King of kings 2074


Not far away, Master Tianxiang’s body trembled as he heard the full score.

“How is that possible, a perfect score?I’m the only one who can score more than 400 in such a difficult subject, so how can anyone score 500?Not a single point?”Master Tian Xiang was very skeptical, but there was incomparable shock.

At the other place, Kuvunba and Gao Qiong, also waiting for the results, heard the perfect score, Kuvunba shouted in shock on the spot, “Wow, is this still human?A perfect score?This talent, even Tianxiang has been sped out a few streets.”

Gao Qiong said, “This man, of course, is powerful, I, Gao, admire, admire ah.”

Gu Enba said, “If I could find a man with such a genius, how great would that be, then, hmm, Zhou Mi would have to nod his head and bow when he sees me.”Guvunba was full of beautiful fantasies.

Gao Qiong was very upset by what she heard and grunted, “咛巴, don’t you look at yourself, do you deserve a genius of this level?Such a proud son of heaven would look up to you?”

Guvumba didn’t argue and said, “I was just talking off the cuff.But what do you mean when you say you won’t look at me?At any rate, this young lady is one of the famous and famous beauties of the Upper Fertilization Yan Continent.”

“咛巴, you misunderstood, what I meant is that this kind of genius must be looked upon by all third and fourth class overlord families, not referring to your beauty la.”

“Hmph.”Gu Zhuanba snorted.

“Alright, alright, being angry, the results will be announced soon, let’s see if I’ve made it into the top ten.The first thing I’ll do when I get into the top ten is to take you and walk around in front of Zhou Mi.”

“That’s more like it.” One second to remember to read the book

At the door of the main hall, the Xian Dan master who was grading the test papers said, “Everyone, afterwards we will put the papers with full marks, and post them on the door of the Xian Dan Hall, so you can watch them, we really couldn’t find any deductions, so we had to give him a full mark.Alright, I’ll stop gossiping, below, start handing out the papers, those who call out their names, come up one by one to receive the results, the number is quite large, so we must keep order.”

Next, start handing out papers, first level, second level, third level, all at the same time.

The third-grade Immortalists were the fastest to finish handing out the papers, as there were only a hundred or so third-grade Immortalists, all at once.

There were tens of thousands of Level 1 Xian Dan masters, which wouldn’t be finished so quickly.

Omi was busy walking over to Master This Summer.

“Master, you’ve received your report card.”Omi was busy, Omi had just seen him go up to collect it.

“Yes.”Master This Summer didn’t look good, maybe the results weren’t too good.

“Master, how was the test.”


“Master, did the exams go badly this term?”

“You can see for yourself.”Master This Summer handed the paper to Omi.

Omi took a look at it, it was written in great detail, there were separate ways to write out how many points a certain topic had scored and so on and so forth, and at the top of the transcript, there were several large red characters written.

“Total score: 93; current rank 126.”

“Ugh.”Omi was startled, only 93 on a 500-point paper, which was too low, almost within the bottom thirty.

“Master, it’s okay, it’s just that it didn’t play properly this time.”

Master Today’s Summer sighed, “Zhou Mi, I’m really not worthy of being your master ah, don’t tell me about not playing well, it’s a genius, no matter how much you didn’t play well, it’s still not bad.Alas, you’d better go and worship Tian Xiang.”Master Imaha was frustrated.

“Master, look at you, it’s just a discussion exam, so why are you so frustrated.”

In fact, Master Today’s Summer wasn’t frustrated, but the exam was so bad that in Omi’s feeling

It was very disgraceful.

Just then, a shout came from the one handing out the transcripts, “First Class Immortal Master Gao Qiong.”

“Ah, it’s finally issued to me.”Gao Qiong listened and rushed up in a panic to collect the test papers.

At this moment, Guru Rinpoche was also nervous, wondering if Gao Qiong could make it into the top ten.

Very quickly, Gao Qiong got the report card.

Gao Qiong immediately took a look at it, and the report card read, “Total score: 361, current ranking: 9.”

“Ahhhh.”Gao Qiong yelled out in excitement.

Many people looked at Gao Qiong.

Gao Qiong excitedly held up his report card for everyone to see, while shouting, “I’m in the top ten, I’m in the top ten, top ten, top ten.”Gao Qiong shouted more than ten times.

“Crackle.”There was an immediate applause of popping applause.

In Gao Qiong’s eyes, tears of excitement shone out, finally, he had made it into the top ten.

Gao Qiong’s family members, teachers, came up and hugged Gao Qiong, making it seem as if he had gotten an Olympic gold medal.

Guru Rinpoche was also excited at the moment.

Gao Qiong walked up to Gu 咛巴 and said, “咛巴, I haven’t embarrassed you, have I.”

“Ummm, no, you’re the best.”Gu 咛ba was satisfied, after all, the top ten wasn’t easy to get, with her family background, it was already good to find a top ten Immortal Pill Master.

Gao Qiong looked at Omi in the distance and said, “咛巴, let’s go.”

“Mm, good.”Gou Zhuanba nodded his head.

The two deliberately came to Omi’s side.

Omi knew that they were coming over to pretend to be a match, and was in a bad mood.

Offhandedly, Omi didn’t know how many points he had, and faced with their pretend comparison, Omi couldn’t fight back.

Zhou Mi, see, the man I like, he’s in the top ten,” said Gu Zumba.You used to be so proud of yourself, you thought you were great, and you still said, I’m no longer worthy of being your rival… Humph, do you still dare to say that now?If you have the ability, you’ll also go for a top ten exam.”Gu Zhuanba was violent inside, this feeling of slapping Omi’s face and leaving Omi speechless was fantastic.

Yun Meng beside Omi hummed, “The one who got to the top ten is not you, what are you so proud of.”

Yun Zi busily echoed, “That’s right, making it seem like you got into the top ten.”

“Right, which so what, this Miss Yun Meng, you’re so loud-mouthed, then why don’t you go find a top ten Immortal Pill Master genius.”

“You.”Yun Meng was furious, but didn’t know how to retort.

Gu Ronba added, “And you, Miss Yun Zi, if you’re capable of it, you’ll also let your philanthropic husband be circumspect and go for a top ten.”

“Hmph, I’m not bothering to talk to you.”

“Hahaha.”Gu Enba gave a loud laugh.

Just then, the person who handed out the results shouted, “Zhou Mi.”

Yun Zi panicked, “Husband, it’s your turn.”

“Mm.”Omi immediately ran up to get the report card.

Omi looked at the report card as soon as he got it.

It read, “Total score: 500; current ranking: first.”

“Ah.”Omi was stunned there.

Omi couldn’t believe this was real, a perfect score?The full divine talent that had just caused everyone to stir was him.

“This.”Omi didn’t know what expression was on his face, it was so unexpected, he didn’t expect it to be him at all.


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