King of kings 2079



“7.85 meters?This too.”

At this moment, Master Green King, who was in the dark, also brought shock to his entire being.

With the Green King’s current skill, the Immortal Pill he had practiced was only a little over four and a half meters of light, and even when he had performed extraordinarily well, he hadn’t exceeded five meters, and Omi, so easily reaching seven point eight meters, this wasn’t just a string of numbers, this represented medicinal efficacy.

Of course, the one who was most shocked at the moment was Cai Chun, Cai Chun was completely stupid.

“This is impossible, this is simply impossible, not even my master could train such an effective Immortal Pill, how could he.”Cai Chun immediately shouted, “Master Senior, I seriously suspect that Zhou Mi is cheating.”


“Yes, even my master couldn’t reach this level, how could he, and, Zhou Mi’s master this summer, trashy as hell, how could such a trashy master be able to discipline such a powerful Xian Dan master, this must be cheating.”

When everyone heard Cai Chun’s words, they felt that it made a bit of sense, Master Jinxia’s practice level was only a little over one meter, this teacher-disciple gap was too big.

“This, Cai Chun, is it just because of this that he is judged to have cheated?Do you need any other evidence?”The officiating exec asked.

“Not at the moment, but I’ll look into it at one point.” Remember the URL

“So, now you just suspect him of cheating?”


“Oh, Cai Chun, that’s where you’re wrong, you don’t even have any evidence, what makes you doubt, even if his master, Master Imha, is no good, is he no good?Perhaps, Zhou Mi is so talented that he doesn’t even need a master to do it on his own.”

“In short, I’m not convinced.”Cai Chun shouted.

Just like this, there was a shout, “Shameless thing, you’re not as good as others, but you still suspect being cheated.Master, I can testify for Zhou Mi that he didn’t cheat at all.”

Everyone looked towards the place where the voice came from, and it was Master Green King.

The Master-in-Charge immediately stepped forward and paid his respects, “Meet Master Green King.”

“There’s no need to be polite, I was just in the dark, keeping an eye on Zhou Mi the entire time, so I can testify for him that he didn’t cheat in any way.”

The master smiled obsequiously, “With Master Green King testifying, I’m sure there’s no dare to say anything else.”

The Green King walked up to Omi and laughed, “Good boy, really you, greatly surprising me, before I suspected you of cheating in the theory exam, now, I no longer suspect you, Zhou Mi, after finishing, come to my house, hahaha.”The Green King laughed loudly, and then walked away.

The crowd was shocked and very envious of Omi, just now Master Green King’s words were already hinting that he would accept Omi.

The master’s senior immediately walked up to Omi, and offered his hospitality, “Zhou Mi, don’t quickly say thank you senior, you must go forward.”

“Er.”Omi did not say, and the Green King quickly left.

The main matter said to Omi, “Zhou Mi, you’re really good, in the future, I hope to take care of you more.”The main matter was clearly trying to please Omi in advance and get on good terms with Omi.

“Hahaha, well said, well said.”

“Hmph.”Cai Chun, who was beside him, turned around with a displeased cry.

The master exec shouted to Omi Cai Chun, “Cai Chun, no one is allowed to leave until everyone’s practice operation is over.”

“Nonsense, this isn’t my first time participating.”Cai Chun walked to the side of the main hall to rest.

Omi remained where he was, watching the others practice their operations.

The others, almost to less than a meter, or even, some were only 0.3 meters, this kind of Immortal Pill was so ineffective that Omi wanted to mock it a bit when he looked at it.

The master senior moved to chat with Omi at every turn, making it look like he had a good relationship with Omi.

Omi asked, “Master Senior, do you know an Immortal Pill Master named Chen Changqiu?”

“Of course I know, he’s gone to the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, and I heard that in the

It was good to mix there.He’s quite refined, and with his level, his status won’t be too high at all in the Upper Fey Yan Continent; instead, he’ll go to some small immortal kingdoms and be able to mix better and be on par with the emperors of immortal kingdoms.”

Omi said, “Chen Changqiu’s level is very low?”

“Yes, he used to come to every session as well, and he was only 60 or 70 points in the theory exam, and the practical level, which is about 0.5 meters of potency, his level is on the back side of all Immortal Masters.If he was in Upper Feyama, those big powers wouldn’t even hire him as a basic Immortal Master, so it’s most correct for him to go to the Small Immortal Kingdom.”

“Oh, such poor potency.”Omi had even taken the immortal pills he had refined before, what a waste of those few immortal grasses at that time, if they had been refined by a more effective immortal pills master, it would have been even better.

A few days passed in a blink of an eye, and finally, all ten thousand Level 1 Immortal Pill Masters had completed their practical operations.

Of course, the Third Grade Immortal Pill Masters and Second Grade Immortal Pill Masters, due to their small numbers, had already finished.

By the time Omi and the others finished, the Level 2 and Level 3 Immortal Masters outside already knew about Omi’s practice level of 7.85 meters.

As soon as Omi walked out of the main hall door, a group of people gathered around.

“Master Zhou, my name is Manli, come sit at my house tonight.”

“Master Zhou, my daughter would like to ask you to be her personal guide, what do you think ah, by the way, my daughter is eighteen, oh.”

“Master Zhou, you’re so capable at such a young age, the future is bright, I’m a mortal immortal, let’s be friends.”

A group of people crowded up.

Cai Chun, who came out with Omi, was ignored.

“Bastard ball.”Cai Chun snorted and exhaled.

Omi wasted a lot of effort to deal with those who wanted to be friends with him.

“Omi.”Omi was about to quickly leave when a man lifted the curtains in a luxurious beast car beside him and called out to Omi.

When Omi looked, it was Xing Luo.

“Miss Xing Luo.”

“Get in the car quickly, before another group of people crowd up.”


Omi quickly entered the car.

After entering the car, Omi found that there was more than one person in the car, there was also Tianxiang.

“Ah, Master Tianxiang, you’re here too.”

Tianxiang was a bit embarrassed, “Don’t call me any master, you’re the real master.”

“Master Tianxiang is really good at telling jokes.”

Star Luo said, “Alright, Omi, don’t ridicule Tianxiang, nowadays, your level is already above Tianxiang, although Tianxiang’s Immortal Pill Master rank is higher than yours, but her talent may not be higher than yours.”

“Oh, dare I ask, how was Master Tianxiang’s practice this time?”

Tian Xiang bitterly said, “3.8.”

“Uh, so.”

“You’re not even half as effective as you should be,”Tenka said.

“Ah, haha.”Omi looked a little embarrassed.

Omi asked, “Miss Xing Luo, are we going home now?”


“Uh, so where to?”

“Go to the Green King’s house.”

“Shit, why would I go to the Green King’s house.”

“Omi, the Green King has already told Tianxiang that he will personally take you as his disciple, I’m afraid that you kid will be confused, so I’m here specifically waiting for you.”

“Miss Star Luo, it seems immoral for you to make decisions for me like this, I have no intention of worshipping the Green King as my master, besides, how embarrassing it would be for Master This Summer for me to turn to the Green King as my master.”

Xing Luo said, “Omi, you have to be sensible ah, Master Imha and Master Green King, this one is heaven and one is earth ah, if you pay homage to Master Green King as your master, then you will be completely untouchable in the Upper Fey Yan Continent in the future.


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