King of kings 2085


“I’m not going, I thought I told you, not interested.”

“But my family is looking to recruit you, and if you don’t go, my family will definitely think you look down on our family.”

“Funny, I’m actually at a loss for words.”

“Come on, go and meet them anyway, even if you have to pretend, just in case there’s one you like.”

“Just meet, just meet.”omi said in his heart, he’ll just take it all as a chance to have more fun with Star Luo.

Star Luo took omi with him and met four crooked women.

Of course omi didn’t like them, but the four crooked women all fell for omi, and even one, on the spot, said that he was at omi’s disposal tonight, and omi was so scared that he pulled his legs out and ran away.

“Alright, I’ve finished meeting the four, you can go reply to your family’s seniors, four I don’t even like.Nothing, I’m leaving first.”

“Alright, then you go back first, I’m going to reply to my family’s uncles.”

omi returned to Master This Summer’s residence.

omi harbored a fire within his heart. Remember the URL

Master Imaha came up and smiled, “How was it?Was the solicitation successful?”

“Fuck, with this sincerity you still want to recruit me, but you’re taking out this kind of goods to match me.”omi said in exasperation.

“What’s going on?”

“Those strong Earth Immortals of the Star Clan, they thought I didn’t know that they didn’t introduce beautiful girls to me at all, but they let Star Luo, introduce four crooked and ugly girls with average talent.”

Master Ima Xia said, “Apprentice, don’t blame the Star Clan, perhaps, you are worth this in their eyes at the moment.”

“What? It’s only worthy of those ugly girls of their family?”

“Yes. Instead of getting angry, it’s better to think about yourself and improve your own value.”

“Of course.”

Master Imaha handed up a letter and said, “Yours.”

“Who gave me the letter?”

“Mae Tianqing.”


omi immediately opened the letter, and suddenly, Mei Tianqing’s spiritual message shot into omi’s mind, only to see Mei Tianqing’s hand pointing and saying, “Zhou Mi, I am Mei Tianqing, I am the first ranked middle ranked Human Immortal in Shanshern Yan Continent, on the eighth of March, if you dare to come to the Thunderbolt Duel Battlefield and fight me, I will wait for you on the Duel Battlefield, I hope you won’t be a shrinking turtle and disappoint me, I won’t see you again!.”

Don omi snorted, “What a drag.”

“Challenge the letter.”Master This Summer.

“Yes, the eighth day of March, Master, what day is it today?”

“The fifth day of March.”

“Very well, the eighth day of March will be the time for me, Tang, to completely make a name for myself.”omi’s eyes gazed.

On the eighth day of March, omi would beat him to shit, in front of everyone.

At that time, omi believed that he would completely amaze everyone, and at that time, omi would make a name for himself here.

However, this also meant many more unknown dangers.The human heart was dangerous, and there would always be people who would be jealous when they saw how strong omi was.

Before omi took Master This Summer’s Immortal Pill, omi was confident of defeating one to nine plus, and now that omi’s strength had increased, it was even easier to defeat the first place Mei Tianqing.

“Master, I’ll go practice my spells first.”


omi immediately began practicing the second level of the Silence Technique.

The first spell of this second layer, the Great Escapement, had already been practiced.


The second Divine Great Suppression Method, omi was still in practice.

At this moment, in one of the main halls of the Star Clan.

Star Luo returned to report.

“How was it?Which woman did Zhou Mi choose?”An Earth Immortal strong man asked.

Star Luo said, “Uncle Star Source, I took him to meet the women you mentioned, but unfortunately, Zhou Mi didn’t even fancy them.”

“This Zhou Mi, his eyes seem to be a bit high.”

“That’s right, he doesn’t think about what he is, he doesn’t know what’s good for him, if it were any other person, in order to be able to climb up the kinship with our family, he would be willing to marry even if our family’s sow was promised to him.”

“He’s still whimsical and wants Star Luo, what a toad trying to eat swan meat.”

Those few strong Earth Immortals cursed in discontent, they thought that the Star Clan had recruited him because they looked up to omi, who had no background connections, this was a gift to him, not to mention promising him an ugly girl, even if he was promised a pig raised by the Star Clan, he should be grateful.

Star Luo was busy saying, “Please don’t say that, uncles.”

“Hmph, Star Luo, what do you want me to say if you don’t say it like that, are we wrong.Ben is a toad, and only recruited him because he looks up to him.”

“Uncle, Zhou Mi is my friend, it’s normal for him to look down on those women, we can’t slander him because of that.”

“Alright, Xing Luo, no need to speak up for him, he won’t accept, he’ll regret it, don’t believe me and wait.”

Just at this moment, a servant came in from outside.

“Reporting to your Lordships, we have just received a message, Mei Tianqing has sent a challenge to Zhou Mi.”

“A challenge letter?Why would Mei Tianqing issue a challenge to omi?Isn’t Mei Tianqing lowering himself?”

“Yeah, a genius like Mei Tianqing has nothing better to do than eat and challenge Zhou Mi, right?Even if it’s a challenge, you have to look for a higher grade ah.”

“This, my subordinate doesn’t know.Perhaps, Mei Tianqing has a grudge against Zhou Mi and deliberately wants to take the opportunity to humiliate him.”

Star Luo was a little surprised inside when he heard this news.

Mei Tianqing was a very famous person.

Star Luo even took his leave.

Star Luo came to omi’s place, but, being told that omi was in closed-door spell cultivation, Star Luo did not disturb him.

A day later.

“Haha, the second Avatar, the Great Suppression Method, I figured it out, so it’s similar to the first Great Escapement Method.”omi suddenly had an epiphany.

omi immediately practiced.

In less than two hours, omi’s second prowess, the Great Suppression Method, was completely practiced.

“Hahaha, it’s practiced.”omi was incomparably surprised.

If Star Luo knew, he would be surprised to death, Star Luo hadn’t even practiced the first Great Suppression Method yet.

omi secretly said, “The second Avatar is practiced, the third Great Domain Method, continue practicing.But, how should one practice it?By the way, the second Avatar is similar to the first, so is there a third one as well?Or is the field, which is a combination of grappling and repression?Then it became my world, and there was a field.”

“Yes, union.”

omi immediately closed his eyes again.

Two days later, omi’s lips smiled.

“As expected, as expected, the combination of the first and second divine powers is the third divine power, the Great Domain Law.Unfortunately, it’s too difficult to practice, I’ve comprehended it, but I’ve only been able to practice it a little bit.Now I don’t have time to continue practicing, today is the eighth day of March, I have to rush to the Thunderbolt Duel Battlefield right away, otherwise if I go late, Mei Tianqing will think that I don’t dare.”


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