King of kings 2084


This time, omi would never like her to death, a woman of three minds, for the sake of Yun Zi’s sake, if she met a suitable one in the future, omi would help her find a good one.

“Mr. Zhou, Miss Xing Luo asks you to come over.”At this moment, Xing Luo’s maid came to invite omi again.

“Damn, how many times a day do I have to be invited, if you like me, just say so, why make it so tiring.”omi said inwardly, omi had just returned from Star Luo, taking an Immortal Pill and came to invite again.

However, it was hard for omi to say no, after all, he was still on someone’s family turf.Master Xia today was an Immortal Pill Master hired by Xing Luo’s family, and the place where he lived was Xing Luo’s family turf.

omi immediately went to Xing Luo’s.

“Miss Xing Luo, what’s the matter of inviting me here again.”

“omi, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m looking for you this time.”

“Erm, then who is it that wants to see me.”

“omi, my family has taken notice.”

“Uh, what do you mean?”omi was startled.

“Oh, omi, with your talent for immortal pills so high, your fame is naturally starting to grow, my family asked me to take you there.” The first website

“Where to?”

“Nonsense, to my family’s palace, of course.”

“Oh, to what?Buy me dinner?”

“Eating is easy, is it all you have eyes for.Truth be told, my family wants to recruit you, that’s all.”

“Er, recruit me.”

“Let’s go.”

omi followed Star Luo away.

Not long after, he arrived at one of the main halls of the Star Clan.

In the main hall, there were already several Earth Immortal level powerhouses waiting.

omi was surprised that there were so many Earth Immortals in one family, of course, omi knew that the strongest person in the Star Clan was an Upper Immortal, but the Upper Immortals would definitely not appear here.

“Greetings to all the seniors.”omi paid his respects.

Xing Luo said, “Dear uncles, omi has brought it.”

“Well, not bad, he’s a good-looking one.”One of the oldest Earth Immortal powerhouses said.

“Thank you senior for the compliment.”

“omi, your home is in the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, right.”


“Who else is at home?Can you tell us a little bit about your background.”

“Sure. My background can be described in one word,”omi said.

“One word?Which word?”


“Uh, nil?”

“Yes, junior has no background.”

“Oh, you’re quite good at summing up, omi, how did you and Xing Luo, become friends?”

omi was startled, this matter definitely couldn’t be spoken out of turn, especially not about the relationship between the Nine Daoist Demons.

omi was about to say, when Xing Luo was busy saying, “Uncles, omi and I met by chance in the Yunluo Immortal Kingdom, and then omi came to join me here in the Upper Tree Fellows Continent.By the way, the strong man who taught me spells in the past has also taught omi.”

“In that case, huh, omi, now, my Star Clan, is interested in recruiting you, what do you think?”

omi smiled, “I’m very honored to be recruited by the Star Clan.”

“Well then, you will marry with our Star Clan.”

“Ah.”omi was delighted and looked at Star Luo, only to see that Star Luo was somewhat smiling.

omi was busy saying, “You guys are saying, let Star Luo marry me?Well, that’s not true, is it?I do, I do very much, please, when is the wedding?I wish it could be sooner.”omi couldn’t hold back his excitement.

The Star Luo on the other side was embarrassed.

At this moment, those few Earth Immortal powerhouses had black lines on their brows and said in their hearts, “This little

Zi is also too whimsical.”

“Don omi, don’t get excited yet.”

“Hehe, sorry.”

“omi, we didn’t say that we’d let you marry Star Luo, my Star Clan, with its many children, isn’t the only one.Star Luo is the most outstanding and beautiful descendant of our Star Clan.”

“Ah, and others ah.”omi was disappointed.

“Of course, as for with whom, then let Star Luo take you to meet her, or, let you choose for yourself.”

After saying that, that Earth Immortal strong man instructed Star Luo, “Star Luo, you take omi to pick a family-age girl.”

Star Luo asked, “Can you pick them all?”

“As long as it’s marriageable, it’s all right.”

Star Luo nodded, Star Luo certainly wouldn’t treat omi badly, and would definitely take omi to meet the prettiest one.

However, at this moment, a voice sounded in Star Luo’s ears, “Star Luo, you can only take him to meet Star Cao, Star Xiang, Star Le, Star Jiu, these people, understand?In front of him, I can’t say it’s only these few.”

“Ah.”Star Luo was startled inwardly, Star Luo had thought of taking omi to meet a few of the most beautiful and talented girls other than her, but he didn’t expect that a few of his uncles would only say so to his face, and in reality, he would only be able to choose Star Cao, Star Xiang, Star Le, and Star Jiu.

And these few, among the Star Clan’s age-appropriate girls, were considered average.

“Then I’m on my way.”


omi walked out of the main hall somewhat disappointed.

omi wasn’t interested at all.

Star Luo Dao: “Why such a lost expression.”

“I thought that they wanted to introduce you to me.”omi said.

Star Luo blushed and smiled, “You were hoping to marry me that much?”

“Yes, unfortunately, I’m not good enough for you, that’s probably what you’re thinking in your heart.”

Star Luo said, “You’re thinking too much, I’ve never felt that you’re not good enough for me, I’m not the kind of woman who only looks at my family, I go by my feelings, but unfortunately, I can’t make my own decisions, so I don’t dare to like anyone, I’m afraid that if I do, but my family stops me.”

“Oh.”omi didn’t say much, after all, right now, omi really didn’t have anything that would make Star Luo like him, anything that would make Star Luo willingly betray the family and give up everything to go with him.

“Alright, I’ll take you to meet a few girls from my family.”

“No, I’m not interested except for you.”

“Don omi, you’ve done it again.”Star Luo said on, but Star Luo was quite happy inside to see such a naked confession from omi, what woman didn’t want to be liked.In the past, Star Luo only took omi as a friend and never thought about this aspect, but today, she realized that omi actually liked her.

omi said, “One day, I will marry you, and I will make your family willingly marry you to me.”

Star Luo Dao: “omi, I don’t want little girls, can you stop saying such fleshy words, if you really like me and are really that determined, then go ahead and fight.”

“Uh, you’re saying that because you want me to be really okay in the future?”

“Why not, I’m always going to get married anyway, it’s either you or someone else, it’s always going to be to a man, rather than to someone else I don’t know well, why not you.”

“Hahaha, Starro, with you saying that, I’m full of motivation.”

“You’re such a lecher.”Xing Luo glared at omi, omi could see that Xing Luo wasn’t angry at all, which meant that Xing Luo was at least not annoying to omi, otherwise, if it were any other woman, she would definitely feel disgusted and get angry at omi all of a sudden.Even uttered harsh words like, continue like this, you can’t even be friends.

But Xing Luo didn’t feel disgusted, didn’t get angry, and didn’t say any decisive words, but instead gave omi some expectations and encouragement, which made omi grateful to her, she didn’t look down on herself, and omi swore inside that he would be strong.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to meet girls and see if there are any you like.”Star Luo said.


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