King of kings 2077


“Fellow First Class Immortal Pill Masters, we will soon begin practicing alchemy, according to the ranking of the theoretical exams, a batch of twenty.Now, please come up to the first to the twentieth place of the theory exam.”

Omi puffed up his proud chest and walked up to stand under the dais in front of the main hall.

The other nineteen people also came up, Omi was the first in theory and was worshipped by many people, but not including the dozen or so people who were coming up at this moment.

This was because these nineteen people, who were respectively the second to the twentieth in theory, were also extremely talented, and they were not at all convinced.

A perfect score in theory was nothing, the level of practice was the most important thing, so they were not convinced, and they vowed to surpass Omi in practice.

A young man standing next to Omi, looked at Omi and snorted in a low voice, “Zhou Mi right, I hope your practice level, will not let me down.”

This young man, who used to be the first place in the theory of First Grade Immortal Pill Master, was surpassed by Omi this time, and he was very displeased with Omi inside.

Omi said, “Sourpuss.”

“Who the hell are you saying sourpuss.”That youth was furious.

“Haha, isn’t it obvious, I theoretically came first and took the first place that belonged to you, it’s weird if it’s not sour, listen to your tone just now, it’s sour ah.”Omi said.

Everyone looked to Omi’s side. One second to remember to read the book

At that moment, the master asked, “Zhou Mi, Cai Chun, what are you two muttering about?”

The youth beside Omi said, “Zhou Mi he is despising me.”

Omi was startled, this guy, he was actually believing what he said.

The master of the house frowned and asked, “What does Zhou Mi despise you for?”

“I just congratulated him, but he was so dismissive of me and said that he wanted to be close to him even with me, I was so upset that I just stood up to him and hoped that his level of practice wouldn’t let me down.That was it.”

Many people at the scene cursed Omi as soon as they heard this, “A perfect score on the theory test, just he? floating up.”

“This kind of person is disgusting, it’s just theory, it’s nothing, and I don’t know if there’s any suspicion of cheating.”

Throughout the main hall, many people rumbled and discussed.

The principal said to Omi, “Zhou Mi, that’s your fault, it’s true that it’s not bad to get a perfect score on the exam, but it’s too disgraceful to look down on others because of that.This Cai Chun beside you, he used to be first every time, and what he is really good at is the practical part, every time he scored 4 meters of brightness in the practical part, far above the average score of less than one meter, and you have the nerve to say that he doesn’t deserve to be close to you.”

Omi said, “Why did Senior only listen to his words, he was the one who just sourly said to me that he hoped the practice level would not disappoint him, that’s all.”

“Alright, there’s no time to worry about such things like you now, but Cai Chun is right, indeed, you scored full marks in theory, and I hope your practical level, too, will be even better than Cai Chun’s.”

“Of course.”Omi clenched his teeth.

But, looking at everyone, it should be hard to surpass Cai Chun.

Everyone standing in the main hall at the moment knew how awesome Cai Chun was.

Everyone knew that the Second Grade Immortal Pill Master, the most genius was Tian Xiang.

And the first level Immortal Pill Master, the most powerful was Cai Chun, and Cai Chun’s level of practice was very, very high, reaching four meters of light, which was not even as good as Master Tianxiang, who practiced Immortal Pills that only reached 3.5 meters!

Just the light.

Also, Cai Chun’s master was also a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master, and there were two fourth-grade Immortal Pill Masters in the Upper Fife Yama Continent, the Green King and another one was Cai Chun’s master.

Omi didn’t have a famous master to guide him, it was a bit of a fantasy to concoct an Immortal Pill that surpassed Cai Chun’s quality, practice was the only test of truth.

“Alright, everyone be quiet, below, it’s time to begin.”

The main hall immediately quieted down.

The master said, “Please prepare the first batch, after I shout to begin, you will hear in your mind the name, efficacy, and function of the immortal pills you have made, then, each of you will begin to make a single immortal pill.”

“One, two, three.”

After saying that, in the ears of Omi and the other twenty people, the voice of the master immediately rang out, “Please refine an Immortal Pill that can aid in nourishing one’s face, increase one’s Immortal Strength by around three percent, increase one’s Immortal Thoughts by around seven percent, assist in the effects of speed spell attacks, and be able to neutralize the trauma effects of mental spell attacks.”

After hearing the title, the twenty people all began to gaze in meditation.

This was really practice, this wasn’t easy.

It was somewhat similar to prescribing medicine.

Omi was a divine physician in the Mortal Realm and another Pill Master in the Spiritual Realm, so this was not foreign to Omi at all.

Omi was also contemplating to see how a pill like this was to be so refined.

To satisfy so many effects at the same time, the slightest deviation could be far from the mark.

Immortal pills could be high or low, but it didn’t make much sense to eat them with the wrong effect.

Below the main hall, those who hadn’t had their turn yet, seeing the way that the first group of people were gazing and meditating, they commented, “Looking at their pondering expressions one by one, it seems that the Immortal Pill to be refined is very difficult.”

“Yeah, it’s a pity that we can’t hear them, or we could have thought ahead.”

“Thinking ahead, that’s not fair.”

“The time has come to reflect one’s level of alchemy, no matter how powerful the experience is, it’s still theory ah, today I’ll just see if that Zhou Mi is still that god.”

“I’ll bet ten packs of spicy strips that he’ll be left with no scraps left by Cai Chun’s seconds.”

“Who wants your spicy strips.”

“Hey hey, my Ding Clan’s spicy strips can be made from very cherished immortal grasses, eat one for safekeeping to prolong your life.”

At this moment, the master shouted, “Please be quiet for those who haven’t had their turn yet and don’t disturb those who are practicing the assessment.”

The main hall quieted down.

When the master saw twenty people, still thinking, he smiled and said, “Don’t be in a hurry, think slowly, after all, you only have one chance.After you guys come up with the materials you need, go to the Immortal Grass Storage Room next to it and get them.”

At this moment, Omi squinted his eyes.

In fact, Omi had already thought of those materials to use, how to control the true fire, how to master the fire, and how to match the materials, Omi already had these in mind.

However, the matter was important, since there was no need to compare time, then why not spend more time on it, so that the effect of becoming a pill would also be more significant.

Right at this moment, Cai Chun, who was beside Omi, made his move.

Cai Chun was the first to head to the immortal grass storage room next to him.

The crowd below cried out in alarm, “Worthy of Cai Chun, it’s only been a few minutes and he’s figured out how to refine it.”


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