King of kings 2082


At this moment, in the Green King’s house, the Green King seemed to be in a bit of a hurry.

“Now everyone in the outside world knows that I took the initiative to express my desire to take Zhou Mi as my disciple, but what if Zhou Mi doesn’t worship me as his master.There’s never been anyone else who begs me to take a disciple, but there’s no disciple I can’t take.”Green King walked around the hall.

Not long after, Tian Xiang returned.


“Tianxiang, speak quickly, has that Zhou Mi come yet?”Green King asked anxiously.

“Master, Zhou Mi said that he has already worshipped Master Jin Xia, if he worshipped you again, he would be laughed at, he really can’t worship you, I hope you will forgive him, it’s not that he doesn’t want to, but he doesn’t want to be laughed at and abandon his old master.”Tian Xiang had tried his best to speak nicely for omi, in fact omi did not speak so nicely.

The Green King said in anger, “That means that he won’t worship me as his master.”

“Master, it’s not that he won’t, it’s because he’s afraid of being scolded for abandoning Master This Summer.”

“I don’t care what his reasons are, in short, he just won’t worship me as his master, God damn it, if this spreads out, how else am I Green King going to hang around here.”The Green King said in exasperation.

Tian Xiang said, “Master, you don’t want to hold a grudge against him for this and send someone to kill him ah.If people know that because Zhou Mi doesn’t worship you, you hold a grudge against him and send someone to kill him, it’s against your status as a generational master and people will think that you’re too insolent.”

The Green King raged, “How dare you speak for him.” Remember the website

“Master has misunderstood disciple, disciple just doesn’t want master to be angry and ruin his reputation because of a Zhou Mi.”

“This Zhou Mi didn’t put me in his eyes, this is looking down on me, you need to stop messing around.”

“Master, everyone has their own choices.”

“Bullshit, I am a rank four Immortal Pill Master, what choice does he have besides me.”

“Master doesn’t know, that Zhou Mi doesn’t specialize in alchemy, alchemy for him is just to pass the time when he is bored.Compared to alchemy, Zhou Mi is more focused on spells and strength.”

“What, you mean, that Zhou Mi still has strength?”The Green King was startled.

“Exactly, Zhou Mi is a martial genius, alchemy is nothing compared to his strength, he only stepped into the middle stage of Human Immortal for a short while and defeated the ninth ranked Wu Yong, and it was a single move, now people outside are saying that Zhou Mi can compete with the number one ranked Mei Tianqing in the middle stage of Human Immortal.Not to hide from Master, I heard that Mei Tianqing is planning to have a summit duel with Zhou Mi.”

The Green King was shocked, “Mei Tianqing?How is this possible, but Mei Tianqing is the grandson of my friend Mei Seed, my friend Mei Seed, who always shows off how his grandson is in front of me.”

“Yes, it’s this Mei Tianqing.”

“No way no way, Mei Tianqing is my friend’s proudest and proudest grandson, how is this possible, moreover, my friend Mei Seed even told me that he wanted to set you up with his grandson, I thought it was a good idea, with Mei Tianqing’s family background and talent, it’s enough to match you.You said that Zhou Mi can be compared to Mei Tianqing, that’s impossible.”The Green King shook his head repeatedly.

Tian Xiang trembled, “Master, what did you just say?Fixing me up with Maiden Green?”

“Yeah, didn’t I tell you that before?”

“Master, I don’t want it.”

“You silly girl, can you marry Mei Tianqing this

Kind of outstanding man, already not bad, Mei Tianqing’s grandfather, Mei Seed, is a strong Upper Immortal, moreover, Mei Tianqing himself is a superb genius, the proudest and proudest grandson of Mei Seed, if it wasn’t for the fact that Mei Seed and I are old friends, you think you can marry such a good man ah.”

“Master.”Tian Xiang was in a hurry.

“Alright, don’t be anxious, this matter is still just a private conversation between me and Mei Seed, it hasn’t been decided yet, whether this Mei Tianqing can see you or not, if you don’t see you, there’s no point in being happy now.You girl, I’m obviously talking to you about Zhou Mi not worshipping me as a teacher, why are you changing the subject with me.Keep talking about Zhou Mi.”

“Master, do whatever you want, go ahead and kill him if you want, you’re the one to lose face in the end anyway.”


“Master, I’m going to refine the pills.”

Tianxiang left, Tianxiang knew that the Green King wouldn’t think of getting revenge on omi, so she didn’t bother, there was only so much she could do to help omi.

The Green King sat down and said in his heart, “This Zhou Mi, is he really that versatile?Is alchemy just something to pass the time when he’s bored?Is the pursuit of strength what he’s all about?If that’s the case, it’s going to piss off a whole lot of people, and the ability to pass the time surpasses an unknown number of genius Immortal Pillars.No, I have to go to the Mei Family and talk to Mei Seed, and by the way, ask Mei Tianqing if Zhou Mi is really on par with him.”

Thus, the Green King immediately left the residence and headed to the Mei family.

And omi, at this moment, returned from Xing Luo’s residence to Master Ima Xia’s.

Master This Summer handed omi several pills and said, “Disciple, I have finished refining them for you, so take these pills.”

“This, Master, how embarrassed do you make your disciple.”omi said with embarrassment.

As such, it seemed that it was still more beneficial to worship Grandmaster Jin Xia, and worship the Green King, besides having a little stronger guidance in the Immortal Pill Master, omi didn’t believe that he was willing to take out so many immortal herbs for omi.

Master This Xia smiled, “Disciple, don’t say such polite words, since you are so kind and righteous to me, how can I treat you badly, besides, this is all I have in my life, in the future, as long as I have good immortal grasses and pills, I will definitely give them all to you.”

“Hey, Master.”

“Alright, eat it and see if it can enhance your strength.I heard that Mei Tianqing is planning to start a war with you.”

“Which one is Mei Tianqing.”

“Mei Tianqing doesn’t even know, he’s a celebrity, he’s the grandson of a strong Upper Immortal in the Mei family, and he’s now the number one ranked genius in the middle Human Immortal rankings.Didn’t you defeat Wu Yong?That Wu Yong was the ninth ranked one.When you defeated Wu Yong, everyone saw that you defeated him with one move, and Mei Tianqing once also defeated the fifth ranked one with one move, so everyone compared you to Mei Tianqing, and privately said that you and Mei Tianqing were on the same level, so, Mei Tianqing naturally felt uncomfortable when she heard that ah.”

omi laughed, “I said who is it, so it’s the number one ranked mid Human Immortal ah, but Master ah, why are you talking nonsense, how can I be on the same level as Mei Tianqing.”

“Uh, disciple ah, don’t be presumptuous, since the outside world thinks that you and Mei Tianqing are on the same level, don’t be modest.”

omi waved his hands in a row, “No no no, what I mean is, I’m a few levels higher than Mei Tianqing, so how can I be on the same level as Mei Tianqing, isn’t that lowering my status.”


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