King of kings 2081

Chapter 2081

omi was a bit excited, it had been a bit of time since he had taken Immortal Pills.

Now omi’s realm was the middle stage of Human Immortal, and about halfway through his cultivation, these Billion Year Immortal Grasses should allow omi to cultivate to the back of the middle stage of Human Immortal after he took them.

“Then I’ll go and refine the pills for you.”Master Today Xia said.

“Okay, thank you, Master.”

Master Today Summer immediately went to refine the pills with a fart.

How did omi feel, Master is a bit aggrieved himself, not only did he take out all of his possessions for omi, but he also took the initiative to alchemy pills for omi, who the hell is Master now.

“Hey, Master must be because I’m too grateful that I didn’t choose to worship Grandmaster Green King, so, Master, why are you so upset.”

Yun Zi and Yun Meng also returned shortly after.


“Yun Zi, did you guys also go to the entrance of the Immortal Pill Palace to wait for me?”

“Yeah, but, you got into Miss Xing Luo’s car, so we had to come back by ourselves.”Yun Zi said in a whiny voice. The first website

“Too many people are surrounding me, I can’t do anything about it.”

Yun Meng looked at omi with eyes full of admiration and praised, “We’ve long heard of your reputation for refining 7.8 meters, brother-in-law, you’re awesome.”

“Oh, thanks.”omi said nonchalantly.

Yun Meng saw omi’s nonchalant attitude towards her and was a little sad inside.

At this moment, at the Green King’s residence.


“Why did you come back alone, where’s that Zhou Mi?Didn’t I tell him to come to my house as soon as he was done?Does he still want to enter my master’s school or not.”

“Master, he.”

“What?You didn’t bring him back?”

“No, I found him, though.”

“What?And he wants me to invite him myself?”

“No no, he needs to think about it some more.”

“What’s there to consider, does he still want to be my apprentice.”The Green King looked a little upset.

“Master understands, he has just worshipped Master This Summer after all, it’s a bit of a sudden change of master.”

“What this summer master, dog shit, give me shoes that don’t even match, what does he have to cherish.You go tell Zhou Mi, within a day, if he doesn’t come here, I will never take him as a disciple again.”The Green King gave an ultimatum.

“This, okay, then I’ll go and talk to him again.”

Master Tianxiang was too precious, so he had to make another trip to the Xing Clan to find omi.

At this moment, the entire Upper Fellows Yama Continent revolved around omi’s perfect score, 7.8 meters of light, and the Green King’s acceptance of three things, omi instantly became the celebrity of the Upper Fellows Yama Continent.

Moreover, omi’s previous defeat of Wu Longquan’s son was also picked up, and more and more people paid attention to omi.

omi was cultivating, and Xing Luo sent her maid to invite omi to come over.

Yun Zi was dissatisfied, “This Star Luo, why does she keep inviting you over, she must not have fallen for you too.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, where does she fancy me, even if she does, her family doesn’t fancy me, the Xing Clan, is a third class overlord, the strongest person in their family, is a middle stage Upper Immortal, I’m nothing in their eyes.”


omi had to come to Star Luo’s residence.

“Miss Xing Luo, what are your orders?Uh, Master Tin Xiang?Why are you here.”omi was surprised to see that Tianxiang was also at Xing Luo Na.

Tian Xiang opened the door and said, “Zhou Mi, my master isn’t patient, he said that if you don’t go to him within a day, he won’t accept you anymore, you’d better come with me right now.”


nbsp; omi smiled coldly in his heart, omi never wanted to worship him as his master, what a self-made man.

omi said, “No wonder you’re here, it’s about this, Miss Tianxiang, in the beast car this morning, I’ve made my attitude very clear, I don’t want to worship the Green King as my master, and please go back and tell the Green King not to bother me anymore.”

“Ah.”Tianxiang saw that omi was disturbing him by speaking so harshly.

“I’m sorry, Master Tianxiang, please forgive my rudeness, I’m just annoyed with this, maybe in your eyes it’s a good thing for me and I should cherish it, but in my Tang’s eyes, it’s not attractive.”


“Don’t I make myself clear enough, Master Tianxiang?”

Tianxiang’s brows furrowed deeply.

Star Luo said, “omi, it’s not that Tianxiang is trying to pester you, she’s doing it for you too.”

“I told you, I don’t think there’s anything good about being a disciple of the Green King.”

Tianxiang said, “Zhou Mi, everyone in the outside world now knows that my master has hinted to you that he wants to take you as his disciple.If the end result is that you, however, do not care to be his disciple, then my master’s face will be dishonored.As the only two fourth-grade Pill Master in the Island, my Master is used to being on top.If you disgrace him openly, my master won’t be able to swallow his anger, and I’m afraid of you.So, I implore you, come with me.”

omi’s heart trembled, not having thought of this aspect, it was true that everyone in the outside world currently knew that the Green King wanted to take omi, and it was the Green King who had taken the initiative to throw an olive branch.If omi didn’t agree, the Green King was indeed so ashamed.

“Master Tianxiang, thank you for considering me, but I really can’t worship him as my master.”

“But what if Master gets angry?”

Xing Luo also said, “omi, why are you so stubborn.”

“I was a bit tempted before, but now I really don’t feel anything anymore, sorry, Master Tianxiang, go back and say whatever you need to say.”

“Hey, if that’s the case, I’ll have to go back and persuade my master, omi, take care of yourself.”

“Take care.”

Tian Xiang walked away.

Star Luo sighed, “omi, omi, you really won’t shed a tear until you see the coffin, if you offend the Green King, I’ll see how you can still get through this, offending the Green King, with my face, I can’t save you.”

omi said, “Because I don’t want to be the Green King’s disciple, so the Green King kills me?Do you think the Green King isn’t afraid of being laughed at if this gets out?Since the Green King cares about saving face, he would be laughed at for killing me, so don’t worry, the Green King definitely won’t kill me, even though he’s hot inside.”

“Oh, you’re quite good at guessing people’s hearts, I hope so.It’s just a pity that you lost such a good opportunity.”

omi was a bit unable to accept Star Luo’s words.

With a snort, omi wasn’t afraid of offending Star Luo and asked, “Miss Star Luo, then I’d like to ask you, who has more energy compared to the Green King and your Star Clan?”

“Nonsense, of course it’s my Star Clan.”

“Then, I merely lost a disciple who became a person of the Green King’s level, and you sigh a thousand sighs as if I missed out on a hundred million, wouldn’t you look down on me, Tang Someone, when you view it that way.Is that how low I am in your eyes, Tang Someone?A fourth-grade Xian Dan Master’s disciple is just an ass in my eyes, you know?Do I, Tang, only have my sights set on becoming a Level 4 Immortal Pill Master in the future?Big mistake, in the future, not only can I become an Upper Immortal, I must reach the height of the Demon King’s predecessor and save the Demon King’s predecessor, otherwise, what is the Demon King looking for me.Now it’s just a bullshit Green King, I pooh.”omi spat and walked away.

“Er.”Star Luo was startled where he was.

At that moment, Star Luo’s ears rang out the voice of the Devil King, “Hahahaha, good, I love what omi said, that’s the mentality of a man who has achieved greatness, Star Luo, your mentality is a bit insufficient, Star Luo, you need to refuel, if you don’t refuel, I’m afraid that omi is going to surpass you.”


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