King of kings 2080


“Uh, this.”

“Have you seen the status of Tenka?Who would dare to mess with St. Charles?Also, how many people are pursuing Tin Xiang?It’s all just a matter of using Master Green King’s influence.If you become Green King’s disciple, your status will not be lower than Tian Xiang, and then a whole bunch of beautiful women will want to marry you.”

Omi smiled, “A whole bunch of beauties, then may I ask, is there you?Do you have a heavenly fragrance?”

“Uh, you kid, don’t make fun of us.”Starro snaps.

“What’s the point of that.”

“Omi, I’m serious, it’s better if you really listen to me and don’t get carried away yourself.”

Tian Xiang also said, “Yes, Zhou Mi, I also want you to be my junior brother.”

Xing Luo said, “Omi, it’s not that I’m not moral, but the gap is really too big, worshipping Master Jin Xia will not get you anything at all, now with your talent, Master Jin Xia can’t guide you anymore, instead Master Jin Xia, now wants to use your fame to raise his status.If you become a disciple of the Green King, the families of the fourth class hegemons of the Upper Fellows will be willing to marry you.Do you know what the families of the fourth class hegemons are?That’s a family with a strong Upper Immortal.”

“Upper Immortals.”Omi was startled.

Omi: “That’s not, it’s almost the same as your family.”

Tianxiang Shang: “The Star Luo family is a third class overlord family.” One second to remember to read the book

“Oh.”Omi understood, so Omi wasn’t worthy of Star Luo right now.

“Alright, don’t talk about me, Omi, think about it yourself, how much are the benefits of becoming Green King’s disciple, there will be immortal pills for you to eat in the future, you also know that immortal grass is something that the more powerful you are, the more you will be able to obtain.Moreover, you are both literary and martial, Green King and Tian Xiang, both only know how to refine pills and are ordinary in terms of strength.If you worship the Green King as your master, do you say yourself that the Green King will do his best to build you?Definitely.”

Tianxiang nodded, “Yes, in that case, Master will definitely use all his resources on you.”

Star Luo said, “You shouldn’t doubt Tian Xiang’s words either, the Green King and Tian Xiang are not from the School of Strength, they have no conflict with you, and the resources regarding strength are naturally given to you.”

“This.”Omi felt a bit tempted.

It was really tempting, if you worshipped the Green King, Omi would immediately be on top of his life and marry a rich white woman.

However, this wouldn’t work, this wasn’t moral, how would this make Master This Summer feel.

Although Master This Summer wasn’t as capable as Green King, and even less in status, but Master This Summer had at least carefully disciplined Omi, he couldn’t just abandon him because his skills weren’t working, and move on to another master.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I’m blessed with that,”Omi said.

Star Luo gasped, “Omi, what do you want me to say to understand.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that, although I do get a lot of benefits for a while, huh?”

Tian Xiang said, “It’s okay, you should think about it for a while, deal with your relationship with Master Imaha first before coming back, I think my master can wait.”

“That’s fine.”Star Luo nodded.

Celestial Fragrance said, “In that case, you can go home first, I’ll get off here as well.”


Master Tianxiang got off the bus, and Xing Luo told the learning bus to turn around and head in the direction of the Xing Clan.

Soon, Omi would be home.

Right now, at Master Imaha’s residence.

Master Ima Xia was sitting on a chair at the entrance without saying a word.

Master This Summer had already finished his practical assessment, his practical level, which was only a little over one meter, was still the same old thing, something that was difficult to improve without that day’s talent, of course, Master This Summer was victimized to have his talent reduced so much.

After Master This summer finished, when he walked out of the main hall, he heard the news that his disciple’s practice level reached 7.8.

At first, Master This Summer was very happy, full of smiles and many people were close to Master This Summer.

However, it later came out that the Green King had already revealed to Omi that he was taking him on as a disciple.

Master Ima Xia was starting to get a little worried and many people were secretly talking about him, saying that he had picked up Omi, a whole bunch of bad words, which made Master Ima Xia think that Omi would definitely go away.

Just at that moment, Omi returned.


“Ah, Zhou Mi, why are you still coming to my place.”Master Imaha was startled.

“Uh, you’re my Master, why can’t I come here.”

“Zhou Mi, didn’t the Green King reveal to you that he meant to take you as his disciple?You?”

“Oh, more than revealed, Star Luo and Tian Xiang are still waiting at the entrance of the Immortal Palace to pick me up and take me to the Green King’s house, but I didn’t go.”


“Master, I told you that day that I was a teacher for life, so if I turn to the Green King as my master again, where will your face be.”

“But, I can’t give you any status at all, instead, I have to rely on your reputation so that I can improve my status in the Immortal Pill World.”Master This Summer said with embarrassment.

“Which so what.”

“Zhou Mi, it’s better for your future if you still go to worship the Green King as your master no, I can understand you and will never say anything bad about you.My level of practice is not as good as yours, it’s only in the quality of the Immortal Pill, I can still guide you, the rest is no longer possible.And that Green King, he can guide you to a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master, if you can become a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master, that is.”

Omi snorted, “Is a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master a bull?No, that’s not my goal.Besides, you can at least guide me to level three Immortal Master.”

“But, I can only go so far, and the Green King, can help you reach level four.”

Omi to, “After I reach level three Immortal Master, I will research on my own, I don’t need anyone to guide me to become level four, besides, my goal is not level four, level five, level six, level seven, after that all these, I still need to research on my own, what does the Green King count.”

“But, his current status can give you too much, and the level five and six you said is just talk, how can you reach it so easily.”

“Alright, Master, my mind is made up, I will never worship your enemy as my master, and although you won’t stop me for the sake of my future, I can’t do that.”

Master This Summer was very touched and vowed, “Zhou Mi, from now on, I will put all my heart but spend it on you, I will make you become a third level Immortal Pill Master as fast as possible, although I am not as good as the Green King, but I will spend ten times as much time, I will never be inferior to the Green King.”

“Thank you, Master.”Omi smiled heedlessly.

Master This Summer immediately took out a bundle of Immortal Grass and said, “Zhou Mi, I have over twenty Immortal Grasses here, from thousands of years to hundreds of millions of years, take them all.”

“Ah, Master, that’s not allowed.”

“Oh, I don’t have as many resources as the Green King, but I’m willing to invest my entire body but to you, I don’t have much hope of breaking through upwards anyway, and using any more would be a waste.”


“Take it.”

“Master, this.”

“Then, how about I help you train into an Immortal Pill, although the potency of my Immortal Pill is not as high as yours, my Immortal Pill is a Level 3 Immortal Pill, no matter how bad the potency is, it’s still better than a Level 1 Immortal Pill.What kind of Immortal Pill do you need?You say.”

Omi saw that his master was determined to give it to him, so he took it.

“Thank you, Master, then help me train into an Immortal Pill that increases Immortal Fate, I only need to increase my Immortal Fate, I don’t need any other effect.”

“Any Immortal Pill can increase the Immortal Fate, I mean, on top of increasing the Immortal Fate, do you have to conform to other effects, for example, increasing your Immortal Power, Spiritual Power, Immortal Thoughts, etc.”

“Then, increase your spiritual power.”


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