King of kings 2078


“Cai Chun is awesome, he started choosing materials in a few minutes, and then look at that Zhou Mi who scored full marks in theory and is still thinking with his eyes closed.”

“I see, that Zhou Mi is going to hit his face.”

Cai Chun entered the storeroom, the storeroom was full of immortal grasses, Cai Chun took a dozen of them, then walked out of the storeroom.Then, Cai Chun immediately began to refine his pills.

Everyone else, however, was still thinking.

Omi didn’t deliberately try to compare time with Cai Chun, if this wanted to compare time, Omi would have already entered the storeroom.

So, Omi continued to close his eyes, and in Omi’s mind, Omi was simulating the exercise, Omi was simulating every tiny step, so that Omi could grasp every minute and every bit of it.

In a few more minutes, the second, third, and fourth, entered the storage room to get the medicine.

At the scene, many people saw that Omi was still thinking, and they couldn’t help but start laughing in shame.

“That’s a full score of theory?”

“People are about to finish practicing Cai Chun and he still hasn’t figured out that he should use those materials, I go, sure enough his score is in question.”

“Haha, the original form is revealed.” First URL

At this moment, in the darkness of the palace, the Green King’s heart chilled, “This brat, the theory really is cheating, after all this time, he still hasn’t figured out what materials to use.”

At this moment, Omi opened his eyes wide.

Inwardly, Omi said, “It’s done.”

In Omi’s mind, a flawless Immortal Pill, this was what Omi had simulated refining in his mind, if Omi hadn’t simulated refining it in his mind beforehand, the final effect would have been absolutely discounted by three percent.

However, at that moment, he heard Cai Chun shout, “Master Senior, I’ve finished practicing.”

“Very well, bring it up for testing.”


Cai Chun immediately took the pills he had practiced up for testing.

Omi was about to enter the storage room, but when he saw that Cai Chun had finished practicing, Omi stopped to see how his Immortal Pill was doing.

In the main hall, everyone looked at Cai Chun’s Immortal Pill with tension and anticipation.

The master of the house, saw that the master of the house put Cai Chun’s Immortal Pill into an immortal tool that resembled a grinding wheel.

Then, the principal struck a spiritual imprint into the grindstone.

Soon after, an object the size of a soybean on top of the mill plate immortal artifact emitted a multicolored light.

That multicolored light was suddenly shining all around.

“That ruler come.”The master shouted, and immediately, the two assistants took out a ruler and measured into that light.Measure as far as the light shines, the farther the light shines, the better it naturally is.

After a few breaths, the master smiled, “The results are out, Cai Chun, the potency of this assessment of the Immortal Pill is, 4.18 meters.”

“Wow.”The entire audience was shocked.

It was another refresh of the record that Cai Chun had previously held by himself.

The previous record that Cai Chun himself held was 4.07 meters.

“Congratulations, Cai Chun, you’re worthy of being Master Lan Zifang’s disciple, the worthy King of First Grade Immortal Pillars ah.Although you didn’t win first place in theory, your level of practice tells everyone who is the most talented.”The master said to Cai Chun, and there was a hint of pleasantness in his tone.

“Thank you, Senior Principal.”Cai Chun slightly arched his hand.

At this moment, in the shadows, that Green King was upset when he heard Cai Chun’s level of practice and said, “This little bastard, every time he refines an Immortal Pill, the potency reaches above four meters of light.My apprentice Tian Xiang, when will she ever reach above four meters of light?What a displeasure, my apprentice, losing to that old woman, Blue Zifang.

The Green King looked at Cai Chun and was depressed, he and Lan Zifang, were the only two fourth-ranked Immortal Pillars in the Upper Fey Yan Continent, and they both had a disciple, however, the Green King’s disciple, Tian Xiang, was a notch below Lan Zifang’s disciple in terms of practice level, which made the Green King’s status, in effect, a notch lower than Lan Zifang’s.

Omi stopped watching and went into the Immortal Grass Storage Room.

That Cai Chun looked at Omi’s back and inwardly hummed, “Zhou Mi, even you dare to compete with me in practice, how will I let you die, don’t you know that I’m the only one among all first-grade Immortal Pill masters, who can refine more than four meters of Light Immortal Pill?”

Cai Chun had already felt that the victory was within his grasp.

Omi quickly finished choosing the Immortal Grass.

Only, when Omi Fairy Grass, everyone was a little surprised.

“What happened to Zhou Mi?You only took four herbs?Could it be that he thinks that he can concoct a qualifying Immortal Pill using the four ingredients?”

“Hahaha, this level, there’s really no one else, Cai Chun has just used more than a dozen types of materials, but he only has four.”

Not to mention those low level people, even the Green King in the dark was puzzled at the moment.

The Green King said in his heart, “This brat only chose four types of immortal grasses, and he wants to concoct immortal pills that meet the assessment requirements?What the hell was he thinking?Could it be that he didn’t even know the immortal grasses to be used in order to concoct immortal pills that matched the effect?Completely blind refining?”

Omi faced everyone’s questions without a pitter patter.

Omi only raised the corners of his mouth slightly.

Only a person with a low level would add many immortal grasses in order to refine a certain kind, because a low level person, he had to train to make an immortal pill that met the requirements, but he didn’t know how to match it, so he could only add more and more.

Omi immediately began to refine it, the virtual fire in his hand spewing out like a tongue of fire.

Because he adopted few immortal grasses, he refined it quickly, and, in his mind again before, he even simulated the details.

In about thirty seconds, Omi extinguished the Void Fire, and with a flip of his hand, the Immortal Pill was already practiced.

“I’ve finished practicing.”


The crowd was shocked, so fast?

Even the Green King in the shadows was shocked, it was rare for him to finish practicing so quickly, which meant that he already had his heart set on it, or he had refined it countless times before.

The master said, “Bring it up for testing.”

Omi handed his Immortal Pill up.Although Omi was the fifth to go in to get the medicine, Omi was the second to finish refining it.

Everyone held their breath as they looked at the Immortal Pill.

The mastermind put the Immortal Pill into a place like a millstone just like earlier.

This time, the master didn’t enter the spirit mark again, as he had already done so just now, and the spirit mark he had just stepped into was a simulation of the person taking the immortal pills.

At that moment, the dots on the mill began to glow with a colorful light.

A few seconds later, that light was suddenly illuminated far away.

“Wow damn.”The whole place was dumbstruck, it was no longer necessary to measure with a ruler, the eyes could tell how much brighter it was than Cai Chun’s Immortal Pill.

The master panicked, “Quick, measure with a ruler.”

The two assistants immediately did as they were told.

A few breaths later, one of the assistants said to the master, “Senior master, the measurement is out, Zhou Mi’s Immortal Pill, potency rays, reached 7.85 meters.”



The entire main hall couldn’t help but roar out.


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