“Don’t worry, this time, I’ll get into the top ten,”Gao Qiong said, secretly hoping that in ten more days he would be able to bring Guru Rinpoche, whom he missed day and night, into the room. Remember the URL

Omi looked at the back of Gao Qiong and Gu Ronba with a disdainful pop of the lips, Omi didn’t say anything, because Omi wasn’t sure that he would test better than Gao Qiong, in case the test was worse than him, it would be a slap in the face.

Yun Zi said, “Husband, how many points do you feel you scored?”

“I can’t really feel this one, and I’m only doing the questions by feel, I don’t even know if I got it right.What the heck, I’ll know the results in ten days.”

Omi returned to Master Imha’s residence.

As soon as Omi arrived, Xing Luo sent someone to call Omi.

Omi had to go to Star Luo’s.

“Miss Xing Luo.”

“Omi, how was the test.”

“Uh, it was okay.”

“Do you want to come with me to Master Tianxiang’s place?”Starro said.

“Uh, go to Tian Xiang, huh, I’d rather not, I already have a master, I don’t need any guidance.”

“Fine, I’ll go by myself then.”


Ten days passed in the blink of an eye.

Finally, it was time to announce the results.

Early in the morning, Omi arrived at the entrance of the Great Hall of Immortals.

Of course, there were already many, many people at the entrance, and it seemed that there was a lot of attention for the Immortal Pillar Exam.

Especially those people from the big powerful families, they all hoped that their family’s Immortal Master children would get good results and bring glory to their families.

At this moment, Gao Qiong was standing nervously at the gate.

“I will definitely be able to enter the top ten, for sure.Once I get into the top ten, tonight I’ll take Gu Wunba to a room, I can’t help it, this bitch has whetted my appetite for hundreds of years, if I don’t get her, I’ll be sorry for all my hundreds of years of work.”Gao Qiong said inwardly.

Of course, he wasn’t the only one who was nervous, almost all the Immortal Pillars were nervous.

Even including Tianxiang.

Tianxiang also arrived at the entrance of the Immortal Pill Hall at this time.

Tian Xiang said inwardly, “Hopefully, this time, I can still score over 400 points, or even excel beyond that .

Over 420 points, bless ah.”

It can be said that the higher you stand, the more pressure you have, such as Tian Xiang, how she a certain exam, below 400 points, then she will immediately be scolded.

Only Omi, there was no pressure, because Omi didn’t have any burden behind him, it was just like that if he did well in the exam.

It was soon ten o’clock, but still, the results hadn’t been announced yet.

“What’s going on?Why haven’t the results been released yet?”

“That’s not right, the results were bound to be announced at ten o’clock before, why isn’t there one this session?”

The anxious crowd began to talk about it.

What no one knew to say was that at this moment, in the Great Hall of Immortal Pillars, in some sealed hall, a few Immortal Pillars who were in charge of grading the scrolls, were talking in shock.

“How is this possible, a perfect score?”

“But we’ve been marking it over and over again, and it’s still a perfect score, and I can’t think of where we can deduct points.”

“But, a perfect score is just a little unbelievable.”

“That’s true in theory, but the paper that this person answered can really be said to be perfect, look at this question, I don’t think even you guys thought that you could use this method to refine it.”

“Yeah, this person, is also too smart, this answer, exceeds the standard answer, you guys, how do you want me to deduct points from him in this situation.This question is three points out of three, his answer exceeded the standard answer, I can’t even give him four points ah.”

“Ugh, it’s just that, it’s a perfect score then.”

“But what if a lot of people question it?Say we cheat.”

“Then take his papers, post them at the door, and let those who question them, read them for themselves, I’m sure that those who have only passed his papers, shall not be displeased.”

“All right, all right, it’s past ten o’clock, we’d better hurry out and announce the results, so we don’t keep you waiting.”

“Go go go.”

The crowd outside the palace waited and waited, and finally, the doors of the Great Hall of Immortals opened.

Everyone immediately quieted down.

A few Xian Dan masters came out from the main hall, they were in charge of grading the exam papers, they were grading the exam papers for the past ten days, the door of the Great Hall of Immortals was closed tightly, moreover, they were still inside and stayed in Mi Feng’s hall, this was to prevent any possibility of cheating.

“Everyone, sorry to keep you waiting.”One of them said.

“Why did it take so long to come out.”A very impatient Xiantian asked.

“Oh, the reason we took so long to come out is because, we ran into a problem.This Immortalist theory exam is the most unforgettable one in our lives, because, this time, there was a first-grade Immortalist who took the theory exam and scored a perfect score.”

“What, a perfect score?”

“Ah, perfect scores.”

“How is that possible, full marks?”

Everyone was shocked, and there was a rumbling discussion.

Omi was also shocked and said, “Who is so powerful that he got a perfect score.”

Yun Zi Chen, who was beside Omi, said, “This person is definitely a genius among geniuses, this talent, it’s more than Master Tian Xiang.”

Omi said, “If there really wasn’t any cheating, then talent surpassing Tian Xiang is a certainty.Tsk tsk, this person makes me worship them all.I don’t know if it’s a man or a woman.”

Yun Zi Dao said, “What do you want to do when you inquire about whether it’s a man or a woman, is it that if it’s a woman, you’ll go pick her up?”

“Uh, no, just randomly, Khan, even if I wanted to, I’m not worthy of someone.”


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